Karen naked outside

by Karen Wagner

I was spending a few days with my friends Jeff and Rick.  My name is
Karen.  We'd gotten to the cabin, which belonged to Jeff's
grandfather, on Thursday evening.  We'd unpacked.  It was cloudy and
getting dark.

"Let's go for a swim," Jeff suggested.  "We have time if we hurry."

Rick and I agreed, then Rick made another suggestion, which caught me
by surprise.

"We could go skinny dipping," he suggested.

I blushed and didn't say anything.

"Why not?" he asked cheerfully.  "It's private enough out here.  No
one is going to come out here, especially not tonight.  We cna just
leave our clothes here.  Then if it rains -- and it looks like it will
-- they won't get wet!"

"Or we could just leave them on the beach," Jeff amended, noticing my
expression.  "Want to give it a try, Karen?  It *is* pretty dark, so
that makes it harder for us to see you very well, and maybe makes it
a little less embarrassing for you if it's your first time."

"Are you going to tease me and take advantage of me?" I asked timidly.

They both promised they wouldn't.  They seemed sincere.

"All right," I said nervously.  "I'll try it, as long as I can stop
when I want and you don't take advantage of me!"

"We promise!" they said in unison.

I didn't want to leave my clothes at the cabin, though.  We each took
a towel along, and went down to the beach.

"I'm going behind a tree or something," I said, looking around.  It
was starting to get dark.  I could see the outline of a bush, not far
from the water, so I went behind it and reluctantly undressed.  I left
my clothes and my towel, and scurried out and into the water.

The guys were already swimming.  It was a little hard to see them right
away, but I could hear them splashing around, and when I looked
carefully, I could see them.  I splashed forward into the water,
getting my body under the surface, then grinned a little.  They
weren't going to be able to see much of me at all.

"We'll have to stay pretty close together for safety," Rick warned me.

"All right," I agreed.  "Hey, this really isn't too bad!" I admitted,

We swam around for a few minutes, then the guys dunked me.  I squealed
and escaped from them, then splashed them, laughing.  Jeff disappeared
under the water, then tackled me by the legs, dunking me again.  I
tried to dunk Rick by jumping on his back, but he stayed on his feet
and hoisted me above the water, then dropped me when I struggled.

"Come on, we have to go!" Jeff said.  I looked up and saw a lightning
flash.  We all hurried out of the water.  Just then, the rain started
coming, and by the time we go to shore, it cut loose and started
coming down very hard.  We saw several lightning flashes, too.

"Run back to the cabin!" Jeff shouted at me.  "Follow me!"  I could
barely hear him.

"Just a minute!" I yelled back, and dashed to get my clothes.  I had a
little trouble finding them, but finally saw them and picked them up.
Jeff grabbed my hand, and Rick was right behind me; we ran up the
trail to the cabin.

When we got to the cabin, dripping wet, the guys went right inside.  I
stayed on the porch and put on my shirt and pants, shivering but not
wanting to face further embarrassment, then went into my bedroom.  I
toweled off quickly, then put on my pajamas, and felt much better.
When I came out, the guys were waiting.  Both had put on jeans and

We went out on the porch and watched the storm over the lake, and had
popcorn and beer.

"How did you like skinny dipping?" Jeff asked me curiously.

"It was kind of... no, it was fun," I admitted, smiling.  "It was
exciting doing something so daring.  Except for the run back up here
when it started pouring!"

"I thought that was the best part," Rick said.

"You would!"  I stuck out my tongue, then giggled.

"If you like being daring, you can do it all you want out here," Jeff

"Sure, you don't have to wear anything at all," Rick agreed, grinning.

I blushed.

"I've done that before, for a weekend," Jeff shrugged.  "I even got a
girl to say she'd do it once, though she lost her nerve and didn't
stick with it for long."

"I've always been pretty shy," I said.  "I'm sure I wouldn't be able
to do anything like that!  Taking off my clothes to go skinny dipping
was pretty scary for me.  I've wished I was a little bolder

"It takes practice."  Jeff smiled.  "I was a teenager when I first
tried it, and I was terrified.  After a while, though, I found myself
coming out here every chance I got so I could skinny dip, and run
around on the trails without my clothes."

"With other people around?" I asked, giggling.

"Sometimes," he told me.  "When I was 14 or 15, my older sister got four
of her friends together and sent them out here.  They stole my clothes
while I was swimming, then made me parade around in front of them for
the whole afternoon.  Stark naked."

Rick and I both laughed about that.

"Once I got used to it, though, it was a lot of fun," he said,

"So what would you recommend for me, if I wanted to learn to be less
shy?" I asked tensely.

"I guess for starters, you could spend some of your time not being
completely, fully dressed," Jeff said thoughtfully.  "You have gotten
off to a good start on that, Karen," he smiled.

I smiled back, blushing a little.

"Keep doing things that are moderately daring.  Do them as often as you
can," he added.  I wouldn't make them too difficult for starters.  Keep
it to things you think you can do, and try to enjoy them.  Open an extra
button or two on your shirt.  Take your clothes outside to change instead
of doing it in your room."

I giggled.  "All right.  I can do stuff like that!"

"Can we offer you suggestions, too?" Rick asked eagerly.

"Sure.  I might not take them all, though," I told him.

"You should keep progressing in difficulty for daring things that you
do," Jeff noted.  "Not necessarily continuously, but more or less
steadily.  If you start to do something too hard, and can't go through
with it, keep doing the moderate things."

"All right."  I giggled nervously.

It was cooling off outside, so we went in and played cards for a
while.  We played "31".

"We'll play for $5 bills if you'll play for pajama top buttons," Rick
suggested.  "You just have to open the button, not pull it off."

"All right," I agreed, blushing.

We played, and each time I lost, I had to open a button on my shirt.
When one of the guys lost, they'd toss a $5 bill into the middle of
the table.  They each started with 3 $5 bills, and I started with 4
buttons; they got one round "on their honor".  If I won, I got to
button my top again and keep the money I won; if I lost, I had to
leave it open.

My first loss wasn't too bad, but when I had to open my 2nd button, my
bra was clearly exposed.  Rick moaned humorously.  "Aw, she's wearing a

I blushed.  "I hope you expected I would be!"

"Don't worry about it, Karen," Jeff chuckled.  "He's kidding."

Rick grinned and nodded.

I lost my third button, too.  The game came down to the end; Rick had
one $5 bill left, so I had to win two hands to defeat him.  I just had
the one button.  I won the first hand, and was feeling hopeful.  The
last hand went for a long time, and I was pretty confident with 29
when he suddenly laid down his hand.  "Thirty one!" he said.

I blushed and unbuttoned my last button, letting my top fall open.
Rick raked in his winnings, and both guys cheerfully looked me over.

"Can I get either of you another beer?" I asked.  They both nodded,
and I went to the cooler and got one for each of them.  I had had
enough beer, but got myself a Coke.  I came back with the bottles, and
with my shirt prominently flying open, and sat down.

"Are we going to play another game?" Jeff asked.

"What if I say I've had enough now?" I asked, glancing down.  "I'm not
sure what I'd offer if we played again!"

"I'd say you can't button your shirt buttons until you win a game,"
Rick grinned.

"Or make some other agreement," Jeff nodded.

"You mean any shirt buttons?" I gulped, blushing harder.  "That's not
what I thought I was getting into!"

"Well... not your pajama shirt buttons," Jeff said.

"Oh."  I took a breath, relieved, and nodded.

"Through the weekend, though," Rick said.  "How about this, though...
if you take off your bra, you can button up your shirt and play
another round."

"You could take off your pajama pants instead," Jeff suggested.  Rick

"I'll do that," I said.  I stood up, facing the guys, smiled shyly and
slid my pajama bottons down.  "If I lose, I'll make breakfast in just
my underwear," I offered.  "But after that, I'll be able to have my
pajamas back."

We sat down and played another round.  I won the first two hands, and
was feeling good about the game.  I lost a round, then won two more.  Rick
was already on his honor, and Jeff and I were tied.  Rick got a 31,
which meant both Jeff and I lost; I was down to two buttons.  Hoping
for an early win, I knocked early in the next game.  When you knock,
whoever has the lowest hand loses, but if you have the lowest hand,
you take two losses.  I had the lowest hand, and stared at the guys in
disbelief.  I slowly unbuttoned my final two buttons, then removed my
shirt and had to watch the rest of the game wearing just underwear.

