by Journey

Part 1

I had known Tanya for a while. She was a banker, and her office was a few floors down from mine. I knew she liked women, and while we had some light conversations about BDSM, and I was sure she was a submissive. We would often chat on the elevator rides up and down in the mornings, or do lunch in the complex a few times a month. Problem was, I would be with someone, then she would be, or both, and it seemed to be all the time. We would meet and have some casual fun, suggesting outfits and stuff for work, or dates, and little games like that. But nothing more. Just being friends, and seeing each other around the company complex. Trouble was, she was cute as hell, and clearly interested in the lifestyle.

So, what the hell, we went to lunch one day, I talked to her, and asked her out. “How about a dinner date to get to know each other better?”

“Better? We’ve known each other how long?”

“Better,” I said again.

“Oh, well make sure you bring the cuffs then. I want to see what this stuff you talk about is really like!” she said with a cute wink and a sexy smile.

I asked her plans for that weekend, and she said she had the whole weekend free, so we agreed to meet at her place Friday after work and head out from there.

So Friday evening came. I was in a button-down white blouse, tan mini with buttons up one side, and a gold chain belt, black hose and 4” heel calf-boots, and tan jacket. I had asked her shoe size, and she happened to be ½ within mine, so I brought a pair of 5” locking heels I had that should fit her ok. Along with a toy bag of several things I hoped to use before the weekend was out.

I rang her bell, and she opened the door. I had told her to dress to impress, and I was not disappointed. She was really dressed cute in a tight button-down long sleeve pink top, black skirt, and some sheer stockings and heels. Her long hair was down and curled.

I gave her a hug, walked in, and we talked a bit over a drink. We finally got to talking about heading out for the evening (but I planned to be back home sooner than she did, I think). I helped her stand, turned her around, and before she really knew what happened, I had her in some handcuffs.

“Hey!” she said as she pulled at them.

“You said I should make sure to bring my cuffs,” I reminded her.

“Yeah, but already?”

“Relax, and sit down,” I told her as I guided her to the sofa. When she did, I turned her and moved her feet to my lap. I slid her 4” pumps off, and ran my fingers under the bottom of her stockinged feet. She laughed. 'Very ticklish,' I thought to myself, 'that will be great for later.'

“STOP! she said, squirming.

“OK, Ok.” I then reached into my bag took out a pair of leg irons. Her eyes got a bit wide,

“What are those for?” she asked.

"Your pretty ankles," I said as I put them on her. Next I pulled out the heels. "Here, I brought these for you to wear.” I showed them to her.

“Beautiful, but I hope we are not walking far, they are pretty tall.”

“Oh, you will be fine, here, let's put them on you." I slid them on, and then secured the straps with a little gold locks. “There, they look terrific on you! Can’t have you kicking off your shoes at dinner now, can we?"

She looked down at her ankles, staring at the locks. "Don’t worry, the keys will be right here,” I said as I dropped them into my purse. I gave her a few moments. I did not want to move too fast and ruin things. She was pulling at her wrists, and moving her feet as if she could kick off her heels or somehow slide the ankles cuffs off.

After a few moments her breathing settled down and she was ready for the next step. “Now, I doubt you will be walking away, but just in case, turn around and kneel facing away from me."

“Yes, Miss,” she said with a cute smile.

First, I used a chain to connect her wrist and ankle cuffs and padlocked both ends in place. I am not sure she even know what I was doing. Then, I pulled out a bright silver metal collar, and slowly moved it around Tanya’s neck. She tried to move her hands as I did so, but as they were cuffed behind her there was of course no way she could reach up. Then she tried to lean forward to get away, but a simple hand on her shoulder pulled her back. I moved slowly, letting her feel the cold metal on her neck, before closing around it. Then, a soft 'click' as I locked it shut. She breathed in sharply when the lock closed.

“There, much better, don’t you think? A pet should have a pretty collar." She started to protest, looking a bit unsure. “Shhhhhhhhh open up," I said. She kept her mouth shut. “Come on, you said you wanted the whole feeling,” I coaxed. I pulled her back into me, and kissed her neck above her collar. I felt her take a deep breath, and she finally opened her mouth. As she did, and I slid a ball gag behind her teeth, quickly pulling it tight and securing it. “There, how does it feel, sweetheart?”

