The Lesson

Author: Kat

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Summary: When Mrs Smallwod finds the Deputy headmistress has had an affair with her son, she punishes her herself.

The Lesson

Yvonne Smallwood stamped on the brakes of her car causing it to screech to a halt. It had barely come to a stand before she was out of it and storming up the drive to the house she had abruptly pulled up outside. On reaching the front door she ignored the bell and hammered on the door with her fist. She continued to pound until the door was opened by a rather perplexed looking woman. Yvonne didn't wait for the door to open but pushed it completely open and brushed past the woman saying, in an angry voice, "I want a word with you."

"Mrs Smallwood-" the woman started to say but was cut off as Yvonne snapped "Don't you Mrs Smallwood me, I know exactly what you've been up to." Yvonne almost shouted.

"What are you talking about?" the woman responded, trying to sound calm but unable to disguise the trace of worry in her voice.

"You have been having an affair with my son," Yvonne snapped, "Don't deny it."

"N.. Nonsense," the woman stuttered in denial but clearly shaken.

"Yes you have and I have the proof," Yvonne told her.

"I don't think so," the woman, now slightly recovered, replied condescendingly.

Yvonne's blood boiled at her attitude and despite the fact that she was only 4' 8" tall she marched over and grabbing the woman by the collar propelled her back against the wall of the hallway. Fortunately the front door swung shut because anybody passing by would have wondered what on earth was happening in that hall. They would have seen a short thin blonde woman clad in jeans and a tee shirt holding a taller, smartly dressed brunette up against a wall by her throat.

"My son has told me the whole story, Ms Evans," she hissed menacingly.

"But he is seventeen," Ms Evans replied realising that continued denial was useless and that she was now in deep trouble.

"That's not the point," the still angry Yvonne continued, "You are the deputy headmistress at his school, this is a case of gross professional misconduct if you ask me."

Yvonne then went on to explain how she had been suspicious for some time about the extra evening Maths lessons Ms Evans had been giving her son. Clearly Maths weren't the only things she had been teaching him and she had confronted her son about it. She had applied a bit of pressure to him and had finally extracted the truth. Angrily she concluded by saying, "When I've finished with you, you'll never work again."

This struck fear into Ms Evans as she was in no doubt that if Yvonne Smallwood went to the authorities her career was almost certainly finished.

"I'm sorry," she began, "Can we talk about this?"

"What is there to talk about?" Yvonne asked rather unpleasantly.

"Maybe we can resolve this matter without going to the authorities," she replied hopefully.

Yvonne who had calmed down somewhat by this time relaxed her grip on Ms Evans collar and then released it altogether.

"What have you got in mind?" She asked still none too pleasantly.

"Well, nothing really, but please can we discuss it?" she asked nervously

"Ok" Yvonne agreed after a moments thought.

"Good," Ms Evans replied slightly relieved, thinking she may have found a way out. "Lets go and sit down"

She lead the way into the lounge and sitting on the sofa indicated for Yvonne to sit in the armchair opposite. Ms Evans' only hope now was to persuade Yvonne not to report her and she desperately wracked her brains for a way out. Yvonne was also thinking, having calmed down a lot. She had already concluded that her son Steven was unlikely to have suffered any emotional damage from his liaisons with Ms Evans, although it baffled her as to why he chose to have an affair with this woman in her mid forties rather than a girl of his own age. In fact it would probably be worse for him, and herself, if she did report Ms Evans as the whole thing would then go public. She had already made up her mind not to take the matter any further with the education authorities but there was no way she was going to tell that to the other woman. Hoping that Ms Evans hadn't come to the same conclusion she turned her thoughts on how to teach the deputy headmistress a lesson.

Yvonne sat silently for well over a minute watched by a nervous Ms Evans before she sighed and said, "I'm sorry, I don't think I have any alternative but to report you."

"Please don't," Ms Evans begged.

"Well if I don't you might do it again with somebody else's son."

"I won't," Ms Evans nearly cried trying to assure her. "It will never happen again."

"How do I know my Steven isn't the first?" Yvonne continued, "you could have been up to these tricks for years."

"He's the first and only one," Ms Evans desperately tried to convince Yvonne.