The guys finished the game.  Jeff won this one, and gathered his

"I think that's going to be it for me," I said.

"Sure you don't want to try one more game?" Jeff asked me cheerfully.

"I'd probably wind up bare naked.  No, thanks!" I declined, blushing.

"No wearing anything but underwear until after breakfast, remember!"
Rick said, winking.

"I won't," I promised, and went to the bathroom, then darted to my


When I woke up in the morning, it was a wonderful day outside.  The
sun was out, and it was already starting to get warm.  I stepped out
of my room, self-conscious in just my underwear.  It was only about
7:00.  The guys were still asleep.  I thought they wouldn't be up for
a while.

Remembering Jeff's advice from the previous day, I went outside on the
porch, feeling daring.  Then I giggled and went inside to grab a
towel.  I could go for a swim in the lake instead of taking a shower.
I walked down toward the lake.  When I got about halfway there, I took
off my underwear.  I left it and my towel on the picnic table, and ran
into the water, naked.

It was cooler than it had been before the storm, but I resolved to
swim for a while.  I stroked out to the middle of the lake, then
realized I could go all the way across.  I did it!  When I got to
water shallow enough where I could stand on the bottom, I looked
around, panting, and saw I wasn't far from a small beach.  I swam to
it and climbed out and sat down for a rest.  I laid down in the grass
for a few minutes, then got up and looked across the lake.  I thought
about just walking back, but giggled, looking down at my bare body,
and decided to swim instead.  I swam back, but much more slowly than
the swim that first took me across the lake.  I was pretty tired, and
sat at the picnic table with my towel wrapped around me for a little
while.  Finally I dried myself off.  I giggled, thinking about
carrying my underwear back up to the cabin.  I nervously decided the
guys might be out of bed, and so I put it on.  I felt plenty exposed
that way anyway!

When I got to the cabin, I hung my towel over the porch rail and went

Rick was sitting in the kitchen in his bathrobe.  "Is Jeff in the
shower?" I asked, smiling a little timidly.

Rick nodded.  "Where were you?" he asked.  "We wondered if you were
still in bed."

I shook my head.  "I've been up since 7.  I went for a swim across the

"Skinny dipping?" he asked.

I nodded, blushing slightly.

"Oh, nuts!  We could have both come and joined you!"  He looked

I giggled.  ""Maybe next time."

"I see you're keeping your promise from last night," he said, pleased.

"I'm looking forward to getting dressed," I admitted, shivering.
"I'll get started on breakfast.  I'm making pancakes, I hope that's
all right!"

Rick sat and watched me for a little while, then went to put on some
clothes.  Jeff came in from his shower.  "Good morning!" he said,
unself-consciously toweling in front of me.

I giggled when I looked toward him.  "Good morning, Jeff!" I said.

He did a little dance, then chuckled.  "Guess I'll go get dressed," he

He and Rick came back at the same time, and sat at the table watching
me while I cooked the pancakes.  They each had several, then I had a
couple.  They were pretty good.

"She went skinny dipping already this morning," Rick remarked while I

"Did you have a good time?" Jeff asked me.

"It was fun," I admitted.  "I went all the way across the lake to
another little beach I saw."

Jeff grinned.  "I've done that.  When you get to that little beach, if
you walk along the trail for about 50 feet, there's a road.  Did you
see it?"

"No!"  I gulped.  "There is?"

"Nothing happened, Karen," he pointed out, chuckling.

I finished my breakfast, then did the dishes in my underwear.  "There!
Finally!" I said, and hurried into the bedroom and hurriedly got
dressed.  I came out of the bedroom, smiling.  "There, now I feel a
lot better!"

We went outside for a walk, and wound up going all the way around the
lake.  Jeff showed me the trail from the road to the small beach.  I
blushed a little; it wasn't a long distance away from the road!

We got back to the beach in front of the cabin.  "Before you ask, I
think I'll go get my swimsuit on before I go swimming again," I said.

"All right," Jeff said, amused.  We walked up to the cabin, and we all
went to get our swimsuits.

I hesitated for a few minutes, then carried my suit out of the
bedroom.  The guys were already wearing theirs.

"I'll change into it outside," I said, embarrassed.

"Can we watch?" Rick asked eagerly.

"Um... no," I declined.  "You stay here and wait until I come back!"

I went outside, glancing back at the cabin to see if they were
watching.  They weren't as far as I could see.  I turned away from the
cabin and hurriedly changed.  I left my clothes lying under a tree.

"All right, you can come out now!" I called.  "Bring me a towel,

The guys came outside, bringing towels with them, and grinned when
they saw me in my bikini.  "That looks terrific!" Jeff said

"Thanks!" I smiled.

We went down to the beach, and ran into the water together, and
splashed around for a little while.  We swam out to the dock, and
climbed up to do some dives.

I went around to the deep side of the dock, then boldly took off my
top and tied it to the underside.  I did the same with my bottom, then
giggling and very nervous, swam to the other side.  I resolved to
leave my bikini where it was until the guys noticed I wasn't wearing

They were still diving.  I hung on the side, watching them for a
little while, then swam a little closer to shore and stood in neck
deep water, watching them.  Pretty soon they came over to join me, and
not long after, Rick grinned.  "Hey, where's your swimsuit?"

"I took it off," I told him.  "It's been several minutes now!"

"Did you put it somewhere where you'll be able to find it again?" Jeff
asked me.

I nodded.

"If we find it, will you go without it until we go back to the cabin?"
Rick asked me, teasingly.

I blushed.  "Do you have a watch?"

"I do," Jeff volunteered.

"I'll give you a half hour to find it," I said.  "If you find it in a
half hour, I won't put it on until we're done swimming.  If you find
it faster than that, once we get out of the water, I won't put it on for
as much time as you had left to find it in that half hour."

"Here's my watch," Jeff said, handing it to me.  "Come on, Rick!"

They split up.  Rick searched toward the shore, and Jeff looked in
deeper water.  Suddenly Rick stood up.  "Check the dock!" he called to

"Good idea!" Jeff said, grinning, and I shivered a little.  He swam
right out to the dock, then hurried around it.  He held up my bikini.
I checked his watch, and blushed.  "10 minutes," I called out.

"You have to stay naked for 10 minutes?" Rick asked, grinning.

"Uh... no," I admitted.  "You found it in 10 minutes.  I can't put it
on for 20 minutes!"

Jeff came and retrieved his watch, and we all swam out to the dock.

"Will you do a dive for us now?" Rick asked me.

"Um... all right," I agreed, and climbed up the ladder.  I stood at
the edge for a minute, letting them see me naked, then I dove in.

"Come on, let's go to shore," Jeff said, grinning.

"All right," I agreed and we all swam to the beach.  I ran for my
towel, and wrapped it around myself.  It didn't seem very adequate.

"Hey, I thought you'd just walk around naked!" Rick objected.

"No!" I protested, blushing hard, and he grinned.

"Time's up!" Jeff told me at the end of my 20 minutes.  I dashed back
to the beach and hurriedly put the swimsuit back on.

"That was fun!" Rick told me, grinning, when he and Jeff caught up to

"It was embarrassing!" I said, blushing hard.  "Skinny dipping is fun,
but running around undressed is hard!"

"Keep trying, Karen!" Jeff urged me.  "Nudity is a lot of fun, too!"

We walked back up to the cabin.

"I don't suppose we can watch while you get dressed, can we?" Rick

I blushed.  "I, uh... I guess it won't hurt me!"  I swallowed and
giggled a little, then turned away.  I started taking off my top.

"Can you turn around, please?" Rick asked.

I blushed.  "Um... all right."  I turned and faced them as I put on
my shirt.

"Very good!" Rick said, delighted.

I fumbled as I tried to peel off my bottom and put on my shorts, but
finally managed to get changed.  "No underwear!" I pointed out a
little apprehensively.

"We thought we'd take you out for lunch today," Jeff told me.

"Oh."  I blushed.  "I'll want my underwear before we go, then!"

We walked down another trail before lunch, then returned to the cabin.
I tried to nonchalantly take my shirt off and get my bra on, but the
guys were watching.  I blushed, then giggled, as I got my bra on and
then my shirt.

"Are you going to put your underpants on, too?" Jeff asked me.

"No... I'm all right," I said hastily.

We got in the car and went to town, and had a nice steak and seafood
lunch.  It was really good.  We went for a drive after we ate, and
picked up some more ice for the cooler, and more beer, then after our
dinner had settled we returned to the cabin.

