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  Supermarket Sweep

  By Kat

  Sheila Jenkins sat in her office and watched the closed circuit TV monitor sat on the
  desk in front of her and her heart began to pound as she watched events unfold. Sheila
  had been deputy manager of this particular supermarket for nearly six months, during
  which time she had done her job well and earned the respect of the staff having gained
  a reputation of being firm but fair. She got on well with her boss, a man by the name of
  Martin Clark, and he had already let it be known that it would only be a matter of time
  before she became manager of a store in her own right. But as she watched the monitor
  in growing horror she knew that her future could well be on the line.

  As deputy manager part of her duties included being responsible for the bakery, as
  being a big store the bread was baked on the premises and she had always thought she
  had an excellent team working in it. The bakery supervisor, Amanda Taylor was an
  extremely efficient woman and made sure things ran like clockwork and seemed to be
  able to get her team of three other women to do whatever was needed. In fact Sheila
  rarely interfered with the workings of the bakery knowing that Amanda had things
  under control. Then, about a month ago Head office sent a memo to the effect that the
  bakery at Sheila’s store was using more flour and other ingredients that any other store
  and could she provide an explanation. Sheila dismissed it as the typical sort of thing one
  gets from a pen pusher at head office and as they were about to embark on a stock
  take put it in a drawer to deal with at a later date. She then promptly forgot about it and
  only remembered when another slightly more insistent memo had arrived, this time
  detailing her stores usage of ingredients and comparing it with other stores. Having
  studied the figures Sheila had to concede that head office did have a point and she
  decided to have a chat with Amanda later that day.

  She never got to the chat as she slipped up to her office for a cup of coffee at about
  seven o’clock that evening and whilst sat at her desk drinking it she started to fiddle
  with the newly upgraded CCTV system part of which involved having monitors in the
  managers offices. She was no expert with the things and it was purely by chance she
  ended up looking at the bakery which surprised her as she didn’t know there was even
  a camera there and for several minutes watched as the bakery staff removed a large
  quantity of freshly baked bread from one of the ovens. Soon growing bored she
  switched to a view of the main store but then, about 15 seconds later, a thought struck
  her and she flicked back to the bakery.

  "Why are the making bread a couple of hours before the store shuts?" she said out
  loud to herself and then watched as Amanda and her staff loaded the not insubstantial
  amount of bread onto a trolley and carefully covered it over. Amanda herself then
  wheeled the trolley out the back of the bakery and into the warehouse area. Sheila
  frantically pressed buttons on her console to try and find a view of the warehouse.
  Finally she got one and was horrified to see Amanda helping a man to load all the bread
  into the back of a van. Once it was all loaded the man handed something to Amanda,
  which Sheila assumed to be money and seconds later the van drove off. Amanda looked
  round furtively before stuffing the money into her bra and then wheeling the trolley
  back to the bakery.

  Sheila sat dumbfounded, just staring at the screen as numerous thoughts flashed
  through her brain. Upper most was the feeling of betrayal, she had always trusted
  Amanda but had now just discovered she and her staff had a nice little sideline going at
  the stores expense. She was about to phone the police and hand the matter over to
  them when it occurred to her that the whole affair would reflect badly on her and most
  likely she could forget any further advancement of her career. Calming herself she
  began to think hard and came to the conclusion that she was better off dealing with the
  matter herself and keeping the lid on it. She was also equally determined to teach
  Amanda and her staff a lesson they wouldn’t forget. Picking up the phone she made an
  internal call to the bakery and curtly told Amanda that she wanted to see her and the
  bakery staff once the store had closed. Amanda asked why and Sheila simply said,
  "Wait and see," before putting the phone down.

  Two hours later there was a knock at the door of Sheila’s office.

  "Come in," Sheila called and led by Amanda the four women walked in still in their
  bakery uniforms which in Amanda’s case consisted of a white knee length cotton
  overall/dress. Amanda herself was very self-confident and outgoing 27 year old which
  made her ideal for the job she was doing. She was of medium height and possessed
  short dark hair. The other three entered quickly behind Amanda, they were dressed in
  the standard uniforms like Amanda’s, only theirs were light blue in colour. Sheila knew
  that due to the heat in the bakery they very rarely wore much under these uniforms.
  First through the door, after Amanda, was Julie Smith the oldest of all of them at 43.
  Despite this she had lost none of her looks and was known to work out at a local gym to
  keep in trim although the 5ft tall with curly blonde hair did have a reputation for having
  a fiery temper. She also had a rather unruly 18-year-old daughter. Following her was
  Anne Harrison a 25 year old, who at 4ft 6" was the shortest of them all but along with
  her long jet back hair she possessed both an ample chest and backside The last into the
  office was Angela Scott the tall blonde haired 19 year old trainee who was as thin as
  she was tall. She had proved to be extremely shy in the couple of months she had been
  at the store but was nonetheless a hard worker. All four women wore the obligatory
  white hats as required by the hygiene regulations and those with long hair had it tucked
  under these hats. In addition they all wore their name badges on their left breasts in
  line with company policy. As the nervous looking Angela closed the door behind herself,
  Amanda made for the chair in front of the desk and was somewhat startled when Sheila
  rebuffed her with, "I didn’t say you could sit."

  She managed to maintain her composure and went to stand with her staff. Sheila looked
  at the four of them stood opposite her and then produced the memo. She read it out and
  then said, "Can you explain this please?"

  "Its probably a mix up," Amanda tried to explain, having studied it for a moment but
  was interrupted by Sheila, "I thought that at first but now I’ve got other ideas."

  "Such as?" Amanda snapped back none too pleasantly as the other three looked

  "Well perhaps I should tell you that I discovered our new security system has a camera
  in the bakery and tonight I saw some interesting things." There was silence as the four
  standing women looked aghast which immediately indicated to Sheila that all of them
  knew exactly what had been going on.

  "What exactly did you see?" Amanda finally managed to ask after several moments of
  uneasy silence.

  "Lets say, a substantial quantity of bakery products was seen leaving via the back
  door." Sheila answered giving Amanda a cold stare.

  "Oh" was all Amanda could manage in reply, she and the others knew they had been
  caught red handed; their little scheme to make some extra cash on the side had just
  landed them in serious hot water.

  "I suppose I have no alternative but to call the police," Sheila added a moment later.
  There was a gasp from one of the women and Amanda managed to utter a quiet, "No."
  which Sheila heard. Sitting back in her chair she said," Why don’t you tell me what has
  been going on."

  Amanda knew when they were beaten and realizing that protests of innocence would be
  futile took a deep breath and began to speak. She described how she had been
  approached by a man offering her money if she produced some bread for him. At first
  Amanda declined but the man came back on several occasions and as well as being
  persistent he upped the money. This caused Amanda to give the matter some serious
  thought and she eventually concluded that she could get away with it but she would of
  course need the rest of the staff in on the deal. So one evening she got them all on one
  side and carefully explained the deal to them. To her surprise she found they were all in
  agreement although in hindsight it was just before Christmas and the thought of a bit
  extra money was all the more tempting. So that was that and she struck a deal with the
  man and things had been going fine until now.

  On finishing her account Amanda looked at her shoes unable to look Sheila in the eye.
  Sheila noticed this and saw that the others were also looking extremely uneasy and
  looking away from her.

