Tanj's Tales: Breaking-in

By Kittiara

Stardate 2397.12

Tanj followed the guard into the room curiously, moving
as to keep the leash between his paw and her collar just a
little slack.  This wasn’t the room she’d spent every day
for the past week and a half in…..  She’d known something
was different when the coffle of slaves had taken a
different turn in the endless maze of corridors.  Up until
now, her time at the “Academy” had been spent in
positive/negative reinforcement “conditioning,” as the
psychologists had removed inhibitions and added behavioral
traits that they felt a good sex slave should have……
Automatically kneeling as the guard stopped, Tanj tried
hard to keep her head bowed, her eyes lowered.  These
things were not yet second nature.  The Guard unclipped the
leash from her collar, and then unclipped her wrist cuffs
behind her back, leaving her hands free.  And then she
heard the door close behind him.

Glancing up, she looked around the room.  It seemed to be a
cross between someone’s living room, with a carpeted floor,
a sofa and track lighting… and some sort of….. dungeon?
Dungeons didn’t have eggshell white walls, or stained wood
baseboards…. But this room had quite a few eyebolts
scattered around the walls, floor and ceiling.  And there
was an awful lot of rope present, in heaps and swirls,
shoved in one corner along with all sorts of other
unidentifiable things…..  Remembering her “lessons” she
held her kneeling position, knees wide apart, hands on her
thighs, palm up….. and of course head bowed.  As she waited
for something to happen, her mind raced, wondering what was
going on……

“It has to be some sort of examination.  A test.  That’s
it; its got to be a test” she thought to herself.  For a
moment the Cheetah fem felt a pang of sadness; her initial
loathing of the conditioning chair, with its thick phallic
plug, electrodes, IV drip and holographic goggles had all
been burned away, and she’d come to anticipate the chemical
rewards and the pleasurable stimuli of that dong vibrating
to life when she did something right…… when she did what
they wanted.  “Can’t be like that” she told herself
sternly; “Remember what Marla said; the conditioning fades
with time; you can work around the edges.  Give me time,
and I’ll find a way out of this.  They haven’t broken me
yet!”  That thought had barely formed in her mind when she
heard the door open behind her, and someone walk in……

The Mouse moved around into her field of vision and just
stood there looking at her; she could barely see him from
the corner of her eye, but it was obvious that he was
completely nude.  Somehow that didn’t surprise her; what
DID surprise her was that it seemed perfectly natural to
her.  He stood there, practically motionless, for a good
ten minutes, paws on his hips, just watching her.  Tanj
for her part, kept her gaze lowered; she figured it was a
waiting game, the Mouse watching to see if she would move,
or say something.  She wasn’t about to give him the
satisfaction.  Eventually the mouse nodded, and moved
around a little more in front of her, to stand looking down
at her; “I am going to give you a series of commands, and
you will be judged as to how well you execute them.  I want
to make good and sure that you are ready, that you have the
correct mental attitude to proceed to the next phase of
your training.  Tanj kept her head down, knowing his
statement did not require an answer… He hadn’t asked a
question yet, had he?  After a moment the Mouse frowned and
then took a step back, to sit on the couch.  Stretching his
arms out to either side, resting them on the back of the
couch, he looked at her for a moment more, and then said,
simply “Strum.”

Tanj groaned to herself; this was one of the things that
the conditioning program had covered, and at the time,
pumped full of the drugs from the IV, it had seemed like
nothing at all; now she had to expose herself to this
stranger, and perform the most lewd act…….  Tanj knew
she had to move fast, that instant obedience, enthusiastic
obedience was called for…..  Spreading her feet a little
more underneath her, she brought her bottom down into
contact with the carpet, and as gracefully as possible
rolled backwards until she was laying on her back.  She
brought her knees up towards her chest, the cleft of her
sex directed as best she could towards the Mouse.  One paw
stroked down over her stomach to rest on her mons, her
index and middle fingers resting for just an instant on the
petals of her sex; and then she was spreading her fingers,
spreading her labia, opening herself, exposing herself to
this total stranger.  Trying not to think about what she
was doing, she brought her other paw down to rest on her
first, her index finger stretching down between the
widespread petals of her sex.  After a moment she started
flicking the tip of her finger back and forth, its tip
working back the hood at the juncture of her labia minora,
exposing her clitty; as her finger continued to flick back
and forth, she groaned, as she “strummed” her clitty.  The
Mouse watched her, a neutral expression on her face.  She
in turn watched him through slitted eyes as she
mechanically went through the motions.