"How about if we both do whatever you tell us for the next hour?" Jeff

Rick nodded but looked uneasy about it.

I grinned.  "Anything at all?"

They both nodded, and I giggled.  "All right, this will be fun!"

I thought for a minute.  "First of all, you may not speak at all, or
make any vocal sound, unless I tell you to, no matter what happens.
The only exception is if someone might get hurt, you can speak up to
prevent it."

They both nodded.

"Good."  I smiled.  "If I grant you permission to do something, you
must do it and be grateful.  Right now, I grant you permission to take
off all of your clothes."

I watched them.  Jeff cheerfully undressed, and smiled and bowed to me
when he was done.  Rick looked apprehensive, but he also stripped,
taking a little longer about it than Jeff, and awkwardly bowed.  He
was blushing.

"Two big, strong men, all exposed and naked, and in the power of a
woman.  I think I like this!"  I stepped up to them and looked them
both over closely.  Jeff was having fun, he looked at me confidently
and winked.

Rick was obviously uncomfortable.  His cock was stiff, and he was
embarrassed about that.  He'd been erect earlier in the lake, too,
but was able to hide it under the surface of the water.

"I think it's nice you have an erection," I told him teasingly.  "It
shows you're thinking about me.  Move your feet apart a little more,
please!"  He did, and I reached down and gently, carefully, ran my
fingers along his testicles.  He stayed very still, and I laughed.
"Don't worry, I won't hurt you.  Not now, anyway!"

I turned to Jeff.  He was looking a little too relaxed and
comfortable, I thought, so I grabbed his balls in my hand and started
squeezing slowly.  Immediately, he looked uneasy, then as I squeezed
him a little more, he looked pained.

"Don't make any sound, and don't move," I warned him.  He clenched his
jaw and turned red.  I let go.  "Now maybe you'll be taking this more
seriously," I said.  He nodded vigorously, and I giggled.

"Let's compare your penis sizes," I said brightly.  "They both look
pretty good, but I want to know which is bigger.  Rick, go take the
shoestrings out of your shoes."

He went over to his clothes and removed his shoestrings, and brought
them back to me.

"Do your best, guys!" I encouraged them.  "This is part of a contest.
Whoever wins the contest will get something nice, and whoever loses
will get something bad.  You definitely want to win this contest."

Jeff grinned.  Rick looked nervous.  I gave them a minute to get
themselves as ready as they could, then started with Rick.  I measured
his penis for length with the shoestring, and tied a knot in the
string to mark it, then I used the other end to measure how big around
it was.  I used the other string to measure Jeff, then held the
strings up to compare.  Jeff's was clearly longer; he winked at Rick.
But Rick sighed in relief as the measurement showed he was slightly
bigger around.

"Hmm."  I looked at them.  "I guess that round goes to Jeff," I told
them.  "Sorry, Rick!"  I smiled at them both.  "Next part of the
contest is a race.  When I say 'go', you will both run to the lake,
get completely wet, then run back here.  Ready!  Set!  Go!"  They
dashed down the trail.  It would take them at least several minutes,
as it was a quarter mile down to the lake.  I gathered up their
clothes, then hid them around the cabin.  I hid them pretty well.

The guys came dashing back from the lake, running pretty fast for
not having shoes.  I grinned at them.  Jeff seemed to finish first,
and collapsed panting on the ground.

"Uh oh," I said, "someone isn't quite wet all over."

They both looked at me.

"Some of your hair is dry," I told Jeff.  It clearly was.  "You didn't
get wet all over," I accused him.  "It looks like you were trying to

He shook his head, but I laughed.  "Go do it again!" I ordered, and he
got up and had to run all the way to the lake again, then back.  I
declared Rick the winner.

"Hmm, tie contest," I said.  "Here's the last part."  I had a couple
of small alligator clips in my purse.  I grinned at them.  "I'm going
to put one of these on each of you.  Your clothes are hidden around
the cabin.  You can continue to search as long as you don't touch the
clip.  Rick, your clothes are over there."  I pointed.  "Jeff, yours
are on this side of the cabin.  Whoever finds the most before taking
off his clip will be the winner, so try hard!"

I started with Rick.  He held his breath as I put the clip on his
balls, then hurried off and started rushing to find his clothes.  I
put the other on Jeff, also on his balls, and watched him run
painfully off.  After a few minutes, Jeff walked back, carrying his
pants and undershorts.  Rick was still out in the woods; both Jeff and
I watched him looking around.  He found all of his clothes, and still
didn't reach for his groin; he came back smiling.

"Where is your alligator clip?" I asked him.

He shrugged and smiled and pointed into the woods.

"It fell off?" I guessed, and he nodded.  "Well, that's the breaks," I
told him.  "You win!  You can get dressed now if you'd like; you're
all done.  Nice job!"

I looked at Jeff.  "You could have won if you didn't try to cheat on
the run to the lake," I told him.  "Oh, well.  Put your pants and
undershorts on."

He did so, looking a little surprised.

I grinned.  "Come up on the porch," I told him, and he did.  I
followed him, then took some ice out of the cooler.  "This will feel
nice!" I said, and filled his pants and underpants with ice cubes.
"Don't touch them with your hands!"  He nodded and gulped, and I
watched him dance around while the ice melted, trying to stay warm and
trying not to say anything.

"Your time is up now," I told him, laughing.

"Ohhh!" he groaned out, and hastily took off his pants and underpants.
"That was very cruel of you!"

I smirked.  "You volunteered!" I reminded him.  "Both of you did!"

"I'm going to get some different pants," he said.  "Right after I take
a shower to warm up!"

He came out in a little while, and we chatted about the things I'd
made them do.  They weren't mad, I found to my relief; they thought it
had been exciting.

"I was afraid you'd think I got carried away," I said, relieved.

"Not me," Jeff laughed.  "It was fun!"

Rick shrugged.  "It was uncomfortable, and downright scary at times,
but I don't think you made us do anything horrible."

"Did you have a good time making us do all that stuff?" Jeff asked.

"Sure I did," I admitted.  "It was very interesting!"

Jeff went and found the rest of his clothes in the woods, and I picked
up my bikini and underpants; we took our things inside then went back

"Would you take a request now, Karen?" Rick asked me, smiling.

"All right," I nodded, blushing a little.

"Take your shirt off for a while?" he asked.

"Oh."  I giggled a little.  "Sure!"  I took it off and dropped it.  I
was just wearing short pants and my bra, not counting my shoes.

We went for a walk through the woods.  I felt nervous, but also
excited to be just walking around as undressed as I was.  We got to
a clearing, and I felt even more nervous; it was pretty wide open
out there!

"Are you going to take off your bra?" Jeff asked me.

I gulped and blushed hard.  "And be topless?"  I took a deep breath.
"Actually I was wondering if we could go back now so I could get
dressed," I admitted.

"No," Rick said, shaking his head.  "Just kidding!" he added hastily
as I started to protest.  We turned around and went back to the cabin.
I picked up my shirt, then hurried inside and put it on, and also got
my underpants back on.

I came back out a little sheepishly, but relieved to be dressed.  "I
feel like a coward, especially after all the stuff you guys did a
little while ago," I said apologetically.

"It's all right," Jeff told me reassuringly.  "You can take breaks.
You could even quit if you decided you didn't want to be daring any

I nodded slightly.

"If you're not done with it, I suggest you don't take too long of a
break, though!" he added.  "Go take a break for a while, and if you
want, we can talk about what you could do if you want to keep being
more daring."

I smiled.  "All right.  Thanks!"  I went for a walk by myself,
thinking about what I wanted.  It was hard to not be fully dressed!
But I knew if I quit it then, I'd probably never try it again.  I
decided I'd keep trying.

I went back to the cabin.  "I, uh... I decided to keep trying," I told
the guys, blushing a little.

They both smiled at me.

"All right, Karen," Jeff nodded.  "I'm glad!"

"You said you had some ideas for me?" I reminded him.

"I wanted to suggest you set goals when you do something," he said.
"Whenever you take anything off, you have to have it off for 15
minutes before you can put it on, for example.  Or you have to do
something before you can put it back on."

I giggled a little.  "I guess I could do some things like that!"

"Also, try to smile and be cheerful whenever you do anything new,"
Rick suggested.  "You're especially beautiful when you smile."

I grinned.

"Can you take your shirt off again, please?" Rick asked me hopefully.

