Executive Stress

by Kat

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      Peter Simpson sighed as he put down the phone and lent back in his chair,
      the papers on his desk forgotten for the time being.
      "I've got problems," he thought to himself, "Real problems."
      Peter was well up the Executive ladder at the company where he worked, a
      position he had attained over quite a few years of hard work and a year
      ago he was certain to get a seat on the board.
      Twelve months later things weren't looking as rosy, not that Peter had
      done anything wrong, he was doing his job just as well as ever; the
      problem was that he now had some serious competition. Peter didn't mind
      fair competition and if he had been beaten to the board by "a better man"
      then he would have accepted it but it was not "fair" competition he was up
      against now. There were two thorns in his side, one called Jessica Yates
      and the other Mary Bennett, and the phone call he had just had from the
      Chairman of the company had confirmed his worst suspicions.
      The Chairman had just spent the last 15 minutes telling him how wonderful
      Jessica Yates and Mary Bennett were and what an "asset to the company they
      were" and he had finished by saying that they were "destined for the top."
      Peter knew better but could say nothing, there was no doubt that Jessica
      and Mary were talented but they also were a couple of scheming bitches who
      would trample over anyone to further their own careers. They were both
      extremely good looking, Jessica being a redhead and Mary a brunette, and
      always dressed in expensive business suits. It was not surprising that
      their rise through the corporate ranks was at the very least meteoric.
      James decided they needed to be taken down a peg or two, nothing that
      would totally ruin their careers, but something that would put them on
      hold for a while, or at least until he was safely on the board. He sat and
      gazed into space and thought, then an idea came to him. He got up and went
      over to a cupboard, unlocking it he then rummaged around in one of the
      drawers within it before finding what he wanted. Returning to his desk he
      placed the old leather bound address book on top of his paperwork and
      began to leaf through the pages.
      He came across the one he wanted and picking up the phone dialed the
      number. He hadn't used this man's services in years and he hoped he could
      still contact him because if he could this would be the answer to his
      current dilemma. A gruff voice answered, his heart leapt, he was in luck
      and a few minutes later he was explaining the problem he had. Things were
      looking up.
      A few days later a very flustered Mary burst into Jessica's office. "My
      house was broken into last night," she blurted out.
      "Oh No," Jessica replied. "Anything taken?"
      "Yes, but you'd better shut the door first," the highly agitated Mary told
      Jessica did so before returning to her chair and saying, "Well, what have
      you lost?"
      "You know those pictures we took last year."
      "O god! No," Jessica interrupted. "Tell me you are joking!" She knew
      exactly which pictures Mary referred to.
      Mary nodded dumbly.
      "O shit," was all Jessica could say.
      They had been celebrating their latest victory together at Mary's house
      one Saturday, and had got rather drunk. They had turned on the T.V. at
      some stage and found that there was a horse race about to start on one of
      the channels.
      "Quick pick a horse," Mary had shouted.
      "What are we betting with?" Jessica had replied.
      "The loser has to strip naked and pose for my new instant camera," Mary
      giggled in response.
      "Its a deal," Jessica said and they both chose a horse seconds before the
      Both women watched the race avidly and as it reached the last furlong it
      was neck and neck between their two horses. They were bouncing up and down
      and cheering as the horses crossed the line. It was a photo finish and so
      they had some more wine while waiting for the result.
      Very unusually it turned out to be a dead heat and on hearing the result
      Jessica said "We both win."
      Mary immediately replied, "No we don't, we both lose," and with that she
      stood up and started to get undressed. "We'll pose together. I can set it
      on automatic."
      Jessica who was well inebriated by then needed little persuasion and to
      cut a long story short they stripped and took about a dozen photos of
      themselves sat naked on Mary's sofa.
      "What shall we do?" Mary whispered in desperation.
      "There is nothing we can do," Jessica told her. "We just have to see what
      if anything happens. Right now I have a meeting, we'll discuss this
      The two women then went about their business and tried to put the photos
      out of their minds.
      A fortnight later it was Friday night and Jessica and Mary were feeling
      somewhat more optimistic, they had heard nothing about the photos and were
      becoming more confident by the day that they would not. Besides they were
      in the process of preparing a report for the Company Chairman and knew
      that if they played their cards right on this one then they would be in
      with a serious chance of seats on the board.
      They both reckoned they could be on the board before boring old Peter
      Simpson, however good he was. It was late when they decided to call it a
      day and they had still not finished so Jessica invited Mary to her house
      for the night so they could complete it in the morning. Mary agreed and
      they packed the report into their briefcases and picking up their coats
      departed from the office. A taxi soon had them at the railway station and
      they caught their train with a few minutes to spare.
      Being late on Friday night they had a compartment to themselves or at
      least they did until about 30 seconds before departure time when the door
      of their compartment flew open and a dark haired man in his forties got in
      closed the door and sat on the opposite side of the carriage to the women.
      He glanced in their direction but they chose to ignore him. What they
      didn't know was that this man was the one Peter had spoken to over a month
      ago and furthermore, they would have been very worried if they knew that
      he was also the one who had broken into Mary's flat. The man settled down
      in his seat and made a couple more glances in the direction of the women
      just to confirm in his own mind that he had got the right pair. He was
      certain he had and settled back as the train began to move. As it
      accelerated he took a closer look, they were certainly an attractive pair,
      the taller of the two was a redhead and she wore a smart dark blue
      business suit with a skirt that stopped just above her knees.
      Under her buttoned jacket the man could see a white blouse. The other
      woman wore a beige suit and hers also finished above her knee and was
      complemented by a light pink blouse. He picked up his paper and pretended
      to read it.
      The train stopped at two stations and was just pulling away from the third
      when the dark haired man made his move. He knew that he just about had
      time to carry out what he had discussed with Peter Simpson before the
      train arrived at the next stop.
      "Good evening, ladies," he began.
      Both women gave him a distasteful look and Jessica said with more than a
      hint of contempt, "Get lost creep."
      "Snotty cow," the man thought to himself, "I'm going to enjoy this,"
      before he spoke out loud, "Er I think it would be in your best interests
      to talk to me."
      "And why is that?" Mary queried in a condescending voice.
      "Because I am acting on behalf of a client, who wishes to remain
      anonymous, and he has something which I suspect you two would very much
      like back."
      "The photos," Mary gasped.
      "Correct," the man replied, "and my client wishes me to inform you that
      unless you do exactly as you are told the said photos will be sent to your
      Jessica and Mary looked at each other, no words were exchanged but they
      both knew they had to do whatever this man wanted or their careers would
      be finished. The Chairman was known to be a religious man and if he got
      the photos they might as well start looking for a new job. Jessica slowly
      turned to the man and said in a quiet voice, "What do you want?"
      "Everything you have," was the simple reply.
      OK, we'll sell our houses and all our worldly goods, but it will take a
      few days," Jessica scoffed, although the anxiety in her voice was easy to
      detect. Mary just laughed nervously.
      "No, no, you misunderstand me. My client requires that you hand over
      everything you have at this present moment in time."
      "We've only got our briefcases," Mary said somewhat mystified.
      "Unless your going to steal our handbags," Jessica added sarcastically.
      "As I said, you're are required to hand over everything including your
      briefcase, handbags and of course all your clothes," the man told them in
      a matter of fact voice.
      "Piss off," was all Jessica could think to say.
      Mary was a little more eloquent and managed, "I don't think so."
      "Well, I'm afraid its up to you unless you want the chairman to see the
      The two women looked indecisively at each other. Then Jessica asked,
      "Basically if we strip naked for you we get the photos back."
      "That is correct."
      Jessica leant closer to Mary and whispered, "Well?"
      Mary head bowed thought for a few seconds and then said, "We don't have a
      choice." and with that she reached down and removed her shoes before
      tossing them to the man's side of the coach. Jessica did not move until
      Mary said, "Come on, let’s get this over with, give this pervert his cheap
      thrill and get the photos back."
      Jessica then followed Mary's example and removed her shoes. They both
      stood up and virtually simultaneously removed their jackets. As they did
      so the man stood up and walked over to their side of the compartment and
      he held out his hands to take the jackets from them. He then turned round
      and placed them on the seat behind him. Jessica undid her skirt and slid
      it down her thighs allowing it to drop to the floor revealing the fact
      that she was wearing stockings and suspenders. Picking it up she handed it
      to the man who placed it on top of the jackets.
      Mary took a bit longer, her skirt had a belt and the buttons were a bit
      more difficult to undo. But she eventually managed and removed her skirt
      to reveal a pair of tights.
      These came off very quickly and instead of handing them to the man she
      screwed them into a ball and threw them across the train so that they
      landed on top of the other clothes. She then paused and watched as
      Jessica, who had sat back down, unclipped one stocking from its suspenders
      and peeled it off before passing it to the man. She did the same with the
      other one and then stood up, reached behind her and unclipped her
      suspender belt.
      As she handed it to the man he noticed her hands were shaking, clearly she
      was far more nervous than she was letting on, and he was also aware that
      she avoided looking him in the face. Mary, he surmised, was more
      confident, and it was she who began to unbutton her blouse first and she
      was nearly out of it before Jessica started to undo her buttons.
      Mary handed her blouse to the man leaving her in just her bra and panties
      and she paused whilst Jessica caught up. As soon as the man took the
      blouse from Jessica, Mary unhooked her bra and slipped it off, she threw
      it at the man and then slipped out of her knickers.
      "Happy now?" Mary she enquired as she passed them to him.
      "Your colleague still has some clothes remaining," was the simple reply.
      "Come on, Jessica," Mary began, "I don't want to stay like this any longer
      than I have to." But Jessica didn't move, she just stood there as if
      "Jessica!" Mary ordered, anger starting to show in her voice, "Get your
      bra and pants off now." Still Jessica did not move.
      "Bloody Marvelous!" Mary exclaimed and without further ado she spun
      Jessica around and stripped her bra off herself. She tossed it to the man
      and then with a sharp tug pulled Jessica's knickers down to her ankles.
