Bondage Boutique
by Jubal Jackson

Part 3

One moment Roz was lounging on the couch watching Nadia parading around in lingerie, the next she was trying to fight off Jack and Glenda. The room had exploded in music at a deafening volume. Immediately Jack's thick arm wrapped around her neck in a tight grip. Roz opened her mouth to scream and Glenda shoved a wad of cloth quickly behind her teeth.

“Wow you really gave me a jump there. So what do you want me to do?” Nadia shouted to be heard over the din.

“Just stay as you are Nadia, actually can you shuffle in a circle so we can take you from all angles?” Glenda replied as she pushed the cloth into the back of Roz's mouth.

“Grmmmmm, akkkkh, nuuhhhmm.” Roz twisted her body, her cries of help crushed by the gag. She kicked her legs blindly, waving her hands in the air.

Nadia stood there dumb in her bondage. Her view of the drama hidden by the blindfold., the sound of Roz's struggles hidden by the loud music.

“I'll try but its hard with my legs wide apart.” Nadia shouted over the music.

“For me darling, try please” Glenda replied as he dodged Roz's powerful kicks.

Jack pulled Roz over the back of the couch. Roz's arms were waving, her legs kicking. Glenda delivered a savage punch into the struggling girl's solar plexus. The punch knocked the fight out of the desperate girl. Her body went limp and Jack quickly dragged her into to the next room. Glenda hurriedly gathered Roz's phone and handbag and threw them into the room, closing the door quickly behind them.

“Is everything OK out there? Can we turn the music down please Glenda.” Nadia shouted. She slowly and awkwardly stumbled around with her legs wide apart.

* * *

Once in the other room Jack quickly pulled Roz's top off and speedily unhooked her bra . Roz groaned on the floor, a bit of cloth peeped out from between her teeth. Jack took lengths of rope from a plastic bag he had stashed earlier in the corner. He secured the cloth gag in Roz's mouth tightly with the rope. Her lips were pulled back in a grin when he tightly knotted the rope. Jack took another length of rope, doubled it and quickly looped it around her elbows. With one quick pull Roz's elbows met. The shock of her elbows being brought together swiftly brought Roz back to her senses. Her eyes widened in shock and pain, her cry muffled by the cloth stuffed deep in her mouth.


“Did that sting? Sorry,” Jack chortled. He quickly pulled off Roz's trainers.

She tried to kick him away but soon Jack had removed her bottoms and smalls. She swung her arms around her side furiously but her bound elbows made her efforts futile. Yet another length of rope was pulled from the bag, doubled, then looped around her knees. Roz had resorted to rolling on her tummy, bucking up and down like a wild horse. As Roz's toned ass bucked up and down Jack felt his cock growing hard. He savagely pulled the rope around Roz's knees. Roz's knees connected together sharply, Roz squealed in pain and tumbled onto her side.


“Jesus. You are a fighter.”

With alarming alacrity Jack efficiently bound Roz's calves to her thighs. Roz whimpered and mewled into the wad stuffed in her mouth as Jack wound ropes around her tits and shoulders. She miserably followed ropes as they criss- crossed her body. Jack stood back and admired his handy work. Roz stared at the ropes that encased her body. The knots painfully pinched her skin. Her wrists were still untied, with frustration she swung her arms around trying to pull at her bonds, but it was a lost cause.

“OK, OK. There's something missing.” Jack stared at Roz, lost in thought.

“Uh. AAT AA OU OOING. UHH.” Roz words were scrambled by the gag.

“Oh I know. Silly me.” Jack smiled and pulled more rope from the bag.

“NAH UH. NAH UH.” Roz shook her head as she saw more rope.

With her elbows tied Roz found it impossible to fight Jack off, though she made a noble effort. Soon her wrists were bound tightly also. The longest rope was looped around her slim waist several times. Roz temporarily stopped struggling as she tried to work out what was he doing. The struggles began again, though, once he threaded the remaining rope between her thighs, then her lips, then her ass cheeks then tightly looped around the waist and tied off at her tied wrists.


