Tanj's Tales: Kabbazah / Sahajoli

By Kittiara

Stardate 2397.16


Tanj stood where the guard directed her to, one paw
rubbing the wrist of the other.  She was new to the
academy, new to being constantly chained, new to being
constantly naked.  She knew she wasn’t supposed to meet
anyone’s gaze, and yet her curiosity always seemed to get
the better of her, and as she stood, she cast covert looks
around the room.  This was one of the biggest rooms she’d
been in yet, probably a good ten meters by fifteen meters.
Both walls were lined with mirrors, and handrails, and
Tanj thought of the pictures she'd seen of ballerinas
practicing….. and shuddered as she imagined herself doing
some sort of leg lift, one paw on the rail, her sex widely
exposed for all to see.  Dragging her gaze away from the
railing and the mirrored wall she again took a look around
the room.  The twenty female slaves were being spaced out
through the room, well beyond arms reach of each other, and
Tanj wondered what they were in for now……  She stood
with her paws at her side, resisting the urge to cover
herself, knowing things like that were NOT permitted here….
Still, she just wasn’t used to being naked in from of so
many people, ESPECIALLY the three obviously male guards…..

Movement at the front of the room drew her attention, and
she found herself looking at a nude female Rottweiler…..
Almost nude…. Instead of the ever-present collar, this one
wore a belt, with a card key dangling from it… and a
leather quirt, a short, muti-stranded whip.  From her
bearing, if nothing else, she was obviously the instructor.
Sometimes in the Academy it was hard to tell.  Her hair was
dark and short, and her body muscular… almost to the point
of being so muscular she’d lost her femininity…..  As
Tanj tried to watch without watching; from her demeanor,
from her movements, somehow, the term “bitch” came to

“All right, Slaves, its time to start your physical
training.  No flabby bodies at the Academy!  Good muscle
tone will make you more attractive, and help you get a
better owner!  Lets start with fifty jumping jacks!”
Tanj watched, and tried to follow, her loose hair flying
as she jumped and moved……  Although she’d thought she was
in pretty good shape, by the end of the fifty, she was
panting…. “OK, everyone on your backs, hands behind your
necks; on the count of three, lift your heels off the
floor, legs straight, and hold them for a count of ten…..”

Tanj heard the “thwack” and turned to look; one of the
slaves, a somewhat overweight chinchilla, wasn’t keeping
up, and one of the guards had stepped forward to
“encourage” her with a touch of his riding crop.  Blinking,
grunting, Tanj redoubled her efforts, trying hard not to
fall behind……

By the time they got to the push-ups, all three guards were
busy; no one was keeping up with the instructor, despite
her shouts and the guards’ whips.  Tanj was panting,
struggling, feeling as if her arms were about to fall off…
and then one of the riding crops landed on her ass,
galvanizing her off the floor.  Muttering to herself, she
wondered how long this would last……

It was with great relief that Tanj finally brought
herself to a sitting position; the Instructor Bitch had
called a halt, and the Cheetah sat panting, not caring if
she was in the proper posture or not…..  Dimly, past the
blood pounding in her ears, she heard the Instructor say
something about how now that they were warmed up, they
could go into the next room and the exercise machines…..
Lifting her head she groaned as the guards opened double
doors, and gestured to the class……

Tanj shook her head and struggled to comply with her
instructions; it seemed that it hadn’t taken long for her
to draw the Instructor’s attentions….  Like all Cheetahs,
Tanj found she could put out an incredible burst of
strength… but that she had little endurance.  Even with the
weight machine set at a modest amount, she was having
difficulty doing the twenty “reps” the instructor was
demanding.  Even the occasional swat of the riding crop was
doing little to encourage her.  Finally, with what to her
was Herculean effort, she completed the last one.  Panting,
she jerked her body from the seat, making way for another
fem.  Panting hard, she missed the Instructor’s motions,
until one of the guards brought his quirt down on her ass.
Jumping, she looked around.  The Rotweiler bitch was
standing by the leg lift machine, gesturing at her……

Tanj was exhausted.  Tread mills and stationary
bicycles; rowing machines and a dozen types of weight
machines.  They’d cycled each of the slaves through them
all.  The only real break of any kind had been when a vixen
had gotten her tail caught; it was one of those machines
where you reach up and grab the handlebars, and as you
pulled down, the stack of weights behind you went up…
Well apparently she’d swished her tail behind her as she
pulled down and when she’d let the handlebar go back up,
she’d gotten a real pain in the tail.  While the guards
extricated her, the Instructor just laughed and commented
on how she’d never had that problem, wiggling her tight
butt with her very-short docked tail.  Tanj was sorry
for the Vixen, but had found the short breather while the
guards and instructor were otherwise occupied a Godsend.

Finally the guards opened another set of double doors.
Tanj expected them to be all herded out to form into a
coffle, but the next room was very similar to the first,
with exercise mats lining the floor and mirrors on the
walls.  Catching a flicker of motion, Tanj looked up,
eyes widening as she realized that the ceiling was mirrored
as well.  No escape from the image of her own shocking
nudity!  Once again the guards spaced the slaves out.
Groaning to herself, Tanj waited to see what they’d do

The instructor followed them in, passing among them, her
quirt slapping here or there to adjust some girl’s posture,
or position.  Finally she stood in front of them, hands on
hips, gazing at them; “now the fun starts.  We’ve exercised
your main muscle groups, but there’s one that has yet to
receive attention; these are the Pubo-Coccygeal and Kegel
muscles…..”  The Instructor paused, watching, her gaze
flitting from face to face.  Tanj frowned slightly;
she’d heard those terms before, but couldn’t remember……
Suddenly it dawned on her what the Instructor was talking
about…..  The Bitch grinned; “Ah, I see recognition on some
of your faces.  Yes!  That’s RIGHT!  We’re going to train
the muscles surrounding your vagina!

The Instructor then quoted from an ancient tome; something
called the “Kama Sutra;” The female must ... close and
constrict the Yoni until it holds the Lingam as with a
finger, opening and shutting at her pleasure, and finally
acting as the hand of the Gopala-girl who milks the cow.
This can be learned only by long practice, and especially
by throwing the will into the part affected, even as men
endeavor to sharpen their hearing ...  Her husband will
then value her above all women, nor would he exchange her
for the most beautiful queen in the Three Worlds ... Among
some races the constrictor vaginae muscles are abnormally
developed. In Abyssinia, for instance, a women can so exert
them as to cause pain to a man, and, when sitting on his
thighs, she can induce orgasm without moving any other part
of her person. Such an artist is called by the Arabs
Kabbazah, literally, a holder, and it is not surprising
that slave dealers pay large sums for her."  With a grin,
the Instructor closed the book and growled; “All the female
students of the Academy receive the advanced training that
will make them “Kabbazah” or “holders”….

Tanj watched, in a state between shock and amazement;
they were going to train WHAT?  As she gazed at the
Rotweiler bitch, the Instructor folded her arms behind her
back, and with a wide grin, lectured the class:  “With
well-exercised vaginal muscles, the stimulation of both the
clitoris and the G-spot will increase during intercourse.
When the muscles of the pelvic floor contracts, during
orgasm or by a conscious contraction, the labia will move
too.  The little hood that is created over the clitoris
where the labia minora meet will glide back and forth over
it.  Direct Stimulation of the Clitoris, WITHOUT touching
it!  The same phenomenon will happen, but to a lesser
extent, when the penis is moved back and forth in the
vagina.  But the more exercised the vaginal muscles are,
the greater this “involuntary” stimulation of the clitoris
and the G-spot will be!”

Tanj listened to what the Instructor was saying, her
skepticism rising to the surface; “the Academy doesn’t do
ANYTHING for ANYONE for nothing.  Here it sounds like
they’re going to be giving us a great gift….. but what’s in
it for THEM?”

The Instructor was rattling on, as Tanj’s attention
jerked back;  “… further more, strong muscles contain more
of the capillaries that help fill the clitoris with blood.
Its when the clitoris swells and rises that it becomes more
sensitive and can receive and send signals of pleasure
through your body….”

Tanj looked down at herself, her gaze traveling between
her breasts towards her mons; for a moment she wondered
what a muscular vagina looked like?  Blinking she looked
back up at the instructor, wondering what HERS looked like.
Somehow she had the thought that she was likely to find

“You’ll find that exercising these muscles will make it
easier for you to reach orgasm.  It’ll make your orgasms
stronger and better, as the muscles you’re exercising are
the same as are used during orgasm.  It’ll make your vagina
more sensitive; you’ll feel more.  When squeezing, you’ll
feel your partner MUCH better inside.  It’ll simply
heighten your sexual satisfaction!”  Tanj’s attention
snapped back as the Instructor shifted; “now here’s how
we’ll begin.  Lay on your back on the mat, in the “Frog”
position”….”  For a moment the room was full of the
rustling as all the slaves complied.  The Instructor was
strolling among them again, her quirt flicking out here and
there; “No, you Idiot!  The FROG position!  Knees bent!
Pads of your feet touching each other!”  Tanj shifted,
bringing the pads of her feet face to face, her heels just
inches from her now VERY exposed sex, moving quickly to
mimic the other students, the ones who apparently had known
what the Frog position was….  Trying to follow the
Instructor’s movements, Tanj’s face burned with

“OK, now, I want each of you to insert ONE, and only one
finger into your vagina.  I don’t care if you use the left
or right hand, and I don’t care which finger you use; you
just have to have something in there to squeeze against…..”
Tanj’s face blushed even hotter and she raised her head
to look down her body; there, leaning against the wall, was
a guard, looking RIGHT at her.  Reluctantly, she moved one
paw down over her stomach, across her mons, until the heel
of her paw rested on her mound.  Grunting, she worked her
middle finger into her snatch, surprised to find out it
wasn’t as dry as she thought it would be…….

“All right; now, imagine the two interior walls of your
vagina, the front and the rear.  Try to bring them together
as if you were trying to stop a jet of urine.  Keep your
stomach muscles relaxed.  You might find it advantageous to
put your other paw there, to feel how tense you are.  Don’t
press your buttocks together, not even if you feel the
muscles in your bottom straining…..  Now lets hold that for
a count of six; One one thousand, Two two thousand…..

Tanj’s gaze flicked upwards to the guard.  He was still
watching her.  Grunting, she tried to squeeze as hard as
she could, surprised at how weakly her sex gripped her
finger.  As the instructor reached six six thousand,
Tanj relaxed, letting her head fall back to the mat;
maybe if she pretended the guard wasn’t there……

The Bitch nodded and then grinned; “OK, now do it again.
We’ll do forty reps, rest, and then do another forty.
Ready?  Squeeze!  One one thousand… Two two thousand….”
Tanj closed her eyes, and tried hard to squeeze, feeling
herself move around her finger.  Concentrating she tried to
make the right muscles do what she wanted…..  As she
squeezed, she wondered what kind of an exam THIS class was
going to have?