The blonde mother looked thoughtful for a moment then standing up said, "No, I must report this matter" and started for the door. Ms Evans lost what little composure she had left, leapt out of her seat rushed past Yvonne and blocked the doorway.

"Please," she begged turning to face Yvonne, tears filling her eyes, "I'll do anything, just give me another chance. I'll be ruined if anybody finds out."

"You should have thought of that before," Yvonne retorted

"Please," Ms Evans begged again, " I really will do anything to keep my job."

Yvonne tried not to smile but instead gave the impression of thinking about what Ms Evans had just said. She had been manoeuvring the conversation round to get Ms Evans to agree to do anything and now she had her right where she wanted her.

Looking directly into Ms Evans tear filled eyes Yvonne said in a firm voice, "Anything?"

"Yes, anything," Ms Evans quickly assured her.

Yvonne gave the impression of thinking for a moment then said, "Right then, if you agree to what I have in mind then I won't go to the authorities.

"I agree," Ms Evans instantly responded, anything was better than ruining her career, "What do I have to do?"

"Wait and see," Yvonne smiled grimly, "but rest assured it will be a lesson you won't forget in a hurry."

For a second Ms Evans looked indecisive, somehow knowing that whatever Yvonne Smallwood had planned for her wouldn't be very pleasant.

"Come with me." Yvonne ordered and Ms Evans decided not to press the matter further at that moment instead saying,

"But I have to be at school in an hour."

"Well, ring up and tell them you are going to be late," Yvonne replied. Ms Evans reached for the phone and made an excuse about a dentist's appointment. As she put the phone down Yvonne headed out of the house so Ms Evans picked up her hand bag, dropped the latch and shut the door behind her before going down the drive to Yvonne's car.

Both women got in silence and they drove off, it wasn't for several minutes until Ms Evans broke the silence, "Where are we going ?"

"Wait and see" was all Yvonne said and they resumed their silent journey. Ms Evans couldn't for the life of her think what was going to happen but she was extremely nervous but she knew asking would be a waste of time.

Yvonne took them to the motorway and as they went down the slip road Ms Evans' curiosity once again got the better of her and she said, "I really would like to know where we are going."

Yvonne didn't answer her question", instead she said, "Would you mind taking off your shoes?"

"Pardon?" Ms Evans enquired somewhat thrown off balance by this strange request

"Take off your shoes," Yvonne repeated this time a little more forcefully.

Ms Evans, knowing she was in no position to argue, reached down and putting her handbag, which up until that point she had been clutching, by her feet she slipped off one shoe and then the other before sitting up straight again with one shoe in each hand.

"Throw them on the back seat," Yvonne ordered concentrating more on the traffic than her passenger. Ms Evans duly reached round and tossed them onto the rear seat.

"Now what?" a totally baffled Ms Evans asked.

"Take off that nice jacket of yours," Yvonne responded

"Why!" Ms Evans snapped with a sudden show of belligerence.

"Because if you don't I'm going to report you!" Yvonne snapped back pretending to be angry but really enjoying the confusion going through Ms Evans' mind.

Ms Evans shrugged and started to wriggle out of her dark green jacket.

"Try taking the seat belt off first," Yvonne suggested 30 seconds later when Ms Evans had succeeded in getting herself tangled up. Ms Evans released the seat belt and very soon was out of her jacket, she tried to fold it but didn't really have the room so when Yvonne simply said,

"In the back," she just threw it behind her to land on the shoes. This time Ms Evans said nothing, she was starting to get a nasty feeling.

"Still," she tried to reassure herself, "at least I'm not getting reported."

Her thoughts were interrupted as Yvonne spoke again.

"That jacket is part of a two piece suit isn't it?"

"Er yes," Ms Evans answered warily.

"Well the jacket is getting very lonely in the back seat perhaps you could let the skirt keep it company," Yvonne finished sarcastically.

"What are you trying to achieve?" Ms Evans asked as she started to undo the catch on the side of her skirt.

"That's my business," Yvonne responded icily, "If you don't like it then we can always go and see the authorities."