  "So who was this man?" Sheila asked breaking the silence.

  "I have no idea,” Amanda answered looking up. Sheila could tell she was telling the
  truth and looked again at the four women. They all knew that their jobs, futures and the
  possibility of a criminal record lay in Sheila’s hands. What they didn’t know, or at least
  Sheila hoped they hadn’t worked out, was that if she blew the whistle on them then her
  career would probably be over as well.

  Sheila sat in silence and maintaining an outward appearance of composure and looked
  from one woman to the next for a good minute or so. At last she spoke. "You have a
  choice ladies" she began in an authoritative voice, "I can call the police now or you can
  let me deal with the matter and accept an alternative course of action." Without waiting
  for Sheila to go on there was a chorus of agreement to accepting Sheila’s alternative.
  "Are you sure?" Sheila asked again and for a second time got four agreements. "Very
  well, Amanda stay here, the rest of you wait outside"

  There were questioning looks but it seemed better than police involvement so Anne,
  Angela and Julie filed out of the office closing the door behind them.

  Amanda looked up at Sheila with a weak smile on her face, "It’s very good of you to
  give us this chance," she said trying to be friendly.

  "Don’t thank me yet," Sheila replied stoically, "you might not be so grateful later."

  "What have you got in mind then?" Amanda asked uneasily.

  "You’ll find out in good time," was all the answer she got.

  Amanda said nothing more and Sheila decided to waste no time and looking straight at
  Amanda sternly said, "Strip."

  "What," Amanda gasped not believing her ears.

  "Strip." Sheila repeated slightly more forcefully.

  "No way," Amanda retorted defiantly and folded her arms.

  "Have it your way," Sheila sighed and reached for the phone.

  "Err..Hang on" the supervisor said hastily and Sheila paused, "Do you really mean
  take off my clothes?"

  "Yes" Sheila said.

  "Oh, but why?"

  "Because you agreed to accept my alternative," Sheila explained her hand hovering
  over the phone.

  "You never said anything about stripping." She said angrily.

  "You never asked." Sheila replied.

  "And if I don’t you’ll call the police?" Amanda said nastily.

  "Correct," Sheila confirmed.

  "Isn’t there something else we can do," Amanda asked looking for a way out.

  "No" Sheila replied, "Strip or I ring the Police."

  You rotten bitch." Amanda said knowing she was beaten and struggling to control her

  Sheila just smiled. "O Rats" Amanda groaned and kicked off her shoes. She was not
  shy and was determined to maintain as much dignity as possible so she began to
  unbutton the front of her white overall which took some time as they went all the way to
  her waist. She slipped deftly out of it and allowed it to drop to the floor. This left her
  clad only in her white lacy 36B bra and matching panties with of course her bakery hat
  on her head. The hat was quickly pulled off to reveal her short dark hair before the
  supervisor reached up and unclipped her front fasting bra. Pulling it apart her breasts
  spilled out and at the same time the money she had earlier stuffed in her bra fell out.
  The bra was dropped on the ground and swiftly she yanked her knickers down and
  kicked them off. Not one for modesty she stood naked in front of Sheila with her hands
  on her hips breasts swinging free and her neatly trimmed pubic hair on display. She
  virtually spat.

  "Now what?" at Sheila.

  The seated woman was a little taken aback by this but didn’t show it and instead she
  said, "Go and stand facing that wall and put you hands on your head.”

  This took Amanda by surprise and caused her to blush for the first time. It wasn’t so
  many weeks earlier that she had made her own children do the same, only they were

  “Find that a bit embarrassing do you?" Sheila asked sensing her discomfort.

  "Yes," was all Amanda could say in reply, her defiance somewhat dissipated, as Sheila
  pointed to the wall and said, "Good."

  As the naked woman shuffled across the office Sheila got up from her chair went round
  her desk and picked up the money that had fallen from Amanda’s bra. She put it on her
  desk and then went over to the door. She pulled it open smartly and curtly ordered,
  "Julie, come in."

  At 43 Julie was the oldest of them all but at 5ft with her curly blonde hair she was still
  an attractive woman. She entered the office and Sheila closed the door behind her. As
  the deputy manager returned to her seat Julie couldn’t help but notice the pile of
  clothes on the floor in front of the desk. She looked round the room and with a gasp her
  hand flew to her mouth as she set eyes on her supervisor’s naked form. She looked
  back at Sheila eyes as wide as saucers, hand still over mouth.

  "W..What tt..the?" she stammered in disbelief.

  Sheila was sure she saw Amanda’s naked buttocks clench with the humiliation of her
  position and just to rub it in she said, "Tell Julie why you are like that, Amanda."

  Between gritted teeth and feeling utterly ridiculous Amanda managed to say, "This is
  the alternative to the police." And then felt her face burn red.

  "Not all of it, actually," Sheila corrected her, "but more of that later."

  "I don’t have to do that do I," Julie asked with a flash of her short temper, "because I

  "You do unless you’d like me to call the police."

  Julie seethed as she slowly looked over had the naked Amanda. "There must be a law
  against this.” She snarled turning back to Sheila, who promptly answered, "There
  probably is and there most certainly is against theft."

  Julie, like Amanda several minutes before her, knew she was in a no-win situation and
  grudgingly conceded, "OK you win," as she pulled her bakery hat from her head and
  angrily shook her hair free. Looking down she saw Amanda’s discarded clothes close to
  her feet and dropped her hat on top of them. She kicked off her shoes and left them
  where they fell and then reached behind her neck. Sheila heard a zipper being pulled
  down and watched with a feeling of growing power as Julie stripped in front of her. With
  a considerable amount of wriggling Julie got her arms out of the sleeves before allowing
  the overall/dress to fall. The 5ft tall Julie was quite broad across both the shoulders and
  the hips. As a result the garment stopped at her waist and Julie had to help it over her
  hips before it finally fell to the floor. Standing in front of Sheila in a light blue set of bra
  and knickers Sheila noted that like Amanda, Julie’s legs were bare, no doubt due to the
  heat of the bakery. Julie’s temper had deserted her as the dress came off, she had
  always been self conscious about her rather plump bottom and it dawned on her that
  she was going to have to display it totally in the next few minutes. She sniffed before
  reaching behind her back to undo her bra. Seconds later her 34B breasts with only a
  slight trace of sag were on full display as the bra dropped to the ground.

  Julie froze with her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers dreading taking them off to
  reveal her backside. When she didn’t move Sheila looked up at her and said.


  "I can’t take them off" Julie nearly cried.

  "Amanda," Sheila called raising her voice," Tell her what happens if she doesn’t."

  "You'll call the police," Amanda replied sadly still facing the wall.

  Julie reluctantly slipped her knickers down and blushed as red as a beetroot as she did
  so. She stood with them round her ankles both hands covering her crotch staring at the

  "Go and stand next to Amanda." Sheila ordered and watched as she turned and,
  stepping out of her knickers, made her way to join her supervisor. As she turned she
  gave Sheila brief glimpse of her luxuriant blonde pubic hair. By the time that she got to
  the wall next to her supervisor Sheila could not fail to notice her rather plump arse.
  Unbidden she put her hands on her head and stood silently. Sheila’s confidence was
  growing as she got up again and headed for the door and she opened it and called the
  25-year-old Anne in. Anne nervous at the best of times came in and almost immediately
  spotted her colleagues. Her mouth fell wide open and she stood immobile as she took in
  the sight of the naked pair.

