Tanj's Tale:  Learning Process

By Kittiara


Stardate 2397.55

Tanj stood at the junction of two corridors in the "academy".  Her paws were bound behind her back, a gag filled her mouth, and a leash from her collar was clipped to a fitting in the wall above her head.  Two other female slaves had been clipped to the same fitting, and they stood there, awaiting the return of their instructors, or possibly a guard to lead them back to the kennels.  Tanj hadn't done well in cunnilingus class today, necessitating her stay "after class".  It wasn't enthusiasm she lacked in performing her task, in fact just the opposite; the wild dancing of her rough tongue drove her partners rapidly to their climaxes, while her instructor insisted on "finesse", of slowly teasing them, letting  the tensions build until they had mind-shattering climaxes.  Tanj just wasn't reading the signals correctly, and her ass burned from the stripes left by her instructor's crop.  She was sure that more punishments were in store as well, for her "poor performance"....

As she stood there, pondering her likely fates, none of them too attractive, a rather furious looking male instructor led a petite vixen over to the waiting group.  Forcing her to her knees, he roughly ran her leash down between her breasts, between her legs, up over her bound wrists and then back down.  Clipping her anklets together, he ran the leash under where they joined and then gave a savage tug; the result was to make her bow her head, bending her body forward.  As the chain of the leash dug deep into the vixen's sex, she moaned into her gag.  Holding the end of the leash the instructor obviously realized that there wasn't enough length left to reach the fitting high on the wall.  In frustration, he shoved the end of the leash into Tanj's bound paws; "Hold this bitch until I get back.  Keep her on her knees, in a properly submissive posture".  And with that he was gone.

Tanj stood there for a while, just holding the leash.  She had no idea at all what'd happened to cause the instructor to behave like that, and was really curious.  As she held the leash, a wicked idea formed in her mind.  It was really boring just standing there, and she thought she might have some quiet fun, while awaiting whomever would be coming to collect her.......  Heck, she was probably going to be punished anyways.....  Moving carefully, she balanced on one foot, and carefully swung the other over the leash.  She was now facing the vixen, with the leash trailing from between the vixen's bound ankles, between her own legs, to where the handle was clasped in her paws behind her back.  Grinning behind her gag, and leaning as far forward as her own leash would allow, she slowly started to tug on the leash, short rhythmic jerks.  The effect of the chain sawing back and forth between the vixen's legs was almost immediate, with the poor bound thing moaning into her gag.  Tanj found the sensation of the metal links passing across her own sex quite nice too, although she was sure that it was with much less pressure than what the vixen was experiencing.

Tanj continued pulling on the leash, off and on, for what must have been twenty minutes.  In that time, she was sure the vixen had climaxed at least once, and perhaps as many as three times, all while Tanj was still working towards her first....  Hearing voices approaching down the hall, Tanj stopped her tugging, and let the leash go as slack as possible.  However, its glistening links told the tale as to what'd been going on, to any who cared to look.

Two guards came down the corridor.  Tanj got the impression that they were headed somewhere else, and just passing through, but when they saw the gaggle of bound slaves, they paused for a moment.  "Well will you look at this", the wolf grinned.  His companion, a rather large Tiger nodded; "very amusing; looks like they've been having some fun.....  But I don't see how they could have gotten themselves into that predicament.  Do you think some instructor left them like this on purpose?"  The wolf just shrugged; "must have, although for what reason, I've no idea."  The Tiger grinned; "tell me, you get any today?"  The wolf just shook his head; "nope, too busy.  I was gonna get me some later, down in the kennels, but with this little task we've been assigned, doubt there'll be time.  The Tiger just nodded; "true, but it won't quite matter if we start a few minutes late; what say we, ah, take our frustrations out on these two?  They look more'n ready.  The wolf nodded and reached up to unclip Tanj's leash from the fitting; using it, he jerked her down to her knees and stepped forward, pushing his crotch into her face; "you know what to do, Slave"  Tanj looked up at him and blinked, and as he returned his gaze, the wolf chuckled; "oh, yeah, forgot that", and slackening his grip on her leash, he proceeded to unbuckle her gag, letting it hang loosely around her neck.  Tanj immediately leaned forward to run her tongue over the wolf's sheath.  If there was one thing she was good at, it was sucking cock......

The Tiger reached down and unfastened the vixen's bound paws, to refasten them in front of her.  he then unclipped her anklets and dragged her roughly to her feet.  Lifting her by her bound wrists, he placed her arms around his neck.  Tanj watched from the corner of her eye as the vixen's legs automatically encircled the Tiger's waist, her ankles crossing in the small of his back.  Tanj grinned around the Wolf's cock as the vixen's hips moved back and forth, stroking against the Tiger's rapidly hardening cock.  She knew what to do, all right, knew well what was expected of her.....  The Tiger, however, seemed to be a bit in a hurry and his paws went to clutch the vixen's ass, forcing her crotch hard against his shaft.  He literally rubbed the vixen against his thick cock for a while, and then he lifted her up a bit, to place his cock at the entrance to her pussy.  Tanj watched as her head bobbled back and forth on the Wolf's cock as the Tiger released the vixen, letting gravity impale her on his cock!

