The Gambling debt


Laura is forced to repay her gambling debts but with not enough money she pays the shortfall in a most humiliating way.

The Gambling Debt

Laura Philips kissed her husband on the cheek ,
"See you tonight dear." He said picking up his briefcase and umbrella. Laura opened the door for him and said goodbye as he left the house walked down the drive and headed for the railway station. Another day in the city earning lots of money for them Laura thought to herself grimly, but if only he knew! The 5' 6" tall 27 year old wandered back to her kitchen and decided to have another coffee. She sat at her kitchen table , still in her dressing gown and wondered how to get herself out of her current mess. For months she had been going out on Wednesday nights, she had told her husband that she was attending a computer course but in reality she was going to the local casino and playing the roulette wheels. She had lost heavily and in desperation had borrowed money from what was a less than reputable source . To cut a long story short she now owed over £7000 and there was no way she could repay it without her husband's help. Her husband strictly disapproved of gambling and the last thing on earth she wanted to do was tell him what she had been doing. Deep in thought she finished her coffee and went upstairs to take a shower, she had an appointment with her bank manager in a couple of hours, another thing she was not looking forward to.

Laura had just finished plaiting her chestnut brown hair into a ponytail that reached almost to her waist and was putting the finishing touches to her makeup when the doorbell rang.
"Damm," she said out loud to her own reflection in the mirror and putting her eyeliner on the dressing table she hurried downstairs to answer the door. On opening it she was confronted by two rather large dark suited men.
"Mrs Philips?" the slightly smaller of the two enquired in a gruff voice.
"Er.. yes," Laura replied nervously.
"Good ," the other man replied, "We are here to collect the money you owe." "I don't have it at the moment" Laura hissed looking out beyond the men to see if any of the neighbours were watching.
"Well you currently owe £7434," the first man said reading from a small piece of paper he had just produced from his pocket.
"I know," Laura snapped angrily and still wary of the neighbours, "and I'll get it in a few days."
"Not good enough," the second man said shaking his head, "Our boss said we either had to collect what he's owed or take you with us to explain to him personally."
"I'm going nowhere with you and I told you I'll get your money soon" Laura retorted and started to close the door but before she realised what was happening the door had been forced wide open she was pushed back and the two men entered her house. As one of them closed the door the other said in a low menacing voice,
"This isn't open to negotiation , we get the money or you come along to explain why not." Laura was now scared and stammered,
"I..I.....I'll get my keys" thinking that she had better do as they said. She went into her kitchen and picked up her keys and handbag from the table, as she turned to go back she started, one of the men had followed her , obviously to make sure she didn't try and escape through the back door. Desperately trying to maintain a show of composure she pushed past the man and headed back to the front door. She then stood aside as they exited and followed them pulling her front door shut behind her. Laura briefly wondered if she should have got her coat but then decided that it was reasonably warm summers day and her expensive blue pinstripe two piece suit should be warm enough ; putting her keys in her pocket and clutching her handbag under her right arm she paused on her doorstep and quickly buttoned up the front of the jacket. Then Laura walked briskly down her drive holding her head up high, ponytail swinging defiantly behind her. She tried to maintain the impression that she was wanting to go with these men, not that she did for a second, but she had to keep appearances right for the neighbours. She reached the men's car, a black BMW with tinted glass and got into the rear seat, one of the men shut the door behind her the moment she was in , then he got into the driving seat and his associate into the passenger seat and in a short space of time they were heading down the road.

Laura tried to talk to the two men, more to cover her nervousness than anything else but they remained silent so Laura gave up and sat back trying to stop her mind filling up with ideas of what unpleasant things might happen to her. She didn't really take much notice of where they were going and it came as a mild shock when it registered that they were heading out into the country. She was about to attempt to ask the two occupants of the front seat where they were going when the BMW pulled into a lay-by and stopped alongside a red Jaguar . A tall thin man got out of the driving seat locked the car and then got into the BMW beside Laura. As the car sped off once more with a sinking feeling Laura recognised the man as the loan shark to whom she owed the money .
"Morning Mrs Philips." He said turning to her.
"Hello" Laura replied and then blurted out , "I'll get you money, I promise"
"We'll deal with that matter shortly, the man who Laura remembered was called Brian," said , "For now just sit back and enjoy the ride."
