Tanj’s Tale:  Punishment

By Kittiara

Stardate 2397.10

Tanj looked around herself in surprise.  This is her
punishment?  This is the horrible fate that awaited her?
The room was padded, without a single visible edge.  The
corners were all curved, as was where the floor and walls,
or the walls and ceiling met.  The floor was spongy beneath
her bare feet, soft and resilient.  It was almost difficult
to walk on.  High up on three of the walls were ventilation
grills, with light coming from behind them; obviously they
opened into other rooms, but with her paws bound behind her,
there was no way she could pull herself up to try and peer
through them.  And with the ball gag in her mouth she
couldn't call to anyone in any of the other rooms….
Scowling, the Cheetah fem growled to herself; "I have GOT to
be missing something here……."

It had been a sin of omission, not commission.  As part of
her "exam" on customer relations, she'd been told to take
care of the Boar.  And she had, or thought she had.  She'd
pampered him, treating him like some sort of god, pretending
that he thrilled her, that he was the most exciting male
she'd ever met.  And she'd gotten him off three times during
the exam period… and in three different ways too.  And yet
her performance had been deemed a FAILURE?  In the after-
action review, the "professor" had scowled at her, growling
that this particular gentlefurr had a thing for anal sex,
and not only hadn't she offered that to him, she'd been so
"all over him" he hadn't been able to get a word in
edgewise, to make his desires known!  She'd been faulted for
dominating the situation, for "Taking Control," something
anathema for those schooling her in the proper behavior of
sex slaves.  And as a result, she'd earned her first
piercing, a visible sign that she'd displeased her
instructors.  The little gold ring now hung from her
throbbingly sore left nipple.  And she'd been promised
further punishment as well…..

But then the guard had shown her into the padded room, with
the instruction to "think  about it."

Tanj sighed; even as soft as the floor was, she couldn't
find a comfortable position to sleep in.  Her arms were
pulled behind her, encased in a leather arm binder, her
elbows almost touching behind her back.  And that made her
shoulders hurt.  It also made laying on her back impossible.
And with the fresh piercing in her left nipple, she couldn't
lay on her stomach either.  Not comfortably, anyways.  Her
right side seemed to be the best compromise, but between her
aching shoulders and her throbbing nipple, she just couldn't
drift off to sleep.  As she lay there, she heard something….
Sounds coming from the grille to the left of the door.  A
shuffling, the sound of cloth moving, a muted murmur, deep
and low, and obviously masculine, followed by a higher
pitched giggle….

The sounds of lovemaking were starting to get to her.
Tanj shifted on the padded floor, and sighed.  It was
obvious that next door, the two making love were having a
great time, the male grunting as he thrust, the female
panting, and moaning, as if he were the best lover ever.
Shifting, Tanj imagined what must be happening,
occasional pauses in the noises signaling some change in
position.  As she listened to them, listened to the sounds
of their passion, she started to become aroused herself……..

Kneeling on the soft floor, the Cheetah fem looked down,
between her breasts at her crotch.  Sure enough, her labia
were becoming puffy, and she could feel herself becoming
wet.  Her nipples were already stiffening, something she was
painfully aware of, at least as far as her left nipple was
concerned…..  As the moans and the soft cries filtered
through the grill, Tanj shook her head; "Man, their
conditioning has really done a number on me….."  and as she
listened with growing frustration, that thought took her

Tanj looked around curiously as the guards led her by her
leash into the small room.  It looked for all the world like
a medical examining room, with unidentified instruments of
various types lining the walls.  In the middle was a large
chair, similar to a dentist's chair, with the exception that
it was all in chromed metal… and in the middle of the seat
was a rather large black rubber phallus.  And the back of
the seat, the lower portion of the back-rest was open; she'd
be able to let her tail drape out that opening, but it would
also expose her ass……  The Cheetah watched with growing
concern as one guard went to a drawer, slid it open and
removed a half-full tube of lubricant.  As the other guard
worked at removing her handcuffs, the first guard proceeded
to cover the phallus with a generous coating of the lube…..
Wiping his paws on a disposable towel, and replacing the now
even emptier tube of lubricant in the drawer, he turned to
Tanj, and with a grin, said; "Okay, Missy, just hop on up
on this chair, and we'll get you strapped in all nice and