The Instructor walked amongst the students, talking  as
they “exercised”….  “You’ll find that if your Master or
Mistress ever wants to breed you, this will make childbirth
much easier, and your muscles will regain strength much
faster after the birth.”  As she struggled to control
herself, Tanj frowned; “Childbirth?  They can DO that to
me?  They can make me……?  The HELL they will!”  Evidently,
the look on her face betrayed her emotions, as the sudden
sting of a lash across her left thigh suddenly snapped her
back.  Her eyes flying open wide, Tanj stared up into
the grinning face of one of the guards.  He nodded as if
knowing just what was on her mind, as if to say “yes, they
CAN do that with your body, if they so choose.”  Tanj
just groaned, and turned her mind back to what she was
supposed to be doing.  But deep down inside, a part of her
still rebelled at the thought.

“But most of all, for your Master, your efforts in this
area will make a tremendous difference.  You’ll be tighter,
and you’ll be able to pull and squeeze his cock.  And that
will make you all the more valuable to him.”  Tanj
panted softly, thinking “ah, now there’s the REAL reason
they’re doing this.  One more “talent” to charge for!  If
we’re more valuable to our Masters, then we’ll command a
higher selling price for the academy!”  Grunting softly,
clenching down yet again, Tanj wondered if it would be a
better strategy to skimp on these exercises, or to try and
excel at them?  A poor result would lead to her commanding
a lower price, and hence a more menial position upon
graduation.  Would her chances for escape be better from a
brothel, or a bar, than from a mansion, or some large
corporation?  At the moment she couldn’t decide…. As she
wondered, her mind weighing the alternatives, the Bitch
called a halt to the exercises, commanding them all to
rise, to form a coffle….

Tanj lounged in the steaming hot water of the baths.
Her muscles were sore, unused to the harsh regimen imposed
upon them that day.  As she slowly ran her paws over her
fur, under the water, trying to get all the soap out of her
fur, she looked through the steam at the other girls in the
tub.  Marla was there, up to her chin in the water, a funny
look on her face.  Moving carefully across the tub, Tanj
moved up against her left side, intending to ask her what
she thought of their Kegel exercises…..  The She-Wolf’s
eyes opened to a slit and she smiled; suddenly Tanj’s
right paw was caught, under the water, as the She-Wolf
moved, directing her paw to Marla’s crotch.  “Tanj,
stick your finger in there and tell me if you think I can
clench down tight enough?”  Tanj felt her index finger
slip between the Wolf’s labia, and then felt the velvet
walls of her pussy contract around her finger.  “Ummmmm,
yeah, Marla, I think you can do that real well; you can get
a lot tighter than I can……”  Tanj almost levitated out
of the water as the Wolf’s paw found her own crotch, to
slide a finger into her pussy.  “Show me, Tanj; how
tight can YOU get?”  Tanj bit her lower lip and
concentrated, clenching down.  Marla grinned; “I dunno, I
think you’re pretty good yourself…..”

Kayla  the otter drifted a little closer, moving in from
the other side of the she-Wolf.  “My sisters and I used to
play a game with each other.  We’d take one of those
disposable bottles of douche, insert the neck (still full
of fluid, of course) into our pussies and then see who
could hold it up the longest, using only those muscles.  It
took me four months of practice before I could beat my
older sister!  Here, feel for yourself…..”  Tanj
suddenly found her other paw captured, tugged across the
She-Wolf’s body, one finger enveloped by the Otter’s pussy.
The Cheetah’s eyes widened as Kayla grinned, clenching down
with amazing force; “Ooooooo, Marla, you have GOT to feel

Tanj lay on the straw in the slave kennels.  Her legs
were in the frog position, one finger within her pussy, as
she clenched down, practicing.  She couldn’t believe that
Kayla, of all people, was so practiced at this!  It seemed
like almost anything related to the Academy, and by
extension, to sex turned the otter off….. and here she and
her sisters had been playing the most naughty of games……
And Marla seemed to think it was SO neat!  Feeling like she
was being left behind, the Cheetah clenched down, and
slowly counted to six…..

Hearing a rustling, Tanj’s eyes flew open, her head
turning; there, on the other side of the bars was a guard,
a gray Wolf, standing there, watching.  Her face burning in
shame, Tanj rolled over onto her belly, turning away
from him.  The guard just chuckled and strolled on…….

Tanj panted as she walked on the treadmill; the exercise
course was steadying down to a set routine.  Each day the
students were demanded to go a little bit further, and as
much as she hated to admit it, she knew her muscles were
firming up, her endurance building.  She’d started walking,
and had then moved up to a trot, and then to a run, and
then back down to a trot; now she was in the “cool down”
phase, her chest heaving…. As she walked, her legs still
moving faster than she’d like, she wondered if the Academy
really did have the treadmills and the stationary bicycles
hooked into generators…..

As they were ushered into the next room, Tanj sat where
she was told.  Some of the……  “humiliation” of the Kegel
exercise class was beginning to wear off, and in a strange
fashion, she found herself almost looking forward to it… at
least as much as she looked forward to ANYTHING in this
God-forsaken place.  The Instructor, still nude except for
her belt supporting the quirt and the card-key, padded
through them, to stand, paws behind her back, chest thrust
out, to growl; “All right, class; you know the basic drill…
I want you to lay back, and start your exercises.  I’ll let
you count to yourselves.  As you work, I want to review the
basic anatomy, to make sure you know as much as possible
about what you’re doing……”

Tanj lay back, squirming a little to get comfortable;
the heel of her right paw rested on her mons as she worked
her index finger into her pussy; her left paw rested on her
stomach.  Clenching down, she started a slow count as the
Rotweiler bitch started to lecture…..

“The part of your body including your hip bones is the
Pelvic area.  At the bottom of the Pelvis, several layers
of muscle stretch between your legs.  This is the "Pelvic
Floor.”  The muscles attach to the front, back and sides of
the Pelvic bone.  Two pelvic muscles do most of the work.
The biggest one stretches like a hammock.  The other is
shaped like a triangle.  The Bulbospongiosus, or
constrictor cunni muscles compress the vestibular bulb and
constricts the vaginal orifice.  The combination of
Puborectalis, Pubococcygeus, Pubovaginalis and
Iliococcygenus is called the Levator ani and they all work
to elevate the pelvic floor.  The Pubovaginalis draws the
vagina forward and superiorly.  The Sphincter Urethrae
compresses the urethra and the vagina….”

Tanj grunted, trying to clench as tightly on the twelfth
rep as she had on the first, thinking to herself  “now
there’s more information than I need; why should I care
what the names of the muscles are?  All I need to do is to
be able to control ‘em!”  The Rotweiler strolled among the
students, watching, continuing her monolog; “As you can
see, there are plenty of muscle groups down there; when you
become talented at controlling each one, you’ll be
surprised at what you can do……  Now, as you’ve been working
the past couple of days, I’m sure you’ve all realized that
as you do this, you become sexually aroused.  Some of you
have been found “practicing” on your own, in the baths or
the kennels.  That’s fine.  No punishments for touching
WANTS you to develop these muscles.  Therefor, it will be
one of the FEW ways in which you can masturbate, or become
aroused by yourself!  However, I must warn you,
masturbation is only a COMPLIMENT to the Kegel exercises,
NOT a substitute!  You MUST use your muscles a lot during
masturbation if there’s to be any gain!  IF we think you’re
using it as an excuse, there WILL be punishments!  Now,
here’s how to get more enjoyment out of doing your

Tanj listened in amazement as the Bitch told them just
how to combine pleasure with the exercises.  Shaking her
head she thought to herself; “They must REALLY want us to
learn this, if they’re willing to go THAT far……”  And then
she giggled to herself, thinking of Marla, thinking the
Wolf fem was going to stroke herself to oblivion, given
this as an excuse….

Tanj’s attention snapped back as the Rotweiler bitch
growled; “OK, I want you to shift your pattern now; as you
contract, as you hold it, between the fifth and sixth
seconds, I want you to add three fast contractions,
squeezing even harder….”  Tanj closed her eyes,
clenching down as the Instructor started counting,
listening, and as she reached Five, Tanj tried to pulse
her vaginal muscles three times fast.  Distressed at her
lack of control, she never even heard the Instructor count
“Six”…  The slap across one thigh brought her back, her
eyes flying open wide; the Rotweiler was staring right down
into her face; “not working like you want it to?”  Timidly,
trouble shook her head from side to side.  The Rotweiler
just nodded; “Keep trying; it’ll come.”  Straightening the
bitch looked around the room; “OK, lets do it AGAIN!  ONE
one thousand, and SQUEEZE…. Two two thousand…. Hold it

Tanj’s mind seemed to be centered on her pussy, aware of
herself like she’d never been before; as the Instructor’s
words echoed distantly, she concentrated, squeezing, using
her finger to measure what muscles did what, seeking with
increasing frustration, a way of controlling her own body.
As she worked, she was aware of how hot this was all making
her, of how her pussy was literally dripping.  Stealing a
quick moment, she twisted her paw a little, her thumb
stroking across her hard clitty, smearing her juices…..
For a moment she thought she was going to climax, but
somehow she fought it down, not wanting to do THAT in front
of the guards, in front of the instructor, or the other
slaves…….  As she worked, some part of her mind turned away
in disgust at the feelings she was experiencing, at the
things she was doing…..

As she strolled among the students, the Instructor growled;
“Begin the contraction movement from your anus, where the
“kegel-muscles” begin. Then contract forward, upward.
Presumably it will feel harder to contract the higher-up
muscles in your vagina; however, these muscles should be
developed, as they’ll be more favorable in stimulating the
G-spot.  Don’t neglect them!  If you have to, put one hand
on your stomach to make sure its relaxed.  Breathe out
while you squeeze!

Tanj’s concentration was broken when one of the slaves
let out an audible moan; glancing over to her left she
watched in amazement as the Ferret’s body shuddered and
arched; she’d obviously stroked herself to a climax, an
event normally QUITE forbidden in the Academy…..  The
Academy WANTED its students to be a little sexually
frustrated, a little eager for a good climax, and self-
abuse was generally quite forbidden…. But in this case the
guards just smiled and the Instructor nodded almost in
agreement with the Ferret’s actions.  Scarcely missing a
beat the Rotweiler Bitch continued on with her count,
continuing the exercises….

