Bondage Boutique
by Jubal Jackson

Part 5

'The bitch is enjoying it,' Roz thought as she watched the spectacle.

The unfortunate crook that Jack had apprehended earlier had spent the last few hours licking and nuzzling his balls and cock. The nameless black girl was trapped in the seat of the chair with an invisible buzzing vibrator between her legs. Her mouth was forced open in a very wide 'O' shape by the ring gag. It appeared to Roz that when the buzzing toy between her legs sprang to life the thief seemed to enjoy her predicament.

With gusto the captive girl licked, her head nodding up and down in a furious rhythm. She slurped and murmmered as she pleasured Jack. Her moans slowly grew in volume as time went on. Her head nodded faster as her licks and slurps increased tempo.

“Don't slow down, mmmmm,” Jack groaned whle he slowly stroked the thief's head.

“Nuuuhh uuuhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, ssssslllllluuurrrrpppphh..” the thief replied.

The spectacle continued, Roz marveling at the girl's stamina. Finally with a roar the girl came and bent her head forward resting in Jacks crotch, panting heavily.

“You come?” Jack asked, he switched off the vibrator from the control panel on the arm of the chair.

“mmmmm, uh huh, uh huh,” the thief tiredly answered.

“I didn't. Keep licking!” snapped Jack.

“Uuuuurrggggh, uuhhhh.. sllllllluuurrrrpphhh.” the thief resumed her task, twisting and nodding her head as she licked Jack's family jewels. Her moans of pleasure now replaced by groans of discomfort and cramps. The thief continued on diligently until, much, much later Jack reached climax and came with a loud groan.

“Oooohhhh! Good girl,” he smiled, closed his eyes and dozed on the chair, his source of pleasure panting heavily, her head resting less than an inch from his balls. His warm, now flaccid, cock resting against her face.

What seemed like hours passed until Jack suddenly sprang back into life. “Jesus, is that the time,” Jack struggled off the chair, the poor girl still locked in between his legs, “we have an early start tomorrow. Time for bed.”

“UURGGH, EEHHDDD?” Roz's reply was stifled by the ball in her mouth and the thick leather panel buckled over her lips.

She shivered as Jack climbed off the chair. He was still totally naked from the waist down. His now flaccid manhood glistened with saliva and droll.

“Ehhhhddd?” Jack laughed, “you mean 'bed.' You can have the couch, our new friend can have the chair. I'll crash on the bed. Try and get some sleep. Don't make too much noise and don't stay up all night talking.”

Jack climbed into the unmade bed that lay in the far corner of the room and pulled the duvet over him. Roz stared over at him, jealous of him in his comfortable bed. The poor thief was still tightly bound in the strange chair. Only her head was visible. She desperately looked left and right, uncertain what was going on. She strained her head back at Roz, her eyes wide and pleading.

“OK, good night girls, see you in the morning,” Jack called as he switched off the lights with a remote he held in his hand.

The cellar was plunged into a darkness. Roz despaired as the light faded. All thoughts of escape left her head. The bound burglar wailed in her uncomfortable position. The thought of spending the night in the chair was nightmarish. Her limbs cramped awfully.

“AAAWWWHHHHHH OOOOOHHH!” the thief wailed.


“Girls. If you don't shut up I'll make you even more uncomfortable. GO TO SLEEP!” Jack snapped.

The two captive moaned quietly and accepted their fate miserably. The hours passed by slowly. Roz lay uncomfortably listening to the bound burglars grunt and murmur to herself. Roz was thankful not to be restricted in that hellish chair.

* * *

A loud 'cock 'a'doodle doo from Jack's phone alarm woke Roz from her light sleep. Roz had shifted and rolled trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. Instead of finding a comfortable position Roz tumbled from the couch onto the floor. She tried to struggle back onto the couch but after several failed attempts she groaned and slept on the floor. The hard floor of the cellar was far from ideal but it was a thousand times better than the burglars position. The thief's arms and legs cramped horribly in their tight bondage. Constant animalistic grunt and moans could be heard from her through the night and early morning.

