Tanj's Tale;  Distractions

By Kittiara


Tanj was confused; she was _sure_ that she'd heard the directions right.  She could have sworn that she'd been paying attention during that part of the lecture.  Either the "Academy" had changed the rules in the middle of the exercise, just to play with their minds, to demonstrate their absolute power over the slaves being trained, or she truly hadn't been paying attention.  Either way, she was doing the "penance" for failure.

She hung suspended in the Academy's main hall, upside down.  Ropes from her feet rose to well-spread winches on the ceiling, holding her aloft with her legs wide apart.  Her arms were held in a leather binder behind her, her elbows pulled uncomfortably close together.  A rope from the ring at the end of the binder was drawn tight to a ring in the floor, pulling her arms painfully down, and her body forward.  The other end of the rope was tied to her hair, pulling her head back tightly.  A plug gag filled her mouth, stifling her cries and moans.  The ensemble was completed by small weights hanging from her nipples; one of which dangled from a nasty little clamp, the other dangling from a small golden ring piercing her nipple.  This piercing was a visible and lasting sign to all concerned that Tanj had earned a major punishment.

This wasn't the extent of her troubles however; somewhere in the ceiling was a nozzle, unfortunately strategically placed, as at seemingly random intervals a heavy, fat drop of hot oil would fall, landing directly on her rather exposed sex.  This repeated *THUMP*...... . . . . .  . .      *THUMP*........ . . . . . . .      *THUMP*......... . . . . . .  .  had been rather arousing, and as she squirmed in her bonds, she found the drops zeroing in on her clitty.  Of course this made the whole thing worse, and the Cheetah-morph found that the repeated thumping of her clitty was making her writhe in her bonds.   The sensation was maddening, keeping her constantly on edge, but not quite enough to drive her to a climax.

It had all started several days before; as the sex-slaves-in-training were being bathed and groomed, they'd managed to share  a few words amongst themselves.  "Have you seen that new male?  The Tiger?" Marla, the She-Wolf whispered?  Tanj nodded with a grin and whispered; "He's _huge_, and _HUNG_!  I can't wait for my turn at him in a lab!".  Kayla the otter winced, and whispered; "All the sex they force-feed us here, how can you two even THINK of more?  Urrrrrrr, besides, you'll probably draw him in an anal sex class!"  The girls just grinned.

Over the next few days, Tanj caught glimpses of the Tiger in passing, but never wound up in the same class.  Two days later, she noticed Marla walking a little bowlegged as the coffle moved towards their kennels.  Watching the guards closely from the corner of her eye, at the first opportunity in the baths, she whispered "have a hard day at "work"?".  Marla nodded and grinned; "wound up paired with that Tiger in the "control" class; he was being taught how to keep from cumming, and I was the provocation trying to make him loose control.  Luckily, _I_ wasn't under any such restriction; I must have climaxed a dozen times!  He's GREAT!  Pity he didn't last longer; the instructor was quite upset when he came".  Two days later, it was Kayla who was walking funny; but the expression on her face was anything but blissful.  Again, at the baths, whispers were exchanged; "What _HAPPENED_?" Marla asked.  Tanj listened carefully as Kayla whispered back; "Gotta be careful what you say; today, it was my misfortune to draw anal sex class, and guess who I was paired with?  You got it; the Tiger.  He's _HUGE_, and he was none too gentle (although I doubt it was all his fault, as the instructor kept whispering in his ear......)".  She winced as she eased herself into the hot water.  Tanj purrrred softly to herself as she soaked the day's excesses away in the steaming hot water, daydreaming of that striped stud.  She was beginning to loose hope of ever getting closer to him, but the next day, when the guards released her from the coffle, and led her into her next class, there he was, with the other males.  Tanj knelt on the other side of the room, trying to listen to what the instructor was saying, but mostly she stared at the Tiger from the corner of her eyes, her imagination running wild.  Unfortunately, it was a class on interpreting body language, and she never even came close to touching him, or better yet, being touched by him.

It was a few days later when she wound up in another class with him.  Again, she watched him out of the corner of her eye, the instructor's words turned into a buzzing drone in the background as her imagination ran wild.  Suddenly, everyone was stirring, and Tanj's attention snapped back to reality.  What was that the instructor had said?  Make your partner cum as many times as possible during the lab period?  As the instructor moved among the "students", assigning partners, with the guards leading the pairs off to exercise "cells" Tanj wracked her brain trying to remember what she'd almost heard.  Suddenly the instructor was in front of her, and Tanj had a hard time not looking up, looking her in the eye, wondering what she should be doing.  All her uneasiness disappeared however, when the instructor paired her with the Tiger!  She tried hard to keep her eyes downcast and her demeanor submissive as she was led, with the Tiger, to an exercise cell.  To her amazement, the guards laid the Tiger down on his back, and proceeded to fasten his collar, wrist and ankle cuffs to the rings in the floor.  Then, to her amazement and dismay, they gagged him.  Unshackling her, they left, leaving her to demonstrate the techniques she was supposed to have learned in the class.

