Shopping for Blondes
by Jubal Jackson

This story features characters from 'Bondage Boutique.'

'Jesus, who'd of thought something simple would be so tough?' Glenda thought to herself.

Glenda was way too hard on herself. She had spent the past three hours sipping endless coffees trying to pick a target, her nerves almost stretched to breaking point by the caffeine. She had stalked the city for eight days now looking for the perfect girl. The amount the client was offering made it more than worthwhile. The cafe, part of well known chain, was located in a popular Fashion Outlet just outside the city. The area where hundreds if not thousands of pretty, young fashionistas gathered every weekend. Picking, then isolating, then kidnapping one of these young women would normally be child's play for Glenda. Her client had made her task more difficult by having a very specific request:

Blonde. Hair not dyed. Average boobs. Athletic body. Nice smile. Natural, youthful looks.

Her client's email was both laconic and demanding. The email had come with a picture of a minor celebrity. A hostess on a daytime quiz show. The client was the girl's co-host on the show and one of Glenda's best customers. The girl had an elfin face and an innocent smile. She had a slim figure and absolutely glorious legs. In short, she was absolutely stunning.

Natural blondes weren't impossible to find. Athletic bodies with big boobs however... A nice smile? What the hell was that? On their own these demands were simple. Two together a little bit awkward. All of them together was making Glenda's search damn near impossible.

Glenda's nerves and mood was been affected by the caffeine. She judged that it would be wise to order spring water next. Her practiced eye scanned the hordes of shoppers that passed by.

'Too old. Hair dyed. Body not toned. With a boyfriend.' Glenda glumly muttered to herself as she scanned the passing hordes of people.

“Another drink?” the waitress asked.

Glenda was about to answer when the answer to her dreams appeared across the mall. Glenda stood up, left enough money on the table to cover her bill and walked out, her eyes never leaving her prey.

“Miss, do you want your change?” the waitress called after Glenda.

“Keep it!” Glenda called back.

Experience had taught Glenda many lessons. One of those lessons was, when you dressed smartly people would give you more respect and suspect you less. Glenda wore a fitted black trouser suit with white, crisp blouse and low heels. (She would be doing a lot of walking today.) A print-out of her picture with the name 'Lindsey Manners – Corporate Catering' in laminated plastic hung around her neck with a length of black cotton lace. Anyone who saw Glenda would assume she was here on business of some sort. Which was true in a way. Glenda pulled behind her a large, hard shelled, black suitcase. The suitcase was light and Glenda easily wheeled it behind her. She often had seen sales representatives pulling these kind of cases with samples of stock inside. Glenda had tried this camouflage out in different parts of the city the day before and attracted no attention.

“Watch it, bitch!”

The caffeine had made Glenda jittery, effecting her concentration and she had collided with an Asian girl walking in the opposite direction. The olive skinned girl scowled at Glenda, her face twisted in anger. Though her features showed that her ancestors had hailed from the Indian Sub-Continent, her accent revealed that she was from one of the rougher parts of this city. Glenda immediately assessed that she was the first or even second generation of her family to live here.

“Sorry, I'm in a world of my own,” Glenda tried to defuse the situation quickly. Any unwanted attention could be fatal to her plan.

“You dried up old whore, watch where you are going.” the girls accent made the words even harsher than they would normally sound. The Indian girl was pretty, in her early twenties.

“Again my apologies,” Glenda bit her tongue, trying to subdue the rage inside her. She walked on quickly hoping that the conflict hadn't attracted too much attention. Glancing around she was relieved to see no one was staring at her.

The Indian girl glared at Glenda as she walked away. She shook her head in disgust and walked in the opposite direction muttering to herself.

Glenda weaved through the flow of people to get a better look of her target, The girl had seemed okay from the cafe but she wanted to get a close-up look to be sure. The blonde girl was standing in front of a shoe outlet. She was smiling at the screen of her mobile phone. She had a very pretty smile and beautiful pale blue eyes. Her features were as close to the picture her client had sent as Glenda could possibly hope.

“Smile. Check.” Glenda whispered to herself as her potential victim laughed at something on her phone.

Slowly Glenda placed herself as near as she could without arousing the girl's suspicion. She glanced up and down at the blonde target, mentally taking a note of her details. Between 20 and 25. Blonde with no evidence of dark roots. She have to check later to see if the carpet matched the drapes, so to speak. Her boobs weren't massive but they were big in proportion to her slim frame. She wore a short, pleated skater skirt with long sleeved black turtle necked top with an open front giving a glimpse of her ample bust. Black tights and black platform chelsea boots completed the girl's look.