After what seems to Tanj like hours, but what was
actually more like half way through the exercise period,
the Instructor growled; “we’re going to change the pattern
again.  Tighten a little, count to five; tighten a little
more, count to five, tighten as hard as possible, count to
five; relax a little, count to five, relax a little more,
count to five, and then relax completely.  Got that?  OK,
Start!  One one thousand, Two two thousand, …”

As she tried to modulate the response of her muscles,
Tanj realized that her nose was full of the scents of
aroused females.  “I know I’m Dripping” she growled to
herself; “But I guess I’m not the only one.”  Glancing to
one side and then the other, she wondered if any of the
other slaves felt as embarrassed as she felt?  Closing her
eyes, concentrating on what she was doing and the
sensations her exercises brought, she decided it was hard
to say.  Some might be, but others were obviously,
wantonly, enjoying themselves…...

Finally the Instructor gave them leave to stop, and to sit
up.  Grinning at them, the Bitch informed them that at the
end of the week, and at the end of every week until the end
of their stay at the academy, their progress would be
evaluated.  Those not moving along as desired would be
punished.  Grinning wider, she growled; “Those that meet,
or exceed their goals will find that such an accomplishment
is its own reward.  You’ll see what I mean….”  Strolling
over to one of the slaves, a rather petite bunny, she
looked down and growled; “stick your finger into my cunt,
and I’ll show you what well developed muscles are…. With a
somewhat bewildered look on her face the Bunny tentatively
stretched out one paw, her index finger held out….  The
Rotweiler grinned wider and grabbed the slave’s paw,
jerking it towards her, roughly stuffing the proffered
finger into her sex.  Releasing the Bunny’s wrist, the
Rotweiler’s face contorted as she stressed her muscles,
obviously straining.  “Now try and pull it out”…  The
bunny’s eyes widened in surprise as she tugged downwards,
timidly at first and then almost desperately; it was
obvious that try as she might she COULDN’T pull her finger
out!  Finally, after what seemed like several minutes, the
Rotweiler relented and the bunny was able to pull her
finger out…. Looking rather relieved.

Tanj’s eyes opened at the sound of quiet giggling.  She
was resting in the baths, letting her body soak in the heat
from the steaming water, letting her muscles relax.
Peering through the steam she saw Marla and Kayla huddled
together.  Rising, drifting across the tub, she looked from
face to face; “what’s going on?”  Kayla’s eyes flashed to
check the position of the guard and then she whispered;
“we’re seeing who’s tighter.  I still think I’m tighter
than the Wolf here, but Marla says she’s just as tight.”
Marla giggled; “Hey, you’re an “independent observer”…. YOU
tell us who’s tighter!”  Tanj was about to object, to
demurr, when furry paws caught her arms, dragging her
closer.  Marla pressed Tanj’s left paw to her crotch,
while the Otter took possession of her right paw.
Suddenly, Tanj found her index fingers gripped by both
girl’s sexes!  Tanj looked from face to face, and then
shrugged; “I have to agree with Marla; you’re both about
the same…..”  Kayla made a face and relaxed, moving back
against the wall of the tub a little… and then a smile lit
her face; “and how are YOU coming with your exercises,
Tanj?  How tight are YOU?”  Before Tanj could move,
Marla had moved closer, roughly driving a finger into the
Cheetah’s sex as she purrred; “Squeeze for me, Tanj;
show me how tight YOU are!”  Tanj looked at the Wolf in
shock and amazement for a moment, but then shrugged and
concentrated, tensing her muscles, gripping the Wolf’s
finger.  Marla’s eyes went open wide and she gasped;
“Tanj Dear, you’re TIGHT!”  Tanj chuckled and sighed;
“Yeah, but I can’t hold it for long.  No endurance…….”
Marla nodded slowly; “Now that you’re going to have to work
on, especially if what I think is coming actually comes….”
Tanj opened her mouth to ask what THAT might be, but a
stern look from a guard forced her back against the side of
the tub, her mouth closing, her question unspoken…..

Tanj stood on the exercise mat, her arms crossed in
front of her chest as she pressed the space between thumb
and forefinger against the insides of her upper arms,
tensing her muscles.  The Exercise was supposed to be good
for the muscles that supported her breasts, and while she
didn’t really object to strengthening them, or to this
particular exercise, what she did object to was the way
that one guard, the Stoat, watched how her chest moved as
she exercised…. watched SO intently…. He was staring right
AT her!  Blushing, she found herself staring back, unable
to find anywhere else to look……  The subsequent  push-ups
were  almost a relief, and as she grunted, Tanj noted
the Stoat moving around the wall, to fasten his gaze on
another girl’s ass, with equal intensity……

The Rotweiler was in the Kegel exercise room when Tanj
was let in, with the other slaves; she’d barely taken her
place when the Bitch growled; “today we try a few more
variants.  I want you to all remain standing this time.  As
you squeeze, I want you to rise to tiptoes.  Now, as soon
as you’re ready, I want you to contract your muscles for
three seconds, and then relax for three; repeat that ten
times.  We start… now!  Squeeze!…. One one thousand, Two
two thousand….

Tanj had barely had time to work one finger into her sex
before the Instructor started her count; to her surprise
she found herself already wet… could she really be
anticipating the class that much?  Putting that thought
aside, she grinned to herself and worked her muscles hard,
thinking that she wasn’t about to let Marla, or Kayla get
the better of her in this……

“All right, now I want you to squeeze and release as
rapidly as possible for a count of 25.  Ready?  Start!
One, one thousand, Two, two thousand….”  Tanj listened
to the count as she tried to flutter her muscles, feeling
the response on her finger; grumbling to herself she fought
for control of her muscles, trying to make them squeeze
faster and faster, oblivious to her surroundings…..

“All right, Class; now we’re going to do something a little
more difficult.  I want you to try and imagine you’re
trying to draw your finger INTO your vagina, and to hold it
for three seconds.  We’ll repeat this three times.  Ready?
Start!”  Tanj blinked and thought to herself “Draw it
INTO my pussy?  HOW?  In confusion, she tried tensing from
the bottom up.  As the Rotweiler counted, Tanj wondered
if she was actually accomplishing anything… was such a
degree of control of her muscles possible?

“Now, Class, we’re going  to do just the opposite.  Imagine
you’re trying to eject something from your vagina, holding
that feeling for three seconds.  Lets see if you can force
those fingers out of your pussies!  Ready?  Start!”
Tanj smiled to herself; this seemed a little easier, and
sure enough, as she concentrated, it seemed as if her sex
was trying to expel her finger.  Grunting with effort, she
worked her muscles, trying to improve her control…..

Tanj lay on her side, facing the concrete wall of her
kennel, feigning sleep.  One arm, hopefully hidden from
view, was pressed hard down the front of her body, her
middle finger buried in her twat.  Hoping the guards
wouldn’t know what she was doing, Tanj struggled to
control her muscles.  The Instructor had said that she
should be able to pull something into her pussy, but she
just couldn’t seem to figure out HOW.  Squeezing yet again,
she tried to figure it all out…..

The Guard watched the Cheetah’s tail twitch and jerk, and
smiled; he knew she wasn’t asleep, and he thought he knew
what she was up to….. and if it was that class this group
started a few days ago, well, he didn’t need to interfere.
The Academy wanted them practiced at that, and therefor
he’d let her work at it… unless of course she got too

Tanj shuddered, and snuck a quick stroke, her thumb
rubbing over her clitty…… as much as she hated to admit it,
this “work” was thrilling, in a way……. And she was getting
to the point where the exercises were becoming more than
just work… she’d always taken pride in her abilities…. But
this?  Was this something she could take pride in?  Kayla,
the otherwise shy and repressed Otter seemed to delight in
her abilities in this area.  Marla?  Tanj snorted;
couldn’t judge by HER…..  Even if she DID master this, dare
she Ever tell ANYONE about it?  Still, she thought, there
would be times when SOMEONE else would know…..  Loosing her
train of thought as her thumb stroked back and forth, her
breathing quickened, and her body shuddered as her climax
blossomed.  As she struggled to hold her body still, to
keep from crying out, she felt her pussy spasm and contract
around her finger, tugging at her, and suddenly she knew

The guard watched the cheetah roll onto her back, legs
splayed.  As he’d thought, she was diddling herself, and
from the look on her face, she’d just climaxed…. But she
didn’t seem to be stopping there……  Moving quietly, the
guard stalked forward…..

Tanj grinned widely, clenching her muscles again,
feeling her pussy suck at her finger; it was a most
marvelous sensation; the pressures were weak, but definite,
and Tanj was certain that with practice she’d become
stronger……  chuckling to herself she contracted her
muscles, feeling the velvet walls of her pussy tug lightly
at her finger one more time.  Forgetting herself, the
Cheetah let out a quiet “YESSSSS!”

The soft chuckle brought Tanj’s eyes open WIDE.  The
guard was RIGHT THERE, standing over her, inches away,
separated only by the bars of her kennel!  “you seem
pleased with yourself, little slave; tell me what it is
that pleases you so in the middle of the night.”  Tanj
blinked, and opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came
out….  The guard chuckled; “don’t worry, I’m not going to
punish you; this group’s got special dispensation, for a
while at least…..”  Tanj nodded; “Um…. Ah, well,
m..master, I just, um, well, figured out how to do
something……”  The guard nodded, and reached through the
bars, to softly extract her paw from her crotch, replacing
her finger with his own; “show me” he purrrred.

Tanj looked at the Ocelot, and swallowed hard, still not
yet used to the indignity of having some stranger do that
to her…..  For a moment she considered showing him how she
could push his finger from her sex, but after a moment,
thought the better of it…  “Maybe I SHOULD take pride in
this” flashed through her mind…. “lets find out” came the
following thought.  Closing her eyes, she concentrated and
squeezed, doing her best to suck his finger into her
pussy…..  The guard smiled, as he felt her contractions;
“Yes, I see.  I’m told that’s not easy to do.  Not all the
girls that pass through here ever learn how to do it right.
But I think you need practice…. Do it again.”  Tanj
concentrated and clenched down again, trying hard to do it
right….  “Yes, better” The guard purrred.  Tanj let out
a small moan as the guard’s finger stroked over her clitty;
“see, you do good work, you get rewarded; now lets feel it

Tanj panted, sweating hard; every time she worked her
muscles around the guard’s finger correctly, he stroked her
clitty…. And after an untold time practicing, he’d worked
her into a lather, her pussy clenching around his finger
almost frantically, milking him as she teetered on the edge
of her release……

The guard smiled and pulled his finger out suddenly.
Tanj’s eyes flew open, and she stifled a wail of
protest, but then she saw what the guard was doing.
Watching, her chest heaving, Tanj gazed on as the Ocelot
removed his loincloth, revealing a raging erection.  “get
on hands and knees, put your legs through the bars, and
back up against me; right now, I think you want this as
much as I do…. Besides, its time you practiced your art on
a real cock…….