“Tight? You better get use to it babe,” Jack laughed. He pulled a small circular platform next to Roz. The platform was raised on castors, and had metal loops along the circumference.. Roz stared at it apprehensively.

“OK, you. Let me help you up here.” Jack smiled evilly.

Grabbing her rope chest harness Jack lifted her up onto the platform. Roz grunted in pain as the ropes cut into her arms, crotch and breasts. The last remaining piece of clothing remaining on her body were the socks on her feet. Jack pulled them off, shoved them in his pocket and tied her big toes to metal eyes on the platform. Other ropes bound her wrists and knees to the circular platform. Roz knelt there, her body securely tied to the platform.

“Display is one of the main arts of retail. Now one small thing.”

When Jack began to untie the rope that held her gag in Roz knew not to get her hopes up. Roz sighed as the rope loosened relieving the pressure on her cheeks and jaw. He tugged at the wad lodged in her mouth, Roz released a gasp as it was pulled free.


Roz had barely time to utter a word when Jack clamped his hand over his mouth. Jack dangled the balled up socks in his free hand and waved them in front of her.

“Time for a nice fresh gag.”

Roz instinctively opened her mouth when he pinched her nose tight. She hadn't time to react when he shoved her used socks into the back of her mouth. Roz coughed and retched while Jack secured the socks in her mouth with rope.

“EEEUUUUGGHHH.” Roz wailed into her new gag.

“Don't get too fond of the taste of your socks. I'll need to change you soon.”

Roz watched carefully as he gathered up her scattered clothes and lingerie. He carefully went through the pockets and glanced at an old invoice that was still in the tracksuit top's pocket. Roz fumed as he fingered through her hand bag, rifling through her purse. He smiled, waved the cash from her purse, and put it in his pocket.

“SSSSSSSSOLE.” Roz wailed, rocking on the platform.

“What? You won't be needing it,” Jack laughed.

He placed a small pile of papers he had gathered from her belongings into his wallet and then threw her other items unceremoniously into a black, plastic bin bag. Throwing the bin bag into the corner he walked back to where he was storing the ropes and pulled out a new device. Roz stared at it with apprehension. It appeared to be a thick black disc attached to leather straps. She had no idea what it was but now had enough experience to know that it couldn't be good.

Jack again loosened the ropes around her head, pulled out her now sodden socks, and clamped his hand over her mouth quickly.


“I think Glenda and your friend are almost finished. We need to be ready.” He displayed the black disc just under Roz's nose. “This leather gag is going into your mouth. It'll be easier for both of us if you don't fight it.”

“Please don't gag don't MMPPPHHHHH, UUHH!”

Roz shook her head as much as she could with Jack's hand restraining her lower face. The leather disc was thick, it's circumference was wider than Roz's mouth. It would not go in easy. Roz dreaded what would happen.

In a practiced motion Jack released her mouth, quickly pinched her nose and worked the wide leather plug into her gaping mouth. Gradually he worked the gag past her protesting lips, the plug stretching her lips sideways. Gathering her hair in his fist he pushed her head forward to meet the gag. With much effort, the widest part of the circular gag went past her lips. Roz struggled and kicked her feet as she strained to get her mouth around the gag. The rest of the gag went in slightly easier. Roz mewled as the gag seemed to dominate her mouth. The edges of the plug pushed her cheeks out. Her mouth was filled with it's strange, unwelcome taste. Even her dirty socks tasted better.

Jack looked over her shoulder and smiled into her face. “Now that's a gag! I bet you couldn't even spit it out even with the straps undone.”

Roz tested that theory by pushing at the back of the plug with her tongue. He was right, it was going nowhere.

Jack grabbed the straps and tightly and painfully buckled them, playfully rubbing her head.

“Your friend Nadia is in for a shock, isn't she?”

