A Night Out

Julie and Elaine lose at cards, with humiliating results.

Mark Johnson was 19 and lived with his father and stepmother. His father, however, was an engineer aboard a cruise liner and as a result was away for several months at a time and then spent several months at home. Mark’s own mother had died quite some years ago and his father about 3 years earlier had got remarried to Julie, a still very attractive five foot tall red head in her mid forties. Contrary to popular belief Julie was not the traditional wicked stepmother, in fact her and Mark got on extremely well. Mark often reckoned he got on better with Julie than he had with his natural mother.

It was one of those evenings whilst Mark’s father was at sea that Julie decided she needed to have an evening out. She wasn’t a great one for going out, especially when her husband was away but every now and then she let her hair down and had "a night on the town". Therefore she contacted Elaine, their next door neighbour, and arranged to go out that evening. Elaine was in her early thirties a rather petite brunette, only 4 foot 8 inches tall , but she had a more than ample chest that Mark had noticed many times. His stepmother was not exactly flat chested but Elaine left her standing in the breast department. Their neighbour duly arrived just before 7 o’clock as Julie was finishing getting ready and Mark barely had time to exchange greetings with her before the doorbell rang again, their taxi had arrived. Mark bade them both farewell and settled down to watch the TV for the evening.

Mark awoke with a start. For a few seconds he wondered where he was, the room was almost dark with the only light coming from the flickering T.V. screen which was now showing some ancient film. He quickly realized that he must have fallen asleep in front of the T.V. and a glance at the clock on the wall confirmed this, it was three thirty in the morning. This didn’t concern him, but what did was that he was sure he had been awoken by a noise outside. He listened for a few minutes and had just about convinced himself that he must have been dreaming when he heard a strange thumping noise coming from the front door. He froze where he was, every nerve in his body on edge, and listened… There it was again, an irregular thumping noise on the front door, someone or something wanted to get in. Almost shaking with fear he slowly got up and crept to the front door and stood behind it. Thump! He nearly shot out of his skin but quickly regained his composure and stood there breathing heavily, his heart going at a great rate of knots. There was only one thing for it, he decided after a short time, he would have to see what was on the other side of the door. Very quietly he put the security chain on and ever so slowly turned the latch before opening the door just enough to peek out through the crack.

The sight that greeted him nearly made his eyes come out on stalks. For outside was his stepmother kneeling on the doorstep completely naked with a piece of tape over her mouth and her hands secured behind her back. This explained the noise Mark had heard, Julie had been banging her shoulder on the door to try and attract his attention. After all there weren’t a lot of other options open to her if she wanted to get into the house. Mark looked past her and saw Elaine cowering in the shadows displaying a similar lack of clothing. He stood stock still for several seconds and just gawped before his eyes focused on the pleading look on his stepmother’s face, at which point a wave of panic swept over him. As he rapidly shut the door, and fumbled with the safety chain all sorts of horrible thoughts went through his mind as to the fate that had befallen the two women. He freed the chain and threw the door wide open, the two naked and bound women were not slow to enter the house and as soon as they were inside Mark slammed the door shut. He then went to Julie and pulled the tape from her mouth none too gently.

"What happened?" he asked, the panic more than apparent in his voice. "Shall I call the police?"

"Don’t bother," Julie replied in a resigned voice, not failing to notice how worried he sounded, "Its nothing too drastic, we, err, lost rather badly in a game of cards."

"Lost at cards? You mean this is all your own fault?" he asked incredulously

"Well yes" she replied slowly, "although more Elaine’s than mine," and glowered at the still gagged woman. Relief flooded over Mark and he sat down heavily at the bottom of the staircase shaking his head in disbelief , then he began to laugh.

"Nothing too drastic," he repeated. "You two go out for an evening and come back stark naked and tied up and that’s not drastic. I’d love to know what you would call drastic."

With that he collapsed into fits of laughter and it was several minutes before he recovered enough to talk again.

"And another thing," he asked between giggles, "what happened to your hair?"

When Julie and Elaine had left they had both had had long hair. Julie’s had reached quite some way down her back but Elaine’s had reached nearly stretched to her waist. Now Mark noted they had both had it roughly hacked off at the back of their necks.

