The Country lane


Suzanne Dickinson takes a short cut home and ends up in trouble.

Suzanne Dickinson walked out of the country pub and across its car park, the 29-year-old six-foot tall brunette cut quite a figure as she strode towards her car, a rather expensive white BMW, her pride and joy. Being a day off from her job as a research chemist and due to the extremely hot weather she was wearing a white T-shirt which showed off her 34B breasts and tight white shorts which left little to the imagination. A pair of expensive white trainers and a pair of ankle socks completed her outfit. Clutching her purse in one hand and her car keys in the other she paused as she reached her car and for a moment was lost in thought. She considered the splendid lunchtime she had just had with a couple of old school friends but was acutely aware that she had had more to drink than she had intended . She knew she was almost certainly over the drink drive limit so she toyed with the idea of getting a taxi. But being out in the country that would mean a high cost so instead she decided to drive the ten miles or so home using the local back roads. This was no problem to her as she knew the area well and she finally convinced herself that she was not what you would call drunk even if she was a little over the limit. So flicking her ponytail defiantly she got in and started the engine but before moving off wound down the windows and opened the sunroof to let out some of the heat that had built up in the car while it had been parked. She swiftly exited the pub car park leaving a cloud of dust in her wake and headed a few hundred yards down the main road before turning off down a narrow lane. Suzanne sped down it even though it was in places not much wider than her BMW, she had driven it many times before and knew where the really bad bits were. Feeling quite relaxed and content as she started to select a cassette and was busy fiddling with the controls as she one handed guided the car round a sharp right hand bend. The power steering made this relatively easy and she glanced down at the stereo quickly in order to hit the play button but when she looked back up she had rounded the corner and was confronted by two hikers with heavy backpacks crossing the road in front of her. Instinctively she stamped on the brake pedal but in a split second realised she could not stop and the road was just too narrow to swerve round them . Suzanne screamed and closed her eyes.<\P>

Due to the ABS brakes the car stopped very rapidly and without the customary screech of tyres. Suzanne sat motionless for a few seconds before she dared to open her eyes and when she did she wished she hadn't.
"Oh my god" she said out loud and frantically scrambled to release her seat belt as she looked through the windscreen and saw that there was no sign of the hikers. In her haste her foot slipped off the clutch and the car stalled .Automatically she took the keys from the ignition , stuffed them in her pocket and with her heart in her mouth she got out and ran to the front of the car looking around wildly. There was no sign of them but when she looked around again her heart missed a beat as she saw a backpack lying in the grass verge several yards back up the road behind her car.
"Oh no" she wailed and rushed towards the pack.
"Are you alright" she cried in desperation as she saw that one of the hikers was underneath the pack.
"No I'm fucking not" an angry female voice came from under the pack.
"Here let me help you up." Suzanne offered and with a bit of heaving managed to get the hiker up into a sitting position. The hiker, a young ginger haired girl in her late teens began to undo the straps to her pack as Suzanne looked round for the other one. She was greatly relieved to see him struggle unaided to a sitting position and begin to undo his pack so she turned back to the ginger haired girl.
"I'm so sorry." She started, "is there anything I can do."
"Try getting some driving lessons" the girl snapped in reply.
"Are you alright, "Susanne asked trying to soothe the girl even though she herself was trembling.
"I think so," the girl answered, "But no thanks to you." And then she raised her voice and called to the other hiker, "Richard, are you OK?"
"Er yes," he responded, "apart from a grazed arm"
"Let me see." The girl said concern showing in a voice and as she stood up she found herself standing directly in front of the still shocked Suzanne. She pushed her slightly to get to Richard but as she brushed passed her caught a whiff of Susanne's breath and whirled round.
"You've been drinking," she spat accusingly.
"I.. I. ...Haven't had much," Susanne stammered defensively.
"We'll let the police be the judge of that, shall we" she replied looking Suzanne with a look of disgust.
"I'm sorry." Suzanne whispered looking away.
"Ha" the girl retorted, "I thought so," and marching over to Richard she said,
"Richard, have you got the mobile phone?"
"It's in the side pocket" he replied, "and can you get the first aid kit while you're at it."
"Oh shit," the girl answered, "sorry I forgot about your arm, I'll call the police and then deal with it."