The vixen groaned into her gag as the Tiger's thick cock forced its way into her pussy, and Tanj was glad she'd teased the vixen with the leash; at least she was wet!  The Tiger took a step back, leaning his shoulders against the wall, his feet spread and braced, as his paws again clutched the vixen's rump, lifting her almost completely off his shaft, only to let her fall back down again!  The Tiger groaned each time the vixen's pussy enveloped his thick shaft, and as Tanj sucked avidly on one of the Wolf's balls, she noted that the look on the vixen's face was one of pure bliss.  As they  fucked, the Tiger's paws clutched tight at the vixen's ass, squeezing her globes tight, his fingers roughly indenting her fur.  With each cycle of lift-and-drop, his index fingers stole closer to the base of her tail, until they were both rubbing hard against her anus.  This however only seemed to spur the vixen on and she writhed against him with a sexual frenzy that Tanj found wondrous to behold.

Tanj's head was slowly sliding back and forth along the Wolf's shaft, his cockhead traveling from between her lips to pressed hard against the back of her throat.  With him, she had no trouble at all pacing her actions, teasing with her tongue, keeping him on the edge... why couldn't she do this with a female?  Why couldn't she read the signals that told how close a female was, as well as she could with a guy?  The wolf had his cock deep in her mouth, almost down her throat when she noticed from the corner of her eye that the Tiger had driven one finger deep in the vixen's ass and was now seemingly dragging her up and down along his cock with that peculiar and intimate grip!  The Tiger's other paw had shifted to grasping the vixen's left breast, squeezing it hard, as if using that grip to steady her as he lifted her up and let her fall back down onto his cock.  Tanj winced, almost biting the Wolf, thinking that such grips would be horribly painful, but the vixen seemed to be loving it!

Tanj's tongue danced along the underside of the Wolf's shaft, holding him at the very edge, the taste of his pre-cum in her mouth, as she watched the Tiger move; he was obviously wriggling his finger deep in the vixen's ass!  As she watched, he released her breast, and brought his other paw down to her rump.  Stretching her in what must have been a painful motion, he managed to work his OTHER index finger into her ass!  He used this two handed grip to raise her yet again, only to let her fall down hard onto his shaft!  Tanj thought that the pressure on the front of the vixen's sex must be immense, as she hung there for an instant before he once again dragged her up......  The Tiger chewed on one of the vixen's ears as he used her as his fuck-toy, roughly handling her, his size, and his power, and his mastery of her very apparent to those watching.  Tanj darted a glance at the other two slaves chained to the wall, as she ran her tongue around the Wolf's cockhead, and was amused to see them both staring wide-eyed at the Tiger.

It was as the Tiger tugged at the vixen's asshole, his fingers actually spreading apart slightly, providing the onlookers with a view inside the vixen that she suddenly bucked and howled into her gag, obviously having a massive climax.  The Tiger grinned, as if he'd been waiting for that.  Straightening from where he'd been leaning against the wall, balancing with the vixen still impaled on his cock, he turned to lean her back against the wall.  Fingers still in her ass, he proceeded to start fucking her hard, his hips churning, bucking hard against her, his cock driving furiously into her dripping pussy!  As Tanj again started bobbing her head back and forth on the Wolf's cock, she noticed that he too was watching the Tiger, a lopsided grin on his face.  Tanj took this as a sign that he was in no hurry, and her tongue behaved accordingly, keeping his interest, but not letting him get too close to cumming.

The Tiger's vigorous fucking finally resulted in him having a massive orgasm, and he staggered back from the wall, the vixen impaled on his throbbing cock.  His discharge was so great, Tanj saw a portion stream between the vixen's pussy and his own cock, to run down, coating his own balls.  With a grin, the Tiger released the vixen's asshole, and moving his paws to her arms, lifted her off his cock.  He rebound her arms behind her, and then with a pawfull of her hair, forced her head down towards his cock.  Removing her gag, he told her to clean him up, to lick him clean and be quick about it.  With the ball gag removed, the vixen was panting hard, but she complied, her pink tongue flashing out to lick at his balls, as if gobbling up his cum was the most delicious thing she could think of.  As Tanj slowly slid the Wolf's cock between her lips, her tongue swirling over its slick surface, she thought "This vixen's a natural!  She doesn't need the academy, no one needs to train HER to be a sex slave!"