The blonde smiled and put her phone to her ear. Glenda was close but not close enough to make out the conversation. The girl smiled again, put her phone in her bag and walked over to a fashion boutique named 'Bounty's Fashion'. The boutique was one of the few remaining independents in the mall. Glenda smiled at her luck and followed her target.

Big chain stores had big turnovers, big profits, large staff, security and CCTV cameras. Glenda might be able to evade the eyes of the staff and security. The CCTV cameras could make her task impossible to carry out. Small independent boutiques have small turnovers, small profits, usually the owner works solely in the shop. Sometimes they have a small staff. They hardly ever have security and CCTV cameras are a rare, expensive luxury for them. Independent stores were much easier than chains.

Glenda followed the blonde at a discreet distance as she went into the shop. She walked in too and breathed a sigh of relief. A quick glance around revealed no cameras. A young girl stood, leaning on the counter and reading a magazine, looking bored. Glenda parked her case by the counter and smiled at the bored assistant. The assistant glanced up from her magazine, glanced at Glenda, then the blonde and looked back at the magazine without saying a word.

'Tut, tut,' Glenda thought as she pretended to browse through the rails, 'can't get good staff today.'

'Bounty's Fashion' seemed to specialise in high price tag, high end items. Most of the clothes were priced in the €300 range. Pop music played too loudly over the speakers. It wouldn't be a place Glenda would normally visit. The blonde put her two shopping bags on the ground and went through the 'Sale' rail. Finally she took out two pairs of jeans and walked towards the dressing rooms. The sales assistant was still transfixed by her magazine. Glenda pulled down the most expensive dress she could see, a hideous item, and walked towards the dressing rooms after the blonde.

“Trying this on.” Glenda called over to the assistant.

The girl nodded her head without looking up.

'Perfect,' Glenda thought as she pulled the luggage behind her and holding the hideous dress in her free hand. As she walked into the changing area Glenda saw the blonde's chelsea boots beneath the curtains of the second changing room. There were eight changing cubicles in the changing area, four on each side. A long, full size mirror was on the end so customers could admire their choice of garments.

Glenda paused in front of the blonde's changing area, took a couple of steady, deep breaths to steady her nerves and then took a tazer from the inside pocket of her jacket. To succeed Glenda needed to be swift, ruthless and efficient.

Glenda pulled the curtain of the changing room open quickly. The blonde stood staring at Glenda. Instinctively she crossed her arms over her chest and crossed her legs.

“Sorry, this room is taken.”

She was now dressed only in a white bra with thin, black horizontal stripes and black pantyhose. She was about to step into one of the pairs of jeans she had taken in. The rest of her clothes and shopping lay in a bundle on the floor. The blonde stared at the strange device that Glenda held in her hand, unsure of it's purpose. The mirror in the changing room behind the girl revealed her toned ass and tight thighs and calves.

Glenda smiled friendily at the girl and stepped into the cubicle, pulling the curtain tightly behind her. The blonde stood back, retreating towards against the mirror. her brow furrowed in curiosity.

A strange crackling sound followed by a soft thud distracted the sales assistant from her magazine. She looked around trying to locate the source.

“Are you OK in there.” she called into the changing room.

“I'm fine, thank you.” Glenda answered back.

“uuuhhhhhh....” the blonde moaned as she drifted into efficaciousness.

“Ok.” the sales assistant attention returned to her magazine. 'It must be the speakers,' she thought to herself.

Glenda was fine, the blonde, however was far from it. Her body had gone rigid as the high voltage of the tazer rushed through her body. Her teeth gritted into a pained grin and eyes bulged from the current. Glenda had kept the tazer at the girl's sternum for ten seconds then turned it off. The blonde collapsed into the corner of the room.

Glenda hurriedly opened the luggage that she had been dragging around all day. The interior had been specially adjusted by Jack months before for jobs like this in mind. The only contents were two rolls of duct tape, two rolls of medical wrap, several thick leather belts, a four inch rubber ball and a large roll of industrial cling film.