"I told you, we lost at cards," Julie informed him with more than a hint of annoyance in her voice, "now will you please cut this damn sticky tape off my wrists".

Mark was by now thinking straight again and he realised that he held the upper hand so instead of complying with his stepmother’s request he I said

"Not a chance, until you tell me the full story."

"No way !" Julie responded

"OK, you can stop like that all night then," Mark told her, he knew when he was onto a winner. "Besides if I hadn’t fallen asleep in front of the T.V. I’d never have heard you and then you’d have been out there all night."

After a few minutes of heated debate Julie conceded to his request to recount the evenings happenings and Mark led the two bound women into the lounge and helped them sit next to each other on the settee. As they shuffled about trying to get comfortable Mark couldn’t help but notice their breasts. His stepmother’s jiggled about as she shifted around but most of his attention was focused on Elaine’s chest as he watched her pendulous tits swinging back and forwards at the slightest movement she made. Elaine was well aware that she was being watched and blushed bright red. She couldn’t say anything, Mark was going to remove the tape from her mouth but Julie told him to leave it, she was clearly less than happy with her neighbour. Mark settled into an armchair opposite them and admiring the view told Julie to begin.

Apparently the taxi took them to their usual bar and everything went as normal for the first few hours as they had a few drinks and talked about nothing in particular. They were just beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol when about half a dozen male students came in, none of them older than 21, and began drinking together at the other side of the room After a few minutes of watching these students Elaine decide to introduce herself to them, no doubt given courage by the gin and tonics she had been consuming. Giggling to herself she grabbed Julie’s arm and dragged her over as well and asked if they minded some company. The students naturally didn’t and to cut a long story short they ended up going to a night club with the students and drinking rather more than they should have. although not enough to be incapable but certainly enough, especially in Elaine’s case to cloud over rational judgement. One of the students then asked them back to their house, an offer which Julie tried to decline but which Elaine gleefully accepted on behalf of both of them! Not wishing to leave her friend alone Julie reluctantly agreed to go along so they left the night club and went back to this house went back to this house.

Once there, the drink flowed again although Julie tried to avoid it as much as possible. Elaine continued to knock back the gin; not that Julie was particularly worried, she knew from past experience that Elaine was well able to hold her alcohol. Actually she wasn’t too worried at all as they seemed like a nice bunch of lads and when one of them produced a pack of cards and suggested they play poker she just nodded in agreement when Elaine enthusiastically cried, "What a wonderful idea!"

They then arranged themselves around the coffee table with Elaine and Julie next to each other on the sofa, two of the lads in the armchairs and the rest sat on the floor. Still Julie was not very worried, she was quite a good poker play and Elaine was no slouch either. The women emptied their money out of their purses, although they didn’t have a vast amount left by this stage of the evening, and the students placed theirs on the table The cards were dealt and for the first few hands either Elaine or Julie won every time and it began to look as though it would be a short game. Then things started to turn around, slowly at first, Julie won the occasional hand as did Elaine, but the big wins were going to the lads. Finally Julie folded and was completely cleaned out, she sat back dejectedly, unless Elaine could pull off a miracle they would have to walk home as they would have no money for a taxi. The miracle didn’t happen and two hands later Elaine was penniless as well.

"Well that’s that guys," Julie announced "we’ll have to be going now as it's a long walk home," and smiled grimly at them half hoping one of them would offer to pay for a taxi. Even if any of the six students was thinking that they would not have got the chance to speak as Elaine chimed in at this point, the gin now definitely having an effect.

"Right guys, I’ve got a deal for you. Lets play for clothes and if we strip two of you we get all our money back."

There was a bit of a murmur before one of the lads asked, "And what’s in it for us?"

Julie opened her mouth to try and protest at what was unfolding but before she could utter a word Elaine responded.

"You get to see us naked of course and you can keep our clothes."

Julie was aghast

"WHAT!" she exclaimed in amazement, she couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

Elaine lent across the sofa and whispered in her ear

"It’s alright, I’ve been toying with them up till now," she giggled. This did nothing to allay Julie’s fears but the cards were already being dealt and before she knew what was happening she was holding hers in her hand.

"I don’t believe this," she thought to herself as she changed three of her cards. A a few minutes ago she had been facing a long walk home, now there was a likelihood she could be doing it naked.