      At this point Jessica came to her senses and mumbled "Oh, no."
      "Oh yes!" Mary responded, "Step out of these, the quicker we do this the
      sooner we can get dressed again."
      Jessica did as she was told and the two highflying business executives
      stood completely naked in a railway carriage being eyed by an anonymous
      "We've done as you asked," Mary told the man making no attempt to hide her
      "Yes, come on, give us the photos and let us get dressed," added Jessica
      with one arm crossed over her breasts and her other hand covering her
      "I don't have the photos, my client does and he will return them to you
      when he is ready. Besides there are some other requirements"
      "Like what" Mary spat.
      "You are to hand over your briefcases to me. I am aware they contain
      sensitive company information and they will be returned to you prior to
      your meeting on Monday morning."
      Both women picked up their cases and handed them to the man, the enclosed
      papers were of no use to anyone but them and anyway standing their naked
      they had little choice.
      "Can I have your handbags please?"
      "No you can't," an angry Mary retorted, "give us the photos and let us get
      "We've done as you asked," added Jessica.
      "True," the man conceded, "but I don't have the photos, my client holds
      them and he will return them once he has a seat on the board of your
      "Peter Simpson!" the women exclaimed in unison.
      "That's right and he engaged me to take you down a peg or two and ensure
      he got onto the board before you two," The man finished.
      "The bastard!" Mary began but the man interrupted.
      "There is one more thing he requested if you would kindly sit down and
      shut up!"
      The women sat down opposite each other rather taken aback by the man's
      forceful tone. They were not used to being spoken to like that.
      "Now listen carefully. There will be no second chances," the man
      explained. "In a minute I am going to do something that you most certainly
      will not like. On no account are your naked bottoms to leave those seats
      you are sitting in now."
      The women looked perplexed.
      "If you do," he continued, "Mr. Simpson will send the pictures to your
      He stared at them and then said in a loud voice, "IS THAT CLEAR?"
      "Yes," Mary whispered, Jessica just nodded.
      "Good," and with that he picked up the women's discarded shoes opened the
      window and threw them out!
      "Nooooo!" Jessica howled and started towards him.
      Mary pushed her back in her seat and hissed, "The photos, stupid."
      The man smiled "I'll overlook that little indiscretion but from now on you
      remain seated."
      "O Christ," Mary moaned as she watched her coat and Jessica's skirt
      disappear into the darkness. The women begged and pleaded but the man
      systematically threw all their clothes out of the window. Then to the
      complete horror of the women their handbags followed the clothes. Jessica
      began to cry as the man closed the window.
      Mary, now deathly pale, spoke in a quiet voice. "What do you expect us to
      do, you've left us with no clothes or money. And we can't even get into
      our houses."
      "I don't know," came the reply, "and to be honest it's not my problem."
      The man then looked out of the window as the train ran into a station.
      "This is where I get off," he said, picking up the briefcases. "Be in Mr.
      Simpson's office 9 o'clock on Monday morning if you want these back."
      The train halted and without another word the man got out and shut the
      door behind him.
      Jessica and Mary sat there speechless and it wasn't until the train was
      pulling out of the station that Jessica with tears running down her cheeks
      sobbed to Mary, "What are we going to do?"
      "I don't know," Mary replied, herself close to tears. "I just don't know."

      The two naked women sat there and desperately tried to think of a way out
      of their situation as the train accelerated into the night.
      Executive Stress - Part 2
      Peter Simpson sat at his desk looking through some papers. It was five to
      nine on Monday morning, and outside Jessica Yates and Mary Bennett were
      waiting to see him. They were expecting to get their briefcases and
      reports back that they had had to give up the previous Friday night. Peter
      had thought long and hard about it over the weekend and had finally
      decided to move the goal posts. He fully intended to exploit the position
      he had got the two women into and make certain he got that coveted seat on
      the board for himself. He decided to keep them waiting for several minutes
      and as he did so he wondered how they had got home on the previous Friday.
      He had after all arranged to have them stripped and left naked on their
      train home and had got a full report when their briefcases had been
      delivered to him on Saturday morning by the man he had contracted. In fact
      he was very curious as to how they had got out of the situation they had
      been left and had already devised a way of finding out. He lent back in
      his leather executive chair and smiling pressed the button on his
      "I'll see Jessica and Mary now, Sheila."
      "Very Good, Mr. Simpson," came an almost immediate reply from his
      secretary and seconds later the door of his office opened and the two
      women strode in. Both were dressed as smartly as ever; today they were
      clothed in almost identical blue suits with white blouses, the main
      difference being that Jessica's skirt covered her knees whereas Mary's
      finished several inches higher; dark stockings and black patent shoes with
      a small heel completed their outfits. Peter had to concede that they were
      two very attractive women but as soon as the office door was closed behind
      them they flew into a tirade.
      "Where is our report?" Jessica demanded.
      "Yes, you arranged to have it stolen, give it back," Mary added.
      When they had finally subdued enough he simply said, "I have the photos,
      so I call the shots around here from now on." Which just provoked another
      tirade of abuse from the women.
      Peter had had enough, although he was interested that both were more
      concerned about their report than their stripping and subsequent complete
      loss of clothes.
      "SILENCE!" he shouted, and somewhat startled they promptly shut up.
      "Right," he continued, "Let me explain how things are going to work around
      "But," Jessica started.
      "Don't interrupt," Peter abruptly cut her off and then continued once he
      had their full attention. "As you are well aware I have photos of you in
      er.. lets say, 'a compromising position' and it is therefore in the best
      interests of your future careers that you do as I say."
      "Surely we can come to an arrangement on this," Jessica replied suddenly
      all sweetness and light as she started to lower herself into one of the
      chairs opposite Peter's desk.
      "I didn't say you could sit down," Peter told her icily. He watched
      Jessica rise to her feet again, somewhat flustered at being treated like a
      naughty schoolgirl before continuing once more.
      "I intend to have the next available seat on the board and until then you
      two are going to do nothing to get in my way - the photographs are my
      insurance policy."
      "Bastard," Mary muttered under her breath.
      "You can also be nice and pleasant to me and your other colleagues as
      well," Peter added in reply to Mary's comment.
      "Fuck you," she retorted angrily. Neither woman was used to being in a
      situation where they could not be in control; it both annoyed and scared
      them at the same time; they had not been expecting this.
      "You are treading on very thin ice, ladies. Right now your futures depend
      on me so I'd start being nice to me right this instant."
      "Go to hell," Jessica muttered.
      "OK, that is it, you've had your chance. Evidently you have learned
      nothing from Friday night," Peter told them. "I'm going to present your
      report for you, with a few minor changes and a bit of tidying up"
      "WHAT!" Jessica exploded.
      "How dare you!" Mary added angrily.
      "Listen, damn you," Peter promptly interjected to stop them before they
      launched into yet another tirade.
      "I will present your report, and I will tell the board that you two are
      indisposed." He paused but this time the women said nothing, just a look
      of anger was apparent on both their faces. James took a sip of water from
      the glass on his desk and then went on. "I was going to make you wait here
      but since you haven't learnt to be civil yet and obviously Friday night
      hasn't had the desired effect, perhaps a further little lesson is needed."
      "Such as?" Jessica asked warily. She all of a sudden had a nasty feeling
      about this.
      "Well you can still wait here whilst I present your report, but now when I
      am upstairs you will be waiting without your clothes!"
      "You are not serious," Mary gasped. "You can't strip us here in the
      "Damn right he can't," Jessica cut in taking an altogether more defiant
      stance. "You can't make us."
      "True," Peter agreed, "but I'll just distribute your photos to the Board."
      Jessica immediately crumbled.
      You wouldn't, would you?" she asked desperately.
      "Not if you do as you are told," Peter assured her.
      For once the two highflying executives were speechless.
      "I've got ten minutes before the meeting starts, so if you'd like to
      disrobe now I'll put your clothes away in one of my cupboards," he told
      them and then finished by saying, "I'll lock it so you won't be tempted to
      get dressed after I have gone."
      The women did not know what to do, here they were about to be made to
      strip again and there was nothing they could do about it.
      "I'm waiting," Peter Simpson reminded them as he leaned back in his chair
      and looked at the pair stood nervously in front of him. He was going to
      enjoy this.
      In a repeat of Friday night on the train it was Mary who made the first
      move. She kicked off her shoes and slipped out of her jacket and placed it
      on Peter's desk. She then began unbuttoning her blouse, clearly realizing
      that any further argument was futile, instead deciding to get it over
      with. She had undone her blouse to the waist, giving Peter a tantalizing
      glimpse of her white lacy bra, and was undoing the buttons on her cuffs
      before Jessica began to remove her jacket. Jessica was undressing at about
      half the speed of Mary so as she put he jacket on the desk, Mary had
      completely removed her blouse. Mary then undid her skirt and with a quick
      wiggle to get it down over her hips let it drop to the floor, then
      stepping out of it she placed it on the desk. Peter couldn't help but
      notice that she was wearing matching underwear, which was skimpy enough to
      leave little to the imagination. As Mary started to pull down her tights
      she noticed that Jessica was still virtually fully clothed and fumbling
      with the buttons to her blouse. Mary paused once she had completely
      removed her tights and stood in front of Peter's desk holding them in her
      left hand while she waited for Jessica to catch up.
      The tall redhead was undressing slowly, almost as though she was in a
      trance, having finished undoing her blouse she slipped out of it and put
      it on the desk in front of her. Then she undid her skirt and slipped it
      down her stocking clad legs but unlike Mary she didn't pick it up, instead
      leaving it lying on the ground at her feet. Putting one hand on the desk
      to steady herself she then raised each foot in succession to remove her
      shoes with her other hand. She placed the first shoe on the desk but with
      the second it toppled over as she put it down and it fell on the floor.
