Bondage Boutique
by Jubal Jackson

Part 2

Nadia's normal morning routine was quite simple: Up at about 8.30, shower, dress and then a light breakfast. In the last 24 hours Nadia’s routine had been far from routine. Nadia had a very disturbed sleep, in fact Nadia had not slept at all. Her ankles were bound wide apart to a metal bar making it impossible to roll into a comfortable position. Even though her arms were bound loosely it was still impossible even to scratch any part of the front of her body. The earlier ballgag was replaced with a slightly less invasive bitgag. However after an hour Nadia fought not to choke on the saliva and found herself chewing on the gag like a horse. The worst part of the night however was Glenda's unwelcome intrusions upon her prone body. She stroked, pinched, tickled, kissed or licked almost every part of her. Nadia wailed painfully into her gag whenever Glenda bit or pinched a sensitive part of her body. Glenda would then say sorry, kiss Nadia on her gagged lips and then just carry on.

After literally hours of torment Glenda finally turned over, chirped, “Goodnight,” and fell fitfully asleep.

Nadia just lay there, the hours dragging by slowly, lying uncomfortably on the bed.

Her morning commenced with a thankfully short pawing from Glenda. Glenda then departed for her shower with a cheery, “Don't go anywhere honey.”

Nadia shifted uncomfortably as she heard the hum of the shower. She lay there as she heard Glenda dry herself off, walk down the stairs and the clatter pans as she prepared breakfast.

“Breakfast is almost ready honey, be patient.” Glenda called up from the kitchen below.

“Grrrrrhhmmmmm” Nadia moaned to herself. The smell of the coffee and food from downstairs made her salivate even more into the gag. She would sell her soul for food and drink but dreaded being around that bitch again.

“Breakfast is ready. Coming darling Nads,” Glenda sang as she bounded up the stairs.

“Lets get that blindfold up, shall we Nads?”

Glenda quickly freed Nadia’s eyes and the morning light pored in. Nadia blinked rapidly to adjust to the light. She had been blindfolded all night. As Nadia adjusted to the light Glenda tied a leather collar and leash quickly to her neck and swiftly untied her legs from the metal bar.

“Come on lazy, up and at 'em. Time for your shower.”

Nadia groaned as she struggled to her feet. She felt woozy from the lack of sleep and hunger. Resistance or escape didn't even enter her mind as Glenda led her to the bathroom.

“Come on, sexy, step in,” Glenda coaxed Nadia into the shower.

The sudden jet of hot water startled her. It was almost pleasant as Glenda showered her, although she paid too much time on her intimate areas for Nadia's comfort. After the shower Glenda almost tenderly dried Nadia’s body off. Nadia closed her eyes and groaned.

“OK dear, breakfast.”

Nadia was lead down the stairs and sat down at the kitchen table. On the table was a jug of fresh coffee, a glass of orange juice and a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit slices and dried nuts mixed through. Two chairs were placed on either end of the breakfast table. Glenda directed Nadia to sit down and fixed the chains, which bound her wrists, to the back of the chair.

“You sit yourself down Nadia and relax. You had a very long day yesterday.”

Nadia groaned in agreement. The smell of the coffee and oatmeal made her stomach rumble in anticipation and saliva began to drip over her bit gag onto her naked breasts.

Glenda sat down, ignoring Nadia and began to devour the breakfast with relish while flicking through a magazine.

'What the hell is the bitch doing?' Nadia thought as her stomach grumbled loudly.

“Mmmphhh! MMMMMmmmpph!”

Glenda glanced up form her magazine smiling innocently.

“What's up Nads?”


Nadia widened her eyes and nodded her head towards the remains of the breakfast.

“Oh silly me,” Nadia apologised falsely, “I forgot you haven't eaten in, what is it eight hours?”

“Nummmmmmppphhh.” Nadia shook her head in disagreement.

“No silly me. You and Roz turned up for your audition at ten yesterday morning so its,” Glenda glanced at the clock on the wall, “almost nine am now. Wow that's almost twenty four hours! You must be starving.”

“Mmmmmmm MMMMMMM. Mmmmm MMMM.” Nadia angrily nodded her head.