Tanj felt the other guard's paws on her wrists, still
holding her arms behind her back, and her muscles tensed;
"You gotta be Kidding me!  There ain't no WAY I’m going to
voluntarily sit on that… THING."  The guard behind her
chuckled, as he pushed, frog-marching her forward; "Yeah, I
thought that's what you'd say.  Pretty much what they ALL
say…..  Wait until tomorrow; bet you don't make NEAR as much
of a fuss……"  Despite her struggles, the Cheetah fem was
maneuvered by the two significantly larger guards, until,
with a yeowl, they forced her down into the seat.  They were
obviously well practiced at the task, and before Tanj
could blink, they had her arms strapped to the armrests of
the chair…  and then straps went around her ankles, and her
thighs, holding her legs well spread, affording the guards a
good view of where that rubber monster stretched her pussy.
More straps went around her waist, and above and below her
breasts….. and snaps connected to the rings on her collar.
She was quite immobilized.  One of the guards patted her on
the head and they both chuckled as they left……

As she waited, Tanj looked around the room.  Some of the
instruments almost looked like holographic projection
equipment… and the space in front of her chair was empty,
the wall blank…. Other instruments were less identifiable.
She was twisting around to her left, trying to get a better
look at what looked like a computer terminal when the door
opened and a chipmunk in a lab coat strode in.  He looked at
his clipboard, and then at Tanj and then back at his
clipboard, and made the typical noncommittal noise medical
types make in front of patients….  Putting the clipboard
down he picked up a hand-held fur trimmer and turned to face
Tanj; "I've got to shave portions of your head, for the
electrodes to work properly.  Now we can do this the hard
way, or the easy way.  Personally, I'd recommend the easy
way; you'll not look so… bizarre if I can do small, precise
spots.  But its up to you.  Either way, I'll get my job
done."  As the trimmer buzzed, Tanj tried to hold her
head still, wondering what the electrodes would be for… she
had the feeling she didn't really want to find out…..

When he'd finished with the razor, the Chipmunk fetched a
harness from a hook on the wall.  This fit over the
Cheetah's head, and the Chipmunk strapped it on TIGHT.
While it wasn't all that uncomfortable, Tanj found the
dangling wires, and the pricking sensations at various
places around her head…. Disconcerting to say the least.  It
was a while after the Chipmunk left, before the Doctor

The Coyote wore a starched lab coat, with the name tag "Dr.
Zachary Smith" over the left pocket.  The obligatory
stethoscope was in one of the lower lab coat pockets and a
selection of pens and other devices stuffed in the other
pockets.  All in all, he looked like the typical, busy
physician, and not the least bit sinister…..

"Hello, Ms. Kee, I'm Dr. Smith."  The voice was cultured and
smooth.  As she tried to follow the doctor's motions,
Tanj found herself loathing him instantly.  Who was this
furr, to do things like this to her?  The Doctor for his
part, was in the process of booting up the computer
terminal, and logging on as he talked.  "What we're going to
do today, is to start your conditioning…..  I'm sure you
realize by now that you're destined to be a sex slave, and
this will be the very first step in your training.  Don't
worry, we're not going to wipe your mind and program you
with simple, lurid instructions… we find that our ….
Products are much more valued if they retain their
creativity, and to an extent, their free will.  We just want
to relieve you of your inhibitions, add a few compulsions,
and so forth."  The Doctor rambled on, as he checked the
leads from the computer to the harness strapped tight to
Tanj's head.  Finally he nodded and moved to one side of
the room, where he started fiddling with some rubber tubing.
"In the old days, the techniques used involved things like
sleep deprivation, isolation, threats, physical pain, and
psychological pressures… incredibly crude techniques.
Sometimes they worked, and sometimes they didn't.  What
we've come up with is something a little more advanced.  Its
all based on rewards and punishment, don't you see.  By
controlling the rewards, and the punishments we can shape
your behavior, reinforcing the behavior we want, disposing
of the behavior we feel is… counterproductive.

Tanj listened curiously as she watched the Doctor work.
She certainly couldn't think of a way to escape, or of a way
to deter him from whatever it was he was going to do….  So
she tried hard not to panic, her engineer's mind latching
onto the mechanics of what he was doing, as a prop to keep
her from loosing it completely…..

