The Business Trip
by Kat

Two woman get more than they bargained for in a foreign country

For Anne Dawson and Kathy Scott three weeks in Poland, all expenses paid, seemed an opportunity too good to miss when the company that employed them had announced that was where it was sending them. A week into the business trip, however, they weren't so sure, having been chaperoned everywhere with not a moment to themselves; they were told it was for their own protection and under no circumstances were they weren't to leave their hotel without an escort. The two women were soon very sceptical of this, having seen no evidence of the supposed dangers that were allegedly hiding around every corner. So one evening, when they found out that the following day was effectively a day off they got their heads together and formulated a plan.

Early the next morning they slipped out of the hotel intent on exploring the countryside outside of the city they had been restricted to since their arrival. Dressed in their business suits and carrying briefcases they looked like they were going to yet another meeting within the hotel but instead they headed for the car park and were soon driving through the city streets in their Mercedes hire car.

It was a nice warm sunny day as they drove out of the city and found themselves travelling along a road not really knowing where they were headed. The city was soon left far behind as they drove into ever more rural areas of Poland. The further they went the poorer the road surface became and the less and less traffic they saw but neither woman really noticed this as they chatted and looked at the countryside. When they began to feel hungry they pulled into a small rundown filling station and bought something to eat. They paid for it in American dollars much to the surprise and delight of the elderly looking proprietor. Having no idea of the worthlessness of the Polish currency, the Zloty, they didn't know they had paid many times more than they should have. They ate their purchases quite quickly and set off once more although neither of them noticed the beat up white car that pulled out behind them and began to follow.

On a spur of the moment decision Anne turned the wheel of the blue Mercedes and left what purported to be the main road to head down a side road purely on the grounds that it looked interesting. Kathy and her were both deep in conversation, so deep, that neither of them noticed the car behind them turn off as well. It wasn't until a few miles further down the lane that the two occupants of the Mercedes suddenly became aware of its presence. It was at a point where the road widened slightly and there was the roar of an engine behind them as the rather tatty white car suddenly loomed in the Mercedes mirrors and started to overtake. There was barely room to get past, in fact it more or less barged its way by and whilst the cars didn't actually make contact they were close enough to cause Anne to instinctively brake. As she did the white car shot by and then skidded to a halt blocking the road. Anne turned the steering wheel and stamped hard on the brake pedal and as she heard Kathy scream she closed her eyes. A split second later she felt a gentle bump and then there was silence as the car engine stalled. When she plucked up the courage to open her eyes again she saw that the car, which had not been travelling fast at all, was on the grass verge with the drivers side up against a grass bank. Kathy screamed again and when a startled Anne looked towards her the two occupants of the other car were getting out and coming towards them.

"Get us out of here," Kathy said frantically as Anne tried to find reverse. This took longer that usually and she ended up looking down at the gear change due to the fact that she being British was used to a right hand drive car and this one was left hand drive. Finally she found it and gunned the engine but the car went nowhere as one of the wheels spun uselessly on the damp verge and dug itself in.

"Come on," Kathy pleaded,

"I'm trying" Anne snapped back and revved the engine again. But it was no use, the Mercedes was well and truly stuck.. As the two men approached Kathy in a panic hastily locked her door but too late she realised the window was still down.. She fumbled for the button to close it but was too late as one of the men reached in unlocked the door and opened it.

He said something in Polish, which neither of the frightened women understood

"Leave us alone," Anne said trying to remain calm.

The man then said, in a heavily accented voice, "You are American?"

"No, English" Anne replied cautiously and the man shrugged in acknowledgement.

"I think your car is stuck," he said matter of factly.

"I know" Anne agreed as Kathy shrank back from the open door on her side of the car.

"Well, I suggest you turn off the engine and get out," he suggested with a sickly smile.

"W..w..w.e'd rather not," Kathy stammered

"Don't worry, we will not hurt you," the man reassured them in a rather unreassuringly way!

Both women looked at each other and then, against their better judgement, but not having any other real options, Kathy turned off the engine and they exited the car via the passenger door. Anne's side of the car was too close to the grass bank for her to open her door as she found out when she tried.