Conflicting emotions raged through Tanj’s mind for a
split second, and then she realized she DID want him…. And
she did want to see what she could do with more than just a
finger….  Doing as he bade her, she shifted, backing up
against the bars, her pussy framed by two steel rods
pressing into the globes of her ass……  The feel of the
Ocelot’s cock pushing into her was both humiliating and
heavenly……  she felt his paws on her hips, reaching through
the bars, and then she heard him whisper; “show me what you
can do, little slave….”

Tanj groaned and worked her muscles as she’d never
worked them before; she squeezed him, pulled at him, pushed
at him, fluttering her vaginal muscles around him, until
she thought she’d drop from exhaustion… and as  she worked
she became hotter, wetter, more aroused…….  The motions,
the feelings were incredible, but nowhere near enough to
get her off by themselves…. Not yet, anyways….  She’d just
about resolved to move one paw beneath her, to stroke her
own quim, when she felt the guard start to move………

With her ass pressed hard against the bars, Tanj savored
the feeling of the guard fucking her, taking her, using
her….. whether it was the novelty, or the long teasing, it
seemed like only instants before her climax exploded behind
her eyeballs, galvanizing her body… somewhere in the haze
of her climax, she felt him cum within her, and she
squeezed down HARD!

The guard grunted and with both paws on her rump, pulled
back, until his cock fell from the Cheetah’s snatch.
“That, missy, was VERY good.  When you get done with your
training, I bet you’ll be really something.  But you’ve got
a long way to go.  Get some sleep.  Classes start in a
little over two hours.”

Tanj lay on the straw, her chest still heaving, smiling.
“Really something, eh?  Hmmmmmmm, yes…..”

“Today, Class, we’ll exercise in different positions.
Remember, today is the first of the weekly exams.  Now,
everyone in the Missionary position!  We’ll start with the
rapid contractions…. Ready?  Begin!”

Tanj shifted one more time.  They’d gone through the
whole exercise routine on their backs, legs widespread, and
then on hands and knees, and then on their backs again with
their knees against their chests, and then with just their
shoulders and the soles of their feet touching the mats,
with their hips thrust high in the air…  It was while
Tanj was in this position that the Instructor stopped
between her legs, pulling her paw away from her crotch and
shoving one of her own fingers into the Cheetah’s dripping
snatch.  Tanj followed the exercise routine as she
directed, clenching her vaginal muscles as tight as she
could, for as long as she could.  Finally the Bitch jerked
her finger out, and looked down at Tanj; “good muscle
tone, but you’re having a problem holding it.  You do much
better on the rapid contractions, but have difficulty
maintaining the pressure.  Still, I suppose you pass, for
this week.  Best keep practicing, though….”  Turning, the
Rotweiler strode to the next girl; “OK, everyone into the
“riding” position; on your knees, knees spread wide, torso
vertical, back straight!  As you squeeze, I want you to
raise and lower yourself as if you were riding a nice hard
cock!  Ready?  Begin!”

Tanj squatted, feet well spaced, as she struggled to
hold her contraction; the Instructor had them doing squats
as they exercised their vaginal muscles, and Tanj was
panting from the exertion.  Somehow she had to work on her
endurance…. Three of the girls had flunked their first
exam, and Tanj could only wonder what would happen to
them.  Whatever it was, she was sure she didn’t want it to
happen to her…….

Marla shook her head; “I hear they got downgraded, shifted
to the Academy’s “short course.”  Kayla lay in the water,
only the tip of her muzzle and the tips of her ears above
the steaming water; “Yeah; they’ll be sold for a lot less
than we will, and probably wind up in some cut-rate brothel
somewhere… or sold to a mining camp, where they’ll be
expected to work all day and fuck all night…..”  Tanj
just shook her head and shivered, despite the hot water; “I
don’t know what the future holds for us, but I suppose
commanding a better price is better than getting sold
cheap…. I mean, they’ll be less likely to mistreat someone
they paid a lot of money for, won’t they?  Kayla and Marla
just shot each other questioning looks, and finally Marla
mumbled; “I hope so, Tanj, I hope so…..”

Still panting from her more normal exercises, Tanj
followed the other slaves into the Kegel exercise room.
Taking her accustomed position, the Cheetah smiled; there,
where she normally knelt, was a simple polished wooden
dildo laying on the exercise mat.  As she knelt, eyes fixed
on the phallus, the Rotweiler strode into the room; “This
week, we’ll be getting more into aids to your Kegel
exercises.  As you probably have guessed, there are muscles
further up your vagina, beyond where most fingers can
reach.  Today we’ll start working on them, and we’ve given
you something a little longer to “work against”.  OK,
everyone in the Frog position, lets get those dildoes
stuffed up where they belong!”  Tanj was grinning, when
the guard, also grinning, gave her a light slap with his
quirt; they BOTH knew she was taking a little too long
working that dildo into her sex……

“Did you SEE her?”  Marla’s whisper was loud enough to make
two guard’s heads turn, one of them taking three steps
towards the wolf, before she sank under the waters of the
bath in embarrassment.  When she finally surfaced, the
guard was still there; the whip catching her across her
shoulders.  “NO TALKING” the guard growled, and after a
moment, glowering at the other fems in the tub, he stalked
off.  Marla hunched over in the water, eyes downcast, until
she was sure he was gone.  Straightening, she looked
around, carefully scanning the horizon.  Tanj smiled,
thinking of ancient submarines and periscopes as the Wolf
fem turned.  “Yes,” whispered Kayla, much more quietly; “I
SAW!  I couldn’t BELIEVE what she could do!”  Tanj
nodded in agreement.  The Rotweiler bitch had been chewing
out one of the slaves for an inadequate performance.  In
order to demonstrate what they SHOULD be able to do, the
bitch had snatched the dildo from the errant slave, pushed
it into her own pussy, and then standing spread-legged, had
proceeded to work the dong in and out of her sex, without
using either hand….  Tanj had stared in amazement as the
dildo slid in and out of the instructor’s sex, as if a
phantom hand were moving it.  Turning slowly, the Rotweiler
glowered at the class; “When you can fuck yourself to a
climax like this, THEN I might consider you as well
trained; but until then, GET BACK TO WORK!”  Tanj had
grunted as she clenched her muscles around the wooden
invader, watching as the Rotweiler did just that, the dong
moving in and out of her muscular snatch until she
shuddered through a short, sharp climax.  Pulling the dong
from her snatch, she thrust it into the paws of the slave
she’d been chastising, and then had turned and stalked
away.  Looking up, Tanj raised an eyebrow at the Wolf
fem; “so how long before YOU can pull that trick?”  Marla
just sighed and shrugged.  Kayla for her part just groaned
and sank beneath the water.

This time, when the slaves entered the exercise room, hot
and sweaty from their exertions, there was something
different on the mat at each of their positions.  It was a
shiny brass color, a warm red-gold….   It looked like two
cones, with rounded bases, pointing at each other, their
points joined by about four inches of rod.  The cones were
of different sizes, one having a base only about three
centimeters in diameter, the other larger, having a
diameter of about five centimeters.  The rod connecting the
points of the cones looked to be no more than a centimeter
in diameter……  Tanj knelt in her usual position,
thinking to herself; “Given this class, I have no DOUBT
where this thing goes… but what’s it for?  The Instructor
entered, nude as usual, save for her belt and whip, and
strode to the front of the class; holding up a similar
dumbbell shape, this one a little larger, and chromed, she
grinned at the class; “today we start weight training. Pick
up your Kegel training dumbbell, and insert it into your
pussies.  Large end first.”  So saying, she squatted a
little, presenting the larger end of her own dumbbell
against her pussy, pushing until it forced its way between
her labia, and into her vagina. With a grin, she removed
her paw, leaving the rod connecting the cones protruding
from her labia, the smaller end of the dumbbell hanging
between her legs.  “OK, Slaves, lets see how long you can
hold it there with no hands.  EVERYONE; paws behind your
necks!  First one to drop feels my lash!”

Tanj stood, legs splayed, paws behind her neck, body
trembling…. She’d been holding this thing within her for so
long her muscles were cramping.  And yet no one else had
lost theirs yet.  The Instructor had taken a position by
the front of the class, her quirt in her right hand…. And
the dumbbell between her legs was amazingly, slowly rising
and falling.  She looked as if she were holding herself on
the edge of her climax, modulating her motions, neither too
fast or too slow…..  Tanj watched, marveling, wishing
she could be so “in control”… of her muscles, her life, of

The instructor strolled among the struggling students.  As
she moved, she growled: "I can easily isolate the deeper
muscles from the PC muscles. I would say there are
definitely two different sets of muscles. There are three
points I can control, the lower pelvic, vaginal opening,
the deeper vaginal muscles and a point in between that I
can ripple down or up from the specified sets. And it's
definitely no rumor that some women can force a man to come
by just using the vagina, rippling their vaginal muscles
without moving their hips or body. I've done it.  And soon,
so will you."

The thump was followed by a soft moan.  Barely daring to
move, for fear of loosing her own dumbbell, Tanj twisted
her head carefully, to see a petite mouse panting hard,
bent over, paws on thighs.  Between her feet, her dumbbell,
glistening with her juices, lay on the mat.  Next to her, a
Siamese cat looked on, her face a mixture of continued
concentration, strain, and relief.  The Instructor strode
through the class, to bend, to pick up the dumbbell.
Handing it back to the Mouse, she growled; “You stay after
class.  Now put it back where it goes, and resume!”

Tanj’s knees were shaking; she was convinced they’d been
there for hours, the class, this exercise seeming to
stretch into eternity.  Finally she thought she could hold
it no more, and with a gasp, despite her best efforts, her
brain shouting at her muscles to obey, she felt the thing
slipping!  Finding some last reserve, her body shuddering,
she found whatever it took to stop its motion…. Then, as
her eyes went wide, she felt the dumbbell inch back into
her pussy.  It was just a small motion, certainly no more
than a millimeter or so, but the feeling was definite.
Trying not to congratulate herself yet, Tanj was
distracted by a thud to her left rear, and then almost
immediately, another thud to her right front.  As her head
twisted, first to look behind her, and then in front of
her, she gasped as the twin distraction caused her to loose
what control she’d regained, her own dumbbell slipping out
to smack the exercise mat with what sounded like a
horrendous SMACK!  The Rotweiler gestured to the Tigress
behind her, and the Bunny in front of her, growling; “you
two, stay after class too…..”  And then her attention
turned to Tanj.  “You!  Cheetah!  I saw what you did!
You let yourself get distracted!  Lucky for you I only
punish the first three to let ‘em drop!  Stuff it back
where it goes, and HOLD it!”