“IHHH DONPHFFFF LIEEEEEk IPHHHHHH”! she said through her new ballgag. She struggled, trying to use her tongue or blow it out of her mouth, and pulling at her cuffed hands.

“You said to be sure to bring the cuffs!” I giggled.

I pulled her back to me. “You have no idea how I dreamed of this, we are going to have so much fun,” I whispered into her ear. I pulled her back harder, my breasts pushing into her back. I kissed her neck slowly again, let my tongue run along the top of her collar. Her breathing quickened, and I massaged her breasts, her nipples getting hard and pressing through her blouse. I reached down and ran my hand up her thigh, to the top of her stockings. “Garters, nice touch, sweetie.” I let my finger trace along the top of them, she must be ticklish there also, by how she jumped. Something else I need to remember for later.

I stood up and showed her a leash before I clipped it to the ring on her collar “Ok pet, let's go.”

"MPHHHHHHH!!!! Ihh canpthh goofff oupphhtt likphhh thissssssssssssphhh!” she said, pulling on the cuffs.

“That’s it, kitten, try to get out. The sooner you learn you can’t, the sooner you can enjoy your bondage for the night.”

She kept fighting it, I gave a hard tug on the leash and she finally got the idea, and stood up carefully. I don’t think she was used to such tall heels; if not, she would be feeling it before the night was over.

I led her to my car. I would tug on her leash now and then, and she had some trouble with her ankle chain getting caught under her heels. I wondered how long it would take her to learn to walk chained like this. Eventually she picked up the connector chain a bit and this shortened the slack between her ankles. I could hear the click-click-click of her heels quicken as she took shorter steps. When we got to my car, I opened the door, and gave her a deep kiss over her gag which she tried to return. 'Oh sweetie, we are going to have a great time!' I thought to myself again, as I helped her in.

Once in the car I pulled out a vibe. I showed it to her, running the tip over her lips/gag. “Now, be a good girl and don’t cause more trouble.”

She looked at me with wide eyes as she knew what I was going to do. I reached under her skirt, and her panties were already damp. She lifted her hips to make it easier, and I slid the vibe in slowly. “There. Isn’t that nice?” She sighed and nodded a bit.

“Oh here, this will help” 'Click'. I turned it on the lowest of five settings.

"Eeekkk!" she squealed through her gag. Her eyes flew open.

"Isn’t it evil? Let me show you.” I went from two, then three, then four and five. She was so cute! Moaning, eventually grinding her hips into the seat, and leaning her head back before I turned it back down.

“Nooophhhh!!!!” she yelled. She pulled hard at her cuffs in frustration.

“Not yet sweetie, but you will be so ready to beg for it when we get home." Finally, one last touch. I took a blindfold, and put it over her eyes. “I want it to be a surprise, kitten,” I told her. "Now, relax, we won’t be driving long."

It was dark when we left, but you could see her lean back and try to hide every time we stopped. Afraid people could see her in her gag and collar. She was adorable! I would reach over and run my hand up her thigh now and then, and enjoyed the happy purrs she made as my nails ran along her leg.

I had planned a quick dinner out. Just long enough to let her experience being in pubic as my pet. We went to a shopping center, and I parked at the far end of the lot, both so no one would be close as we got out, and also to make her walk a bit further than normal. When we pulled in I reached over and took her blindfold off. She looked even more worried than before. She tried to ask a question through her gag and stopped when she realized she really could not talk, but I knew she wanted to know where we were.

I told her to lean forward, and I unlocked her handcuffs from the connecting chain, and then ordered her to raise her ankles over. It was cute seeing her try in the car, but she managed enough for me to reach and unlock one anklet, then the other. She leaned up, so I could reach her cuffs, but I put the keys in my purse.


“No sweetie, your pretty bracelets stay on. But here, let's cover your pretty collar.” I took a scarf and put it around her neck. If no one looked close, no one would notice what was locked on her neck. Finally, I reached behind her and undid her gag, which plopped out.