The women stood next to each other by the Mercedes dressed in their identical coloured light grey business suits, identical coloured because they were standard company issue. In many ways that was where the similarities ended. Kathy Scott was 31 year old 5ft 2" but it was her 38dd chest that never failed to draw the attention of male eyes and people rarely noticed her chestnut brown hair which came down to the middle of her back. 36-year-old Anne Dawson stood silently by her occasionally flicking her shoulder length jet-black hair from her eyes in what amounted to a nervous gesture. At 5ft 8" tall she was somewhat slimmer than Kathy and measured only 32dd in the chest department.

Both women soon became aware of the two men's eyes being drawn to Kathy's chest so Anne coughed and tried to gain control of the situation.

"What are you going to do," she asked trying to sound in authorative despite the pounding of her heart.

"Its simple," the man explained as his accomplice reached into the Mercedes and extracted the ignition key,

"We are going to rob you."

You can't do that," Anne snapped back in an indignant voice as Kathy just whimpered in fright.

"And why not?" the man asked.

"Because you said you wouldn't harm us, "Anne replied desperately trying to keep calm

"Indeed we won't," the man replied, "but it doesn't stop us robbing you."

Anne could thing of nothing to say in reply as the man continued,

"Its your own fault in some ways, you have no doubt been warned about travelling unescorted."

Both women nodded and Anne mumbled a small, "Yes."

"Then you only have yourselves to blame," he added before lapsing into silence. Anne and Kathy nervously looked around wondering what would happen next but their wait was a short one when the man suddenly said,

"Get your bags from the car"

Neither woman moved so he pointed at their handbags and briefcases, which were sat on the back seat. This time the women complied realising they had little choice. Kathy reached into the back of the car and got Anne's handbag and briefcase, which she passed out to her. She then reached back in and got her own before exiting. The non English-speaking accomplice, who sported a moustache and was somewhat shorter in statue than his compatriot, pointed at the bonnet of the Mercedes and made it clear that he wanted them to put the bags and cases on it. The women did so, now not doubting that they were going to be robbed.

"Stand back," the man said and as they did so his partner stepped forward and picked up Anne's bag and upended the contents onto the bonnet. Anne was about to protest but thought better of it. He then emptied Kath's bag as well before repeating the exercise with the briefcases. He then began to sort through the contents putting what he wanted into Anne's brief case and what he didn't into Kathy's. The women watched dejectedly as their personal effects were rifled through. Both their expensive cameras went into the case to be kept, as did all the cash, which was in US dollars, from their wallets. Kathy thought it was odd they discarded the credit cards but then it occurred to her that there would be little use for them in rural Poland. Pens, the wallets themselves, make up and other trinkets were kept but all the papers and suchlike were discarded. It was obvious to both women that the men had done this before. Once completed the man shut the two cases and then threw the one with the discarded items over the nearby hedge and into a field. Once again the women remained silent. Kathy's empty handbag followed it as the man shut the other brief case before picking up the remaining handbag and heading to the watching women.

Anne and Kathy shrank back as he approached them, held out the handbag and said something in Polish to them. Not comprehending Anne looked questioningly at the taller man.

"Put your jewellery in the bag," he translated

"Do we really have to," Kathy pleaded

"Yes," was all the reply she got so with shaking hands she reached up and began to remove her gold necklace. Anne slowly and with some difficulty pulled off her solitary ring before dropping it into the bag. Kathy's necklace followed and both women then removed their watches. At this point Anne stood there while Kathy fumbled to get her two rings off followed by her silver bracelet.

"Your earrings too," she was reminded and so she removed the last of her valuables and dropped them in the bag just as Kathy finished removing hers. The man with the bag, as soon as they had finished, strode back to the Mercedes and picked up the briefcase from the bonnets and took it to their own car. Opening the boot he placed it and the handbag containing the jewellery in before beckoning the two women to come over.

Kathy and Anne exchanged nervous glances, they both now realised that they should have taken the warnings more seriously as they had just been robbed. Anne clenched her hand by her side but out of the corner of here eye she saw that Kathy was wringing hers together. Both were extremely worried as to what would happen now but again they had little time to ponder over their fate

"Go over to our car, please," the English speaking man, said when neither woman responded to the beckoning man and they dutifully shuffled over to it.

"Now would you take off your nice expensive shoes," he told them in a faintly mocking voice.

"But.. Why?" Kathy managed to stammer

"Because we are robbing you and they are worth something," he answered having noted earlier that both pair of black low-heeled slip on shoes was of good quality.

"Oh," was all that Kathy could think of to say in reply, there being certain logic to what he said.