"All right," I nodded, blushing a little.  I started unbuttoning it,
then looked up at the guys and smiled, and finished taking it off.
"I'll leave it off while we go for a walk," I said.

"Good!" Jeff said encouragingly.

We walked down the same path we'd taken before.  I was resolved to
complete the walk this time.  We walked through the woods, with me
pretty nervous but making an effort to relax, and the guys glancing at
me to ogle me and to see how I was doing.

When we got to the clearing, I stopped at the edge, blushing and
looking across it.  It looked very open.  It was hard enough exposing
my bra just in the woods!

"Are you going to take off your bra here this time?" Jeff asked me.

I gulped and blushed harder.  He'd asked me the same thing before!  I
looked at him and at Rick.  They'd both ran around in the nude a
little earlier... and for a whole hour, at that.

I wondered if I'd get to the point where I'd do the same.

"Okay," I said reluctantly.  I turned away from them and removed my
bra.  Now I was topless.  I turned toward the guys, my face blazing.
I wanted to cover my front with my hands, but I resisted the urge.  "I
won't put it on again until after I can put my shirt on," I promised.

"Can you smile now, Karen?" Rick asked me.

I forced a smile, then giggled a little.  The guys both grinned at me.

"You'll be all right," Jeff told me.  "Leave your bra and let's keep

I was still holding it.  I slowly let go of it.  "I guess I shouldn't
need it," I said, looking around uneasily.

The trail led right out into the clearing, then went up a hill!  I
looked around very nervously.  I felt very exposed.

"Let's take a break," Jeff suggested.

"H-here?" I stammered, then swallowed.

He chuckled.  "Put your hands in your back pockets, then turn around
slowly a few times," he suggested.

I did so, blushing and imagining someone in the trees snapping
pictures of me while I did so.  I expected that was pretty unlikely,
but it was embarrassing enough having the two guys looking me over
while I was like that.  I turned around 3 times, then pulled my hands
out of my pockets and sat down in the grass, feeling less exposed.

We didn't stay long; a couple of minutes later I had to stand up
again, and we continued along the path, walking down the hill, then
along the edge of the trees for a while, and finally, back into the
woods.  The path followed alongside a stream, and pretty soon that
went to the lake.  We turned toward the beach, then returned to the
cabin.  Finally!  I rushed forward when I saw the cabin, and got my
shirt on.

"I did it," I told the guys a little shyly.

"You sure did!" Jeff agreed enthusiastically.  "It would have been
easy to give up and quit, but you went through with it all the way.
You should be proud, Karen!"

I took a breath, but smiled.  "Thanks!  Can we go get my bra now?"

We walked to the edge of the clearing, and I retrieved it.

"Are you going to put it on?" Rick asked, a little forlornly.

"I... guess not."  I sighed and carried it back up to the cabin.

Rick had started to ask me something a few times, then stumbled and
went on with some inoffensive comment, but as we were going back to
the cabin, he took a breath and looked over at me.  "All right, I'll
ask; it can't hurt to ask," he said.

"Sure, go ahead," I said curiously.

"Want to go skinny dipping?" he asked hopefully.

I giggled a little.  "All right," I agreed, blushing.

"Don't put your swimsuit on this time," he suggested.

"Um... all right," I nodded, taking a deep breath and letting it out.
"Let's walk down to the lake."  We grabbed towels, then headed to the

I stopped at the edge of the beach and faced the guys, blushing but
trying to smile.  I kicked off my shoes, then pulled my shirt off, and
slid my pants down and off, standing bare naked in front of the guys.  I
waited while they got ready to swim, too.  Neither of them moved to take
off their shorts, though.  They just kicked off their shoes and socks,
and dropped their shirts in the grass, but kept their shorts on.

"Ready to swim, Karen?" Jeff asked me.

I nodded, and we went down the beach and into the water.  We played
around for a while in the water, dunking and splashing one another.


We went back to the cabin, and went up to the porch.  It was about
9:30.  I yawned; I was feeling a little tired.  It had been quite a
day for me.

"Are you done for the night?" Rick asked me.

"I'm not going to sleep for a while yet," I said, smiling.

"Then we can still have you take off your clothes," he said

I blushed a little but nodded and undressed.  "It's getting a little
cooler out here," I observed, fidgeting a little.  It was still a
little embarrassing to be naked, especially when I couldn't put
anything on unless the guys let me.

"Are you cold?" Jeff asked me.

"Not really.  It's still a pretty pleasant night."  I turned around
and looked over the balcony, then turned back and faced the guys
again.  "Can I get you guys a beer or anything?"

"No, thanks," Rick declined.  "Me, neither," Jeff said.

"You've really worked hard today at being more daring and less shy,"
Jeff said.  "Last night and this morning, you wouldn't have been very
happy about standing outside with no clothes on, but now you seem all
right with doing it."

"It's still not comfortable for me," I admitted.  "I'd put something
on if I hadn't promised to undress if you guys asked me to.  But it's
not horrible now.  It was terrifying to go skinny dipping last night,
and pretty hard to do it this morning.  Now... I could even enjoy
doing that!"

"How does it feel for you when you're doing something daring, like
going naked right now?" Rick wanted to know.

"Any time I've done something for the first time, it was really hard,"
I replied, blushing.  "It was hard making breakfast in just my
underwear this morning.  It's so... embarrassing!  I felt ashamed of
myself for taking off my pants in front of you, for taking off my
shirt... definitely when you asked me to take my bra off in the woods
and walking topless, I felt very uncomfortable about doing it.

"But... you guys are trying to help me, too, and so I feel guilty when
I don't try something you suggest."  I smiled a little painfully.
"I've really been trying to do it all," I said.

"Are you more comfortable now with being naked?" Jeff asked me.

I nodded.  "I'm not completely comfortable with it," I confessed,
blushing.  "But more than I was earlier."

"Is it fun now?"

"Well... yes, it is," I granted.  "It's embarrassing to admit it,

The guys both chuckled.

"What makes it fun?" Jeff pressed.

"I feel so... daring, bold, and uninhibited!" I said, giggling a
little.  "And you guys seem so excited by it, too," I added.

"Does it make you feel horny, to do something really bold?" Rick asked

"I'd like it if we could all sleep in the same bed tonight.  Would
you... want to do that?" I asked anxiously.  I'd thought of offering
this earlier.  I couldn't believe I'd actually brought it up.

They looked at each other.  Rick shrugged, and Jeff laughed.  "All
right, Karen.  I think we can do that!"

"When would you like to start?" Rick asked me.

"Any... time, I guess," I said, feeling nervous and scared again, but
also a little eager.  I was not a virgin, but I'd never done it with
two guys at once before.  I wasn't sure at all how it would work.

Rick stood up, then motioned me over with his finger.  I came right
over to him, and he reached his hand up to my chest.  I blushed but
remained still as he began stroking my breasts, starting out gently
but then squeezing them firmly in his hands.

"I've wanted to handle your tits all day," he told me, looking closely
at my face, but not letting go of my chest.  "They're so firm, but
soft, and so full and warm."

I looked down and to the side, avoiding his eyes.

He leaned forward to kiss me lightly on the lips.  He never let go of
my breasts, though.  He kept stroking them, rubbing his fingertips on
my nipples, squeezing them gently, and exploring them with his hands.

"Is it my turn yet?" Jeff asked cheerfully.  Rick reluctantly let go
of my chest, and I turned and went over to Jeff.

He also stroked my chest, but also stroked my face, then slowly moved
his hands down over my body, feeling my breasts, then my belly, and
unhurriedly sliding his hands between my legs.  "Move your feet apart,
please," he suggested, and I did so, blushing again.  He rubbed his
fingers against my pubic hair, then firmly slid his fingers up and
inside me.  I gasped, and he chuckled; behind me I heard Rick chuckle,
too.  I forced myself to remain still and wide-legged in front of him,
though.  He smiled at me and knelt, running his hands down my inner
thighs, and all the way to my ankles.

Then he moved around behind me, and I waited tensely for what I knew
was coming next.  He stroked my bare buttocks with his hands, pulling
them apart and sliding his fingers in between.  I moaned a little,
trying to clench my teeth so I could control myself a little better,
but the moan got out anyway.

"Let's go on into bed," he suggested, and I nodded.  Rick followed us
into the bedroom.

I sat on the edge of one bed and watched the two undress.  Jeff sat
next to me, then swung his legs over to the other side, pulling me
with him.  Rick got in on the other side.  There was another bed on
the other side of the room.