Of course, she was being watched; at least part of the time, anyways.  The mirrored walls were not to heighten the enjoyment of the participants but to allow the instructors to pass from observation station to station, to evaluate the performance and skill of the "students".   Tanj purrrrred as she gazed down at her "prey", the perfectly delectable Tiger, plotting her strategy.  "Make this stud cum as many times as possible?  _MY_PLEASURE!"  she thought.   With a grin, she knelt, knees on either side of his calves.  Placing her paws on either side of his hips, she bent forward to run just the tip of her tongue upwards along his sheath.  She purrrrred as he arched his back, in response.  Normally, Tanj would have teased him for a while, making him mad with lust, but her assignment, as she'd heard it, was to make him cum as many times as possible, and there was no time to waste.  Her tongue got busy, stroking his shaft, as she shifted one paw to gently cup his balls.  It didn't take long before he was rock hard, his cock standing massively proud!  She sat back for a moment, and admired his size; he was _huge_!  Enjoying her freedom of movement, unbound, and unfettered (at least for the moment); she turned, to crouch over his body, her tongue swirling around the head of his cock.  As he groaned into his gag, she slowly slurped the head of his cock into her mouth; her tongue dancing over its surface.  After holding it there for a moment, she then started to move her head back and forth, sliding his cock between her lips with increasing speed, each motion forward taking a little more of his mammoth shaft into her mouth.  Before long, however, the head of his cock was hitting the back of her throat, and she had to fight the gag reflex.  While she'd had some training in this area, she still hadn't mastered suppressing her gag reflex, but her enthusiasm for her task let her work through her problem.  Tilting her head back, following her training, she slid her head forward, attempting to work his shaft down her throat.  As she pushed forth resolutely, she found that he was just larger than she could accommodate, and her throat spasmed around his shaft; however, this seemed to be all he needed as to her amazement, delight and surprise, his hips started bucking and his shaft started pumping his first load of jism down her throat!  He howled a long and plaintive note into his gag, as his cock spasmed and twitched, discharging its creamy load.  As Tanj savored her success, she suddenly realized that with his cock filling her mouth and throat, she couldn't breath!  Moaning softly, she pulled back, to receive the last of his load on the back of her tongue.  Panting, she sat up on his chest, a look of triumph on her face.  Turning, she gave him her best lascivious look as she licked her muzzle clean

Returning to her original position, astride his thighs, she purrrred softly, nuzzling and licking at his shaft, waiting for him to recover.  It wasn't long before he was once again hard, and she again marveled at his size.  As she licked softly along his shaft she congratulated herself on having him as a partner, a prize, she was sure, that would make the other girls green with envy........  She finally had to remind herself that the clock was running, and that she couldn't play with him as long as she wanted; slithering forward, she slid up her body, making sure that his cock passed between her breasts, where, pulling her arms close to her body, she snuggled it for a moment.  Moving onwards, she moved up to nuzzle his neck as her hips rubbed her dripping sex against his cock.  She teased for a few minutes and then sat up.  Reaching down with both paws, she took his magnificent cock in both hands and slooooowly dragged its head along her furrow.  With a heartfelt sigh, she slowly sank down on his cock, impaling herself, driving it deep into her hungry pussy.  Driving it all the way home, she sat for a moment and just smirked at him, enjoying the sensation.....  But then, remembering her instructions, she slowly started to roll her hips, mimicking the movements of a dancer; she swayed for a moment, and then slowly rose on her knees, dragging his cock out of her.  Just before the head slipped betwixt the lips of her pussy, she grinned and allowed gravity to pull her back down onto his cock; this elicited a grunt from the Tiger, whether of pleasure, or of Tanj landing on him hard, well, it was kinda hard to tell.  She panted as she rode his cock, lifting herself up and then falling back down on him, fucking him roughly.  As she rode him, she worked herself to two delightful climaxes, but as her head cleared from the second, she realized that time was slipping away.....  Grinning down at him, she moved her paws behind her, to fondle his balls; of course, this made her breasts stand out proudly, and she knew his eyes were fastened on her bouncing, swaying tits.  It didn't take much of this treatment before his hips started to buck upwards, and she felt his cock start to spurt deep within her.  She purrrrrrrred and savored the warm feeling as his cum filled her pussy.  As he calmed down, she sat astride him for a minute or two, trying to catch her breath.

Wondering how much time she had left, Tanj rose on her knees until his limp cock fell from within her, with a soft, liquid *plop*.  She slid back some, and bent over, intending to lick at his cock until he was hard again, but his shaft was so slick with her juices she had another idea.....   squirming astride his legs, she bent over and once again, nestled his cock between her breasts.  Using her paws to push her breasts together, she started rocking back and forth a little, driving his semi-hard cock between her breasts.  Purrrrrring, she applied a little tongue to the head of his cock, each time it emerged from between her breasts, and before long, he was moaning into his gag, rocking his head from side to side, his cock rock hard once again. . . .   Tanj kept up the "pressure", moving slowly, teasingly, and was surprised and delighted when suddenly his cock fountained again, spraying what little cum he had left over her muzzle and her breasts.  "what a _GOOD_ boy you are" she purrrred as she licked at his cock, smearing his cum over its head.