Time was of the essence. Tazers do not knock people out. It inflicts a huge shock which normally knocks the person for six for a minute or two. Depending on her fitness and pain threshold the blonde could be up and fighting inside two minutes. Glenda pulled the case beside the slumped girl and took out the rubber ball and one of the rolls of duct tape. The blonde was starting to moan. Her hands went to her face and rubbed her eyes and mouth like she was just about to awake from a deep slumber.

“Ooohhh, what happened.” the blonde weakly asked.

Glenda positioned herself quickly behind her and arched her arm around her neck and initiated a 'sleeper' hold by squeezing. The blonde weakly struggled, still under the effects of the tazer. Her feet lazily kicked and her hands pulled weakly at Glenda's arm. Her nylon clad feet thudding gently against the floor. Glenda waited until the blonde opened her mouth and then quickly popped the rubber ball into her mouth. Her jaw was stretched open by the soft rubber ball. Her lips snapped shut once the ball was pushed home behind her teeth. The blonde's pale blue eyes crossed as she tried to follow the rubber ball entering her lips then she lost consciousness.

Years of practice meant that Glenda could tie somebody up extraordinarily quickly. She taped the blonde's lips shut, sealing in the rubber ball. Next she taped the girls ankles to her thighs as tightly as she could with liberal amounts of duct tape. Then the blonde's arms were wrapped with the medical tape from her shoulders to her fingers behind her back. Glenda further secured the med-wrap with strategically placed lengths of duct tape. It would be hellish for the blonde but she'd get over it, Glenda thought.

“Now for the fun part,” Glenda said to the semiconscious girl, gently patting her round ass. The blonde moaned softly in response.

Glenda pulled the girl up and then pushed her bound body into the suitcase. She squeezed her legs and torso into the confines of the case. Only her head and shoulders remained free from the tight squeeze of the luggage. The blonde was moaning and slowly coming back to life. Glenda reached down and quickly ripped the tape from her lips. It came off with a 'rasping' sound. The sudden pain was like a slap in the face and the blonde was now again fully conscious.

“Mmmwwmmppphhh? Eeppppph?” the rubber ball plugged the blonde's mouth shut, muffing her words. She gazed in disbelief at the legs and then over her shoulder at her mummified arms. Her brain struggled to process the stimuli.

Glenda put the tazer to the girls face and pulled the trigger. The tazer crackled fiercely even it wasn't fully charged yet. The blonde's eyes bulged in fear. She remembered the pain it has caused her a few minutes beforehand.


“Don't make a peep or I'll tazer your face.”

“Mmmmm hmmm, mmm hhmmpphh,” the Blonde nodded up and down frantically. Her eyes still fixed on the tazer.

“If you bite I'll tazer your mouth.” Glenda warned.

Glenda put her thumb and forefinger inside the girls mouth and pulled out the rubber ball. It was already covered with a thin layer of saliva. It made the ball slimy and warm to the touch. The blonde's face had a faint red mark where the tape had been torn off.

A panel harness gag with a red ball lay inside the suitcase on the corner. A black rubber hose led from the exterior of the suitcase to the panel and then through red ball which was hollowed inside. This would allow the soon to be re-gagged blonde to breath easily through her mouth if she needed to.

Glenda glared at the blonde. “Now, dear, this is going inside your mouth. Don't make this hard or...” Glenda finished the sentence with another menacing crackle from the tazer. The way Glenda said 'dear' gave it a new, threatening meaning.

“Okay, please don't hurt me.”

Glenda placed the panel in front of the blonde's mouth and forced the ball into her mouth fully. She squeezed the terrified girl's jaw with her index and thumb, forcing her mouth open around the ball. The red ball stretched the blonde's jaw, but with perseverance Glenda managed to push it slowly behind the girl's pearly white teeth. The girl gurgled and attempted to talk as the gag was driven home. Her body shook and quivered against the confines of the case. Glenda held her in the case with her knee while she forced the huge ball into her mouth.

“Uh ehhh oohh eeeggggh. Mmpph oohh eggggh,” her complaints and pleas was reduced to a series of wet, slurping grunts.

“Don't worry, I would never hurt you, now bite down hard on the ball, dear.”

The girl glanced at Glenda, nodded and obediently bit down on the ball. She could feel the rubber hose with her teeth. Glenda held the gag firmly to her lips while she buckled the gag tightly onto the back of her head. The blonde grunted in pain as the buckle dug into her head.

“UHHMMMPPPHH” the pained grunt was accompanied by the rush of the girl's breath through the hose.