"Tell me whatever you want me to do," I said, sitting up between them
in anticipation.

Rick moved over and gave me a little hug, then moved his head down and
licked my nipples.  I giggled.  He moved his head lower, and I held my
breath for a moment; I couldn't believe what he was doing.  He moved
his head between my legs.  No one had ever done that with me before,
but Rick didn't hesitate; he slid his body to the end of the bed and
began licking my pussy!

"No, you don't have to do that!" I protested, squirming.

Rick looked up and grinned.

"Just lean back and relax, Karen," Jeff told me.  "Don't clench your
teeth up.  If you feel like yelling, then yell; there's no one around
to hear you anyway.  We don't mind hearing your reactions."

"But... but..."  I was panting.  "He's making... me all..."  I gasped

"All what?"  Jeff pushed me back, smiling, and stroked my chest.  "You
can hang onto the bed rails if you want, but keep your hands out of
our way, please."

"All hot!  All excited and helpless!"  I gasped and moaned.  "You
guys... don't have... to do... that... with me!"

"What if we want to?" he asked, grinning.  "We decided we wanted to
make you have the orgasm of your life.  This is just the start!"

"Oh... OHHH!" I cried out.  Rick was relentlessly licking at me, and I
couldn't help myself.  I'd been so horny all day... I was coming with
a strong orgasm.  "Please don't stop!  Please don't stop!" I heard
myself begging, and Rick continued until I was laying weakly on the
bed in a slump.  I couldn't believe the orgasm I'd just had.

But they were not done, and I was not done.

Rick moved back, and Jeff moved up and positioned himself over me.
His cock was hard and ready, and he didn't wait; he slid it right into
me, making me scream as he pushed into my sensitive vagina.  The
initial sensation, which was almost pain, soon changed over to steamy
glee, and I yelled heedlessly for him to "PUSH HARDER!" and "PUSH
FASTER!"  I was already coming again!  I felt myself starting to come
a third time when he abruptly pulled out of me.

"No, don't stop!" I pleaded, and started to reach down to my crotch to
continue with my hands.

"Uh uh, sorry, Karen," Rick said, catching me by the wrists.  "Jeff,
you'd better get me your handcuffs."

"No!" I protested, struggling, but Rick was much stronger than me.
The two handcuffed me to the headboard, then tied my legs apart to the
frame of the bed.

"You don't mind being tied up, do you?" Jeff asked then.

"Please untie me!" I said desperately.  Let me finish my orgasm first!
Or help me to come!  Please!  Then you can tie me up!"

"You will come again in good time," he said amiably.  He stroked my
inner thigh, and Rick fondled my breasts.  Between then, they kept me
right on the edge of orgasm, making me desperate for the relief I'd
feel from coming.  But I was helpless; they stopped every few minutes,
and watched me squirm until I cooled down just a little, then they
toyed with me a little more to put me close to orgasm again.  Twice I
desperately tried to pretend I wasn't as aroused as I was, hoping
they'd mistakenly let me come, but they stopped just in time again and

"Are you ready to be a good girl and not touch yourself with your
hands?" Jeff asked me.

"Yes!  I promise!" I vowed desperately.

"All right," he said jovially, and the guys removed my bonds, sitting
me up in the bed.

"Now what's going to happen?" I asked tensely.

Jeff helped me stand shakily, and Rick moved to the middle of the bed.
He put his hands behind his head, and relaxed against the pillow
behind him.

"Now you get on top of Rick and get his cock inside you," Jeff told

I had never done it that way before, but I climbed back on the bed and
straddled myself over Rick, sliding his cock deep into myself.

Jeff was watching, grinning.  I was self-conscious about it at first,
but kept moving myself up and down on Rick's rigid cock.

I felt myself come immediately, and squealed in glee, but didn't stop.
I grinned down at Rick and kept moving up and down, faster and harder.
I felt him spurting into me, and then I came again.

"Why don't you move down now and suck Rick's cock," Jeff suggested.

I giggled and moved my face down between Rick's legs and got my mouth
around his cock, and licked and sucked the cum from him as he gasped
and sighed.

"That's good, Karen!  Thanks!" he said finally, pulling me down
against him.

We all lay together in a heap on the bed for a while.  Rick began
moving first; he sat up, then I got up, too.  Jeff laid there lazily
for a minute, then he got up, too.

"Let's go for a little swim," Rick suggested.  "We're all soaked!"

We all thought it sounded like a good idea, and walked, supporting one
another, down to the lake.  We ran into the water.  I yelled and
laughed; it felt wonderfully cool!  I stood in knee deep water and
washed myself with sand, then moved out into deeper water and swam for
a little while.

"Come on back now, Karen," Jeff called out, and I did.  We walked up
the beach and sat in the grass.  None of us had thought to bring

"Did you come?" Rick asked me teasingly.

"Again and again and again!" I said, giggling.  "I can't believe how
intense that all was!  I've never done half that stuff before!"

"You didn't know what you were missing," Jeff told me.

"I do now."  I kissed Rick, then kissed Jeff.  "Thank you!"

We sat for a few minutes, then Jeff started to stand.  I got up on my
knees and moved my face between his legs, getting his cock in my
mouth.  I felt it rising in response to my tongue.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he protested, starting to pull away.

I giggled but bit down a little, and he stopped uncomfortably.  I
wrapped my arms around his waist and sucked on him; he was getting
harder.  I had intended only to tease him, but started seriously
licking and nibbling on him.

"What's going on?" Rick asked curiously.

"The little whore is giving me a blow job," Jeff explained.  "She
won't let go of me."

"Can't mess with nature," Rick laughed, and sat down.

It took a little while, but I felt him throbbing, then finally felt
his cum spurting into my mouth.  I licked it all up and swallowed it,
giggling.  Jeff almost fell over backward, but managed to sit down.

"Come over here, little whore," Rick commanded me.

I giggled.  "Yes, sir," I said, and came over to him on my knees,
and started kissing his cock, too.

"Stop that!"  He patted me on the head.  "Turn around and stay on your

I did so, and he moved his hips against my buttocks.  I thought he was
going to butt fuck me, and I clenched my teeth against the pain I
expected, but instead he slid his cock into my pussy from behind.  I

"Keep your hands on the ground," he directed me, and pushed into me

"That's right, use the bitch like a dog!" Jeff said laughing.  "Ever
do it that way before, Karen?"

"No!" I said wide-eyed, but remained as I was.  I was gasping
helplessly in a minute, then felt myself coming.  "I love it!" I
yelled.  "I love it!  Make me be your doggy!"

Rick spurted into me a little while after I came, then we both got up,
panting but grinning at one another.  All three of us went back in the
water for another quick dip, then we returned to the cabin.

I slept between the two, in the other bed that we hadn't used when we
had sex earlier.  During the night, Rick kept rubbing his hands
against my breasts.  I let him, and let myself enjoy the sensation.

I woke up once with Jeff's cock right in front of my mouth.  I began
licking him lightly, and got him hard; I dozed then but when I'd wake
up, his cock would still be against my face or close to my mouth, so
then I playfully licked him a little more to make him get hard again.

We all slept late the next morning, but I was once again the first one
up.  I stepped out of the guy's bedroom, then went out to get my bikini
top, shorts and shoes.  I took them inside and left them in my room, and
went into the bathroom to take a shower.

When I came out, drying myself with a towel, the guys were getting
around.  Rick was wearing a pair of shorts.  Jeff was sitting on the
edge of bed; he stretched, then got up and went into the bathroom.

"I think I'll start breakfast," I said.  I left my towel on a chair
and went into the kitchen, naked.  When Jeff came out of the bathroom
and went to the bedroom to get dressed, Rick went in and took a

The pancakes had gone over well the previous day, so I made them
again.  There were a stack of them when Jeff came into the kitchen.
He'd gotten dressed; he smiled at me as he sat down, and I brought him
a plateful.

"You look great today," he told me as I turned around to cook some

"Thanks!"  I giggled.  "I feel pretty good, too!"

A few minutes later, Rick came into the kitchen, also dressed; I sat a
plateful of pancakes in front of him, then sat down and had a couple

We were all a little on the sleepy side, and didn't talk much over
breakfast.  I did the dishes, with the guys sipping coffee at the
table and watching me.