Tanj smiled around the Wolf's cock, as the vixen's tender ministrations soon had the Tiger hard again.  With a growl, he took her head in his paws and slowly started fucking her face!  Tanj could see the Tiger's cock actually distending the vixen's throat as he drove it not just into her mouth, but down her throat as well.  As Tanj did her best to imitate the vixen's style, driving forward until her nose touched the Wolf's stomach, she could see the vixen swallowing around the Tiger's thick cock.  Tanj was moving at her own speed, the Wolf softly petting her head, as she repeatedly drove his cock into her throat, but the Tiger was fucking the vixen's mouth hard, and it was obvious that the vixen wasn't getting quite enough air.....  Tanj watched with concern, as the vixen started to squirm, obviously becoming uncomfortable, but the Tiger seemed to enjoy her squirming.  With a ROAR that echoed down the corridors, the Tiger pumped a second load deep into the Vixen's throat, and only when he'd shot his last, did he pull his cock from within her throat.  The vixen took a deep breath of air, and grinned, as if she'd enjoyed every moment of it.  As the vixen rose to tiptoes, presumptuously rising to kiss the Tiger, Tanj finally gave the Wolf release, driving his cock way down her throat, and swallowing, her muscles rippling along his cock.  As he came, Tanj pulled her head back, opening her mouth, to let him see his cum landing on her tongue.  Grinning, the Wolf reached down to stroke his own spurting cock, making sure that some of his cum landed on Tanj's cheeks, muzzle and breasts.  Tanj just grinned up at him, and slowly licked her lips,  licking off what she could in a show of how much she savored his cum.......

It wasn't long before the two slaves were fastened as they had been, the vixen on her knees, bent over, the leash between Tanj's thighs, its leather strap in her bound paws.  Tanj still pulled and tugged at the leash occasionally, wondering just how sore the vixen must be after that little escapade, afraid of hurting her, but wishing that she could tug the leash as hard as she wanted, her own climax still absent.....

It was a while later when guards came and collected the two other slave girls, leading them off towards the kennels, leaving Tanj and the Vixen alone in the corridor.  Tanj was getting tired of standing there, the pressure of the chain between her thighs just not quite enough......  She was startled when the two instructors, hers, and the vixen's, came around a corner.  Both instructors slowed, staring at the situation.  Tanj's instructor reached out to turn her head, and then grinned at the cum clinging to her fur; "well, at least you two haven't been tooo lonely"  The other instructor placed his paws on his hips; "so what do you think we should do with these two".  The first just shrugged; "with  the vixen, I doubt there's much that can be done; she's way oversexed, and I've never heard of a cure for that.  Someday she's going to wear some poor Master out, completely.  Probably be best to see that she's sold to some bordello.  That, or her spirit will be poisoned by not getting as much as she wants.  Now the Cheetah, here, thats something else.  She needs practice.  A LOT of practice, and I think we might just be able to find a way to get her that........"

Tanj was still on her feet, and it looked like she would be, for a while to come.  She stood in a very narrow cage, pressed back against one wall.  Her paws were cuffed behind her back, the three links of the chain between the cuffs outside of one of the bars.  her feet were spread, and her anklets clipped to bars on either side of the cage.  The vixen hung directly in front of her, feet in padded cuffs chained to the bars on either side, at the very top of the cage, such that the Vixen's muff was directly below Tanj's muzzle.  The Vixen's paws likewise were chained behind her back, around one of the bars on the far side of the cage.  But the cage was so narrow, obviously meant for only one standing furr, that they were pressed hard against each other.  Both of the females were no longer gagged, but the vixen wore sensors taped to her chest and head, the wires leading to a portable recorder outside the bars.  Tanj was to lick her to the very edge of a climax, but not beyond, as many times as she could, during the night.  For every climax the Vixen had, Tanj would get ten strokes with the crop; for every time she was brought to the edge, but did NOT climax, as monitored by the recording instrument, one stroke would be taken back.  The Vixen, however, was under no such restrictions, and had been told to break Tanj's concentration as much as possible.  Obviously her reward would be as many climaxes as she could trick Tanj into giving her  As Tanj's pussy fluttered and spasmed, another climax coursing through her, she thought to herself that the Vixen was MUCH too good at this!

During the night, they found some time to talk; Tanj learned the Vixen's name was Zassa, and that she'd been imprisoned by the state while on vacation on Elysium.  It seemed her room had been mysteriously burgled, and she'd lost her vacation money.  Then she'd run into the same situation Tanj had, about trying to transfer replacement funds into the Elysium system.  By the time anyone back home knew she'd run into problems, she'd been arrested for vagrancy, convicted, and "sold" to the Academy.  Still, she maintained, it was the greatest vacation she'd ever Had!  "Didn't the Tiger hurt you bad, the way he used you?" Tanj asked.  "Oh, NO!", Zassa replied; "I LOVE that; I like to have a little pain with my pleasure; it adds something, um, well, undefinable.  Can't explain it, just know thats what I like"  Tanj nodded and leaned forward to give the Vixen's clitty a sharp nip, and nodded in satisfaction as she trembled with a sudden climax; "you DO like that, don't you?"  Zassa just nodded and moaned and then reapplied her tongue to Tanj's dripping sex, hungrily, as if by licking Tanj harder, she could earn another such nip.

It was a long night, and when they were finally released, just in time for the morning's classes, Tanj felt she'd learned a lot about how to bring a female to the very brink, but not let her cum.  Her instructor seemed pleased when he reviewed the instrument's readout, and in the end she only received six strokes with the crop.  From there, it was off to another day at the academy.

Tanj ran into Zassa again, and the mischief they created is still whispered about in the halls of the academy, but thats another story.......... . . . .  . . . .