Once again thing started off quite well for the women, they won the first few hands and the lads began to discard their shoes and in some cases their socks. In fact virtually all the male players were barefoot before Elaine lost her first shoe. She sighed and reaching down removed the article and tossed it into the corner of the room where all the other items so far lost had been thrown. Julie then lost both her shoes in the next two games to be followed by Elaine’s in the next one. Several male socks were then lost and one of the lads lost his shirt leaving him in just trousers and underpants. Julie lost one of her stockings before another lad lost his shirt but this was then followed by her other stocking. She felt rather uncomfortable as she peeled it down her leg knowing that all male eyes in the room were upon her and she felt uneasy as she threw it into the corner. When one of the students lost his trousers, however Julie began to feel much more confident and she in fact quite enjoyed watching him take them off. This confidence was short lived as she had to dispense with her blouse after the next hand. This time all eyes were definitely upon her as with trembling hands she slowly undid the buttons of her white blouse before slipping it off and tossing it onto the growing pile. She felt extremely vulnerable as she sat there and couldn’t help herself clutching her cards in the next round very close to her chest in a vain attempt to preserve her modesty. She wished to herself that she had put on a more practical bra that the half cup lacy item that she now displayed to everybody. The fact that Elaine was virtually fully dressed didn’t help either. But things then went very badly for Elaine, in quick succession she lost her stockings and then her navy blue blouse. This revealed her black bra to the lads and she began to blush. Julie looked at her and decided that it served her right, her more than ample breasts were on the points of bursting out of her hopelessly inadequate bra. The flimsy material looked as though it would give out any minute and was barely managing to cover her nipples. Another of the lads lost his shirt before Elaine’s losing streak resumed. She had a worried look on her face as she realised she had lost again, slowly she stood up, and reaching to her side she undid her skirt before letting it slide to the floor revealing her extremely scant black panties in the process. She then quickly stepped out of it and in one quick movement bent down picked it up tossed it into the corner, where there was now quite a pile of clothes, before hastily sitting down again. She pressed one arm across her chest as she did so, clearly the construction of her bra was giving her cause for concern !

The next hand saw another pair of trousers on the pile and the following a shirt and to Julie’s relief the next another pair of trousers. The odds were starting to look better and despite the tension that was now evident around the table Julie couldn’t help but notice the bulges in the underpants of those lads who now were down to their last item.

"In theory," she thought to herself, "they could win in two hands if the right lads lost."

But the next round saw Elaine lose and she had to take off her bra. Julie could tell she was sobering up rather rapidly now. She stared at her knees as she reached behind her back to release the catch and once she had done this she carefully wriggled out of her bra trying to cover herself with her arms. She failed in this as her breasts were too large and just swung free, realizing it was hopeless she sighed and took her arms away before tossing her bra away. The six lads just stared and Julie had to cough to return their attention to the game. The next two hands saw the remaining shirts go, the lads paying more attention to Elaine than their cards. Julie tried to capitalize on this but was dealt a disastrous hand leaving her to remove her skirt. She quickly did this well aware that Elaine was still the main focus of attention and besides her panties were nowhere near as brief as Elaine’s. The game resumed and to both the ladies delight one of the lads had to remove his underpants. When the lad realised he had lost he just slipped them off to reveal an erect penis, obviously he wasn’t particularly shy. As Julie gazed at the naked student she heard Elaine mutter, "One down, one to go."

The next round was a close run thing but another pair of trousers bit the dust. Of the five remaining students four were in their underpants and only one still possessed his trousers. Elaine, of course, was down to just her skimpy black panties whilst Julie still retained both her bra and pants. It was going to be tight.

The cards were dealt again and Julie picked hers up, another duff hand and it didn’t improve so it came as no surprise when she was required to remove her bra. This she did unceremoniously as she was now fully intent upon the game rather than her modesty and wanted to get on. The next hand saw the last pair of trousers lost, leaving the women to win just once more. The following round was extremely close but to Julie’s dismay Elaine lost her panties. Elaine just sat there and didn’t move when she realised what had happened.

"Please" she began to mumble, "don’t make me ta.."