"I guess I'd better get dressed," I said, feeling a little
self-conscious in the nude.  "I'll be back in a minute!"  I went into
my room and put on underpants and bra, then my green skirt and a white
blouse with green flowers.  I put on my shoes and socks and came back.
It felt unusual being fully dressed like that.

"That looks sharp!" Jeff complimented me admiringly.

"Are you wearing underwear?" Rick asked forlornly.

I lifted my skirt and showed him my underpants, giggling.  "Don't you
think it's appropriate?" I asked him.

"I guess it'll be all right for a while," he said, sighing
theatrically.  "As long as you're not getting conservative on us!"

"I'm just taking a break," I assured him.

"Are you looking for new challenges for today?" Jeff asked hopefully.

"Sure!"  I said it brightly, but felt a moment of fear, remembering
the golf course.

"Good!"  Jeff smiled.  "I hope we can come up with some interesting
ideas for you.  Is there anything in particular you'd like to try, or
commit to?"

"I don't know.  How long until we go home?" I wanted to know.

"I have to be back by mid-afternoon," Rick said.

"I guess we'd better leave after lunch or thereabouts," Jeff said.
"This weekend has gone so fast!  So what are you going to do in the
time remaining, Karen?"

"Well... I'll swim naked every time we go swimming out here," I said,
blushing just slightly.  "I'll go naked around here some of the time,
no matter what we're doing -- on walks, hanging around, during meals,
or whatever.  I may not stay naked all of the time, but you can ask me
any time, and I'll at least consider it."

"Very nice," Jeff said.  "I'm sure I speak for Jeff, too; we really
appreciate it.  It's a lot of fun."

"Thanks!"  I smiled.  "As far as other things... I really don't know
what else I'd try," I said, blushing.  "I'm sure I'll take some of
your suggestions though!"

"I'd suggest you have a plan for the day, if you want to keep making
progress," Jeff said.  "Try to do some things that are daring, but
that you know you can do.  Try to do one or two things that are a
stretch for you.  And at least consider some things that seem just
impossibly difficult.

"All right, that sounds like an exciting day," I nodded slowly,
feeling excited but apprehensive.  "What sort of things do you have in

We discussed it for a while.  I decided I'd take a dare they suggested
if it didn't seem very likely I'd be caught by anyone else.

"Let's go to that park and have her go around naked for a while," Rick
suggested to Jeff.

Smiling at me, Jeff nodded.

We drove down to the park.  I shivered as we pulled into the parking
lot; no one else was there, but I knew there was no guarantee it would
stay that way.  We got out of the car, and I looked around; I didn't
see anyone.  I stepped over to the nearest picnic table and sighed, then
kicked off my shoes and socks.  I took off my blouse and laid it on the
table, then got my bra off, then my skirt and underpants.

"Looking pretty!" Rick said cheerily.  "Do we get to tell you where to
go around?"

I was blushing, and felt very uneasy.  It was daylight, and even
though I'd walked around some trails in the nude the night before, it
was a different matter running around right in the open in daylight.
I started to refuse, I thought I'd just dash to the other side of the
parking lot and come back to get dressed, but then I changed my mind.  If
I didn't try it, I'd never know if I could, or what it would be like.
"All right," I consented.

It wasn't a really big park, but it seemed enormous as I walked around
it.  I went past several picnic tables and a pavilion, then alongside
the nature center.  I suddenly had a scary thought; what if it was
open?  There were no cars around, though.  I decided to be bold again,
and walked over to it, then walked all the way around it.  There was
an office and a lobby, plus a couple of bathrooms.  I giggled in
relief, seeing the lights were off.

I went back to the edge of the park and continued going around the
perimeter.  There was a playground structure; I'd gone around it the
night before without seeing it.  This time I circled it, giggling as I
imagined playing on it in the nude.

I continued along the edge of the park.  I was halfway around now, and
as far away from my clothes as I'd get in the clearing.  If anyone
came in now, it would be awfully humiliating.  I waved to the guys, and
they waved back.

I started hurrying; I was getting more nervous.  I was walking past a
big field.  I ran for a while, then slowed to a walk as I got to the
3rd corner.  It looked like I'd make it safely.  I walked steadily
back to the picnic table where I'd left my clothes, and sighed in
relief, smiling at the guys.

"Nice job!" Jeff told me.  "I thought you'd dash as fast as you could,
but you took your time and seemed to enjoy it."

"It was exciting," I told him, smiling, looking around at the park.  I
got dressed quickly, though.

"You should take your time putting your clothes back on," Rick advised
me teasingly.

"Maybe I will next time," I said, blushing a little.

"What do you want to do next?" Jeff asked.

"I don't know.  Have any more ideas?"

"Me?"  He grinned broadly.  "Of course I do!  Could you see yourself
walking naked down the road?  Maybe a back country road?"

"It'd have to be a really unused back road!"

"There are no guarantees," Rick pointed out helpfully.  "There aren't
many roads that no one ever uses.  Anyway, the chance of being caught
is why it's fun!"

"I have a nice place in mind," Jeff told me as I blushed.

We got in the car, and he stopped a couple of miles away on a back
dirt road.  We got out, and I looked around apprehensively.  I could
see a big red barn in one direction, and a white farmhouse next to it.
There was a field on that side of the road, with a row of small trees
between the field and the road, and a field fence with barbed wire
along the top.  It had some broken down posts, but was mostly intact.
The other side of the road was thickly wooded; I couldn't see through
the trees at all.

"Which way do I have to go?" I asked Jeff, feeling almost sick.

He smiled.  "Take off your clothes now while we talk about it."

I did so, standing close to the car so I could hide if someone came

"You can go either way you want," he told me, watching me unbutton my
shirt.  "I figured Rick and I would wait here.  You can either go down
to the mailbox for that house, or down to the cross road in the other
direction, whichever seems more interesting to you.  Then of course,
you'll have to walk back."

I unfastened my skirt and took it off.

"You should probably wear your shoes and socks," he suggested.  "It'll
be easier walking that way," Rick suggested as I removed my bra.

"All right, that's a good idea," I said, blushing.  I kicked my shoes
off, and removed my panties, then sat and put my shoes back on again.
I stood slowly, looking around warily in on both directions.

"Which way are you going to go?"

I shivered.  "I'll go... away from the house.  The cross road isn't
busy, is it, Jeff?"

"Not very," he said, and winked.  "Have fun, Karen!"

I stepped out from behind the car and started walking along the side
of the road.  I'd never, *never* thought I'd do anything like that!  I
fearfully imagined a bunch of cars coming past me, stopping and
gawking at me while I was bare naked, or harrassing me, or someone
calling the police or something.

I turned around, thinking about running back to the safety of Jeff's
car and getting my clothes back on.  The guys waved gaily at me, and I
blushed hard, then waved back at them.  I had to complete the dare.  I
just *had* to!

I was very nervous.  Twice I jumped into the brush, then slowly rose,
peeking along the road, to find I'd just imagined cars.  The first
time, I stayed closer to the edge of the road, getting even more wary.
The second time, though, I giggled to myself and stepped out to the
middle of the road.  I was supposed to be taking a chance that someone
might spot me, I reminded myself.

I got more cautious, though, as I got close to the crossroad.  I
forced myself to stay on the edge of the road and not walk in the
brush, but I stayed very close to the edge.  Suddenly I thought I
heard a car.  I stopped and nervously looked around, not jumping right
away this time since I'd been wrong twice before.  Then I saw the car,
speeding along the crossroad, which was then about 100 feet from me.
I jumped down and behind a tree.  The car went past without slowing,
and I got up, my heart pounding hard.  It had been close.

I blushed to myself, and fiercely reminded myself I was supposed to be
taking chances.  I stepped out onto the road, then right out to the
middle of it, and continued walking until I got to the crossroad.

I looked around, but didn't see anyone else coming.  I began stepping
out into the intersection, then went over to the side.  I took off my
shoes and socks, then hurried across the crossroad.  I decided I'd
leave a shoe or sock at each of the four corners, then I'd have to go
back and retrieve them.  I hurried around the corners, walking
gingerly because of my bare feet and the stony road.

Then I went to the middle of the intersection.  I was completely naked
now, and couldn't move very quickly if anyone came along.  I faced in
the direction the car had come from, and set my feet apart, and put my
hands behind my head.  I counted to 100 using "one, one hundred, two,
one hundred...", then faced back toward where I'd come from and did it
again; I faced in the third direction and did it again, and then did
the same facing in the final direction.