The Doctor finished his work with the tubing, and sliding a
panel out from the wall, moved a complex assembly over
towards Tanj's left shoulder.  "Now I'm going to start an
IV, and I'm going to use an artery in your scalp, so hold
still.  Tanj felt a prick where the Chipmunk had shaved a
spot on her head, and then she felt the Doctor taping
something to the harness… "All Done.  What that's for is to
administer psychtropic drugs and hormones to your brain.
The electrodes in the harness on your head will detect
activity in certain portions of your brain.  In some cases
that activity will be related to compliance with the
behavior we wish to reinforce, and the little pump over here
will give you something nice…. On other occasions, the
electrodes will pick up activity in your brain associated
with resistance, and then something else will happen.
Something unpleasant, I'm afraid.  Now, in order to provide
the stimuli, we have this helmet….."

Tanj grunted as the doctor started to pull a soft leather
helmet over her head, being careful of the IV and of the
electrode leads.  There was a set of goggles over her eyes,
and a hole in the leather for her nose…. But there was a
thick rubber plug that filled her mouth, and straps that
held her jaws closed Tight around the invader.  When the
doctor was finished strapping it on, Tanj heard his voice
in one ear; "We have earphones installed in the helmet, so
you can hear only what we want you to hear.  The Helmet cuts
off outside stimulus rather nicely, doesn't it?  No
distractions.  Now, lets test the audio and visual stimuli,
shall we?"

Tanj blinked as an image formed in front of her eyes.  It
was as if she was looking into a mirror.  She could see
herself, strapped into the strange chair, with the Doctor
behind her at the computer terminal.  He was just sitting
there, paws folded in his lap, watching with a neutral
expression on his face.  As she examined the image, she
noticed her right arm was no longer restrained…. And yet she
couldn't seem to move it……  After a moment, the Doctor's
voice filled her earphones; "I want you to touch yourself.
I want you to caress yourself.  Stroke yourself for me, Ms.
Kee……"  Tanj's growl was muffled by the plug of rubber in
her mouth, but what flashed through her mind was "the HELL I
will"…. And then suddenly something flashed through her
mind.  It was like a sudden swift nightmare, more remembered
than actually felt, and it was MOST unpleasant……  As she
shuddered in its aftermath, she saw her right arm move,
seemingly of its own accord, reaching down to her crotch….
To her amazement, as the image showed her fingers brush
across her mons she could have sworn she felt the touch….
And yet she was sure she couldn't move her right arm… could
she?  For a moment she struggled, and then there was another
instant of nameless horror in her mind and she recoiled, the
shock forcing back all resistance, letting the sensation of
fingers stroking her mons, fingers seeking out her clitty
wash in behind the shock, to sooth her savaged mind……  She
watched in amazement as the image, so much like her
reflection, seemed to mimic the feelings she was receiving…
gradually the caresses became more intimate, more
passionate, and as the dong in her pussy vibrated to life,
she moaned.  Chest heaving, her climax seemed to rush at her
with freight-train speed, until she was straining against
her restraints, howling into the rubber plug filling her
mouth, as a powerful climax seized her…..

The Doctor smiled as the Cheetah Fem's chest heaved, as she
tried to regain her breath….  "Yes, I think the system's
working correctly.  See, now, that wasn't so bad… was it?"
Unseen by the Cheetah, the Doctor pressed a few buttons on
his console, and rising, moved off to his next "patient,"
the computer taking over the programming.  But Tanj never
noticed; the image presented to her eyes was suddenly that
of a dungeon; a classical dungeon with stone walls, and
straw on the floor, and torchlight.  She saw herself chained
to a coarse wooden pole, the straw on the floor pricking her
legs as she kneeled, head bowed submissively.  Something
whispered in her mind that this was right, that this was the
way it SHOULD be, and for a moment she felt really good…
satisfied with her condition.  The metal cuffs holding her
paws together in front of her, the collar, the heavy chain
to the post, her nudity, it all felt sooooo right.  And
then, suddenly, before her was the image of the Coyote,
except this time he was nude….. "Crawl over to me" the
Doctor's voice commanded, and for a moment, resentment and
rebellion surged through Tanj's mind, only to be quashed
by another wave of nameless dread.  Each assault was
slightly different, and each was horrible enough that all
thoughts of resistance were shattered.  In the aftermath of
this particular wave, Tanj saw herself crawl obediently,
if somewhat clumsily over to the Coyote.  He grinned down at
her, and ran a paw through her hair, a sensation she
amazingly could believe she actually felt… and then he
uttered a single word; "suck"…….  And then Tanj's mouth
was sucking greedily at the rubber plug in her mouth, her
tongue stroking it as if it were the Coyote's cock, even as
before her eyes, the image of herself leaned forward to take
his hard shaft in her mouth…. And as she sucked, she felt an
euphoria and an incredible sexual arousal….. "Got to be the
IV dripping something into my system… endorphins.. hormones…
something" she thought to herself, the thought slipping away
almost before it had registered, as she lost herself in the
raging lusts suddenly coursing through her body.

