Tanj's Tales: Introductory Restraint

By Kittiara


Stardate 2397.14

Tanj grumbled into her gag as the coffle moved into the
classroom.  They’d been through a full day of
“instruction,” covering such topics as posture and decorum.
And of course, full nudity.  It had been made painfully
clear that all they were likely to ever wear again, no
matter where they were, no matter who they were sold to,
would be their collar.  They’d had what laughingly passed
for dinner, and been to the baths.  It was now time for the
slaves-in-training to be locked into their kennels for some
rest, NOT to be led back to yet another class!  As the
guard unchained her from the coffle, Tanj knelt where
she was told to, assuming the position she’d so recently
been instructed in; back straight, knees obscenely spread,
palms resting face- up on her thighs, eyes fixed on a spot
between her knees….. well, mostly when the guards were
looking she directed her gaze there.  When she thought she
was unobserved, she let her gaze wander, curiosity gaining
the best of her…..

Kayla the Otter was there, looking as miserable as ever.
Marla the Wolf was there too, looking, if anything,
excited, as if she were embarking on a new adventure.
There was one other female Tanj didn’t know, and four
males.  It was the first time she’d seen male slaves at the
academy.  Casting her gaze over a well-formed ursine boy,
as nude as she was, she wondered why she was surprised that
guys were being enslaved as well as girls.

After she’d been kneeling for a while, Tanj found her
joints getting sore, and she shifted a bit.  As she
wondered how long they were going to have to wait, she
noticed that most of the class seemed increasingly
restless; she wasn’t the only one not yet used to kneeling
like this.  As the instructor, a male gray Wolf walked in,
Tanj wondered just how much practice she was going to
get at kneeling “in the proper position”…….  The instructor
paced about, looking at them all for a moment and then
grunted; “Welcome to Introductory Restraint.  You’ll find
that in your lives as slaves, you’ll be retrained rather
often.  In fact, it may be that you’re tied or chained more
often than not.  The purpose of this class is to get you
used to it, and to teach you a little bit about it.
Initially, I suspect, you’ll hate it, and resent it.  In
time, you may come to appreciate it.  Some may actually
find the loss of freedom… “liberating”.  Some may find it
sexy.  Whether you gain these insights or not, you will
learn to endure it with the proper attitude, the proper
“grace”.  You WILL learn to endure it.”

Tanj watched as one of the guards started walking around
the kneeling slaves.  As he passed each one, he dropped
three lengths of a soft white braided rope.  Tanj looked
at the lengths that hit the floor just in front of her, her
head swiveling up to look as the Instructor started to talk
again.  “each of you turn to the furr next to you; pair off
into twos.  The one of you closest to the door will be tied
the other, following my instructions.”  Tanj looked to
her left, realizing that there was only one furr between
her and the door; that meant that she got to do the

“Form the initial knot like this; two loops overlaying each
other.  Slide it over the right wrist of the person you’re
tying.”  Tanj formed the two loops, a simple clove
hitch, and slid them over the right wrist of the Jaguar fem
kneeling in front of her.  Pulling the rope tight, she
looked up at where the Instructor was demonstrating with
the well-formed ursine boy….  “Get your ties neat, the
ropes side by side, smooth and orderly.  You wouldn’t
believe how picky some Masters and Mistresses are about how
a tie looks.  For some, that appearance is more important
than anything else.  Now, take the free end of the rope

Tanj looked at the bound Jaguar fem at her feet.  She’d
tied her wrists together snugly behind her back,  and under
her tail, forcing her to arch her back a little, several
loops of rope being wound between her paws to get it nice
and tight.  The loose end of the rope had been passed
between her thighs, back to front, and then tied off around
her waist.  This buried the length of rope rather severely
in the girl’s pussy.  Another length of rope had been tied
in a similar fashion around her ankles, just as neat, just
as tight, and then brought up, for the other end to be tied
around her arms, just above her elbows, pulling her back
further into a “bent-bow” shape.  The only part of her that
seemed to be in contact with the floor was her stomach…..
The third piece of rope had been braided into her hair,
with the loose end tied around the rope that bound her
ankles, pulling her head back severely.  Tanj looked
down at the poor girl, one paw resting on the cheek of her
ass, and shook her head; she looked SOOOO uncomfortable!

The Instructor made his way around the room, checking,
while the unbound slaves knelt by the bound ones.  As he
passed Tanj, he paused, to check a few of the knots.  As
he moved on, Tanj heard him grunt, although whether it
was a grunt of disgust or approval, she had no clue.

“OK, students, pair up again; you know how now, lets see
you practice your skill, and tie your partner in the same
fashion.”  Tanj looked at the male Squirrel, who was
kneeling closest to her and shrugged wordlessly.  He just
gave her a wry grin and flopped down onto his stomach, paws
crossed in the small of his back.  Tanj sighed, picked
up the next rope and wondered if she should be grateful
that she got to be free for a moment longer… or pissed that
she had to do all the heavy work?

