Resale Shop
by Katherine Travis

The creaky uneven wood floors make a staccato counterpoint to the click of her heels as she crossed the room. Dim shadows and whispers of passing cars on the snow-covered street add to the feeling of being alone and helpless. A few hours ago several customers had sorted through the racks of second hand clothing, but the doors were locked now and the old building had only one inhabitant.

Molly had been less than thrilled when she'd been offered a job in the worn down but somehow trendy part of the city they were calling the warehouse district now. Everything in the four-block area seemed to have a perpetual covering of dust on it, even when it rained. Winter did seem to clean things up though, hiding it under a blanket of white.

Less than thrilled maybe, but with little choice. She'd lost her job, her car and her apartment all within a few days. When Stage 2 had opened up next to her favorite hangout bar, she'd passed through looking for bargains, but on the day of the job offer she'd been trying to sell a few things. Kelly, the owner, had taken pity on her right away and offered the job, and later the use of the third floor apartment. Kelly couldn't actually rent the place, it didn't have a separate entrance and probably wouldn't meet codes anymore, but Molly was happy to get it.

The four inch heels on the pumps she'd found tonight would make the climb up to the keys slow, but first she'd have to unlock the chain from the rack near the door first. She'd left her legs free to allow some movement, but her hands were cuffed and locked as tightly to her waist as she could manage alone. The chains passing between her legs and around her waist were nearly as tight as the one criss-crossing her chest. Each breath made her breasts feel like they were in a press.

Molly's interest in leather had begun with her new job. She'd been given her the task of sorting all of the new arrivals into piles so Kelly could more easily price them. Most of the store was full of donated clothing, and the back area was stuffed so full it was overflowing into the halls. A few days into the task boredom had gotten the better of her.

Deep into a stack that had obviously never been sorted since it had been started, Molly found several boxes of leather coats, most of them in poor condition. Kelly had given her permission to pick out something warm for the winter, so she'd decided to dig deeper. Deeply hidden under all those boxes Molly uncovered treasure. At first she'd thought it was a jacket, but pulling it out she quickly discovered a genuine leather full catsuit. As curious as she was, she slipped it back under the pile and went on with her work until that evening.

After she'd closed the store and double-checked the locks Molly pulled her find from it's hiding place and held it up to herself. "I think it will fit me" she whispered to herself. The heavy brass zipper had been hard to pull, but once she got it past her hips it seemed to move freely and she soon found herself staring in the full-length mirrors. It wasn't in great shape, in fact it looked like it had seen some rough use. The knees were scraped up, and the creaky leather wasn't shiny either, but it did fit, even zipping right up between her C cup breasts all the way to the tall collar.

Something caught Molly's attention then. Right near the zipper there was a brass ring sewn, or rather riveted to the collar of the suit. Locked to the ring was a small brass padlock. "How kinky" she remarked, and pulled at the lock. It didn't open, and no telling how long it had been there, or where the key was now. Stranger still, on each wrist zipper there were rings as well, and on the ankles short leather straps that fit loosely under her feet that could be locked to the ankle zippers. Further exploration of the pile, still in the catsuit, revealed a belt that matched the suit, and it also had a small padlock hanging from the buckle. However, this lock was open, so Molly added the belt to the suit. For several minutes she held the small open lock in her palm and stared at it. The thought of adding it to the belt and closing it was exciting for some reason. Slowly she slipped the tiny shackle through the hole in the buckle. A sudden wave of excitement nearly caused her knees to give out. Shaking her head Molly quickly removed the lock and set it aside. "Yeah, I really need to explain how I got locked up in this thing."

The next several nights Molly spent wearing the suit around the store after hours. Kelly always opened the store, but she lived a few miles away so she'd leave early and let Molly clean up and close. As soon as she'd locked the doors Molly slipped into the leather catsuit. When she thought about it she knew it was sexually exciting, but she was also feeling something different. In a strange way, being tightly confined and zipped in to all that leather was comforting. If she'd been asked why, Molly wouldn't have been able to answer; but it didn't really matter. She was alone, and held tightly at the same time. Of course the padlocks so intrigued her that she'd spent too much of her meager pay on a set of shiny new ones. All six used the same key, and all were soon a part of her nightly escapade. Molly was quite sure that nothing short of heavy shears or bolt cutters would free her if she somehow lost the keys, so she carefully slipped the spare under the seat of Kelly's car when she took it to get lunch one day. At least if she lost one she'd be able to get out eventually. Once she'd locked the catsuit on, Molly would become instantly aroused, and every night she'd take it off and use a favorite toy to bring herself to orgasm. She'd tried using it with the suit on, but even though it felt really, really good, it wasn't enough to take her over the edge.