"Just get them off," Julie interrupted in a menacing voice. Right now she needed to concentrate on the final hand and didn’t need any distractions. Shocked by her friends command Elaine slipped rapidly out of her panties and sat nervously on the settee.

Julie watched as the cards were slowly dealt. Breathing heavily she picked them up and her heart leapt as she saw she had three eight. Once she had changed too cards she had acquired two sixes as well and felt able to relax a little. She might not have a winning hand but there was a good chance it wouldn’t be the worst one either. She showed her cards first and then watched as the first lad declared his. She wasn’t unduly worried when he produced three Aces but when the next lad had a Flush she began to feel the uneasiness creeping back again. She glanced at Elaine who was just sat there wide eyed watching what was happening. The next lad had three nines, now she began to seriously worry, it was all down to the last lad. If his hand beat hers then the two women were going to have to endure the most humiliating experience of their lives.

"Full House" the lad said jolting Julie from her thoughts.

"Me too" she heard herself say,

"What you got then"

"Eights and sixes" she almost croaked in reply, her throat had suddenly gone dry.

The lad looked at his cards and then at Julie before slowly breaking into a wide grin and as he placed his cards on the table said in a mocking voice, "Nines and tens, you lose" and then added "Lets have the panties."

Julie slid them down her legs and picking them up off the floor threw them onto the large pile of clothes. Her mind was reeling at the predicament they now faced. They had lost all their money and now had gambled away all their clothes in a futile effort to recoup their losses.

Julie watched in silence as the lads got dressed again. She tried to cover her nakedness as best as she could with her hands and looked forlornly at the pile of clothes lying in the corner of the room. She glared at Elaine who was failing miserably to conceal her naked body from the lads’ gaze but her friend just grinned back sheepishly Julie looked away, she wasn’t going to forgive Elaine for this in a hurry. She decided the only course of action was to swallow her pride and beg for her clothes back, so she took a deep breath and addressed the lads.

"The game’s over now guys, so could we have our clothes back please."

The dark haired one who was more or less their leader turned towards her and replied, "Not a hope darling, a bet’s a bet, your friend here agreed that we could keep your clothes if we won."

Another of them then added, "Yes and we won so we get to keep them."

"Please," begged Julie, " You can’t expect us to go home like this."

"Its not really our problem" replied the first lad who was called Ian, " but I tell you what, we’ll give you a chance to win them back, I can’t say fairer than that can I."

"It depends on the deal, doesn’t it," Julie replied grimly. "I’m not playing any more cards with you lot."

"No," Ian told her picking up cards. "We’ll just cut this pack of cards here, highest card wins, easy as that."

"Yes, but what are the stakes.?" Julie asked nervously

"Simple" the lad continued, " You win and you get your clothes back."

"And if we lose…?"

"Then your friend here will have to cut off your hair and then you will have to do the same as her."

Julie didn’t bother to protest, she did steal a quick glance at Elaine who was just sitting there and then said, "OK its a deal, but I shuffle the cards."

Ian handed her the pack, she shuffled them and then with her heart pounding placed them on the table. She heard the lad say, "Aces high" as he reached out and picked up some cards. Julie took a deep breath and slowly cut the cards herself. She turned the bottom one to face herself and felt relieved that it was a Queen.

"What you got then" she heard herself being asked.

"A Queen" she replied turning her card round to show everybody.

"Sorry dear" the lad said smugly, "I’ve got a king" and turned it to show her.

Julie groaned inwardly and she heard Elaine whisper "Oh No," to herself

"Please," she begged "We don’t want to do that!"

Then Elaine found her voice and with more than a hint of desperation in her voice said, " Give us one more chance, just one, if we lose you keep our clothes, we’ll cut off each others hair and we’ll do anything else you ask."

Julie said nothing she knew this was their only chance as she watched all the lads huddle together and start to discuss Elaine’s proposal. After a minute or two they broke up and Ian spoke, "Right ladies, you have two choices, you can cut the hair and leave now, as you are, or you can cut the cards one last time. If you win your clothes will be returned, but if you lose you’ll leave this house not only naked and with cropped hair but also with your hands tied behind you and sticky tape across your mouth."