The instructor this time nodded his approval as he passed
by Tanj.  The four free students had been reduced to
two. Tanj and Kayla.  Kayla was looking a little
nervous; her attempts thus far had drawn the instructor’s
obvious scorn.  Not wanting her friend to draw further
censure, Tanj looked at the Otter and holding up another
length of the white rope, crooked her finger.  Kayla rolled
her eyes and obligingly crawled across the floor to

As Tanj worked, she watched her fellow classmates.  The
Ursine boy was tugging hard at his ropes, as if he thought
he might loosen them some.  Short sharp jerks that seemed
to be accomplishing nothing but annoying the instructor.
Others were squirming a bit, as if unable to keep still.
Marla, the she-wolf, seemed to be rocking back and forth,
as if trying to grind her crotch into the carpet, upset
that she couldn’t get the degree of contact she wanted.
Then Tanj remembered the crotch rope, and grinned.  It
would be just like Marla to seek to stimulate herself by
tugging on that rope…..  Others just seemed to be laying
there, although the Jaguar lass seemed to be particularly
wild-eyed and panting, as if she were about to suffer an
attack of claustrophobia while in a crowded elevator.  As
she finished with Kayla, the instructor stepped forward,
checked a knot and nodded; grinning down at Tanj he
purrrred; “your turn……..”

Tanj lay on her stomach, paws behind her back, wrist to
wrist.  The instructor had taken three turns around her
wrists, and then passed the rope twice between her arms,
making the binding almost painfully tight.  As he rolled
her over, Tanj grunted involuntarily; laying on bound
arms was QUITE uncomfortable!  However it was nothing
compared to the sensation of the Wolf pulling the rope from
her bound paws up between her legs.  “One of the things you
can do at this moment” the Wolf growled, “is to make sure
the rope is buried deep in a female’s pussy.”  Using two
fingers he spread her sex, laying the rope between the
folds of her labia.  “Its both a nice thing to do, and a
mean thing to do” he chuckled as he proceeded to loop the
end of the rope twice around her waist, and then, pulling
it tight, tie it off to itself just above her mons.  There
was now a bright white Vee of rope from just above her sex
spreading out to encircle her waist.  Rolling her back over
the Wolf turned to the task of tying her ankles together…..
As he worked, Tanj squirmed a little, experimentally.
Gasping she understood what the Instructor had been talking
about as the rope sawed through her pussy!

As the Wolf pulled her ankles up towards the small of her
back, Tanj gasped.  It felt like he was trying to bend
her in half the wrong way.  For a moment Tanj considered
arching her back to relieve the tension, but then realized
that he’d take up all that slack and then pull it tighter
yet again.  Finally the Wolf finished tying her ankles to
her bound elbows.  With a chuckle he twanged the rope as if
it was a bowstring.  It hummed.

Tanj’s head came off the floor as he pulled her head
back by her hair.  Wondering why she hadn’t gotten a
pageboy, or some other short style, she found she had a
good view of her fellow students.  She couldn’t lower her
head if she tried.  The instructor finished up with a sharp
slap on Tanj’s rump, making the Cheetah jump as if she’d
been shocked.  Standing up, he growled;  “Now, as you
practiced your tying, I was watching.  Positive behavior
should receive positive reinforcement; however, negative
behavior should receive….. negative reinforcement.  You’ll
now be graded on your performance…..”

Tanj watched as the Wolf fetched a riding crop.  Moving
down the line of bound bodies, the crop flicked out to
touch here and there, as he offered his comments.  The
Ursine boy was criticized for not holding still enough as
he was tied.  A male Kangaroo got a couple of swats for
sloppy knotsmanship.  And Kayla got four strokes for
showing a distinct lack of enthusiasm for her work.
Dropping the riding crop, the Wolf started around the
circle again, this time giving out caresses, for things he
thought students had done right.  As he worked, he
lectured, talking about how being bound could be highly
erotic, how it could position you in an inviting manner,
your body just begging to be touched.  How your
helplessness could inflame the lusts of your Masters or
Mistresses.  He must have spent four minutes stroking
Marla’s breasts and crotch, rewarding her for her
enthusiasm, murmuring about how sexy and rewarding this
could be all the while.  As Tanj wondered if this guy
was for real, she caught a glimpse of Marla’s face; she
seemed to be just eating up what he was saying......  As
the Instructor stopped and rose, to padd away from her,
Marla twisted to shoot him a frustrated, forlorn look,
upset he’d stopped touching her.

Finally he stopped before Tanj; “And then there’s you.
Your knotsmanship was good, your style acceptable… but when
you looked at the Otter girl over there and called her
over, you were coming dangerously close to “assuming
control.”  A slave doesn’t take control.  I think you need
to be taught your proper place…..”  Kneeling in front of
Tanj, he pulled his loincloth free of his belt with one
hand, as his other reached for Tanj’s hair…..