  Sheila went and perched on the end of her desk and folding her arms looked at Anne.
  "I suppose you are wondering what has happened?" she said. Anne, still bewildered,
  slowly nodded. "Well, that," she explained pointing at Amanda and Julie, "is the
  alternative to the police."

  "Oh" was all Anne could manage in a tiny voice so Sheila continued, "So would you be
  so kind as to take off your clothes and join them."

  Much to Sheila surprise Anne immediately started to unzip her overall albeit rather
  slowly. Sheila had expected some resistance from Anne but none was forthcoming. She
  continued at this slow pace just staring to the front as the overall fell to the floor and
  she stepped out of her shoes at the same time as she stepped out of the dress. This left
  her 34C breasts encased in a rather matronly cotton bra, which was built for
  functionality and not style. Her knickers were of a similar design, both items being in
  plain white. At 4ft 6" she was the smallest of the women except for the very slightly
  shorter Sheila. With trembling hands she undid her bra catch and let it slide down her
  arms and drop to the ground and them pulled her knickers down and stepped out of

  She turned to make her way to join the other two, but Sheila stopped her. "Haven’t you
  forgotten something?" Puzzled Anne looked up and down her naked body. "Try your
  head," Sheila advised and without a pause Anne reached up and pulled off her hat. This
  caused her long jet black hair to cascade down to the middle of her back as she made
  her way to stand next to Amanda. Her hands went to her head without a word from
  Sheila who sat on the desk and shrugged to herself. She couldn’t really believe how
  little resistance Anne had put up. Saving herself another trip to the door she instead
  called, "Angela get in here!"

  The door slowly open and the timid trainee walked in, Sheila could see that she was
  already trembling and she didn’t even know what was happening yet. As she pushed the
  door shut behind her, she set eyes on the considerable mound of clothes in front of
  Sheila’s desk. She looked up at Sheila and asked, "Whose are those?"

  Sheila said nothing but pointed in the direction of the others. Angela looked to where
  her boss was pointing and gasped in horror at the sight that greeted her. Wildly she
  looked back at Sheila with wide questioning eyes. " Its the alternative to the police,"
  Sheila explained repeating herself yet again.

  "O my god" the shocked 19-year-old managed to say and then it hit her.

  "I don’t have to do that, do I?" she asked desperately.

  "It’s that or the police." Sheila said glad that she was the last; things were starting to
  get somewhat repetitive.

  "No way," Angela snapped close to tears.

  "I really think you should," Sheila suggested, "think of the others.

  But Angela was adamant, "I’m keeping my clothes on" she announced and folded her
  arms. At the same time she began to pout. Sheila could see she wasn’t going to
  co-operate and was about to threaten her with the police when Amanda spoke up,
  "Angela, you’ve got to do it, we have."

  "I can’t" Angela pleaded still close to tears.

  "Angela, if you don’t we are all in even bigger trouble." Amanda explained still facing
  the wall hands on head.

  "I’m not" the six foot tall girl snapped.

  "If you don’t get those clothes off," Angela suddenly hissed in a menacing voice, " I
  will personally strip you." Which caused Angela to look round at her supervisor in
  wide-eyed amazement. Not believing what she had just heard she could only manage to
  stammer, "You wouldn’t?"

  "I would." Came the reply.

  Angela looked back at Sheila who added, "I would do as she says." And then watched
  as Angela churned the options over in her mind. Finally she concluded like the others
  before her, that she had no real choice. "OK" she whispered in defeat and reached
  down to remove her shoes. The hat followed allowing her shoulder length blonde hair to
  fall free. Sheila could tell she was extremely self-conscious as painfully slowly she
  fumbled to unzip her dress. For a moment Sheila felt a tinge of sympathy for her, but
  then reminded herself that Angela was as guilty as the rest of them.

  At long last she managed to undo the dress and allow it to fall to the floor. It passed
  easily over her boyish hips to show off a pair of white cotton panties and a white bra,
  which contained her small breasts. At this point she started to become agitated and
  reached behind her to undo her bra but then dropped her hands to her sides and quickly
  said, "Please let me keep my underwear."

  "No" Sheila replied firmly.

  "Oh please" Angela begged wringing her hands together tears in her eyes.

  "Angela!" came the stern voice of Amanda from across the room.

  The blonde sniffed to herself and hurriedly undid her bra and let it drop away before
  immediately covering her cheat. She wasn’t quite fast enough to prevent Sheila from
  seeing what she was trying to hide. A glance to the floor at Angela’s feet confirmed it
  for Sheila as she saw that the girls discarded bra was padded. Angela was in fact
  completely flat chested!

  "And the knickers" Sheila ordered with a knowing smile and then watched as the
  desperate trainee wriggled her knickers down whilst still trying to cover her chest. As
  they came down Sheila got another surprise as she saw that Angela had a shaven
  crotch. At last she was naked and stood trying to cover herself until Sheila said, "Go
  and join the others." And she scurried to join them. "Hands!" Sheila called out when
  Angela’s hands remained in front of her and slowly they were placed on her head.
  Sheila looked at the four naked women stood up against the wall of the office with their
  hands on their heads. She smiled to herself as she realized she was enjoying the
  embarrassment of the bakery women.

  "I suppose you want to know what happens next?" she said continuing to humiliate
  them and in reply received mumbled reply’s indicating that they would. Standing as
  they were, the four naked women were dreading what was going to happen but they
  consoled themselves with the thought that it was better than the police or at least they
  hoped it was! "Well, I’ll tell you in a moment," Sheila told them as she opened the
  bottom draw of her desk and rummaged around in it for a few seconds before locating
  what she was looking for. She pulled out a roll of brown parcel tape out and then pushed
  her chair back and stood up all in one movement before going round her desk and over
  to the women.

  She stopped behind Amanda and putting her mouth close to the supervisor’s ear said,
  "Since you are the ringleader in all of this, I think you should have a little handicap."
  Amanda didn’t reply but just stood there motionless. "Put your hands behind your
  back." Sheila ordered and slowly Amanda did as she was told.

  Sheila pulled a long length of the tape and crossing Amanda’s wrists then proceeded to
  bind them together. She used a large amount of the tape and when she was satisfied
  that Amanda was well bound she snapped off the tape and set off back to her desk. She
  sat down and was just about to inform the women as to what she intended them to do
  when the door to her office flew open and in walked Martin Clark her boss.

  "Sheila, I’m glad your still here," he began briskly, " I’ve got thi…….What the?" He
  then exclaimed as he saw four naked women standing against his deputy’s office wall.
  Fortunately he was a man not easily flustered and he quickly regained his calm, which
  was about the same time as three of the women screamed and tried to cover
  themselves as they desperately pressed up against the wall. Amanda hands tied just
  screamed. Sheila’s heart missed a beat when he appeared but she was also one not to
  panic and she quickly moved to regain the upper hand.

  "Shut up and stand still" she shouted at them, "and get those hands back on your
  heads," and then added as an after thought, " Those of you that can."

  "Can I have a word outside, Martin?" she said rising from her chair again.