      She didn't bother to pick it up. As she ever so slowly started to peel
      down her left hold up stocking Peter noted that Jessica's underwear was
      altogether more conservative and definitely didn't come into the category
      of skimpy, being far more functional than her colleague's. About the only
      thing in common was that both sets were white.
      Jessica continued to slowly remove her stocking. Mary was sure she was
      getting slower by the minute and she could have screamed out loud, "Get a
      move on you stupid cow", but she managed to restrain herself and after
      what seemed like an eternity Jessica finally finished removing her
      stockings and both women stood before Peter clad in just bras and
      knickers. Nobody moved in the office, Peter was just watching the
      unfolding spectacle but neither of the women wanted to be the first to
      bare their breasts to a man who was now their bitter rival.
      In the end it was Peter who moved things on by addressing the half naked
      twosome, "Come on ladies, I did tell you I was rather pressed for time."
      And to emphasize the point he glanced at his watch. Mary glared at him but
      Jessica just stared blankly ahead as they simultaneously reached behind
      themselves and unclipped their bras. In unison they slid them down their
      arms, Mary's 32B breasts jiggling whilst Jessica's 34C's tended to swing a
      bit as they became unconstrained. Both bras hit Peter's desk at the same
      moment but when it came to knickers once again Jessica lagged behind. Mary
      did not pause, as soon as she let go of her bra her hands went to her
      waistband. Hooking her thumbs in the top of her knickers she pulled them
      down to her ankles in one swift movement. Peter got a quick glimpse of her
      neatly trimmed pubic hair before her bending over caused her head to
      obscure his view. As she stood up again he was able to study her now naked
      body in more detail especially as she made no attempt to cover her body.
      Jennifer on the other hand clutched one arm across her chest as she tried
      to wriggle her knickers down her legs and still protect her breasts from
      Peter's gaze. When she finally succeeded she stepped out of them but did
      not pick them up, her free hand flew to her crotch but not before Peter
      saw that she was a true redhead! He eyed them both for a moment before
      realizing that he really was short of time.
      "Thank you, Ladies," Peter said smiling, "now I'm a bit tight for time" he
      continued rising from his chair, "so if you would pick up your clothes and
      follow me."
      He went across his spacious office to the side that had a row of built in
      cupboards, taking a small bunch of keys out of his pocket as he inserted a
      key in one of the locks. He swung open the door to reveal a virtually
      empty cupboard with several shelves upon which were just. a few papers. He
      turned just in time to see the naked women pick up the last of their
      clothes, Jessica collecting some of hers from the floor, and head towards
      him. Nothing was said as they put their clothes in the cupboard, Mary
      placed hers on the top shelf and Jessica put hers on the shelf below.
      As they stood back Peter closed the door and locked the door, both women
      had a sinking feeling in their stomachs as they watched Peter remove the
      key and place it in his pocket.
      He walked briskly over to his desk and picking up his briefcase headed for
      the door. He was half way across his office when the door opened and in
      walked Sheila. Mary gasped and quickly covered her breasts with one hand
      and her crotch with the other. Jessica on the other hand let out a
      high-pitched scream and hurriedly ran behind Peter's desk and then hid
      under it.
      "They're ready for you." Peter beamed at his secretary and then turning to
      the naked executives he said "Whilst I'm gone you are going to give Sheila
      the full details of how you got from the train last Friday to your homes."

      "Oh no we're not," Mary replied defiantly despite her nakedness.
      "If you haven't provided full details by the time I get back I will
      personally throw your clothes out of the window and then throw you out of
      my office," Peter told her and then added, "Oh, and you are both to do
      exactly as Sheila tells you." Then without waiting for a reply he exited
      his office and headed for the board meeting.
      For several seconds after he left none of the three women spoke then
      Sheila, the only clothed one, seized the initiative. "I'd like both of you
      to stand in the middle of the office, please" she told them.
      "We are doing nothing for you, you're just a secretary," Jessica was heard
      to say, none too pleasantly from under the desk.
      "If you don't get out from under there this instant I'll drag you out by
      your hair." Sheila informed her in a commanding voice. This did the trick
      and shortly the two top senior female executives stood embarrassingly
      naked trying to hide themselves from a secretary. Needless to say they
      both blushed red; Mary was more embarrassed being naked in front of
      another women than in front of Peter; Jessica just wished the floor would
      open up and swallow her. Sheila then went over and sat in Peter's chair
      and then reclining back in it she surveyed Mary and Jessica standing
      cringing in front of her.
      When Sheila had answered her phone on Sunday morning she was very worried
      when she heard Peter's voice. He never phoned her at home and, at first,
      she thought something must be seriously wrong. But then as Peter recounted
      what he had done to Mary and Jessica her Sunday morning suddenly became
      very interesting. Sheila liked working for Peter, he was good to work for
      and always very fair. She never had any problems if she wanted to have
      time off or finish early. Conversely she would work late for him if she
      had to and as a result Peter put a lot of trust in her. She was a medium
      height dark haired woman in her late thirties, not thin but equally not
      fat and whilst attractive she was not what you would call stunning.
      She enjoyed her work and had no ambition to climb any higher up the
      ladder, unlike some of her colleagues who thought they should be higher up
      the company than they were. She was not jealous of those above her but
      what she could not stand were those who treated those below them like
      dirt. Unfortunately for Jessica and Mary, in Sheila's opinion, they were
      the worst culprits for this in the whole building. They did indeed have a
      reputation for trampling over anybody who got in their way and treating
      their subordinates very badly. She was delighted that Peter had decided to
      take them down a peg or two and even more delighted that she was to be
      involved too. Several of her friends had suffered in the hands of these
      An overwhelming feeling of power came over Sheila, as she relaxed and
      watched Jessica and Mary. Their clothes were locked away out of their
      reach and they had no choice but to do what she told them too.
      "Right, girls," she began; calling them "girls" just to emphasize the
      power she had over them. "Just to recap, if you want to leave this
      building dressed you have to do what I say. I take it you understand."
      "Please give us our clothes," Jessica asked in a pathetic voice.
      "Yes," Mary joined in, "we'll make it worth your while."
      Sheila laughed. "Not a chance, and anyway I don't have the key, so tough."

      "Bitch," Mary muttered.
      "PARDON?" Sheila asked loudly.
      "Nothing," Mary hastily replied.
      "Don't lie. I distinctly heard you refer to me as a 'bitch.'"
      "Sorry," Mary whispered, she regretted her remark as soon as she had made
      it, realizing that antagonizing Sheila would only make things worse.
      "You will be," Sheila replied ominously, "but right now we have more
      pressing matters. I need complete details of how you got home the other
      "What if we don't want to?" Mary asked.
      "I don't think I need to answer that, but considering your reluctance to
      co operate so far I think a little incentive to make sure you tell me the
      truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."
      The two naked women exchanged worried glances.
      "What do you mean, incentive?" Mary asked nervously.
      "I'll show you," Sheila answered standing up suddenly and walking over to
      the cupboards. Mary and Jessica's eyes followed and they watched as she
      opened the cupboard next to the one where their clothes were securely
      locked out of their reach.
      "Now," Sheila began to explain, "one of you is going to tell me exactly
      what happened and whilst they do the other one is going to be shut in this
      "Why?" Jessica interrupted in a tiny voice.
      "Well, once I have the story from one of you, you will change places and
      the other will tell me what happened. This will ensure you tell the truth
      because if you don't..." Sheila paused for effect at this point and was
      able to detect a scared look in both women's eyes before continuing. "I'll
      superglue your hands to your backsides, put you in the lift, and send you
      down to the lobby."
      Mary opened her mouth to protest but then saw the look in Sheila's eyes,
      thought better of it and remained silent.
      "Now which of you is going in the cupboard first?" Sheila asked.
      Neither women spoke, they both avoided her gaze so after a short period of
      silence Sheila decided for them.
      "Mary, my girl, get in there," and pointed at the cupboard.
      "Oh no, please," Mary begged, "I can't go in there, look, it's got
      shelves, there's no room."
      "Rubbish," Sheila informed her, "you can squash in here," and pointed to
      the gap beneath the bottom shelf.
      "I can't," Mary wailed.
      "You've got ten seconds or you don't get your clothes back."
      Eight seconds later Mary was under the bottom shelf. She was curled up on
      her knees in a fetal position, the shelf above her pressed down on her
      back; it was a very cramped and uncomfortable position. Not that this
      bothered Sheila as she closed the cupboard door on Mary, and returned to
      the chair behind Peter's desk. Sitting down she looked at Jessica and
      said, "Lets begin."
      "Do I have to?" Jessica pleaded, "It's not something I want to remember."
      "Yes, you do," Sheila snapped back, "and I shall be making notes so I can
      type it all up for Mr. Simpson later."
      Jessica stared at her feet, she was out of her depth here and being
      separated from Mary made her feel even more vulnerable.
      "Oh bother," Sheila exclaimed, "I've left my pad on my own desk, be a good
      girl and get it for me."
      Jessica's eyes nearly came out on stalks, "Out th.. b.. b.. but, I might
      be s.. seen," she stammered near to panic at the thought of having to go
      out of Peter's office.
      "You know the alternative," Sheila warned her.
      Jessica did, and summoning up all her courage she went to the door of the
      office and opened it just enough to peek out. She could see nobody so she
      opened it a little bit more, still not a person in sight so she took a
      deep breath, opened the door wide and scurried in a crouching run to
      Sheila's desk. She saw the pad grabbed it and quickly hurried back into
      the office. Quickly closing the door she hurried over to the desk and
      handed Sheila her notepad.
      "Thank you" Sheila said curtly, "now we can begin but first I'd like you
      to put your hands on your head."
      Dejectedly, Jessica did so.
      "Good girl," Sheila mocked. "Now start talking."
      Jessica felt tears in her eyes as she stood naked with her hands on her
      head in front of Sheila, her colleague was shut naked in a cupboard and
      all their clothes were locked away. Worst of all she was powerless to do
      anything about it. She took a deep breath and began to recount the events
      of Friday night.