Susanne's mind was in a whirl, she may well be under the limit, in fact, there was a good chance by the time the police arrived , but she dare not risk it. Lose her licence and there was every possibility her job would be on the line too.
"Please don't," she said as she saw the girl getting out the mobile phone, " perhaps we can sort this out amongst ourselves."
"You've been drinking and you've hurt my boyfriend here." the girl snapped back, "only the police can sort this out."
At this point Richard winced as he pulled up his sleeve and the look of concern once again crossed the girl's face.
"Let me look" she said, crouching down beside him and putting the phone down beside him.
"It's not that bad, Tina." He replied using her name for the first time.
"I'll be the judge of that" Tina told him gently and then started to wrap a bandage around his arm.
Richard began to wonder what she was cooking up now as he only had two slight grazes on his forearm and thought a bandage was a bit over the top, medically speaking two medium sizes plasters would have sufficed. He also noticed that Tina used her body to shield the view of his arm from a very nervous looking Suzanne who stood in the middle of the road wringing her hands and surmised she was up to something but knew better than to ask. Having spent a fair amount of time seeming to tend to Richard's wounds Tina rolled down his sleeve before suddenly standing up and whirling round to face the other woman. Suzanne was rather startled by this sudden movement and was further caught off guard as Tina announced,
" He is going to need hospital treatment"
"I'll drive you then," Suzanne managed to answered,
"Not a chance" Tina retorted, " Do you think for one minute we are getting in a car with a drunk?"
"I'm not drunk," Suzanne protested,
"Well the police can always decide that," Tina replied and reached for the mobile phone which was still on the grass next to Richard.
"No please" Suzanne said desperate to avoid the police becoming involved,
"I can give you money", she finished lamely and as soon as she uttered those words she knew she had said the wrong thing.
"Give us money," Tina spat in contempt, " You think that you can nearly kill us and then get off the hook by bribing us?"
"" Suzanne stammered before Tina continued her tirade.
"Well let me tell you , you stuck up cow, just because you drive a fancy car and no doubt earn a lot of money you think you can give us a bit of money and sweep everything under the carpet."
Suzanne looked at her feet not daring to speak.