“MMMMM HMMMMMM, MMMM HMMMMM.” Roz agreed mournfully, nodding her head up and down slowly. Jack reached down and pushed a button on the bottom of the platform. It began vibrating softly and slowly spinning around.

“Just in time.” Jack said as the door handle twisted open.


Roz watched as the swung door opened and Glenda walked in pulling Nadia in on a leash.

“Jesus, Nadia looks great in that corset, bitch.” Roz thought.

“Glenda would you mind wiping the drool...” Nadia stared at Roz in shock.

* * *

'Why did I ever agree to go with that fool Nadia,' Roz thought angrily as the platform slowly spun around.

She groaned in agony as the ropes dug into her flesh. Her jaw ached from being forced open for so long. She had long ceased trying to push the leather plug from her mouth. Shifting her weight from one knee to the another only temporarily relieved the pressure. Once Glenda had dragged Nadia from the room Roz was alone again with Jack.

“Lets make sure you nice and snug,” he laughed.

He tightened almost every knot that encircled her body. Roz involuntarily sucked air in through her gag as the knots pinched her skin, causing her to make a loud slurping noises. He even tightened the gag strap one more notch. She thought her jaw would dislocate from the pressure. She panicked for several seconds as she tried to overcome her gag reflex.

“Bluuuurrrhmmm. Gluuuurrhhggggmmm.” Roz retched, her body shivering with effort.

“Oh, before I forget, I need to ask you some questions.” Jack riffled through his wallet. “Now, I'm not a patient man, so please answer truthfully and quickly.”

Jack produced sheets of papers and looked through them, “Your address is 24 Hempdale Avenue, yes?” He pinched Roz's nipple to encourage an answer.

“AAAHHH, ES, ES, EYE OME, EYE OME.” Roz frantically answered, her head nodding up and down franticly.

“Do you live alone?”

“ES, AHONE, ES.” Roz replied quickly before he could reach her nipple.

“Alarms, security?”

“NUH, NUHH.” She shook her head left and right. Struggling to talk caused her to salivate even more.

“Now if that isn't true...” Roz screamed into her gag as he cruelly pinched bother her nipples, twisting them left then right.


“I hope it is..,”

Jack just strolled off whistling, leaving her on the slowly rotating platform. He returned promptly with a metal rod with a hook on the end. For one split second Roz thought he would use it on her in some fiendish way. She shook her head from left to right, pleading with her eyes.

“Nuuuhhmm. Nuhhmmm.”

Jack laughed and put the hook on the metal bar through a ring on the side of the platform.

“Don't panic, babe, you're going to a room with a view.”

The platform was on castors and Jack easily pulled it through the door into the room where Nadia had been posing. Roz glanced around hastily and saw some leather belts on the floor. She could see her champagne glass on the ground where she dropped it when Jack and Glenda overwhelmed her. In the corner she noticed a weird, wooden box, it's door padlocked shut. A long, silvery trail of saliva lead from the door to the box. Glenda was sitting on the couch drinking the last of Roz's unfinished champagne.

“Welcome new employees,” Glenda laughed raising the glass mockingly.

“I found her address.” Jack said as he pulled the platform across the room.

“That was quick honey, well done.” Glenda congratulated

“I'll go over there as soon as I can.”

“Good. Clear out her place if you can. Make it look like she's moved,” Glenda smiled at Roz as passed by slowly on her platform. Roz mewled miserably.

“Don't worry. We'll take care of your stuff,” Jack laughed.

Jack pulled the platform into the shop itself where Nadia and Roz had arrive this morning. Roz glanced towards the door praying for rescue.

“MMMmph, mmmmmPPPPHHHH.”

“No worries babe, nobody comes here without an appointment. Like you and your friend.”

“Ooooohhmmmmppphh.” Roz hung her head in disappointment.

Jack had rearranged a shelf so he could gain access to the window display. A ramp was already set up from the shop floor to the window. Roz glanced quizzically at what Jack was doing and was excited that she could see the outside world. Her eyes widened as she saw a young couple walk by just outside the window. She realised she could see the whole street. If she could see them surely they could see her? She'd be seen and rescued. She prayed that Jack wouldn't realise his mistake.