She hadn't realised how long she had last eaten.

“Lets remedy this,”

Glenda pushed the remains of the oatmeal before Nadia along with the orange juice she hadn't yet consumed.

“There you go. You can have mine. You can’t say I give you nothing can you.”

Nadia glared at Glenda and then stared longingly at the oatmeal. How the hell was she supposed to eat with this bloody gag in her mouth?

“MMMmmmm, puuuhhleaahhsse, ehhhndaa. Aaahmm uungry. Aaahmm uungry.” Nadia pleaded.

Glenda put her magazine down, “Oh very well I'll take the gag off but I swear one scream...”

“Nuh eeaamm, nuh eeeammm,” Nadia promised.

Glenda unbuckled the bit gag and pulled it from Nadia's lips.

“Oooowwwww. Ohhh.” Nadia groaned as finally her mouth was free.

Glenda gathered up Nadia's silky hair in her fist and looked her right in the eyes.

“Now, honey. I'm afraid I'm not going to untie your hands. Just use you tongue, Nads.”


Nadia though better than complaining. The food in front of her just looked so inviting. Nadia lowered her head and began to lick the remains of the oatmeal up. Glenda had left precious little oatmeal left and soon Nadia had licked the bowl clean.

“Your better than a dishwasher honey, I'm glad I hired you,” Glenda chortled.

She pored the quarter glass of orange juice into the bowl.

“There’s your vitamin C, darling, drink up.”

Nadia slurped the last of the liquid. It was delicious and left her wanting more.

“Ahhhh, uh. Thank you. I'm hungry. May I have more, please.” Nadia pleaded, her lips smeared with the white milk.

“Oh OK. I just too good to you.”

Glenda produced a box of cornflakes and a jug of milk. She pored a measure into the bowl.

“OK Nads, knock yourself out.”

Nadia sank her head into the bowl and slurped and munched hungrily.

“Oh Nads,” Glenda shook her head good naturedly, “I just gave you a shower, now you're covered in milk.”

* * *

The trip yesterday from the boutique to Glenda's home hadn't taken too long. Nadia spent the short journey concentrating on breathing and trying to ignore the cramps in her shoulders, back, knees and jaw. When the vehicle hit a pothole or rumble strip Nadia’s head bumped painfully into the roof of the box. Finally the vehicle shuddered to a halt. Nadia strained to hear what was going on outside but the box seemed to make all sounds muffled and alien. The door of the box suddenly opened and Jack and Glenda were smiling in.

“Welcome home, honey,” Glenda laughed.

“Here, Nadia, let me help you out.” Jack pulled Nadia out.

Nadia’s legs and ass had gone numb in the box and she would have stumbled over if Jack didn't grab her by the shoulder and ass.

“Grrrrmmmmmmpphhh.” Nadia complained into her gag.

“Don't worry, I've got got you,”

Jack guided her through the garage door into the house proper, occasionally squeezing her ass when out of Glenda's view. Nadia's ass may have turned numb but she could easily feel Jack's unwanted hands.

“Looks like she fell for you, Jack.” Glenda laughed at her terrible pun.

Jack quickly pushed Nadia through the garage, a laundry room, then a kitchen towards her destination. Nadia found herself in a spacious living room with two long leather couches, a glass coffee table and a huge plasma TV set into the wall. Jack spun her around slowly.

“Welcome, Nadia. I can't stay, I'm afraid. I'd say Roz is starting to get bored on her own.”


Nadia jumped when Jack grabbed her thigh and then threw her on a leather couch.

“Ummph.” she grunted as she bounced on the soft leather.

Jack hugged and kissed his wife lovingly.

“Night honey. Make our guest comfy, will you? See you in the morning.”

“OK darling. Make sure you don't wear poor Roz out. Love you.”

Jack laughed as he left.

Through the window Nadia watched the large van she arrived in leave. Glenda stood in front of her, hands on her hips, smiling.

“Now, let's make you feel at home, shall we.”

Nadia's eyes widened, she shook her head as Glenda approached.

“Nuh, Nuh, Nuhmmmmmm.”