  "I think we’d better." Martin replied grimly and led the way out of the office. Sheila
  followed, noting that the women had returned to their previous positions and closed the
  door behind her. Turning to Martin she said, "I can explain."

  "Go on." Martin replied leaning on the wall of the corridor and folding his arms, the
  sight of what he had just seen firmly etched in his mind. Sheila, who decided the only
  way forward was to tell the truth, then nervously went on to tell him what had happened
  only she altered the story to say that she had done what she had done to protect the
  good name of the store instead of saving her career. As she finished Martin leant back
  and sighed, he was no idiot and knew exactly why Sheila hadn’t called the police.

  "You didn’t call the police, because you were more worried about your career?" he said
  in a matter of fact voice. Sheila’s stammered denial and red face confirmed it for him.
  "You’d have done the same think in my shoes," she blurted.

  "What,? Strip my bakery staff naked and then…. anyhow what were you going to make
  them do?" he finished suddenly curious.

  " I was going to kick them out of the store like they are now," Sheila answered
  sheepishly before going on to explain the rest of her plan for them.

  "Right" Martin said rather amazed that his deputy could come up with something like

  "But I suppose that’s all out the window" Sheila continued and turned towards the
  office door. "I’ll go and tell them to get dressed."

  "Hang on a minute." Martin said quickly causing Sheila to stop, her hand on the
  doorknob. She turned back to him. Martin was a quick thinker and what Sheila had
  proposed quite appealed to him. There was also the fact that things had gone too far
  down the line now, explaining the dishonest dealings of the bakery staff would be
  difficult enough but the fact that the deputy manager had made them strip naked and
  proposed to further humiliate them would be virtually impossible to get away with.

  "We’ll go with your plan" he announced to Sheila, "but there will be one change."

  "What’s that?" Sheila asked.

  "You go and tell them what is expected of them and I’ll join you in a minute" Martin
  replied without answering the question and promptly strode off down the corridor.
  Sheila shrugged to herself and went back into the office. The naked four hadn’t moved
  whilst she had been out but all noticeably flinched as she re-entered the room. Sheila
  glanced at them and then returned to the chair behind her desk. She paused a moment
  before saying, "Turn round and face me." and then watched as the women did so.
  Angela tried to cover her chest with her arms.

  "Keep your hands on your head, Angela," Sheila rebuked her and the young woman’s
  shot back on her head. "Right then," Sheila began leaning back in the chair and
  looking at the four bakery staff, "I’ve had a chat with Martin and he’s quite happy with
  what I am proposing." Sheila noticed the four women’s shoulders slump slightly, and
  rightly suspected that they had all been thinking that Martin’s intervention meant they
  could all get dressed and go home.

  Sheila was about to continue when Martin opened the door and entered.

  "Don’t move ladies," he announced pre-empting any attempts of the women to hide
  themselves from his gaze. Sheila noticed her was carrying a long handle brush,
  obviously obtained from the cleaners cupboard at the end of the corridor. She looked at
  him quizzically but he just said, "Don’t let me interrupt." and wandered over to the
  opposite side of the room to the naked women. They all blushed even more as they felt
  his gaze upon them.

  "As I have said," Sheila went on, " Martin is fully aware of the situation and therefore
  I will come straight to the point and tell you what I intend for you to do instead of me
  calling the police.

  "Isn’t this enough," the blond Julie asked in a small voice.

  "No it is not," Sheila snapped back, "Remember, you agreed to this or we could still
  call the police. Julie didn’t reply. "Right then, this is what is going to happen," Sheila
  announced taking on a stern voice, "In a minute we are going to leave this office, you
  four without your clothes, and I’ll take you down to the side exit. From there your going
  to leave and make your way across the business park to our rival over the other side

  "You’re joking" Amanda gasped the first of the four to realize what they were going to
  have to do. She like all the women knew the layout of the business park. Their store
  was at one end of the site and their rival was right at the other side. In between there
  were numerous other stores and of course being an out of town site there were huge
  open car parks. Amanda reckoned from one store to the other it must be nearly a mile
  and a half.

  "I’m not joking," Sheila continued, "and once there I want you each to bring a trolley
  back here with you.

  "No!" Anne cried in horror.

  "Yes," Sheila replied sternly, "or I call the police."

  Anne said nothing.

  "What about my hands" Amanda complained, " I can’t push a trolley like this" and
  pulled on her bound hands.

  "We’ll find some rope" Sheila explained, " and you can pull one back and I should also
  point out that this is a team effort, so you all have to get back or none of you get your
  clothes back. In fact you won’t even get into the store."

  "That’s not fair." Julie said nervously.

  "No it isn’t," Sheila agreed, " But you don’t have much choice."

  Silence greeted this last comment broken only when Martin said, "Can I say a few

  "By all means" Sheila replied graciously.

  "Thanks," Martin said and then went on, "Firstly I have to say how disappointed I am
  in you all, both in your dishonesty and also in the way you have deceived Sheila. Also I
  think you are very lucky that Sheila has given you this chance to avoid the police and
  almost certain prosecution so I suggest you take it however embarrassing it may be."
  At this point he paused and looked at the four women, none of whom could look their
  manager in the face as he lectured them.

  "Actually, he continued, " I was considering sending you on one of those team building
  exercises that head office are so keen on but Sheila seems to have devised one for you.
  I’m sure our accounts department would be delighted at the cost saving if we could tell

  Sheila smiled, the others didn’t.

  "However," Martin continued, " As far as company policy is concerned, what Sheila
  has done here is well beyond the bounds of acceptability. Sheila suddenly looked
  startled and the four women looked up , "but you are all far too deep in this now so you
  four will still do what Sheila has proposed but in view of her overstepping her authority
  she will be joining you.”

  "What!" Sheila nearly choked.

  "You heard," Martin addressed her, "whilst I agree with not involving the police this is
  going a bit far. I also don’t have to remind you that this supermarket believes in its
  management leading by example, so now is your chance.”

  "I’ll do no such thing." Sheila almost squeaked noticing that the four bakery staffs
  were all grinning despite their own predicament. Their boss had got her comeuppance.
  Martin put his hands on the desk and looked directly at the still seated Sheila. "You
  will or I’ll call the police." he said smiling.

  "It will look bad on you," she tried to argue.

  "It will look worse on you and what about these four."

  "Come and join the party," Amanda called out none too pleasantly.

  Sheila stared at the desk in front of her.

  "Well," Martin asked reaching for the phone.

  "Ok Ok," Sheila conceded and stood up.

  "Come round the front where we can see you " Martin told her with a smile and
  despondently Sheila did so. Martin took over her recently vacated chair and leaning
  back he said "Lose the clothes."

  Sheila didn’t know where to look, five minutes ago she had been telling the four other
  women what humiliating things she had decided they were to do yet now she was going
  to have to take part herself. She began to wonder if calling the police might not have
  been such a bad idea.

