Tanj’s Tale:  Daydreams

By Kittiara

Stardate 2397.30

It had been a long day at the academy.  Tanj’s "class" was
still in the basic, or beginner curriculum, and today's exersize
had been a portion of the basic intercourse course, the segment on
how to handle all sorts of "problems".  The lesson had been "the
lover who wouldn’t wait" or how to slow down someone too impatient.
"After all" the instructor had said; "If they’re in too big a hurry,
how can you possibly give them all the pleasure they’re due?"
Tanj had been "jumped" by six overeager, obviously sex-starved
males, and the instructor had watched closely as she’d done her best
to "handle" them, no pun intended.  To her, the class was "how to
turn rape into making love," and that about summed it up...

As she settled into the tub of  steaming hot water, she shook her
head.  Whispering to one of the other slaves, Kayla the otter,
Tanj hissed; "Where do they FIND these guys?"  Marla, the she-
wolf giggled in return, drawing a harsh look from one of the
guards.  They weren’t supposed to talk, after all; they could be
punished if caught, but you really had to be blatant to draw a
punishment for that.  Finally, when the guard had moved on, Marla
whispered; "I hear they recruit them from long term space
exploration missions.  By the time they get back, everyone is so
sick of each other, that no one’s touched anyone for months, and
they’re all so randy they’re perfect for these classes!"  Kayla sighed
and shook her head; whispering, she said; "I hear they’re inmates
from some all-male prison; as part of their punishment, they’re
prevented from having even, ah, male companionship.  They’re so
starved for company, and of course for sex, they just can’t contain
themselves."  Tanj grinned, thinking how the lepine had shot his
load after about three strokes of her paw and nodded, rubbing
absently at the spot on her stomach where his cum had dried;
"Yeah, they can’t contain themselves all right."

Kayla watched a roving guard go past and then settled down
further into the hot water.  "Is it just me, or are any of you getting
tired of this, day after day after day?  I mean, I know they’ve done
some MASSIVE conditioning, but still, well, I just don’t seem to
delight in this as some do..."  Marla chuckled and shook her head;
"A year ago I couldn’t IMAGINE me doing this, but now, well, the
conditioning must have taken, and taken well, as I have to admit I
_LOVE_ it.  For me I just can’t get enough!" Tanj eeped quietly
and rose an inch from the water as Marla’s paw emphasized her
point with an intimate carress. Sapphire, the kitty, grinned and
shrugged; "some things I like better’n others..."  Kayla just shook
her head, and looked at Tanj, one eyebrow cocked as if
soliciting her opinion.

Tanj shrugged, the motion making the water swirl.  "I guess
I’m, somewhere inbetween. Yes, I’d NEVER have envisioned
myself doing this before I was sold here.  But now, well, its not
exactly distasteful. In fact its kinda fun, some of it... well, most
of it.  There are parts I do NOT like, and I certainly don’t like the
punishments, but mostly, well, its kinda become just another

Kayla nodded, her nose almost the only thing above the surface of
the water.  "When I was... well, back before I wound up here, I
worked in an office.  Daily 9 to 5, typical office grind.  I used to
play a game with myself; I’d ask myself "what would I _LIKE_ to
do today?"  If I could do ANYTHING in the world, free to choose,
what would I like to do.  Sometimes when I ask myself that here, I
answer "I’d give almost anything to be back in that dull, boring,
SAFE job...  So tell me, my lovely little sex-slaves-to-be, if you
had your choice, what WOULD you like to do today?  What would
be your perfect day?"

As the mists from the hot waters swirled, as the tensions and the
stains of the day slowly leached from their bodies, the three settled
back in the water to quietly daydream of where they’d much rather
be, of a perfect world...

Kayla’s daydream

Kayla smiled to herself as she outlined the perfect day.  It was a
romanticized version of reality, at best, but still, if you’re going to
dream....  She could just imagine the alarm going off, the sky
still dark outside her apartment.  Slipping from between the covers,
she'd padd nude into the bathroom to start the shower.  In her
fantasy, she was just starting to shampoo her hair when the strong
paws of her lover would wrapp around her, pulling her back against his
muscular body.  She'd  mmmmmm as his paws would start working up
and down her frame, soaping her, washing her, even as she
concentrated on her hair.  Of course such actions would have the
inevitable result on him, and before long his hard cock would be
prominent between her thighs.  As she dipped her head under the
running water, she’d let one paw stroke downwards, to tease his
cockhead.  As the soap would rinse from her hair, she’d lean forward,
bracing herself against the shower wall, while he took her from behind,
a short, sharp, powerful fuck, his hips driving hard against her, making
her pant, and moan.  She could just feel the power of her climax...