Nadia stood in front of a huge king-size bed. Glenda had left her leashed to one of the bedposts. She struggled to look around, her head movement still restricted from the high leather collar. Pain racked through her shoulders and Nadia feared that her jaw would dislocate. Her corset was sodden from the river of drool that came from her gag. She bent her knees up and down trying to work out the cramps out from the long, cramped sojourn in the box. Nadia could hear a faint noise coming from a door in the corner of the room.

“Hey Nads,” Glenda sang, “time for bed.”

“Mmmmphhh.” Nadia replied.

She did not like the sound of bed. She struggled to look around and caught a glimpse of Glenda. She stepped in in a mock, seductive walk, pointing her toes as she entered the room. She was dressed comfortably in loose, pink silk pyjamas. The comfortable loose pyjamas were in marked contrast to the organ-crushing corset Nadia was enduring.

Glenda walked quickly up and grabbed Nadia's hips. “I'm looking forward to this, I'm so tired,” Glenda licked Nadia’s ear lobe.

“MMMmmmphh.” Nadia eyes widened in terror as she struggled to push Glenda away.

“You must be getting tired of that corset, let me help you.”

Glenda untied the laces and corset sprung open. Nadia’s tits split out while she left out a long groan of relief. She sucked a lung full of air as her lungs were finally unconstrained. A slurping noise came from the ballgag, like somebody drinking soup.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..”

Nadia's head arched backwards in relief. Her skin began to itch furiously as the blood returned. Nadia looked aghast at the indentations on her skin made from the tight corset. Forlornly she tried to rub her bound elbows and wrists to itch herself.

“Grrrrmmmpphhhhh uuummmmpppph.”

“Look at you, Nads, you look silly writhing around.”

Glenda unleashed Nadia and pushed her on the bed.

“Now lets get those bottoms off, they're filthy.”

“Nuh Nuh. Nuuuuh”

Nadia bicycle-kicked her legs in defence as Glenda quickly overpowered her and pulled her panties off.

“Oh my, Nadia, you ruined these,” Glenda held up the panties, the ass and tassels covered in dust and grit. “Now how do you think you can repay me for these expensive panties?”

Glenda gripped the ring on Nadia’s collar and smiled at her.

“I got an idea though, you lie there for a sec.”

“Grmmmmpph?” Nadia made a quizzical grunt.

Glenda attached her ankles to the metal leg-spreader. Holding her collar Glenda pulled Nadia up to a sitting position.

“My, my, your arms must be tired. Forgive me.”

Nadia moaned as her wrists were finally released from the leather strap. She wriggled her finger manically, encouraging the blood to return.

“Don't get too excited now Nadia, I can't leave you untied. Just ... looser tied.”

Glenda produced a pair of leather, fur-lined cuffs linked with a seven inch chain. Glenda tightly fastened Nadia's wrists into the cuffs.

“Not as uncomfortable as the belt, huh Nads?”

“Grrrrrrrmmmmmmmm.” Nadia shook her head as much as her collar would allow her.

“Now for those elbows, Nads. What do you say?”

“UH UH. UH UH.” Nadia nodded her head.

Glenda released Nadia’s elbows.


Nadia moaned in relief. Finally the pressure had been released from her elbows and shoulders.

“Annnnkh Ouuu. Uhhh.”

“That gag looks too harsh. Lets get rid of it, shall we.”

Nadia's eyes widened in expectation. “Uh Uh.”

She winced in pain as Glenda undid the gag and pulled it from her mouth. It came out with a 'Pop.' A stream of spit temporarily hung from Nadia’s lips to the rubber ball. It then fell and swung back, settling on Nadia's chin, chest, tits and belly.

“Aaahhhhhh, oh. Thanks. Uh.”

Nadia worked her jaw, licking the collected spit form her lips and chin, swallowing it with a slurp. But before she could utter another word or work out any more strain out from her jaw, Glenda produced a thick, rubber tube attached to leather straps. It looked quite like a small horse's bit. If Nadia had seen this twenty four hours ago it would have taken her forever to figure out what it was. Now, however she was more aware.

“Open wide, Nads.” Glenda tunefully sang as she pinched Nadia's left nipple.