Biting her lower lip, Tanj struggled to hold the weight.
She’d lost it three times so far.  Marla had lost it twice,
and to her amazement, Kayla had yet to loose hers once.
She was tied with a Palomino Mare; both had turned to face
each other, grinning at each other as if daring the other
to loose it first.  And of course the Instructor was still
walking around, carrying hers as if it was nothing……
Shaking her head, the Cheetah wondered how many more years
it would be until the class ended; it seemed as if they’d
been doing it for a decade so far, at least…..

“OK, Class; that’s it, you can relax now.  Everyone kneel.
Tanj panted, and dropped the dumbbell into her paw,
sinking gratefully down to the mat.  As a guard came by,
she deposited the metal monster into the box he carried.
Moments later another guard paused before her, to hand the
surprised Cheetah two metal balls, about four centimeters
in diameter.  One was heavy, and the other light, as if it
were hollow.  Blinking at the balls, Tanj looked up at
the Instructor, who seemed to have a malicious grin on her
face.  When the guard had finished the Bitch grinned;
“That’s right, my little slaves.  Homework.  The heavy ball
goes in first, and then the light ball.  You WILL hold them
in; all the guards throughout the Academy have orders to
whip anyone who looses them.  You may remove them ONLY when
you have to go to the bathroom, or if someone orders you to
have sex.  No exceptions!  Now put ‘em in, stand up, and
form a coffle!  You’re going to be late for your next

Tanj found herself walking a little bowlegged; every
time she moved the heavy, upper ball clinked against the
hollow lighter ball, driving it down against her most
sensitive flesh.  Just walking had brought her to the very
edge of a climax… and then it hit her.  What if they had to
leave them in until the normal exercise period tomorrow!
The thought of running on the treadmill like this made her

The guard looked at the Cheetah as she moaned, and he
grinned.  Were the Ben-wa balls causing her to have a
climax?  Or was the humiliation of the situation causing
her to groan like that?  Either way, he liked the way she
looked; that expression on her face was simply marvelous…..

Sitting down on the step in the baths was shear delight,
and Tanj groaned with relief.  She could relax again,
let her muscles go, let the hard stone of the step hold
those damnable balls in.  Looking through the steam, she
shook her head; Marla was sitting there, swaying from side
to side, front to back, as if to music playing in her head;
she was deliberately making the balls dance within her…..
Tanj sighed and shook her head; the Wolf fem probably
didn’t care if anyone, or everyone saw her in the throes of
a climax.  Thinking back, Tanj remembered how the balls
had driven her to a sharp climax as the coffle had moved
from the beverage preparation and serving course to the
protocols course…  She was sure that all traffic in the
corridor had come to a dead halt to watch as she staggered
through her orgasm.  She’d never been so embarrassed in her
life… or had she?  This place seemed to be one long
embarrassment, one long humiliation after another.  Looking
up she caught Kayla’s face; the Otter just grinned, and
drifted closer to whisper; “did you notice?  I beat that
Mare…..”  Tanj just groaned and sank beneath the water.

Tanj smiled; she was finally getting the hang of it.
For six long weeks they’d been in the Kegel exercise
course, and as per her usual, her grades were mixed; she
seemed to be developing nicely in getting her muscles to do
just what she wanted….  Right now she was standing, knees
bent slightly, paws behind her back, as the dumbbell, a
heavier one than the one she’d started with, moved up and
down within her pussy, seemingly of its own accord.  The
Rotweiler bitch watched, and then nodded approvingly.  “OK,
now turn it over and do that with the small end” the
instructor growled.  Tanj obediently pulled the device
from her pussy, and turning it over, pushed the smaller of
the two cones into herself.  This was more difficult; there
was less to work against…..  and it was difficult to just
hold it within herself, let alone move it.  With a look of
fierce concentration on her face, she struggled to control
rapidly tiring muscles…. For that was her downfall; she
could do almost anything requested of her… for a while.
But she tired easily.  Grunting, she made the dumbbell rise
and fall three times, and then yelped and clenched down
hard to keep it from falling out at the bottom of the
fourth stroke.  The Rotweiler nodded, and then looked up at
the Cheetah’s face; “you’ve been practicing away from the
class?”  Tanj nodded; “Yes, Mistress; all the time!”
The Rotweiler moved a little closer; “and how often have
the Ben-wa balls fallen out, in the last week?”  Tanj
bowed her head; “Six times, Mistress… usually when I’m
suddenly distracted”  The Bitch nodded and turned to a
guard; “Get her a set of…. Um….. chained number sixes.”
Turning back to the Cheetah, the Rotweiler grinned; “we’ll
just have to get you a greater incentive NOT to loose

It wasn’t unusual for the class to be issued Ben-Wa balls
for continued practice, and given the Instructor’s
comments, Tanj wasn’t really surprised when the guards
started passing out sets…..  Not until the guard stopped in
front of her, with a lewd grin on his face.  Tanj’s eyes
almost crossed as he dangled something before her nose; it
was a set of golden Ben-Wa balls, if anything smaller than
the ones she was used to; but they were connected with a
chain… a chain with a clamp on the loose end!  “That’s
right, my pretty; and you can guess where the clamp goes,
too!  Now turn around and bend over…..”

Tanj stood with paws grasping her spread ankles as the
guard inserted first the heavier ball and then the lighter
ball.  It was all she could do to stifle a cry when the
clip closed around her clitty!  “OK, you can straighten up
now” the guard chuckled.  Tentatively, Tanj
straightened, feeling the balls move within her.  These
were MUCH heavier, and she had to clench her muscles to
keep them from falling out.  The heavier weight meant that
they were MUCH more effective in stimulating her, but she
knew it would be a struggle not to loose them.  As if
reading her mind, the guard chuckled again, one paw rubbing
her mons; “The clip is a special one; it isn’t all that
tight now, but when the chain is tugged it gets VERY tight.
It won’t fall off.  And believe me, from what I’ve heard,
you do NOT want to let those balls fall free.  Now come on,
gotta get you into the coffle……”

Tanj lay flat on her stomach in the kennel, her arms
bound behind her back.  She’d earned that punishment by
giving voice to several climaxes during the day as the
heavy balls moved within her.  She’d only lost them once,
and that was enough to teach her that she would go to any
lengths to keep that from happening again!  Panting
lightly, she shivered, even that small motion making the
balls clink together within her.  Trying to ignore the
sensations, she willed herself to sleep, only to fail once
again.  Sighing she pulled her knees under her, and rocked
back and forth, head low to keep the pressure off her now
very sore muscles… “Maybe just one more climax, and I’ll be
tired enough to fall asleep……”

“OK, Class, I think you’re advanced enough now to start
working out against something that can provide REAL
resistance!”  Tanj looked at the metal and plastic
device laying on the exercise mat in front of her and shook
her head; it looked like a cross between a dildo split down
the middle, and a pair of kitchen tongs.  There was a hinge
at the bottom, and just below the head, the shaft was
split, one whole side angled out, showing a number of
stainless steel springs between the halves.  “That’s right,
Slaves!” the Rotweiler chuckled; “Everyone on your back,
Frog position!  Lets pick up the exercisers, compress the
sides, and put it where it belongs!  Tanj complied,
gasping as she slid the thing into her pussy, feeling it
try to separate within her.  Finally she had it all the way
in, to the base.  Panting lightly, she looked around,
seeing some of the students still struggling, trying to
keep the gizmo compressed until it was within them.  “Now
that everyone’s ready” the Rotweiler growled; “I want you
to compress the device!  Squeeze and hold for a count of
ten.  Do twenty reps, rest for a count of thirty, and then
do twenty more!  Lets get going; next week we’ve got a
whole different set of springs for you to work against, and
you’d better be ready for them!  GO!”

Tanj still thought it was humiliating.  She was on her
knees, torso bent to the floor, paws behind her neck, as
the Instructor inserted the instrumented dildo into her
pussy.  They’d gotten way beyond the point where the
Instructor could use a finger to judge their progress.
Hence the dildo; it was filled with a fluid, and as Tanj
squeezed, it reported the pressure in three different areas
along its length to a set of gauges at the end of a hose.
After going through her paces, the Rotweiler pulled the
dong from her snatch and slapped the Cheetah on her rump;
“As always, just good enough to pass.  You’re quite good
initially, but you still fade fast, Slave.  KEEP WORKING!
Tanj just nodded, and as she rose to her kneeling
position, groaning as the Guard held up the chained ben-wa

Tanj was panting hard from the weight machine as the
guards ushered them into the next room.  She knew instantly
that something was up, by the way Marla’s ears perked up,
and her tail lifted…..  There, tied spread-eagled on the
floor, were twenty male slaves……….

The Instructor grinned; “OK, Class, believe it or not, its
Graduation day, and this is your final exam.  It’s a simple
exam.  All you have to do is sit astride the slave before
you, and make him cum.  The problem is, you have to do it
with your vaginal muscles; you can’t move on him.  Anyone
who does will be either sent back for retraining, or down-
graded to domestic help, and auctioned off.  When you’ve
gotten him to cum, squat over his chest and expel the
semen.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, getting him off
in this manner is called “Mula Band Ha.”  This will
additionally demonstrate your control, and also be a
visible indicator that you were successful.  Get to it!”

Tanj looked at the male Rabbit tied in what would
normally be her usual spot.  His legs were just a little
spread, paws stretched out to either side, a little above
his head.  “Ring bolts must have been under the mats all
along” thought Tanj, idly, as she squatted astride him.
Smiling, she reached down to stroke his sheath.  To her
surprise, it took her a while to get him hard, and she
wondered where this group of males had been before this
particular class.  “It’d be just like the Academy to give
us well-drained and exhausted males to work with.”
Shrugging, she mounted his cock, sinking down until its
whole length was buried in her snatch……

The Rabbit was gagged, but Tanj could see the look of
delight on his face as her wetness enveloped him.  He was
moderately well hung, for a Lepine, and Tanj grinned in
return.  As a “warm-up” exercise, she just clenched her
pussy around his shaft, squeezing him, relaxing, and
squeezing him.  It almost seemed like his eyes bulged with
each squeeze, his head coming off the floor, his ears
standing Straight out.  Tanj giggled softly, and put her
paws behind her neck.  It was SUCH a temptation to ride his
cock….. tightening the lower band of PG muscles, and then
squeezing on up to the Kegel muscles, she started milking
his cock, as if trying to draw him further into herself.
The effect on the Rabbit seemed to be galvanic, his body
tensing.  Tanj purrrred and repeated the motion, moving
slowly, sensually, the velvet walls of her pussy
rhythmically squeezing, stroking, milking his cock…..  It
was almost too easy…….  She’d barely begun to work through
her repertoire, when the Rabbit’s body bucked, and she felt
his cock start to spurt!  Milking him hard, eyes closed,
she worked to make sure she’d pulled every drop of cum from
the Bunny.  Rising on her knees, she shifted forward a bit,
and then squeezed, pushing downward, until she felt his cum
drip from her distended pussy.