“Up and at them girls,” Jack climbed from his bed, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and stretching his arms. His manhood stood erect in a large 'morning glory.'

“uuuuuuhhhhhh, muuuuhhhhhhfff.” Roz answered feebly. Drool had pooled below her mouth where she lay on the ground. She was too weak after all her ordeals even to move.

“rrrrrrrrgggghhhh, uuuuurrrrrrrr....” the thief mumbled in her predicament.

Jack walked into the kitchen and Roz could hear rummaging and the clink of plates and dishes. She raised her head up, her stomach felt sick from the lack of food and sleep. Her brain was fuzzy from the hours of discomfort.

“OK girls, first breakfast, then bathroom and shower, then we have to get you ready for the day.”

Jack reappeared from the kitchen with two metal bowls in his hand. Roz recognised them as dog dishes. The names '”Fido” and “Rex” was printed on the front of the bowls. One of them even had the faded cartoon image of a smiling dog. He walked towards the captives and placed the bowls on the coffee table.

“Hope you girls like cereal.” Jack bent down beside Roz, “You slept on the floor? Couch not comfortable?”

“UUUHHHHHH.” Roz answered.

“Now I'm going to take off your gag so you can eat. If you scream it goes straight back in and no food or drink till tomorrow, understand?” Jack asked, grabbing her hair and yanking her head back painfully.

“UUUURRRRKKK! UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH.” Roz tried to nod but it was hard with Jack pulling her head back. The pain had woken her more than the alarm.

Jack slowly unbuckled the series of straps that tightly held the panel gag in place. Roz moaned in relief as one by one they were released. Finally he undid the last strap and pulled the panel and red ball from her lips. A torrent of drool followed the gag onto the floor. Roz's lipstick was smeared awfully across her lips.

“MMMMMMWAAAHHHHHH.” she moaned, her mouth finally released from it's torment. Her jaw was numb from it's many hours pried open by the red ball. Roz was uncertain if she could talk, never mind scream, her mouth was so numb. The gag left indentations on her face where it had dug in to her flesh.

Jack unceremoniously plonked the dog dish full of cereal and milk under her nose. Part of the drool hanging from her lips landed into the milk.

“Eat up Roz, quickly now. We need to hurry.”

Roz bit her lower lip and nodded meekly. Slowly she lowered her head and lapped at the milk like a cat. Jack attended the thief while Roz slurped on her breakfast hungrily.

“OK you, same for you. No screaming or no food or drink for twenty four hours.”

The thief nodded her head up and down slowly. A large pool of saliva had built up overnight under her chin. She squinted her eyes in discomfort as Jack roughly untied the ring gag and pulled it from her mouth.


Jack placed the bowl in front of her face and smiled. “Eat up. I'm going to clean up. Once I'm finished I clean up the dishes if you're finished or not.”

The burglar gulped, nodded and then buried her head into the bowl, devouring the meal.

“You girls are hungry,” Jack laughed as he left the two girls to their meager meal.

Roz never noticed him leaving. Her entire focus was lapping up the first meal she had in hours. She moaned as the cereal finally satisfied her hunger. In the background she could hear her companion slurp up her meal. Roz finally finished her breakfast and lay on the ground, her mouth, lips and chin covered in milk. After many minutes Roz struggled up, the strap of her straitjacket riding up her crotch and sat on her bum on the floor.

“Hey, you. You OK?” Roz called to her new room-mate. The thief had finished slurping her food minutes before and since then moaned softly to herself.

“Nooooo. Get me out of this thing.” the thief complained. She turned her head around trying to glimpse at Roz.

Roz struggled to her feet and staggered over to the chair. Roz's muscles ached from the bondage and lack of sleep. Roz gazed down at the unfortunate black girl. She was very pretty, full lips, brown eyes. Her hair was tousled from her previous ordeals and her cheeks and lips were marked from her earlier gag. The seat of the chair and her lower chin was sodden with drool. She looked exhausted from her exertions and bondage.