“No, please, Aaaghhhmmmmmmmmpppphhhh!”

Nadia's pained cry was cut short by the rubber bit gag. Nadia's faced contorted in discomfort and revulsion from the taste of the gag as Glenda tightly buckled it on.

“I think this can go on one more notch.” Glenda readjusted the gag, making it cut into Nadia jaws painfully.

“Uuurrrrghhhh. Guurgghh. Uuuh ight. UHHH IGHT!!!” Nadia complained.

She twisted her head in a forlorn attempt to loosen the bit gag. Her tongue pushed against the back of the gag in a vain attempt to dislodge it. She bit down on the black rubber with her pearly white teeth and gurgled in frustration. She bent her head back and let out a long, gurgling moan.

“Awwww. Poor you.”

Glenda giggled, licked Nadia's nipple and pushed the poor, miserable girl back onto the bed. Nadia squirmed on the bed, her legs trying to free themselves from the metal leg spreader, her hands trying to scratch her furious itching while she chewed and drooled over the rubber bit between her teeth.

“Now lay there and we'll say hello to one of your new colleagues.”

“Mmpph! Ooullleeeggghs?”

Nadia tried to respond while rubbing her back against the sheets to relives the itching. Nadia glimpsed at the marks the corset's ribbing had made on her body and wondered if they were permanent.

“Yes, colleagues. Or as you cutely put it, ooullleeegghs.”

Glenda mocked while she walked over to the door of the closet. She opened the door theatrically revealing a huge walk in wardrobe. Opening the door activated an automatic light which illuminated the interior of the wardrobe to reveal something grotesque among the rails of clothes.

“Voilà. Nadia, meet Sonya. Sonya, meet Nadia.”

Nadia had to struggle to crane her neck up to see. Once she did she wished she hadn't. Standing in the center of the large, walk-in wardrobe was a young woman bound securely to a thick wooden post which stood in the center of the wardrobe. A series of ropes looped around her neck, shoulders, elbow, wrists, tits and crotch and seemed to all be tied to the wooden post. In front of her crotch, supported by a sturdy metal tripod, was a large plastic object plugged into a nearby timer. The plastic object was about eight inches, the size of a very large torch.

This would normally be enough to freak out Nadia but it was Sonja’s head which shocked Nadia the most. The poor woman's head seemed to be totally encased in a thick leather hood. Two holes over Sonya's nostrils allowed laboured breathing. A thick leather blindfold seemed to have been snapped on the eyes. Another large leather panel covered the entire lower face, large bumps showing where it had been snapped into place. A round bump where the mouth was hinted what Sonja had shoved into her jaw. Saliva tricked out from the bottom of the panel where it dampened the hood and collected on her bare tits. Sonja’s hair was pulled out in a tight pony-tail from the top of the hood. Apart from fishnets, stilettos and a figure-forming corset the poor girl was naked. When Glenda spoke Sonya began to grunt and whine furiously, her head moving left and right blindly.

“Whuh de fuhhh.” Nadia stared in horror.

“I'm home Sonja. Hope you weren't too bored on your own. We just hired new employees. Nadia just on the bed. She can see you but you can't see her, can you?”

“Mmmmmm. Mmmpphh, mmmm.” Sonja furiously jerked her head around.

Glenda began to drum her fingers on the top of Sonja's leather helmet while she absent mindedly played with her nipple. Sonja squirmed in her bondage, failing to escape Glenda's fingers.

“Sonja has been with me for. How long is it Sonja?”

Sonja's reply, such as it was, was a tortured series of gurgling grunts and groans.

“About nine months,” Glenda cupped Sonja's breast and licked her nipple, “Sonja was having an affair with a good friend of mine's husband. Can't blame him really, Sonja is beautiful.”

Nadia couldn't tell if Sonja was beautiful or not. Her body was hot with her large, firm tits. But her features were totally masked by the leather helmet.

“So I did my friend a favour. Occasionally she come over and plays with Sonja. Most times Sonja works for me. Sorry to rude Sonja, but I have to make our guest comfortable. I'll leave you with your buzzing friend for company.”