"It doesn't work like that you bitch , I'm going to make sure you pay for what you've done to Richard." And once more she reached for the mobile phone.
"Please ," Suzanne pleaded close to panic as she saw her life was on the brink of being ruined by this young student. "What can I do to change your mind?"
"Nothing," Tina snapped.
"I'll do anything" Suzanne offered, " just don't call the police."
"OK then," Tina immediately replied looking straight at Suzanne, "Give me your car keys so I can take Richard to hospital."
"Yes sure," Suzanne responded without a second thought desperate to avoid the police and immediately began fumbling in her pockets. Then she stopped unable to find them at which point it dawned on her they were still in the car.
"They're in the ignition." still she told Tina sheepishly. Tina just snorted and picking up her back pack went round to the back of the car and opening the boot heaved it in . She then went over to where Richard was and picked up his backpack and took that to the boot also. Slamming the lid shut she saw that Richard was still sat on the grass verge so called out.
"Get in then." which prompted him to slowly get to his feet and make his way to the car. Suzanne also headed for her BMW but was stopped in her track when Tina said icily,
"And where are you going."
"Err to get in the car" Suzanne replied nervously.
"O no you're not," Tina told her, "You can wait here."
"WHAT!" Suzanne cried not believing that she had heard correctly.
"You can wait here," Tina repeated, " we don't want your company." Suzanne opened her mouth to speak but then closed it and slumped her shoulders in defeat. She was about to be left behind as two students took off in her car but it was infinitely better than the alternative.<\P>
Tina smiled as she looked at the woman stood by the side of the road and was walking round to the driver's door when a black file on the back seat caught her eye or to be more accurate the name on it. She quickly opened the back door and grabbed the file and reread the name on it just to be sure
"VR Research laboratories" was printed on it in gold. She waved the file in the air and looked accusingly at Suzanne across the road,
"You work for this outfit." She asked unpleasantly.
"Yes I do," Suzanne replied nervously, "I'm a research chemist"
"Research Chemist" Tina cried and once again Suzanne realised she had said the wrong thing.
"You'll be one of those bastards who experiment on animals then?" she continued angrily
"NO" Suzanne cried, which was in fact the truth , her employer had given up testing things on animals years ago but the animal rights movements had never believed this. Unfortunately for Suzanne, Tina was a great believer in animal rights!
Tina crouched down and looked into the car at Richard, he also shared her beliefs and the thought of getting a bit of revenge on one who they perceived as being involved in animal cruelty was an opportunity too good to miss. Tina smirked at him said , "Watch this" quietly and then stood up to look over at Susanne before saying in a louder voice.
Suzanne just stood there not really understanding
"P..pardon?" she managed to ask but before she could say anything else, Tina , as if reading her mind repeated her original command, "STRIP! ", and then folding her arms stared directly at Suzanne.
Then a look of shock crossed her face as she realised what Tina meant.
"You must be joking," she replied firmly having regained a little composure.
"There's always the alternative," Tina answered and with an evil smile produced the mobile phone.
"No not that," Suzanne said hastily to which Tina promptly responded,
"Well the choice is yours."
"You really want me to take off my clothes here?" she asked horrified at the prospect.
"Yes" Tina answered emphatically
"Every stitch," Richard added lowering the window of the car with a big grin on his face.
"You can't be serious," Suzanne said but knew realistically she had no choice . She was, however, unable to bring herself to accept the fact that she was going to have to remove all her clothes in front of two students in the middle of the country. She stood there motionless
"We haven't got all day." Tina prompted Suzanne after at least a minute of inactivity had passed.
"Why?" was all Suzanne could manage to say.
"Thats easy," Tina told her, "this will probably be the only chance I will ever have to get back at you and your type."
"But we don't use animals anymore" Suzanne wailed immediately understanding the point Tina was making.
"Somehow I don't believe you, so strip right now or I call the police." Tina said in a firm voice.
"This can't be happening," Suzanne mumbled more to herself than anyone else and bent down to undo the laces of her trainers. She pulled them off and then slowly peeled off her socks. She remained bent over and screwed both her socks up before pushing one in each trainer. This she did not hurry in doing trying to postpone the moment when she had to stand up and continue stripping. Tina sensed this and said,
"Don't dawdle."