      Jessica gave as much detail as she could as she recalled that Friday night
      and as it turned out the small hours of Saturday morning. Standing naked
      in the middle of an office with her hands on her head made it hard to
      concentrate. As she continued she began to feel a touch of anger, she had
      to stand there whilst Sheila sat in Peter's leather chair, fully clothed,
      making copious shorthand notes. Here she was being humiliated by a mere
      secretary and her anger nearly boiled over when she at several points in
      her story Sheila started laughing. It took her 20 minutes to tell Sheila
      all she could remember and once she had finished the secretary asked her
      if there was anything she had left out. Jessica thought for a moment then
      replied that there wasn't.
      "Good," Sheila said, "then its time to change over," and stood up.
      "Oh please, not the cupboard," Jessica begged but Sheila just ignored her
      and went to the cupboard containing Mary.
      She opened the door and said in a tone of voice that one would use on a
      pet dog, "Out you come then."
      Mary needed no second invitation although it took her several seconds to
      extract herself from the cupboard and even longer to straighten her
      cramped limbs and stand up blinking as her eyes adjusted to the light. It
      had been horrible in there, she couldn't move and it had been dark and
      hot. Her incarceration had seemed like an eternity and she was just glad
      to be out.
      She looked on silently as Jessica got on her hands and knees, breasts
      swinging beneath her and her bottom stuck up in the air as she crammed
      herself into the cupboard. Despite being taller than Mary she somehow
      squeezed herself into the small space and once in Sheila laughingly said,
      "Now don't go anywhere will you?" and closed the door. She immediately
      turned and spoke to Mary.
      "Go and stand there," she said pointing to the middle of the office where
      Jessica had stood a short while earlier. Sheila herself returned to the
      chair and as she settled herself in once more she told Mary to put her
      hands on her head.
      Mary thought about being defiant for a second but knew it would achieve
      nothing so she did as she was told.
      "Thank you," Sheila began. "Now I'm sure you know the score but in case
      you don't I'll remind you." Mary stood naked and silent. "You are going to
      tell me what happened and I will compare it with Jessica's account and if
      they don't agree then you don't get your clothes back. Understand?"
      "Yes," Mary replied.
      "Right then, begin."
      Mary told her version of their trip home and watched more than a little
      nervously as Sheila compared it with the written account in front of her.
      She felt just as humiliated as Jessica had done standing naked in the
      middle of the office as she recounted her version of events. Occasionally
      Sheila made a quick note on her pad that made Mary even more nervous but
      she eventually managed to finish. Sheila made her stand there for a minute
      as she closed her pad and put it on the desk. Mary couldn't bear the
      suspense very long and blurted out, "Was my account alright, did it match
      Sheila gave her a condescending look and just said, "I'll let you know
      Mary moaned, she and Jessica would have to wait to find out their fate.
      Sheila smiled inwardly at the way she had the two women on tenterhooks and
      completely at her beck and call. She would type up their accounts, both of
      which did tally (but she had no intention of telling them yet), in a few
      minutes but she decided to have some fun with the two women who were
      technically her superiors whilst she did it.
      "Get your friend out of the cupboard," she suddenly snapped at Mary who
      immediately went over, breasts jiggling, and opened the door.
      "Time to come out," Sheila called from her seat behind the desk and
      Jessica began to extract herself. When she was finally stood up and
      rubbing her naked limbs Sheila began. "While we are waiting for Mr.
      Simpson to return I don't want you two standing around idly so I'd like
      you to get on your hands and knees and crawl round and round the office."
      "Do what!" Mary asked in horror.
      "You heard, crawl round the office."
      "May I remind you that we are senior executives of this company?" Mary
      told Sheila in a haughty voice.
      "That's right," Jessica, having found her voice, added in support. Sheila
      smiled, enjoying Jessica and Mary's small show of defiance.
      "Well you don't look like senior executives from where I'm sitting and if
      you're not crawling by the time I get to the door I shall return with the
      The naked pair hastily got on their knees and started to crawl. Sheila
      watched as Jessica, her breasts swinging as she crawled, followed Mary
      whose smaller breasts just jiggled beneath her. Both their backsides
      wiggled provocatively as they continued round the room and their faces
      burned red with the humiliation although this was hidden from Sheila by
      the fact that both women's hair fell down and covered their faces. Sheila
      watched as they completed one lap and then had a better idea.
      "Jessica, turn round and start going the other way," she ordered. Jessica
      didn't look up she just did as instructed. Then standing up Sheila pressed
      a button on Peter's intercom and walked over to the door where she stopped
      and turned round.
      "Now girls," she started, "I'm going to type up your stories, and most
      interesting they are too, but while I am you two will keep on crawling and
      each time you pass each other you will both say 'Hello, I am a naughty
      girl'." The naked executives both moaned audibly, Sheila was heaping
      humiliation upon humiliation onto them; Jessica in particular was getting
      close to tears. Mary was wishing it was all a bad dream and that she would
      wake up any minute but she knew it wasn't.
      As they approached each other behind Peter's desk Jessica said in a
      wavering voice, "Hello I'm a naughty girl."
      Then Mary repeated it, "Hello, I'm a naughty girl," in a slightly stronger
      "Excellent," Sheila laughed, "now no slacking and I've switched the
      intercom on so I'll be listening." And with that she went out of Peter's
      office, closed the door behind her and sat down at her own desk. As she
      opened a new file on her computer she heard, "Hello, I'm a naughty girl"
      twice in quick succession come out of her intercom. Smiling, she began to
      "Hello, Sheila."
      "Whoa!" Sheila nearly jumped out of her skin; she had been so engrossed in
      her typing that she had not noticed somebody come up the corridor to her
      desk. She relaxed as she saw it was Teri, one of her friends and also the
      poor unfortunate who had the job of being secretary to both Jessica and
      "What brings you down here?" Sheila asked making conversation as she
      surreptitiously switched off the intercom.
      "Oh, my two tarts aren't in at the moment so I thought I'd have a wander
      round," Teri replied, "Actually I thought they came to see your boss. Is
      he in?"
      "No, gone to a board meeting."
      "That's odd, wonder what happened to my pair?"
      Sheila did not reply for a minute, she was deep in thought as to whether
      she should tell Teri or not. Teri deserved it she decided; after all she
      had to put up with Jessica and Mary all the time.
      She took a deep breath and said, "They are still in there, Teri. Peter
      made them take off their clothes and then he locked them away before he
      went to the board meeting."
      "Ho, ho, very funny," Teri retorted at what she thought was a joke.
      "Right now they are crawling round Peter's office stark naked." Sheila
      persisted and switched the intercom back on. "Listen."
      "If they're doing what you say I'll crawl round this whole building stark
      "Hello, I'm a naughty girl," came from the intercom.
      "What was that?" Teri asked in amazement.
      "Exactly what I said," Sheila answered and briefly explained the scenario.

      Teri just looked at her in astonishment then once it had sunk in she
      regained her wits and said, "Let me see."
      "Are you sure?" Sheila asked.
      "Too right I am," Teri immediately replied. "I never thought I'd see the
      day when those two bitches got their comeuppance."
      "Bitches," Sheila thought to herself, "that reminds me, one of them called
      me a bitch earlier." Then she stood up and said out loud to Teri, "Come on
      then, let me show you."
      Both Jessica and Mary's knees and arms were aching like mad. They did not
      know how long they had been crawling and they felt even more ridiculous
      each time they passed each other and uttered the phrase Sheila had ordered
      them too. They weren't sure if she was outside listening but dared not
      take the chance; there was nothing else to do if they stood a chance of
      regaining their clothing. As Jessica approached the door it opened in
      front of her, she didn't look up, as a pair of feet which she recognized
      as Sheila's enter, but a second later she let out a shriek as a second
      pair came into her field of vision. Wildly she looked up and her blood
      froze as she saw that they belonged to Teri. From the other side of the
      room an "O, Jesus" was heard as Mary recognized the new arrival.
      "Don't let her see us like this," Jessica begged Sheila, tears in her
      "A bit late isn't it?" Teri answered, "and by the look of it I don't think
      you are in any position to make demands."
      Jessica hung her head, she was too embarrassed to look at Teri, it was
      just too humiliating for her being naked in front of her secretary.
      Matters were made worse by the fact that the petite dark haired Teri was
      only just turned 20.
      "I didn't tell you to stop," Sheila reminded Jessica. "Keep crawling."
      Jessica sobbed and began to crawl again and when she met up with Mary once
      again they both repeated, "Hello I am a naughty girl" at which Teri burst
      out laughing.
      "I never thought I'd see this," she said to Sheila and then added in a
      quieter voice, "will they really do whatever you say?"
      "O yes, they have no choice," Sheila assured her, "and they'll do what you
      want as well."
      "Oh right," Teri's eyes lit up. "In that case, Jessica, Mary, get your
      sorry arses over here." And pointed to the floor in front of her. The two
      embarrassed executives crawled over and remained on all fours in front of
      her, neither could bring herself to look up at Teri.
      "Well, well, well," Teri mocked folding her arms and looking down at her
      bosses, "I never thought I would see the day when the high and mighty
      Jessica Yates and Mary Bennett were groveling at my feet, and naked as
      well. I bet you're wishing you'd been nicer to me now?"
      Neither of them responded so Teri continued, "So as a small measure of
      atonement for all the times you have treated me like shit you can kiss my
      feet and apologize."
      Both women looked aghast at Teri's latest idea but before anybody could do
      or say anything more the door to the office opened and they all looked
      round as Peter walked in. He glanced round and immediately got the measure
      of the situation.
      "Hello Teri," he said without batting an eyelid, "Having fun?"
      "You could say that," Teri replied smiling.
      "Well don't let me interrupt," Peter added as he put his briefcase on his
      desk and then went round behind his desk and sat down. Teri turned her
      attention back to the kneeling women.