  Sullenly Sheila kicked off her shoes well aware that the women she had made strip
  were enjoying every minute of her unexpected embarrassment. Her black knee length
  skirt was next as she undid it and allowed it to slide to the floor to reveal a black lacy
  half-slip. Without stepping out of her skirt she started to unbutton her light pink blouse
  although this proved a little difficult due to her trembling fingers. She finally succeeded
  and after undoing the cuffs took it off to reveal a well-built bra that was doing a
  reasonable job of containing her 36DD breasts. She dropped the blouse next to her
  before reaching behind her to unclip her bra. This again proved to be a struggle and in
  the end Anne stepped forward and deftly released it for her. This took Sheila by
  surprise and the bra whipped round causing her breasts to burst free of their

  "Oh," she cried as she made a brief attempt to cover her modesty and then realized it
  was a waste of time and instead slid her bra off. As she dropped it next to her she could
  see out of the corner of her eye the four bakery staff were enjoying her strip. A quick
  glance at Martin saw him looking at her breasts and she felt her face turn bright red
  with shame. Standing there stripped to the waist was not her idea of fun but things were
  going to get worse. Taking a deep breath she put her thumb in the elasticized waist of
  her slip and in a quick move thrust it down to her knees at which point she released it
  so it fell to the floor.

  There was a brief murmur of surprise before Amada asked in a smug voice, "What no

  "Er no," Sheila tried to explain.

  "Forget to put them on," Anne asked joining in.

  "I don’t often wear them," Sheila said in a quiet voice.

  Martin stared at his deputy manager standing in front of him clad only in a pair of hold
  up stockings. There was more to her than met the eye. He realized he was staring and
  snapping out of it said, "Lose the stockings."

  Sheila peeled them down to leave her stark naked. Not wishing to remain the center of
  attention any longer than possible Sheila said, "Shall we get on with it then?"

  "In a minute," Martin answered rising to his feet, "Amanda has a handicap so its only
  fair that you do too."

  Sheila groaned and asked, "Like what?"

  He then, without answering, picked up the tape that Sheila had earlier used on Amanda
  and went over to where he had lent the broom handle against the wall.

  "What are you going to do?" Sheila asked nervously as he approached her.

  "Just do as you are told." Martin replied. He them put the broom handle horizontally
  across the back of Sheila’s neck and told her to hold both ends of it with her hands.
  Then using copious amounts of the tape he firmly wrapped it around her hands until it
  was impossible for her to let go. Standing back he admired his handiwork, the
  large-chested Sheila looked like she was wearing a sort of yoke.

  "Don’t do this to me," Sheila begged desperately knowing what was coming next.

  "Too late," Martin informed her, "besides I expect my Managers to be able to
  overcome any adversity, consider it a challenge. Martin looked at his watch, "Half past
  ten," he announced looking up at the women and then with a big grin said, "Time to

  Greeted with a chorus of groans and pleas to let them off, he eventually had to resort to
  holding his had up to gain their attention. "There is no going back now," he informed
  them and strolled over to the door. Pulling it open he said, "Lets go" and watched as
  the naked women dejectedly filed out. Sheila was last and had to turn sideways to get
  through the opening, her hands taped to the broom. Michael followed her out and
  couldn’t resist a slap across her naked buttocks, which caused Sheila to squeal in

  "Down to the side exit" he called after Amanda who was leading the strange
  procession. Amanda nodded in acknowledgement and kept going not really accustomed
  to the feeling of her breasts swinging freely but unable to do anything about it due to
  her bound hands. Behind her followed a still mortified Angela, her secrets discovered
  she had one arm across her flat chest and the other hand covered her shaven crotch.
  Julie followed and walked with her arms by her side, despite her own nakedness she
  couldn’t help but feel sorry for the 19 year old in front of her. Anne was behind her
  arms crossed tightly across her chest and looking at the ground. She wanted to get the
  ordeal over as soon as possible and feel clothes on her body once more. For Sheila
  bringing up the rear it was a nightmare. She had got them all into this situation and as
  she struggled along behind the other four, hands bound wide, she was horrified to find
  that her pendulous 36DD breasts had taken on a life of their own and were swaying
  around in all directions. Her face went bright red as she realized that Martin was
  watching her very closely.

  The procession continued on until they reached the exit where they halted. Martin
  produced a bunch of keys and selecting one unlocking the door. "Everybody clear on
  what is required?" he asked grinning. There were a few murmurs before he added,
  "Just remember, you won’t get back in unless there are five of you with five trolleys."
  Another round of groans inured as the women realized they were really going to have to
  do this.

  "I also expect you two to remain bound as you are," he finished addressing Sheila and

  He studied the women for a few seconds before saying, "Off you go then," and watched
  in delight as all five nervously exited the building directly into the car park. Sheila
  brought up the rear once again and as soon as she was through the door Martin pulled
  it shut and promptly locked it.

  Fortunately for the naked women it was fairly dark and most of the lights of the store
  were not on but even so they all felt vulnerable. Amanda scurried over and hid behind
  one of the few remaining parked cars. The other four followed, resulting in some
  bumping and jostling as they crashed into each other.

  "Ow," cried Julie as someone stood on her foot.

  "Shut up", Amanda hissed not wanting to attract attention.

  Julie discovering that Sheila was the one who had trod on her slapped the hapless
  woman across her face.

  "Argh" Sheila cried her eyes watering.

  "Be quiet" Amanda whispered, "Do you want us to be caught."

  "Sorry," Julie apologized, " it was this stupid bitch’s fault."

  "I’m sorry," Sheila said in a small voice.

  "I see," Amanda, replied, "slap her for me will you."

  Julie promptly did so, this time on the other cheek.

  As her head cleared Sheila heard Amanda say, "That’s for getting us into this mess."
  "I’m sorry," was all she could say.

  Amanda ignored her and looked out over the car bonnet. "The coast is clear," she
  announced, Lets go."

  “Do we have to?" Angela wailed still trying to cover herself. "What do you think,"
  Julie hissed from behind her.

  Amanda despite her bound hands took the lead and came out from their temporary
  hiding place and set off across the car park. Even in daylight and full of cars the car
  parks were vast but in the gathering gloom to the naked women they seemed huge. One
  minor consolation was that occasionally small grassy islands broke up the monotony of
  car parking spaces, complete with a few bushes. No doubt the planners had thought it
  would be a nice touch. Dotted about the car parks these provided the only cover there
  was. So, Amanda naturally led the way to the nearest island and its scant protection.
  Rather alarmingly there were a few cars still dotted about and the women couldn’t help
  but wonder where the occupants were.

  Amanda arrived first at the island and crouched close to a small shrub.. Seconds later
  the rest of the bakery staff caught up and huddled around her as Sheila brought up the
  rear somewhat impeded by her yoke. As soon as she arrived Amanda and the other 3
  set off again so she had no alternative but to keep going. This went on until they were
  about half way there by which time Sheila was lagging some way behind. Stopping for
  longer than usual to give them all chance to get their breath Amanda realized this when
  the gasping Sheila arrived some time after the rest of them. Amanda would have quite
  happily left Sheila behind, blaming her for the situation they were in but Martin had
  made it clear that all five of them had to return or they wouldn’t get back into the store.
  Amanda wasn’t completely convinced Martin would actually leave them naked outside
  but she had no intention of finding out the hard way. Cursing to herself that her hands
  were fastened behind her she told Angela to break a branch off of the small tree they
  were hiding behind.

  " Why?" Angela asked as she did so.