Tanj tried hard not to gag as the Wolf thrust his cock
in and out of her mouth.  This one liked to drive it in
deeply, and the Cheetah found herself gagging repeatedly as
the head of his shaft tried to thrust its way past the back
of her throat.  She found, bound the way she was, that if
he sat on the floor, one paw on the back of her head, he
could literally rock her whole body back and forth, making
her mouth engulf his cock.  Working her tongue over the
underside of his shaft, Tanj did what she could to
please him, thinking the sooner he got his rocks off, the
sooner he’d leave her alone.  Unfortunately, as he was the
one controlling her motions, he was able to speed up, or
slow down, as suited his tastes.  He took a good long time,
enjoying her mouth, seemingly completely unconcerned about
all the eyes watching him, until her jaw ached and her
tongue felt like it was about to drop out of her mouth.
Finally he started moving faster, bucking his hips up
against her muzzle, and then, with a howl, he started

Tanj groaned to herself; the Wolf had pulled out,
spraying his seed all over her face.  She could feel it
dripping down the sides of her muzzle, feel it sticking to
her cheeks…..  Trying not to frown, she wondered WHY guys
liked to do that…..

The Wolf picked up his loincloth, and with a jaunty
whistle, padded out the door, turning off the light just
before he exited.  Pausing at the door, he called back into
the darkened room; “someone will be by to release you just
before breakfast.  You’ve got a busy day ahead of you, so
try and get some (*snicker*) rest…..”

Tanj sighed in the near-darkness.  Some light bled under
the door from the hall, and it was really all the Cheetah
needed.  Her night vision was pretty good.  Over in one
corner was a bowl of water, but it was meters distant from
the nearest furr, and there was no doubt they wouldn’t be
coming in to take them to the bathroom.  Squirming a little
she found there was NO way she could relieve the tension in
her back or shoulders… or hips and knees and elbows and
wrists…. Were they REALLY going to leave them like this
over night?  What about the loss of blood flow?  This could
do permanent damage!  Finally Tanj set aside her fears,
and tried to find that quiet place in her mind, a place she
could retreat to, where things like this just didn’t

Tanj didn’t know how long she’d been off in her own
little world, when she heard the moan.  Twisting around,
swiveling her ears, she listened intently.  It sounded like
someone was in real trouble…..  Then it came again, from
her left.  Trying to remember who was where, she squirmed,
doing her best to inch-worm herself around, to look.  A
couple of meters away was the Jaguar fem that Tanj had
tied… at the start of the class?  How long HAD it been?
Squirming a bit, Tanj tried to get closer.  She knew
they weren’t supposed to talk, that you could get in real
trouble for that, but after basically rolling in the
Jaguar’s direction she whispered; “you OK?”

The Jaguar was panting heavily, and Tanj could sense her
body shudder; “Ooooohhhhhhh, I can’t STAND this!” the
Jaguar whispered back; “My shoulders hurt, my back hurts, I
can’t MOVE!”  Suddenly the Jaguar’s body went into a spasm
of struggles as she tried to free herself.  Finally she
subsided, to whimper; “If I can’t get free, I’m going to go
CRAZY!  I can’t TAKE this!”

Tanj was trying to frame a reply when something soft
bumped into her; turning her head she found herself looking
at the bottom end of Marla.  The Wolf girl was grunting and
squirming, her body wiggling from side to side.  Both
Tanj and the Jaguar fem watched in amazement as Marla
managed to squirm around until they were all head-to-head,
more or less.  Marla giggled; “Hiya girls; what’s cookin’?”
Tanj just shook her head; “Our friend here seems to be
having problems.”  The Jaguar nodded, almost convulsively;
“I’m a bit claustrophobic; can’t stand small places; can’t
stand to be confined… and this is all too close.  I feel
like if I can’t get free, I’m going to throw a screaming
fit, or start foaming at the mouth…….”  Marla grinned; “I
can understand that… I guess we’re just going to have to
give you something to distract you!”  Tanj blinked and
looked from the Jaguar to Marla and back; the Jaguar had
her eyes closed, and looked as if she hadn’t heard a word
Marla had said; there was a tenseness to her face, a
brittleness, that had the Cheetah worried…..  Looking back
at Marla, Tanj whispered; “what you got in mind?”

Marla smiled and just squirmed and wiggled some more,
working her way down the Jaguar’s body, until she could
lick at the Jaguar’s right breast.  As she felt the Wolf’s
tongue, the Jaguar’s eyes snapped open, and her head jerked
as if she wanted to turn, to look at what Marla was doing.
Tanj had to smile; only Marla could think of sex at a
time like this…….