Kayla blinked, eyes opening wide, to stare around the baths.  Her
friends were lost in their own thoughts, and didn’t see her shake her
head, or mumble; "must be the conditioning..."

Settling back into the hot water, Kayla resumed her fantasy.  She
envisioned drying off (with strong masculine paws to help...) and
then doing her hair and getting dressed.  Breakfast would be light, a
quick bite before dashing out the door to catch the train into the
city.  Giggling to herself, in her fantasy her boyfriend would tidy up
the apartment before leaving...  She smiled to herself,
remembering the crowded commutes she used to hate; somehow
now they didn’t seem so bad.  As she pictured herself in the
crowded railroad car, she caught herself looking at the males
appraisingly, her fantasy filling the car with muscular studs in
tailored business suits and power ties...

The fantasy continued, as the train arrived at the station, and she
exited, amid the throngs, to walk the short distance to her office
building.  Of course there’d be an elevator waiting for her, and it’d
stop at her floor first.  Sitting down at her desk, she'd turn on her
computer, to start the day.  Of course her work would be
demanding; it always had been, but on occasion it was important
stuff, tasks that she knew she could do, where she knew just what to
do.  And this day she’d have something critical to be working on,
something only she would have the talents to execute correctly.
And everyone would know that too...  She smiled as she envisioned her
boss giving her a thankful smile as she turned over some important
file, the contracts perfectly executed, delivered just in the nick of
time... Ah, but instead of her grumpy old boss, for whom nothing was
ever good enough, lets turn the contracts over to that hansom junior
partner... perhaps he’d be so pleased he’d include her in the
continuation of the project, requesting her to make a presentation
to the board, and to the customers that afternoon.  Of course she’d
be ready to make such a presentation... But first, lunch.

Kayla smiled as she thought about gathering her best friends at
work and going off to lunch, to some new restaurant, just opened, a
few blocks away.  The waiter would be attentive, always there
when needed, and the food, the food would be wonderful (not like
the dreck that was shoveled at them here!).  The conversation
would be brilliant, and her friends warm and caring, and of course
someone else would insist on picking up the check.  Then it would
be back to the office.  The presentation would go splendidly, and
the hansom junior partner would insist she join him and the
customers for dinner...  Ah, but that would require a new

After the presentation, Kayla would dump whatever work remained
to be done on the desk of that old fart that was constantly annoying
her, and waltz off to go shopping at some of the more elegant
downtown shops.  And those vicious office gossips would have
only good things to say about her, as she left early.  She’d go to the
shops she’d window-shopped at, but NEVER had the money to
even dream of entering... Ah, but this time she’d enter the most
prestigious shop, the salesgirl would be attentive, and she’d find
just the most perfect dress.  Daring, but not too risque; something
that showed off her figure to perfection... maybe something low-cut...
And a choker of pearls to set it off.  And of course matching earrings.

She’d meet the junior partner somewhere, perhaps  a trendy coffee
shop (she wouldn’t want him to see her dismal little hole-in-the-
wall apartment), to be whisked to a fancy restaurant in a limousine.
At the restaurant, she’d flirt shamelessly with the customers,
making brilliant conversation, and dazzling them with her charm.
There would be hints of some big deal in the offing, something they
wanted _her_ to be part of...  Afterwards, after polite good-byes,
the Junior partner would insist on taking her dancing, not yet
willing to relinquish her company.  They’d go to the trendiest clubs,
to be seen.  Finally, they’d wind up at his penthouse apartment,
where she’d let him seduce her, the new dress dropped carelessly
on the floor.  She’d show him all the tricks she’d learned, how a
gentle touch here, or a caress there can incite lust.  She’d tease
him horribly, holding him off as long as possible, until he forced her
back on the bed, to cover her body with his...  they’d make love
all night long, sometimes fast and furious, sometimes slow and
languorous.  And they’d fall asleep in each other’s arms, smiles on
their faces.  Yes, that would be the perfect day...

Marla’s Daydream

Marla purrrred and settled back into the water, dreaming of the
perfect day... no, more than that, the perfect life.  She’d be
someone powerful, someone who could _always_ get what they
wanted... And modern society just didn’t allow that.  Some
ancient tribe, some barbarian culture... yes, and a place where
magic worked as well.  She’d be a Sorceress Queen, holding her
subjects in sway with her magic and her wisdom and her
beauty...  She’d be awakened in a sumptuous bed by servants
bringing breakfast.  Handmaidens, or personal slaves, two of them
would feed her breakfast, while a third would crouch between her
widespread thighs, licking at her, slowly bringing her pleasure as
she broke her fast.

