Tanj's Tale:  Oh, the _HORROR_!

By Kittiara


Stardate: 2397.60

Tanj stood just outside a classroom she'd never been in before; she
was obviously the first of her class to be "delivered" there, her guard
fastening her leash to the fitting high on the wall above her head, the
coffle moving off to leave her there, waiting.  She stood calmly, paws
bound behind her back, head bowed submissively, but eyes roaming
the hallway as she waited for the others to show up.  It wasn't long
before another coffle came by, to drop off a lady skunk, and a male
Ocelot before moving on.  They waited quietly, eyes furtively
examining their new "classmates", not daring to talk, to ask the
questions so urgent in their minds.  Their wait wasn't long, and before
they could get tired of standing in one place, in one position, an
instructor, a rather slender fox, came to collect the ends of their leads,
to usher them into the classroom.  The room was clearly an anteroom,
with four doors leading off radially.  He bade them kneel and then
moved around in front of them, to take a seat on a stool, the only
object in the room.

"You three have been "volunteered" to assist us in testing out some
new equipment.  In the process you'll fulfill your requirements for
course 328; Themes, scenes and shows.  Now, in order to gauge the
new system we have, you will each don a costume, and proceed into
the theater, where you will act accordingly; remember this is supposed
to be spontaneous, _BUT_ you still know what's expected of you; don't
ad lib too far from your, ah, "station".  I know you don't fully
understand, but you will....oh, you will!  When you've completed the
first scene, we'll discuss your performance privately, and then you'll
change rooms.  NO DISCUSSION as to what went on!  your
classmates are NOT to know what they're in for.  No spoiling the
surprise.  We'll do a full performance analysis when the trio is
complete.  Now, here are your costumes....."

Tanj stood at the door looking down at herself; she wore a dark
blue inexpensive skirt, shorter than she would have cared for at one
time, with a blue and white blouse, and over it all, a white, thigh
length lab coat.  There was a fake I.D. badge clipped to the lapel and
the requisite pens in the breast pocket. She felt she looked like some
sort of lab assistant, probably what they were getting at.... "Now what"
she wondered; "What kind of a scene am I going to be involved in?
and Lord, doesn't it feel _strange_ to wear clothes again?"  She didn't
even think it remarkable that there were no undergarments.....  At that
instant the lock on the door snicked and it drifted open an inch or two;
pushing it open, Tanj stepped into the darkened room.  Closing the
door behind her, she waited a minute for her eyes to adjust to the

The door snicked closed behind her with an awful finality.  She
seemed to be in some sort of darkened laboratory, the only lights
coming from various instrument consoles and from a glistening
column in the middle of the room.  The column shed an eerie green
light, and seemed to be filled with liquid, little bubbles rising slowly.
Tanj's eyes widened in surprise as she beheld the horror that floated
in the middle of the liquid.

Tanj took a step forward towards the column, both fascinated and
repulsed, a weird chill wind blowing open her unbuttoned lab coat.
She was sure at this point that she was supposed to be playing the lab
assistant, or technician, not supposed to be here (hence the lights being
off), her curiosity over the 'monstrosity' causing her to sneak in..... "I
think I know whats going to happen" she thought to herself; "I bet that
things gonna break out and come after me......."  Still, even knowing
what was to come, she found herself taking another step closer to get a
better look, her eyes wide.

The creature, obviously alien, looked too..... detailed to be a puppet, or
a robot, and yet how could such a thing be alive?  It looked soooooo....
alien.  So dangerous.  It looked like an eight foot tall insect, all bony
and angular.  It had a prominent skull, eyeless, earless, capped with
bony ridges.  Its lipless mouth revealed sharp teeth; row after row of
glassy fangs.  Behind the teeth was a long snake-like tongue.  Its chest
was ribbed, almost armored, its surface an inky blackish-grey.  Its six
fingered taloned hands hung loosely at its side, its arms apparently
heavily muscled.  Horn-like tubes projected from its back.  Tanj
dropped her gaze to look at its heavily muscled legs and taloned feet.
Its tail was bony, seemingly segmented.  Tanj's eyes widened
further as she realized that between his legs was a long, thick, heavily
ribbed and _very_ erect phallus.  Worse, the tip of its long tail seemed
to be equipped with a similar such tip.  The overall effect was
startling, frightening, and strangely alluring........

