Tanj's Tale's - Revenge can be sweet!

By Kittiara


Tanj grinned to herself as she stood in the coffle; once again, the line of female slaves-in-training had stopped, for some reason apparent only to their guards.  She stood there, bound to the slaves in front of, and behind her by chains from her collar, and from the anklet on her left leg.  Her paws were bound behind her, but that didn't mean they were useless; in fact, as she kept a wary eye out for the guards, her bound paws were very busy.  By chance, this day, the she-wolf had been bound behind her in the coffle, and Tanj was getting her revenge.......

Tanj was a newly taken slave.  The interstellar freighter she'd been crew on had run afoul of some customs regulation, or other, and the local government had seized the ship, and the captain.  The crew found themselves in a rough port town, without pay, with their personal possessions locked on the ship as "evidence".  It wasn't long before what money they'd had in their pockets had run out.  Destitute, Tanj had fallen victim to a wandering gang of "bounty hunters", rounding up the "indigent" for the government.  The sentence, of course, was to be sold into slavery, to pay for the costs of her capture, and confinement.  Had to make her a productive member of society, in one manner or another!

Of course, before she could be productive, she had to be trained.  Someone, somewhere had decided that the comely Cheetah morph should be a pleasure slave.  Never mind the degrees in Engineering, or the rating as a second engineer on a starship.  Thus, despite her protests (no one could understand them through the gag anyways), she had been delivered to the "academy".

As per her nickname, though, Tanj had been a problem.  Her lack of "enthusiasm" continually got in the way  of her training, and that was how the current situation had developed.  She'd been in fellatio class, and had not been performing to her instructor's satisfaction.  It seemed she'd been letting her teeth graze the sensitive surface of her partner's cock (yes, the "academy" trained slaves of both sexes, it seemed).  The instructor easily read the looks that flashed across the male slave's face, and when Tanj didn't immediately correct her technique, the instructor started giving her an occasional swat on her posterior.  Of course, Tanj's explanation that he was so large as to make her jaws hurt, and that it was difficult to keep her mouth that far open went unnoticed and ignored.  The instructor's unwillingness to make allowances for her problems with this stallion only flamed Tanj's temper and before long, she was receiving a formal paddling.  This did not improve her mindset for the next round of practice and things rapidly spiraled downward.

It was well after the normal end of class when the instructor finally released Tanj to the guards.  The guards also were not happy; they'd been waiting quite a while as Tanj had been "tutored" after class, and the sounds of the paddle on Tanj's ass, nor her wails had lightened their mood.  They were not gentle as they bound Tanj's arms behind her, gagged her, and fastened her into the coffle.   She found herself bound at the end of the line, behind a voluptuous she-wolf; the chains to the wolf's collar and ankle were uncomfortably short.

Despite the fact that Tanj was the last slave to be collected, the line moved forward and then stopped for some unknown reason; the proverbial "hurry up and wait".

It was during the first halt that the she-wolf  inched back a little, her bound paws reaching back towards Tanj.  At first, Tanj just thought that it was a random motion; after all, they were tied rather closely together.  But then the she-wolf's paws started to stroke back and forth over her sex!  She jerked back reflexively, but the chains were too short.  Tanj could almost feel the She-wolf smirk as Tanj failed to escape her teasing!

The She-wolf was shorter than Tanj's 5' 10", and this put her bound paws at just about the level of Tanj's crotch.  Her eyes darting about, Tanj determined that the guards were not paying attention; if they discovered what was happening, they'd both be due for some "correction"!

Tanj tried not to move, as the She-Wolf's fingers stroke her already damp sex; no matter how she squirmed, she couldn't evade or escape those teasing fingers!  Tanj wound up gritting her teeth, vowing not to move, not to betray any of the feelings starting to course through her; those little electric jolts as the She-wolf's fingers grazed her clitty; those waves of pleasure as she was touched here or there.....  Tanj tried to concentrate on the stinging feeling in her ass, telling herself that she was sore enough there already and did NOT want more of the same, or worse, from the guards!  But the She-wolf was unrelenting, and shortly Tanj was moaning softly into her gag, tail writhing behind her.
As with so many things, the best of intentions are forgotten in the heat of the moment, and self control crumbles.  Before too long, Tanj couldn't  hold still any more and was pressing herself against the she-wolf's paw.  Fate can be cruel, however, and just as she was getting close to release, the line starts moving again.  As she struggled to march in step with the other slaves, the She-wolf's paws lost contact with her, only occasionally brushing against her dripping sex.