That was about the last thing Laura could do as she sat there nervously and despite herself she could not stop fiddling with the hem of her skirt. So deep in her own thoughts she became that she started when the car suddenly stopped.
"Time to get out." Brian informed her and opened the door on his side of the car. The driver got out and opened Laura's door and she slid her legs out of the car and stood up. As she looked around she felt the anxiety building up in her, they were in the middle of a runway on an abandoned airfield and there was nothing but grass and crumbling tarmac for at least a mile in every direction she looked. The car driver led her round to the other side of the car where Brian was leaning on it his arms folded in front of him. Laura was positioned about 10 feet away from the car and found herself looking at the three men all of whom were now leaning against the BMW. Laura waited with a feeling of dread as the men eyed her.
"You owe me £7434" Brian said breaking the silence. "But I haven't got it" Laura wailed
"Search her handbag, George " Brian said to the man who had driven the car. George retrieved her handbag from the back seat and brought it round to the front of the car.
"You won't find any money in there" Laura scoffed, with a brief show of defiance
All three ignored her as the contents of her handbag were emptied onto the bonnet of the BMW. 30 seconds was all it took for George to extract Laura's credit card holder from amongst the pile and he turned and handed it to Brian. As Laura watched the loan shark flipped the catch and thumbed through her not inconsiderable collection of cas, credit and store cards. He them went back through them and extracted about six cards before throwing the holder back onto the car bonnet. George began to scoop up the contents and return them to the handbag as Brian approached Laura.
"Would you like to tell me the pin numbers " he asked with a smile that was anything but warm.
"NO" Laura replied sharply.
"Very well," Brian continued producing a mobile phone from his pocket "I'll have to contact your husband regarding repayment of your debt"
"No," Laura conceded defeat, "I'll tell you" and reeled off the numbers for all her cards, Brian writing them down on a piece of paper. He then got Laura to repeat them as he checked each one.
"Excellent" he said as he finished , "Now you are going to wait her whilst we go and get our money from your various account"
Laura knew there was no way there would be enough money to cover the debt and made her mind up to run off as soon as they departed. But Brian obviously was aware of this and continued,
"Now we don't want you running off once our backs are turned so to make sure you stay here and await our return I would be grateful if you would remove your clothes."
Laura was dumbstruck
"Wh...bu..Nnn...Please" she babbled not quite believing what she had heard. She took a deep breath and a second to compose herself before asking in a small voice,
"What did you say"
"You heard" Brian responded, "Strip"
"Why, you can't make me" Laura pleaded noticing that for the first time George and the other man had a smile on their faces " You've got my cards, what more do you want"
"Its simple" Brian told her " You've caused me a lot of hassle by not paying up so, to ensure you wait here for us in case there isn't enough money forthcoming from cash machines with your cards and also to teach you a little lesson your going to wait stark naked for us."
"I can't" Laura cried in horror, "What if I'm seen."
"Not our problem," Brian replied simply, "come on clothes off now!"
Laura stared across the airfield not moving , she couldn't believe what she had got herself into. After a minute or so of no activity Brian's patience ran out. He addressed Laura,
" You have a minute to remove you clothes," he told her in an irritated voice, "or I get George and Steve here to undress you" and waved his arm in the general direction of a still smiling Steve and George.
Laura knew she had no choice, she had got herself into a situation in which she was way out of her depth so despairingly she began to unbutton her blue pinstripe jacket, certain that she would sooner remove her own clothes than be stripped by Brian's two leering henchmen. As she slid the jacket off she stopped, being in the middle of a disused runway, there was nowhere immediately apparent where she could put her expensive jacket. Brian read her mind and solved the dilemma for her by saying,
"Drop it on the ground."
Laura didn't bother to protest instead just letting the jacket slide through her fingers and fall in a crumpled heap at her feet, there being a slight chink as the keys in the pocket hit the tarmac.. She then slowly unbuckled the belt of her tight thigh length skirt and undid the button at the side before putting her thumbs in the waistband and wriggling it down her stocking clad legs. Her blouse was a long one and came well down her thighs ensuring that at least in the short term she maintained her modesty. Laura slowly lowered the skirt to her knees where she paused momentarily before allowing it to drop to the floor. Not bothering to step out of it Laura the proceeded to kick off her black high heeled shoes , one landing on top of her discarded jacket whilst the other fell close by. Bending over she reached under the hem of her long white blouse and took hold of the top of her left stocking before sliding it down her leg as far as her ankle. She then repeated the exercise with the right stocking only this time she remained bent over and first removed the right stocking completely and then the left. Still stood with her skirt around her she tossed both stockings to land on top of the jacket. Heart pounding she slowly straightening and forced herself to look directly at Brian and in a pleading voice said,
"Please don't make me go any further" knowing that to remove her blouse would leave her clad in only some rather skimpy white filly underwear. Laura had never been one for exposing her body and still felt slightly uneasy about being naked in the presence of her husband, even though they had been married 6 years , yet here she was being forced to strip in broad daylight in front of three strangers. Brian was unmoved by her pleading and in reply just said,
"Either you take off the rest of your clothes yourself or George and Steve here will be delighted to help you."