"Ok. Ok," Ms Evans hastily conceded and immediately wriggled her skirt down her thighs and past her knees. Seconds later it joined the jacket in the rear seat and a quick sideways glance from Yvonne gave her a glimpse of a rather self conscious Ms Evans trying to pull the hem of her white blouse down her thighs as far as possible. Unfortunately for her it was not a particularly long one and as a result, whilst it shielded her knickers from view, it didn't even reach the top of her tan covered stockings. Yvonne returned her concentration to the road ahead but couldn't stifle a small grin at the Ms Evans' increasing apprehension.

"Comfortable?" she asked the semi clad woman seated next to her just to rub it in.

"Do I really need to answer that?" Ms Evans replied between clenched teeth and tried again to pull her blouse down.

"Not really," answered Yvonne cheerily, "but you can take off your blouse for me."

"What here?" Ms Evans asked incredulously.

"Yes," Yvonne told her, "Unless you'd like me to pull over so you can get out to do it."

"Er no," Ms Evans replied dejectedly and started on the buttons of her blouse. It was not long before she was slipping it over her shoulders and down her arms. But once removed she clutched it to her chest rather than put it in the back of the car.

"Put it with the rest of your clothes," Yvonne prompted her and very reluctantly Ms Evans took the blouse away from her chest and put it in the back of the car, her arms then immediately crossed over her chest as she tried to cover herself. Another quick glance by Yvonne revealed to her that Ms Evans was wearing a matching set of lacy white underwear. To Yvonne's quick look they seemed quite attractive and not the sort of heavy duty underwear that one would imagine a middle aged teacher to wear. Then she smiled to herself, not everybody fits the stereotype, after all Ms Evans, not only has attractive underwear she has slept with a 17 year old which was not what you would expect of a woman like her.

"Nice underwear," she complimented the woman next to her, "by the way, your first name is Sheila, isn't it?"

Caught off guard by this Ms Evans who was expecting to be told to take her stockings off could only mumble a thanks for the underwear compliment and nod in acknowledgement to her name.

"Excellent," Yvonne chortled as she pulled out to overtake a lorry, and in a friendly tone of voice said, "Now then, Sheila, would you kindly remove those lovely stockings of yours."

Ms Evans said nothing but sat still with her arms crossed until they had passed the lorry before she started to peel her left stocking down. Removing it completely she dropped it in her lap before repeating the exercise with the other one. Once both were off Sheila picked them both up and tossed them over her shoulder without waiting to be told.

Yvonne laughed, "Glad to see your getting the hang of this."

"I'm not going any further," Ms Evans responded emphatically

"I'm not making you," Yvonne agreed, " but if that bra isn't off in the next minute then I'll be off to the authorities."

"I can't," Ms Evans pleaded.

"It's your choice" Yvonne replied.

Ms Evans sat motionless for a good half minute just staring straight ahead at the motorway then with a deep sigh she reached behind her back and slowly unhooked her bra catch. Releasing it her hand came round quickly to her front and clutched the cups to her breasts.

"In the back with it, Sheila," an amused Yvonne told her.

"Do I have to?" Ms Evans asked in a whisper turning to look at Yvonne. "I really have learnt my lesson and am very sorry."

The small blonde woman didn't return the look but continued to concentrate on her driving saying, "You know the alternative."

Sheila remained motionless for ten seconds or so before she groaned, muttered,

"Oh shit," under her breath and with a deft movement pulled the bra away from her chest threw it onto the back seats and re-crossed her arms over her now naked 36C breasts.

"Let's be having your knickers as well," Yvonne said without taking her eyes from the road. Sheila opened her mouth but then realised it would be futile so she lifted her bottom from the seat and with her left arm still covering her breasts used her right hand to awkwardly ease her knickers away from her bottom and then down her thighs. Once they were past her knees she placed her right hand firmly over her crotch and then worked them down to her ankles by wriggling her legs. Seconds later they were off her feet and crumpled up in the foot well of the car. Ms Evans then bent forward removing her hand from her crotch as she did so to grab the knickers and throw them into the back. Just as quickly she replaced her hand over her crotch and sat there naked, blushing with embarrassment.

"What happens now?" she asked in a shaky voice, not really wanting to know.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," Yvonne answered in a cheery voice, enjoying every moment of Ms Evans' acute discomfort.

"When can I get dressed again?, the naked woman pressed,

"When I decide," Yvonne answered and as they approached an exit she pulled over and left the motorway. Ms Evans managed to keep quiet and despite her nervous curiosity didn't ask where they were going but she was unable to maintain her silence when Yvonne drove them right round the roundabout and back onto the motorway in the opposite direction.

