Bondage Boutique
by Jubal Jackson

Part 6

Friday mornings were Nadia's favourite, and over the past two months she had built up a whole routine. She woke early, just past seven am. Lazily she would raise from her double bed. (Nadia loved stretching across the expanse of the bed). Then she would prepare breakfast. Trying to maintain her trim figure she would prepare oatmeal with fruit and coffee to wash it down. Next a hot shower would help her wake up fully. Then she would hit the gym. After an hour of cardio and weights she would leave exhausted but content. Then she would religiously go to a cafe overlooking a canal and sip a coffee. Watching the world pass by.

Nadia could almost taste the coffee when her dream was rudely interrupted. Light flooded into the cramped, wooden box. The taste of morning coffee Nadia was imagining was replaced by the taste of several of Glenda's worn panties, the flavour dominating Nadia's taste buds. The aroma of coffee, pastries and the canal from Nadia's favourite cafe was replaced by the scent of Glenda sex. Before Glenda had shoved her into the wooden transportation box she had gagged Nadia with five pairs of her used knickers. Nadia cheeks had bulged when the third was shoved in. The fifth pair was slowly coaxed into Nadia's tortured mouth. To seal in the gag Glenda had hooded Nadia with the pantyhose Glenda had worn the day previously. She made sure the crotch was firmly placed under Nadia small nose. Glenda had pulled the legs of the pantyhose around and around Nadia's mouth, eyes, throat and nose. Jack then collected the wooden crate and transported Nadia to the boutique.

“Up and at them, lazy.” Jack cupped his right arm under Nadia and shoved her head towards her knees with his left hand, pulling her out like a ball. Nadia squirmed and wiggled her toes when she felt his hands on her naked body, her low grunts increasing in both tempo and volume.


Jack lowered her down, forcing Nadia to stand on her numb legs. Her legs were bandaged together from toe to lower thigh. Her arms were bound together similarly behind her back with black, elastic bandage that encased her arms from fingers to upper arms in the medical wrap. The bandage was then further secured with duct tape, making escape all but impossible. The rest of her toned body was naked. Jack turned her around, making sure her bonds were secure. His hands busily rubbing up and down her naked flesh, roughly grabbing her butt, tits and thighs.

“Looks like you're still secure.”

“EEPPPPHH! UMMMPPHH!” Nadia squealed and grunted as Jack roughly rubbed her tits and ass.

“Now stay here. I need to get your outfits ready. Back in a tick.”

Jack left Nadia standing in the cellar. Her vision was dimmed by the layers of nylon over her eyes. With difficultly she balanced on her bandage-bound feet. She glanced left and right trying to get an idea of her surroundings. The light seemed to be brighter from one corner of the cellar. A sound like rushing water, maybe traffic passing by outside, could be heard. A cold draft also came from that direction. The cold air passed over her, goose-bumping her skin, hardening her nipples.

Nadia thought about it for a split second and then acted. She bent her knees and then gingerly bounced forward. She landed on the flat of her feet and was surprised not to fall on her face. Again she jumped, then again. Her tits bounced as she bounded towards her freedom. Each bounce was accompanied by a strained grunt.

After a Herculean effort Nadia reached her destination. Jack had backed the van into the cellar. The van was a tight fit in the door but on the sides there was a gap. The gap was narrow, wide enough for Nadia to just about poke her head out but not enough for her to escape. Nadia could feel the cool concrete of the wall rasp against her skin. She squeezed her head through the gap. She cursed the pantyhose hood that prevented her from getting her first breath of fresh air in almost two days. All she could smell was Glenda's scent. She squeezed and squeezed but her ample tits prevented her from escaping. She found herself wedged between the van's chassis and the frame of the door.


Nadia screamed as loud as she could but Glenda's sodden knickers deadened her screams to a low grunt. Nadia's nylon hood masked her vision but she could clearly hear the traffic passing by outside. The faint murmurs of distant conversations could just be heard.