Laura groaned inwardly before reaching down and starting to undo the buttons of her blouse. She did so incredibly slowly but was only postponing the inevitable and when she reached the last button she had no choice but to slide the blouse over her left shoulder and pull her arm out of the sleeve before pulling her right arm out of its sleeve. She didn't drop the blouse but held it up to her chest in a vain attempt to conceal her 36C breasts from the eyes of the three men as her bra struggled to contain them . But Brian was having none of it and snapped impatiently,
" Get a move on" in such a menacing voice that Laura dare not disobey and so she dropped the blouse and reached behind her back . Locating her bra catch she found that her hands were shaking so badly she couldn't undo it and struggled for almost a minute before finally succeeding. To the three men , watching, her breasts looked as though they would break free of the bra at any second as Laura fumbled with her catch and when she did finally release it the two loose ends slipped through her fingers and whipped round to her front allowing her suddenly unfettered breasts to finally get the freedom they had been trying for. Laura quickly slid the shoulder straps down her arms and as the bra fell at her feet she crossed her arms over her chest. Looking at the men she opened her mouth to speak but Brian cut her off, saying,
"Get you knickers off , we haven't got all day"
"Oh no," Laura wailed, "Please let me keep my panties, please I beg you." Brian had had enough and waved his arm at the other two, they immediately started to approach Laura who cried out ,
"Nooooo" and crouched down on her haunches still with her arms across her chest. Steve and George approached her and in a team effort that gave the distinct impression that they had done this sort of thing before, George went round behind her , bent down and encircled her waist with his arms before bodily picking her up. She kicked out at Steve but he had positioned himself to one side so that her wildly thrashing legs couldn't make contact with him. Then in a lightening quick manoeuvre he reached out put his large hand into the front of the waist band of Laura's skimpy panties and ripped them off. George held her for a good ten seconds more which gave both Steve and Brian ample to time to see, much to their surprise , that Laura had a completely bald pussy before he unceremoniously dumped her on the tarmac. Laughing , Brian mocked her,
"Shaved our pussy have we?"
Laura still on her knees where she had landed, moaned and curled up in a foetal position on the ground as the three men laughed at her . She had never been so humiliated in all her life yet she knew that she had brought it all on herself and she vowed at that moment never to gamble again in her life. As she knelt there wishing the ground would swallow her up Steve gathered up her clothes and put them all in the boot of the BMW, that is all apart from the ripped panties which he surreptitiously slid into his suit pocket as a souvenir . Steve slammed the boot shut and returned to stand by Brian who then spoke,
"Stand up" he commanded and Laura knowing that she could either stand up herself or be dragged up , slowly rose covering herself with her hands as she did so until she stood in front of the men .Brian then continued,
"We are off now to see what your cards will yield."
"You can't leave me like this," Laura begged "Please let me have my clothes back."
"No" Brian answered emphatically "This is to teach you a lesson about non payment of debts and besides we won't be too long"
"Oh god" Laura said to herself more than anyone else before Brian went on
"And just to make sure you don't lose your head and run off before we return George here has a little something for you"
"W..what?" Laura queried nervously as George strode towards her . She took a step backwards but there was nothing she could do and when he reached her he grabbed her left wrist and pulled it out straight towards him uncovering her breasts in the process. Before Laura could do anything he had snapped handcuffs on her left wrist and then pulled her arm down rapidly forcing her to bend at the waist . The other end he then just as quickly fastened around her right ankle and immediately headed back towards the car
"You can't do this" Laura cried as the reality of what had been done to her sunk in. The only reply was the sound of a BMW being started followed by a screech of tyres as the three men departed to get the money.