Time was running out; she knew that, but how to get him hard again, let alone make him cum?  She needed something novel......  as she pumped his semi-flaccid cock with one paw, tongue delicately stroking the sweet spot just below the head, she pondered the alternatives; with a sigh, she concluded that if she was going to do this right, there was only one option; she had to take him in her ass.

The Tiger hadn't been in the Academy that long, and thus, she thought, hadn't really gotten over the novelty of anal sex; some newbies came VERY suddenly just from the unique situation they found themselves in; on the other paw, he was HUGE, and Tanj wasn't all that wild about that form of lovemaking in the first place.... Still, in for a penny, in for a pound.....  After a bit of stroking and licking, he was beginning to get hard again, and Tanj made sure his cock was WELL covered in her saliva.  Crawling forward, she once again crouched over him, balanced on the balls of her feet.  She held his cock between her thighs using both paws and slowly squatted until his cockhead pressed against her anus.  As he felt the pressure, his head came up and he looked at her wide eyed, grunting into his gag; Tanj just grinned back, and let gravity take its course.  She herself went wide-eyed as the head of his cock forced its way into her back passage; despite her increased "tenure" at the academy, she was still much tighter back there than any of her mentors were happy with, and at this point, she regretted her comparative inexperience.  Never the less, she forced his cock, inch by inch into her ass until she could take no more.  "It feels as if he's going to come out my throat" she thought to herself, but to the tiger she made only encouraging moans and mewls, as if having his cock in her ass was the greatest thing she could imagine.  After a few moments to get used to it, she started moving carefully, her paws resting on his chest, rising fast and then slowly sinking back down on his cock.  This went on for a while and she was afraid that he was too wore out to cum again, despite the most novel sensations; but then she had an idea; smiling down at him lasciviously, she moved one paw to her pussy and began to stroke herself in full view of him.  She didn't think it possible, but his eyes went even wider and he mewled into his gag as she fingered and stroked herself.  Not unexpectedly, Tanj soon forgot about the time, and her goal, and was lost in her own pleasure, her fingers coupled with the feeling of his monstrous cock in her ass rapidly driving her to another climax.  It must have been her own muscles spasming as she found release yet again, that drove him over the edge, as before she could see it coming (pardon the pun), his hips were churning up against her with as little movement as his bonds permitted, and his cock was again throbbing and spurting, filling her ass with his seed.  Tanj grinned as her body fell forward, to lay atop the Tiger's broad chest; she panted, trying to regain her breath, and her mind.  Finally she slid forward, dragging one breast across his face as she finally pulled free of his cock.

Tanj sat (gingerly) next to the Tiger, trying to figure out what to do next; considering where it'd been she could scarcely lick his cock hard again, if she could even get it hard.  Likewise, she wasn't going to stuff him back in her pussy, so what was left?  She'd gamely wrapped a paw around his shaft and was listlessly pumping him as she thought this over, when a gong sounded.  End of the session.  Tanj grinned and kissed the Tiger on the end of his nose.  And then the door opened, and her instructor marched in.

"Just WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?" she screamed  Tanj had assumed the proper kneeling position for a slave as soon as she heard the door open, but in her shock, she raised her gaze to her instructor, eyes wide with confusion.  Before she could speak, or even frame her thoughts to speak, the instructor continued; "are you deliberately trying to provoke me, or could you really be that stupid?  Perhaps you're hard of hearing?"  Tanj's jaw dropped a little, as she stared in complete confusion.....  "you were SUPPOSED to KEEP him from cumming, you little twit!  It was your job to keep him on edge for the period, not drain him completely!  That furball is supposed to go to a remedial class on withholding his orgasm next!  What kind of lessons will he learn at this point?  Hell, I'd be surprised if he could even get it up at this point!  You've RUINED him for the rest of the day!"  Tanj blinked and suddenly remembered and lowered her gaze; "I'm in for it now" she thought to herself.  The instructor turned and stormed out, but her vacuum was rapidly filled by two large and rather nasty guards, who roughly trussed Tanj and hauled her off to the "Dean of Punishment", and her fate.

Tanj moaned as another fat droplet of hot oil struck squarely on her clitty.  There was no pattern, no frequency that she could discern and it was driving her WILD!  As another drop struck, sending one more electric jolt through her nervous system, she saw movement in the corner of her eye.  Turning her head as best she could, she saw her instructor lead the Tiger into the main hall by a leash attached to his collar.  Stopping before Tanj, her instructor grinned; "Now, my dear, I'll show you what you SHOULD have done.  And I hope you're in a position to appreciate the lesson......"  Tanj hung helpless, tormented by drop after drop, splatting hard against her clitty, as her instructor slowly brought the Tiger to the edge, and held him there.............