It wasn’t easy; it must have taken half an hour to cover a
little over a meter, but gradually, Tanj moved down by
the Jaguar’s knees.  “Now comes the hard part” Tanj
grunted to herself; shifting a bit, she pushed her muzzle
between the Jaguar’s knees, and squirming, tried to move
forward.  The Jaguar’s knees weren’t bound, but it would be
an effort for her to spread her legs; still, as desperate
as the Jaguar fem was to escape the prisons her mind
imposed on her, she tried, doing her own squirming.
Finally, craning her neck, pulling at her own tied hair,
Tanj managed to get her tongue on the rope that sharply
bisected the Jaguar’s crotch……  She couldn’t get to the
really sensitive places, but she was sure she could
distract the Jaguar never the less.

The Bear heard the faint giggles and the sound of moving
bodies; squirming around he stared in disbelief as the
little spotted cat lady and the She-Wolf seemed to…. What
WHERE they doing over there.  Wincing as his motions tugged
at his sore limbs, he squirmed, trying to get closer; this
he HAD to see…….

Kayla lifted her head, to LOOK; with a groan she let her
head fall back, until the rope tugged at her hair; What was
WRONG with those two?  Didn’t they EVER stop?

Tanj’s muzzle was plastered with the Jaguar’s juices;
somewhere along the line she’d discovered that if she
flexed her body, the rope would saw through her cleft.  And
in concert with Tanj’s tongue, she’d obviously decided
that this was something nice.  Through the course of the
evening, she’d sawn herself to at least three climaxes.
Tanj was certain that the Jaguar would have at the
least, rope burns.  But somehow, despite explorations by
tongue, Tanj hadn’t tasted any blood…..  And at least
she wasn’t moaning in terror anymore….

Tanj’s head jerked up as the lights came on.  She
blinked hard, and then, realizing that her head was still
wedged between the Jaguar’s thighs, tried to squirm away.
However a large paw found her braided hair, to tug her
upwards.  Tanj gasped as she was rocked back onto her
thighs, and eyes wide, found herself looking into the face
of a rather large Stallion; “No use trying to escape,
little Slave; we caught ya red-handed!”

For once Tanj was glad that she was kneeling.  Her
punishment for the previous night’s little escapade had
been five swift strokes with a cane, on her bottom. She
could feel the weals on her ass, where her heels rubbed
against her tender bottom.  She’d seen the Jaguar fem in
the baths, but she’d been ushered into a different tub; no
chance to talk.  Now they were back in their “night class”,
waiting for the instructor.  Random chance had deposited
her on the floor next to Kayla, and the Otter looked as
miserable as Tanj felt.  “I wonder why the Academy
bought her?” Tanj mused to herself; “She certainly
doesn’t seem to be cut out for this sort of thing”…. Then
realizing the ridiculousness of her thought Tanj
snorted; “Like YOU’RE cut out for this, Tanj Girl?” she
thought to herself.  Once again her thoughts were cut short
by the instructor showing up.  He padded directly across
the room to stand in front of Tanj.

“Last night we had a student who got a little too
enthusiastic.  I’m sure you all know what I’m talking
about.  She’s been punished already, but just to make sure
she doesn’t do it again……”  Tanj tried to focus her eyes
on the object the Wolf was dangling right in front of her
nose… it looked like a soft plastic representation of a
male’s erect cock, attached to a leather strap?  The Wolf
tapped the end of the thick phallus on the tip of Tanj’s
nose; “In a way, it’s a shame, I had looked forward to….
Ah, but there are others… now, be a good girl and open your
mouth…..”  Tanj finally realized what the Wolf was
intending, and her eyes went wide as her lips parted.  The
Wolf for his part, moved fast, taking little care, jamming
the plastic dong into Tanj’s muzzle, moving to buckle
one strap behind her head, another over the top of her
muzzle between her nose and her eyes, to buckle under her
chin.  Tanj for her part almost broke her posture, her
paws fluttering off her thighs for a moment before she
caught herself.  Trying hard not to gag, as the thing
filled her mouth, straining her jaws, she looked around
helplessly.  It was MUCH larger than the ball gags she was
used to, and pressing against the back of her throat, she
had to fight hard not to gag…..  As the Instructor tucked
the end of the leather chin strap through the buckle, he
straightened; “All nice and neat.  THAT should keep you
from messing around when you’re not supposed to.”  Striding
back to the front of the room, he turned and grinned at the
class; “now, for tonight’s tie we use a short piece of
dowel.  Pair up and do as I do.  Ah… you.  Bear boy.  You
tie the Cheetah.  Make sure you tie her TIGHT.  I don’t
want any more trouble with that one……

Tanj sat on the most sensitive part of her anatomy; her
very sore bottom.  Her knees were drawn up to her chest,
with a length of dowel underneath them.  Her arms were
under the dowel, her wrists tied in front of her shins.
The Bear had used exactly one short piece of rope, and the
dowel, and here she was, effectively immobilized.  If she
hadn’t been sitting on the direct spot the strokes with the
cane had been applied to, it might almost be… well, no,
this’d never be comfortable.  Tolerable perhaps….  As she
watched the Instructor check knots, she wondered if when he
was gone, she could roll over onto her back…..