      "Get on with it," she ordered, "one foot each."
      Mary slowly bent forward and pressed her lips to Teri's left foot, Jessica
      followed her lead and did the same to her right foot. Both of them felt
      utterly humiliated but knew there was nothing they could do about it.
      "Excellent" Teri told them, looking down at them, " Now apologize."
      "Sorry," Jessica mumbled, lifting her head slightly.
      "Sorry," Mary was heard to say only marginally louder.
      "Sorry for what?" Teri asked sharply, enjoying every moment of her boss's
      "Sorry for treating you badly," Mary mumbled.
      "Louder," Teri ordered.
      "Sorry for treating you badly," Mary repeated in a louder voice.
      "Now your turn Jessica." Teri addressed the redhead.
      Whilst Teri kept Mary and Jessica occupied Peter spoke to Sheila.
      "You got their stories then?" he asked.
      "Oh yes," Sheila grinned, "you'll enjoy reading them. I'll go and finish
      typing them up now if you like."
      "No, it can wait," Peter replied, "how about if I take you and Teri out
      for lunch."
      "Sounds good to me," Sheila responded, "but what about these two?" waving
      her arm in the direction of Mary and Jessica.
      "Oh stick them in a cupboard," Peter answered offhandedly and was then
      somewhat bemused as Sheila burst out laughing. She quickly explained what
      she had done earlier at which point Peter started laughing as well. They
      had a brief discussion and decided that they couldn't get them both into
      the cupboard that Sheila had used so settled on using the one where Peter
      hung his coat. They reckoned that they could squeeze both women in
      standing up. Sheila went to inspect the cupboard whilst Peter ordered the
      women to their feet. As they stood up he once again admired their bodies
      but was interrupted when Sheila called them both over to the cupboard.
      Neither of the unclothed pair said anything as they went over to Sheila,
      they knew with a sinking feeling what was going to happen.
      "You should both fit in," Sheila told them, "although its a good job
      you're close friends."
      Sheila, Teri and Peter watched as the two women forced themselves into the
      cupboard. They succeeded without too much trouble and stood, facing each
      other their breasts squashed together and faces millimeters apart, not
      really knowing where to put their hands, afraid to touch each others naked
      "Have fun," Sheila said and then closed the door plunging them into
      darkness. Then, the three of them headed out of the office.
      Several hours later Peter and Sheila returned; it had been a very long
      lunch. Teri had left them as they came out of the lift and returned to her
      own desk to check up on various things. Peter went to his desk and Sheila
      sat at hers and began to finish off typing up her notes of Jessica and
      Mary's exploits. Inside the cupboard the occupants heard their return and
      listened in anticipation as they expected to be released any moment. Their
      hopes were soon dashed as everything quieted down again.
      "I can't stand much more of this," Jessica whispered in a small voice.
      "We have to," Mary whispered back. It was hot in the cupboard after nearly
      five hours and both their bodies were by now quite slippery with sweat,
      Mary could feel her hair plastered to her scalp and knew her make up must
      have run all over her face, she knew Jessica would be in exactly the same
      state. Every time Jessica breathed, both women had been panting for some
      time due to the heat, Mary felt her hot breath on her face, and as
      Jessica's chest heaved it caused her breasts to rub against Mary's. Their
      hands however remained firmly by their sides, neither women wanted to
      touch the other, they just wanted to be let out. There was silence in the
      cupboard apart from the sound of breathing as they strained their ears to
      listen for any noise outside that might signal the end of their
      Sheila quietly wandered into Peter's office and waved a wad of papers at
      him, Peter looked up and silently mouthed, "Finished?"
      Sheila nodded in answer; neither wanted the two in the cupboard to hear.
      Peter smiled and rose from his chair without making a noise and then as
      quietly as he could he headed over to the cupboard. He grasped the handle,
      paused and then suddenly wrenched it open.
      "Wake up!" he shouted causing both Jessica and Mary to let out a scream.
      "Out you come," Peter ordered and then stood back to watch as they slowly
      and stiffly extricated themselves. Teri came into the office just in time
      to see the naked women get out of the cupboard. Simultaneously she and
      Sheila burst out laughing at the state of Mary and Jessica. When the two
      executives had arrived in the office that morning they had been
      immaculately dressed, now they had been systematically reduced to two
      naked sweat covered wretches. Their expensive hairstyles had long since
      ceased to exist and instead they were left with bedraggled hair that was
      stuck to their heads and down their backs. Their eyeliner had run down
      their cheeks and their lipstick was all around their mouths and this
      coupled with the way they stiffly moved after so long a confinement and
      the fact they could hardly see due to their eyes not being used to the
      light meant they gave an accurate portrayal of two utterly defeated women.
      Peter returned to his desk as they stood their blinking and Sheila handed
      him a pile of papers, which he separated into two heaps. These were the
      accounts of Jessica and Mary. Or at least that was what they were meant to
      look like. In truth both their accounts had been identical so Sheila had
      just typed up one, and then printed it twice!
      Peter pretended to compare the two reports and as Mary and Jessica's eyes
      became accustomed to the light they saw what he was doing and began to
      worry. Peter didn't keep them in suspense for long; he suddenly looked up,
      "These are pathetic," he said in an angry voice, "they don't agree at all"
      and picked up one pile of papers and waved it in the air.
      "No," Mary gasped.
      Jessica just stood there dumbstruck.
      "I've had enough of you both for today," he continued, " so I'll leave it
      to Sheila to deal with you." Then looking towards Sheila he said, " Get
      them out of my sight.
      "Certainly," Sheila replied and marched over to a speechless Mary and
      grabbed her by the upper arm. Teri needed no encouragement and did the
      same to Jessica who was equally lost for words, and before the naked
      executives knew what was happening they had been bundled out of Peter's
      office. Sheila picked something off her desk as they went by and then
      frog-marched Mary down the corridor towards the lift, Teri and Jessica
      followed close behind.
      The whole building was by now virtually empty as it was well past the
      normal finishing time for most of the workers but Mary and Jessica had
      lost all track of time and did not know this. As the realization of what
      was happening to them sunk in they began to look around desperately, on
      the verge of panic, to see if anybody was watching them. All four stopped
      in front of the lift and Teri pressed the call button and whilst they
      waited both naked women pleaded to be let go of and given some clothes.
      But their pleas were ignored; Sheila and Teri remained silent retaining a
      firm grip on the arms of their respective charges. Their hearts nearly
      stopped as the lift arrived and the doors slid open but there was nobody
      in it and they breathed out in relief. They were led in and taken up two
      floors and when the lift doors opened again Jessica and Mary could see
      that they were on the way to their own offices. As they were led down the
      familiar corridor it felt deeply embarrassing to be heading towards their
      own offices under these circumstances. Normally they would be wearing a
      business suit and carrying an aurora of power, maybe stopping off en route
      to give instructions to some fearful subordinate. Now, however, they were
      naked, bedraggled and could feel carpet beneath their bare feet as they
      were led, dejectedly, by a couple of secretaries towards their offices.
      Fortunately for them the place was deserted and shortly they found
      themselves in Mary's office. Teri released Jessica's arm and closed the
      door behind them. Sheila wasted no time and sat in Mary's chair and then
      immediately addressed the cringing women, they knew something unpleasant
      was going to happen to them.
      "So your stories didn't tally."
      "We're sorry, give us another chance," Jessica begged.
      "Yes, please," Mary added in a piteous voice.
      "You've had your chance," Sheila replied icily, "You should have got your
      stories straight."
      "But we did," both women whined.
      "Rubbish," Sheila snorted and then added, " I take it you remember what I
      told you I'd do if your stories didn't agree."
      Mary and Jessica looked blank.
      "Well let me remind you," Sheila told them after a lengthy pause and
      produced a tube of superglue, she had remembered in the nick of time to
      pick it up off her desk as they had passed. The effect on the two
      executives was electric.
      Jessica's hand flew to her mouth in horror whilst Mary cried out, "Oh
      "Surely" they both thought she wouldn't really carry out her threat to
      glue their hands to their backsides and them put them in the lift. But
      they watched in mute fascination as Sheila slowly removed the cap.
      "Who's first?" she looked up smiling.
      "No, you can't," Mary pleaded and started backing towards the door,
      Jessica still with her hand to her mouth stood rooted to the spot. Mary
      felt Teri grab her arm and start to propel her towards the desk, Mary
      began to struggle but Teri despite her smaller stature was much stronger,
      and had no difficulty in controlling her. Mary felt herself bent face down
      over her own desk with Teri holding her down by her neck. Sheila rapidly
      came round to the same side and squirted several blobs of glue on Mary's
      right buttock and without pausing grabbed her right arm and with a brief
      struggle pressed the palm of Mary's hand onto the glue. She then pressed
      with all her might for a good thirty seconds before releasing the
      "Nooooo," Mary cried as she tried to detach her right hand from her
      backside and failed., the glue had done its trick. The performance was
      repeated with the left side of Mary and this time after thirty seconds she
      was released by both Sheila and Teri and helped to a standing position.
      Mary tugged so hard that she was staggering round the office as she kept
      losing her balance but her hands were firmly glued and once she realized
      this she stood still and burst into tears. Sheila and Teri laughed at her
      but this was cut short when Jessica who had not moved through the whole
      episode of gluing Mary's hands suddenly came to her senses and made a bolt
      for the door. She had the door half open when Teri, who had shot across
      the office to intercept her, crashed into her back forcing her up against
      the door and closing it at the same time. Teri grabbed her hair and held
      her head sideways to the door at which point Sheila arrived and went to
      work with the glue. In less than two minutes Jessica was in the same
      predicament as Mary, and also crying.
      "Shut up and listen," Sheila called out and both women managed to control
      their tears and stood there sniffling.