“Thank you, Miss,” she said, “it was starting to hurt. Could you please turn the vibe off, its getting pretty stimulating.”

I looked at her sternly, took the remote, and shot it to full!

“Damn, fuck! No! Please no! I’m sorry, Please Oh my god!!”

She was so cute, how she was trying to fight the stimulation from it. I guess she was feeling it and getting close after all. I turned it off and she leaned back, catching her breath.

“Damn, please let me cum now! I can’t take it!"

I pulled her by the O-ring in her collar and I looked at her sternly. “You will cum when I decide, not before. The more you complain, the more I will make you beg for it. Do you understand, pet?”

“Yes, Miss,” she meekly replied.

I got out, walked around the car, opened her door, and helped her out. I took a dress jacket and put it over her shoulders. It was cool enough it would not draw attention. Finally, I took off her leash and put that in my purse as well. I commanded, “Come along, pet,” as we started our walk up to the restaurant. Our heels clicked loudly on the concrete, and her head was on a pivot trying to see who might be looking.

We entered, and I told the hostess we would like a booth in the back. She looked at my pet, I think trying to see what was under the scarf, and then led us to our table. I could see Tanya trying not to make eye contact with anyone, almost trying to hide, as we walked past the tables. When we reached our booth, Tanya sat down very carefully, as if she was trying to get in the booth as gracefully as possible and hide the fact that she was cuffed.

I sat next to her, and quickly pulled her over close. She was breathing so heavily. “Relax pet, it’s going to be fine, I will not let anything happen to you,” I told her softly. “Stop thinking of everyone else, and focus on your feelings. Focus on us, and doing as you're told, nothing more, kitten.” She sighed, rested her head on my shoulder, and reached over with her cuffed hands to stroke my hip with her fingers. When I put my hand down, she took it in both of hers.

The waitress came up, and asked for our drink orders. I ordered two glasses of red before Tanya could answer. She stared at my pet for a few seconds, and left. I could feel Tanya blushing. She squeezed my hand harder, but did not say anything. We made some small talk and sat close in the booth, with her fidgeting with her cuffs.

The waitress came back handed me my drink then held out Tanya’s. She moved, instinctively, to try then the cuffs bit into her. “Here, I will take that”. The waitress may have smiled, I am not sure, then went to take our orders. I slowly moved my hand to get the remote, and just as Tanya was about to speak, I quickly turned on to full. She squealed, trying to make it a fake sneeze, trying to keep her composure. She gave me a half mean look, then blushed as she noticed the waitress looking.

"She will have the chicken salad with Italian, please," I said. I turned the vibe down but not off.

“Yes Miss,” the waitress said, looking at me. "If I may say, I love her bracelets,” almost blushing herself. Tanya froze in horror. “The hostess told me about her shoes. May I see them, real quick?”

“Sure, hold out your foot under the table, pet.” Tanya looked at me, her eyes wide, then did as I said.

“Oh, those are great! I need to find some to wear for my boyfriend! Such a pretty necklace under that scarf, too. Enjoy your time Miss, you all are the most popular guests with us here in a while,” she said as she walked off.

I think Tanya was trying to decide between calling me a bitch, crawl under the table, or just totally surrendering at this point. Her eyes were electric, you could see her shock about having to show off how she was, and now to have it known she was locked in a collar too!

I could see it was getting a bit too much for her. She was breathing heavily, looking around to see who may be watching her. I pulled her close, put my head to hers and told her to relax, it was all going to be fine. I reached into my purse, and took out the key to her cuffs. “Here, give me your hands,” I said. I leaned into her as she moved her wrists towards me. I reached down, and unlocked the cuff on her far hand. I could feel her relax as she pulled it up on the table, and move her other so I could release that too. I had a much better idea. I pulled it close and locked the now free cuff to my belt, trapping her closer arm next to me.

“There," I whispered, "that should be better.”

“You are so evil!” was her reply, but she smiled.