“It's kind of difficult for me to help you,” Roz shifted in the straitjacket to emphasize the point, “and anyway I think that asshole wouldn't be very happy."

Roz also enjoyed seeing the thief in her predicament. She deserved this for trying to rob her. Roz was beautiful, ambitious and ruthless, she was not however, smart. It still hadn't occurred to her that Jack had just ransacked her apartment. Her belongings were in temporary storage in the same cellar she was currently in.

“I'm Roz, who are you?”

“Laura,” the thief panted, she gritted her teeth as her limbs spasmed in pain, “Christ I need to get out of her before my arms fall off. What's going...”

Laura was cut off in mid sentence by the reappearance of Jack, showered and dressed.

“You girls finished breakfast? Good. Now Roz I'm bringing you to shower and whatever else.”

Jack grabbed Roz's butt and encouraged her forward. He pushed her out of the enclosed area leaving Laura alone.

“Don't worry, you. I'll be back very soon.”

The thief gulped and closed her eye's at the news.

Jack pushed Roz out of the cellar and up the steps. Finally they were back on the ground floor. He coaxed her to a door and then opened it. Inside the room was a black makeup table, spotlights arranged along the frame of the mirror. A soft, red leather chair was place in front of the makeup table. A huge variety of product lay carefully on the table. In a corner was an old, worn wardrobe. To the back of the makeup studio was a cramped, en-suite toilet and shower. The one obvious thing missing was windows.

“Now I'm going to release you. You have two hours to get ready for the day. Make the most of it.”

Jack began to unstrap the heavy, black leather straitjacket from Roz's body. Roz moaned in relief as the strap that rode up her crotch was finally released.

“Ooohhh, thank God,” she groaned.

Jack tugged the jacket off leaving Roz naked before him. The material of the jacket clung to her skin where the sweat had acted almost like a glue. It came from her skin with a faint 'ripping' sound. Roz coyly crossed her arms over her tits and crossed her legs. Her torso was covered in stale, salty sweat from her struggles. Her bladder and bowels cried out to be released.

“OK, enjoy your shower,” Jack pushed Roz into the room and locked the door.

“Oh Christ!” Roz groaned as she scampered to the toilet.

The hot shower was heaven. The water washed away the sweat, drool and aches from the previous hours of hell. She wrapped her wet body in the large towel that hung in the shower and walked into the makeup room. She walked to the red armchair and dropped into it's embrace.

“Oh God, that's better,” she moaned.

Roz stared into the mirror and a tired face with smeared makeup glared back. Roz glanced across the table, found makeup remover and cotton pads and slowly began to remove her ruined makeup. She had finally finished removing her war paint when a voice cut it on a speaker high on the wall which Roz had not noticed till now.

“Welcome to your new home,” Glenda's voice was recognizable, “I hope you enjoyed your shower. Please hurry and make yourself beautiful. You'll find everything you need. Clothes are in the wardrobe behind you. Put on the outfit. Failure to make yourself beautiful or not putting on the outfit... well you don't want to know.” Roz pushed herself from the chair and walked towards the wardrobe. She opened the doors and looked inside.

“THAT!” she exclaimed.

* * *

Laura shifted in the chair. The straps that held her limbs cuts into her skin painfully. The seat of the chair crushed her shoulders beneath its weight. She debated to herself whether or not to call for help. She had just decided to scream out when Jack walked back in.

“OK, you. I'm back.”

Laura moaned miserably at the news, shaking her head.

“Don't be like that, I'm going to let you out.”

“Oh God, please.” Laura begged.

Jack unlocked the seat of the unique chair and pulled it off finally releasing her head. Next he unbuckled her legs from the base and lifted her from the chair entirely. The thief moaned softly as she tumbled onto the hard floor and stretched out her legs. She slowly arched, kicked and stretched her muscular legs trying to get feeling back into them.

While Laura lay prone on the ground Jack unbuckled the belt that bound her wrists. She sighed as the belts were finally released.

“Ahhhh. Thanks.” she panted, twisting her hands and wriggling her fingers.