“Jesus! What are you doing!” Jack's stomach turned when he saw Nadia's attempt at escape. He dashed across the cellar floor.


Nadia's muffled cries for help increased in volume, tempo and desperation when she heard Jack's exclamation. She wailed in despair as he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back in.


Jack wrestled Nadia to the ground and sealed her mouth further with his hand.

“Nadia, I thought you wanted a job?” Glenda snapped. She had just entered the cellar and had witnessed the last few seconds of her doomed escape attempt.


“You get her ready Jack. Our client is here soon.”

“All right, darling,” Jack replied, panting from his exertions.

Glenda turned to leave the cellar, paused mid-step and then turned glared back at Nadia.

“I'm very disappointed in you, Nadia. You will be punished for misbehaving. Make sure you fully co-operate in the next few hours or I'll make sure you'll be in a far worse position than poor Sonja.”

Nadia remembered the way Sonja had been left. Bound spread eagled on the bed, thoroughly gagged, vibrator on a timer between her legs and no sleep in almost twelve hours. Nadia gulped and nodded her head as much as she could.


“You better be, bitch,” Jack whispered into her ear.

“Ok Jack, get her ready. I'll check if anybody heard her.”

* * *

“Michael, come on, you'll be late.”

“One second, Mum.” The little boy peered over the wall. He'd seen something like a mummy's head for one second before it was dragged down. It was mumbling something weird. Michael began walk towards the van where the mummy had appeared behind.

“Michael, come back here. You're not allowed in there.”

“But Mum, there's a mummy in there.”

The mother picked her boy into her arms and walked away stroking his head.

“Where do you get this stuff from. Come on I'll buy you ice-cream.”

The thoughts of the ice-cream made Michael forget about the mummy.

* * *

Rik loved coming here. Sure it was expensive but, hey it was worth it. He felt uneasy about his fetish. But lately it was the only thing keeping him sane. His work was highly pressurised but also highly paid. He could handle work; his wife was another matter. Over the past few months the possibility of a divorce had become a certainty. Rik had come to the sickening realisation that his wife had married him only for a future, handsome, divorce settlement.

A friend on a forum told him about a place. A lingerie shop with a huge difference. A shop that not only sold bondage gear and lingerie, but also featured girls who modeled the goods while bound. He could hardly believe it. Unfortunately, it was in a different city, in a different country even. But once a business trip had taken him there he got the contact details from his online friend and arranged an appointment.

It blew his mind. After the two hour modelling show Rik maxxed out his credit card buying lingerie and gifts for his wife even though he knew his marriage was ending and the gifts would never be used. He also left a generous tip for the model. She deserved it. He remembered her beautiful body, crisscrossed with rope. The way her eyes pleaded with him. The way spittle flowed from her gag. Her performance stunned him. It looked almost real. He had pleaded with Glenda to let him meet the model later but Glenda had flat-out refused.

“We must respect the privacy of our models,” she had gently chided him.

Rik agreed reluctantly but made it his mission to return to this unusual boutique next time he was in this part of the world. When he was sent there again he fired an email to Glenda. Rik left his cab and walked onto the street. This part of the word was cold and damp. He shivered in his jacket. Rik marvelled at how the locals walked around in short sleeves while he wore a thick jacket. He walked up the street, took out his phone and texted, Hi, Glenda, Rik here. I just arrived. Be there in 5 minutes.

Rik walked quickly towards the location of Glenda's business. His cock grew hard and warm with the memories of the last visit. He was disappointed when he heard the model he had seen on his previous visit no longer worked there, but Glenda had assured him of a 'surprise'.

Rik walked to the door of the boutique and rang the bell. Glenda appeared almost immediately and ushered him in. “Rik, welcome, it's been too long. How was your trip?”

“Glenda, great to be here, It has been... ah, a great... trip... gulp.”