“Yes, and you are loving every minute of it!” She smiled again with a little nod of her head..

The waitress returned, smiling, with our food. Through dinner we ate, and talked, almost normally. Now and then Tanya would go to use her left hand and I would feel a tug at my belt. Eventually she relaxed. As we finished our waitress came back, and said that she and a few others there would like to treat us to desert, but that the deal was that my pet could not use her hands. I laughed a bit and Tanya actually chuckled.

“How very nice, thank you!” I said, reaching into my purse for the cuff key. "Here, kitten, lean forward and give me your other hand." I unlocked her cuff from my belt and as our waitress watched I pulled her wrists close and re-cuffed them together. Tanya almost jumped as the cuff clicked, probably thinking it was so loud as to echo in the place.

“Will that be sufficient?” I asked our server.

“Yes Miss, very,” she said as she left our table, almost in shock that I had done it. She quickly returned with a very good looking piece of strawberry shortcake. The place had cleared out some, but people at few other tables started watching as I fed Tanya her part of our desert. We got a few dirty looks, more than a few lustful stares, and at least one couple seems to be talking about trying something like this themselves. I have to admit, it was the most fun I had for a dinner out in a very long time.

Finally we paid our check, and I helped my kitten to her feet. Several people on the staff thanked us for coming as we made our way out.

As we got close to the car Tanya stopped and leaned against a lamp-post. …”Please,” she begged, pulling at her cuffs again. “PLEASE, let me out! This damn vibe has had me on edge, my panties are soaking. My head is spinning. I can't believe you let them see me like that! I…"

"Shhhhhhhh. Your panties are wet because you are excited. No one there will ever see you again, no one knows who you are, and nothing happened except for you experiencing what it’s like to not be in control. If you REALLY want everything to stop, I will.” With that I put my finger through the ring on her collar, pulling her close for another kiss, my hand running along her ass. “Now, relax, and enjoy the weekend I have planned for you.”

She looked at me, her eyes getting hazy. ”Yes”, I said, "weekend. Now get in the car.” I could see her thinking things through for half a second, then take a deep breath to relax herself, and she slid into the passengers seat without another word. It was a quick drive to my home. The low buzzing vibe clearly had her distracted, and we talked a bit more about dinner, how she was feeling. She was becoming more relaxed, and obedient, that much was clear. I hoped she would not back out before the rest of the night got started

We got to my house and went inside. I gave her a hug, and a kiss which she returned passionately and deeply. I moved my hand behind her and she held it as best she could with both of her cuffed ones. When we separated, I instructed her to stand still and spread her legs a bit. As she did so I reached up her skirt slowly, then under her soaked panties, and removed the vibe and turned it off.

“Why did you do that?” she asked, actually sounding disappointed.

“Turn around,” I simply told her, and when she did I removed her cuffs and had her face me again, me gently rubbing and kissing her wrists a bit. She moved her hands up to her collar and pulled her hair back to make it easier to reach the lock. “No, kitten, that stays” She went to speak and I put my finger on her lips. "Shhhhhhhh. Go to my master bath, freshen up, and replace your outfit with what is on the bed, and be quick about it.”

She looked at me for a moment. “Yes Mistress,” she finally said, and walked off quickly.

I had a camera in my bedroom, part of the security system, and I turned on my tablet so I could watch it. She walked into the bedroom, rubbing her wrists. She stopped when she saw the red corset and panties on the bed, picking them up and looking closely at them. Without much delay, she quickly undressed down to her stockings and locked heels. She reached up, and played with her collar a bit, then went into the bathroom. I am sure she both had to go and wanted to clean up a bit after everything that had happened so far. She came back out and over to the bed, and dressed quickly, trying to get the corset top on and attaching her stocking to the garters on each side. She struggled with the corset laces, but I would take care of that shortly. She smiled, but you could see in her face wondering what was coming next as she looked at everything, reaching up and playing with her collar several times. As she left the bedroom I sat down on the couch so I was ready she came into the living room.

I was sitting on the couch very comfortably as she came into the living room. She looked amazing, the bright red of the corset, her tan skin, the black lace panties and black stocking, and of course, her towering heels still locked on. “Are you ready to get started, pet?”