“I’ve been kidnapped, stripped, enslaved, and “conditioned”
the Cheetah thought to herself, “But never have I been so….
Humiliated!”  As her finger moved, neither too slowly or to
rapidly, she groaned, not with increasing sexual delight,
but in shame.  This had to be worse than her first visit to
the Gynecologist.....  What could she possibly have done to
have deserved THIS?  Suddenly her reverie was broken as she
felt the Mouse’s paw cover hers, stopping the motion of her
finger.  Her eyes opened wide, the fur of her face
bristling as even more blood came to the surface of her
skin, the hairs on her face standing on end to try and
release some of the heat.  Inadvertently she locked eyes
with the Mouse, her eyes going even wider as he tried to
push a finger into her.  With a grunt he suddenly released
her and rose; “I thought so.  Too dry.  You should be
dripping at this point.  Obviously you have not learned
your lessons as you should have.  But perhaps I can …… do a
little remedial tutoring.”  Stepping forward and looking
down at Tanj he nodded; “I will leave for a short while.
When I return I want to find you tied in such a manner that
I have free access to your mouth, sex, and ass.  How you
tie yourself is up to you.  Don’t worry about perfection in
the knots, I’ll tighten anything I feel is too loose when I
return.  Remember, you’re being graded on this.”  With
that, he turned on one heel and departed.

Tanj hadn’t moved a whisker since he’d touched her, but
when the door slammed shut behind him, she rolled onto one
side, bringing herself up to her knees, to stare at the
door.  “Tie myself?  VOLUNTARILY?  Sheesh, this guy’s got
to be kidding…..”  Turning and crawling slowly across the
floor, Tanj moved reluctantly over to the pile of gear
heaped thoughtlessly against the wall.

The Cheetah fem looked at the ropes, the eyebolts in floor,
ceiling and walls, and at the couch.  For what she had in
mind, she wished she’d had a simple footstool or hassock,
but the pillows from the couch would have to do.  Picking
up the first of the cuffs she buckled it around her left
wrist……  As she worked, buckling on the other wrist cuff,
and then the ankle cuffs, she sighed and sometimes wished
she wasn’t an engineer.  What she had in mind was going to
be MUCH too complex, and yet, it was all she could think
of, to try and ameliorate her earlier failure…..   Tying a
rope to an eyebolt in the center of the baseboard of the
wall to the left of the door, she laid it out across the
floor, in front of the couch.  Other ropes were tied to the
eyebolts in the corners of the opposite wall, the loose
ends brought back towards the center of the room, pretty
much in front of the couch.  Another length of rope she
braided into her long platinum hair.  Setting the cushions
in the middle of the room, stacking them one on top of
another, she knelt to one side of them.  The rope from one
corner of the room she tied to her left ankle, pulling just
a little.  The rope from the other corner she tied to her
other ankle, pulling that a bit tighter, pulling her ankles
apart, her calves forming a Vee shape on the floor as she
knelt.  Taking one last look around, she sighed, and
leaning backwards, she let her torso fall back, until she
was laying across the pillows.  The end of the rope
attached to the center of the far wall she threaded through
the D rings of her wrist cuffs, and slowly started to take
up the slack.  As she pulled on the rope this bent her
body, arching her back as she tried to tighten the rope,
pulling her wrists under the pillows, under her rump,
headed for that vacant space between her knees.  And then
she realized that she had left out the rope woven into her
hair…. With a sigh, she released the rope and straightened.
Kneeling by the pillows she looked at the arrangement of
ropes with an engineer’s critical eye; something here would
have to change……

With a sigh, Tanj twisted and picked up the cushions one
by one to toss them back towards the couch.  “He’d probably
think me too much of a wimp anyways, if I used them to
support my back….”  Turning back, she picked up the rope
from the wall in front of her, and doubling it, put a loop
in its end so that the loop would lay on the floor between
her widespread knees.  Moving one arm around behind her,
she found the end of the rope she’d braided into her hair,
and passed it under her bottom.  Picking the end up with
her other paw, she picked up the loop she’d made, and
threaded the rope from her hair through the loop.  This
loose end then went back under her bottom.  With a groan,
she let her torso flop backwards, until the back of her
head rested on the floor.  Fumbling beneath her, she
threaded the loose end of the rope through the D rings on
her cuffs…. And started to pull.  As the rope grew taut, it
pulled her head back, tugging on her hair; it also pulled
her bound wrists under her rump.  Once again she grunted
and wiggled, trying to get the rope as tight as possible,
her body arching upwards.  In a position like that, her
body strained and taut, it was a bitch to tie off the