Part of Tanj's mind screamed in fury at the interruption, but after a few deep breaths her conscious mind concluded that chance had probably just saved them both from a severe punishment; as they marched on their way back to the kennels, she concentrated on breathing deeply, and trying to gain control over her body.  However the occasional brushes of the She-wolf's paws managed to keep her hot, managed to keep her from banishing the lust from her mind.

It was during one of those short halts, when the coffle moved like an inchworm, bunching up before moving on, that the She-wolf, leaning back a little, managed to hook a single finger into her sex, driving upwards into her pussy, to pull her forward insistently! This held her to the back of the She-wolf tighter than either of her chains, and forced her to walk on tiptoes.  After a while though, her increasingly uncoordinated movement forced them apart.  At this point, Tanj was moaning constantly into her gag, the scent of her dripping pussy evident even to her.  In some small portion of her mind, She was sure the guards must have noticed, but if they had, the guards weren't showing it........

Finally the coffle arrived at the portion of the "academy" where the kennels were located.  Before putting the slaves away for the night, the handlers marched them to the baths.  There, they broke up the coffle and released the girls in small groups to the grooms, for their baths.

Tanj purrred as her groom led her into a pool-like tub of warm soapy water.  She tried to relax and calm down as he worked to scrub the copious amounts of dried cum out of the fur of her muzzle and chest.  At least, in a place like this, her juices matting the fur on her thighs would scarcely draw notice.  Finally, she was clean, and rinsed, and dried, and her teeth brushed (removing that rather distinctive taste!), and had been led back to the coffle for the short trip to the kennels.  The groom looked at her curiously as she moaned at being bound once again behind the She-Wolf.  The She-Wolf only grinned around her gag.

Once again, it was start and stop as the coffle moved down the line of kennel doors.  One by one, the guards unbound the slaves from the coffle, and urged them through the door into their cell.  Each of these cells were about four foot wide by eight foot long, by about four foot high.  Three of the four walls, and the roof were made of metal bars, with the back wall and the floor made of rough concrete.  If you were lucky, they'd put down fresh straw on the floor.  The door was so low you had to crawl through it (supposedly  another of the academy's dominance games).  If the guards decided not to uncuff your paws from behind your back, this became a difficult thing to do.  Without exception, the guards put one girl per cell.  Following their dictum of no unauthorized pleasure, the cells were also separated by a few feet, so you could not effectively reach from one cell to another.  As if after a long hard day at the academy, anyone had any energy for something like that.  Or so Tanj thought..........

The coffle moved slowly, as one by one the slaves were returned to their kennels; at last, the guards stopped, with only the she-wolf and Tanj remaining.  Tanj's ears flattened as she noticed the guards grinning to each other as the she-wolf was unchained from her.  Instead of being unbound, and placed in her kennel, one of the guards raised her arms over her head, paws palm to palm, as the other guard bound her elbows together.  The first guard then brought her forearms down, and bound her wristlets to the back of her collar; this forced her head forward somewhat.  The guards then turned and bound Tanj in the same manner. For no immediately apparent reason, tight leather cuffs were then fastened around the base of their tails, but much to Tanj's relief, the gag was removed from her mouth.  She grinned and worked her jaw, trying to relieve some of her sore and stiff muscles, as she tried to read the guard's body language, seeking desperately to figure out what they were up to.........

Turning, the guards lead them to a different kennel, at the end of the row.  This kennel was slightly different; while it was not significantly wider, or longer, it was tall enough for a normal fur to stand upright, and had a full-height door.  The guards led them both into the kennel; a rather tight fit.  Without a word, the guards pushed Tanj down on her back, spreading her legs and fastening her anklets to bars on the opposite sides of the cage.  They then forced the She-wolf down on top of her, in the classic "69".