She looked at me, bit her lip a bit. “Yes Miss,” she said softly.

“Good, stand here.” I pointed to a place in front of my fireplace. There were two ropes hanging down from eye bolts in a ceiling beam, and some more rope, the vibe, and other things on the floor. She walked over slowly, heels clicking on the wood floor.

“Put the vibe back where it belongs,” I ordered. She looked at me with a playful smile, bent down and slowly put it back, making a little show of it when she did.

“Now bend over, put your ankles together, and tie the tightly, then your knees also. She looked at me again, then obediently bent over and began to tie her ankles together. Her ass looked amazing in the air like that. I so badly wanted to smack it and get started, but there would be plenty of time for that soon. “Now above your knees”, and again she did so. When she finished, I could notice her rocking a bit, keeping her balance and testing how much she could move.

“Good girl, any last questions?”

“No Miss,” she again said softly.

"Then pick up the ball gag and put it in your mouth. If you don’t do it tightly enough, I will do for you,” I warned.

She bent again, picking it up in her hand and looking at it. it was a large gag with a leather panel on the front. (I like these as they keep a pet more quiet, and also help cut down on the drooling problem.) She then slowly opened her mouth, worked the ball behind her teeth, lifted her hair, and buckled the strap surprisingly tightly behind her head. When she finished she used her hands to fluff her hair over the strap to cover it.

“Very good, now put those cuffs on your wrists.” I had two padded leather wrist cuffs for her. She carefully bent over again, and put them on.

“One last thing. Put the blindfold on.” One last time I watched her bend, and slowly look at it.

“Mmmphhhh?” she softly said, probably not even intending to make a sound.

“No questions, you can't speak anyway. I said put it on, then put your hands behind your head and stand straight.”

She looked for a second, made a soft almost happy moan, and put the blindfold over her eyes. She then straightened up as much as she could, and moved her hands. Her breasts were almost jumping out of the corset already, and that would get even better in a minute.

“Such a good girl!” I told her, as I stood up, my own heels clicking as I walked towards her. I checked her blindfold and gag first, then let my hands run over her waist as I moved around. “Let's get your top on properly." It was already snug, but I went to work on the laces a bit more. Tightening them not to the point of being painful, but definitely snug. It did wonders for her already great figure.

I gave her a few moments to get used to how it felt, and listened to her short breaths. I then gently took her left wrist, pulling it by the ring on the restraint, and moved it over her head till her arm was stretched out above and a bit to her side, and clipped it to one of the ropes. I then did the same to her right wrist. I smiled as I noticed her tug on her cuffs, and move her fingers to see if she could reach anything. “There, how does that feel, kitten?” I asked.

A soft "mummmmhummmph,” and nod of her head was her reply as she pulled on the ropes again.

I walked around her. Slowly. My heels made enough sound for her to move her head in my direction. I ran my hand over her waist, along her thigh, up between her legs. Her new panties were wet already. She moaned as I pushed the vibe deeper into her. As I moved in front my hands ran up the corset, under her breasts. I then took hold of the ring on her collar, and pulled her forward. She tried to move her feet but of course the ropes kept her from moving, and the cuffs pulled at her wrists. I gently kissed her neck a few times, ran my tongue up the side, flicking her ear-ring playfully and blowing in her ear. She moaned again, stretching to reach me, but I stayed just far enough away. I wanted her to learn I controlled her body, not her. That I could touch her or make her feel things and she was helpless to prevent it. I knew she was going to be hyper-sensitive from the vibe stimulating her all evening already, but I did not turn it back on yet.

I walked to the table and picked up a crop. I walked back and ran the end over her cheek gently, then her side. “Do you know what this is, kitten?” She tried to move as if to get a glimpse around the edge of her blindfold. Then shook her head no. CRACK! A sharp sound as I put a good stroke on her butt. She jumped, pulled hard at her ropes and squealed from behind her gag.