Kelly had internet access in the store, and Molly had managed to hang on to the laptop that she'd bought for college. The web soon turned up all sorts of interesting ideas and toys. As soon as she could afford one, she'd ordered a remote egg and an anal plug. She wasn't sure about the plug, but since the site she was ordering from gave her free shipping on the second item, she'd splurged.

The day the toys arrived Molly could barely focus on her work. Kelly probably had some idea that something was up, but Molly wasn't the sort of girl that shared a lot of details about herself. As soon as Kelly was out the door, Molly closed up shop and sprinted up the stairs to the apartment. First out of the box was the plug, and Molly still wasn't too sure about it. The egg though got her attention. The tiny remote control had a battery in it, but a search of the box revealed that there were no batteries for the egg. "Batteries not included, that figures" she complained to herself. "Well, might as well make an adventure of it".

Stripping quickly she picked up the plug again, then, smiling to herself she lubed it up and gently probed her backside with it. Nothing had ever gone in that way before. A soft gasp slipped past her lips as she gently pressed against her tight muscle. With some effort and concentration she managed to relax things enough to get the tip inside herself, but just barely. "How in the world do people use those big things?" she wondered out loud. After a short while though she relaxed enough to let the rest of the plug pass inside, letting out a soft moan as the ring of muscle closed over the plug, trapping it inside her body. Forcing herself to ignore the new sensation Molly soon had the tight leather zipped up and locked on. Beads of sweat glistened on her forehead and she knew that she was really starting to enjoy this new game.

It was cold out, but hadn't snowed yet. Molly's heels clicked on the concrete as she closed and locked the door behind her. No one would notice anything odd, she hoped. The catsuit was hidden now, under loose jeans, a sweatshirt and the leather coat she'd eventually claimed from the store's inventory. The only thing she worried about were her shoes. She'd found the tall pumps a few days ago and had set them aside. The straps on her ankles had them locked firmly on her feet; there was no way to remove them without the key that was in the apartment upstairs.

She set out walking then; the nearest place that would have batteries was a gas station about four blocks away. Her route took her right through a quiet residential neighborhood where she passed a few people out for a walk in the cool evening air. No one seemed to notice even though she was certain that the plug and the heels were making her walk strangely. Each step made the plug squirm inside her and make her very aware of what she was doing. "I can't wait to get the batteries" Molly whispered to herself.

The bored store clerk didn't even look up to give her the change, but Molly caught the one man pumping gas into his Jeep staring, and then blushing when she smiled back. She wasn't sure, but she thought she saw the same car drive past her slowly on her walk back home. She smiled to herself, sure that he'd just been attracted to her pretty face or long black hair. "If only he knew" she giggled quietly. Once she was safely back inside she wanted to sprint up the stairs and masturbate, but the heels and the plug made her take her time. Looking back later she realized that the enforced patience that night had started her down a path of ever more restrictive games. The egg lost it's chance that night, as Molly's excitement gave way to lust and masturbation.

A few weeks and a few paychecks later Molly received her set of four leather cuffs, complete with locks. The spare key joined the first one under the seat of Kelly's car. Some experimentation showed her the need for some chain. Careful measuring and a trip to the hardware store took care of that easily enough.

The night of the first snowfall Kelly decided to close the store for a few days. Business was slow, and she wanted to visit some friends a short drive away. Molly was only too happy to have a few days to herself, she'd been making plans for just such an occasion. After slipping the egg inside her already excited pussy, Molly carefully lubed the new plug. With a grimace and some careful pressure it slipped home. This one was a bit larger than the first one, and had a wire leading to a control for the vibrator built into it. She hadn't used it yet, so tonight would bring a few new experiences. Earlier she'd found an old fashioned black girdle that fit very tightly over her curvy hips. She'd discovered that the added tightness heightened the feeling of the vibrating egg.