The door closed with a *snick* behind the instructor.
Tanj sighed and rested her chin on her knees.  Her jaw
was already sore, and it was amazing how much saliva she
was generating.  She was getting messy, just from her
drool.  Hearing something whuf-whuf-whuffing from behind
her, she turned her head to see Marla literally bouncing
herself across the floor, moving like a demented, deformed
inchworm.  Tanj stared in amazement, and then shook her
head; she had no idea how the Wolf fem was managing to DO
that!  “Heya, Tanj Girl” the Wolf whispered; “Gotta hand
it to you; you managed to answer a question that’s been
burning in my mind for some time!”  Tanj blinked and
managed to mumble a “whhrf?” into her gag.  Marla nodded as
if she’d understood perfectly; “Yup.  There’s nobody
watching us!  It was the guard who caught you, that
resulted in your punishment, not them watching us all night
long; otherwise a bunch of us would have gotten it!”
Tanj just mumbled something into her gag, not thinking
the five stinging stripes with the cane was worth the
information gained.  Marla grinned in the darkness; “So, I
feel I kinda owe you a little something for your trouble….
But the way you’re sitting, its gonna be a little hard to
repay you…..”  Tanj looked at the Wolf and wondered how,
even if she wasn’t sitting, how Marla might be able to do
ANYTHING about it…. But then, she didn’t WANT to be sitting
anyways……  With a grunt she started rocking herself, back
and forth until she rolled over onto her back.  “Ooooh,
Tanj, that’s perfect!  Hold it just like that!”  Tanj
couldn’t see Marla, but she could hear her grunting as she
did something.. and then there was a thump and a thud, and
to her absolute amazement, she felt Marla’s tongue applied
to her sore bottom…..

Tanj shuddered, glad the gag was filling her mouth;
Marla’s tongue was flicking back and forth over her clitty,
and the sensation made her want to HOWL!  As her climax
peaked, and slowly receded, she realized Marla’s tongue
wasn’t where it had been a moment ago.  Then she heard a
thud, and after a moment, the whuffing sound.  Marla
bounced herself around to where Tanj could see her;
“Can’t kneel on my hands for too long; gets painful;
besides, Jenny, that’s our Jaguar friend, promised she’d
distract herself tonight by licking ME!  Gotta go; and
thanks again!”

Tanj’s chest was still heaving as she panted, still
trying to catch her breath when she heard a deep voice;
“What your friend did for you looked nice.  I think I can
roll into the position she was in…..  Tell you what; if
you’d like, I’ll … try to do what she did, if later, you
try to return the favor.”  Tanj opened her eyes and
looked at the young male Ursine.  “Ummuffa, mrrrfle
grwwowr urrrkl” was all she could get out past her gag.
The Bear just chuckled; “Oh, I don’t mean tonight,
necessarily; the way I’m tied, not sure you could get at my
cock anyways.  After watching, its pressed pretty hard
against my stomach by my legs… but there WILL be a time in
this place, of that I’m sure.  Besides, I don’t have
anything ELSE to do.  Sure can’t sleep like this!”  Tanj
did her best to shrug, a motion that came out as a squirm
more than anything.  The Bear chuckled and nodded; “OK, let
me see if I can rock forward….

Tanj eeped as something large and furry butted her in
her sore bottom.  “Ow!  Sorry; mis-judged the distance.
Bumped my nose too” the Bear whispered.  “Should have
started further back, I guess….”  And then something large
and wet was dragging itself along her pussy……

What the Bear lacked in skill, he made up for in
enthusiasm, his large tongue lapping at her sex, squirming
deep into her pussy, flicking here and there.  All Tanj
could do was squirm, pant, and moan into her gag.  Her
climax, when it came, was stronger than the first, and it
left her weak and out of breath, with her eyes crossed….
Finally, his tongue lapped at her softly, broadly, licking
up her juices before withdrawing.  A few minutes and quite
a few grunts later, there was a thud, and then the same
scooting sound.  The Bear scrunched up besides Tanj and
grinned down into her upturned face; “Don’t forget now!  Ya
owe me one!”  Tanj just nodded as best she could.  After
a moment the Bear looked up as a “Pssst!” was heard.  It
was Marla, giggling; “Hey, Bear!  If you can catch me, you
can have me!” she stage-whispered.  Then she was scooting
across the floor headed for the other side of the room.
The Bear chuckled and huffing, started after her as best he

Tanj dozed in fits and jerks, unable to achieve a sound
sleep.  Somewhere across the room someone was snoring and
Tanj was envious.  Squirming, trying to rub her sore
back against the carpet, she wondered what time it was,
just before drifting off again.