      "Good," Sheila said once she had their attention and then continued. "Teri
      and I are going now." Both the naked women groaned at this. Sheila went
      on, "but we will wait 20 minutes in the car park for you, if you don't
      make it by then... well, I'll leave that to your imaginations."
      Mary and Jessica glanced at each other and Mary was opening her mouth to
      say something only to hear her office door close as the secretaries
      "Oh shit!" she wailed.
      Two floors below Peter finished what he was doing and picked up one of the
      copies of the two women's account. He settled back in his chair and with a
      smile on his face began to read......
      Executive Stress - Part 3
      "What do we do now?" Jessica sobbed and looked at Mary with tears running
      down her cheeks.
      "We've just got to get to that car park or we've had it," Mary replied,
      she was in tears as well but was managing to think rationally.
      "But we don't stand a chance like this," Jessica said between sniffles,
      "and what if we are seen."
      Mary had to concede that she had a point. They had been told they had
      twenty minutes to get themselves down to the ground floor and out into the
      car park. Under normal circumstances this would have been easily
      accomplished but unfortunately for Mary and Jessica they were going to
      have to attempt this completely naked with their hands superglued to their
      "You got a better idea?" Mary asked Jessica mournfully.
      "Er, no," was all the reply Jessica could come up with.
      "Well, we have to go for it because if we stay here we're bound to be
      discovered, sooner or later," Mary decided for both of them.
      "I suppose you're right," Jessica agreed and summoning up her reserves of
      courage added, "Lets go for it then."
      With that both women, hands stuck to backsides, headed for the door and
      then promptly stopped again, their eyes glued on the shiny brass round
      door handle. Getting out of the office was going to be their first problem
      and they both rapidly realized how helpless one was without the use of
      ones hands. After a moment Jessica turned round and backed up to the door,
      she then crouched down until the door handle was wedged in her left
      armpit. Then by pivoting her upper body and gripping like mad she tried to
      turn the handle. She got it to move but not far enough, taking another
      grip and with pain showing in her face she tried again.
      "Go on," Mary cried in encouragement and to her joy Jessica succeeded and
      as the door swung open the redhead collapsed in a heap on the ground.
      "Ouch," she cried as she hit the floor.
      "Well done," Mary congratulated her and moved forward to help her
      colleague but upon realizing she couldn't, instead stood and watched as
      Jessica struggled to regain her feet.
      Once back upright Jessica hissed, "Lets go then," and led the way through
      the deserted offices.
      It was bad enough when Teri and Sheila had led them towards their offices,
      but going the other way alone and helpless was even worse. If there had
      been anyone watching, the two women would have been quite a sight. Neither
      could cover themselves and in a vain attempt at modesty they both scurried
      along the corridor in a sort of crouch. Jessica, in the lead, displayed
      the fact that she really was a redhead, her exposed breasts swung in time
      to her run. The less well endowed Mary had breasts that could be best
      described as jiggling as she followed Jessica. As soon as they got to the
      lift Jessica dropped to her knees and hit the call button with her
      forehead, somewhere high above the lift motors burst into life.
      Unfortunately for them due to modern technology, many floors below, they
      were spotted! Brian Stevens, the night security man, was gazing idly at
      his bank of monitors when a movement on one of the screens caught his eye.
      His eyes came out on stalks as he took a closer look and then he quickly
      punched some buttons on his keyboard and the image he was interested in
      came up on the screen on the desk in front of him.
      "I'm not dreaming," he thought to himself, "I am looking at two naked
      Brian, an ex-policeman, although in his late fifties, was still extremely
      quick witted and in a short time he had zoomed in on the two women and as
      they waited nervously he recognized them. "Jessica Yates and Mary
      Bennett," he said out loud and then laughed. Like most of the people in
      the office he knew them as a stuck up pair of cows and in his case, being
      a mere Security guard, they didn't even acknowledge his presence. He also
      knew quite a few people who had fallen foul of them and come off second
      best. Chuckling, he concluded that somebody had finally decided it was
      time they got their comeuppance; this was backed up by the fact that they
      appeared to have their hands glued to their bottoms. He resolved to have a
      bit of fun himself.
      While Mary and Jessica were kept occupied elsewhere in the building Peter
      Simpson sat reclined in his chair reading their accounts of the previous
      Friday night when he had arranged to have them left stark naked on a
      train. Sheila had done an excellent job of typing up their story and he
      almost immediately became totally absorbed in it.
      Both women were on the verge of panic as their train sped through the
      night; they had been blackmailed into stripping naked and then had watched
      in horror as their clothes and all their personal possessions were ejected
      from the window. Once the anonymous man had left the train they both cried
      at the situation they were in but were brought back to reality as the
      train rolled into the next station. They both squashed down in their seats
      and Mary put her arms across her breasts and crossed her legs in an
      attempt to hide herself. Jessica drew her knees up under her chin and
      covered herself like that. But fortunately for them, nobody got into their
      compartment and they relaxed slightly as the train set off once again.
      Mary by now was thinking reasonably straight and this rubbed off on
      Jessica who calmed down to some extent as well and they began to discuss
      the best way out of their predicament. Things were made worse by the fact
      that they had lost not only their clothes but also their handbags
      containing all their money credit cards and most importantly keys. They
      were in effect stranded naked and penniless on a train and unable to gain
      entry to their homes assuming they could get there at all.
      When they had left the office their plan was to go to Jessica's house to
      finish off their report, now however they had a lot more to worry about.
      After careful deliberation, which was interrupted by another heart
      stopping halt at a station, they devised a plan of sorts. They would
      travel to the station beyond the one that Jessica normally got off at and
      then head back to her house from there. This they reckoned would be their
      best option as to get to Mary's house would have entailed going right to
      the end of the line, to a busy station, and then a 5 mile walk part of
      which was through a town center. Jessica's normal station was quite busy
      which was why they agreed to go one stop further to a station that whilst
      being further from her house, about 3 miles further, was much quieter and
      therefore there was less chance of being spotted. Plan devised, they sat
      there in silence, both lost in their own thoughts with mental images of
      what might befall them constantly flashing through their minds which did
      nothing to lessen their apprehension. They had to endure two more stops
      one of which was at the station that Jessica normally got off at, but on
      both occasions they were undisturbed.
      But their hearts really began to pound as they got closer to the station
      where they knew they would have to get off, the train started to slow and
      their mouths went dry. They both knew that this was where things would
      start to get very difficult and as the train came to a stand they
      nervously glanced at each other. Mary nodded in the direction of the door
      and they stood up and moved across to the door. Looking out Mary quickly
      assessed the situation, and knowing that time was not on their side, made
      a decision. As predicted the station was quiet with only a handful of
      passengers alighting and heading for the exit, also being a more rural
      station it had a nicely tended flower bed and for the first time that
      evening the women's luck was in as they had stopped opposite a large
      rhododendron bush.
      Mary turned the door handle but held the door closed, she waited as long
      as she dared for the platform to clear before whispering to Jessica who
      was standing behind her, "Follow me to the bush" and without waiting for a
      reply swung the door open and made a dash across the platform and the
      relative safety of the rhododendron. Jessica who was hard on her heels had
      the sense to slam the train door shut behind her, but then disaster, as
      the door closed she swung round to follow Mary only to trip headlong over
      her, Mary for some reason was lying on the ground. As Jessica picked
      herself up her blood froze as she saw that the naked Mary was lying on top
      of a dark suited business man!.
      "O shit," she said out loud as she regained her feet and made a dive for
      the bush, Mary was not far behind her and before the poor fellow on the
      platform knew what had happened they both disappeared behind the bush just
      as the train accelerated out of the station.
      The chap who had consumed a few drinks before catching his train rather
      slowly sat up and looked around, "Was I really knocked over by a naked
      woman?" he thought to himself, still looking round. But he could see
      nothing and picking himself up he resolved to cut down on his drinking
      before trudging towards the exit and the ticket collector. Behind the bush
      however crouched two naked businesswomen who couldn't believe that they
      had just got away without being discovered. Taking a couple of minutes to
      compose themselves, or at least as best they could when hiding naked
      behind a bush, and also to make sure the platform was absolutely clear
      they debated how to get out of the station. Surveying the platform from
      their hiding place it soon became apparent that due to a high fence the
      only way out was via the main exit which was manned by a ticket collector.
      "How do we get past him," Jennifer enquired when it was clear there was no
      other way out.
      "We run as fast as we can and keep on running," Mary replied.
      But we might be seen," said Jessica in a startled voice.
      "Damn right we will," Mary snapped back, "but as long as we are not caught
      we should be OK."
      The thought of being caught, naked in her home town filled Jessica with
      dread but she couldn't dwell on it long as Mary asked, "Are you ready?"
      "Well I..."
      "It's now or never," Mary cut her off and without waiting for a reply
      dashed out from her hiding place. Jessica didn't bother thinking but on
      impulse immediately followed her. They both set off hands over breasts and
      pussies but, almost together, realized that speed would be preferable to
      modesty and taking their hands away sprinted for the exit. They were going
      flat out when they reached the exit and were past the ticket collector and
      onto the station forecourt before they realized it. The ticket collector
      was standing open mouthed not able to believe his eyes, had he really seen
      two naked women dash past him? By the time he had regained his wits they
      had disappeared into the night.
      There were few people in the station and only one actually saw them as
      they flashed through. The man in question stared in amazement as Jessica
      and Mary passed him.
      "At least I'm on my feet this time," he muttered to himself, and once
      again resolved to cut down on his drinking.
      Out of the station they crossed the empty taxi rank and then Mary slowed,
      unsure of her surroundings. Jessica took the lead red hair streaming out
      behind her.
      "Follow me," she called over her shoulder. Mary needed no encouragement
      and did so. Jessica then led them down the footpath of what was a busy
      road away from the station, if any passing motorists saw them, which was
      highly likely, they probably wouldn't have believed their eyes. After 150
      yards she dodged to her right into a dark side alley and stopped. Mary
      followed her and hiding in the shadows they both gasped for air as they
      recovered their breath.