Jack smiled down at Roz on the platform. “Brace yourself Roz.”

Roz returned the smile through her gag. It looked comical, white teeth over black leather with a strand of drool hanging from her red lower lip.

“Oooooh aaaay.” Roz replied innocently, fluttering her eyelashes.

'Throw the idiot off guard Roz, don't let him see his mistake,' she though to herself.


Jack tugged the platform and brought it swiftly up to the window. The sudden jerk almost caused Roz to choke on some drool that had collected behind the gag. While she bent over coughing Jack pushed the platform to the window where it almost touched the glass. The sight of the outside world suddenly made Roz forget about choking.

“I have some chores. You be OK here on your lonesome?” Jack cupped Roz's chin in his hand and arched her face to look up at him. His other hand cupped her naked breast.

“Aahhllll eeeeee oooohhh aaayyy. AAAhhll eee OHHH AYYY.” Roz tried to sound seductive talking through her thick leather gag.

Drool trickled from her lip onto Jack's hand. Her face betrayed a flash of disgust when he squeezed her tit. Her body glistened in the sunlight from the river of saliva that flowed over her tits and the beads of sweats from her efforts.

“Ok, be back later. Enjoy yourself.” Jack bounded off, leaving Roz alone.

Roz eyed Jack as he left the room. Once the door closed behind him she furiously renewed her struggles. She strained against the ropes that held her wrists and elbows together. The pervert had attached the ropes that bound her wrists to her crotch-rope. As she tugged it would rub against her sex causing an unwelcome tingle.

“OOOOHmmmmm, gugggh.”

She strained against the ropes that bound her thighs and calves together, no give. Slowly the platform turned. She strained her head around onto the street. Even though the street had people walking up and down nobody noticed her naked, bound body. The platform slowly rotated. Roz screamed at passer-bys who walked quickly by.


Finally an attractive woman stopped at the window and looked right at Roz.


Roz screamed into her gag, rocked back and forth on her knees. The veins in her arms, neck and forehead throbbed with the effort. Spittle flew from the gag and splattered the window.

'She must see me, she'll call the police.' Roz thought.

The pretty woman smiled, checked between her teeth, fixed her hair and them methodically put on lipstick. Roz slowly stopped rocking and stared at the woman. What the hell was she doing?

The woman put her lipstick away and shielded her eyes with her hand as she peered right into the glass.

“GRRRRMMMMMM, MMMMMPPPHHH, GRRGGGHHH.” Roz screamed into her gag.

The woman peered slowly up, down, left and right absently mindedly biting her lip as she did so. She shook her head, smiled and walked quickly away.

“WHUH UHHH EELLLL?” Roz questioned.

A familiar face suddenly appeared at the window. Staring in was her tormentor Jack. He stared right at her, fixed his hair and held up a piece of printer paper with crude, black marker writing.


“awn ayy asss? FUUHHHHHHHHKKKK!” Roz raged into her gag.

She shifted violently in her bonds as the ropes dug into her skin. The tight leather straps of her gag cut into the sides of her mouth as she screamed. The crotch rope sawed between her thighs. Sweat and spittle rolled down her body.


* * *

The journey from the boutique to home was short, only twenty minutes. Jack drove well below the speed limit, carefully stopping at lights, making sure to draw no attention at all. The police would get a surprise if they stopped the van. It would be hard to explain why he and Glenda had a semi-naked girl tied up in a cramped box. Glenda smiled as she fixed her hair in the passenger mirror.

“I like that new girl, Nadia, she's very sweet.”

“Her friend is good too. She thinks she God's gift though.” Jack replied, his eyes not leaving the road.

“She's pretty, in a common way. Lets see how they both do. If they learn that'll mean we have three girls for the party on Saturday.”

“That is if Sonja doesn't keel over. I swear that friend of yours really holds a grudge.”