Rik was stopped in his tracks by the scene in front of him. The main shop had been stripped bare. Almost all the stock, it seemed, had been removed. In its place, in the center of the floor, was a gorgeous blonde, barely clothed, balancing on a rotating, round platform. Rik could not stop himself from staring at her.

To say she was dressed would be overstatement. The bottom of the dress barely cover the bottom of her buttocks and her tits threatened to spill over the top of her dress. The blonde's bust seemed to glisten with the drool that had collected there. A thin thread of spittle connecting her lower lip to her tits.

Her red lips were parted by a large matching red ball bag, parting her mouth in a wide 'O', the model's white teeth in sharp contrast with the red rubber ball. The girl's wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles were bound by leather cuffs fixed together by chains. Each cuff was further secured with tiny, brass padlocks. A chain was further attached from her wrist cuffs to an rotating eye link in the ceiling, forcing her into a mild strappado. The strappado forced her ass out and revealed her bust.

“Rik, meet Alice. She just started working here so don't be too harsh if she makes a mistake.”

Glenda pulled a chair behind Rik and gestured him to sit. He gladly accepted, hiding his erection discretely with his hand. Glenda handed him a catalogue and a glass of red wine.

“Alice?” he questioned.

“Alice, Alice in Wonderland. Or I suppose Alice in Bondage Land.”

The model jumped when Glenda playfully patted her round ass. Rik marvelled at the genuine fear that the model seemed to emote. He slowly placed the catalogue on his crotch to hide his hard-on and had a sip of the wine.

“So is 'Alice' one of your new models?”

Rik couldn't help but stare. As the buxom blonde slowly rotated on the platform he could see her at all angles without getting up from the chair. As her front slowly spun by she tried to make eye contact. Her pale blue eyes widened as she mumbled through her gag. The drool around her lips began to form small bubbles as wet, slurping words tried to escape around the red ball. She shifted her feet as much as she could, which wasn't much as her ankle chain was tied to the edge of the platform. The strappado forced her forward, giving him full view of her drool-sodden bust. Rik noticed a small pool had begun to form on the floor of the platform at her feet.

As she spun around the model struggled to maintain eye contact, looking to her side while trying to maintain her balance. Rik gazed at her toned legs covered in thigh-high white stockings. Soon he got a full view of her ass, her dignity covered with frilled, french knickers. Her toned legs quivered with the strain. The model looked over her shoulder again trying desperately to make eye contact.

“UUHHVV EEHHNN EEHHDD NNAAPPPEDD!” she repeated. The words came out in a wet slurping noise. The vowels garbled like baby speak.

“Now Alice here has annoyed the Mad Hatter, Rik. She has to remain here like this until she learns some manners. Do you like Alice's outfit?”

“What? Oh yes. It's very cute.” Rik stammered.

“We offer a discount if you buy the outfit with the matching underwear. More wine?”

Rik noticed his glass was empty. In the corner of his eye he saw something move. Was there something there. He could see a cage and a mannequin inside. This mannequin, however, was moving. Glenda noticed Rik and walked towards the cage.

“Ah, this is our other model. She annoyed the Mad Hatter even more than 'Alice'. Tried to rob his Hat.”

“Wow!” Rik whispered to himself.

Glenda stood by the cage, her hand on the chain that ran from the top of the captive's panel gag to the ceiling. The girl in the cage wiggled left and right in the tiny confines of the metal cage.

“Seems the Mad Hatter doesn't like thieves. Don't be shy, honey. Have a closer look.”

Glenda pretended not to notice as Rik fixed his erection before he stood up, still using the catalogue to hide his crotch. 'Alice' grunted loudly at him as he passed by. But his attention was fixed upon the chocolate-skin 'model' in the cage.

“Come on, take a good look. This girl has gone to a lot of trouble for you.”