“HMPHH!”  Tanj twisted her head to see the Rotweiler
standing there, hands on hips, glowering at her; “And they
told me these slaves were well-spent!  Bunnies!  They’ll
cum at the drop of a hat.  OK, Slave, the rules say you
passed, but I still think you got off easy.  But there’s
plenty of time left in the period…….”  Looking up, the
Rotweiler scanned the room, her eyes fastening on one of
the guards; “Albert!  This one’s made her male cum, but I’m
still not sure she’s got what it takes.  Care to give her
your own exam?”  Tanj followed the Rotweiler’s gaze and
suppressed a shudder.  Whatever Albert was, it was a
species she wasn’t familiar with.  Green and scaly, and
quite muscular, he was some sort of reptile…. But not one
of the Dragon variants she was familiar with….  “Sure will,
Ma’am” the reptile hissed, a smile forming on his snout.
The snout was short, broad, and rounded, and as he smiled
Tanj gulped at the number of teeth he seemed to possess.
Motioning her over, the Guard, pulled off his loincloth,
dropped his whip next to it on the floor and then laid down
on his back…….  Tanj’s gaze flicked to the Instructor,
who seemed to have a cold smile on her face as she
watched….. Crouching astride him, as she’d done with the
Bunny, she started to stroke him, working at getting him

It seemed as if she had mounted  a statue.  The creature’s
cock was rock hard, and only the slow rise and fall of his
chest indicated that he was actually alive.  His eyes were
closed, his jaws slightly parted…. Tanj started through
her motions again, seemingly having no effect… Alternating
between milking his cock, her muscles trying to draw him
further into her pussy, and reversing the action, trying to
push him out, she grunted, doing her best to move as fast
as possible, to squeeze as hard as she could.  Watching
from the corner of her eye, she saw slave after slave reach
their goal….. When the bell sounded there were five girls
that hadn’t yet brought their males off yet, and before the
eyes of the whole class, the other guards pulled them off
the bound males, formed them into a small coffle and
hustled them off.

That completed, the Instructor padded back over to Tanj;
“Well, Albert?  Does she meet our high standards?”  The
reptile opened his eyes to slits and gave the Rotweiler an
upside-down nod; “Um, yes Ma’am, I’d say so….. better
control than most.  Almost made me loose it at one point.”
The Rotweiler nodded and then raised an eyebrow; “you want
to let her get you off?  Or would you rather take your
pleasure a different way?”  Suddenly Tanj felt the
creature moving; with surprising power, he rolled suddenly,
trapping her beneath him.  Tanj gasped as she felt him
suddenly come  alive, driving his hips against hers,
fucking her hard!  Panting, she continued to try and ripple
her vaginal muscles around his driving cock.  An instant
later, she could feel him cumming, what seemed like gallons
of cum pouring into her tired pussy.  And then he was
rising, pulling free from her pussy…  Standing, he offered
her a paw, pulling her to her feet.  Looking up at the
Rotweiler, he grinned another of his toothy smiles; “Yes,
I’d say she passed.  Not the best I’ve ever seen,
definitely not as good as you, but better than most.”  The
Rotweiler nodded, almost disappointedly and turned back to
Tanj; “I want you to hold his cum within you.  Don’t let
ANY leak out.  Now go join the coffle!”

Tanj sighed as she sank down into the hot waters of the
bath.  She’d passed.  It was a great relief.  But now that
she’d finished that course, she wondered what would take
its place.  “Time enough for that in the morning” she
thought to herself.  No more Kegel rods, no more dumbbells,
no more Ben-Wa balls with biting little clamps…… Tonight
she could sleep!  Feeling motion in the water the Cheetah
opened her eyes to see Marla’s smiling face; “So tell me,
Tanj; what was it like doing the Alligator?”  Tanj
just grinned; “Alligator?  Is that what he was?”

Stardate 2397.75


Tanj smiled as the bell rang.  The sit-up bench was
particularly cruel in her estimation, especially given the
Academy’s variant.  Like most “torture” devices of its ilk,
it was slanted back at about a thirty degree angle, with
your head at the floor, and your knees the highest point.
Like most, it had soft foam cylinders to go behind your
knees, and soft foam cylinders to press into your shins,
holding your legs in place as you struggled to raise your
body.  Unlike the more standard variants, the Academy
version was not a simple padded board, but a Y.  Tanj’s
knees perhaps were not obscenely spread, physical
limitations being what they were, but they WERE wide enough
spread so that the Instructor monitoring her progress could
“encourage” her to greater levels of performance  by
applying the business end of her quirt to Tanj’s quim.
Tanj was quite sore as she disentangled herself from the
device, and it wasn’t just her stomach muscles that were

As she turned to join the others, to form up into the
coffle, one of the guards intercepted her; “not you,
Spotty.  You go in there.  Seems you’ve been nominated for
an “advanced” class…….  Tanj followed his gaze, her eyes
widening as she realized that he was indicating the double
doors to the Kegel exercise room.  “But… Master, I’ve
Passed that course!  I’ve been keeping up with my
exercises!  I haven’t slacked off, HONEST!”  The guard
swatted her on the can; “DON’T talk back!  I didn’t say you
hadn’t; I said you’d been nominated for the ADVANCED class.
Now get your ass IN there, before I decide to whip you for
your insolence!”

Tanj knelt in the empty room, in her usual place,
waiting.  Did this mean she was no longer in the “erotic
dress” class she’d been attending?  Or were they just
shifting her schedule?  With a sigh, she decided on the
whole, she’d miss that class.  The latex and rubber outfits
were pure hell over fur, but the silks and diaphanous
materials were heaven, even if they DID make her blush.
Hearing the door open behind her, Tanj checked her
posture… Knees spread, back straight, head bowed, wrists on
thighs, palm up….   No, she hadn’t been caught again…….
When the noise faded, the doors closing again, she listened
for a minute and then snuck a look around.  Grinning, Marla
winked back.  Kayla, just beyond the Wolf fem, looked as
disgusted as ever.  “Got to be an act” Tanj thought to
herself; “I KNOW she likes this kinda thing……”

Two other slaves were dropped off, a slim Ferret and a
rather…. “Rubinesque” lady Bear.  A few minutes later, the
Instructor, the same Rotweiler Bitch, strode in.  With a
sigh she looked over her pupils; “This, believe it or not,
is the collection of the most promising students, in this
area, that the Academy has to offer me.  Talk about
scraping the bottom of the barrel!  I’m not going to waste
my breath telling you why you’re here.  The film relates it
MUCH better than I ever could.  Watch, and we’ll discuss it
when its through.  Remember; when we finish this class, you
WILL be able to do everything she does!  Feel free to move
around and examine the holo from whatever angle you choose.
This is an ADVANCED class and certain liberties are

The lights seemed to darken  all of their own, and the
characteristic flicker of a holographic projector starting
up formed on the mat about four feet in front of Tanj.
Holding her position as the others scooted around to see
better, Tanj found herself roughly face to face with a
petite brown Mouse, kneeling as she was.  This one, though,
looked a little older than the typical Academy student… and
a little more worn.  There was something about her
demeanor…..  Her nose still bore its classic “Academy”
ring, but both her nipples and both her labia were pierced
as well.  Bending over to kneel, Tanj peered at her sex,
and then sat back wide-eyed.  There was a ring poking from
between her labia, at the front; either her clit hood, or
her clitty itself had been pierced.  A hand appeared from
off camera, turning to show a stack of metal disks, and
Tanj suddenly recognized the disks as antique gold
coins.  The stack was carefully pushed up into the Mouse’s
quim, absolutely no emotion showing on the Mouse’s face.
At a spoken command, the Mouse began to eject the coins
from her sex, one by one.  Tanj’s eyebrows went up and
she marveled at the control that would let the Mouse loose
the coins singly.  Then, with the coins scattered on the
floor between her knees, the Mouse crouched, and pressing
her crotch to the floor, proceeded to pick up the coins one
by one!  Tanj watched, openmouthed.  Visible through the
ghost-image of the Mouse, Kayla bent, her head near the
floor, her rump high in the air as she watched, shaking her
head in amazement.

Tanj watched in stunned amazement as the disembodied
hand reappeared to reclaim the stack of coins, once again
intact.  It disappeared for a moment and then reappeared to
place three numbered balls, each about five centimeters in
diameter, on the floor in front of the Mouse.  Squatting
again, the Mouse “picked up” the balls in numerical
sequence.  From somewhere off camera, a voice growled
“one!” and after a few moments, the blank look still on the
Mouse’s face, she squatted a little, and the Number 1 ball
dropped to the floor.  Tanj shook her head and muttered;
“that can’t be; gotta be a trick!  That was the FIRST ball
she picked up!”

Tanj winced as the Instructor smacked her on the back of
the head; “Shut UP and watch!  Its NO trick!  You too will
learn how to do that!  The disembodied voice commanded
“Two!” and the Mouse dropped the second of the balls,
somehow managing to maneuver it past the third ball she’d
picked up, within her body.  Finally she was permitted to
discharge the final ball.  The Hologram flickered and faded
as the room lights came up.

The Rotweiler grinned; “you think that’s good?  I can do a
trick she can’t.  Striding to the side of the room, she
picked up a beer mug, a bottle of the local brew, and a
rather thick straw.  Pouring the bottle into the mug, she
stuck the straw into it, and then set the mug on the floor.
Squatting over the mug, she placed the end of the straw
between her own labia.  “Smoking, as you know, is
unhealthy, and the Academy doesn’t permit it.  However, in
some places that antique and disgusting habit still
persists, and I once saw a femme suck smoke into her quim
from something  called a “Cigar”… and then  “exhale” it.
Me, I prefer my beer.”  Concentrating, the Rotweiler moved
her internal muscles, and to Tanj’s amazement, the level
in the mug dropped, millimeter by millimeter, until it was
about half gone.  Standing, shifting so that her legs were
widespread, the Rotweiler grinned; “You, spotty cat.  Get
over here, and open your mouth!