Tanj awoke with a jerk!  Was she free?  Was the guard
untying her?  Suddenly she realized that she had fallen
onto her left side, and the dowel, sticking out to the
side, had hit the floor first.  Somehow the impact had
driven it to the right, sliding under her knees, over her
arms.  Its end had slipped off of her left arm!
Instinctively she squirmed, and in a moment was standing in
the middle of the room, her paws bound in front of her, but
otherwise free!

Tanj’s first thought was to unbuckle and remove that
*&%$#%*! Gag, but as she lifted her paws to her head she
froze.  She had “escaped” and there were severe punishments
for that.  What time WAS it?  How long before the guards
returned?  Suddenly it seemed her hearing was very acute,
as she strained to hear the sound of footfalls in the
corridor outside.  For an instant she wondered, if she was
going to be punished for “escaping” perhaps she should try
the door, see if it was unlocked, to take advantage of the
situation and REALLY try to escape…. Then she remembered
the security cameras and electomagnetically locked doors
and sighed.  Hurriedly resuming her sitting position,
ignoring the screams of protest from her posterior, she
fumbled with the dowel, wondering how she could get it back
in place…..

Close to tears, she tried again; she could get the dowel
over one arm, and under her legs, but she could NOT get it
over her other arm.  No matter how she twisted, how she
strained, she just couldn’t do it by herself….  Looking
around, she found the Bear looking at her in the

“I don’t know if this is going to work; there isn’t much of
the stick to push on, Missy” the Bear rumbled.  Tanj
tried to look encouragingly, wishing she could tell him
that if he pushed until her arm broke, it would probably be
better than being punished for “escaping”……  The Bear
rocked onto his back, squirmed around some with what was
becoming a significant level of practice, and brought one
heel down on the wooden shaft.  Tanj felt her arm
complain as he pressed down, the other end of the dowel
coming up under her knees.  Tanj squirmed, trying to
work the wood over her other arm, praying with every fiber
of her body….. The Bear, thinking the other end of the
dowel wasn’t high enough up, pushed down harder on his end,
all but lifting his bottom off the floor.  There was a
snap, and suddenly Tanj felt the dowel break…..

The Stallion looked down at the Cheetah and sighed; “you
really ARE Tanj, aren’t you?  You’re in for it now,
Slave.  Tanj hadn’t even tried to hide the broken dowel,
but had merely placed it on the carpet in front of her,
kneeling in the otherwise correct position…….

Marla squinted through the steam, and nudged Jenny, the
motion making ripples in the water of the bath.  A guard
was leading someone in……. someone shorter than the male
Tiger guard, someone with spots….  Trying not to grin too
widely, Marla glanced at Kayla as the Otter grumbled;
“Guess they didn’t kill her after all.  Jenny nodded, eyes
wide; “Yeah, but she don’t look too good.”  The latter drew
a stern look from the Tiger guard, who was now close
enough, if not to hear them, then to see lips moving.
Unclasping the leash, and then unbinding the Cheetah fem’s
paws, he rudely shoved Tanj into the water.

Marla reached out and pulled Tanj to her as the Cheetah
surfaced.  Glaring at the retreating guard, the Wolf fem
waited until he was safely out of earshot and then turned
to look at Tanj; she looked…… frazzled.  That was the
only way to put it.  As if every hair on her body had
decided to join a group, and each group had decided it
hated the groups around it.  Little tufts of fur stood out
from her hide in every which way.  And yet, as much as she
searched, she couldn’t find whip marks, or even bruises…..
“Tanj girl, we thought they’d killed you!  What
HAPPENED?”  Tanj shuddered…. “killed….. no…. that would
have been a relief……”  With a shudder, and a slosh of
water, Tanj convulsively hugged the Wolf; “Oh, MARLA!
They had some sort of a device… something that attached
with little electrodes…. And when they pushed the switch,
it felt as if every fiber of my body was on fire!  I never
DREAMED I could hurt that bad!”  Kayla nodded solemnly;
“I’ve heard of those.  Pain inducers.  They directly
stimulate the nervous system.  They’re SUPPOSED to be
illegal…..”  Tanj shuddered and whispered; “They wanted
to find out what had really happened.  What I was up to.
What my plans were, who my accomplices were……  No truth
drugs, no hypnosis, no voice stress analyzers, just pain
and pain and more pain…….”  Marla nodded and snuggled the
Cheetah softly; “and you told them the truth, told them it
was all an accident…..”  Jenny nodded and whispered; “and
finally they believed you……..”  Tanj nodded, and
shuddered again; “Finally, they did.”  And then her eyes
went wide; “Oh, MARLA!”  Marla smiled and put a finger over
Tanj’s muzzle; “I know; you told them all about me, and
the bear, and what’s been going on; that’s OK, Dear.  I
don’t think they really care…….  Right now, just relax; its
over…….”  Tanj leaned back against the Wolf fem and slid
down into the steaming water; “Over?  No….. no its not
over.  Not yet.  Not until I’m shed of this place……… not
until places like this don’t exist anywhere in the

Tanj was still shaking when the coffle moved into the
classroom.  The pain inducer didn’t seem to have done any
permanent damage, but she still felt exhausted and drained.
“Come on, Tanj” she thought to herself; “They say you
can’t remember pain.  Get over it.”  And yet, every time
her mind drifted back to the day’s events, she shuddered,
and her knees went weak……  It was a relief to kneel on the
floor as the guard unchained her…..