Elaine glanced at Julie, who nodded her agreement and Elaine then in a small voice said "We agree"

The cards were place on the table and this time Elaine cut them first, her breasts swung free as she reached out and picked up some cards. She didn’t dare look at it, instead, clutching it to her chest. Both the women watched, hardly daring to breath, as Ian reached forward and cut the cards as well. He looked at his card before turning it to show everybody. Julie’s heart leapt it was only a five. Elaine still had her card pressed to her naked breast.

"Well," Ian asked "what have you got," and then added, "Looks like you’re in with a chance here." There was a pause, nobody moved, just stared at Elaine. Then without warning she suddenly slammed her cards face up on the table. Everybody crowded forward, then the lads cheered and the women sat back in shocked disbelief. It was a four!

Julie and Elaine just sat there not noticing as one of the lads disappeared into the kitchen to return moments later with a high stool and a pair of scissors. They just couldn’t believe it.

Julie was snapped back into reality by Ian’s voice,

"Who’s first" he asked with a broad grin on his face and beckoned to the stool. Julie suddenly felt angry, after all it was Elaine who had got her into this mess.

"I’ll cut hers " she announced and grabbing Elaine by the arm pulled her over to the stool and roughly plonked her down on it.

"As short as you can get it" one of the lads told Julie as she took the scissors from Ian. Julie needed no encouragement and proceeded to hack Elaine’s hair off in a very short space of time. Elaine just sat there, she still could not believe what was happening and by the time she came to her senses her long hair was lying on the ground. The lads laughed at her and made rude comments before Ian told them to swap over. Julie wished she had been a little more generous when she had cut Elaine’s hair a moment ago as she sat on the stool. The cool wood felt strange on her naked buttocks as she awaited with a feeling of dread the scissors in Elaine’s hand. All too soon she felt Elaine take a handful of her hair and begin to cut and in a short a space of time her hair lay on the floor next to Elaine’s.. Before the two women had chance to do much else Ian produced a roll of sticky tape and Julie watched as he turned Elaine round, crossed her wrists behind her back and then bound them together with copious amounts of the tape. He then did the same to Julie and as she felt the tape being wrapped around her wrists she knew they would not be able to free themselves. She was about to make one last desperate plea to Ian when he spun her round and taped her mouth up. At more or less the same time another of the lads taped up Elaine’s mouth. Ian then laughingly said, "Well ladies, its been a most enjoyable evening, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have." All the lads laughed at this point as they admired the bound and naked women. Both of their breasts swung in front of them and there was nothing they could do about it. Once the laughing had died away Ian continued.

"Well, it's time for you to go home now so we will bid you good night," more laughs, "and if you care to follow me I’ll see you out." Ian led them through the hallway to the front door. As Julie followed Elaine it she couldn’t help but notice the way her arse wiggled and then she blushed as she realised the lad directly behind her was being treated to the same view of her arse! They arrived at the front door, Ian opened it.

"Good night ladies, we must do it again sometime," and then burst out laughing

Both women begged not to be put out of the house but with their mouths taped up it was unintelligible.

"No ladies, there is no need to thank us" Ian replied jokingly and with that the women were expelled from the house as with eyes as wide as saucers.

Julie fought back the panic as she heard the door shut behind her. Quickly she calmed herself and then suddenly realised that Elaine had gone.

"The stupid girl has run off in a panic" she thought to herself and hurried to the bottom of the garden and out onto the pavement. She looked wildly up and Dow the street but saw no sign of her neighbour and was just wondering what on earth to do when she spied her hiding between two parked cars. She went over and gave Elaine a kick up the backside, she nearly lost her footing in the process but it made her feel better and after all she couldn’t speak to her. It was clear that the inability to communicate was going to seriously hamper their efforts to get home. Julie fought back the urge to panic and took stock of their situation, they were going to have problems but they were not insurmountable ones she decided after a few minutes. Fortunately she knew more or less where they were and therefore the way home, reckoning they had about a four mile walk of which about half was through a large park. That was the good part, the bad part was the fact that they were completely naked, bound and gagged, also Julie realised that if they didn’t get going immediately there was a good chance dawn would break before they got home. Two other thoughts nagged her, firstly what would they do when they got home, the only way they could get in would be to wake up Mark and she didn’t relish the thought of him seeing her in this condition. Secondly she was more than a little concerned that they might be caught in their current state, she was a shop manageress and the adverse publicity would very likely finish her career, Elaine was a teacher, she stood to lose her job. She managed to banish both thoughts from her mind and concentrate on the more immediate problem of getting home.