Tanj’s muscles were quivering from the strain when the
Mouse finally returned.  Her view of the world was upside-
down, the top of her head pressed hard against the floor,
her breasts thrust impudently towards the ceiling.  The
Mouse walked around her for a moment, nodding.
“Imaginative.  Just what your psych profile suggested.
I’ve left you alone so long because I had to go all the way
up to administration to review your file, and I have to
admit what you’ve done here confirms what I’ve read.”
Kneeling by her head the Mouse looked down at her and
smiled as he reached out to tweak her left nipple; “you
really DO like bondage, don’t you?  You just don’t want to
admit it.  Not even to yourself.  Oh, you COULD have done
something simple, like used a spreader bar to hold your
legs apart and hung your paws over your head from an
eyebolt in the ceiling… that would have been nominally
acceptable… but here you’ve gone and done something….
Extreme.”  As the Mouse spoke he ran his fingers down over
her quivering stomach.  Tanj had no idea how long she’d
been in this arched position, aside from the fact that her
body was complaining loudly over how long it had been…..
The Mouse smiled again and nodded; rising, he walked around
Tanj, to look at the rope that tugged her paws under her
body; the rope that traveled across the floor to the
eyebolt in the center of the wall her knees pointed
towards.  Tanj couldn’t see what he was doing, but she
felt the rope suddenly tighten, pulling her into an even
more severely arched posture……

Tanj’s body jerked as she felt his fingers touch her
sex; the Mouse’s touch was light, stroking along her labia.
And then his fingers were gone; “You see?” he chuckled;
“NOW you’re wet.  This excites you, doesn’t it?  You
probably got all hot and bothered while tying yourself up,
alone, didn’t you?  Its performing in front of people that
you have a problem with, isn’t it?  Too much pride.  You
have not yet learned your place.  But I think I can fix
that…….”  Again the Mouse rose, to padd over towards the
door.  Standing there, he punched in something on the
keypad.  Normally this was used to unlock the door, the
“student” seldom having the code necessary to release the
door’s locks.  But it was well known that the keypad had
other functions as well…….  Tanj couldn’t turn her head
much, due to the rope tugging harshly at her hair, but she
could follow the Mouse’s motions  a little…..   Moving
around her head, back to the pile of gear by the couch, the
Mouse found a small hand mirror…. and an adjustable arm,
with a wide weighted circular base.  When Tanj had first
seen it, she thought it was meant to hold a vibrator
against someone, but now the Mouse was attaching the mirror
to the arm.  “look into the mirror, and tell me what you
see, Slave”  As he put the stand on the floor by her head,
he adjusted the angle of the mirror; Tanj, looking back
and up, saw and upside-down view of the wall at the far end
of the room; the wall her crotch was pointed squarely at, a
wall that seemed to have gone COMPLETELY transparent.  And
beyond the wall, there appeared to be stadium seating,
filled to capacity; it looked as if a hundred assorted
furrs were sitting there watching the goings-on!

“Gotta be a hologram” Tanj groaned to herself as the
Mouse moved back around her, to sit by her hips.  “Gotta
be…….”  But as she stared at the mirror, she thought to
herself that it looked awful realistic……  and once again
the blood rushed to her face as she blushed!

As the Mouse busied himself with something she couldn’t
quite see in the mirror, Tanj wondered at what the Mouse
had said. Was she really excited by her self-bondage?  By
her helpless situation?  “Aren’t I supposed to be fighting
this every step of the way?” She thought to herself.  “Or
would I spoil it if I admitted to myself that I liked it?
Would something essential be lost if I didn’t fight the
bondage, resist the ropes?  And you can’t fight it if you
admit you want it, can you?”

The Mouse reached over her hip and stroked her pussy again,
making her belly quiver at his touch; “You think you are
resisting me; that you can’t be as we want you to be.  But
that is an illusion.  You think that you still have your
dignity, even here, even now.  But I will strip that from
you.  I’m going to make you admit that you want everything
we do here.  I’ll make you beg for more.  You will
voluntarily give up even the illusion of resistance.”  With
that, the Mouse slipped an angrily buzzing vibrator between
the Cheetah Fem’s labia, pushing it in until only the base
was visible.