With shaking fingers she switched on the new plug. The sudden buzzing in her ass buckled her knees and made her cry out. The control was shoved within the suit. Over the girdle Molly slipped on the catsuit and carefully locked all the zippers, including the ankle straps that kept on her heels. She'd been using the chains long enough now to be able to get them in place quickly. One around her waist and another passing through her crotch, yet another wrapping her chest twice, crossing between her breasts. Molly knew just how tight they needed to be. All of her keys went into a small toolbox that she'd chained to the leg of her bed. She buckled the wrist cuffs on, but added the locks without closing them. Next the tool box was locked with a brand new combination lock. Now she was ready to head downstairs. Molly's laptop was positioned on the counter near the cash register at the front of the store, secured there with a locking cable. It was already running a program called Timelock ( that she'd found on the web and played with enough to be sure how it worked. Secure within the laptop's memory was a file with two combinations, but until the timer counted down, she was unable to see them.

Feeling very aroused and excited now she hurried through the rest of the preparations. Between her teeth she strapped a medium sized, bright red ballgag. It didn't lock, but she wouldn't be able to reach it anyway. One last check of the computer and she was sure she was all set. Shaking and already drooling, she reached behind herself and locked the chain that was secured to the clothing display to the one that went between her legs. Now, even with her hands still free she was stuck there until the timer showed her the combination to the other brand new lock that was at the base of the display rack. With a last sensual tease over her breasts and hips Molly locked her wrists to each side of her waist. She was truly caught now. Butterflies raged inside her tummy, but she held the orgasm back, there was one more thing to do. The remote control for the egg lay waiting on the counter. Molly took it in her hand and walked to the end of the chain. Switching it on she dropped it and quickly gave it a gentle kick. When it came to life she lost control of everything and came, kneeling on the floor, chains binding her and locked inside a leather prison where no one knew she was. Several waves of pleasure coursed over Molly's encased body, leaving her panting, still kneeling, unable to get to her feet. After a while the feeling lessened and she could think again. Crying, frustrated more than she'd ever been, biting hard on the red ball between her teeth she pulled desperately on the cuffs. Even though she knew there was no way to escape until her computer allowed it, she struggled. Even though the effort only made her more aware of the futility, she became more and more excited. A pattern soon established itself. Despair, lust, rocking her hips and desperately pulling at the chains. Every movement making her aware of how helpless she'd made herself.

Two hours later the counter was close to zero. Molly watched it, barely moving now, aware that any movement could set off another chain of pleasure that was inescapable. When the file finally opened she stared at the numbers, committing them to her memory through the haze of her erotic torment. There was no way to tell which would free her of the chain, so she slowly, slowly crawled to the end of the counter and tried with one hand to open the lock. Several tries later it was open, and she was now free to climb the stairs to the third floor, and freedom. Still working in a decadent fog of arousal Molly walked to the control for the egg, guided to it by the tiny red light that seemed to mock her. Bending down forced everything tighter and she feel once again to her knees. Drops of sweat fell from her brow as she picked it up from the floor. Her thumb slipped across the switch and a heavy sigh escaped her gagged mouth.

Before she could think about it shewalked to the door of the shop and carefully looked out into the streetlights on the snow. There wasn't a soul around. Aftershocks shook her body, but another orgasm wasn't ready to drop her to the floor just yet. Quickly, with the butterflies getting stronger inside her stomach she opened the door and stepped outside into the cold night. Carefully checking that the door would stay unlocked she pulled it shut and walked around the corner of the building, hiding herself in the shadow of the building. Biting hard on the gag Molly switched the egg on again and leaned against the cold bricks, letting yet another wave course over her.

Hours later Molly awoke in her bed. She'd showered after freeing herself from the leather catsuit that tormented her so well. The sun was warm coming in the high windows and she felt as if she'd been in a 10k run the day before. Endorphins depleted, euphoria a hazy memory she wandered the empty building, stopping at her laptop and smiling. "Tonight... random time options..."

The End

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