Image after image; scene after scene.  In each, she was
bound, subservient, docile, compliant… and randy as hell.
In some scenes she was nude; in some she was dressed in
outfits she thought she wouldn't be caught dead in.  It all
seemed so right….  And in each, she obeyed her instructions,
be they from male or female, her resistance rapidly being
worn down by the sudden flashes of nameless dread, until it
was eradicated completely.  Over and over, she went through
the scenes of sexual obedience, with each act of compliance
rewarded with the feeling of euphoria.  Gradually she began
anticipating the commands, predicting their needs, and their
desires, until they didn't even have to ask……

Tanj was limp, and panting when the Chipmunk removed the
leather helmet, and the head harness; as the rubber plug was
pulled from her mouth she moaned softly, her eyes fluttering
open.  The Chipmunk just smirked at her and proceeded to put
all the implements away.  By the time the guards came for
her, Tanj had regained her breath, but her mind was still
fragmented, trying to assimilate all she'd been through.
Part of her wondered how she could ever be like they wanted
her to be, and another part screamed YES!  I WANT it!
MORE!"  The guards had to lift her from the chair, and hold
her while she found her feet.  For a moment she thought she
was going to fall to her knees, and that triggered a memory
of one of the scenes, where she'd knelt before the male,
sucking him off with relish…. And the thought almost
triggered the action; but the guards were firm, making her
stand, binding her paws behind her, dragging her out of the
room to fasten her to the coffle, the line of slaves moving
another dozen feet, to wait, while the guards went into
another room, to drag out another limp slave……

After the day she'd had, the baths were a delight.  Sinking
down into the steaming hot water, Tanj purrrred, drawing
the instant attention of the guard; "YOU!  Spots!  No Noise
or you'll get a taste of my shock stick!"  Tanj bowed her
head meekly, almost without thinking, and shuddered, the
memory of what would happen if she wasn't compliant flashing
through her brain.  Across the tub, the eyes of the she-wolf
tracked the guard's movements, and when he'd moved off a
little she whispered; "The conditioning isn't perfect.  I
know, I know, right now you're full of it, its fresh in your
memory, but that'll fade.  Some.  And I know right now, he's
told you not to talk, and I bet you couldn't bring yourself
to, if you tried.  I'll also bet you won't even try.  I know
all too well what the treatment's like.  Just take heart,
it'll fade, a bit, over time, and there are some things you
can do, working around the "edges"….. he didn't tell ME to
be quiet after all….."  As the guard moved back towards
them, the She-wolf fell silent, her eyes averted.  When his
footfalls had receded, she snuck a quick look and whispered;
"by the way, my name's Marla; what's yours?"

Tanj looked at the She-Wolf, and then flicked her gaze at
the guard, still meters distant; her mouth opened, but try
as she might she couldn't get a word out.  Not even a
squeek.  She was beginning to hyperventilate when she felt
someone touch her under the water, and Marla whispered; "Its
all right, I understand, really I do.  Silly of me to have
done that to you.  Don't worry, it'll pass. You can tell me

Panting hard, Tanj awoke from yet another dream.  The
scenes from her conditioning were replaying themselves in
her mind as she slept……  moaning hard, she thought of the
scene, where some unidentified male had told her to use her
fingers to spread her labia, to show him the pink of her
sex…. And she'd so willingly complied.  It disgusted and
frustrated her; she didn't WANT to be like that, but
couldn't seem to help herself……  And yet, somewhere deep
inside her, it thrilled her too……  Without even realizing
it, she found her right paw between her thighs, stroking
herself.  Her pussy was drenched, literally dripping….. and
her fingers felt sooooo good against her heated flesh.
Hearing the approaching footsteps of a guard, she quickly
withdrew her paw and rolled over, feigning sleep….. but as
he padded off, she moves her right arm under her body, her
paw between her thighs, covertly stroking herself…..  hoping
no one would see, praying no one would ever know.