  "Because," Amanda explained, "I’m putting you in charge of that big titted cow," and
  nodded in Sheila’s direction. "I want you to use that stick on her if she starts lagging

  "O right," the normally shy Angela smiled, she was going to relish her new assignment.
  Two minutes later Amanda led the way once more from their hiding place and naked
  feet slapping on the tarmac went in the direction of the next island. Sheila who had sunk
  to her knees whilst regaining her breath was a little slow to return her feet and was
  assisted by Angela applying the stick across her naked backside.

  "Ow," she cried but ran after the others rather than complain too much. Angela
  followed behind, and being younger, fitter and not impeded easily kept up. At frequent
  intervals she applied her stick to various parts of her anatomy. Sheila managed to grit
  her teeth and keep going.

  50 yards away from their next haven they were suddenly startled by the sound of a car
  engine and looked round to see a car speeding into the far end of the car park.
  Although it was some distance away they wasted no time in dashing the last few yards
  to their new hiding place. Sheila on this occasion had no need of Amanda’s
  encouragement and was hard on the heels of the rest.

  Crouching down behind the shrubs, which fortunately were somewhat larger than those
  at some of their previous stopping off points, they watched in growing horror as the car
  headed in their direction at some considerable speed. As it approached a feeling of
  horror washed over the 5 women as they all began to wonder if they had been
  discovered. At the last minute, however the car turned sharply and pulled up on the
  other side of the women’s hiding place. They all tried to crouch down as low as possible
  and held their breaths as the car engine was turned off. This was immediately replaced
  by the sound of voices and then a car door opened and at least one of the occupants got

  "Did you like that then?" a young male voice enquired jovially.

  "You’re an idiot," a female voice replied angrily.

  The conversation continued and it quickly became apparent that in front of the women
  there was as young boy racer type trying to impress his girlfriend. Unfortunately the
  girlfriend was unimpressed by his driving. It was then that Amanda who was still trying
  to make herself as small as possible noticed that Julie was trying to look round the
  bush to see what was occurring on the other side.

  "What are you doing," Amanda hissed fearful that Julie would get them discovered.
  Julie did not reply but peeked from her hiding place and then suddenly made a small
  gasp and slumped back onto her knees.

  "What?" Amanda whispered.

  "Its my daughter," Julie hissed in despair. She thought the female voice had seemed
  familiar and a careful look between two shrubs had confirmed her worst fears. She had
  seen her daughter, illuminated by the car headlights, in a heated discussion with some
  youth whom she didn’t recognize. Cowering naked the thought of being discovered by
  her 18-year-old daughter was one too terrible to contemplate and she began to

  The argument came to an abrupt end when the youth stormed back to his car and with a
  screech of tires departed leaving Julie’s daughter standing in the car park. She hurled a
  mouthful of abuse after the car, language, which her mother had never heard her use
  before. Then she stood motionless for a minute, obviously thinking about what to do
  next before turning and walking in the direction of the women.

  Clearly she had decided to walk home and she skirted round the island and headed off
  across the car park. The woman crouched in near terror, particularly Julie as they
  heard her footsteps approach, then pass by them and start to recede. Sighs of relief
  were about to be let out when the footsteps abruptly stopped. Some of the cowering
  women looked up to see that she had stopped, still with her back to them and was
  rummaging in her pocket. By now their eyes had adjusted to the dark and they could
  see as she produced a packet of cigarettes from her pocket. Julie managed to pluck up
  the courage to look up at this point and got another shock in that she didn’t realize her
  daughter smoked. The girl struck a match, which promptly went out in the light breeze
  that was blowing. She tried twice more and failed again before she turned round to get
  her back to the direction of the wind. As she did this the women all ducked down again,
  in fact there were virtually lying down by now, pressing down onto either the small
  amount of grass by the bushes or the tarmac of the car part. Nipples already erect due
  to the effects of the cool breeze rubbed painfully on the tarmac. This was the least of
  their worries at that moment as the girl finally succeeded in lighting her cigarette. She
  took a long drag on it and looked up her eyes now also becoming accustomed to the
  gloom. Her eyes opened wide and the cigarette fell out of her mouth as she took in the
  sight in front of her. Not sure what to make of it she stood rooted to the spot for several
  moments before taking cautious steps towards what looked to her like naked people.

  "Run" Amanda yelled, struggling to her feet realizing they had been spotted. The
  others need no encouragement, especially Julie, who ran past her daughter with her
  hands over her face and was soon leading the women, desperate as she was to get
  away. Before Julie’s daughter knew what was happening the woman had gone and were
  running across the car park. She looked after them and shrugged in disbelief, not quite
  sure if she was dreaming. Then, remembering her cigarette she searched around her
  feet until she located it, picking it up she took a long drag before slowly walking in the
  direction of her home. As she walked she couldn’t help thinking one of the women
  seemed strangely familiar.

  The five women ran on until they reached their goal, the store on the other side of the
  estate. They threw caution to the wind and carried on, naked feet slapping on tarmac
  and breasts swinging around wildly. It was Angela who arrived first and crouched down
  by a line of shopping trolleys, having dropped her stick and abandoned the idea of
  making Sheila keep up. Anne was not far behind her and seconds later Julie arrived. All
  were out breath after their high-speed dash and it was sometime before Amanda, hands
  bound arrived and joined them. There was an even longer wait for Sheila complete with
  her broom to turn up but she finally made it panting heavily. All five then remained
  where they were while they fully regained their breath. A slight feeling of elation that
  they had made it was soon tempered by the realization that they still had to make their
  way back again, this time with a trolley each.

  "Shit" Amanda suddenly said out loud, "How do I get a trolley back with my hands
  behind my back."

  She glared at Sheila, "You said you’d get me some rope," she said recalling an earlier
  conversation in Sheila’s office.

  "Sorry, I forgot," Sheila replied, sarcastically, " I must have had other things on my

  "Don’t get clever with me," Amanda snapped angrily, "this is all your fault, don’t

  "You started it selling the bread," Sheila answered nastily.

  Amanda didn’t say anything but instead stood up and kicked, the crouching Sheila
  between her breasts, causing her to topple over.

  Sheila cried as she fell over, but none of the others came to her aid as she struggled
  back up, they all blamed her for their predicament as well.

  Amanda started to calm down again as Anne said, "There is a builders rubbish skip
  over there, perhaps there is some rope in it."

  "Good idea," Amanda agreed, "Go and look."

  The remaining four stayed where they were as Anne trotted over to the skip and
  peered over the edge. They watched as she reached in and poked about before
  retrieving something. A couple of minutes late she came back with various bits of rope
  and string, but to the puzzlement of the waiting four she also looked like she was
  carrying a tin of paint.

  "What’s that?" Julie asked as Anne put the tin down and dropped the string and rope
  next to it.

  "Its a tin of that thick black gooey stuff you use on roofs," Anne explained, "I can’t
  remember what you call it.

  "What fucking use is that?" Sheila asked still disgruntled, "Just get the rope."

  The normally placid Anne like the others had become steadily more disgruntled with
  Sheila and when she had looked in the skip and seen the half used tin with a brush
  sticking in it an evil thought struck her. "I’ll show you what use it is," she announced
  picking up the tin and marching over to the kneeling Sheila.