Suzanne slowly stood up avoiding looking at the students and tried to make up her mind what to remove next. Decision made she reached for the waistband of her shorts and undid the button holding them before starting to wriggle them down her hips. This was a difficult affair due to their tightness and was not easily accomplished in the privacy of her bedroom . On the side of a country road it was even worse but she twisted and wriggled and finally succeeded in pushing them down to her knees before dropping them to her ankles and stepping out of them. Not knowing what to do with them she left them on the tarmac next to her trainers. A glance in the direction of the students confirmed in her mind that there would be no hope of reasoning with them. Tina stood leaning on the back of the car, her arms folded with a stern look on her face. Richard was still sat in the car and was positively leering at Suzanne and clearly enjoying every moment of her embarrassment. Suzanne looked away and slowly pulled the T-shirt over her head to reveal that her underwear was also white and that it was not exactly modest. She dropped the T-shirt on the road and stood blushing in just her bra and panties.
"Isn't this enough" she tried to ask knowing it was almost certainly a futile gesture but one she had to try if she wasn't to be stripped.
"No" both Tina and Richard answered in unison and then Tina continued alone,
"We want every stitch, ,"She laughed and then added "Your underwear doesn't hide much anyway so you might as well get it off." This was perfectly true, Suzanne flimsy bra just about held her breasts and her tiny panties were so thin her pubic hair could be clearly seen through the material
"Oh please" Suzanne begged
"STRIP RIGHT NOW! Tina shouted angrily
"NO" Suzanne shouted back suddenly defiant
Tina didn't reply but instead strode over to where the Suzanne stood . Before the older woman knew what was happening Tina grabbed hold of her bra at the front between the cups and gave an almighty tug. The thin straps stood no chance and snapped as the whole garment came away in Tina's hand and a split second later Suzanne screamed and crossed her arms over her now naked breasts. Tina dropped the remains of the bra on top of the discarded T-shirt before she moved closer to the cringing chemist until their faces were only a few inches apart.
"Listen" she hissed, "You can either slip out of your pretty little knickers yourself or," she paused briefly to let the words sink in, " I can rip them off for you, its your choice." Suzanne managed to stammer,
"I...I.. I'll take them off,"
"Good" Tina replied and took several steps back and folded her arms, "now get on with it. A trembling and totally humiliated Suzanne began to wriggle her last scrap of clothing down her thighs. Her face burned red with shame as she stood in a half crouch trying to cover her breasts with her left arm whilst using her right hand to carefully lower her knickers and at the same time not reveal her crotch to the students' gaze. Once the panties were past her thighs she kept her hand permanently on her pubic hair and wriggled her legs until they fell to the ground . Silently she stepped out of them and stood totally naked in front of the students.
"What happens now ," she eventually managed to ask in a small voice.
"The same as before" Tina informed her, "you wait here while we go and find a hospital.
"But I'm naked" she wailed horrified at the thought
"Well spotted" Richard laughed, not really looking like he needed a hospital at all.
"Naked and left in the middle of nowhere" Tina added as she walked towards the nude woman and crouched down to pick up the clothes lying in the road.
"You can't do this" Suzanne tried to argue but was abruptly cut short by the still crouching Tina,
"Oh yes we can, remember the alternative...." Suzanne went silent and hung her head in defeat. As Tina stood up again , now with all of Suzanne's clothes in her hands she paused suddenly looking thoughtful then strode over to the car and spoke to Richard in a low voice , so Suzanne couldn't here. The conversation was brief and at the end of it Richard said , in a much louder voice,
"Yep., lets do it." And proceeded to get out of the car . Tina stood back to let him get out and then lent in and threw all Suzanne's clothes on to the back seat. She then went back to the cringing Suzanne who was still trying to cover her nakedness as well as look up and down the road to see if anyone was coming. Suzanne managed to look Tina in the face but couldn't maintain eye contact when she saw a wicked grin,
"I've just had a word with Richard," she announced smiling evilly, "and we both agree that it would be most appropriate for you to participate in a little experiment of ours.
"What do you mean?" Suzanne asked nervously , her eyes looked past Tina to see Richard rummaging in the car boot.
"Well," Tina explained, "You spend your time experimenting on animals so we thought it appropriate that, today, you can be the subject of an experiment for a change."
"This can't be happening" Suzanne moaned.
"Oh yes it is" Tina goaded her, " You'll remember today for a long time.
"Please," Suzanne begged, " being left naked is surely enough."
"It enough just for a drunk driver" Tina replied, "but not for someone in your line of work." Suzanne remained silent.