Glenda held up a small remote control in her hand. Sonja's moans became more desperate and her struggles more frantic once she heard “Buzzing friend.” Her head tossed from side to side.

“Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh!!!!” she chanted.

“Yes Yes Yes, Sonja,” Glenda smiled and pressed a button on the control.

The plastic object at Sonja's crotch exploded into life. Sonja's body jumped visibly, despite the tight bondage, her head jerking back banging into the wooden post she was bound too.

'It's a sex toy.' Nadia realised.


Sonja's scream could be heard even over her gag. Whether it was pleasure or pain Nadia couldn't tell and Glenda probably didn't care. The toy between Sonja's legs produced a noise like a very angry, very large bee. Sonja squirmed in every angle she could manage in her present predicament, her head lolling around like a rag doll. If she was trying to squirm away from the toy or towards was not clear. Drool began to torrent from the gag panel.

“Night Sonja,” Glenda sang as she closed the door to the wardrobe behind her, “not too loud now.”

Glenda sat beside Nadia on the bed and held the control in her hand. She rested her free hand on Nadia's belly.

“I love technology, Nad's. Check this out.”

Glenda pressed a button and a plasma TV on the wall switched on. A camera in the wall revealed Sonja's torment in the wardrobe. Sonja's body jerked and spasmed as the vibrator did it's work. Her cries grew louder and more frantic.

“The massager is on a timer. It should cut out soon, Nads. That'll spoil her fun.”

Sure enough, a few seconds later the buzzing suddenly cut off and so did Sonja’s twitching. Her screams lowered into laboured wheezing and grunts. Her head lolled forward while her chest heaved up and down in heavy breathing.

Nadia was transfixed on the image of Sonja. Trickles of sweat could be seen rolling down the unfortunate girl's body. Nadia craned her head to see. Glenda smiled at her.

“We'll give her, say five minutes of this every twenty minutes for...” she glanced at a clock, “it's nine pm now, so we'll say five hours. Hopefully she won't cum.”

Glenda fiddled with the controls. “Now the waiting game.”

Glenda lounged beside Nadia while she waited for the time to pass reading a book. Nadia squirmed on the bed trying and failing to find a comfortable position. All the while Glenda drew small circles around Nadia's nipples with her free hand. At last twenty minutes passed. Glenda put her book down and raised Nadia's head so she could get a better look.

“OK Nad's. Lets see how Sonja is getting on.”

Sonja hung limp from the post, her chest rising and falling slowly. Faint snoring could be heard coming from the hood. A thread of drool slowly swayed from her gag.

“Ah, she's dead to the world. She must be exhausted to be able to sleep with all that rubber in her mouth,” Glenda winked at Nadia, “I almost feel guilty over this next part.”

As if from out of nowhere the toy came back with life with a loud, angry buzzing. The sound of it made Nadia jump slightly and instinctively close her legs. The best she could do with the leg spreader was bend her knees inwards. Sonja's body, however, jumped violently. Again her head banged audibly against the post behind her head.

“Lucky she’s wearing that leather hood.” Glenda quipped.

Nadia found herself nodding in agreement, “Uh Uh. Uh Huh.”

Sonja woke with a gargled, muffled scream. Her body twisted and squirmed in the bondage again. Glenda smiled and turned off the television. The image and sound faded immediately but Nadia could hear faint buzzing and grunts coming from the wardrobe.

“I'm bored of TV now, always the same thing on. Lets fool around, huh Nadia?”

Glenda quickly straddled Nadia, her head sinking down to devour and lick her nipple. Her hands wandered down lower. Nadia bit hard into her gag and tried to fumble away Glendas invading hands with her own bound ones.

“Nuh,mmmmmm, puhluuuhh, nuh, mmmppphh.” Nadia complained.

Glenda ignored Nadia's whines as she got more and more aroused. Nadia squirmed in her bondage and noticed the noise from the wardrobe had ceased.

The minutes passed.