  She reached in and carefully extracted the brush as Sheila squealed, "What are you

  "I’ll show you," Anne replied and promptly slapped a brush load of the black goo on
  Sheila’s ample chest.

  "Noooooo." Sheila cried as she felt the brush between her breasts. She tried to get up
  and move away but Anne was too quick for her. She put the tin down and grabbed
  Sheila by the hair making sure she couldn’t get up. Then, with a big grin on a face she
  proceeded to brush the thick black paint all over Sheila’s breasts.

  The other three watched in amazement, more at the fact that it was the normally shy
  Anne who humiliating Sheila rather than what she was actually doing.

  "Shut up and don’t move" Anne snapped as Sheila continued to struggle, "or I’ll tip it
  over your head."

  This caused Sheila to remain still; she hung her head and watched in despair as Anne
  applied the thick paint to her bosom. When she decided she had finished Anne dropped
  the paintbrush back in the tin and said, "That’s for getting us into this mess."

  Sheila just sniffed in reply.

  Let me have a go," Julie said gleefully getting to her feet which caused Sheila to look
  up in horror and silently mouth, "No."

  In a flash Julie was by Sheila’s side and reaching for the brush, "Stand up" she ordered
  to which Sheila begged, "Please, no more."

  Julie didn’t bother to reply, instead she unceremoniously hauled the wretched Sheila to
  her feet by her hair.

  "Don’t do this," Sheila continued to plead as Julie held the brush up in front of her, "I
  wouldn’t miss this for the world, Honey" she grinned before wiping the laden brush
  between Sheila’s legs.

  The deputy manager was humiliated beyond belief as she felt the brush applied to her
  most intimate parts. Julie made sure copious quantities were used and preceded to
  work them in well before turning Sheila round and finishing off by painting her

  "Very smart," she said as she finished and stood back to admire her handiwork. She
  was about to put the brush down when Angela bounded over announcing, "My turn, my

  So Julie carefully handed her the brush, avoiding getting any of the goo on their hands.
  Angela wasted no time and promptly started to apply the paint to Sheila’s left hand and
  then work her way up her arm across her shoulders and down her right arm to her right
  hand. Still bound to the broom Sheila was helpless and stood in silence as Angela went
  about her work. She didn’t even resist when Angela came round to face her and
  carefully applied a small amount of paint to each cheek.

  Giggling Angela looked at Sheila and then dropped the paintbrush back in the tin.
  Amanda once again wished her hands were not bound so she could have joined in.
  "Lets get ready to go back," she called out, snapping them all back to the reality of
  their situation.

  They still had the 11/2-mile journey back to their own store to make, this time with a
  shopping trolley each. As quietly as they could Anne and Julie extracted 5 trolleys from
  where they were stored whilst Angela tied the rope and string together to enable the
  bound women to pull their trolleys.

  "Don’t do one for Amanda," Julie said when she saw what Angela was doing, I’ll push
  Amanda’s for her."

  Sheila looked up at this but her hopes were dashed when Julie went on to add, "But
  that cow can tow her own.”

  A few minutes later they were ready to depart and out of pure devilment and despite
  Sheila’ protests Angela tied the rope to one of the trolleys and then fastened it around
  the deputy manager’s left ankle.

  "This will make it very hard for me" Sheila tried to explain but all Angela said in reply
  as she stood up was, "I know."

  "Time to go," Amanda announced, "and was about to set off when Anne said, "Hang
  on a minute, I’ve just had another idea." And without waiting for a reply she ran over to
  the skip again and within a few seconds pulled out a half full black bin bag. She then
  went over to Sheila who was unable to react before the contents of the bag were
  emptied over her head. The bag contained sawdust and wood chipping, which promptly
  stuck to all the areas of Sheila’s body that had previously been painted including her
  cheeks. Just for good measure Anne then bent down and picked up some of the sawdust
  that had made it to the ground and threw it at the parts of Sheila that had got missed.
  Sheila had never felt so humiliated in her life.

  The other four laughed as Amanda began to lead them back to their own store. Sheila
  once again brought up the rear walking with a sort of limp, as the trolley careered along
  wildly behind her. Progress was slow but it was later and darker now so they weren’t so
  bothered about been seen and as a result didn’t bother about the islands. The return
  journey was uneventful, or at least as uneventful as it could be for five naked women
  pushing supermarket trolleys. Their hearts were in their mouths as the trolleys rattled
  along and they were sure that they had the noisiest trolleys in the world. If it was bad
  for the four bakery staff it was twice as bad for their deputy manager. She struggled
  along with her trolley weaving madly behind her as she tried to keep up with the rest of
  them; but, it was impossible and she gradually dropped behind. The others didn’t notice
  this as they were more intent on getting their ordeal over and it was only when they
  arrived back at their own store, much to their relief, that they realized Sheila was no
  longer with them.

  As they stood waiting for her to catch up Martin appeared and opened the door. They
  tried to enter but he reminded them that all five had to be present before they would be
  allowed back in. so they waited impatiently for the somewhat handicapped Sheila to
  appear. Whilst they waited once again they became conscious of their nakedness and
  started to hide themselves from Martin’s gaze. Angela with her flat chest and shaven
  crotch was particularly aware of this and tried to hide herself behind the other three.
  Julie took the opportunity to untape Amanda’s hands and the bakery supervisor stood
  there flexing her arms as they all began to wonder where Sheila had got to and after
  five minutes their concerns began to grow.

  "Where the hell is she?" Julie asked growing impatient and after another two minutes
  Martin suggested they might like to go and look for her and to emphasize the point he
  returned inside the store and locked the doors again.

  Cursing the four women retraced their steps and it wasn’t many minutes before they
  found the hapless Sheila on her knees desperately trying to right her upturned trolley
  which had capsized when it had got stuck in a drain cover.

  "Thank God you’re here," she said panting from her exertions as she saw the four
  approach her. Instead of helping the struggling woman Amanda walked over to her and
  slapped her across the face.

  "Ow" Sheila cried.

  "That’s because I wasn’t able to do it earlier," she explained.

  Julie was about to drag the deputy manager to her feet by her hair when a voice caused
  her heart to miss a beat, "Evening mother."

  Julie whirled round to find that her daughter had appeared from behind one of the
  islands that had previously sheltered the naked women and was standing about 10 feet
  away from them with her hands on her hips. Following her previous encounter Julie’s
  daughter, whose name was Belinda, had actually set off for home, but couldn’t get the
  event she had witnessed out of her mind. She didn’t get very far before she decided to
  wait and see if anything further would happen. Twenty minutes later as she stood
  behind one of the shrubs she heard a rattling of trolleys and a cautious peek enabled
  her to see four naked women walking past. She was about to follow them when she
  heard another trolley and was amazed to see a fifth woman strangely bound dragging a
  trolley fastened to her ankle. As she watched the trolley got stuck in a drain cover and
  fell over. Lighting another cigarette she watched from her hiding place to see what
  would transpire. She had to wait some time and had long since finished her cigarette
  when the four women reappeared, still completely naked although she noted that none
  of them now had bound hands. But what she did notice with a start as they passed close
  by her hiding place was that the one who had seemed strangely familiar was in fact her
  own mother.