Richard slammed the car boot and came over to the two women, his pockets bulged with something , but Suzanne had no idea what.
"Ready?" Tina asked
"Ready," he replied.
"Right then," Tina addressed the naked blonde woman, "Follow me" and started to lead the way up the road.
"What's happening," Suzanne asked nervously
"Wait and see." Was all the answer she got from Tina.
They came to the point where the footpath crossed the road where Tina climbed over the stile and in to the adjoining field followed by Suzanne who was more than a little conscious that Richard was following close behind her. She managed to negotiate the stile with her arm still covering her breasts but a glance behind confirmed her fear that Richard was viewing her naked flesh with more than passing interest. Tina stopped momentarily and surveyed the field they had just entered, and then obviously seeing what she wanted , she set off again, the other too following. Suzanne didn't take much notice of where they were going , as they had set off she had looked round and ascertained that there was nobody around and as they walked she was more concerned with making sure she didn't step on any thistles or anything else that might hurt her bare feet So absorbed in protecting her feet was she that she nearly walked into the back of Tina when she stopped. Suzanne looked up and gasped, they must have been about fifty metres from the footpath and at the highest point in the field She had an ominous feeling.
"This will do just fine" Tina announced, " for our little experiment."
"What's going to happen." Suzanne asked with a sinking feeling
"Get on your hands and knees" Tina responded and pointed to the ground in front of her
"Why" Suzanne queried.
She jumped as Richard put his hand on her shoulder from behind and said,
"Because you don't have a choice"
Suzanne knew he was right and slowly got down in front of Tina.
"Turn round and face the road," Tina ordered and Suzanne shuffled round without looking up, she just stared down at the grass in front of her face. She felt her ponytail slide down the side of her neck and at the same time she became conscious of the feeling of her naked breasts swinging beneath her. A picture of what she must look like flashed through her mind and she closed her eyes as her face burned red with shame.
"Good" Tina said, once she had Suzanne positioned to her satisfaction," now for the next part."
Richard handed her the contents of his pocket ,which consisted of a tin of corn beef and a felt tip pen. Tina took them, crouched down alongside Suzanne and with a smile on her face placed the tin in the middle of the naked woman's back. Suzanne gasped as she felt the cold metal on her naked skin but was unable to say anything before Tina said,
"Don't move" and taking the felt tip pen from Richard she removed the cap and carefully drew round the tin.
"What are you doing?," Suzanne asked nervously, as whilst she could feel the pen she had no idea what was happening Tina finished drawing and handed the pen back to Richard before answering.
"Ah well ,this is a little experiment we've decided to conduct using you as the subject." Tina explained,
" We're off to the hospital in a minute" and you can wait here for us."
"But I can be seen from the path and the road "Suzanne protested
"Exactly", Tina continued, "which leads you to have to make few decisions." Suzanne groaned, she didn't like the sound of this.
"On your back," Tina went on, " there is a tin of corned beef which I've just drawn round, the object of the exercise is for it not to move whilst we are away. If when we get back its not inside its mark then you don't get your clothes or your car back; in short we'll abandon you here."
"What if I'm seen" Suzanne wailed
"Well that's where you have to make a decision." Tina laughed, " You can stay here on top of this hill and hope you are not see or you can try and move to a less exposed place. But just remember if that tin has moved even a tiny bit then that's it."
"Unless you find somebody to ask to put it back for you ," Richard added jokingly.
"Please don't do this to me," Suzanne begged .
"Pleading won't get you anywhere ," Tina told her before saying to Richard,
"Lets go" and without further ado the two students headed back down the hill towards the car. Suzanne lifted her head and watched them go and desperately wondered what to do next.
Tina and Richard stopped when they got to the stile and looked back up the hill. There on top was Suzanne in all her naked glory. They both laughed as they climbed the stile and walked towards the car. Suzanne heard her car start up and head off down the road and couldn't help thinking of her clothes lying on the back seat......