Putting her hand on the car to steady herself, Kathy lifted her right foot and removed the shoe. She dropped it in the car boot and then repeated the exercise with the other foot. That shoe then joined the other in the car boot. Anne by contrast just kicked off her shoes and crouched down to pick them both up at the same time. Hers were then unceremoniously dumped in the car boot. Standing in their stocking feet the women looked at the man giving the orders not knowing what would happen next but beginning to get a nasty feeling about the whole thing. "Now could you take off your jackets," he said in a condescendingly nice way. Kathy looked away whilst Anne gave him a startled look and opened her mouth to protest. But before she could utter a word the man held up his hand and said,

"Please, no arguments, we want the jackets." In almost a state of shock, Kathy started to remove hers. When Anne saw this her resolve crumbled and she did likewise. Both jackets then went into the car boot. Anne, now without the protection of her jacket was acutely aware of the male eyes once again being drawn to her ample chest. This time, however, they had a much better view with her reinforced bra clearly visible through the thin cotton fabric of her white blouse. In fact it was almost as if the two men's concentration wandered for a moment before the one giving the orders snapped himself out of it.

"Can we have the skirts now?" he asked although it was not really a question.

"Noooo," both women cried in unison as he finished

They aren't worth much you know," Anne blurted out when what he had said sunk in.

"They will be worth more as a set with the jackets," he told them and once again what he said was perfectly true.

"You can't make us take them off," Kathy said in a small voice in a hopeless attempt at defiance.

"Would you rather my friend here removed them?" the man replied and gestured to his leering colleague,

"Please," Anne said resorting to pleading in an attempt to keep their skirts.

"Take them off or have them removed for you," the man said in answer, "Your choice,"

"This can't be happening," Anne thought to her self hoping that it was a nightmare and she would wake up in a minute. But she knew it wasn't and as there was no alternative she started to undo the button on the side of her skirt and then slowly unzipped it. Kathy sniffled and likewise started undoing her skirt, her face burning with the humiliation as she wondered how far things were going to go. Anne pushed her skirt down to her hips but was unable to make herself let it go to drop to the floor. It wasn't until she saw Kathy stepping out of hers, now crumpled around her ankles, that she managed to force herself to let it drop. She slowly stepped out of it and placed it in the car boot next to the rest of her clothes. Both she and Kathy were glad that the company issue blouses were cut on the generous side and as a result they virtually covered all of their knickers, however she still found herself tugged the hem down in a futile attempt to cover the bare flesh between where her hold up stocking ended and the blouse hem began. Kathy fared slightly better in that being shorter her hem came lower plus the fact that she was wearing tights which meant there was no bare flesh. Notwithstanding this she was still trying to pull her hem down as the two men looked at them both.

"I can't believe this is happening," Anne muttered under her breath, "I should never have let you talk me into this."

"It wasn't my idea," Kathy retorted, their dire predicament temporarily forgotten," it was your idea."

"Bloody wasn't", Anne snapped back, a little louder this time, and glared at Kathy.

The shorter woman opened her mouth to continue the argument but was cut off by the voice of the man.

"Sorry to interrupt, ladies," he said with a grin on his face," but its time for your stockings."

"No way," Anne retorted.

"Get lost," Kathy started, both women fired up by the accusation they had just made to each other.

"We can help you if you like?" the man told them and then watched as the fight rapidly left them.

"You can't tell me these are worth anything," Anne questioned.

"Maybe not where you come from but in this country they are.."

Anne got the point and peeled her left stocking down her leg. Kathy reached under her blouse and wriggled her tights down her leg once again using the car to steady herself as she pulled them off her feet. It was not long before their hosiery was in the car boot.

After a moments silence, Anne quietly asked,

"Please can we go now?"

"No," the man replied, " we haven't finished robbing you yet.

"But we have nothing left," Anne wailed.

The man translated into Polish for his associate and they both laughed out loud which sent a chill down both the partially clad women's spines.

"There are one or two things in your possession we may be interested in," the man informed them when he stopped laughing

"You can't," Kathy said almost choking,

No answer was forthcoming instead the men watched the two women squirm as a gentle breeze blew on their recently uncovered legs and their bare feet made contact with the tarmac. Both women's faces were now red with embarrassment as they realised the hopeless position they were in.

Finally the man put them out of their misery or to be more precise, added to it.

"Take the blouses off," he said with a trace of amusement in his tone.