Rik circled around the cage. His eyes slowly gazing up and down her body, drinking in every detail of the scene before him. The girl in the cage was naked, her only clothes was a pink corset which was impossibly tight. How she could breathe in that he couldn't fathom. The corset seemed to be over a pink leather body harness which cut her pussy in two. Pink leather cuffs attached her knees and ankles tightly together. Her arms were hidden and crushed by a tight leather armbinder. Pink leather belts were tied along the armbinder to complete her submission. The girl was squeezed by the confines of the cage, her naked tits protruding through the bars. Her brown nipples were hard from the slight chill in the room.

“Oh, by the way, the armbinder and gag are on special offer if bought together.” Glenda smiled as she stroked the model's hair.

“Mmmmm, I'll take them. And the Alice outfit. Put it on my credit card.” Rik was almost annoyed to be interrupted.

The head movement of the girl in the cage was totally restricted by a long, thick, leather collar that ran from her shoulders to her lower chin. The panel gag almost totally masked her lower face, its thick straps digging into the models face. The panel around her mouth was strapped in so tight that her cheeks bulged over the sides of the panel. Rik noticed that the chain attached from the ceiling to the head harness forced the girl onto her toes in the cage. The models wide, brown eyes followed him and then glanced quickly at the chain above her head, then Glenda. The only sounds were the tinkle of the chains, rattle of the cages bars and a low series of muffled, wet grunts.

“Is she OK?” Rik asked. He noticed the sheen of sweat on her forehead and on her shoulders.

“She's fine,” Glenda assured him rubbing the girl's hair, “she loves this.

“Uuuhhhpppp, mmmm, uummpphh.....” the 'model' shook her head in the confines of the leather collar. Too little for Rik to notice. Her eyes stung from the sweat that flowed from her forehead. Drool collected around the huge penis gag that stifled her mouth and she was forced to swallow it back to prevent choking. However, the drool started to built up begun again as soon as she swallowed. Her unintelligible mumbles were further silenced by the thick leather panel tightly strapped over her lips.

Glenda produced an identical gag for Rik to inspect. “This is the exact same gag Nancy is wearing now.” She almost stumbled over the name. There was no need for Rik to know the girl's real name.

“Wow, she has this in her mouth?” Rik marvelled at the thick, black, veined, rubber penis that was fixed to the panel.

“...mmmphh uuummppp uufffhh mmm” the model mumbled at Rik, her brown eyes fixed on him desperately.

He imagined the rubber penis gag in the black girl's mouth and felt himself get hard. The girls performance was incredible, he thought.

“She sure has. Good practice for her, don't you think, Rik? If you buy the whole outfit, gag, armbinder, and straps, you receive a 10% discount.”

“I can't see my wife agreeing to wear any of this,” Rik laughed, somewhat bitterly.

“In that case, Rik, we offer a service for good customers like you. You can have private 'shows' with our models.”

“What do you mean?”

“We do web-cam show for our best customers, like you. You decide on the girl, her outfit, the scenario.”

“So I decide what happens?” Rik stared hungrily at the black girl.

The caged girl could feel his desire. Her struggles grew more frantic but her tight bondage kept her from moving too much. All she achieved was putting more strain on her already tortured body.

“Yes. You could be at home in your bedroom, glass of wine in hand watching, 'Nancy' here.”

“Tied up?” Rik asked.

“Bound and gagged.” Glenda smiled.

“What else?” Rik stared at the caged girl's tits.

“Spanking, whipping, hot wax, vibrators, Nancy is a very open minded girl.”

Glenda took Rik's hand and placed it on the caged girl's breast.

“Mmmmmm nuuuhhhpphh nuuuhhh ufffffpphh.”

The model garbled words meant nothing to Rik. He slowly looked her up and down. The caged girl wiggled as much as she could but her struggles just further aroused Rik.

“She's quite an actress. I'll do it.”

“Great. You won't regret it. I think 'Nancy' likes you.”

Out of Rik's line of sight, Glenda grabbed the back of the girl's head and pushed her head forward and pulled it back. To Rik it looked like she was nodding a yes.