Tanj stifled a moan, her eyes locked on the mirror, on
the audience beyond the now-transparent wall.  Did they all
seem to lean forward, as if to get a better look at what
the Mouse was doing?  Twisting her head Tanj saw the
Mouse lubing up another vibrator; before she had a chance
to frame any sort of protest he was bending, to push it
into her bottom, filling her completely…..  Tanj tried
to still her cries as the two vibrators worked on her; she
tried to keep from moving, to keep from squirming, but
every once in a while, her hips would jerk as she sought to
find SOME way to increase the friction, some way to
stimulate herself….  As she suffered the waves of pleasure
radiating from her crotch, the waves of embarrassment
flowing through her, Tanj shook her head and vowed that
this would NOT wring a confession, or an admission from
her.  She was tougher than this……

The Mouse watched Tanj closely, a wry smile forming on
his face.  After the vibrators had been working for a few
minutes he rested the palm of his left hand on her mons and
used his fingers to spread her labia, exposing her clitty.
For a moment the index finger of his other paw pressed
upwards on the base of the vibrator in her pussy, making it
buzz harshly against the front wall of her pussy……

Tanj gasped, teetering on the very brink of her climax….
And then the Mouse was pushing down on the vibrator,
lessening its effect on her; she moaned plaintively and
then bit her lip to silence herself.  The Mouse just
grinned, watching her face.  Holding up his paw, to where
she could see it in the mirror, he chuckled; “I’m not going
to let you climax until you beg for it.  This small bottle
contains an anesthetic.  It’s the same one we use to
suppress the gag reflex, in fellatio training.  It works
perfectly on sensitive membranes, although it just lasts a
few minutes……..”  Tanj groaned as the Mouse slowly
pulled the vibrator from her pussy… she’d been SO close…
And then he was spreading her again, to apply a single drop
of the anesthetic directly to her  clitty.  He then put
some on the tip of his finger and rubbed back and forth
along her labia.  As the Mouse worked, Tanj could feel
herself growing numb; oh, she could feel the pressure of
his finger; it just didn’t feel good anymore…..

The Mouse smiled and picked up another mirror; holding it
just so, he let the bound Cheetah have a good look, through
the mirrors, at her own sex.  “You see, you’re still hot;
dripping in fact; but you can’t feel anything, can you?”
Holding the mirror with one hand he slipped the vibrator
back into her snatch.  Tanj watched the vibrator push
into her sex, felt the pressure, felt the vibrations, more
as they were transmitted to other portions of her anatomy
than by direct stimulation.  She could barely feel the
plastic gizmo within her.  Wide-eyed she watched, helpless
to tear her eyes away.  The Mouse smiled and again lifted
the base of the vibrator, pressing its shaft against the
front wall of Tanj’s pussy; she could feel the vibration
in her hips, but that was all.  After a moment, the Mouse
took one finger and started stroking her numb clitty

Tanj watched in the mirror, her mind frozen; what if she
was like this forever?  What if she never regained
sensation down there?  How safe WAS this stuff?  Gradually,
her panic faded, as over the course of several minutes,
sensation slowly returned…..

The Mouse watched her face carefully, felt the tension in
her muscles.  He knew well the signs of an impending
climax, knew well just how to handle one such as this, how
to break her spirit, destroy her resistance.  The use of
pain was too crude in such things; positive reinforcement
was so much more effective.  And this one was so easy to
read…  Just as she was about to arch her back, to scream as
her climax arrived, he applied another drop of the
anesthetic to her hard little nub.

Tanj teetered on the edge, on the very brink of her
release… and then suddenly all sensation ceased again.
Jerking her head up until the pain of the rope tugging at
her hair made her stop she STARED into the mirror… sure
enough, that damnable Mouse was just putting the little
bottle back down.  She didn’t even try to stifle the groan
that escaped her mouth.