Suzanne couldn't believe the situation she was now in, and more to the point what was she going to do. Tina had been right when she said that Suzanne would have to make a few decisions. As she knelt there stark naked with the tin balanced on her back she tried to think clearly about her options. She was currently on top of a small hill in full view of the surrounding area and more than likely to be spotted if anybody came along the path,. There was also a chance she might be seen from the road. There again there was also the likelihood that nobody would come along the path before Tina and Richard returned. But when would that be? Would they even come back?. If she moved and the tin fell off then she wouldn't get her car or clothes back..... Her mind was in a whirl , there were so many options. She didn't know what to do. A more noticeable problem, apart from her knees beginning to ache a bit, was the sun beating down on her back. It was a gloriously hot summer day but she could already feel her back getting sunburnt , however, she knew there was nothing she could do about it so tried to put it out of her mind and work out what to do about her predicament. After a lot of thought she decided to take her chances and stay put. She hoped the students wouldn't take too long at the hospital and then tried to concentrate on saying still. Another mental image of what she must look like balancing the tin flashed into her head and she groaned inwardly.

Suzanne had lost track of time, she had no watch so had no idea how long she had been there but it had been quite a while she thought to herself. She was just thinking how lucky she was when she saw two figures climbing over the stile. Her heart missed a beat as she immediately knew they were not Tina and Richard. She could clearly see that these two were obviously an elderly couple out for an afternoon stroll. Suzanne prayed that they were old enough so that their eyesight was not that good and they would fail to spot her. Her heart was in her mouth as she watched them slowly pass along the path. The thought of the humiliation of being spotted and then explaining what she was doing was too much to bear, she closed her eyes. But her prayers were answered as the couple never spotted her and went on their way enjoying the countryside. When Suzanne finally plucked up the courage to open her eyes she was greatly relieved to see that they had gone. Her heart began to stop pounding and she turned her attention to other matters.

The sun was still beating down and as well as now most definitely being sunburnt, Suzanne was sweating in the heat and consequently she was starting to feel very thirsty. These thoughts were briefly banished from her mind as a solitary car sped down the lane and round the corner where she had come to grief. The driver was obviously concentrating on the road and there was no danger of her being spotted. From then on Suzanne was well and truly on her own and despite her predicament her mind began to wander and after a while she closed her eyes in a daydream . After some time she was thinking about mowing her lawn and was trying to work out why her lawnmower sounded like and old tractor.

She gasped and opened her eyes wide as it suddenly dawned on her that the noise was not something she was dreaming . The reason why she though her lawn mower sounded like an old tractor was all too apparent as she looked down to the road, a real tractor had pulled onto the verge by the stile. Her heart once again returned to her mouth,

"Oh no," she moaned as she heard the engine stop and saw the farmer get down. She had to stop herself from trembling , still mindful of the tin on her back, and watched with trepidation as he climbed the stile and started along the footpath. He obviously had no business in the same field as Suzanne as he strode purposefully along the footpath towards the next one. As he disappeared from her view Suzanne breathed a small sigh of relief although she was painfully aware that he still had to return to his tractor. She hoped that the students would return before he came back. Suzanne looked down to the tractor and sighed, her back was really hurting now.

"Hello?" a male voice behind her said.
Suzanne screamed and instinctively sat up covering her chest as she did so; the tin tumbled down her back and landed in the grass by her left leg. Suzanne pressed her knees together and closed her eyes , not daring to look round.
"Are you alright," the voice asked her with a trace of concern.

"Yes , I'm fine thank you," was all she could manage to say in reply eyes tightly closed and face once again red with embarrassment.
"OK then, what exactly are you doing." The voice asked.
"I'm er... well I'm," Suzanne mumbled as she wracked her brains for an excuse.
"I lost a bet." She finally finished lamely and not entirely convincingly.
"I see," the voice laughed as Suzanne heard him walk round in front of her,
"And you have to kneel here naked?"
"Yes," Suzanne whispered not wishing to be reminded of her current situation.
"For how long ?
"I don't know," Suzanne replied truthfully
There was a long silent pause which seemed like an eternity to Suzanne before the voice suddenly
"Nice view from here." Suzanne's felt a wave of indignation at what she perceived to be a suggestive remark and momentarily forgetting her predicament she opened her eyes. She immediately realised her error as she saw in from of her the farmer who had traversed the path earlier. He wasn't looking at her but at the view of the countryside. The man was dressed in overalls and to Suzanne's brief glance only looked to be in his mid thirties. Suzanne suddenly felt very vulnerable kneeling in front of a clothed man and pressed her knees even tighter together.
The farmer turned round to Suzanne who went even redder under his gaze but then his eyes locked on to the corned beef tin .
"What's with the tin?" he enquired
"I have to balance it on my back," she told him, "or I don't get my clothes back." Then the truth of what she had said hit her,
"OH NO" she cried in despair
"What's the matter ," the farmer asked
"Please can you help me," she asked desperately getting back on all fours," put the tin on my back, there should be a mark."
"And if I don't?" the farmer asked with a wicked grin on his face.
"Then I don't get my clothes back." Suzanne told him mournfully, "I'll be left here naked
"That would be most unfortunate." The farmer agreed sarcastically
"Oh help me please," Suzanne begged
"Of course I will," the farmer said deciding to put her out of her misery, "but you really want to put something on your back for the sunburn.
"There's not a lot I can do about it ," Suzanne answered sadly, "I'm also getting very thirsty."
"Ah" the farmer responded , "I can't do anything about the sunburn , but I can help you with the thirst, I've a bottle of Coke in the tractor"
"That would be nice," Suzanne said getting back off all fours.
"Yes it would," the farmer agreed, "perhaps you'd like to go and get it?"
"What ? Me?" Suzanne spluttered, "But I'm naked"
"I can see that," the farmer laughed, " but if you want the drink then you can get it."
"I'll do without," Suzanne replied getting back on her hands and knees."
"Fine," the farmer then said, " but I fancy a drink now"
"Then you get it," Suzanne told him with a hint of annoyance in her voice.
"I will," he replied, but if I go I'm not coming back and the tin stays on the grass."
"Oh" Suzanne said dejectedly, immediately realising she was in a no win situation. It only took her a few seconds to make up her mind,
"I'll get it for you," she said quietly as she rose to her feet and looked at the grinning farmer. A touch of modesty overcame her once more as she tried to cover herself from his gaze.