“Uuuurrrrggggkkkhhhh.....” the model rolled her eyes in misery. As Glenda pushed her head forward sweated dribbled onto her eyes, stinging them, and when she brought her head back drool flowed back down her throat, almost choking her.

Rik sat back on the chair. His imagination was running riot as he thought of possible positions. His attention was brought back towards the blonde in the center of the room. Her legs were amazing. She no longer tried to get his attention. All her focus was now on maintaining her balance on the rotating platform. The muscles on her thighs and buttocks quivered from the effort. A trickle of drool swayed like a pendulum from her ball gag.

The eyes of the black girl in the cage were shut tight in discomfort and concentration. A series of soft moans and grunts were the only sounds the two girls made.

“Make yourself comfy, Rik, I'll be back in a tick.” Glenda chirped as she left the room.

'She seemed happy,' Rik mused. It was no wonder, considering how much money he had spent. Subscribing to the web camera show would cost even more, but Rik knew it would be worth it.

“Nuuhmmm, nuummm mmmm ufffhhhh”

The blonde suddenly seemed to realise she was now alone (if you didn't count the girl in the cage) with Rik. She raised her head with much effort and gabbled through her gag. Rik was woken from his daydream of using the black girl in the cage.

“Who me?” Rik pointed a himself.

“Nuhhhfffp mmmmmuhhhhh urrrgghhhh” the blond stared at him and nodded her head backwards.

Rik got up and walked towards her. The blonde panted through her nose. “What do you want, gorgeous?”

“Mmmmm uh. AAAKKKEE OOUUUFFF AAGGGGG,” she nodded backwards again, her eyes wide and pleading.

“Take off the gag? You want me to ungag you?”


She nodded her head up and down quickly. The relief in her eyes was obvious as Rik began to unbuckle the ball gag. The straps dug into the side of the girl's face. He found unbuckling the ball difficult due to it's tightness. At last he untied it. The straps fell to the side of the girls face but the ball remained in her mouth.

“There you go,” Rik could not resist placing his hand on her ass.

“UHHHLLLLL EEHH OOOOTTTTT. OOOHHH” the blonde pleaded, nodding and waving her head left and right. The sounds left her lips in a wet, slurping noise.

“Pull it out? Oh, pull it out, OK.” Rik gathered the straps in his hand and gently pulled the ball out.

The red, sodden ball left her mouth with a loud 'popping' sound followed by a trail of drool.

“Ooooohhhh, ahhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm,” the blonde panted, working her jaw trying to relieve the numbness.

“Better?” Rik asked, stroking her thigh.

“Mmmmmmmmm, uh huh,” the blonde nodded, drool still flowed from her mouth. Red marks were left on her cheeks where the straps had dug in. The model seemed to find talking difficult.

“Ahhh, kid, uh, napped,” she panted, her jaw still stiff and unwilling to move, “ahhh, kidnapped, please......”

Her sentence was cut short by the two swinging doors suddenly opening. Rik and the blonde stared over. Glenda and Jack pushed the bound Nadia into the room on a waist high table on castors.

“Tah-Dahhhhh,” Glenda chimed musically. She saw the ungagged Roz and walked straight over to her.

“Wow.” Rik was transfixed by the sight of the bound Nadia.

“Hi Rik. Wow is right,” Jack replied, he too, was staring at the ungagged Roz.

Nadia wasn't staring at anyone. She was engrossed in her own private torment. Nadia had tried some light bondage before with previous boyfriends. Furry handcuffs and such. The past few days had been a brutal education. Her previous escape attempt brought her education to a painfully higher level. She had been quickly forced to change into lingerie after her ill-fated escape attempt. Cream with black lace matching bra, knickers, and suspender belt. The bra pushed up her ample boobs yet barely covered her nipples. Her look was completed with black stockings and shiny black stilettos. Glenda then directed her to put on make-up. Lip gloss, mascara, eye-liner, all to enhance Nadia's beauty.