"What's happening?" she asked.

"You'll find out, " Yvonne answered and refused to divulge anymore despite Ms Evans' pleadings. It wasn't long before the naked teacher gave up trying to find out what was going to happen and the journey lapsed into silence. As they cruised along Ms Evans tried to cover herself especially as they overtook lorries. Yvonne deliberately slowed down as they passed by so that if they looked down the drivers could see the naked Ms Evans cringing in the passenger seat trying to protect her modesty. Clearly one or two did notice as they blew their horns or flashed their lights as Yvonne drove past. Ms Evans nearly wept with embarrassment and cursed the day she ever went near Yvonne's son. How she wished she had never given in to the temptation. Her thoughts were then rudely interrupted as she realised that Yvonne was pulling off onto the hard shoulder.

"What's the matter?" she squealed in panic thinking there was something wrong with the car.

"Nothing's the matter, nothing at all," Yvonne answered airily as the car came to a halt and she switched on the hazard warning lights. Then turning to face Ms Evans she gave a wicked smile and added, "Its just that this is as far as you go."

"WHAT!" Ms Evans exclaimed in disbelief.

"This is as far as I'm taking you, Sheila," Yvonne added

"But this is motorway," Ms Evans gasped.

"I don't care," was all Yvonne responded in a stern voice, "I want you out of my car in the next minute or I swear I'll report you."

Ms Evans knew she had no choice and started to reach behind her for her clothes. But she started when Yvonne grabbed her wrist.

"No," she snapped, "the clothes stay here."

A look of sheer horror crossed Sheila Evans face.

"Yy... you've g got to be joking," she managed to splutter.

"No, I'm not," Yvonne answered in a firm voice. "I told you I'd teach you a lesson and I will."

"Please," Sheila said in a small voce but was abruptly cut off by Yvonne,

"Listen carefully," she began. " In case you hadn't worked it out you will find that if you go along the motorway for about half a mile you will be at the point where your school grounds back onto the motorway. I'm going to drive round there and leave your clothes in the middle of the cricket pitch. Hopefully you'll get there before somebody else does."

"But what if I'm seen?" a wide eyed Sheila asked scarcely believing what she was going to have to do.

"That's your problem, " Yvonne laughed and then added threateningly, "Now, GET OUT."

"No, not here," Ms Evans cried

"OUT!" Yvonne repeated and reached over the naked woman to open the passenger door.

"I can't," she sobbed

"GET OUT, THIS INSTANT!" Yvonne shouted and so shocked Ms Evans that without realising what she was doing she exited the car. Before she knew it Yvonne had reached over once more, pulled the door shut and was driving off.

"Noooooo!" the naked woman screamed in despair as her predicament suddenly hit home. She stood stock still for a few seconds, one arm over her breasts the other hand covering her crotch, before looking wildly round.