"COME BACK!" Laura screamed and tried to run after the car, a totally futile exercise which just caused her to fall over , she did, however, manage to lift up her head enough to see the BMW disappearing down the runway.
Laura lay there on the runway long after the car had gone from her view. She tried to get her mind around the fact that how she, a respectable 27 year old housewife, married to a successful business man and living in a nice house , had managed to end up stripped naked , hobbled and abandoned in the middle of an old airfield with no cover whatsoever . To make matters worse she knew that her cards would not cover what she owed and she began to dread what would happen when they came back. Then the thought struck her that they might not return at all and leave her to hobble around until found. Whatever transpired she was sure it would be both degrading and humiliating for her, how she wished she'd never gone to the Casino in the first place.

Laura had no idea how long she had been waiting at the airfield , her watch was on her dressing table at home, but it seemed like an eternity. Having tried various positions she eventually found that the most comfortable one for a person with a wrist fastened to an ankle was sat down with knees pulled up under the chin so this was the one she adopted. Since Brian and his men had left the sun had gone behind some clouds and a slight breeze had appeared. For a naked woman with no shelter it was getting decidedly chilly , a fact attested too by the goose pimples on Laura's legs and also the stiffening of her nipples. She was just starting to shiver when she spotted the BMW in the distance as it turned onto the end of the runway and headed towards her. She felt a mixture of relief that they were returning but also was extremely worried about what would happen next. Laura sat there and waited with stomach churning.

The car pulled up beside her and the three men got up and approached the naked woman. Laura looked up at Brian as he stopped in front of her.
"We got £4560," he informed her looking down with a frowning face., "Which leaves a balance of £2874."
"I'll get it for you soon ,I promise" Laura replied desperation showing in her voice.
"Rubbish" Brian retorted, "Your in no position to repay my money by yourself , as well you know, so I'll give you a choice"
"What choice?" Laura asked suddenly seeing that there might be a way out of the mess she was in.
"Well you can either let me contact your husband" Brian started, "or you-"
"NO" Laura interrupted, "not that , I'll do anything but that."
"Let me finish," Brian continued, " I was going on to say , -or you can agree to accept an alternative to repaying the balance to me which will not only teach you not to get into a situation like this again but will also serve as a warning to several other clients that are getting behind on what they owe me , one in particular springs to mind. But I will tell you now it will be less than pleasant."
"What exactly do you mean?," Laura asked, nothing could be worse than what she was currently enduring she thought.
"You'll find out if you take the second option," Brian told her giving nothing more away ,
"I'll give you a minute to think." Laura had made her mind up in the first 5 seconds ,anything was better than Brian contacting her husband, there was no way she wanted him to know, but she remained silent until Brian asked,
"Well time's up, make your choice." Laura took a deep breath and said,
" Don't contact my husband, I'll take the second option"
"You sure?" Brian asked
"Yes" Laura whispered in confirmation, wondering what she was letting herself in for as she noticed the evil grins on both Steve and George's faces.
"Right ," Brian announced," Lets get on with it."
"What are you going to do" Laura asked suddenly extremely apprehensive.
"Let me ask you a question ," Brian answered as Steve handed him a large pair of scissors from a bag he had got from the car boot. He walked round behind Laura as Steve and Mike positioned themselves on either side of her and took hold of a shoulder and knee each to stop her moving .
" Do you know how I to tell if a woman's hair colour is real or dyed ."
"You look at her roots?" Laura responded mystified by the question.
"No , I compare her head with her pussy hair to see if they match" Brian replied
"Oh," was all Laura could say still none the wiser, before Brian continued,
"I've decided that your head should match your pussy hair."
"But I haven't got an-....O MY GOD NO!" Laura screamed and began to struggle but she was held fast as Brian cut off her pony tail, dropped it to the ground and then started to snip away at the rest of her hair.
"Please no" Laura begged unable to move and close to tears as she felt her hair falling away. She waved her head around briefly until Brian held it still by wrapping his free arm around it. Five minutes later Laura's scalp sported nothing but a short stubble as Brian reached for the bag that had contained the scissors. From it he produced a can of shaving foam and shook it briefly before applying a large proportion of it to Laura's head. It had been a strange feeling for Laura as her thick hair gradually became less and when Brian had finished with the scissors her scalp felt decidedly cold.