“Do you know now?” She replied with no sound but a rapid nod of her head. “Good”, as CRACK another stroke landed. “Or, perhaps here.” CRACK as one landed on the back of her thigh. I did not want to hurt her, she was going to love this weekend, not remember it as torture (well, maybe the good kind). The point was to let her feel it. A crop sounds worse than it feels. I also wanted her to know I could, and that she was powerless to stop it.

I walked back to the table, I could hear her breathing very heavily, and as I looked back watched her struggle against her restraints again. I picked up a glass, and as I walked back I shook it so she could hear. “Maybe you will like this better,” I said as I took an ice cube and ran it from just above the corset top to under and up her arm. She squealed again, even louder than when I had stuck with the crop. “Awwwwww, don’t like that?” I giggled. I put the whole glass on her side under her arm. She jumped as far as the wrist ropes let her. She was yelling through her gag, I’m not sure what she was trying to say, but I think it was about me being dead when I let her go, and I giggled. “Oh, I’m sorry, you're upset I did not cool down the other side too?”

“Nooophhh nohpphhhh phh NOOMMPHHH!!!!!!!!!!” she said as I reached over and held it hard against her other arm.

“Oh even better,” I said as I moved to the side and held it against the front of her thighs above the stocking tops! This caused her to actually grab her ropes and move her feet off the ground!. With that I took my hand and gave her a HARD smack on her ass. She squeaked and I took her collar ring in my hand and pulled. In my sternest voice I ordered “Behave yourself, kitten, or you will get punished. Do you understand?”

She hung her head down, and gave a very weak “Yes Miss” through the gag.

'PERFECT,' I thought, 'she is learning, but she needs a lesson to really understand how helpless she is.'

I walked to the couch, my nails running over her leg as I moved away, and noticed her strain to follow my touch. “Kitten, I am going to show you how much control I have over your body.” With that I picked up the remote and turned the vibe back on. She jumped. Slowly, I increased it. She leaned back at first, clearly enjoying the feeling, then as I worked it up a bit she tried to grind her bound legs to help it along. I smiled “ Anxious, aren’t you, pet?”

She jerked her head up and blushed deeply, embarrassed I had caught her acting like that. “It’s ok pet, you are going to be begging before long, don’t worry. I turned it up again, and she tensed up, she took the ropes to her wrists in her hands and pulled, and just when I thought she was on the edge, I turned it to low.

“NOOOHPPHHHHHH,” she squealed.

“That was fun, let's do that again!” She looked somewhere between mad and sad as I worked the vibe up again. This time, you could tell she was going to fight the stimulation from the vibe. 'Even better,' I thought to myself. I hit the button for full power, she held out for a few moments, then you could see her decide to give in, and again, once she was close, I turned it down.

“BITCH!” she yelled from her gag. Breathing heavily and giving a violent pull on her ropes. I did not even reply, I just started the process again. Now you could see her doing the opposite, trying somehow to move the vibe to where it was less effective, and again, just as she came close I turned it down. She was pleading now, as best she could anyway. “Awwww, is pet ready?”

She shook her head violently up and down. "UMMMPHHHH!! PLEASHMMHPHHH MISRREMPHHHSS”

“'Mistress', even better. Time for phase two", I said to myself.

“Ok pet, you earned it,” I said as I turned the vibe up slowly. She got close quickly and you could see her brace herself for me to turn it off again. This time I left it on, and even turned it up to full for her. She was so cute as she moved her hips and thighs, trying to help things along again When the orgasm finally hit it shook her, she shivered and pulled at her restraints, actually screaming into her gag, until she relaxed out of breath. She looked my way as if to say thank you and for me to turn it off, but I left it going. She was almost limp and hanging by the ropes at her wrists. After a few moments, she realized I had not turned the vibe off. She looked down, then at me, pulling on her ropes, moaning. She clearly was asking if I was going to turn her vibe off now, and slowly started to grow concerned.

“I’m thirsty” I said, standing up. “Can I get you anything?” I asked with a chuckle.

MMPHHHHHHH!!!!!! She screamed, thrashing at her bonds.