Jack then bound Nadia tightly to a waist-high wooden table with a thick 6 inch by 3 inch wooden beam on one end. The horizontal beam was raised off the table about half an inch, which allowed ropes to pass through. Nadia was forced to do the splits on the table and put on her chest. Rope tightly bound her to the beam at the ankles, the upper thigh and just above her knees. With Glenda's help Jack tied Nadia's elbows together. Then he looped rope around her shoulders and wrists and pulled hard, bringing them together tightly. He repeated the ordeal on the other arm giving Nadia arms a similar angle to a chicken wing. While Jack was finishing tying her knots Glenda plaited her hair with a long length of rope. Nadia's hair was pulled back in a severe pony tail. When Glenda was finally satisfied with the plait she pulled the rope, first forcing her head back and then raising her chest off the table, arching her backwards. Glenda then pulled the bra slightly down, exposing Nadia's nipples, and attached clamps to each nipple and then tightly tied the clamps to either side of the table. This had the effect of pulling Nadia's tortured nipples in opposite directions.

The blonde was temporarily silenced by the sight of Nadia. By the time she got her wits back it was too late. “Please help, kidnamPPPPPPHHHHH! Mmmmmpphh!”

Glenda calmly walked over and sealed her lips with her right hand and gently relieved Rik of the gag with her free left hand. Rik was totally engrossed in the sight of the bound Nadia. Glenda subtly turned off the motor that rotated the platform Roz was on. She glared angrily at her while Rik was distracted.

“So what were you and 'Alice' discussing,” Glenda asked, as she waved the gag in front of the blonde's eyes. Roz followed the wet rubber ball with her terrified eyes as it swung left then right.

“What, oh, nothing.” Rik muttered absent mindedly as he walked towards Nadia and Jack.

“Quite flexible isn't she?” Jack asked.

“I think she surprised herself at how flexible she is.” Glenda said to Jack as she gripped Roz's nose tightly.

The strappadoed girl's mouth opened instinctively with a 'mwaahhhhh' sound. She squinted her eyes shut in pain. Glenda roughly shoved the ball into the blonde's mouth behind her teeth and swiftly, tightly, and painfully buckled the gag home.

“I'll deal with you later, bitch.” Glenda whispered into Roz's ear.


While Rik inspected the incredibly uncomfortable Nadia, Glenda pulled the chain that attached Roz's wrists to the ceiling. Roz arms were pulled painfully up, forcing her from the previous uncomfortable 45 degree angle to an agonising 90 degrees.

“UUUUHHHHFFFFFFF.” Roz grunted as she felt her shoulders groan under the strain. For a second she feared that they were dislocated.

Quickly Glenda shortened the length of chain that attached the cuffs on Roz's elbows and knees until her knees bent totally inwards and her elbows were almost touching. Glenda ignored Roz's pained grunts and pulled her dress up over her ass, completely revealing it. She pulled the dress' front down and the bra with it, so Roz's breasts spilled out for all to see.

“This will teach you,” Glenda muttered as produced a pair of nipple clamps, a metal chain attaching both together.

“Nuh uh, nuh uh. Nuh oohhrrrr” Roz shook her head, pleading.

“UH HUH,” Glenda nodded up and down and attached the clamps to Roz's tender nipples.

“GRRAAmmmmmmpphh..” Glenda stifled Roz's scream by clamping her hand over the girl's mouth.

Glenda then took a length of string from her breast pocket and tied one end to the chain between the nipple clamps and tightly tied the other end to the platform. She then turned the platform on and whispered in Roz's ear. “The more noise you make the longer you stay like this, so be quiet.”

“Mmmmmpppphh uh uh” Roz closed her eyes and bit down on her gag.

Glenda walked beside Rik, put her hand on his shoulder and smiled. “So, how do you like our other new model?”

She looked down. Rik's massive erection gave her a hint as to his reply.

End of part 6

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