Tanj gulped as fast as she could, as the Rotweiler
discharged the Beer into her mouth.  It tasted of her sex,
but wasn’t as gross as it felt…….  And it had been ages
since she’d tasted beer…..  Smiling, the Rotweiler
commanded Tanj to hand her the half-empty mug, and as
she drank the rest, as per her bidding, Tanj licked her

Tanj was self-conciously licking her muzzle, trying to
get all the droplets of beer and of the Instructor’s juices
off her fur, kneeling back in her original spot on the mat,
as the Rotweiler produced a rather common carton of
chickenfowl eggs.  With a smile, she tucked one of the eggs
into her still dripping sex.  Her body tensing, muscles
obviously working, a soft plop emanated from her sex.
Padding over to the Bear, she used both paws to tug her
jaws apart; “Stick out your tongue.  Further!”  Tensing her
muscles again, the Instructor dribbled the remains of the
now crushed egg into the Bear’s mouth, shell fragments and
all.  Giving the Bear a pat on the head, she chuckled;
“good for your coat.”  Turning back to face the rest of her
students, while the Bear made a face, and a half-hearted
effort to spit out the larger pieces of eggshell, the
Rotweiler grinned; “it takes STRONG muscles to do that.
And in order to accomplish what we’re going to do, you’ll
have to be much stronger than you are now.  Now, who feels
ready to try and pass the egg test?  No one?  All right,
lets start warming up with our standard exercises…..”

Tanj lay with her shoulders flat on the mat, her hips
elevated off the floor.  It was both strangely embarrassing
and exciting at the same time; the Instructor had pushed
three ping-pong balls into her sex, and now she had been
instructed to “shoot” them from her quim!  With the rest of
the class, the instructors AND the guards looking on.
Grunting, Tanj tensed her muscles, one of the balls
popping out weakly to fall on the mat between her spread
feet.  “NO!” the Instructor growled; “you have to CLENCH
the muscles starting towards the top of your vagina and
squeeze DOWN!  Use ALL your muscles, not just the PC
muscles!  Now try it again!”  Concentrating, Tanj
squeezed with all she had.

Tanj grinned at Kayla across the hot steamy water in the
baths; “well, my best shot was only four centimeters short
of your record.  Just you wait until tomorrow; I’ll beat
you yet, Otter!”

Tanj knelt on the mat, the tin cup between her knees.
The “straw” was about a centimeter in diameter and
translucent, its tip held tenuously between her labia.
Grunting, she looked down between her breasts at the liquid
level in the cup, and rippling her muscles, did what she
could to make the level of water in the “straw” rise up its
length.  They’d been promised that if they could suck the
water up to the entrance to their pussies, they’d get a
“reward”… but they ALL had to do it for the reward to be

Cletus settled himself down into the water of the baths, a
silly grin on his face.  Across the steaming water, Chester
watched the guard’s movement and when he thought it was
safe, he moved through the water with a skill born of long
practice.  “What you grinnin’ about?”  Cletus opened his
eyes to regard the male Raccoon.  “Well, it seems we had
another lab on “Technique” today…..”  Chester’s eyes
flicked to where one guard was talking to another, in the
middle distance; “you mean they let you guys get your rocks
off?  LUCKY you!”  The Bobcat just grinned a little wider;
“Oh, it was more than that, Chester ma man!  I think the
whole thing wasn’t OUR lab…. But theirs!  I was paired with
this Cheetah lady, and let me tell you somethin’, she was
HOT.  Right in the middle of our session, she suddenly
closed down on me so tight I couldn’t pull out.  No
kidding!  We were in the missionary position and for
several minutes I couldn’t pull out, or push her away!  And
no, she didn’t have her legs around my waist either!”  The
Bobcat smiled and sank a little lower in the water, his
smile growing wider as he remembered.   “I was trapped in
silky perfection, Chester!  It was like being in a silky
velvet bear trap, and there was no escape!  It was GREAT!
I think she got a real kick out of being able to do that to
me, too, knowing how much it excited me.  You should have
seen her face as I pulled her back across the floor and
then lifted her hips off the floor with nothing but the
grip she had on my cock with that beautiful, talented pussy
of hers!  Talk about an extremely wonderful feeling!  I
didn’t want her to EVER stop crushing me like that!”  From
across the water, in the shadows, the basso rumble of Barry
drawled; “Ah’ve heard of laydees that could hurt a furr lak
that….”  Cletus just grinned, and as the guard headed back
that way, scowling at the whispers, he mumbled; “No, it
wasn’t painful, but the intense pressure only excited me
that much more.”  And then he sank below the water, and out
of sight.

Tanj looked at the simple wooden egg sitting on the mat
before her.  Compared to some of the “aids” they’d
practiced with, this one looked rather benign.  The
Rotweiler grinned, and picked up her own egg, squatting a
little to slip it into her pussy.  “OK, Slaves, there are a
number of exercises we’ll be performing today with the
eggs.  I hope you like them, as they’ll be your constant
friends until you graduate from this class.  Put ‘em in,
and stand in the “horse” stance.  Now contract the lower
muscles….. now the second set……  now squeeze with the top
set.  I want you to practice moving the eggs up and down
within yourself.  Do that for the next fifteen minutes.
Then we’ll see about what else you might be able to do with

Frowning, Tanj concentrated.  She was to contract the
upper and lower bands of muscles and then use the middle
band to make the egg move left, and then right?  How would
she even know if she’d succeeded?  Tensing, she imagined
the egg shifting to the left……

“Its fairly simple, Slaves.  When you’ve figured out how to
move it left and right, with each set of muscles, you
merely have to move left with one set and right with the
other set, and the egg will turn over within your vaginas.”
With a flourish, the Rotweiler pushed her egg into her
pussy, pointy end first, and then after a moment, she
dropped it into her waiting palm, pointy end first!
Tanj closed her eyes and shook her head in amazement.
She’d accidentally done that with her egg twice now,
feeling it stretch her as it swapped end for end, but she
still had no idea just what she’d done to accomplish it.
With a sigh, she squatted a little, closing her eyes to
concentrate once again……

Tanj stood, her arms bound behind her back, a gag
filling her mouth.  Her leash was tied to a stanchion on
the wall, preventing her from moving more than a few feet
in any direction.  And there on the floor, by the
baseboard, was a key.  It was just a small key, handcuff
size, but more complex.  It was a weathered brass, like
it’d been in service for a long time.  And it was just
laying there.  It LOOKED as if it had just fallen there….
Alone for the moment, in the corridor, awaiting the guard
that would take her to her next class, Tanj stared at
the key.  What was it for?  What lock did it fit?  Had it
been carelessly dropped there, or had it been placed there,
temptation for a slave?  It wouldn’t be hard to pick it up
between her toes, but they’d pulled mittens over her paws
before putting on the wrist cuffs, and there was no way she
could grasp the key, removing it from her toes.  Smirking
around her gag, she remembered the hologram of the mouse,
and shook her head; she should have no trouble at all
picking up even something as tiny as the key with her
pussy.  Not anymore….  Perhaps the leash was long enough to
let her shift over to kick the key directly beneath her,
and then be long enough to let her squat far enough to pick
it up in that manner…..  But should she?  This could be a
test……  They might be watching…..

“Its gotta be a trap” Tanj thought to herself as she
idly flicked the key towards herself with one outstretched
foot.  “Got to be why they’ve left me here this long, all
by myself.  Got to be why they put the mittens on….”  And
yet, there was something about the situation that she found
irresistible.  It was as if her body was moving of its own
accord while her mind watched from a distance.  The key was
now right below her, directly between her feet.  Looking
one way and then the other up and down the corridor,
Tanj held her breath for a moment, listening.  No sign
of anyone approaching.  Squatting quickly, Tanj lowered
herself to the floor; the leash was just barely long
enough, the collar digging into her neck as she pressed her
crotch to the floor.  And then, she was gathering her feet
under herself, rising, her prize held within the warm
confines of her sex.  “OK, you proved you could do it; now
drop it before someone comes….” the Cheetah thought to
herself.  Squatting just a little, she forced the key out,
and then with a grin concealed by her gag, she kicked
temptation out of reach, down the corridor…..

It wasn’t completely uncommon for them to come for a slave
in the middle of the night, but it wasn’t all that common
either.  All through the kennels, faces were pressed to
bars as the small troop of guards made their way to
Tanj’s cell.  Crooking a finger, the head guard, a
massive Tiger, urged Tanj out of her kennel.  “I HATE it
when I’m right like that” Tanj thought to herself as
they bound her paws behind her back, and snapped a leash to
her collar.  “It WAS a trap……”

The Dean looked at Tanj, kneeling before him, and shook
his head; “I have to admit, in the long history of the
Academy, you are the first.  There have been those who have
ignored the key, and those that have tried to make off with
it, but you are the FIRST to both take it, and then reject
temptation.  Now I have to admit, the act of taking it
alone has earned you a punishment, but that should be
tempered by the fact that you later dropped it, and then
kicked it out of reach.  While I’m sure you’ll tell me that
it was your intention all along, that you only wanted to
see if you COULD pick it up, I can’t afford to believe
that.  I’m going to have to believe that you started on a
bold plan, and then chickened out.  Now lets see if we can
find a punishment that fits the crime…….  Your instructor
tells me that you’re only marginal in certain “stamina”

The setting was scary; Tanj had to admit that.  It was
as if they’d found a vertical sewer pipe and had lowered
her into it.  It was old, and slimy and slick, and it
didn’t smell very nice…..  Her paws were bound behind her
back, and her ankles were bound together, on either side of
a massive block of stone.  When the guards had lowered her
into the pipe, she’d thought the rope under her armpits was
going to saw her arms off from the weight.  The pipe was
only a little larger in diameter than her body, and while
its sides were rough, eroded concrete, Tanj was certain
that even if her hands and feet had been free, that there’d
be no way to climb out.  The rubber bulb in her pussy
though, gave her an idea as to what was going to come

The first few cold droplets fell on her from above, and
Tanj tilted her face up to look.  It had been quite a
while since the guards had trooped off, leaving her alone
in her confinement….  Above her, running along the roof of
the utility tunnel they’d dragged her through to get to
this place, was a large corroded metal pipe.  And it was
leaking.  Water was dribbling down onto her from above.
And then it became apparent that her worst fears had been
realized.  The vertical pipe she was standing in was going
to slowly fill with water.  But she’d been given a pump to
pump it out with.  All she had to do was to compress the
rubber bulb in her pussy to work the pump.  And the way the
water was dribbling down on her from above, she’d have to
work it hard to keep from eventually drowning.  Grunting,
she squeezed down hard, and as she relaxed, she could feel
the weight as water crept up the hose dangling between her

“Too cold” Tanj thought, too tired to shiver.  The water
had slowly risen, over the span of hours, until it was up
to the hollow of her neck.  Most of her control was gone,
eaten away by exhausted muscles, but she could still spasm
her pussy around the rubber bulb, still managing to pump
some of the incoming water from the pipe…..  She wondered
if the guards would come to extract her, if the water would
rise to drown her, despite her best efforts, or if she’d
just get too tired to care.  Exhausted and frozen, she
struggled on, trying to stem the tide…..