"Off you go then," he said after a moment and Suzanne took a deep breath and ran down the field to the stile and the parked tractor. As she ran once again she was acutely aware of her nakedness and looked around as best she could to see if there was anybody on the footpath. The feeling of her naked breasts bouncing around was a strange one and not something she enjoyed but being downhill it did not take her long to reach the stile and she quickly scrambled over it and made her way to the tractor. Not being particularly familiar with agricultural machinery she took a moment to work out how to get into the cab but just as she was about to climb up she heard a car coming down the lane. Fighting the urge to panic she quickly crouched down behind the tractor's large rear wheel and made herself as small as possible hoping not to be seen as it passed by.

She listened, heart pounding as the car approached but instead of passing her and continuing along the lane it slowed , pulled up behind the tractor and stopped. Suzanne, closed her eyes, tried to make herself even smaller as she heard car doors open and close. The there was silence, which seemed like an eternity to Suzanne as she crouched frightened an motionless. Suddenly a voice spoke,
"What have we here then?"
Suzanne started and then felt that sinking feeling return to her stomach as she recognised the voice as that of Tina's.
"Looks like, your little experiment failed," another voice, that of Richard's said.
"Yep, Tina agreed, "Our scientist friend here is going to have a long walk home." Suzanne still crouching turned to face the students,
"Please" she begged, I've got to get a bottle of Coke for the farmer who owns this tractor or else he won't replace the tin."
"Farmer?" Tina queried warily, "What farmer?"
"The one who is waiting where you left me," Suzanne explained.
"I see," Tina said, slightly unnerved by the involvement of a third party, " We'll take your car for a drive and will be back in half an hour, you'd better be back as we left you by ten.
"I will," Suzanne assured her and then watched as the students got back in the car and drove off.
Suzanne wasted no time in retrieving the Coke from the tractor and in a short space of time was heading back up the hill. She arrived back where the farmer was waiting slightly out of breath and held the bottle out to him. The farmer took it and as he unscrewed the top he asked,
"Friends of your?"
"Not exactly" she answered eyeing the farmer enviously as he took a long drink of the coke.
"Oh" said the farmer when he had finished drinking, " they're the ones you lost the bet too." And then he held out the bottle to her.
"Yes," was all Suzanne could manage to fit in before her lips closed greedily around the neck of the Coke bottle and she gulped it down. When she had finished drinking se handed the bottle back to the farmer saying,
"Thats alright," He smiled and continued, " I suppose you want the tin replacing now.?"
"Yes please" Suzanne replied eager not to be caught out by the students again.
As Suzanne got onto her hands and knees once more the farmer picked up the tin and shaking his head put it on her back.
"There aren't half some strange people around ." he thought to himself as he let go of the tin and stood up again.
"You'll be Ok then?" he asked, looking down at the naked woman in front of him.
" As well as I can be," Suzanne responded without trying to look up.
"Goodbye then, " the farmer said as he set off down the hill towards the tractor.
"Goodbye" Suzanne called after him which caused him to shake his head once more.
Alone again Suzanne pondered her fate, hoping that the students would soon be back with her car and her clothes. Her back was now very sore and the sun still beat down on it as she knelt there. At long last she saw a car approach and when it pulled up by the stile she recognised it as hers. Nervously she watched as the students got out and then removed their rucksacks from the boot and heaving them onto their backs. Tina slammed the boot lid shut and locked the car before heading for the stile. Richard followed and as they climbed over Suzanne thought she saw Tina throw something into the grass verge. They climbed up the hill towards her and when they were within 20 yards .Tina called out cheerily,