Yvonne had really left her in an appalling situation. She was totally naked on the side of a motorway and not only that, the part on which she had been left was high on an embankment with not a single shred of cover in sight. Then in the distance, probably about quarter of a mile a way, she spied a bridge over the motorway and immediately took to her heels and ran. Sheila Evans worked out occasionally and for her age still had quite a trim body but even in her own school days she had hated sport, and running in particular, but today was the race of her life as she ran as fast as she could towards the bridge. Her whole mind focused on the bridge where she hoped she would at least be able to hide behind a concrete pillar or something. She ran flat out and tried to shut out the traffic whistling past her and the fact that numerous people would be getting a great view of her naked arse and if they looked in their mirrors as they shot by, her front as well. There were a few blaring horns but for the most part due to the speed of the traffic a lot of drivers would only have got a fleeting glimpse of her and probably didn't believe their eyes for several seconds by which time it was too late to have a second look. Ms Evans kept running, yet despite her efforts the bridge still looked a long way away. Her bare feet pounded on the tarmac but she couldn't hear them due to the roar of the passing traffic. She was, however, vaguely aware of the strange sensation of her unrestrained breasts bouncing around as she ran but it was of only minor concern, as her main thoughts were concentrated on the bridge and its relative safety. Slowly the bridge began to get nearer but she was also beginning to tire, gasping for breath she willed herself onwards. Her legs ached and her heart was pounding in her chest as she pushed herself forward until at last she reached the bridge, ran behind the crash barrier and crouched down behind a large concrete support. For the short term she was safe, shielded from view by it and she just sat there gasping for breath. As she slowly recovered physically she began to think and was nearly overcome by the humiliation and potential shame of her situation. Here she was a respectable school deputy head who had seduced one of her pupils, bad enough in its own right. But now she had been reduced to running naked along a motorway by the mother of that pupil in the hope that she could save her career. Not only that she had yet to retrieve her clothes from the middle of the cricket pitch of the school where she worked. Discovery would almost certainly mean loss of her job. Yvonne Smallwood had been right when she said she would teach her a lesson she wouldn't forget. Sheila Evans was almost overcome with despair but managed to start thinking straight and looking out from her hiding place recognised where she was. With the motorway now in a cutting she worked out that she could climb up the side embankment and over the fence and them make her way from there to the school. She would be entering school grounds at the back where she knew there was a hedge to hide behind and her confidence was further bolstered by her knowledge that the cricket pitch was some distance from any school buildings so whilst she might be spotted she stood a very good chance of not being recognised. More or less fully recovered she decided to get going, there was after all the nagging worry that her clothes in the middle of the cricket pitch might be found by somebody else before she got there. There was also the fact that Yvonne might not keep her word, a thought that Sheila pushed hastily out of her mind not wanting to dwell on that concept.

She reached the school grounds without incident and entered through a gap in the fence and was soon peeking through a gap in the hedge that bordered the cricket pitch. She scanned the pitch and her heart leapt when she spied a black plastic bag in the middle, Yvonne had at least kept her word. Now all she had to do was retrieve her clothes and she began to scan the distant school buildings for signs of movement prior to making a dash for it. She could see nothing so edged out from her vantage point and took a deep breath ready to sprint for the bag.

Then she heard voices behind her and in a panic flung herself through the hedge towards the school and crouched down. The voices came closer and stopped opposite her on the other side of the hedge. Ms Evans hardly dare breathe as she realised that several of her pupils were feet away having sneaked out for a quick smoke! She slowly looked over towards the school and with a feeling of dread saw that it was the end of the first lesson and a large proportion of the school was walking around outside. Despite the distance she was from them she knew she would stand out against the hedge and was bound to be spotted sooner or later. Yet she couldn't go back through to the other side because of the smokers so she made her decision in a flash and set off towards her bag, compared with the motorway this was easy and she was soon reached it. Grabbing it on the run she then made a sharp left turn and headed for the cricket pavilion. A cry from the distance told her that she had been spotted which just caused her to quicken her already rapid pace. She had never run so fast before was at the pavilion in no time where she shot up the steps and through the door hastily slamming it behind her. There was no time to lose as the naked panting woman emptied the bag onto the floor, but then she stopped dead. All that was in the bag were her coat and shoes together with a hand-written note. She picked it up with trembling hands and read it.

"The rest of your clothes are in your office."

"Bitch," Sheila Evans spat but didn't dwell on the issue instead she rapidly pulled on the coat and seconds later slipped the shoes onto her feet.

"At least I'm covered again. " she thought as she quietly left the pavilion via the back door buttoning up her coat as she did so.

Five minutes later she entered her office, fortunately her coat being a longish one had meant she had drawn no undue attention towards herself as she crossed the campus. She let out a deep sigh as she shut the door behind her and stood for a second letting the relief flood over her. Then she spied another black bag on her desk and went over to it. This one contained the remainder of her clothes so she wasted no time in dressing and was just sitting down behind her desk to compose herself when there was a knock at the door.

"COME IN!" she called and the door was opened by a very flustered young man.

"What is it, Mr Greaves?" she asked recognising one of her Geography teachers.

"I thought you ought to know," he spluttered, " There has been a report of a naked woman running round the cricket pitch."

"Oh really Mr Greaves," she answered, "perhaps you could investigate further."

"Yes, Ms Evans" he replied and exited her office.

Ms Evans sank back in her chair, and let the relief flood over her, it had been a close thing but one thing was certain, she had definitely learnt her lesson.

The End