“I can keep this up all day.  And all night, if I have to.
Or I can wash off the anesthetic, gag and blindfold you,
and tie you suspended from the ceiling.  With both
vibrators still in place and running.”  Tanj’s eyes
shifted, looking upwards; sure enough there were several
eyebolts in the ceiling directly above her.  The Mouse’s
words brought her eyes back to the mirror, to his upside-
down image.  “I’ll put you in a harness and suspend you
from the ceiling by it.  You will be floating above the
floor, blindfolded, gagged, and spread-eagled.  And you
won’t be able to stop having climaxes.  All night long,
held in delicious bondage.”  The image of the Mouse
grinned; “But you’ll have to beg me for it.  You’ll have to
convince me, convince your audience out there, that you
want it.”  Tanj’s eyes shifted to the transparent wall,
to the crowd beyond.  Some seemed to have moved, shifted a
little, but it was still evident that she was the center of
their attention.  As she pondered her situation, the Mouse
pressed upwards on the vibrator again.  Tanj felt the
vibrations, the pleasure slowly growing as the anesthetic
wore off……

“Maybe if I don’t show any sign, I can steal a climax from
this guy” Tanj thought to herself; “If I can get a
climax, without begging, I can maintain my dignity…. Can’t
I?”……. Tanj was concentrating, trying to block out the
effects of the vibrators, of his occasional touch, trying
hard to hold her body still…..   The first hints of another
climax were just starting to form around the edges of her
consciousness, when the Mouse suddenly jerked the vibrator
from her pussy.  Tanj felt like howling in outrage, but
once again managed only to bite her lip.  The Mouse smiled,
and waited for what was obviously a calculated time before
pushing the vibrator back into her, holding it, twisting
it, moving it until she was panting on the very edge once
again…… and then suddenly it all went numb again.

The Mouse worked at her.  Truly a labor of love, to take
such a proud female and cave in her resistance, to
eliminate her stubbornness…. And this one was truly
stubborn.  But he loved a challenge and he had as much time
as he needed.  Working slowly, he contrived to bring her to
the edge of a climax about every half hour.  With the use
of the anesthetic, he had much greater control over her; he
was able to draw it out, letting her rest just enough to
prevent exhaustion, but not enough to let her cool off.
No, she was never allowed to cool off….  Smiling, one paw
resting on her where he could gauge her heartbeat, he slid
the vibrator back into her pussy, to be rewarded with a
soft groan.  It wouldn’t be long now……

Tanj’s eyes flicked open as the pleasures started to
build once again.  The image in the mirror showed the
stands beyond the transparent wall more packed with furrs
than ever before.  A few were quite openly stroking
themselves as the Mouse worked on her.  Gazing at them, she
wondered why she was resisting?  The Mouse seemed to have
an infinite patience, and she knew the Academy would never
admit to a failure like this.  The outcome had to be
inevitable, didn’t it?  Besides, promises made under duress
didn’t count, and if this wasn’t duress, she didn’t know
what was.  Opening her mouth, the Cheetah tried to speak…..

“What was that?” muttered the Mouse.  Tanj coughed and
shook, and then mewled; “Master, I can’t take any more…
Please may I have a climax?”  The Mouse just smiled,
pushing the vibrator a little further into her dripping
pussy, lifting its base a little, to transmit the
vibrations more directly to her clitty; “You have to beg
me, Slave.  You don’t sound very sincere.  In fact, I don’t
think you’re sincere at all.  I think you think you can
squeak by with a feeble plea.  No, I don’t think you’re
sincere at all……..

Tanj moaned, barely hearing what the Mouse said; the
vibrator was making her whole crotch tremble, making her
soul resonate in time with its pulsations…… and then
suddenly it all went numb again.  Tanj HOWLED in
frustration, her body surging, fighting her restraints.
She was so tired, so cramped, and so very frustrated.  The
Mouse just chuckled, one finger stroking her now almost
completely numb clitty, as the vibrator pushed back in;
“you think it over and let me know when you REALLY mean

Tanj groaned; the anesthetic was wearing off slowly, the
sensations returning; she knew soon she’d be balanced on
the edge of another climax, and that she wanted it bad.
Maybe if she started now, she could convince this bastard
before he used that little bottle again…..
“Puuuuulllllleeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz, Master” Tanj groaned;
“Puuullllleeeeezzzz let this poor slave cum…..”  The Mouse
looked down at her and grinned; “You don’t sound
convincing, Slave.  Sometimes its easier to tell an
unconvincing truth than it is to tell a convincing lie.
Did you ever tell the Truth in an unconvincing way, because
you didn’t want to be believed?”  Tanj groaned.  Even
though she wanted the climax, didn’t care who saw, or who
knew, didn’t care how she was acting in front of all those
people, real or illusionary, she realized that there was
still a kernel of pride that was keeping her from sounding
convincing even though she was telling the truth…  Thought
she was telling the truth.  Her voice sounded like
something out of a bad play…..  The Mouse grinned; “you
think its degrading for you to have to beg me for your
release?  That’s just the start.  Before you leave here,
you’ll be begging us to do all sorts of things to you.  But
the journey of a thousand leagues starts with a single
step.  Now say, it, little Slave; say it like you mean it!”