No one came, but it was my intention to complete my count regardless.
I sighed in relief; I'd been standing out there for at least 5
minutes!  I stepped over to the corner and picked up a shoe, then went
around and got my other shoe and my socks.  I sat at the corner and
put them on, then turned to walk back to the nature center.

I'd gotten a little further down the road than when I'd seen the car
before, when I heard another car coming on the crossroad.  I blushed
hard, but stayed on the road this time, praying the car would keep
going and not turn.  I gulped, I could hear it slowing; it was going
to turn!  I was terrified, but still kept to my resolution, and stayed
on the road.

Then I sighed heavily; it turned the other way.  Shaking, I continued
walking back to where Jeff and Rick were waiting.  By the time I was
about halfway back, I giggled; I'd done it and stayed right out in the
open, even when I thought a car would come by me!

"Wow, you did it!" Jeff said, grinning broadly.  He gave me a big hug,
then so did Rick.

I giggled.  "That was kind of fun!  But now I want to get dressed."  I
dodged past them, hurrying to my clothes, and put them on, then we got
back in the car.

I told the guys about being jumpy and diving into cover several times,
and then about posing out in the intersection without even my shoes
and socks to make up for it.

We passed right by the cross road.  It didn't look that scary, now
that I was in the car and had my clothes on.


"Hey, Jeff, stop!  Will you do that again so we can see it?" Rick
asked me.

I blushed hard.  "I... I'm dressed!"

"Please, Karen?  I'd love to see you do that one!"

"Do you want me to go back there?" Jeff asked me cheerfully.

"Oh... all right... I guess..."  I wiped my hands on my pants.

Jeff slapped me on the thigh.  "Good girl!" he said, grinning, and
turned the car around, and went back toward the corner.  He stopped and
pulled his car behind a tree, not far from the corner but out of the

We got out of the car.  I looked around, then started to go behind the
tree to take my clothes off again.  The guys were watching me
cheerfully.  I tried to smile.

"Come on out and do that," Jeff urged me.  "It'll be a lot more
exciting that way!"

I had my shirt open already.  I trembled, but nodded and stepped out
by the road, and finished undressing.  I carried my clothes over to
the car, and blushed even harder, if that was possible; a car went
past on the cross road!  It obviously didn't see me, but if it had
come by a few minutes later, I'd have been right out in the middle of
the corner!

"Don't worry about it," Rick said, laughing.  "Come on, Karen!"

I nodded and left my clothes on the hood of the car.  I didn't even
put my shoes on this time; I walked very nervously down to the corner,
completely bare, and stepped out to the center.  I posed briefly,
facing in each direction, then tried to hurry back to the car.  I
couldn't go very quickly; I kept stepping on stones.  Finally I was
back by the car.  I picked up my clothes, giggling, and dashed behind
the car with them, and got them on again.

"That looks like you thought it was fun," Jeff remarked as I was
getting dressed.

I nodded, grinning broadly.  "I did, it was exciting!" I agreed.

"Want to go do it again?" he asked.

"Uh... no, thanks," I declined hastily.  "I'll just take a break for
a little while, if that's all right!"

We went back to the cabin, and spent a half hour packing and cleaning
up a bit.

"Ready for a swim?" Rick asked me when we were done.

I nodded, then grinned and undressed on the porch.  "I shouldn't need
those," I remarked cheerfully.

It occurred to me as we walked down to the lake that it was a
surprising change that it didn't even occur to me to wear my swimsuit
to go for a swim.

We swam for a little while but not for long.

"We're coming up on lunchtime," Jeff observed while we were toweling
off.  "Want to try one more adventure?"

"What is it?" I asked.

He explained.  We'd go to a public park.  I'd give the guys my
clothes, and they'd hide them in the park.  I'd have to find them
before I could put anything on.

"In a public park?"  Rick grinned eagerly.  "That ought to be fun!"

Jeff looked at me.  "You want to do it?"

"I'll... try it," I said, feeling tense, watching the guys get dressed.

We discussed it further as we went back the cabin.  We decided to go
to the same park we'd gone to earlier, which I'd walked around naked.
I'd have to go walking down one of the trails while the guys hid my
clothes, we agreed, then I'd have to find all of my clothes and bring
them to the parking lot before I could put anything on.

We got back to the cabin, and I got dressed.  Instead of my skirt and
blouse, I dug out blue jean cutoffs and a short-sleeved jersey to
wear for the rest of the day.  For as much of it as I'd be dressed,

We loaded up our stuff into the car.  I'd have probably been more sorry
to be leaving the cabin if I wasn't thinking so much about my upcoming

It didn't take very long to finish packing everything up.  Jeff locked
the cabin.  "This has been the best time I've spent here in a long
time," he said, sighing, then smiled at me.  "I hope you'll come back,

"Thanks, I'd like to, very much!"  I smiled at him.  "It's been the
most educational weekend of my life, I think!"

We drove away; it was about 11:30 according to the clock on the

"Are you nervous now?" Rick asked me.

I nodded but didn't say anything.

He squeezed my hand.  "You'll be fine," he said reassuringly.  I
smiled tightly at him.

It didn't take long to get to the park.  I had been worried other
people might be there, but no one was.  Jeff parked, and then we all
got out of the car.

"What do I do while you're hiding my clothes?" I asked.  Now that we
were there, and it was time for me to strip, I felt anguished about
the risk I'd be taking.  But I went ahead and started undressing.

"Why don't you just walk around the trails?" Jeff suggested.  "It'll
take us about 10 minutes to finish hiding your things.  I'll whistle
when we're done."  He demonstrated.  He had the ability to whistle
loudly and piercingly.

"All right," I agreed, giggling, and pulled down my pants and underpants.
I handed them to Rick; they were the last items I had to take off.  I
put on my shoes and socks.  "I'll be back soon, then," I said, and
hurried away to the concealment and safety of the woods.

I hadn't been naked by myself all that much over the weekend; the guys
had been around for almost all of it.  I walked down a wood-chip covered
path.  I paid attention to the signs; it was embarrassing enough
without getting lost as well!

I knew time was moving slowly for me because of my anxiety, but even
so, it seemed like I'd been walking for a long time, and still hadn't
heard Jeff's whistle.  I started to turn around to head back on my
own, thinking I might have missed the signal.  Just then, I heard him
and giggled to myself; it was very clearly audible.  There was no
chance I could miss it.

I hurried back to the parking lot and clearing.  The guys were sitting
at the picnic table where I'd undressed; my clothes were nowhere to be

"I guess you're ready for me!"  I took a deep breath, and looked
around the park.  I couldn't see any of my clothes, but I'd hardly
expected to.

I started by thinking about a strategy to use to find my clothes.  I
was sure they wouldn't have put them all in one place; that would make
it too easy for me.  There were garbage cans all around the area; I
decided to look in them first, starting with the closest ones around
the parking lot.  I scurried around, looking in them all.  They were
mostly empty, but a couple of them had McDonald's bags or other such
trash.  I checked all the way around the parking lot, then saw one more
trash can by the front entrance, kind of hidden.  I looked in and poked
in a grocery bag, and triumphantly pulled out my short pants.

"Nice job, Karen!" Rick called out to me, and I grinned.  I left my
pants on the picnic table, and continued thoroughly checking the rest of
the trash cans, but didn't find any of my other clothes.

I checked around the building, including the restrooms, first the
guy's, thinking it would be just the place for them to hide something.
I looked behind the toilets in the stalls, under the urinals, and
under the sink, without seeing anything.  I checked the trash cans,
then went over to the ladies room and hunted through it as well.  I
circled the building again, then happened to look up, and saw my bra
hanging from the top of the men's room door.  I had to get a stick to
get it down, then I ran excitedly over to the picnic table and left it
with my shorts.

"Halfway there!" Jeff cheered me.

"Yeah, but I'm still bare naked," I said, blushing.  I looked around
for more likely places to search.  The playground... I ran over to it
and searched all over it, looking under all of the equipment, in the
clubhouse where the kids hid out, and in any spaces I could find which
could hide an item of clothing.  I circled around it again, then one
more time; it seemed like an excellent place to hide something.  I was
ready to give up, but then caught a glimpse of white under the slide,
and dug my underpants out of the wood chips.  I shook them out and
took them over to the picnic table.