Marla softly touched herself under the water as she dreamed of a
phantom lover licking her, licking her as long as she wanted to be
licked....  that would be very pleasant, but eventually she’d
have to rise, to attend to the day’s business.  She’d start the day
with a council of the tribal chiefs, to find out what was going on
in her little empire.  Obviously she’d have to have a throne
somewhere, preferably outside in a shaded glen, someplace where the
breezes were always cool.  Even so, she’d make sure to have two slaves,
one to either side of her, fanning her gently.  Perhaps as she
received the reports of the chiefs, one of them would talk of
skirmishes with a neighboring empire.  Maybe he’d even have
tribute, or slaves to present.  She smiled to herself as she imagined
some burly chief presenting her with a captured warrior, some
heavily muscled stud for her to use as a sex toy.  She smiled and
imagined herself rising from her throne, freezing the prisoner in
place with a gesture, to stride down to him, to look him over in
detail.  She could just imagine the look of shock and helplessness in
his eyes as he found he couldn’t move, as she ran her paws over the
bulge beneath his loincloth.  After some teasing, she’d probably pull
the loincloth free, for all to see how well endowed he was.  And he
would be, too; in her fantasy, he’d be hung like a Stallion.  She’d
grin and stroke him until he was hard, embarrassment shining in his
eyes for him to be so used in front of the entire court.  She’d stroke
and tease him, finally kneeling before him to add her tongue to his
"tortures", until he finally came, spurting out his white cum.  She’d
let it fall to the floor, glob after glob, and then she’d turn to the
crowd make some quip about what a fine sex toy he’d make.  Then
she’d thank the chief that had presented him with a kiss.  Sending
the stud away to be "made ready for her" she’d finish her business
with the court and then adjourn to something a little more relaxing.

Marla shifted a little in the water, the ripples fanning out and then
rebounding from the far walls, and from the tub’s other occupants.
Her paw was still moving softly between her thighs as she daydreamed.
Returning to her dreams, she thought perhaps she’d take a hunting
party into the woods, to stop at a stream-fed mountain pool for a
swim.  She could just imagine the party, perhaps two or three
young bucks to escort her.  She’d have a bow, and a quiver of
arrows, and in the fashion of barbarians, be wearing but a loincloth.
The forest would be cool, and dark, and their hunt fruitless by the
time they found the rocky mountain pool, nestled between steep
slopes.  She’d drop her loincloth and the bow and quiver, and find a
suitable rock, to dive into the cool dark waters, the admiring eyes of
her companions following her graceful dive.  The others would follow
her into the water, and after some swimming, they’d find a rock in the
middle of the pool, in dappled sunlight, to stretch out and rest.
Excited by the, um, yes, three; three males laying near her, she’d cast
a spell, and slowly, one by one, they’d be drawn to her, to nuzzle her,
to lick and caress... she’d roll one over on his back, sitting astride
him, teasing him with her sex until he was rock hard, and then she’d
impale herself on his cock.  One of the others would come up
behind her, to lift her tail, to slowly work his cock into her ass; she
always loved that, the combined sensations making her feel sooo
full, every little motion magnified.  The third would look hurt and
left out, until she motioned him over, to take his cock in her mouth.
She’d let them make love to her, and love them back in return until
she’d had a half dozen climaxes, and then she’d break the spell...
and alow them to cum.  After resting they’d continue the hunt, and of
course, her magic would bring them a splendid buck, which she’d kill.

That night they’d have a feast.  There would be dancers and
entertainment, and she’d sit at the head of the table, and eat what
she’d killed, and all the dishes that had been prepared, acting like,
being treated like the royalty she was...  And that night she’d
have the newly captured slave brought to her bedchamber, to be
tied spread-eagled to her bed, and there he’d learn what it meant to
be a slave to Queen Marla...

Marla sighed and stroked herself under the water, dreaming of all
the things she’d do to the poor captive; how she’d drain him of
every drop of jism in his poor body, and how he’d writhe in ecstacy
under her ministrations, and her magic.  As she daydreamed, she
moaned, and then gasped, the results of her strokings plain to all
who cared to look.  And at this unfortunate instance, one of the
guards was indeed looking.  Striding over, he grabbed Marla by the
hair to pull her from the tub.  He looked at her in amazement for a
second, Marla actually blushing and averting her eyes at his scrutiny.
Lifing his head he called; "Hey Eddie!  Phil!  Got one over here that
hasn’t had enough yet today... and with that, poor Marla was dragged
off to "entertain" the guards...