The next morning was filled with dread.  Tanj shuffled
forward in the coffle, knowing this time where she was
headed, knowing what the day would bring.  One of the guards
had mentioned, teasingly to the slaves in the coffle, that
they'd go through over one hundred thousand such scenes,
insuring that they were thoroughly indoctrinated…..  And if
that was the case, Tanj knew she'd have many more days in
that damnable chair…..

The guard, only one this time, released Tanj's paws and
gestured to the chair.  "you know where the lube is, if you
think you need it.  Either way, take a seat."  Tanj
looked at the guard and then remembered she was supposed to
keep her gaze down, her head lowered.  Moving fast to
forestall any rebuke, she yanked open the drawer, retrieved
the tube of lubricant and rapidly slathered it over the
phallus.  Was it larger this morning than it had been
yesterday?  She could have sworn it had grown in girth and
length…..  Replacing the tube she mounted the chair,
positioning herself just so, before slowly lowering
herself….  Efficiently, the guard strapped her in, and then
departed, leaving her alone with her thoughts.  When the
squirrel came bustling in, Tanj jumped… or would have if
she wasn't so tightly restrained.  The squirrel set her up
as she had been before, with the head harness and its
pigtail of electrode leads, the IV in her scalp, and the
soft leather helmet with the rubber plug in her mouth and
the holo goggles over her eyes.  There was no sign of the
Doctor, and before she knew it, the visions once again
floated in front of her.  This time they were pushing the
limits of what she thought she could tolerate.  Wearing
slutty clothes in public…. And then public nudity, and when
her resistance to that had been quashed, sex in public…..
sex with more than one partner.  Sex acts that she'd never
even heard of, much less considered doing… and interspersed
with it all were the more "vanilla" flavored things, where
subservience and compliance earned her a nice shot of
endorphins and a pleasant buzzing of the dong buried in her
pussy…. Where willing participation, or even creative
thoughts on her part earned her a greater rush, or a more
powerful climax…..  By the end of the day she was more or
less willingly participating in acts that she'd never

The next day, they'd given her a modified helmet; her eyes
were still covered by the video goggles, and her ears filled
with the earphones… but now her mouth was free…. And the
computer was demanding verbal responses from her.  She had
to call males Master, and females Mistress….. she had to
keep her speech correct, and proper…. And in some cases she
had to beg.  And then beg creatively.  She had to beg to be
allowed to suck his cock, or to service him with her body…..
Strangely she found this hardest of all to do, and suffered
agonizing wave after wave of terror, or dread, until she
finally stammered out what was required of her, wracking her
brain for convincing imaginative things to say.  By the time
the guard came to release the Cheetah, Tanj was
thoroughly drained, and shaking.

The bath was heaven.  Tanj sank down into it until only
her nose and the tips of her ears were above water, letting
the heat leach away the soreness from her muscles.  She'd
never dreamed she could get so sore, fighting the straps
that held her immobile.  Raising her head just  a bit, at an
underwater touch, Tanj gazed through the steam at a
grinning Marla.  She could see the She-Wolf's eyes flick to
appraise the attention of the guard, and then flick back to
her.  "Well" she whispered; "Have you gotten around it yet
to the point where you can talk?"  Tanj's right ear
swiveled, tracking the guard's footsteps and she mumbled;
"Think…. so.  Name's  T..Ta.. Tanj"  Marla nodded; "gets
easier with practice.  Just gotta remember if you're not
wired into their gizmo they can't twist your brain if you
don't respond correctly.  Take your time.  There IS hope."
Tanj just nodded, and sank back down into the soothing

Tanj leaned against the wall and smiled to herself.
Those early days here had really been some of the easiest…..
and some of the scariest.  The sessions in the chair had
gone on for over a week, and by the time they were done,
she'd eagerly leapt into the chair, not bothering with the
lubricant; she'd gotten wet enough just thinking of the fun
to come, of the wild sex and the endorphin rush.  The tasks
required no longer seemed to matter; the subservience, the
degradation, and the begging no longer bothered her.
Whatever it took to get the approval of her Master or
Mistress, whatever it took to get her climax….  Finally, on
that last day when the helmet was removed, when the guard
had released her from the chair, he'd told her to crawl to
him and service him with her mouth, and she'd eagerly