“Don't worry, I'll make sure Sonja is rested properly. You make sure you leave no trace of our two new friends.” Glenda smiled at the black, wooden box in the back of the van.

* * *

From their home to Roz's place had take Jack forty minutes. The traffic was heavy and it took ages to find the street.

'Perfect,' he thought when he finally pulled up at Roz's place.

It was the second to last building down a road just off the main street. The neighbourhood seemed quiet. Jack jumped out of the van and strode over to the door. He wore a blue overall and a baseball cap. To anybody he would look like a tradesman or courier. He looked left, then right, and pulled Roz's key from his pocket.

'She left the door unlocked,' he thought, 'Or she lied about living alone.'

“Hello, Carson Couriers. Got a package.” he shouted “You need to sign for it.”

The apartment was very small. The front door lead into a hallway. He could see three doors in the hallway, all shut.

A noise from the closest room confirmed his worst fears. Something dropped and made a loud bumping noise as it fell on the floor.

“Ah. Just one minute.” the voice sounded hesitant, almost scared. It belonged to a woman.

Jack placed his right hand in his pocket. Glenda had bought the tazer online six months ago. He always brought it on these kind of jobs, fully charged. He was glad to have it now. He opened the door to the room the voice originated.

“Oh, hi?” a small, pretty, black girl stood in the center of the room, guiltily.

The room around her was turned upside down. On the coffee table on the center was a black sports bag, the top open. Jack glanced at it and saw it was half full of jewellery, items of clothing, and other belongings. It looked like she had searched the room from top to bottom. She smiled shyly and hunched her shoulders.

'She's robbing the place!' Jack thought to himself.

He suddenly felt relieved and smiled warmly at the burglar. “Hi there,” Jack smiled as he walked towards her,“I have a delivery for Roz Kaplunsky.”

He realised he didn't know Roz's last name. It wouldn't matter, he doubted the thief knew Roz's first or last name.

“I'm Roz,” she lied, smiling attractively, “what is it ... AARRGGGGGHH!”

Jack shoved the tazer in the thief's chest and pulled the trigger. Her body stood to attention stiffly, her hands flapping like a bird at her sides. Her face grimaced in pain as electricity jolted through her body. The she toppled over like a tree, still stiff and twitching.

“No you're not Roz. Roz is white, for a start.”

Jack smiled down at the burglar as she lay there.

Jack methodically went through the apartment. Thankfully it was quite small, one bedroom, one bathroom, one hardly used kitchen and a living room. He looked up and down the street as he took folded cardboard boxes out. Thankfully no one seemed to have heard the thief's scream. Room by room he unfolded the boxes, dumped Roz's belongings into them and carted them out into the van. Television, laptop, clothes, underwear, shoes, bags, perfumes, all trace of Roz's existence in this flat was slowly packed into boxes and loaded into the van. Tomorrow the same would be done in Nadia's apartment. Three hours of heavy lifting and finally he had finished, carefully settling the television in the van.

“Just one last thing,' Jack thought.

He rummaged through Roz's laundry basket, grabbed a handful of Roz's soiled smalls and stuffed them into his pockets. Whistling he waked back into the apartment.

Roz's old bedroom was now totally empty apart from the wardrobe, chest of drawers, the bed and an attractive black girl hogtied tightly on the bare mattress. Scarves and pantyhose tightly bound her wrists, knees, ankles and elbows. Her ankles were tightly linked by pantyhose to the scarf that bound her elbows. Her back arched painfully in the hogtie. An old stocking found in the laundry basket held a pair of soiled panties in her mouth. Her head encased in two pairs of dirty pantyhose, the legs tied tightly around her face to partially blindfold her and increase her misery. She had fought hard against the bonds for almost twenty minute calling for help through the dirty panty gag. Gradually the struggles grew weaker, the muffled cries further apart. For over two hours she lay on her side, an occasional laboured grunt or soft moan coming from her mouth.

She issued a series of pained grunts when Jack righted her on her belly and pulled the pantyhose hood back to over her nose. Sweat trickled from her forehead down to her chin.