Nadia squirmed in the darkness. Glenda thought it would be fun to blindfold her. Fun for her not Nadia. Nadia bent her knees and then extended her legs trying to gain purchase, trying to ease herself away from the uninvited intrusion. She tried to use her hands but the cuffs restricted movement. She arched her back and lifted her ass in the air to escape but it was no use. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere a loud, buzzing noise cut in. This was followed by a faint wail from the wardrobe. Glenda raised her head from between Nadia's thighs.

“Looks like Sonja is having fun. Are you Nadia?” Glenda smiled sweetly.

“Nuh uh. Nuh uh. NUH UH!” Nadia shook her head in the negative.

“Tough, I am.” Glenda sunk her head down again while Nadia gripped the sheets in her fists.

* * *

Nadia sat in the breakfast chair. This was the most comfortable she had been in almost twenty four hours. After her small breakfast of Glenda's left over porridge and the pitifully small bowl of cereal Nadia found herself re-gagged with the rubber bit. Her arms were loosely cuffed together and attached to the chair. Compared with the box and the corset this was heaven. Glenda had gone off to do God knows what and had left Nadia on her own. Free from torment Nadia drifted off into a fitful sleep.

She was disturbed by gentle shaking.

“Wakey wakey Nads. Time for work.”

Nadia opened her eyes slowly. Her head had lolled forward as she slept and drool had collected on her boobs and crotch.

“I was just preparing poor Sonja. My friend has a special surprise for her today.”

“Mmmmmphh?” relied Nadia.

Glenda untied Nadia from the chair and brought her to the room that neighboured Glenda's bedroom. There, tied spread-eagled and face down on the bed was Sonja. Or at least Nadia had to assume it was Sonja as her head was still encased in the leather hood.

“Hey Sonja. Just wanted to formally introduce you to Nadia before we leave for the day.”

Glenda sat Nadia down in a chair in front of Sonja. Sonja gazed quizzically around, her senses muffled by the thick, tight leather hood. Nadia noticed that the hood was laced on tightly at the back of the head. The bottom of the hood, under her lips and chin, was sodden with spit. Glenda began to slowly, methodically untie the laces on the leather hood.

“Time to take that nasty hood off Sonja, you need to see your new friend.”

Nadia noticed that Glenda had placed something black on Sonja's buttocks.

“Mmmph, mmmph.”

Sonja struggled more as Glenda slowly loosened the hood. Nadia felt herself become nervous, unsure what the removal of the hood would reveal. Sonja's hands waved in the thick leather cuffs that held her to the bed. Her legs kicked against the cuffs that restrained her ankles. Her buttocks raised up and down in her struggles giving Nadia a clearer glimpse at the black object resting on her ass. Glenda noticed Nadia's line of sight, glanced back at Sonja's ass and stuck a finger deep into her cavity, winking at Nadia.

“UUUUHHHHHHHHHH.” Sonja grunted in pain.

“Mmmmpppphhh.” Nadia moaned.

Finally the last knot was untied and the hood fell forward from Sonja's face. The hood made a ripping noise as it came off her face, it was almost glued on with the dried sweat and saliva. Spit fell from the gag onto the ground. Sonja groaned as her face was finally freed.

“Uuuuuuuuh. Oh God. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uh.”

Sonja was undoubtedly pretty, Nadia thought as she looked in horror, but her face was masked by sweat, saliva and ruined make-up. Mascara had run from her eyes in long veins to her lips. Her lipstick practically had smeared over her lower chin. Her eyes look exhausted and beaten. Glenda grabbed Sonja's hair and pulled her head back.

“Sonja, meet Nadia. Nadia, meet Sonja.”

Sonja blinked at Nadia blankly. Her mouth hung open while she ran her tongue over her parched lips. The light seemed to hurt her eyes.

“Say hello, Sonja, please.”

Sonja winced and gritted her teeth.

“H-Hello, Nadia.” Sonja moaned.

“Eellllooo, Unja.” Nadia relied, stupidly.

Glenda took the black object from Sonja's bum and placed it gently under her nose. Nadia recognised it as a pair of man's boxers. Sonja groaned and tried to turn from the boxers held under her nose.

“Recognise these, Sonja? You should do. They're your boyfriend's. Open up, honey.”

“No no, please noo urrrrrkkkkggghhhhhhkkkk.”