Moving carefully in the rather cramped space, one of the guards then proceeded to take a couple of fine chains from a pouch on his belt (he wasn't wearing much else).  Moving towards Tanj's head, he connected one end of the chain to a ring in the cuff at the base of the She-wolf's tail.  Tanj muttered "you gotta be kidding" as the other end was summarily, and not very gently connected to the ring in Tanj's nose, holding her head directly between the She-wolf's thighs, her muzzle hovering by the lupine's sex!  She moaned in protest as she felt the she-wolf's head fastened in a similar position!  The guard just grinned at her feeble protestations.

"There, now, you two hot little bitches can spend the night doing what you so obviously are just dying to do" the senior guard said.  "Call it 'cunnilingus homework' " his partner smirked.   And with a grin, and a "pleasant dreams", the kennel door slammed shut.

Usually the night is a time of rest and recuperation; a time for some much needed sleep, alone and unfettered.  This night, however promised to be a long one.  Tanj squirmed, the weight of the she-wolf heavy atop her, making her breathing a little labored.  Suddenly an electric jolt ran through her as the she-wolf's tongue ran roughly along her slit; she arched and groaned, the chain between the wolf's tail cuff and her nose going painfully TIGHT!

Unable to do much more than squirm, Tanj suffered the attentions of the she-wolf.  Determined not to repay this troublesome tease with anything resembling pleasure, Tanj kept her tongue to herself, despite the temptation of the she-wolf's wet sex right at the end of her nose.  Gradually, however, she became more and more aroused, until finally she could stand the feel of the She-wolf's tongue no more, and her first climax hit.  As she  panted and moaned, some small part of her mind realized that the wolf wasn't stopping, that her tongue was continuing to lick!  With a moan, she surrendered to her passion and dragged her own rough tongue along the she-wolf's cunny.  Unsurprisingly, she found it to be literally dripping.

The night continued, slowly, climax after climax, the she-wolf never letting up, seeming a veritable demoness.  Every time Tanj thought she could rest, that she might find some sleep, again the tongue touches her, and she moans, off again in another round of frenzied licking.

After what seemed like an eternity, Tanj was relieved when she heard the kennel door open; the grinning guards came into view, reaching down to disconnect the two females.  Not unexpectedly they'd been watching, and now, demanded their right, the privilege that all guards enjoy:  One of them roughly rolled Tanj over onto her knees, her paws still bound to the back of her neck, to take her from behind as the other grabbed a fistfull of the she-wolf's mane, dragging her out of the cell by her hair, and then pulling her head around to suck on his hard cock.

Tanj gasped and panted as the guard fucked her hard, her cheek against the floor, her ass high in the air.  He drove his cock into her without finesse, seeking only his own pleasure.  Still, after all the licking throughout the night, after uncounted climaxes, his hard cock was like a dessert, and she relished the way his balls swung forward to slap against her with each thrust.  She mewled as she felt him cum, the sensation of his cock jetting wadd after wadd into her driving her to yet another climax.

Her guard pulled free, and lifted her to her knees.  He presented his slick cock to her mouth for her to clean him with her tongue; as she did so, Tanj watched the She-wolf out of the corner of her eye; that one certainly did have an oral fixation, and was making great show of sucking off her guard in front of the slaves in the coffle.  After the She-wolf's guard had orgasmed noisily, and she had licked him clean, Tanj and the She-wolf were again re-tied, and attached to the end of the waiting coffle, to be led off to today's training.  This time, however, by accident, or by design, the guards fastened Tanj ahead of the She-wolf!

As the line moved off, Tanj made sure that her paws brushed back and forth over the She-wolf's still wet sex, keeping her hot, maintaining her arousal.  It was difficult leaning backwards far enough to do this, but Tanj was determined to have her revenge!  Tanj didn't know what kind of a class the She-wolf was destined for this day, but she was sure that the lupine would be "well primed".  Every time the coffle stopped, Tanj made sure that a finger stroked the She-wolf's clitty, or traveled the length of her slit, until the lupine was moaning into her gag, and struggling to stand against knees gone weak.  Catching one of the guards looking her way, Tanj gave him a wink, and he returned a knowing grin.

Revenge can be sweet.