Tanj gasped at that last thought as she stood with her nose almost
touching the glass, inches from its very prominent hard-on.
"Alluring?  _THAT_THING_?  Oh, Lord, what _HAVE_ they done to
me that I could even find a horror like that...... interesting?  How have
they changed me that I find wearing a blouse and skirt "strange"?
Have they merely unlocked sensations and feelings, and desires that
were slumbering within me, or have they so molded me, so warped me
that what now seems natural to me, what seems proper an desirable is
merely what they want me to find as such?  WHAT HAS HAPPENED
TO ME???

As the conflicting motions raged through  her mind, Tanj moved
around the column, examining the creature from all angles; some
distant, analytical part of her mind was trying to determine if it might
be a real creature, or some sort of puppet, or even a robot, while her
conscious mind raged at her masters for what they'd done to her, or
what they might have done to her....and at herself for what might be
normal urges and thoughts brought to the surface and magnified.....
Every once in a while she'd catch herself, her gaze locked on one
phallic shape, or the other, and with a shudder, she'd avert her gaze.....

Tanj jumped a foot when a monitor beeped, and then beeped again,
breaking her train of thought, interrupting her introspection,
reminding her that she was being observed, and that whatever had
brought her to this point, it was definitely desirable NOT to disappoint
those that now held her life in the palms of their paws.  Looking about
wildly, she matched a flashing light with the intermittent, but steadily
increasing beeping.  The console said that heartbeat and respiration
were increasing..... that it was coming alive.....  Tanj scowled;
"how can its respiration be increasing?  Its submersed in liquid!"  She
looked up at the creature; it remained immobile save for a slight
bobbing up and down in the liquid.  Tanj looked down at the
console again, at the supposed increasing life signs; when she looked
back up, she frowned; the attitude of the creature seemed to have
changed; it had swiveled, so that its elongated head now seemed to be
"looking" at her, a disconcerting thought considering that it had no

Completely involuntarily, Tanj took a step backwards, as if
something in the very core of her soul was bidding her to flee.  As she
stepped backwards, however, unfamiliar with the layout of the room,
she seemed to come in contact with one of the seemingly randomly
placed consoles.  Something beeped, suggesting that her posterior had
hit a switch, and with that noise, the monster floating in the column of
green started thrashing.  An inhuman screeching issued from within
the transparent column, as the monster's talons tore at the plastic,
scarring it deeply.

Some deep, primal part of Tanj wanted to turn, to run, to flee,
whatever the consequences, but instead, the remnants of her logical
engineer's mind made her turn to study the console behind her, in the
vain hopes that she might be able to undo whatever she'd done, that
she might be able to quiet the raging monster.  "If nothing else, it
should be a logical part of the "plot", and if I'm very lucky I'll find a
way to flush that horror......"  The ominous sound of cracking plastic
forced her around however, and she stared in terror as a spiderweb of
thin lines grew through the plastic cylinder.  Suddenly the entire tube
shattered, spilling a flood of viscous green liquid into the room, and
with the loss of the liquid, the light level dropped considerably,
partially compensated for by red emergency lights that started
flashing, bathing the entire room in the color of blood.  The tide of
foul green slime washed Tanj from her feet, spilling her to the
floor, now several feet deep in green goo, and she sensed, rather than
saw the monster leap from the wreckage of its prison, to fly overhead.
As Tanj tried to stand, to turn to face the terror now on the loose,
Tanj thought "I wonder how the monster would like to feel my
claws? If its not just a robot, or a puppet, I can at least let it know I
was here....." but with a sigh, she banished that thought; her masters
would not be happy if she damaged something; in fact, they might
decide that a sex slave didn't really need claws anyways, and she did
NOT want to give them any excuses to have her declawed....

Tanj caught sight of the monster, crouched high on the wall, near
the ceiling, once again apparently studying her with its sightless face.
She shuddered, and took a step back, and then another, trying to
maintain her footing.  However, as the monster leapt towards her, she
slipped and went over backwards, landing hard on the floor, the back
of her head thumping the floor solidly.