Tanj chuckled as she watched Marla dragged off, wondering if
she was going to her punishment, or to her reward?  "And I thought
the conditioning had been effective on ME..." Tanj chuckled to

Sapphire watched as everyone settled back into the water, after the
guards had made off with Marla.  She smiled to herself as she
watched the ass of the dripping She-Wolf sway, as the guards
dragged her off.  With a sigh she turned her attentions inward once
again, back to her own daydream.  Sapphire’s hobby, before she
had so rudely been incarcerated in the Academy, had been writing,
and she missed not being able to jot down the stories, the plot lines
and neat ideas that she'd had.  Her fondest wish was to merely have
the time, the opportunity, to put down on paper some of the
wonderful stories that were burning through her mind... She’d
seen so many arousing things here (as well as so many terrifying
things) that she felt sure she could win a prize for  her fiction.  With
a smile, she remembered that first day in the "Introduction to
Lesbian Sex" class.  She’d been amused by the play of emotions on
the faces of the new slaves, so many of them not yet having learned
how to hide their reactions.  Some had been revolted, some timid and
shy, some passive and withdrawn, and some, like her, excited.  Such
powerful emotions!  And the horror of the "Introduction to
Bondage" class; of being hogtied tightly, gagged, and just LEFT to
suffer.  She hated being tied, immobile, and felt that she could relate
the horror of the situation brilliantly. Oh, and the first time she’d
tasted the crop!  Such torment! The words cried out to be written.
She wished for nothing more than a quiet day, a cozy room, a pot
of tea, and the opportunity to write her heart out.  Later, perhaps
that evening, she would dress, and go out to her favorite club, to
get a bite to eat, something to drink, and possibly some
companionship.  Smiling to herself, she pictured the range of
partners she might select from. There had been that lady bear a few
weeks ago, powerful and demanding, and yet so gentle at the same
time.  There’d been the Otteress, so brave and daring, willing to try
anything, and so full of the joy of life... Ah, but then there’d been
the Tigress.

Sapphire had first seen her standing at the bar, the black halter dress
accentuating her form, its back plunging daringly to a sharp vee,
ending just below her tail.  Their eyes had met, and she’d smiled at
Sapphire, and at that moment the kitty had KNOWN she’d been
selected as the Tigress’ prey for the evening.  The stalking was
subtle, a few words of introduction, the search for a secluded table,
a few friendly drinks as they talked about art, and weather, and the
possibility of mutual acquaintances and friends.  She’d been from
out of town, passing through on business, and Sapphire knew that it
would probably be this night only, but still...  They’d gone back
to her place, kissing hungrily almost as soon as the door had
slammed closed.  A trail of discarded clothes was left behind as they
moved to the bedroom, where rough feline tongues were applied to
sensitive places.  They’d made love a half dozen times through the
night, in the bed, in the living room, in the shower….. and finally
the cab had arrived to take her away... "Yes," Sapphire thought
to herself with a smile; "I’d choose an evening with that one, as the
ending to my perfect day...  I wonder where she is now?"

Tanj was having difficulty.  She understood Kayla’s challenge all
too well, having many times in her stay thus far at the academy
wished to be elsewhere.  ANYWHERE else.  It seemed she had a
penchant for either misunderstanding instructions, or somehow not
complying fully with them, to the annoyance of her instructors.
They felt that she was living up to her nickname fully, and while she
didn’t exactly lead the "student body" in disciplines or punishments
received, well, she WAS on the short list.  It was just that every
concept she considered came up lacking somehow...

The first thing the thought of was to go shopping, with an unlimited
budget... Some fantastical shopping mall, with every kind of
store.  As she cruised the mall in her mind, she found herself
stopping into this clothier, or that lingerie shop, looking over the
dresses and silky underthings, and even when she tried something
on in her mind, they were never quite to her satisfaction.  The
electronics boutique also held many wonders, things in the past that
she would have loved to have had.. but somehow reality kept
creeping in, telling her that she would never be able to keep
something like that, now, or in whatever life the future held for her.
Finally she resigned herself to the fact that a slave, especially a sex
slave, just didn’t need clothes, and somehow, with that in the back
of her mind, the joy had gone out of it..