Glenda pulled the straps on the top of the panel over the girls nose, then forehead, then head and attached them on the back. Finally she secured the chin straps in place. All the time the blonde captive followed Glenda's fiendish progress with fearful eyes. When Glenda was finally satisfied that the gag was secure she patted the blonde playfully on the cheek.

“No dear, I would never hurt you. But I can't guarantee your buyer won't.”

“UHYER? PUHLEASSE OH.” the blonde shook her head, the few strands of her hair not trapped in the straps of the panel gag swaying with the movement.

Glenda shoved the unlucky girl fully inside the luggage, forcing her head and shoulders into the narrow confines. Even though the case was large and the girl petite it was a horrible squeeze. She was squeezed into a foetal position, her knees practically touching her face. Her bound arms were cramped between her back and the frame of the case. The top of the case pushed her head towards her knees. The tube from the panel gag lead to a small opening that Jack had made, allowing the girl to breathe easier .


“Now, honey, keep nice and quiet. If you make too much noise I'll be forced to do this.”

Glenda put her thumb on the hose where it opened on the exterior of the luggage, blocking the airway. The captive's eyes widened in panic as she struggled to breathe.

“Now you'll be quiet, won't you?”

“Uh hmmm, uh huh,” the blonde nodded as much as she could in her crushed, foetal position.

“Good,” Glenda realised her thumb and the blonde sucked in a lungful of air through the tubing.

Glenda took the two pairs of jeans and the hideous dress she had picked and put them carefully together in a corner. Next she piled the blonde's clothes on top of her in the suitcase along with the shopping bags. Skirt, blouse, shoes were all squeezed in beside her. Her handbag was last to go in. Glenda put her hands on her hips and smiled down at her prisoner.

“You comfy down there?”

“Nuh, nuh. Uuhhppp,” the girl shook her head as much as she could, the strain of the position already playing hell with her muscles.

“Now time for lights out. Remember no noise or I'll cut off your air.”

The girl's eyes widened in terror as Glenda closed the lid of the case. It snapped shut. Glenda could hear a whimpering howl as the lid snapped shut. She put her thumb over the airway once more to drive home her 'no noise' rule.

“Shut it, bitch,” Glenda angrily whispered to the case.

The sobbing immediately ceased and Glenda released her thumb.

Glenda walked out of the changing room and fixed her outfit in the mirror. She smiled at her reflection. 'Not bad going,' she thought to herself as tamed a stray strand of hair. Her train of thought was interrupted by a loud dog's bark.

'What the hell is that?' Glenda thought. A dog's bark? From a shop? She realised it was a ringtone when the dog barked again at the exact same volume. 'Christ, it's that silly bitch's phone,' Glenda realised with horror. She should have checked the handbag.

Glenda rushed back into the cubicle and unlatched the case. The dog barking noise seemed to increase when the case opened. The girl inside physically winced when she saw Glenda.

'Good, the little fool is scared of me,' Glenda thought as she snatched up the handbag and rummaged through trying to find the phone. The barking ringtone stopped as soon as Glenda found the phone. 'Missed Call Layla.' was on the phone's display.

“What does Layla want?” Glenda half asked herself, half asked the blonde in the suitcase.

“Eeyyeeh ooonnnt oowwhh.” the blonde just about managed to shrug her shoulders.

Glenda just noticed her toes wiggling in her bondage. She had painted the nails a bright pink.

The phone rang again with the irritating 'Woof Woof' ringtone. Glenda managed to cut it off at the second ring but it was too late. She could hear high-heeled footsteps getting closer. Glenda braced herself, her stomach churning with nerves.

“Abbie, you in here?” Glenda recognised the voice.

A figure stood outside the changing room. Glenda could see her silhouette through the curtain. Her heart pounded partly through fear, partly anger.

“Abbie, stop fooling around. Only you uses that stupid ringtone.”

The curtain was pulled open.

“OK, now...”

It was the Asian girl. The same girl that had verbally assaulted Glenda earlier. The brown skinned girl froze on the spot as her brain tried to process the scene before her. She stared at Glenda, then at the luggage on the ground, then at her bound friend squeezed into the luggage and then back at Glenda. All this time Glenda smiled at her as a cat would smile at a mouse. The Indian girl's lips curled up and her brow furrowed. Her expression gave the impression she had just ate something vile.

“Hello again.” Glenda purred, her tazer in her hand.

The End

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