When the stars cleared from her vision, Tanj found herself pinned
to the floor by the monster's bony body!  Instinct got the better of her
and she screamed loudly, her paws clawing ineffectually at its chest.
The monster only picked her up with its talons and slammed her hard
against the wall, pinning her there, her feet a good foot off the floor;
she watched in horror as its head came closer and closer, dripping
slime over her face, until its snakelike tongue licked out, slowly
passing over her face, leaving a trail of slime; in fact, now that it was
free of the cylinder, it seemed to literally exude slime.  As its tongue
slithered over her face, the monster used one wicked talon to literally
rip the clothes from her body, leaving what little fabric remained in
tatters.  Tanj found her throat raw from screaming, but still
managed to find enough breath for another shriek as the creature's
monstrous cock nuzzled up between her thighs, to press hard against
her pussy; this too dripped slime, and before she could draw a breath
for another scream, it had slid deep into her, seemingly lifting her up,
pressing her against the wall.  As the thick phallus drove into her, it
seemed to start to vibrate, and in spite of herself, Tanj moaned, the
usual feelings of pleasure starting to nibble at the edges of her terror.
The creature bent its head, and the snakelike tongue flicked out to
slither over her breasts, coating her in more slime, and yet somehow,
that slick, smooth feeling excited her nipples, making them stiff,
making them hard; as the monster again crushed her body against the
wall, the feeling of it chitinous surface against her slimed breasts
seemed almost delicious.  That thought, however, was torn from her
mind as she felt the end of the creature's tail slide up between her
thighs; she tossed back her head, trying to bridge from the wall, and
howled out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" even as she felt the phallic
tip of its tail drive deep into her ass!

Tanj's body jerked repeatedly, arms and legs flailing as the monster
drove both cock and tail into her, their force alone seemingly keeping
her suspended off the floor.  They drove so deep into her, she was sure
that the cock had forced the very entrance to her womb, while the
phallic tail seemed to be threatening to emerge from her throat, each
rib on their surface distinctly felt as they drove in and out!  Moaning,
Tanj made the mistake of glancing upwards; its visage was terrible,
frightening, the lack of eyes in the prominent skull probably the worst
part, and the lashing tongue, dripping slime.......... She screamed
again, howls of terror, and..... of lust?  Her passions were definitely
rising, her own juices adding to the slime seemingly dripping from
every part of her body.  She felt revolted, not so much at the monster,
but that at the fact that she had been changed, altered, molded, and
bent so much that she was actually starting to enjoy this, to savor the
thrusting phallic shapes within her, enjoying the way she was pinned
so forcefully, so helplessly to the wall as this nightmare creature
ravished her!  She moaned in shame at what she'd become!  How
_could_ she be enjoying this?

Tanj panted hard, as the monster's cock spread her pussy wide, its
tail stretching her ass just as wide.  She mewled mindlessly, the
situation rapidly overpowering her senses.  She shuddered and howled,
fighting to get free, fighting to get more, until finally the combined
sensations were too much for her confused senses and she convulsed,
thrashing without purpose, screaming out her pleasure as a massive
climax tore through her body, her vaginal and anal muscles spasming
hard around the thrusting phalluses.  Her sentience seemed to have
fled and she wailed, wanting ever more of what the monster was
giving her with those two phalluses...  It was almost as if the monster
were waiting for that display, as if it fed off the waves of pleasure
emanating from her nervous system, as moments later it had yanked
its cock and its tail from her, to toss her to the floor.  Tanj laid
there, dazed, weak and panting as the monster screamed, both organs
starting to spurt, as it too orgasmed. Tanj mewled as she felt what
must have been literally gallons of the ropy, slimy strangely musked
cum cover her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, bathing her.  She
gasped as it seemed to react with the slime the creature had been
covering her with, hardening rapidly.  She howled in terror, fighting
to get free as the creature's cock and tail covered her with more and
more of the stuff, until she was literally glued to the floor, pinned in a
strange position, cocooned, only her ass and her muzzle exposed!

Tanj was nose deep in the baths, little bits of dried resin sticking to
her fur here and there, a thoroughly disgusted look on her face, when
the guards led Marla, the She-Wolf in, to get cleaned up.  As she sunk
down into the steaming water, Marla regarded her friend with a look
of awe; "they showed us the video of your scene today; said it was a
shining example of how to perform in a scene; why, the looks of
horror, and of terror on your face were soooo real!  You are a GREAT
actress!  Oooooo, and that _monster_!  He was so deliciously evil
looking and soooo sexy at the same time!  I hope they let me have a
crack at him!"  Tanj looked at her friend and sighed; she thought to
herself; "Monster.  Yeah, but just who was the monster there?  The
creation of the "Academy", or was it me, for taking such perverse
pleasure in it?  Just what _HAVE_ they done to me?  What kind of a
monster have they created?"