Tanj groaned and shuddered in her bonds; she wanted her
release, wanted her climax, wanted to be let loose, wanted
to go find a hole to crawl into and HIDE, to pretend none
of this was happening to her, but as her mind flitted from
idea to concept to image to idea, she realized that she DID
want what the Mouse offered.  She wanted her climax.  She
wanted it BAD.  She wanted to be tied up, hung, suspended
from the ceiling, with a vibrator giving her as many
climaxes as she could handle……  Panting she mewled softly,
and begged for her release.

The Mouse smiled and let another drop of the clear liquid
fall from the bottle’s dropper, onto the Cheetah’s clitty.
The Howl she let loose as the sensations disappeared, as
she once again went numb were music to his ears.  Bending
over, he whispered in her ear; “Not good enough.”  Tanj
howled; “Master I’ve asked for it; begged for it, what more
do you want?”  The Mouse smiled and whispered, as if for
her alone; “Asking, begging is no longer enough.  You have
to convince me.  Convince me that you LIKE what’s happening
to you, that you find this whole situation delicious.
Convince me you want all those people to see you beg, see
you plead, witness your confession that you like this.
Tell me what you like, little Slave; tell me how good this
feels.  Convince me.”

The Mouse watched the consternation flow over the Cheetah’s
upside-down face, and with a grin, touched the dropper from
the bottle of anesthetic to her clitty.  The dropper wasn’t
full, but she didn’t know that, and her howls of protest
were enough to convince him that she could no longer
distinguish between genuine anesthesia, and the mere
suggestion of it.  He smiled and moved to stroke one of her
prominent breasts……..

Tanj moaned and squirmed as the Mouse brought her to the
edge of yet another climax, only to have it denied.  Each
time nirvana beckoned she was pulled back, her mind trying
desperately to come up with words, with pleas that would
convince the Mouse that she meant what she said.
Eventually she was soaked in her own perspiration, her eyes
stinging from the salt of her tears.  Tanj never could
remember just what words finally convinced the Mouse of her
sincerity, but she knew they WERE sincere.  She knew she’d
literally begged, telling the Mouse the darkest deepest
desires of her heart.  She’d begged to be tied, begged to
be used.  Begged to be humiliated…..

The Mouse smiled and crawled around to Tanj’s head;
setting the mirror on its stand off to one side, he took
his place by her muzzle; “Suck” was all he said.  Tanj
craned her neck, lips parting to take the Mouse’s hard cock
between her lips; she sucked him with a fervor she’d never
even imagined herself capable of before.  As she worked her
tongue over the Mouse’s shaft, he rocked his hips, sliding
his shaft in and out of her muzzle.  It seemed like just an
instant, and a complete eternity before the Mouse was
pulling his hips back, to spray his seed over her throat
and chest.  “Very good, little Slave; you show promise.”
Moving back around to Tanj’s crotch, the Mouse reached
down and switched off the vibrators.

Tanj’s eyes flew wide open and her body jerked hard in
her restraints; what was he DOING?  Hadn’t she convinced
him?  Hadn’t she EARNED her climax?  Her reward?  The Mouse
just turned and started untying her.  As the rope to her
paws was untied, Tanj settled back, laying flat on the
floor, her arms still beneath her, with a groan, feeling
her muscles howl in protest and relief.  The Mouse undid
all the other ropes and then gently rolled her over to
unbind her arms and hair.  That done, he looked at her and
said simply “stand.”  Tanj obeyed as rapidly as she
could, given that her arms and legs didn’t really want to
respond.  Mutely, dumbly she watched as the Mouse fetched
an elaborate harness, a maze of oiled black leather straps,
and chrome buckles.  It even had straps that went down the
inside and outsides of her arms and legs, terminating in
heavy padded cuffs at ankles and wrists, with other cuffs
above her elbows and knees.  Belts encircled her hips,
waist, and above and below her breasts.  Straps seemed to
cover her everywhere…. Except for her crotch.  The Mouse
worked methodically, tightening here and there, making sure
it fit correctly.  Then he started laying out the
suspension gear.