Tanj was still dripping when the guards dropped her off
at the exercise room.  The Rotweiler Bitch, looking much
too clean and warm to Tanj, just smirked; “about time
you could join us, Slave.”  When the guards had left, the
Rotweiler moved to stand directly in front of Tanj.
“you look all worn out.  Tell you what.  You show me you
can turn the egg end for end, and I’ll let you sit out the
rest of the period.”  Tanj barely was able to nod before
the Instructor was pressing the wooden egg against her sex.
It was all Tanj could do to stifle a groan as the egg
stretched now very sore muscles.  “OK, Slave, lets have it
back; it went in point first, I want it out point first.
Or I promise you I’ll work you untill there’s nothing left!
Tanj closed her eyes, her chin on her chest as she tried
to manipulate the thing; feeling a flutter within her, she
idly wondered if she’d done it or not…. And then the
Instructor was demanding she drop the egg NOW.  Squeezing,
Tanj forced it out, not daring to look down.  The
Rotweiler stood stock still for a moment and then raised an
eyebrow; “Again!”  Tanj eeped as the Bitch shoved the
egg into her again, broad end first this time.  Panting,
she tried to do whatever it was she’d done a moment ago,
and was rewarded with that strange feeling within her.
Expelling the egg into the Instructor’s waiting hand,
Tanj stood, shivering slightly, awaiting her fate.

“Not bad.  Two in a row.  Not bad at all.  OK, a promise is
a promise.  Just kneel here and get some rest.”  Turning
back to the class, the Bitch held up the wooden egg, still
slick with Tanj’s juices; “Seems Spotty Cat here can do
it; who’ll be the next to demonstrate their abilities?”

Tanj smiled and shook her head for the umpteenth time.
It was strange, bordering on the surrealistic.  Here she
was, on a small round dias, in a room FULL of people.  She
was nude, collared, and gagged, her arms in a tight leather
arm binder behind her back, the end of her tail tied to the
back of her collar.  And she didn’t mind.  Oh, there might
have been the occasional initial twinge of embarrassment,
but by and large she was even glad to be here.  Between her
feet were three numbered balls, and at the request of some
elegantly dressed lady, or sharply dressed male, she would
squat, and pull the balls, one by one into her pussy.
Then, at their command, she’d move them around within her,
to drop the specified ball onto the top of the dias.  The
ooohs and ahhhs of the Academy’s guests were music to her
ears, and she beamed with pride.  On another dias, Kayla
was demonstrating her ability to propel ping pong balls
with amazing accuracy, only her shoulders and her heels on
the dias.  Tanj could tell she was enjoying it
thoroughly when one of the guests would “reload” her snatch
with three or four of the balls, and then, twisting, she’d
try and hit him or her with them, laughing into her gag as
they “dodged”.  On yet another dias, Marla was
demonstrating her control, by pulling beer from a mug,
through a straw.  There was one nattily dressed Ermine,
wearing a tuxedo no less, who just loved to pull the straw
from between the Wolf fem’s nether lips, to slurp up the
beer she’d sucked up.  It was obvious Marla was enjoying
that one too…..  elsewhere other students put on their own
exhibitions…….  It was a gala atmosphere, and Tanj felt
like she was one of the stars of the show……

Stretching, Tanj smiled; it was SUCH a strange reward
for good behavior.  She was scrubbed clean, and perfumed,
her hair shinining.  Wearing a diaphanous little nothing
she reclined on silk pillows in one of the “guest rooms.”
She was to entertain one of the Academy’s VIPs, showing him
what she could do with her muscles.  The Rotweiler had said
she had achieved “Sahajoli,” some term from that ancient
Kama Sutra; apparently it was a term of high regard,
meaning she had achieved full control of her vaginal
muscles, or something like that.  Looking up as the door
opened, Tanj purrrred softly.

The Gerbil stopped, a few feet into the room and just
Stared.  After a moment, he shook his head; “What is THIS?”
Tanj straightened a little on her pillows, and looked at
him, but before she could speak, the Gerbil shrilled; “I
was promised a boy.  A YOUNG boy, not some……. Cunt!  This
isn’t what I want!”  Turning the Gerbil strode to the door,
reaching out to grasp the handle, only to find there was no
door handle on the inside of the door.  Pounding on the
door for a moment he took a step back and shook his head;
“and now they’ve locked me in?  What kind of a place IS

Tanj looked at the Gerbil again and wondered idly if
this was just another test.  She had been told that she’d
be able to demonstrate her prowess for a very important
guest, but this one didn’t look……. Willing.  OR interested.
Wondering if she was supposed to seduce him, she rolled
onto her belly and purrrred; “Master, its not unusual for
the Academy to lock doors.  I’m sure that until someone
comes along to release you, that I can find some way to
entertain you……”  The Gerbil stopped and turned to look at
her, whiskers twitching.  Tanj smiled back at him,
careful not to show teeth; “Master, I’ve just finished some
Extensive training… I’m sure I can do things with my pussy
that no boy could possibly do with his ass; if you’ll just
give me half a chance, I’m sure I could delight you……”  The
Gerbil frowned; “I suppose I might make use of your ass,
although I do admit you do not look all that attractive…….
But I’d certainly have no use at all for that …. “other

Watching the Gerbil pace, listening to him occasionally
pound at the door, or shout for the guards, Tanj
wondered just what was going on.  Surely this place was
monitored, if for no other reason than to have films on
file for the occasional blackmail of very important furrs.
If no one was coming to his assistance, did that mean they
were giving her a chance to wheedle him into letting her
show him her stuff?  Surely she hadn’t trained so hard for
so long, to let THIS happen!  The VIP wasn’t happy, and the
more Tanj thought about it, the more she thought that no
matter that this wasn’t her fault, she could bet a
punishment was still going to be coming her way….. and if
she was going to be punished anyways….

“Maybe if I can SHOW this guy how good I can be, he’ll shut
up and quit whining.  He MIGHT even decide he likes it”
Tanj thought to herself.  Rising, padding across the
room, she slowly shed her diaphanous wrap.  Resting her
paws on his shoulders, it suddenly struck Tanj how much
taller she was than the Gerbil.

“Eh?  What are YOU doing?  I thought I told you, Cunt, that
I wasn’t Inter….mMPHF!”  Tanj cut off the Gerbil’s
tirade with a hard kiss, one paw holding his shoulder while
her other paw fumbled at his belt.  The clothes were first
rate, obviously hand-tailored designer editions, but they
were never designed to hold up to this kind of abuse and
somewhere she heard the sound of tearing fabric.  Breaking
the kiss, she looked deep into the Gerbil’s eyes and
purrred; “Master I have Trained too long and too hard NOT
to show you what I can do; I don’t mean to be forward, or
pushy, but SHUT UP and LAY DOWN!”  The Gerbil went over
backwards, landing on the pillows on his back with a soft

Tanj was astride his hips, in an instant, his fine pants
in a tangle around his ankles, hobbling him, if nothing
else.  Purrrring, Tanj bent to stroke the Gerbil’s cock
with her tongue, and was rewarded with an “oh!  Oh!  OH!
OHMY…….. maybe this won’t be so bad after all…….”  Tanj
just grinned.  Working her tongue over his cock, she could
almost feel portions of his body relax under her tender
ministrations, even as other portions tensed…...

Figuring it was about time, Tanj lifted her head; he’d
been on edge for several minutes now, the Cheetah using her
talented tongue to hold him just shy of climax.  “Now I
want you to try something new, Master.  Just lay back and
relax, and let me do all the work…..”   The Gerbil, his
head tilted back, just grunted, a non-committal type sound.
Smiling, Tanj shifted up a bit, and moving carefully,
lowered herself onto her cock……….

The Gerbil’s head came up with a snap, and Tanj froze.
He STARED at her as if not believing what he was seeing,
but after a moment his head fell back, a little of the
tension leaving his body.  Tanj purrrred; “Surely Master
that can’t feel bad….  Surely I can find a way to please
you…….”  The Gerbil looked up again at her and shook his
head; “I tell you, I’d MUCH rather be in your ass.  There’s
no WAY you could possibly squeeze me as hard there, as I
like.  The Anal ring is a much stronger muscle!”  Tanj’s
eyebrows both went up; “oh, YEAH?  How ‘bout THIS?”
Grinning, the Cheetah squeezed as hard as she could……

The Gerbil Screamed!

Tanj hung suspended in the Academy’s punishment hall,
her eyes closed.  The strain was evident in the muscles of
her body, as she struggled to hold the weight within her.
A half kilo metal rod was clenched tight within her sex.
From the end of the smooth rod, a small chain descended
between her labia, looping down, and then back up, to be
fastened to a new piercing midway along the length of her
left labia.  If she dropped the weight, it was going to
HURT.  And she knew that.  She knew it VERY well.  Hearing
footsteps, she opened her eyes to slits and peered out.

The Dean looked at the bound Cheetah and shook his head.
“Amazingly, its not all your fault.  You should NOT have
forced your will on a guest.  But I can understand your
position.  There was a medical emergency in one of the
other guest rooms; the guards who should have been watching
the monitors were absent.  They, or someone should have
attended to the situation in your room before it got out of
hand.  And you had no way to know that Lord D’acy held a
completely irrational belief in something called
“retractible vaginal teeth.”  When you squeezed down on
him, a completely logical response to his comment, he
panicked, thinking you were literally devouring his cock.”
Shaking his head, the Dean muttered; “Its amazing some of
the fantasies that otherwise powerful and respectable furrs
believe in with  all their heart.”  Looking back up at the
bound Cheetah, the Dean sighed; “Never the less, you have
done significant damage to the reputation of the Academy.
There is no question that you should have restrained
yourself.  You should have just waited and let the guards
sort it all out.  But that’s not in your nature, is it,

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to
any characters, living, dead or imaginary is purely a
coincidence.  Tanj is copyright Kittiara's player.
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