Marion is forced to strip to save her husband's life.


Marion was just finishing making lunch for herself and her husband when the phone rang. She put down the cloth she had in her hand and headed for the phone that was mounted on the kitchen wall. As she did so she glanced at the clock and noted that her husband Brian would be home in 15 minutes. She picked up the phone and said, "Hello"

"Marion Leigh?" a gruff voice asked

"Speaking" she replied

"Do exactly as you are told or you'll never see your husband again."

"WHAT...... w... who is this?" she stammered suddenly feeling extremely scared.

"Never mind who, we have your husband, do as you are told or else."

"But I ........who....?" she tried to speak coherently but failed her mind in a turmoil.

"Just listen , do as you are told and he'll be fine," the voice commanded. "If you try anything clever then your husband gets it."

"Please , why us? We don't have any money," Marion pleaded in desperation.

"We don't want money," came back the reply

"Then what?" Marion asked

"You have a cordless phone in your hand, don't you?"

"Yes," she replied mystified as well as very scared.

"Right, then go out of your house and walk down the drive and go and stand on the pavement ."

"Why, w.. what for."

"You do as you are told without question," the voice answered in a menacing tone.

"I'm s.. sorry," Marion apologised not wanting to antagonise the mystery voice any further.

"That's better, now do as I said and make sure you lock the door behind you"

Marion wondered what was happening but dare not ask as she did as she was told and in a couple of minutes she was stood on the pavement outside her house. It also crossed her mind that she was locked out of her house, but she decided that was currently the least of her worries. Her main concern now was to do what she was told so as to get her husband back, she was convinced that he had been kidnapped but did not know why and could not understand why she had not been asked for a ransom.

She stood at the end of her drive and looked up and down the street, she could see nothing out of the ordinary, it was early evening and living on a main road there was a constant stream of vehicles passing in both directions. In fact even she was not out of the ordinary, any passing motorist would have seen an attractive 5 ft tall curly blonde woman in her late twenties stood at the bottom of her drive talking on a cordless phone. She was looking again, conscious of her heart pounding, to see if she could spot anything unusual when she heard the voice on the phone speak. She pressed the phone to her right ear and placed her other hand over her left ear to cut out the sound of the passing traffic.

"Can you still hear me?" the voice asked.

"Yes," she answered simply, at the same time noticing that the manhole cover in front of her was missing. Despite her predicament the thought that somebody might fall down it flashed through her mind, but was quickly banished as the voice spoke again.

"You may have noticed that the manhole cover in front of you is missing."

"Yes, I have," she replied quietly

"Good, then be careful not to fall down it, the sewer is at least 25 feet down," the voice told her almost mockingly.

" I'll be careful," she assured the voice

"Excellent," the voice continued, " now I want you to remove your apron and drop in down the manhole."

"Do what?" Marion asked unable to comprehend the order.

"You heard," the voice said suddenly turning angry, "and no more questions or your husband gets it."

"Ok! ok!" Marion quickly replied as she hurriedly undid her apron with one hand whilst holding the phone with the other. She managed to pull it off and drop it down the manhole as instructed .

"I've done it," she said nervously placing the phone back to her ear.

"Right then, and now your boots," the voice told her in reply. She was about to argue when she remembered the threats she had already had so instead , with an uneasy feeling in her stomach ,she balanced on her right foot and unzipped her black patent ankle boot on the opposite foot. She pulled it off and threw it down the manhole and as she switched the phone to her other hand to enable her to remove her right boot she heard the splash as it reached the bottom. Her right boot soon followed it and she waited for the splash before putting the phone back to her ear. She couldn't but wonder as to the point of this but didn't dare ask.

"They're gone," she said dejectedly.

"Are you wearing stockings or tights?" the voice immediately asked.

"Er, tights," she almost whispered and blushed at the same time, discussing her underwear with a stranger was not something she really wanted to do.

"Take them off."

A feeling of shock passed through her body as the latest command sunk in and all she could think to say was, "Why?"

"Do you want to see Brian again?" the voice said in response and with a sniff Marion put her hands under her skirt and began to wriggle out of her tights. She was acutely aware that her she was undressing next to a busy road , yet she had no choice if she was to save her husband. The pavement was cold on the soles of her feet but she barely noticed as she held the tights over the manhole and reluctantly let go of another piece of her clothing.

"That's a nice skirt your wearing," the voice told her. Marion looked around wildly, her tormentor could see her!

"Where are you?" she asked desperately

"None of your business. As I said, nice skirt"

"Oh please no," Marion was distraught

"Come on, get it off."



With a sob Marion put the phone on top of the garden wall behind her and unzipped the back of skirt. She stood there for a moment clutching the waistband. The thought of leaving the phone and just running off crossed her mind, but then an image of Brian flashed though her mind and she knew she had no choice. She was just about to let the skirt fall to the ground when to her horror she saw a middle aged couple walking their dog coming towards her. She stood knees trembling , barefoot and holding her skirt waistband, as they approached

"Good evening and mind the hole," she said and forced a smile, at least it was no-one she knew.

"Evening," the man replied warily looking at her bare feet as he avoided the open manhole. The woman just looked at her with disdain and they both passed by. As soon as they were a safe distance away she grabbed the phone with her left hand while still holding her skirt with the right.

"I can't do this," she hissed into it, "I was nearly seen."

"I see," the voice said, "it really depends how much you love your husband doesn't it." Marion felt as though she had been punched in the stomach , whoever was on the other end of the phone had her over a barrel .She didn't try and argue further, instead she let go of her skirt and felt it slide down her legs. Stepping out of it she kicked it down the manhole as she said into the phone,

"Happy now?"