      "What now?" Mary asked when her breathing had slowed enough to speak.
      "Its about three miles from here," Jessica responded between gasps,
      clearly she was the less fit of the two. "If we go down this alley it
      leads to the canal and we can follow the towpath to within about half a
      mile of my house."
      "Then what?" Mary asked.
      "You don't want to know," Jessica replied grimly then added, "Come on,
      let's get on," and led them down the alley.
      It was very dark and now that there was less chance of being caught and
      they were no longer on smooth tarmac they soon became acutely aware of
      their bare feet as they groped their way down the alley to the canal. By
      the time they got to the canal they were hobbling, both had caught their
      toes on stones and to make matters worse they began to notice the cold.
      For a clothed person it would have been a cool evening but in their state
      it was definitely considerably worse.
      Jessica turned left and trudged along the towpath, Mary followed silently
      behind. They were heading back towards the town center. As Jessica lived
      on its edge, by alighting at the station they had done they would not
      actually have to go through the center to get to her house. As they walked
      on, passing under the occasional bridge, matters were made slightly better
      by the emergence of the moon. This meant that they could at least see
      reasonably well where they were going; it also highlighted the fact that
      they had high walls and buildings on one side and only the canal on the
      other, there was nowhere to hide. They were making good progress when they
      approached another bridge where the canal passed under a road. At these
      points the canal narrowed to pass through the arch of the bridge and the
      towpath also dipped down nearer to the water level to squeeze through as
      well. With things going as well as could be expected under the
      circumstances neither women were exercising the caution they had done
      previously so it came as a great shock when coming out from under the
      bridge Jessica bumped into a man and a woman walking arm in arm towards
      "Ow," the man cried as Jessica collided with him. Mary managed to stop but
      then the other women switched on a torch and the two naked executives
      froze, caught like deer startled by car headlights. Nobody moved or said
      anything for what seemed like an eternity and it was finally the clothed
      women who spoke first.
      "How disgusting," she told them angrily, "you should be ashamed of
      yourselves. I suppose this is some silly prank."
      "No, er, actually.." Mary began but the woman cut her off by saying to her
      partner, "George, call the police."
      The man then produced a mobile phone and began to dial. Mary decided that
      the time for explanations was over and shouting, "RUN!" took off down the
      towpath; Jessica was right behind her.
      "What do we do now?" Jennifer called out to Mary as they sprinted down the
      side of the canal.
      "Get away from her as fast as possible," came the reply.
      They passed under one bridge and without slowing carried on down the
      towpath. They went round a bend in the canal and were about 150 yards away
      from the next bridge when Mary suddenly stopped and Jessica crashed into
      the back of her.
      "What the hell!" Jessica cried angrily.
      "Look!" Mary told her and pointed to the bridge upon which a car had just
      stopped. A car with blue flashing lights on its roof, a police car!
      "O shit," Jessica said on the edge of panic, they would never live it down
      if they were caught like this. As they stood there they saw the torches of
      the police come down the steps from the road and onto the towpath. They
      couldn't go back because of the couple that had reported them and there
      was a large factory on the canal side with no doors or windows. Again Mary
      made a decision for both of them, "Into the canal," she hissed.
      "Get lost," Jessica replied incredulously.
      "We've no choice," Mary told her, crouching down ready to lower herself
      over the side of the towpath. "If we keep close to the side and hide
      behind these reeds they may not see us."
      Jessica was undecided but another glance at the approaching lights was
      enough to convince her. As she got onto her knees Mary was already
      slipping into the murky water so Jessica followed her and it took all her
      self-control to stop herself crying out as the cold water rose up her
      body. The canal was heavily silted up and as they pressed as close to the
      bank as they did so they felt thick mud pressing against their bodies. The
      torches came closer and they both lowered themselves until their chins
      were at water level., they hardly dared breath and had to concentrate to
      stop their teeth chattering. A torch beam swung across the top of their
      heads and they both stopped breathing for several seconds and
      involuntarily closed their eyes.
      When they dared to open them again the beams had gone and Mary lifted her
      head up just enough to get a peek along the towpath, she was glad to see
      the torches receding into the distance. They stayed in the water, teeth
      chattering uncontrollably, until they saw the police car drive off.
      Getting out proved to be interesting, as it proved quite an effort for
      them to break the suction between their bodies and the thick mud they had
      been lying on beneath the waters surface. They succeeded, with a bit of a
      struggle, and hauled their mud covered bodies onto the towpath and then
      without a word set off once more on their way, Jessica leading once more.
      The rest of their trip alongside the canal passed without incident and
      soon they found themselves stood at the point where Jessica informed Mary
      that they would have to leave the canal for the final half mile to her
      "This is the bit you told me not to ask about," Mary said as they
      cautiously climbed some steps from the towpath up to a road. "Why is
      "Take a look for yourself," Jessica replied as they reached the top and
      carefully peeked round the corner of a building.
      "Oh my god," Mary groaned. She found herself looking at rather busy
      supermarket car park; Friday was late night shopping for a lot of people.

      "We don't have to go across there, do we?" Mary asked, looking nervously
      at the size of the car park and the number of people there were in it.
      "I'm afraid we do," Jessica answered.
      "There must be another way," Mary said still looking in horror.
      "No there isn't," Jessica informed her, "my house is over there, " and she
      waved her arm in the vague direction of some houses at the other side of
      the supermarket.
      "We'll just have to wait" Mary said emphatically, "until the supermarket
      "OK," Jessica agreed and both women slipped back down he steps to wait in
      the shadows.
      Ten minutes later, following their dip in the canal, they started to get
      cold and shiver.
      By twenty minutes they were virtually frozen to the spot.
      "It's ages till the supermarket closes," Jessica said through chattering
      teeth, "we'll freeze to death if we stop here."
      "Well I'm not going out there yet," Mary replied between shivers, but
      Jessica had had enough, she could stand the cold no longer and started to
      climb the steps.
      "I'm going to make a run for it, you can come or stay here," she said as
      she reached the top of the steps.
      "Jessica, come back!" Mary cried but instead Jessica glanced at the
      traffic on the road in front of the supermarket and on seeing a gap ran
      across it in the direction of the car park.
      "NOOOO," Mary howled in despair as Jessica disappeared from her view but
      she was following as she knew being left on her own would be even worse
      than the naked run to Jessica's house. Mary started to cross the road as
      Jessica ran through a flowerbed on the other side and entered the car
      park. There was a cacophony of vehicle horns as motorists saw not one but
      two naked women flash in front of them. Traffic came to almost a
      standstill as the two's progress was tracked across the supermarket car
      Mary tried to shut out what was happening around her, instead she
      concentrated on Jessica's naked form sprinting along about 20 yards in
      front of her, she was however strangely conscious of the sound of her
      naked feet slapping on the tarmac. She wished it were all a bad dream and
      that she would wake up in a minute but she knew she wouldn't. Jessica was
      more aware of her surroundings as she sped past people unloading shopping
      into their car boots or returning trolleys. Surprisingly a lot of them
      never noticed the naked pair pass them, but there were those who
      definitely did. One teenage boy taking a trolley back for his mother was
      glad he had been made to help with the shopping that night, he got a good
      look at both women and stood in amazement as they receded into the
      distance. A man pushing a trolley back to his car stood in amazement as he
      saw the two approach and his eyes followed them as they passed him. He
      only came to his senses when his wife gave him a sharp dig in the ribs. It
      must have been no more than ninety seconds before the women left the car
      park and went round the end of the supermarket itself. They crossed the
      completely empty lorry loading bays without a break in their pace but were
      breathing very heavily as lungs gasped for air and exited the supermarket
      premises directly opposite Jessica's street. They shot across another road
      without looking causing a car to screech to a halt, Jessica didn't see but
      Mary was acutely aware of the look of amazement and then one of disgust on
      the woman driver's face. She hoped it was nobody who lived near Jessica.
      The redhead then led them down the street which luckily was empty and with
      a feeling of relief turned into her own driveway and came to a halt, Mary
      was not far behind. Both women then bent over at the waist trying to
      regain their breath, although Jessica had the sense to lead them both down
      the side of the house out of sight of any nosy neighbours.
      "How do we get in?" Mary, who recovered first, asked as they hid,
      shivering in the shadows at the side of Jessica's house.
      "Round the back," Jessica replied through chattering teeth and started to
      lead the way. Once she reached the back door she stopped and turned to see
      if Mary was following.
      Mary was and enquired, "Have you got a key?"
      Jessica did not reply, she tried the door handle just in case but as
      expected it was locked so instead she stepped back, picked up a large rock
      from the edge of the garden and without hesitating hurled it through the
      pane of glass in the top half of her kitchen door. The glass shattered and
      very carefully, so as not to cut her feet, Jessica went back and reaching
      in unlocked her back door and went inside. Mary didn't wait to be invited
      and equally carefully stepped into the darkened kitchen. As she did so,
      from somewhere else in the house she heard Jessica punch in the code to
      disable her alarm before it went off. Mary went through into the hall and
      then suddenly found herself blinded as Jessica flicked on the light. It
      took several minutes for the two women's eyes to adjust to the sudden
      brightness and went they finally did they stood looking at each other in
      astonishment. Following their dip in the canal they were both plastered in
      a thick black oily mud which by now was caking itself to their bodies. In
      addition they had a green slime also from the canal in their hair and on
      their shoulders; the few remaining traces of makeup was smeared around
      their faces. It would have been difficult for anybody to recognize them as
      the smart, self confident executives that had set off to work that
      "Bath time," Jessica announced and went up the stairs, Mary followed.
      The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning themselves, and then the house
      where they had trailed mud. They in addition got the back door repaired
      had new locks fitted, bathed their sore feet and organized replacement
      credit cards. They also found plenty of time to see if they could find a
      way out of the mess they were in but came to the inevitable conclusion
      that all they could do was show up at peter Simpson's office on Monday
      morning as instructed. They resigned themselves to their fate by Sunday
      lunch time so Mary departed for her own house, wearing borrowed clothes,
      having arranged to meet a locksmith there! Neither of them wanted to
      contemplate what Peter had in store for them.