The wait for the instructor’s arrival seemed almost
pleasant.  Tanj was in no hurry for him to appear,
certain he’d add his own little touch to her day’s
punishments for her “escape”……  And when he finally
arrived, leading a slave, a porcupine fem, stalking through
the door, slamming it behind him, he marched right up to
stand over her.  Looking down at her, the Wolf growled;
“I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories of …. “illicit”
sex, and goofing around going on in here.  I’m beginning to
think you aren’t taking this course seriously!  All right,
I think you’ll find tonight’s lesson a little less …
enjoyable.”  Looking down at Tanj he growled; “and you…
I’m going to make an example out of YOU!”

The Wolf lectured the class on the various uses of hair in
tying a furr as the female porcupine braided Tanj’s
hair, working from a top-knot on down.  Somewhere they’d
found a platinum blonde “fall” that almost exactly matched
her hair, to weave into the braid, as one might make a
“long splice” with a piece of rope.  When the porcupine
lass was done, Tanj’s hair reached from the very top of
her head to the floor in one long braid.  The end of this
was wrapped around a teardrop shape of bent metal called a
“thimble” and then braided back into itself.  When the
slave was done, it was obvious that Tanj could be
fastened by her hair alone……

The Instructor lowered a rope from the ceiling, attaching a
hook to the “eye” in the end of Tanj’s hair and tugged.
Tanj came off her knees with an involuntary yelp, and
the Instructor took up the slack as she stood.  When he
finally tied off the rope, Tanj was standing on tiptoes
in the middle of the room, her arms waving as she tried to
maintain her balance.  The Instructor watched her for a
moment and then gestured to the Porcupine lass, who left
the room, only to return moments later with two three-
legged stools.  These were placed on either side of
Tanj.  The Instructor chuckled as he moved around behind
Tanj, to wrap his arms around her waist, lifting her up;
“Stand on the stools; one foot on each!”  Tanj struggled
to comply, finding her legs suddenly well spread.  The
Instructor gave her a slap on the rump and then proceeded
to take up the slack on the rope, until once again, she was
standing on tiptoe.  “In this position, the slave has to be
very attentive to her footing; should she stumble, and
loose her footing, she’ll wind up hanging by her hair.  I’m
told that’s very painful.  Oh, and if she kicks over one of
the stools, she’ll not be able to regain her stance, no
matter what she tries….  Now that we have our model
properly positioned, we can continue……”  Holding up a Vee-
shape of leather, festooned with buckles, the Instructor
chuckled; “This is called an arm binder, also known as a
monoglove.  It attaches to the back of the slave’s collar
like this.  Her paws go in the pocket at the bottom, face
to face and this strap binds them together at the wrist.
Now, when we tighten all the other buckles, it pulls her
arms TIGHT behind her, encasing them in a Vee of black
leather.  Doesn’t that make her breasts stand out nicely?”
Padding back around the precariously balanced Cheetah, the
Wolf grinned; “and now to complete our ensemble, a nice
thick plug gag……”

Tanj groaned into her gag, as she tried hard to hold her
balance on the wobbling stools.  Her feet were cramped
already, and her jaw muscles complaining, and the
Instructor hadn’t even finished with tonight’s tie….   Most
of the class was already bound, each male back-to-back with
a female.  The Male’s paws were brought behind his back,
around the Female’s waist, where they were tightly tied to
each other.  While this might have otherwise left them in a
nice spot for some caressing, a rope to the female’s collar
held them pulled up so that there was no hope of getting in
any erotic touches.  The Female’s paws likewise were
brought around behind her, but in most cases, as the males
were larger, their paws were merely tied to each other, the
rope between them forming a crease in the male’s belly.
Legs were crossed, indian fashion, ankles tied to thighs.
It was obvious no one was going anywhere tonight, and the
chances for any pleasure dwelled with those few females
tied to slender males.  From where she teetered on the
stools, Tanj could see Kayla tied to a male squirrel,
her wrists actually lashed to each other right at the top
of his sheath……  And she knew that when the instructor
left, that Squirrel was going to be in for an interesting,
and probably sleepless night.

The last to be tied was the Bear.  With Tanj “out of the
equation” he was tied to the female porcupine the
instructor had brought.  It was obvious by the look on his
face as the ropes were tightened that his back was going to
be quite tender for a long time to come.