Next she considered a lazy day at the beach.  While she’d grown up
in space, there had been the rare "vacation" to some resort, and
beaches somehow had always figured prominently...  She smiled
to herself and envisioned herself, nude on a beach blanket, laying
there in the warm sun, the sound of the sea in the background, idly
watching the furrs stroll along the shore.  She smiled and imagined
three boys coming along the shore towards her, one of them
glancing over at her, to catch her eye.  He’d smile, perhaps give a
small wave.  In her mind’s eye, he’d be tall, and well muscled, and
of course well hung... and at that point she shook her head;
"The conditioning again..."  The debate raged within herself  for
a few moments; "OF COURSE you’d check him out; you always
did!"  "Yeah, but not with a hunger like that!"  "Oh, come off it,
you always had a healthy appetite!  You were completely normal in
that regard!"  "Hunger?  More like I’m starving these days!  Six
"lovers" today, if you can call it that, and I’m STILL thinking about
sex?  That’s NOT a "healthy appetite!"  "It is if your life depends
on it!  No one here knows, or will say what happens to "students"
that fail their finals!  Besides, you can’t fight the conditioning!  All
the instructors say so.  Can’t be erased, can’t be ignored, can’t be
turned off  Girl, you might as well just lay back and enjoy it, ‘cause
this is it for the rest of your life!"  "NO WAY!  Gotta be a way out,
a way around it.  There’s got to be a way to escape...."

Tanj sighed and tried a different approach.  The food at the
academy was generally considered to be healthy, but unpalatable.
It’d keep your coat shiny, give you all the vitamins needed, but was
tailored to each furr, to make sure they didn’t gain weight.  Those
that didn’t want to eat were force fed, and that was NOT pretty to
watch.  Tanj found that she never quite got enough to eat, that
she was always still hungry.  "I guess someone somewhere thinks
Cheetahs are SUPPOSED to be lean" she grumbled to herself.
Sighing, she thought about food.  A buffet of all her favorite things,
and no restrictions on how much she could eat.  She was just sitting
down to a plate heaped full, when she realized her mouth was
watering in reality.  With a sigh she dismissed that dream too.  No
point in teasing yourself...

Tanj’s mind danced over her memories of college for a few
moments, examining them, and then rejecting them.  Times there
just had not been good enough to form the basis for a good

"Perhaps a night on the town" she thought to herself; "Going
dancing with friends.  Some posh nightclub.."  Tanj sighed and
in her life had only been in such places a time or two, but thought
maybe that’swhats needed; something comparatively exotic.  She
grinned and imagined the harsh lighting, the loud noises, and the
writhing bodies.  "Hmmmmmm, yes, writhing bodies... That dude
looks good...  Oh, and that one, the Black Panther, look at
how he seems to flicker in and out of existance with the flash of the
strobes... He looks delicious..."  Again Tanj smiled to herself
and shook her head; "There goes the conditioning again..."

As she settled back into the water, Tanj sighed.  "Tired" she
thought to herself.  "Never enough sleep here.  And sleeping on
straw!  Urrrrrrrrr."   She smiled and thought of a big soft bed, of
sleeping late, of not having to get up for anything.
"Hmmmmmmmmmm yessss."  And someone to cuddle with.  Her
father had always told her that a person needed three things to be
happy.  "Something to do, Someone to Love, and Something to
dream about..." "Yes" she thought to herself; "That’s my
daydream.  A warm bed, with someone to love.  Things to do, but
not right now.  Things to dream about as we cuddle.  The sex can
wait, and when it comes, it will be true lovemaking, not just
fucking, but right now, just a loving cuddle.  Someone to love,
someone who loves me...."

Tanj had almost fallen asleep, in that gray area where its difficult
to distinguish dreams from reality... Warm and safe in the arms of
her lover.  And then the guards started shouting for them to get up,
get out of the baths, and move to the drying grids.  With a sigh,
Tanj lifted herself from the water, to move to one of the wooden
gratings in the floor.  After a moment, a small hurricane of hot air
emerged from the floor, blowing over her and the other girls.
Tanj rubbed at herself, working the moisture from her fur, and
then bent over to dangle her hair in the stream of hot air.  When she
was reasonably dry, she stepped off, to stand patiently in the
indicated coffle, waiting for the guards to chain her to the girl in
front, and behind.  As they marched of towards the kennels,
Tanj did her best to hold to her daydream, to remember... And
she vowed to herself, someday she’d make it come true.  She’d
have something to do, something to dream about.... and someone
to love.