"Wow, you're doing really well!"  Both the guys were grinning at me,
obviously enjoying having me run around in the nude, looking for my

So far it had been scary, but also kind of fun.  If I could just find
the rest and get dressed, it would finish that way, too.  I began
hunting around for my shirt.  There weren't any really obvious places
left for me to look, though.  I was sure they'd have hid some part of
my clothing really well, but I wasn't sure if I'd hit on any of what
they thought were really good hiding places.

I walked quickly around the mowed area, looking behind shrubs and up
in trees, hoping it would be out and would catch my eye, but I went
all the way around without finding it.  "I'll figure it out!" I
declared to them, and they both grinned.

I went back up to the playground and looked under the playground
equipment, hoping to find a flash of my shirt in the wood chips.  It
wasn't there.  Where hadn't I looked yet?  I couldn't think of any
place!  I started across the wide grassy area, returning to the
parking lot to ask the guys for a hint.

Then it happened.  I gasped in horror as a car pulled into the parking
lot, then another behind it.  There was no question about getting to
cover in time; I was right in the middle of a wide open area.  I stood
in shock for a minute, then dashed toward the picnic table where my
clothes were.

The two cars stopped in the parking lot, and several college-aged people
got out to watch me.  I started by trying to get my pants on over my
shoes, and got all tangled up.  Blushing furiously and still bare
naked, I had to take a deep breath and get my shoes back out from my
short pants, then take my shoes off.  I got my pants on, then my bra,
and remembered to my dismay I hadn't put on my underpants.  I didn't
have a shirt, either.

The guys from the two cars clapped and cheered.  I got my shoes back
on, then ran for the car with Jeff and Rick following me at a more
leisurely pace.  Jeff drove away, with both he and Rick laughing.

"Do you want your shirt?" Rick asked as we drove out of the parking

"Where is it?" I asked wildly.

"Over there."  He grinned; it was hanging on the sign at the front
entrance of the park!  "Want me to get it?"  I nodded tensely, and he
got out and ran to get it, then brought it back to me.  I got it on
without saying anything.  Jeff drove away.

"That was... humiliating!" I said, in tears and almost bawling.  Rick
put his arm around me and I hugged him, burying my face against him.

We drove through town, then out to the highway; we were heading home.
Jeff stopped at a gas station after a few miles, and I went into the
ladies room to get my underwear on and straighten up my clothes.  When
I came out, we stopped at a Coney Island type restaurant for lunch.

When we got back to the car, I started unloading angrily on the guys.
I was humiliated and ashamed, and they shouldn't have put me in that
situation.  It was very scary for me.

They listened for a while, and Rick started looking a little serious
about it.

"Hang on, Karen," Jeff broke in when I was repeating myself.  "It was
scary and embarrassing.  I can see that.  But you were doing scary,
embarrassing things all weekend, and had a pretty good time doing
them.  How was this different?"

"The... the other people!" I gasped.

"All right, I can see that, but you knew, as well as Rick and me, that
someone else might come along, didn't you?  You wanted to do it.

I didn't answer.

"Wasn't that why that particular dare was exciting to do?" he asked
me pointedly.  "Because of the risk?"

I blushed, embarrassed again, but for a different reason.  He was

"It wasn't our fault!  We did help you, and encourage you to try it,
but you didn't have to, and you wanted to, and you did it yourself."

I sat silently, looking between my knees for several minutes.  No one
said anything until I spoke.

"I'm... sorry," I apologized humbly.  "I was wrong to be mad at you
guys.  I'm really sorry!"

"It's all right, Karen.  You were upset, and I understand that."  Jeff
looked over at me, and smiled.  "So did you have fun with the weekend

I smiled a little and nodded, then giggled.

"Did you have fun with having your clothes hidden at the park?" Rick
asked, smirking mischievously.

"Uh... well... yes, I guess I did."

"You didn't really complete the dare, though," he pointed out.

I grinned and punched him in the arm playfully.  "I did as much as I
could!"  But then I blushed.  "If you want to give me something to do
as a penalty for not completing it, I'll do it," I said impulsively.

"How about if you ride home the rest of the way in the nude, with your
clothes locked in the trunk?" Jeff suggested.

I looked around uneasily.  "All... right," I agreed.  I got out of the
car, then hurried 20 feet over and got behind some bushes.  I took my
clothes off as fast as I could.  Jeff opened the trunk of his car, and
I dashed over and tossed my clothes inside, then dove back into the

We all hurried back into the car, and drove off. I don't think anyone
saw me at the rest stop; if they did, I never found out about it and so
it caused no harm, I suppose.

"Please drive carefully!" I begged Jeff.  "I wouldn't want us to get
pulled over!"

He grinned, patting my leg.  "All right, we'll be fine, I think," he
reassured me.

He didn't drive faster than the speed limit.  At first this was a
relief to me, but pretty soon I found out there were disadvantages.
Trucks weren't going as slow as we were, and got a full view of me as
they drove past.  They kept honking.  At first I tried to ignore them,
but then Rick suggested I wave and smile.  I did so, shyly for the
first few, then more boldly; it was kind of fun!  After a while I even
teased them, squeezing my breasts and blowing kisses and sliding my
fingers between my legs.  I worried a little that some truck was going
to swerve and kill us all, but it didn't happen.

"Shall we pull in at the next truck stop so you can meet some of
them?" Rick asked me.

"No!"  I gulped, then giggled as he grinned at me.

"Just kidding!" he said.

Jeff decided it was a bad idea to stay on the highway, and pulled onto
a different road.  "We don't want anyone calling the police on their
cell phone," he explained.

"Good idea!"  I blushed.  I hadn't even thought of that.

The new road was a two lane road, and passed through several towns.  I
blushed hard as we passed through them, and slid down in my seat as
far as I could so people wouldn't see me.  A few cars passed us and
got a good look at me, but we managed to avoid getting into trouble
with anyone.

We were about 30 miles from our destination.

"I don't have to be home for an hour or so yet," Rick said.  "Karen,
would you like to try any dares you didn't get to do yet, or do
anything again?"

I thought for a couple of minutes.  "Um... I'm already naked... Jeff,
if you want to find a nice back country road, I'll go for a walk down

"That sounds like fun.  I liked it when you did that before."  He
turned off the highway and went down a paved side road, then down
another, and down a gravel country road.  "Let me know when you see a
nice spot to get out," he told me.

I kept seeing spots, but was too nervous to get out of the car.
Finally I nodded.  "You can let me out there," I said squeakily.  "I
want my shoes, too, okay?"

"All right."  He stopped next to a tree, and I got out.  He got my
shoes and socks out of the trunk, and I sat on the hood of the car and
put them on.  "How far do you want to go?"

I giggled shakily, standing in the middle of the road.  "Just don't go
out of sight," I said bravely.  "I'll go that far, anyway!"

"All right, have fun!"  He tooted and pulled away from me, and I stood
in the middle of the road, watching him.  He stopped at the first
curve, and I sighed in relief.

I walked in the middle, moving along briskly and feeling very anxious.
I had no idea where we were, but it was possible there might be people
who knew me, and I didn't want to be caught outside without clothing.

I got close to Jeff's car, and sighed and gulped, then started
trotting to his car.

Then he pulled away.  I blushed hard and yelled "Hey!", but he didn't
stop; he drove down to the next curve!

I sighed in relief when he stopped, then giggled a little; he just
wanted to make me go a little further.  I stayed right in the road and
kept walking.  When I got close to his car this time, I sprinted,
very anxious to get inside the car.

They let me catch them this time, and I dove into the car, giggling,
and also very relieved.

Jeff started slowly down the road.  I had to take off my shoes and
socks, since I'd agreed to go home naked.

I thought about doing another dare, but decided against it.  The guys
drove me to my apartment house, and Rick even got out to get my
clothes for me.  I put them on in the car, then got out.  The guys
carried my bags up to my apartment.

Once inside, I smiled boldly and stripped naked once again, and gave
each of them a big, warm kiss.  "Thanks very much for the exciting
weekend!" I told them.  "I've learned a lot!"

"Keep practicing," Jeff advised me, smiling.  "You've gotten a great
start.  Don't always wear clothes around the house, or around other
people's houses if you can get away with it.  Take risks whenever you
can.  Set goals, then *stick to them*!"

"I'll remember!"  I blushed a little.  "You guys can ask me to get
naked any time you're here, or when I'm at your place.  Either of your

"That will be fun at parties."  Rick grinned, and I blushed, then
giggled back.

"I really have got to go," he said.  "Goodbye, Karen!"

"Bye!"  I stood in the doorway and watched them leave, then closed the
door.  What a weekend!