Snap hooks were linked to a dozen points on her body.
Cable ran to little hand-powered ratchets, and from there
to the eyebolts in the ceiling.  The Mouse smiled and with
one of the little ratchets in his paws, started working the
lever.  Tanj felt one foot coming off the floor, rising
higher and higher.  Then, the Mouse moved to another
ratchet, and the other foot started coming up.  Tanj
swung wildly for a moment, her body seeming to fall
forward, swaying violently until she came to a new
equilibrium.  Gradually the Mouse ratcheted her up to about
waist height.  As Tanj hung there gently swaying she
shook her dangling head.  The Mouse had promised, hadn’t
he?  Was she going to get her reward?  Was it all for
nothing?  Slowly the Mouse went around her, tying various
places on her harness to eyebolts recessed in the floor.
Then he was working the ratchets again, pulling her TIGHT
into a spread-eagled position.

Tanj looked around the room; the Mouse had departed
without even a backwards glance.  She was horizontal, arms
and legs widespread, her breasts dangling.  She’d just
about given up on him when the door opened again and he
padded into the room.  The device he carried in his paws
immediately caught her attention; it was a thick leather
strap, with two very prominent phallic shapes.  Padding
around to between her widespread legs, the Mouse proceeded
to work the dongs into her ass and pussy.  The strap was
then buckled tightly to the belts around her waist and
hips, locking the dongs deep within her.  Smiling, the
Mouse wandered back around to face Tanj.  “I know you
told me the truth earlier, and that you deserve your reward
for such good behavior, but I think we need to reinforce
the point just a little more.”  Behind him, the door swung
open and a guard pushed a cart into the room.  On the cart
were appetizers and a selection of fine liqueurs.  “The
Academy is hosting a dinner tonight.  Some of our best work
will be on display.”  The Mouse crouched to look into
Tanj’s face; “you will beg the visitors to use your
mouth.  Beg them to push the buttons on this box that will
activate the vibrators in your ass and pussy.  You will beg
them to use you in any fashion they want.  If you want your
climax, you will have to beg for it.”  With that, the Mouse
reached out and let his finger hover over the button on the
box he’d set on the floor.  Tanj mewled softly, hung her
head, and panted “Would Master please take pity on this
poor helpless slave and grant her a climax?”  The Mouse
smiled, ruffled her hair and just before leaving, pushed
the button on the box.  The two vibrators immediately came
to life, and as he padded through the door, Tanj moaned
as her long-delayed climax blossomed within her.

Tanj’s head came up as she heard the door open.  A well
dressed male Fox, and a lady Mink in a fine evening dress
stood in the doorway, staring.  Tanj forced a smile;
“Master…. Mistress…. Would you be so kind as to……”

The room was full of furrs.  Most were only partially
watching as they discussed politics, or business, or the
weather.  A few were clustered around the suspended slave.
One, an Elk, had opened his pants to let the bound Cheetah
Fem suck his cock, while he rewarded her by pushing buttons
on the box that had laid on the floor beneath her head.
Tanj sucked fervently, her crotch abuzz with the
vibrations from the two dongs.  She’d lost count of the
number of climaxes she’d talked the guests into giving her.
Somewhere along the line she’d realized that she seemed to
have a talent for wheedling them into doing what she most
desired.  Maybe it was her sincerity, she thought to
herself with a wry grin.  Rocking in her suspension
bondage, she swirled her tongue around the Elk’s thick
cock, wondering how long she could hold HIM on the edge of
cumming?  Just so long as he kept pushing those buttons……..

Tanj sank into the steaming waters of the bath with a
heartfelt sigh.  Across the tub, Marla the she-wolf watched
curiously.  When the guard had strolled out of earshot she
moved closer through the steaming water to whisper; “Where
you been, Girl?  I was afraid you’d flunked the test!  What
happened?  Tanj smiled and shrugged; “I guess I passed
the test…. And learned a few things about myself in the
process.  Other than that….”  Tanj grinned at the She-
Wolf; “I’ve just been hangin’ around”…..

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to
any characters, living, dead or imaginary is purely a
coincidence.  Tanj is copyright Kittiara's player.
Kittiara can be found on Furrymuck; telnet 8888. Copyright 2000.  Comments,
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