“OK, thief. I'm finished here. I think I'll put you in for community service.”

He pulled the pantyhose from her lips and pulled the sodden panties from her mouth. The captured thief groaned in defeat. Jack pulled out a used pair of pantyhose and pushed them into her tortured mouth before she could utter a sound. He tightly tied the legs of the pantyhose that was on her head around her mouth, firmly gagging her. With a penknife he cut the pantyhose that attached her ankles to her elbows, releasing her from the hogtie.

“WHUUUUH, UUH,” she moaned as she was made slightly more comfortable.

Jack had noticed the large rug hours ago and had the idea then. He tossed the thief onto the floor in the center of the rug. She landed with an audible “Offfff.” Quickly he rolled her up in the rug and heaved it up, balancing the package on his shoulder. He walked quickly out the door, straining with the weight, and carelessly tossed the bundle into the van between the TV and boxes. When the rug hit the metal floor of the van a barely audible “Uh,” could be heard. Roughly he threw boxes on the rug to further block her from view. The thief issued pained grunts as the boxes landed on her.

One last check of the apartment turned up a final sock. He closed and locked the door and posted the key through the letter box. From his pocket he took his phone and quickly he SMS'ed.

Job done. Found new friend.

* * *

When Jack returned to the boutique almost five hours later Roz was quite exhausted. He watched for a while as she slowly rotated on the platform. She alternated hanging her head forward, then back, then left and then right. A long moan would accompany each movement of her head. If the ropes or knots pinched her skin she let out a loud hiss, like air escaping a tyre. He noticed that her hips would grind against the rope occasionally followed by a soft moan. After watching her for thirty minutes of so he broke his silence.

“Ok you, lets get you out of there, shall we?”

Roz spun her head around and pleaded into her gag.

“Uuuhhhh, eeaassee un-eye eeee, UUNNNN-EEYYYEE EEE, puhease, uuhhhh.”

“What was that, sorry I forgot your name,” Jack walked up to the window and stopped the rotation motor on the platform. “What was your name again?”

“OZ, eye ame eess OZ, OZ,” she answered tiredly.

“OZ? That's a weird name. You Australian?” Jack teased.

“OOO, oot OZ. OZ. OZ. ARR. OOOO. ZUHD. OZ!” Roz insisted, spelling out her name. A saliva bubble formed and the popped when she uttered the letter “ZHUHD.”

“Ahh Roz. R. O. Z. Roz. So what do you want R.O. Z?” Jack asked innocently.


“Aw, untie you,” Jack bent over and began to untie Roz calves and thighs, “why didn't you ask?”

Roz rolled her head back and moaned as Jack untied the knots that bound her calves and thighs together. She jumped and twitched, biting into her gag in discomfort when the knot or Jack's fingers pinched her sensitive thighs.

“Uh, Uh oowwwwww. Aaaayyyy, atch it. UH.” she whined.

Finally the ropes were released and Jack helped her to her unsteady feet. She wobbled on her numb legs like a new-born deer.

“OOOHHHHHHH.” Roz let out a groan of relief as the blood rushed back into her legs.

“OK you. I going to get dinner and watch some television. I have to baby sit your ass.”


Roz grunted as Jack threw her over his shoulder. She winced when he grabbed her ass. She swung her numb legs weakly in protest as he brought her out of the room. Her legs were marked where the ropes has dug in. He had almost left the room when he did a U turn and picked a sports bag up in the corner. Roz temporarily stopped struggling and looked at him questioningly.


“You'll find out, whatever you name is.” Jack laughed and roughly squeezed her ass.


Jack slammed the door behind him as he left.

* * *

“Put these on quickly.” Jack threw the sports bag on the bed. “You have ten minutes, please don't dawdle, Oz.”

She was tempted to correct by calling back 'My name is Roz', but thought better of it. His manner so far was quite curt.