Jack remained silent, he unbuckled the final belt that bound her elbows, loosened it by four notches and then re-buckled it.

“Can't let you totally free, can I?” Jack picked Laura up and knelt her on the ground, she peered up at him with her wide, brown eyes, milk stains around her lips from her earlier breakfast. Her eyes were puffy and heavy from lack of sleep.

Jack sat on the couch and beckoned at Laura with his finger.

“Come over,” he laconically ordered.

Laura now knew better than to hesitate. He shifted over on her knees towards Jack, her semi-numb arms flaying about from the elbows. Her large tits swayed as she struggled over. Laura bit her lower lip, the normally easy challenge made harder by her bound elbows and numb limbs. Jack place his hand on her head and guided her towards his crotch. Quickly he undid his zip and fumbled out his cock and balls. Laura stared wide-eyed at his huge manhood.

“Quickly now, the wife will be here soon.”

Jack pinched her nipples as Laura open her wide mouth, wrapped her luscious lips around the tip and gobbled his cock. She had just began to feel his cock to grow hard in her mouth when he gently tapped his finger on her forehead. She gazed up at him with her brown eyes.


“No biting now!” he warned.

“Uh huh.” she nodded, his now fully grown shaft filling her mouth.

“Continue,” he ordered.

Laura complied with a slurping, wet sound.

* * *

“Alice in fucking wonderland?” Roz said to herself.

She angled herself in front of the mirror to get a look at herself. She crinkled her nose in disgust at her outfit.

“I look stupid,” she whined.

Roz wore a powder blue mini-dress with a white, frilly apron-like front. A black belt went around her waist. Her legs were covered with thigh high, horizontally striped stockings. On her feet she wore sky-high 'stripper' shoes.

The skirt was way too short, barely covering the cheeks of her ass, if she bent over the world would get a eye-full of the frilly, lace knickers that she was provided with in the wardrobe. The dress was too tight and way too low cut. The top of her tits spilled over the top of the outfit, giving more than a glimpse of the bra which matched her knickers. The dress was so tight that for a while Roz worried that it would rip while she put it on. The outfit was finished off with a black hairband with powder blue bow.

Before Roz had 'dressed' she had carefully applied the make-up supplied and styled her hair. She savoured the experience of not being bound and gagged.

“Well, at least I'm dressed,” Roz mused.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the clicking of the lock. The door opened and Jack stood there with Laura before him. He held her, his arm linked through her elbows behind.

“You're dressed, good! Now come with me,” Jack beckoned to Roz, “You, you get ready, I'll bring your outfit after you shower,” Jack pushed Laura into the room.

Roz nervously stood in the hall with Jack as he locked the door on Laura. She gazed up and down the hall looking for an escape. Thoughts of escape were extinguished quickly when Jack roughly grabbed her arms behind her back, held them at the elbow and pushed her forward.

“OOWWWW, careful,” Roz cried.

“Quickly, no time to lose.” Jack ignored her cry and pushed her quickly down the hall into the shop.

“Oh you look marvelous Roz,” Glenda cried as she entered the shop, “And to think I was going to sell you.”

“MMMMPPPHHH?” Roz tried to answer but the rubber ball in her mouth prevented her.

“Alice in Wonderland, you make a great Alice, Roz.” Glenda sat at the desk in a plush leather chair.

Roz stood on her old friend, the rotating platform. Thick, wide leather cuffs on her ankles were chained to the edges, forcing her legs apart. Leather cuffs bound her hands behind her back and more cuffs also bound her ankles and elbows. The chains were kept looser than before, for which Roz was thankful. Roz spent over an hour rotating slowly in the room, shifting uncomfortably in her ridiculously high heels.

“So where's my darling husband?” Roz cooed as she inspected her nails.

“UUUHH, UUHHHH,” Roz grunted, nodding her head towards the door.

As if in answer the door open and Jack entered pulling a leash behind him.