Kathy and Anne begged and pleaded but it was to no avail and it was only when the two men approached them and threatened to remove their blouses for them that they capitulated. . Anne felt like crying and wished the ground would open up and swallow her up as she undid the buttons on the cuffs of her blouse. Slowly she then began to undo the ones down the front and noticed that her fingers were trembling. She went as slowly as possible trying to postpone the inevitable when she would actually have to remove her blouse. But far too quickly she found that she had undone the last button and so looked up at the two men hoping against hope for a reprieve but all she got was a smile and a raised eyebrow from the one who spoke English. Looking away she even more slowly started to remove her blouse. Kathy felt even worse, with her 38dd breasts she had always been more than a little self conscious about her chest and now possibly her worst nightmare was coming true. As Anne slipped her blouse over her shoulders and down off her arms Kathy finished unbuttoning hers. She looked desperately at Anne who was clutching her now removed blouse to her chest in a vain attempt to hide her 32B breasts. She watched as one of the men pointed to the car boot and very slowly Anne turned and placed the blouse in the boot. As she turned back she crossed her arms over her chest to try and hide herself from the men's gaze. Clad only in a white lacy bra and matching high cut knickers she began to nervously hop from foot to foot but the male eyes were now focused on Kathy. The large chested woman held her undone blouse closed in front of herself and looked at the men to see them both grinning and obviously looking forward to the imminent removal of this garment. For thirty seconds there was no movement or sound save a slight breeze rustling the hedgerows by the side of the road. Anne shivered, as she felt the cool breeze on her arms, Kathy, however, was more preoccupied. The stand off was broken after almost a minute when the taller man said,

"Hurry up please." And when this only caused Kathy to look at the floor and shake her head he coughed and took a step closer towards her.

"Leave her alone!" Anne snapped, coming to the aid of her friend and causing the man to stop in his tracks, "I'll help her" and with that she turned and began to help a very reluctant Kathy to disrobe. It took a bit of persuasion before Kathy actually let Anne help her and as soon as the blouse came off her arms were crossed over her chest as she stared red faced at the ground. Anne deposited the blouse in the car boot and then turned towards the men.

" Have you finished now," she asked trying to sound defiant as Kathy continued to study her bare feet,

"You seem to have got everything," she added with a touch of sarcasm. The two men gazed at the women stood in front of them clad only in bra and knickers. Both sets of underwear were white but there the similarities ended, Anne's lacy lightly built bra matched her knickers and was clearly a set. Kathy on the other hand was wearing, as one would expect, a more substantial bra and her knickers were somewhat bigger than her friends. They neither matched her bra nor were what one would consider attractive.

"Can we have the bras now? The tall man asked which answered Anne's question about whether they had finished.

"You must be joking," Anne recoiled in horror whilst Kathy just moaned in despair.

"Er No.." the man replied, " Your bras please"

"You can't mean it," Anne asked wide eyed.

"Yes, we do," the man reaffirmed.

"Shit," was all Anne could think of in reply and in defeat reached behind her back and undid her bra clasp. Turning her back to the men she quickly slipped out of it and tossed it into the car boot. Arms across her chest she stayed turned with her back to the men and looked over her shoulder towards them.

"Your turn," the man spoke to Kathy, "or would you like some assistance."

"No," Kathy replied having regained some of her composure and almost feeling a trace of guilt that her friend was now topless and she wasn't. Slowly she turned her back on the men and shot a glance at Anne. She got a weak smile of encouragement from her friend in return and with heart pounding and fingers trembling she reached up to the catch of her front opening bra. With a bit of a struggle she undid it and briefly paused before letting the catch slip out of her grip and her large breasts to swing free. At this point she hastily stripped it off, dropped it at her feet and then tried to cover her chest with her arms. Like Anne she remained with her back to the men.

"Would you like to turn round?" the man asked with a laugh.

"No," Anne answered between gritted teeth, she had never felt so embarrassed in her life and wished they had heeded the warning that had been constantly given to them. Kathy also managed to mumble,

"No thank you."

"OK," the man replied, "Stay as you are, but take off your knickers"

The two women looked at each other in despair, it was obvious this was going to happen but it made things no easier when they actually heard it. Anne shrugged and with a deep breath hooked her thumbs in her waistband and pulled her knickers straight down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She didn't bother to pick them up and didn't turn round. Kathy followed her lead but took longer as she steadfastly kept one arm over her breasts as she wriggle her last item of clothing down her legs. Like Anne she left her discarded knickers on the ground and kept her back to the men.