"How do I explain this ,"she thought to herself mournfully as Brian got a razor out of the bag and warned the wretched woman,
"Don't move" as he began to shave her head smooth. The warning was not really necessary as Laura had no intention of moving knowing that to do so could lead to her being cut. As she sat motionless and felt the razor removing the last of her hair all sorts of things flashed through her mind. She had the idea that once they let her go and gave her her clothes back she could go and buy a wig, in the short term she could wear a headscarf. Then she remembered that she had no money or cards so the idea of telling people she did it to raise money for charity came into her head. She knew it was a lame excuse and was still mulling it over when she felt a coarse towel on her now sensitive head which Brian was using to wipe off the last traces of shaving foam. Once he had finished the cool breeze was even more noticeable on her scalp but before she could say anything George, who along with Steve , still had hold of her said,
"Hey boss, you've missed two bits"
"Where? Brian queried peering closely had Laura's bald head and seeing nothing apparent."
"Her eyebrows." Steve told him realising what George was on about before Brian did.
"Aww" was all Laura uttered, she knew pleading to keep them would be futile and wouldn't make much difference to her overall state of things.
"Head up" Brian told her shaking the shaving foam again. Two minutes later there was not a single hair left on Laura's body and as Brian packed the bag the other two let go of Laura who summed up her courage and asked,
"If we are finished now may I have my clothes back" She felt a chill run through her body as all three men burst out laughing and Brian said,
"Yes we are finished, now its time to take you home." He turned to the other two and said, "Help the lady to the car"
Still naked and still cuffed ankle to wrist George and Steve more or less carried Laura and put her into the back seat. She wriggled about for a few seconds and ended up sat in the same position as she had been on the tarmac. She heard the car boot opened and then slammed shut as Brian put the bag in and hoped her clothes were still in there. As the men got in she caught a glance of herself in the car's rear-view mirror and gasped loudly, she hardly recognised herself without hair, this was worse than a nightmare.
"Relax," Brian told her as he pulled his door shut , " You'll save a fortune at the hairdressers" Laura remained silent and yet again cursed herself for ever going into a casino. The car set off and as they left the airfield Laura asked about her clothes and also the cuffs.
"I told you what I have in mind for you is not very pleasant" was all Brain would volunteer in the way off information and they continued in silence for quite some time until Laura realised they were getting near to her house. For the first time that day she panicked,
"You can't take me home like this" she screamed looking wildly at Brian.
"Of course we won't" he reassured her, smiling, as they reached the end of Laura's road. To her relief they drove past but then stopped about 50 yards further on .
"Why have we stopped" she asked desperately. Brian didn't reply instead he lent over her and opened the door on her side next to the pavement.
"Consider your debt repaid" he smiled and then pushed her out of the door ! Laura rolled onto the pavement ending up on her side, her mind numb with horror but she did hear Brian shout
"Your door and handcuff keys are on your doorstep." just before the BMW screamed off up the road. Laura didn't lie on the pavement long she struggled to her feet and headed for her house,
"I must get out of sight," she told herself as she walked as fast as she could bent double. Turning into her own road she knew she had to walk no further then 250 yards but she would be under the constant gaze of her neighbours and at least one of them was bound to see her. Bent over all she could see was the pavement and it seemed never ending as she progressed up the road. Her heart was pounding as she felt sure the net curtains would be twitching by now and could almost feel the gaze of her neighbours on her arched back. It was that sort of neighbourhood.

At last she got to her house and trudged up the drive towards her front door. She was halfway there when the door of her next door neighbour's opened and out came Andrea Manners her neighbour. Andrea was a blonde of similar age to Laura and also a good friend,
"Oh my god what happened." she said running over to Laura.
"Get me inside" Laura hissed, "the keys are on the doorstep" In less than thirty seconds Laura was safely in her house and Andrea was helping to unlock the cuffs.
"Tell me what happened" Andrea asked anxiously as Laura slowly straightened up.
"I failed to repay some money" Laura sighed and gave her friend a brief rundown of events. By the time she had finished Andrea had gone ashen.
"W..w..wwhat did this chap look like?" she stammered Laura described Brian curious as to Andrea's reaction.
"Oh shit" the neighbour moaned as Laura concluded her description
"What's your problem?" Laura asked angrily as she caught sight of her own reflection in the hall mirror.
"I owe Brian £9000 and he wants to see me tomorrow" Andrea replied close to tears.
"Oh dear." was all Laura could think to say she had her own problems to worry about.