“I come bearing gifts!” Jack declared as he pulled his new captive behind him

Laura shuffled awkwardly behind him. Walking on the heels she was wearing would be awkward enough normally, the high stilettos forcing Laura to support her weight on her toes. Walking was made even more difficult with the short chains that were attached to the leather cuffs on her ankles. Her knees were bound tightly together with a thick leather belt. The captured burglar's arms were wrapped in a pink leather mono-glove.

Her torso and crotch were confined with the straps of a pink, patent leather body harness, it straps snaking over her chocolate coloured body. Laura's waist was crushed into a matching pink leather corset which sculpted her frame into an almost cartoon like figure.

A wide slave collar curtailed her neck while a massive panel gag completely masked the lower part of Laura's face. Starting just below her nose it then curved up over her cheeks. A series of straps securing it to her head crossed over her face and over and behind her head. The gag was strapped on so tight Laura cheeks bulged over the leather panel. Laura's eyes darted left and right nervously as she struggled into the room.

“Oh Jack, she's lovely,” Glenda cooed as Laura gingerly stepped behind Jack.

Glenda stood up, walked towards Jack and lovingly kissed him on the lips. She eyed him suspiciously.

“Did you fuck her?” she asked menacingly.

“No, honey, of course not. Did I?” Jack looked back at Laura.

Whether Laura said yes or no Roz could not make out. All she could hear was a series of tortured, gurgling grunts and mumbles.

'Whatever's stuck in her mouth must be massive.' Roz thought to herself

“OK, install out new friend in the cage. Did you happen to catch her name?” Glenda asked.

“No, didn't think to ask. Does it matter?” Jack replied, leading the bound girl to the cage in the corner of the room.

“AHH AAMME AAUUUURAAHH, AUURRAHH, UUMMPH.” from Laura's grunts and attempts to talk Roz guessed her name was very important to her.

She stared nervously at the metal cage she was being led to. She pleaded to both Jack and Glenda for mercy as the cage got closer.


Jack guided Laura into the cage, placed her in position and closed the door. He slid over the bolt and locked it with a padlock. This seemed like overkill as the caged girl couldn't access the bolt with her gloved arms. The cage was cramped and Laura barely squeezed into the tight confines. The metal bars squeezed her tits, ass and arms. The cage rattled as Laura flexed against the bars of her cage.

“A bit tight in there, is it?” Jack asked as he attached a chain to the top of the panel gag.


Laura roll her eyes up struggling to see what Jack was trying to achieve. Her curiosity was answered when pulled the chain, tugging her head up. The poor girl found herself on her tippy-toes the chain pulling her from the floor of the cage. Laura ground her teeth into the rubber, penis shaped gag that violated her mouth, her face contorted in discomfort as the chain pulled on her head, the straps digging further into her face.


“OK, honey, Nadia is in the back of the van. Can you be a dear and get her ready. The customer will be here in a little over an hour.”

“No problem, honey,” Jack pecked Glenda on the cheek and left the room, leaving Glenda with the two bound girls.

Glenda silently paced around Roz slowly, drinking in her body with evil eyes. Occasionally she glanced at Laura, dangling in her cage. Only the sound of the chains of Roz's cuffs jinglings and the grunts and moans of both girls broke the silence.

“So Roz,” Glenda finally spoke, “did my husband fuck her?”

“NUUHHH, NUUHHH FUUHHHF.” the words came from Roz's mouth wet and slurping.

“NUH UH! NUH UH!” the thief tried to shake her head, the cage rattled with her exertions.

Glenda walked towards the exit, she ran her hand across Roz's upper thigh as she walked past.

“OK, I believe you, for now. I'm making some tea, you girls want some?” Glenda's voice sounded doubtful

Roz caught Laura's eye as Glenda left them alone. The thief gazed back for a second before squeezing her eyes shut, her face bearing testament to the strain her body was under. Sweat was beginnig to collect on her forehead, drool tricked down from her chin to her round tits.

'Well I didn't really lie to Glenda,' Roz thought to herself as she observed the thief's agonies, 'they didn't fuck. She licked his balls and sucked his cock.'

End of part 5

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