"Thank you, ladies," the tall man said addressing the two completely naked women.

Anne and Kathy's hearts then missed a beat as they heard the other man walking over to them but they breathed a sigh of relief when he bent down and retrieved their last items of clothing. He then put them in the car boot and turned to smile at the nude pair. Both Kathy and Anne looked in his direction, first at his leering face and then at their possessions in the car. Both felt like they were punched in the stomach when he slammed the boot shut separating them from even the sight of their clothes. Neither woman had ever felt so vulnerable in all their lives. Both were now stood, backs to the men, one arm over their chests and the other over their crotches. Their backs and bottoms were of course in full view of the men.

"You can go now," the man, continued, "I think we have everything"

"Yes you do," Kathy hissed between her teeth not looking forward to returning to the hotel in their present state. The two men started to get into their car but were halted by Anne.

"Wait! our car is stuck." She cried

The tall man translated for his comrade and both men came over to look at the Mercedes, the women shrinking back as they approached.

"You are right," the tall man agreed.

"At least you can help us get it out," Anne pleaded.

Once again the man translated and there was a brief exchange in Polish before the man announced,

"My friend and I have no intention of getting our shoes or clothes dirty."

"But you can't leave us," Kathy wailed.

"We could if we wanted," the man answered, but then added, " I will drive for you if you push."

"W...w.wwwhat," Anne spluttered in amazement. "You expect us to push the car like this?"

"I told you we aren't getting our clothes dirty and the grass is very muddy," the man replied and started to head to their car,

"Hang on," Anne cried in desperation, "we'll do it."

"We can't," Kathy hissed once again conscious of exposing her chest.

"We don't have a choice," Anne muttered in reply and she was right as the tall man was already climbing behind the steering wheel. He started the engine and his accomplice gestured for the naked women to go to the front of the car. Still trying to cover themselves with their hands Kathy and Anne did as requested. The man was right when he said the verge was muddy as they felt how soft it was on their feet. It was clear there was no way they could cover themselves and push the car so very self consciously they put their hands on the bonnet, one woman at each side, and tried to dig their feet in to push. Both women kept their heads down their hair falling down in front of them, which was as much as they could do to obscure the sight of their dangling breasts from the man behind the wheel. The other man had a much better view and whilst his attention was mostly drawn to Kathy's unfettered chest he had time to notice that both women had rather neatly trimmed pubic hair. He engaged reverse and revved the engine, which the women took as their cue to push. A second later there were two screams as the wheels spun but did nothing except spray mud up the front of both women. In their haste to get out of the line of fire Kathy managed to fall over and then Anne tripped over her. The men laughed as the mud splattered pair got back to their feet.

"Bastard," Anne muttered under her breath, suspicious that he had done that deliberately.

"Try again," the man behind the wheel called out still laughing. This time both women had mud in their hair, which caused it to stick to their bodies, and thus afforded the driver an unrestricted view of two pairs of mud splattered breasts. As he revved the engine, this time in neutral he noticed that the vibrations from the bonnet were transmitted down the women's arms and caused their breasts to vibrate as well. He therefore spent a good minute experimenting with different engine speeds much to the consternation of the naked women, as they had no idea what was happening.

"Put it in gear," Anne called, unaware of what he was really doing. Finally the man got back to the task in hand and engaged reverse once more. This time things were more successful and slowly the car began to move, suddenly, as it came away from the grass bank it had ended up leaning on it shot backwards causing both women to fall flat on their faces in a large muddy puddle that had been under the car.

"Great!" Anne said wondering if things could get any worse as she picked herself up

Behind them there was a squeal of tyres as the short man drove off in the men's car.

The Mercedes pulled up along side them and the man addressed the two mud covered women kneeling naked in the puddle.

"Thank you for your cooperation," he said out of the window.

Neither woman replied,

"There is one more thing," he continued,

"What's that?" Anne snapped despite her predicament.

"I'm keeping the car as well," and with that he drove off up the road.

In stunned disbelief Kathy Scott and Anne Dawson watched it disappear leaving them without money, possessions, clothes or transport in a foreign country where they didn't even speak the language. As they knelt in the puddle and covered in mud they both heartily wished they had stayed in their hotel that morning...........

The End