“No, ok,” as I walked up to her. I ran my hands up her legs and torso again. The tight satin of the corset was so smooth on her body. I kissed her neck. “Don’t go anywhere.” I reached down and gave her vibe a quick adjustment. The buzzing tickled my hand, it had to be driving her wild! As I walked she made several pleading moans through her gag. I did not leave the room, but blindfolded she had no way to know that. She was trying frantically to get loose now. One reason for the padded cuffs; I wanted her to struggle. I wanted her to fight 'till exhausted, and still know she was mine and trapped until I decided otherwise. As she did, another orgasm was building, and almost in mid-fight, she stiffened as it rolled over her again. It was so beautiful and arousing to watch. She arched and pulled with all her might at her bonds as she quivered. Sweat starting to glisten off her skin from her exertions. This one too passed, and she went limp, moaning happily.

With this I walked over to her slowly, making sure my heels clicked loudly. I am sure she thought we was going to be released, but I was not nearly ready for that yet. I kissed her cheek gently, and reached up and slowly took her blindfold off. Her eyes met mine, and she was smiling under her gag. I ran my hand over her body, stroked her hair, and then reached down between her legs to her soaked panties. She tried to spread them, to make it easier to remove the vibe. She squeaked in surprise as I pushed it further in and adjusted her panties.

“Noopphhhhh plesssssssssssssss,” she tried to beg.

“No, kitten? But you were so anxious, maybe just three or four more?"

“Nnoooooooooooooommmmpphhhhh!!!!” she yelled, shaking her head back and forth and pulling on her cuffs.

SMACK as my hand landed hard on her pretty ass. I took her by the chin and made her look at me. “Stop,” I said sternly. “You are MINE. You cum when it pleases me for you to cum. You will be tied as it pleases me, in fact, you will PLEASE me when I wish, which I think is now. But I will make you a deal, kitten, if you can make me cum before your buzzing friend down there does you, I will turn it off and let you get more comfortable. If you fail, I think I will have more fun with the remote and watch you suffer from the couch. Do you understand?”

“Yessssssss Misremphress” she tried to reply and nodded eagerly.

With that I walked behind her, and un-hooked her wrists, quickly moving them behind her and clipping them together. I untied her ankles and knees and fastened a spreader bar to her ankles. Then I slowly helped her kneel. As sensitive as she was, kneeling and the vibe shifting had to be intense. I walked a few steps to the couch, and slowly slid my panties down, kicking them to the side and lifting my skirt as I sat.

She looked at me for a moment, then began shuffling over. It had to be torture as long as the vibe had been working on her, and the spreader bar on her ankles and her wrists trapped behind her. I could tell she was getting close again. “Put your head down,” I ordered as she knelt between my legs. She did do, and I unbuckled her gag, and then put a finger under her chin to have her look up at me as I pulled it out with a 'plop'. She was licking her lips and stretching her mouth, as she looked up, not knowing what to say. “You better hurry, I’m not kidding about what happens if you cum before I do, kitten.”

She struggled over, onto a thick soft rug I had in front of my sofa. She moved her head between my thighs, kissing them, being so sensual, but then I could tell she was getting close as she went to work with a purpose. She started licking and sucking with more and more effort. Almost as if racing a clock, which given her buzzing friend down there she probably was. Her tongue was almost magical, and her moans were increasing as she desperately tried to complete her task before buzzy had done its job. I finally relaxed and let myself cum. I swear, not two seconds later my new kitten also did, burrowing her head into the side of my thigh as she did so.

Tanya was exhausted. She knelt there, eyes closed, resting her head on my leg. Breathing very heavily. I moved her gently to the side, and slid down onto the rug beside her. With a click I turned off her vibe, and she moaned in relief. I leaned forward and released her ankles from the spreader bar, then moving them together and connecting them together with padded leather cuffs. She slid down, and I guided her head onto my lap as she stretched out. I stroked her hair as I watched her try to collect herself, and tug on her wrists and pull at her ankles. “No, those stay on, kitten.”

“Yes Mistress,” she replied without hesitation, as she rested her head in my lap.

It indeed was going to be a great weekend.

End of Part 1

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