  The feeling of shock quickly passed, as she thought how she could turn this unexpected
  situation to her advantage. Belinda had clashed with her mother over virtually
  everything in the last few months, which had resulted in her social life being severely
  restricted, but now she saw the possibility of being able to gain the upper hand. Without
  further ado she came out from her hiding place and stood behind the women.

  "Sorry I didn’t recognize you earlier, mother " she laughed sarcastically, "It might be
  something to do with your lack of clothes. She watched in delight as her mother tried to
  cover herself absolutely mortified to be caught like this by her own daughter.

  "Oh my God," Julie moaned to herself as Belinda casually walked over to her and
  ignoring the other four said, "Perhaps you could tell me what you are actually doing."

  "Its none of your business" Julie answered in a whisper unable to look her daughter in
  the eye.

  "Well it is now" Belinda replied nastily, " or I can make it Dad’s business as well."

  "Nooo" Julie moaned as the other four watched, feeling pity for Julie but unable to do
  anything to help her.

  "Well tell me what’s going on then," Belinda insisted, so Julie with no other choice told
  her what had been going on. Belinda laughed as Julie told her the story and upon its
  completion smiled and said, "Don’t worry Mum, do as I say for a while and it can be
  our secret."

  Julie didn’t like the sound of that, it sounded like blackmail but was unable to say
  anything before her daughter added, "Well don’t let me keep you any longer," and
  then added, "Its been nice to see you all or should I say all of you."

  Belinda laughed, nobody else did as Angela and Anne freed Sheila’s trolley and they
  trudged past a triumphant teenager and made their way to the store.

  On arrival Martin was waiting and asked where they had been. Julie said nothing about
  her daughter and the others decided not to either. The four bakery staff entered the
  store as Martin told them their clothes were still in Sheila’s office. They hurriedly made
  their way there as Martin went to release Sheila from her bonds. When he saw the
  state she was in he laughed.

  "I take it you weren’t too popular then?"

  "No" Sheila replied glumly.

  Martin untied her ankle from the trolley and then said, "You’re not coming back into
  the store in that state; I’ll go and fetch your clothes."

  Are you not going to untie me first?" Sheila wailed.

  "When I get back," he replied as he closed the door behind him leaving Sheila waiting

  By the time Martin got to the office the others were virtually dressed. "What did you
  do to her?" he asked.

  "Just getting a little revenge," Amanda answered.

  "I see," Martin said as he gathered up Sheila’s belonging and left again.

  When he got back he opened the door and went outside. He put her clothes on the
  ground and untied Sheila with some difficulty before saying "Goodnight," and went
  back into the store.

  The still naked Sheila flexed her arms and looked in despair at the black goo on her
  body, she hoped it would wash off. She realized there was nothing she could do about it
  there and then and was just contemplating which clothes to put on and almost certainly
  ruin when the four women came around the corner of the building having left the store
  through a different door. On seeing Sheila Amanda and Anne marched up to her and
  before the deputy manager realized what was happening they had picked up her

  "What are you doing?" she asked nervously.

  "We’ll keep these," Amanda announced and reaching into one of Sheila’s jacket
  pockets she threw a bunch of keys, which landed at the managers feet.

  "Please" Sheila begged but to no avail as the four walked off, all but Julie laughed, she
  had other things on her mind…..


  Sheila shivered as another gust of wind blew and scattered the leaves she had just
  swept off the path back from where they had come. She looked at the house and was
  startled to see there were now three people watching her out of the window. Shivering
  as another cold gust blew cross her naked body she started once again to brush up the

  In the warmth of the lounge stood Martin and another man in his late fifties. They had
  just been joined by a tall and elegant woman of slightly younger age who was his wife.
  "Is this the one you were telling me about, dear" the woman enquired of her husband.
  "Yes, that’s her," the man replied.

  "Yes Martin added, " Unfortunately for her she didn’t know that I was friends with
  your husband."

  The woman smiled, "Yes, being friends with the chief accountant can have its

  "Indeed" Martin agreed turning his gaze back to the naked Sheila toiling in the

  Being old friends of Henry Cain had proved useful in the past but none more so than
  now. The day after the event he had told Henry the whole story and asked him to lose
  the excess flour somewhere in the accounts. Henry had done so but they had hatched a
  little scheme to have some fun at Sheila’s expense. In return for getting her off the
  hook Sheila now found herself sweeping the paths in Henry’s somewhat enormous

  "I’ll go and make dinner," Mrs. Cain announced and without waiting for an answer
  headed off to the kitchen. The two men remained watching Sheila’s futile attempt to
  sweep up the leaves.

  "Do you think she knows you’d have adjusted the accounts without having to go out
  there" Martin asked.

  "I shouldn’t think so," Henry replied, "Besides what’s she like at her job?"

  "Very good, actually," Martin answered, "she should go far in this company."

  "Glad to hear it as he turned his attention to Sheila again and in particular her large
  breasts which were swinging around as she brushed.

  At this point Mrs. Cain came back with a worried look on her face. "Darling," she said,
  wringing her hands, " I’m afraid I forgot to take the steak out of the freezer."

  "O dear," her husband answered, "Martin we’ll have to eat out."

  "Fine by me," Martin answered, "What about Sheila."

  "I think you’d better keep her company," Henry said looking at his nervous wife.

  She mumbled a," Yes dear, I’m sorry." and with head bowed left the room.

  Martin said nothing and the general chitchat continued for about five minutes until
  Martin’s jaw dropped in amazement. As he was watching Sheila he suddenly saw Mrs.
  Cain walking across the lawn to her clutching a broom. She was totally naked as well
  and Martin had to concede that she was just as elegant without her clothes!
  "She won’t forget to take things out of the freezer again" Henry laughed reading
  Martin’s thoughts. "Anyway I know a great little restaurant, so I’ll just lock the back
  door and we’ll be on our way.

  A few hours later in another part of town a woman walked back to her car from a corner

  "Have you got my cigarettes" Belinda asked smiling evilly as Julie got back into the

  "Yes" Julie replied between clenched teeth and handed her the packet, "they are no
  good for you."

  "Don’t lecture me."


  "Right then take me to the car park behind John Paul’s night club."


  "Because if you don’t, I’ll tell Dad what you’ve been up to last week.

  Julie said nothing and started the car engine. A few minutes later they arrived at the
  car park. Belinda immediately ordered her mother out of the car and went round and
  opened the boot.

  "Take off your clothes and put them in here" she snapped at Julie.

  "You’ve got to be joking," her mother gasped in astonishment.

  "No I’m not," Julie replied, "get them off."

  "No way."

  "Well in that case I’ll just have to tell Dad how I found you running round a car park
  stark naked so you could avoid getting into trouble with the police."

  Julie gulped and bent down to remove her shoes, things had got totally out of hand.
  A short time later a gloating Belinda watched as Julie sullenly deposited her knickers,
  her last item of clothing in the boot. Belinda pushed her out of the way and slammed the
  boot shut before locking the rest of the car. She then turned to her mother who was
  desperately trying to cover herself and said, "I should be back in about three hours,"
  and then added, "Unless I meet a nice bloke that is and then it will be tomorrow

  Julie looked in despair at her errant daughter and was rewarded with having cigarette
  smoke blown in her face.

  "Please" she begged but in response Belinda turned on her heel and walked off
  towards the nightclub leaving her mother crouching naked behind the car…………

  The End

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