Tanj tried shifting her weight from one foot to the
other, but that didn’t help much.  Somehow she knew before
the night was over, she’d be hanging from her hair.  It was
absurd to think that she could stand on tiptoes all night
long…  And yet, she didn’t have much choice.  Biting down
on the gag, she concentrated on holding as still as she

Tanj’s eyes came open with an almost audible “snap” as
the door opened.  The way she was bound, she couldn’t get a
good look at the door, but her ears told her the guards had
arrived to release the slaves for the next day’s routine.
Trying to put on a stoic demeanor, Tanj waited as every
single other slave was released.  When the guard finally
lowered the rope holding her hair to the roof, Tanj
collapsed, grimacing at the cramps in her legs and feet.
When the guard pulled the plug gag from her mouth he
grinned; “well look at this; bit almost clear through!
Guess you had yourself a rough night, eh, slave?  Now…
what’s the punishment for damaging Academy property?”

Tanj knelt on the floor, trying to keep her eyes open.
The day’s classes had been a blur, something seen through a
thick haze.  Her instructors had been forced to frequently
re-acquire her attention with a sharp rap of a riding crop,
or a slap.  Despite the danger of not appearing attentive,
Tanj was just too exhausted to see straight.    When the
instructor entered the room, Tanj’s head came up with a
jerk.  She heard his chuckle and stifled a growl…..
“Tonight, Class” the wolf growled “We deal with some
adjuncts to the basic art of bondage.  Girls, I want you to
each take three of the shoe-laces I’m handing out, and turn
to your male partners, as we explore the delicious world of
genitalia boundage.”

Tanj looked at the Bear’s crotch from a distance of
several inches.  One shoe-lace had been tied tightly around
his balls, making them bulge.  Another shoelace had been
slipped under the back of the first, and brought forward to
be tied to the front of the first loop, being used to
further bind his sack, dividing his balls.  The third had
been tied on one side of the assemblage, and brought
upwards over his sheath, forcing his cock to protrude, to
be tied to the other side of the loop around his sack.  It
looked….. uncomfortable at best, and very painful at worst.
As she stared at him, Tanj wondered about restricted
bloodflow and unintended castration……  The Instructor
paused, running his fingers over the Bear’s bound balls,
and then nodded; “very good.  Not too tight, not too
loose.”  And then he was moving on to examine Marla’s
handiwork with a male kangaroo; “No, no, NO!  Much too
tight!  We do not want to Damage the merchandise!  Re-do it
immediately!”  Tanj held her pose, kneeling in front of
the Bear, as the Instructor moved off to examine Kayla’s

Tanj, glancing to the side, gauging the Instructor’s
progress through the class, leaned forward to run her
tongue over the Bear’s bulging balls.  It was an
interesting sensation.  She grinned up at him and gave him
a wink, hoping he wasn’t mad at her.  His efforts to help
had been well meant, and Tanj was sorry for having
gotten him punished, tied to that Porcupine girl…..  She
felt her heart rise a little as he winked back…….  Her
attention was suddenly drawn back to the class as the
instructor called out; “OK, now for phase two; Gentlefurrs,
you now get to practice the art of Breast Bondage on the
ladies, possibly repaying them a little for their cruel
handiwork with you………”

Tanj sat cross-legged, ankles lashed to thighs.  Her
paws were tied palm to palm, with not only a rope around
her wrist, but with string binding finger to finger as
well.  The rope from her wrists was tied to the back of her
collar, pulling her wrists up sharply behind her back.
Rope encircled her chest, above and below her breasts,
compressing them at the base, making them stand out from
her body.  The Bear had then wound rope in a figure eight
around her breasts, pulling them together, and further
restricting their base.  Looking down at herself, Tanj
thought she looked as if someone had pasted a couple of
round balloons to her chest.  It was very tight, and her
breasts throbbed softly with her heartbeat, and she thought
she had some small measure of empathy for the Bear and his
bound testicles.  Despite the strained posture, and the
pain from the tight ropes, Tanj was still close to
dozing off when the Instructor came back to her; “one more
little touch for you, my rebellious one.”

Taking two pairs of chopsticks, he put rubberbands tightly
around the base of each pair.  Setting one pair down on the
floor, his paw stroked her left nipple, teasing her until
it tightened into a hard little nub.  He then spread the
shafts of the chopsticks, placing one stick on either side
of her nipple about mid-way along the length of the
chopstick.  Bringing the other ends of the chopsticks close
together, he used another rubberband to hold them together.
Tanj's nipple was trapped painfully between the sticks.
Chuckling, the instructor proceeded to use the other pair
on her other nipple.  Grinning, he rose, turned off the
lights and left.

Tanj looked down at her pinched nipples and shook her
head; and she’d thought having her breasts tied was
uncomfortable; this was downright painful.  Groaning, she
settled down to try and get what rest she could…….