She grunted at Elaine through the tape and managed to get her to follow as she set off down the road. There was nobody around at that early hour so they made rapid progress as they headed towards the park. Twice they heard cars approaching and quickly hid behind parked cars hoping they wouldn’t be spotted. They weren’t and the cars passed by, their occupants totally unaware of the two naked women. They were within two streets of the park when things took a turn for the worse. By now their confidence was growing and they weren’t as cautious as they had been when they set out. Therefore when they reached a street end they just walked round a corner instead of peeking first. Julie turned the corner and stopped dead in her tracks as she came face to face with an elderly woman. A second later Elaine bumped into the back of her. All three women froze for what seemed, to Julie, like an eternity, that was until the elderly woman recovered her senses.

"Of all the disgusting things," she spluttered, "You should be ashamed of yourselves, exposing your bodies."

"Great," Julie thought. "We would have to meet some old prude at this time in the morning."

"I’m going to call the police," she announced. "Your sort need locking up."

Julie decided it was time to go and ran down the street in the direction of the park, she didn’t need to look round to know that Elaine would be hard on her heels. Luckily the park was not far away as they could not have run a great distance with their mouth taped up. They reached the park went through the gates and hid behind the first large tree they came to. If they could have gasped for breath they would have done instead both women tried to get as much oxygen into their lungs through their noses resulting in them making loud snorting noises. It took them some time to recover their breath and Julie was on the point of setting out again when a car pulled up outside the park gates. She peeped round the tree trunk and froze in horror. It was a police car and two officers were heading into the park. The old cow they met on the street corner had called the police after all. Julie slid down to her knees and then dropped onto her chest in an attempt to get as close to the ground as possible. She didn’t know what Elaine was doing and at that moment she didn’t really care, all her efforts were going into saving herself. As she lay there pressing her breasts into the ground she could see the policemen’s torch beams as they systematically shone them around the area. She held her breath as one of the beams passed inches over her head but she wasn’t spotted. Then she heard their footsteps on the gravel path heading nearer to her hiding place. She held her breath again and could feel her heart pounding when they stopped not ten feet away from her.

"There’s no-one here," one of the policemen said to his colleague, as they shone their torches around again.

"You're right," he replied. "Two naked women running around, I knew it was too good to be true, that old girl must be barmy, lets go."

"She’s not that barmy," Julie thought grimly to herself as she listened to the receding footsteps. A moment later the police car departed and Julie struggled to her feet. Turning round she saw Elaine getting to her feet and she exchanged glances before setting off across the park.

The rest of the journey was as uneventful as could be expected for the pair. They had to hide on numerous occasions from cars and also a few people on foot but at least nobody saw them. As they turned, at last, into their own street Julie made up her mind that she would have to wake Mark and to hell with the consequences. Besides she didn’t want to be sat on her own doorstep when it became daylight. She made her way up her drive and tried to ring the doorbell by turning round and pressing it with her bound hands but it was too high to reach so she resorted to thumping on it with her forehead until it was opened.

"And that’s basically it," she finished. "Now will you please release me."

"Just a sec," Mark responded, "I’ll just get some scissors." And with that he left the room. He soon returned, and as well as the scissors brought a dressing gown and helped his stepmother to her feet and then carefully cut the tape from her wrists. Julie flexed her arms and wrists rather stiffly before taking the dressing gown from Mark.

"Thanks" she said as she did up the belt.

"What about her," Mark asked pointing to the still bound and gagged Elaine.

"She can stop like that until the morning," Julie said. "I’m going to get some sleep and then I’ll deal with her."

"Sounds fine to me," Mark told her. After listening to Julie’s story he didn’t envy Elaine one bit, his stepmother would be out for revenge and he didn’t blame her one bit.

Julie left the room and Mark followed her lingering long enough to blow Elaine a kiss and say "See you in the morning."

Elaine just sat there her eyes as wide as saucers over her tape gag and her breasts swinging around. She tried to talk through the tape but it was unintelligible and Mark just smiles as he switched off the light plunging Elaine into darkness.

Continued in “ the Morning after