"I see you're wearing a slip" the voice said ignoring her question.

"Obviously," she said watching the traffic go by and wondering if anyone was noticing her.

"In that case you won't mind taking off your blouse, will you."

"I suppose I won't," she agreed grimly knowing that arguing was pointless and she clung to the hope that if she co-operated she might get to keep at least some of her clothes. Putting the phone on the wall again she unbuttoned her light pink blouse , undid the sleeve buttons and in one swift movement slipped it off and dropped it down the hole. She then quickly picked up the phone and said, "Surely that's enough" as she stood on the pavement in just bra panties and a very flimsy full length slip.

"I'd like to know what coloured underwear you've got on," the voice replied.

"Matching white bra and panties" Marion said without hesitation, she wanted to get this nightmare over as quickly as she could.

"I need proof," the voice said with more than a hint of sarcasm. Marion groaned inwardly.

"Take your knickers off."

Marion felt a small amount of relief at this , she was expecting to be told to take her slip off . At least she would still look decent from a distance she thought to herself as she put the phone back on the wall and carefully began to take down her panties trying to do it without making it too obvious to any passing motorist what she was actually doing. She got them off and leaving them lying on the pavement retrieved the phone.

"I can't see them down there," was what she heard as soon as the phone was up to her ear. "Pick them up and hold them up in front of you."

Marion did as she was told blushing bright red as she stood next to a busy road holding her panties in one hand and the phone pressed to her ear in the other. As she waited for her next order she began to shiver realising that it was getting quite cold , a gentle breeze was blowing on her uncovered arms and legs and her slip gave no protection to the remaining covered parts ,but there was nothing she could do about it as she displayed her most intimate garment to the evening traffic. Fortunately for her no one seemed to notice but when the voice said

"Down the drain with them," she didn't hesitate and let them go in an instant.

"What size is your bra?" the voice asked almost immediately.

"32B," she replied , again without hesitation.

"Nice, I don't like breasts that are too big," the voice continued, "and tell me what make is it?"

"Pardon," Marion asked not sure she had heard right.

"I asked you who made your bra."

"I.. I.. don't know" Marion stuttered , confused by the question

"Remove it and look at the label," the voice ordered

Marion sighed , once again put the phone on the wall and began to extricate her bra from beneath her slip. It took her several minutes before she finally pulled it out via the hem of her slip. She looked at the label, grabbed the phone and breathlessly said, "Playtex".

"Thank you," a condescending voice acknowledged. "No point in putting it back on is there."

"No," agreed Janet and without being told threw it down the manhole.

The breeze had now increased to a gusting wind and Marion was getting colder, a fact attributed to by the state of her nipples which were most prominent through the sheer material of the slip. The hem of the slip was also trying to blow up and she pressed it down on her thighs with her free hand,

"I've done as you asked, please let my husband go," she pleaded desperately.

"I take it you love him a lot," the voice said.

"Yes I.. I.. do," Marion answered as her teeth began to chatter with the cold.

"Well do the following and you get him back," the voice started, "when I say, you are to switch off the phone put it on the wall and then close your eyes and stand with your hands on your head facing the road. Got that?"

"Yes," Marion replied, relieved at still having her slip, however flimsy it was.

"Good, and on no account are you to move or open your eyes until the phone rings again, is that clear?"

"Yes, I understand," Marion acknowledged.

"Oh, and one more thing if you want Brian back"

"What's that?" Marion asked.

"Make sure the slip goes down the sewer as well."

"Oh please no, let me keep it on," Marion begged on the verge of panic.

"Not if you want your husband back."

"No please , I'll do anything else not that...... hello..... hello."

Marion sobbed silently to herself, the kidnapper had hung up. She put the phone on the wall and just stared at it for several seconds as she rubbed her arms in a vain attempt to warm them up. Then she slowly turned round and glanced up and down the road, there were no pedestrians but plenty of traffic. She bent slightly crossed her arms and took hold of the hem of her slip with both hands. She then stood motionless like that for a good 30 seconds before she cried out, "Oh Jesus" and with tears in her eyes she pulled her slip off over her head and then threw it down the manhole. Two seconds later she was standing locked outside her house completely naked, eyes closed with her hands on her head, displaying her body to the passing cars. She tried to shut what was happening out of her mind, she desperately wanted to run away but knew she couldn't, her ears strained to hear for the phone ringing but it remained silent. Despite the cold she could feel her face burning with humiliation and when a car went past piping its horn she knew she had been spotted. She kept her eyes tightly closed as several more vehicles blew there horns on sighting her naked form, her face continued to burn and her legs felt like jelly, her feet lost all feeling on the cold pavement as she willed the phone to ring. She lost track of time then suddenly a shocked voice beside her said

"MARION! What on earth are you doing?"

Marion immediately recognised the voice of her husband and opening her eyes saw him stood in front of her with a look of horror on his face.

"Oh. Thank god you are alright," she blurted out and threw her arms around his neck. "They haven't hurt you have they?"

WHAT... hurt who?" Brian was virtually speechless and in shock at having just discovered his wife standing naked outside their house.

"The kidnappers," Marion told.

"What are you talking about?" Brian asked.

"The kidnappers who rang me up and made me strip out here before they would release you."

"But I've not been kidnapped , kindly explain what the hell is happening."

The phone started ringing before Marion could continue. She picked it up and timidly said "hello."

"You really are one gullible lady" a laughing voice told her and then promptly hung up.

Marion hung her head ,she had just undergone the worst humiliation of her life and it turned out to be a hoax..........

The End