The room where he dumped her must of been an old storeroom, she thought as she unzipped the bag. An old cardboard box of plastic hangers and old metal shelving confirmed her suspicions. She unzipped the bag and looked inside. It contained a black nylon body stocking and what seemed like a leather jacket with straps and buckles. She rubbed the last of the saliva from her chin and rubbed it on her ass. The sides of her mouth were red from where the straps of the gag had dug in.

“The body-stocking first, and hurry up!” Jack smirked.


Roz found the normally easy task of putting on underwear taxing with her numb limbs. Finally she slipped it on. The rope marks were still visible through the sheer nylon. Roz rubbed her arms and thighs, working out the numbness.

“Jacket next.” Jack ordered.

“But Jack, it ain't cold.” Roz tried to strike a pose. However her limbs were still numb and it looked awkward.

“Now!” he barked.

Roz pulled the heavy leather “jacket” over her head. Jack walked over and helped pull it over her body. Roz stood there staring at the jacket. The arms of the jacket had no openings, They ended instead with long, leather straps with strong buckles. Another long, thick, leather buckle hung from the front of the jacket between her legs. The most unusual thing about the jacket was it had no front. Roz's tits spilled out for Jack to see. Roz raised her arms staring at the long, leather straps at the end.

“What kind of jacket is this?” Roz asked innocently, smiling sweetly. The side of her mouth was still red from the gag.

“A straight jacket. Cross your arms, quickly.”

Jack quickly pulled the leather straps through a loop just below her tits. He quickly brought the straps around her back and secured them tightly. Roz grunted as he secured the arms. Next he pulled the belt that hung from the front of her collar, looped around her crossed arms and looked up into Roz's face. Smiling, he said “This is the best part.”

Roz looked down, her lower lip stuck out in concentration.

“What do you...uhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Roz grunted, gulped and swallowed as Jack passed the leather band between her legs tightly and brought up her back. He tugged so hard he lifted her off the ground.

“Whooaah. Not so tight. Uhhh.” she complained.

He looped the belt around the straps in the back and secured it very tightly.

“Jesus, Jack. Uh. I like breathing, you know.”

“Hmmm hmm,” Jack replied, from his pocket he produced a leash and attached to the neck of the jacket's collar, “Whatever, come, I am starving.” He tugged the leash and Roz stumbled behind.

Down the hall he lead her. She scanned around trying to take in her surroundings, looking for an escape route. Behind her lay the shop proper, just off that the large studio where Nadia had posed and off that a smaller room where Roz was stripped and bound. She passed another partially open door which seemed to contain a make-up studio of sorts.

Jack looked back and smiled. “These used to be houses proper. They were all converted into offices about twenty years ago. Me and Glenda bought this one years back and converted it for our needs.” He opened the next door and a steep staircase was revealed.

“Be careful now, these stairs are steep.”

“Oh OK.” Roz stared down at the dark basement.

She gulped in fear, where was he taking her? She gingerly stepped down the stairs and found herself in a large room. It seemed to be a combination of some kind of storeroom, a bachelor pad, and a dungeon. One corner was stacked up with boxes, and rails of clothes and lingerie was lined against the walls. On another end were chains, hoods, rubber suits, boots with crazy heels and other strange bondage paraphernalia. Further down Jack seemed to have fashioned a living area. A curtain drew partially around to divide it from the rest of the basement. No windows, no unlocked doors. Roz looked at the assorted rubbish.

'Was that my laundry basket in the corner? I have pyjamas just like that,' she thought as she looked over the cornucopia of boxes.

“Is this your gahhhh, UHHHH, UH!” Roz's sentence was cut by her old friend, the leather gag.

Her face was contorted as the leather plug widened her lips.

“This is where I stay when I babysit new arrivals. Like you.” he snapped the buckle tightly on.

“Urkkkk, uh, ou ont ave ooo aagg eee,” Roz wailed as the gag was driven home just short of her throat.

“No I don't have to gag you, I enjoy it though.” He pulled the distressed girl into his bachelor pad.

End of part 3

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