      Peter smiled as he put down the accounts, he then decided he'd better get
      on and do some of the work he was paid to do and was soon engrossed in it.

      Jessica and Mary waited what seemed like an eternity for the lift to
      arrive. All the while they were constantly looking up and down the various
      corridors that met at the lift in fear of being seen, neither of them had
      the faintest idea they were being watched via a security camera. At last
      the lift arrived and the doors slid open, quick as a flash the naked pair
      hurried inside and Mary located the button for the basement and after
      several seconds of trying managed to press it with her head. The doors
      closed immediately and the lift headed for the basement car park. A
      feeling of relief passed over them as they watched the numbers above the
      door indicate the steady descent of the lift. They smiled nervously at
      each other in an attempt at mutual reassurance but then the lift ground to
      a halt on the second floor. Their feelings of relief instantly vanished to
      be replaced by one of extreme trepidation. Had somebody pressed the button
      on the second floor? They squashed themselves against opposite sides of
      the lift and waited in dread for the door to open.
      A minute later they looked at each other quizzically as the door had
      failed to open, both were aware that the lift did not normally behave like
      this. Nervously, and still in silence, Jessica gingerly made her way over
      to the control panel and used her head to press the basement button,. The
      lift remained motionless so she tried again this time with a little more
      force, still nothing and finally in frustration she banged the panel with
      her head The thought of being stuck in a lift in their current predicament
      was something neither woman dared even contemplate.
      Two floors below them Brian picked up a bunch of keys and headed for the
      second floor via the stairs. For some reason best known to themselves the
      designers of the building had thought it necessary to incorporate a
      facility whereby all the lifts could be overridden and operated from the
      security console. Brian had played with this before to amuse himself at
      night but had never come up with a practical use for this lift control,
      until tonight!
      He took his time and trudged up the two flights of stairs knowing that the
      occupants of the lift would be getting more worried by the minute. On
      reaching the second floor he went through the door from the stairwell and
      turning left arrived outside the lift. He wasted no time and selecting a
      key from the bunch he had brought with him inserted it into a slot just
      below the "Call lift" button. The door slid open and he was confronted
      with a full frontal sight of the two naked executives staring back at him.
      Nothing happened for several seconds and then Jessica screamed, spun round
      and desperately pushed herself into a corner of the lift. Mary then did
      the same in the opposite corner.
      Brian laughed and said, "Good evening."
      "Go away," Mary squealed going red with embarrassment at being caught
      naked like this.
      "Why don't you come out of the lift?" Brian asked ignoring Mary's comment.

      "Piss off and leave us pervert," Jessica called out from her corner
      attempting to put on a show of bravado.
      Brian looked at the pair squirming in opposite corners trying to hide
      their nakedness from him and then said, "If I go, I shut the lift door and
      as I've isolated the controls you'll still be in there tomorrow morning."
      Silence greeted him so he went on.
      "The choice is yours, Ms Yates and Ms Bennett."
      The fact that he knew who they were startled Jessica and Mary and removed
      any further thoughts of resistance, slowly they turned and faces burning
      red exited the lift and stood staring at their feet in front of the
      security guard.
      "What exactly are you two doing?" Brian asked.
      "We're trying to get to the basement car park," Mary mumbled in reply.
      "So why are you in this condition?" Brian queried.
      "Er, we lost a bet," Mary hastily told him not wanting the security guard
      to know the truth.
      Brian, being an ex-policeman, knew she was lying but didn't press the
      matter; instead he came straight to his point.
      "Do you remember George Hallett?" he asked.
      Neither Jessica nor Mary looked up; they just shook their heads and Mary
      muttered, "No."
      "I didn't think you would," Brian continued, "he was a friend of mine and
      you lost him his job."
      No response from the women as Brian paused for effect and admired their
      bodies before carrying on.
      "So now I'm going to get even for him." A slight sigh greeted this last
      comment but Brian then shocked them both by asking, "Are you two
      "NO!" came an outraged reply in unison from Jessica and Mary.
      "Good," Brian said more to himself than anybody else and then directed
      Mary to sit on a receptionist chair that he dragged out from behind a desk
      for the purpose. Mary sat there as instructed, knees pressed together as
      Brian called Jessica over. Both were mystified but remained silent.
      "Kneel down in front of your friend here," he ordered and as she came over
      he placed a hand under her left armpit to help her down. Once he had both
      women in position he explained what he wanted.
      "Ms Yates," he started, "I'd like you to demonstrate oral sex on Ms
      Jessica recoiled in horror nearly falling over backwards in the process
      and Mary nearly fell off the chair.
      "You've got to be joking," she said in a shocked voice.
      Brian eyed them both and then spoke.
      "I'll give you a choice," he said, "Ms Yates here can get her pretty
      little face between your legs in the next minute, or alternatively you
      both go back in that lift until you are found tomorrow, its up to you."
      Mary looked down at Jessica kneeling before her, she saw the look of
      defeat in her colleague's eyes and without a word she slowly spread her
      legs. She watched almost as if in a trance as Jessica, a look of revulsion
      on her face, ever so slowly shuffled forward a few inches on her knees
      before even more slowly leaning forward to get her head between Mary's
      legs. At this point Mary tore her eyes away from Jessica and throwing her
      head back fixed her eyes on the ceiling directly above her head. Jessica
      paused when her mouth was about 2 inches away from Mary's pussy, this was
      as close as she had ever been to another women and she had no desire to be
      there. The redhead was about to back away when she considered the
      alternative of being left in the lift and it also occurred to her that
      time was running out for them to get to the car park. Taking a breath she
      lent forward and pressed her lips against Jessica's pubic hair, feeling an
      involuntary twitch and a sharp intake of breath from Mary, as she did so,
      she could also feel the heat from her face, as it burned red with
      "Lick," she heard the guard order her and so she gingerly slid her tongue
      inside Mary which this time caused a groan from her and then having no
      idea what to do next she just wiggled it about a bit.
      Brian smiled to himself as he looked down at the redheaded Jessica with
      her head between Mary's legs.
      "Two Stuck up cows getting what they deserve," he thought to himself, "and
      my very own private lesbian show, too."
      After about five minutes, by which time Jessica's tongue was getting tired
      he called a halt to proceedings and allowed the two women to stand up.
      They were both far more embarrassed than when the lift doors had opened
      and didn't look at Brian as he told them they could go. Both women were by
      now very aware of the time that had elapsed since they had left Mary's
      office and headed for the stairs. Brian watched them go, returned the
      chair behind the desk and then took the lift down to the ground floor and
      his desk using his control override key. Once there he set about rewinding
      the security camera tapes!
      Jessica and Mary descended to the basement as fast as they could and
      pushed through the doors to the car park. They didn't bother checking to
      see if anyone was out there, knowing that time was very short but ran into
      the middle of the car park and looked around wildly. Sheila and Teri who
      were sitting in Sheila's car on the far side of the basement giggled as
      they saw the two burst into the car park. One would scarcely have believed
      that the two naked females in front of them could be top executives, this
      thought made them giggle even more. Sheila started the engine, which
      instantly attracted Mary and Jessica's attention as they stood rooted to
      the spot trying to work out which car had started. As Sheila slowly pulled
      out of the parking space and cruised towards them they watched closely and
      then relaxed as they saw who was driving. Sheila pulled up along side them
      and wound down her window. Teri leant forward slightly and looked across
      at the pair stood beside the car.
      "23 minutes," she told them, "You're too late."
      "Sorry," Sheila added smiling and then said "Goodnight" as she gunned the
      engine and drove off in the direction of the exit. Looking in the rear
      view mirror she saw that Jessica and Mary were running after her, looking
      utterly ridiculous with hands glued to backsides and looks of utter
      desperation on their faces. Half way to the exit she pulled up and waited
      for Mary and Jessica to catch up.
      "Please" Mary gasped as she came alongside the car, "don't leave us."
      "No need to panic" Sheila told her as she and Teri got out of her car, "I
      should tell you that your stories did tally, we just decided to have some
      fun with you, that's all."
      Neither Mary nor Jessica said anything as Teri told them to turn round and
      released their hands using a small bottle of releasing agent that she kept
      in her desk drawer in case anybody accidentally glued themselves to
      anything. As both women flexed their arms Sheila said, "Your clothes are
      in your car, Jessica" and handed her the keys. Both Jessica and Mary had
      come in Jessica's car that day due to the fact that their season train
      tickets had been ejected from a train window the previous Friday. Jessica
      hurried over to her car, which was very near to where Sheila had stopped
      and in a very short space of time was pulling on her clothes. Sheila
      turned to Mary and sternly ordered.
      "Hold out one of your hands" and when Mary didn't comply she reached
      forward and grabbed her left wrist pulling it toward her. Turning it palm
      up Sheila started to apply more glue to it this time in larger quantities
      than before.
      "W.. w.. what are you doing," Mary stammered.
      "I told you you'd be sorry for calling me a bitch this morning. " and
      before Mary could argue, in a deft movement, Sheila turned her hand over
      and pushed it hard into Mary's crotch. She held it there for about a
      minute, to allow the glue to set before letting go, leaving Mary with one
      hand glued to her pubic hair. Mary tried to pull her hand away and then
      winced, as all she did was pull on her pubic hair.
      "You can either pull your pubic hair off and get dressed or ride home
      naked and cut yourself free when you get there," Sheila told her in a
      matter of fact voice. Mary didn't wait for a reply but ran over to
      Jessica's car and got into the passenger seat, next to a now fully clothed
      Jessica. It wasn't long before they drove off frightened that Teri and
      Sheila might dream up something else for them to do. Sheila and Teri
      watched them go and then got back into their car and headed for home.
      The End
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