"Made it back then?" Suzanne waited until the student was next to her before she responded.
"Yes," she said, trying to sound firm, "Now can I have my clothes please."
"Well we'll just have to check on the tin first won't we." Tina laughed
"Yes" Richard added, " Did your farmer friend put it back right."
"I hope so," Suzanne muttered to herself.
Tina and Richard then made a show of inspecting the position of the tin before they agreed that it was acceptable.
"You can get up," Tina told the kneeling woman and then added sarcastically, "and you want to get something for your sunburn." Suzanne rose stiffly to her feet not bothering that the tin fell in the grass next to her.
"My clothes?" she queried looking nervously at the two students.
"They're in the car boot " Richard informed her.
"I don't suppose you'd get them for me?" Suzanne asked, already knowing the answer.
"No!" they answered in unison and then Tina continued,
" We're going on our way now so goodbye,"
"Goodbye" Suzanne muttered under her breath as she watched the students walk down the hill towards the path. Once there they set off along it in the opposite direction to the stile. Suzanne wondered if they had ever been near a hospital at all.
Suzanne looked at her car and took off down the hill towards it,
"The sooner I'm dressed the better," she thought as she ran. In no time she was down the field and over the stile. With a feeling of relief she reached the boot but when she tried it, to her horror it was locked. Desperately she ran round to the side and tried the drivers door ,
"Noooo" she wailed as she discovered this was locked as well and then beat her fists on the roof in frustration
"The bastards" she cried in rage as she realised they had locked out of her car naked but then she remembered she had seen Tina throw something into the grass when she climbed the stile. Clutching at the hope that it might have been her keys she retraced her steps and tried to work out where they might have landed. Getting on her hands and knees she began to search the grass where she thought they might be. Two hours later and near to despair she at last found them .During that time she had not been disturbed by either hikers or road vehicles but the gathering gloom of the evening had made her search ever more difficult and there was always the nagging thought that her keys weren't in the grass at all. She clutched them in her hand and with a whoop of joy ran to the car. Quickly unlocking the doors she ran round to the boot to get her clothes but as she raised the lid her spirits plummeted again as looking into the boot she saw that her clothes weren't there. Hurriedly she looked into the car itself and saw that the only thing in there was her handbag and briefcase. In fact there was absolutely nothing in the entire car she could cover herself with. Cursing Tina and Richard once more she realised she would have to drive home naked and so got in and was soon driving carefully down the road. As it was dropping dark she got to her house uneventfully and swung into her drive. Extinguishing the car lights she then looked around very carefully to see if there were any of the neighbours taking an interest in her car. After several minutes she was satisfied there weren't and so removing her keys from the car ignition she took a deep breath and scurried out of the car . One hand over her crotch and the other arm covering her chest she made a dash for the front door. Then crouching down on her doorstep she fumbled through her keys for the right one. She went through them with trembling hands, the thought of being seen uppermost in her mind , but failed to find it. Putting it down to nervousness she steeled herself and looked for it again but when then attempt failed she nearly panicked and looked round wildly. She could hardly hold her hands still but managed to calm down enough to go through the keys again. A feeling of despair came over her as she realised that it wasn't there, evidently the students had removed it............