Tanj still had a self-satisfied smirk on her face when
she'd settled into the baths.  Marla grinned at her from
across the water and ostentatiously licked her lips as if
signifying that she too had gotten a taste of her guard.
Kayla, the otter, just made a sour face and slipped down
underneath the water.  As the guard passed by, shock-stick
swinging by its lanyard, the girls in the tub did their very
best to ignore him, but Tanj found that her eyes were
still drawn to the bulge in his loincloth.  When he'd
passed, Marla leaned forward; "Did your guard say anything
to you, when he let you out of the chair?"  Tanj just
stifled a giggle; "Yeah.  Two words.  "Crawl", and "Suck.""
Marla giggled quietly in return; "No, silly, I mean AFTER
that!"  Tanj smiled; "No, why?"  The conversation lagged,
as another guard walked by, his gaze passing over each of
the girls in turn.  When he'd gone, Marla whispered; "Mine
said that I wasn't bad… for an amateur.  And that they'd
done all they could with that kind of conditioning, and that
now skills training would commence.  With different
incentives.  And that if I screwed up, the punishments would
be of a different sort, and worse.  Much worse."  Tanj
slid back into the water and pondered; "what could be worse
than that mind-wrenching electrode and chemical induced

Tanj groaned.  There were now sounds coming from the
grille on the wall to the right of the door.  This one
sounded like girl-on-girl…. At least two, maybe three… and
again, they sounded like they were having a GREAT time.  She
was envious.  As the female on the left screamed in ecstasy,
Tanj groaned and rolled around on the soft floor of the
padded room, trying to find some way to rub her dripping
pussy, seeking to find SOME stimulation.  Kneeling she
shifted, seeking to rub her crotch against the back of her
right ankle, straining.  And while that was better than
nothing, it wasn't anywhere near enough…..

"Can't even cover my ears" Tanj moaned to herself.  There
was now another party going on, the noises floating through
the grille opposite the door.  Someone was being punished,
but they were alternating giggles and howls, their cries
interspersed with the soft words of at least two males.  In
her mind's eye, Tanj could just see the guys alternating
feathers and a whip, interspersed with caresses and the
application of tongues to sensitive places……  Groaning to
herself, the Cheetah rolled about on the floor, her pussy
literally dripping.  She felt so….. "left out," so very
alone….  Even the attention of the two dominant males would
be better than being here, all alone, not even able to touch
herself.  And as she groaned, she realized that the Academy
had succeeded in finding a way to torture her for her
mistake.  The conditioning was now a weapon to be used
against her.  "I wonder if they've put some chemicals in the
air to make me even hotter" she wondered idly as the sounds
of sex bombarded her mind from three different directions.

"Fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven, fifty eight, fifty
nine, Sixty…. Um, lets see, that’s got to be Four hours,
thirty seven minutes….. One, two, three,……"  Tanj counted
her own heartbeats, her only mechanism for measuring time.
Her only distractions from the sounds and the scents
bombarding her.  Her pulse was loud in her ears, and just a
little rapid, she thought, as was her breathing….. but then
considering how aroused she was, how very wet, that wasn't
really surprising.  The sounds from the other three rooms
had continued, almost unabated.  Occasionally they would die
down, and it was obvious that furrs were leaving, only to be
replaced with a fresh group.  It seemed like the Academy was
running through every permutation and combination of males
and females, of every sex act they could think of, just to
torture her….  Somewhere, deep within her psyche, Tanj
knew it was probably all just recordings, but it sounded so
real…. And so inviting, her imagination filled in all the
gaps…..  She was sooooooo horny, and had NO way of getting
any relief.  Squirming around, she tried once again to kneel
in a way that would allow her to press her hungry little
pussy against the smooth soft floor of the room, seeking to
stroke herself against it, and once again failing miserably…
Groaning in frustration, she resumed counting…….. seventeen,
eighteen, nineteen….

Tanj had lost her count three times; she figured she'd
been in the room close to 24 hours when the door clicked
open, and the guard motioned to her.  Her raging lust
continued unabated, negated somewhat by her thirst, hunger
and the immense pressure in her bladder.  As she struggled
to her feet, the guard smirked at her; "learned your
lesson?"  Tanj mewled into her gag and fell to her knees,
to nuzzle at the guard's crotch, nodding enthusiastically.

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to
any characters, living, dead or imaginary is purely a
coincidence.  Tanj is copyright Kittiara's player.
Kittiara can be found on Furrymuck; telnet 8888. Copyright 1999.  Comments,
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