In a blur she crammed the underwear into the woman's mouth. Sonja bucked and twisted in her bonds. A fearful choking sound came from her lips. The boxers weren't even quarter way in. Glenda firmly gripped Sonja's hair and pulled her head back as far it would humanly go. Her free hand slowly coaxed more of the boxer's into Sonja’s aching mouth. Nadia could see Sonja's hands twist in the cuffs, occasionally thumping the bed. Her legs kicked against the chains.

“My friend took these from the laundry basket, Nad's,” Glenda smiled as she pushed yet more of the material into Sonja's choking mouth.

“Uuughhhhh, Uuuuurkkkk, Uggghhh.” Sonja half choked, half grunted.

“He likes to, I don't know, play football, run, something sporty.” Glenda tugged Sonja’s hair and coaxed yet more cloth in.

“UHHH UHHH UHHHHHHHHH!!!” Sonja gripped onto the bed, he knuckles turning white. Her legs continued to kick furiously, straining the chains attaching them to the bed. The bed shook and shuddered, as did Sonja. Her eyes looked down, wide in terror, at the large pair of her old lovers boxer's half in, half out of her mouth.

“Well, Nads, my point is the boxers are really sweaty. I could hardly bare to handle them to be honest.”

Glenda pushed more of the sweaty cloth into the poor girls mouth. Nadia stared in terror, her mouth hung open.

“UUUURRRKKK. UUHHHHH. UUUURRRGGGGHHHH.” Sonja half choked, half retched.

“Don't you puke now Sonja. Don't be coy now, you used to suck this guy's cock.”

Glenda shoved the last of the boxers into Sonja's mouth.


Sonja's struggles ceased when the last of the cloth was shoved into her mouth. She looked miserably up at Nadia and Glenda. Her chest heaved up and down slowly.

Glenda held her finger to hold the sweaty boxers to hold them in Sonja's mouth. She produced a roll of medical tape and began to fix the boxers in. Poor Sonja’s mouth was full to bursting point with her old lovers filthy boxers. Her teeth were visible trying to bite down on the sodden lump, trying to make it more manageable for her aching jaw. It gave Nadia the impression of a dog chewing a large bone. Her cute nose crunched up, her eyes staring down at Glenda's finger. Sonja's cheeks bulged out either side. Glenda quickly fixed the sweat-sodden boxers into Sonja’s mouth with half of the medical tape, swiftly unrolling it around Sonja’s mouth and lower jaw.

“You know what Sonja? I'll think I'll use the rest of the tape. Waste not want not.”

Sonja gurgled and shook her head as Glenda slowly encased her eyes in the medical tape. Soon Sonja's features were hidden, yet again, from the world. Glenda fixed the tape with several safety clips and then a liberal amount of duct tape before standing back and admiring her work. Sonja let out soft moans and dropped her head onto the mattress in defeat. It bounced slightly on the spring mattress.

“Perfect. OK Nads, let's leave Sonja here to her breakfast of sweaty boxers. Personally I prefer porridge.”

Glenda lifted Nadia from the chair and guided her from the room.

“OK Nadia say bye bye. Poor Sonja hasn't drank anything in ages. She must be parched. Maybe she can suck the sweat from those boxers.” Glenda giggled as she helped Nadia down the stairs.

“Uhhh, Uhhhhmmmm, UhhhhMMMMM.”

Sonja came slightly back to life. Half-heartedly struggling against the cuffs, her hips rose and fell slowly. Nadia could hear her cough, retch and grunt into her gag as she was dragged away by Glenda.

Poor Sonja, thought Nadia. She must be miserable like that. Bound all night, tormented with a vibrator. Now bound all day, starving, thirsty, with a pair of sweaty boxers rammed in her mouth. At least she doesn't have the vibrator though.

Glenda stopped in her tracks. Stood silent for a second and then ran up the stairs.

“Christ Nads. Forgot to set up the vibrator. Can't leave Sonja without her toys, can we.”

Glenda ran up the stairs back to the bed-bound Sonja.

A loud, distressed moan came from the room Sonja was in.

'God, is Glenda a mind reader?' thought Nadia.

End of part 2

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