Good Kitty
by Journey

Author's note: This story is (mostly) true.

For quite a while I had been trying to get my boyfriend interested in BDSM. I consider myself a Dom, have for years, and I have always known any man I ended up with would have to be strong enough to deal with this. About a year ago I met Mark at a charity run and we started dating. I had considered myself at the least Bi up to this time, but things kept getting better and better between us and we became much more serious. Finally we talked about BDSM. I donít know why, but subbing a little to him just felt right, and over time we tried various things, but he was always a bit clumsy about it all.

So, now my boyfriend comes and says he has a great 'bondage theme' costume for me to wear this Halloween. A cat. So, silly me, I said sure. Over the next week I got the costume ready; shiny black leotard dance top, shiny black stockings, leather miniskirt, and, of course, ears and a tail. Finally, I added a gold-link belt, bracelet, and anklet to show things off.

Then my sweetie shows up with a bag of stuff. First, is a killer pair of 5Ē heels with a really thick and wide strap. So, I sit down, kick my pumps off, and he sits next to me. He takes off my gold jewelry. He pats his lap and I put my feet on his thighs. He puts on one shoe, then the other, then large anklets, and as he moves them I see they're belled anklets, like a belly dancer might wear. Between the heels clicking and the bells ringing I know that with every step I make people will be looking for where the sound is coming from. Finally he goes to his pocket and pulls out some small padlocks, and before I know it, two go on rings through each strap. OMG my heels are locked on! Now, I normally wear strap heels, but just the thought that I could not remove them until HE wanted to gave me tingles.

Next he pulls out a pretty pink collar. I lift my hair, it slowly goes around my neck, and a bell on the front jingles. Another bell, DAMN! I feel him work something through the hasp in back, and another a lock clicks. For my hands he pulls out two cat-paw mitten-looking things. He holds one out and my hand slides in, and I have to make a tight fist to get all the way. Half confused, I let him do my other before really understanding whatís happening. He buckles them tight and I look at my 'paws'. My hands are useless. The mittens are much thicker than I thought, and I cannot unball my fingers at all! i try to use one on the other, but its no use, I can only feel my knuckles.

I start to protest I am not sure I like this. "Shhhhhhh," he says. "Kitties donít talk. Open up."

He holds my hands down as I try to reach up. In his other hand is a bright pink ball gag. I close my mouth. This is too much! Yeah, I agreed to the cat in bondage thing, but not this! I shake my head no, pull back, and my bells make all sorts of noise. I actually giggle. OK, maybe it's not so bad, Iíll play along. I open my mouth, the ball slides in, and he buckles it tight.

"OK, my kitten, I am going to go change. Sit and be a good kitty till I get back."

So, I look at myself; the shoes with the tall heels, the locks on the ankle straps keeping them on my feet, my legs, my 'paws' that a minute ago were my hands. Then I see the keys to my locks on the table. I reach down, and try several ways to pick them up. All I can do is push them around the table! That bastard! He left those in view on purpose. i reach a mitten up, maybe I can use my teeth to undo one of the wrist straps, but the damn ball in my mouth prevents it! I reach back behind my head but no way in hell the damn mittens will let me do anything with the gag strap. I really start to understand. I canít speak, I can't use my hands, and in these shoes I am not running anywhere, that is for sure! I really am his little kitty tonight.

After a few minutes I started to panic. I really was stuck! I struggled again, trying to figure out a way to get the paw-mittens off. After about a minute I gave up and about that time Mark came back. He did look great. Dressed in a very good looking police uniform. God he looked HOT!

"Just a couple more things and kitty is ready."

"Morpmhh?" I said through the gag. He pulled out a simple clip, had me stand, moved my hands behind my head, and did a complete 'frisking', and I about exploded right there. He moved my hands behind me and connected the rings on the wrists of my mittens. I tried to pull them apart, but of course, there was no way. Then he pulled out a leash. A genuine chain pet leash with a pink leather loop on one end. He clipped it to the ring on the front of my collar and stated to pull me through the house to the garage door. I was his little pet, on his leash, following like a good little kitten.

We go to his truck, and he has to almost pick me up to get me into it. He puts my seat belt on, and I am bound in yet another way, as I canít even un-do the belt to get off the truck seat!. All during the drive to the party I am fighting with my wrist cuffs, which don't loosen at all, of course. Mark runs his hand up and down my thigh several times, and it drives me crazy. I am wondering how I am going to hold out till we get back home.

We get to the bar after only a few minutes since it's pretty close, and I am a bit worried. I am not sure I want to be paraded around like this. He comes around the truck, opens my door, takes off my seat belt, and helps me slide down to the ground. He reaches behind me and pulls my wrists a bit, and asks, "Does kitty want her little paws unhooked?"

"UMMHMMMM!" I nod and try to talk through my gag. It's so humiliating, one finger free and I could do it myself, if not for these damn paw-mittens, but with my hands in them, its hopeless. Two seconds later, I feel the clip open and I can move my hands apart. Almost out if reflex I reach up to my gag, looking at him pleadingly. "UUMMPPPHHHH!"

"OK kitten, but that will cost you later."

I nod. I donít care, I donít want to go into a bar gagged, the leash will be bad enough.

It was, I guess, a typical Halloween bar party. Between the leash and bells, I felt like every man in the place was looking at me. After a while we went to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. When the waitress (also in a cat costume) came back, I went to grab my drink and remembered my 'paws'. My boyfriend looks at her and says "I'm afraid my kitty will need a straw." I blushed and rubbed my hands together. It's hard to believe how helpless all this makes a girl feel.

He took his end of the leash and fastened it around a rail that ran across the bar. "Please look after my kitty, Iíll be back later."

"Sure thing, Officer," the waitress says, smiling at me as he walks off. Iím horrified. I'm in the middle of a bar, dressed like a sex-starved cat, next to helpless, and now he leaves? I pull at my leash, but it does not come loose. I shake my head, somehow thinking the leash will come off, but all I do is make my collar bell jingle. I try to release the chain from the rail, but I can't do anything with the paw-mittens.

It feels like forever, but it's probably no more than about 30 seconds, when the waitress comes back, puts her arm around my waist and asks, "Does kitty has a problem?"

"Yes," I reply, holding up my right mitten. "Do you think you can undo this for me? I can't use my hands, and my date left for a while."

"WOW!" she says, taking my paw in her hands, ďthose are so totally cool! I guess you canít do much, huh?" She smiles at me, running her hand from the loop at the bar half way up my leash.

"No, can you please undo me?Ē I say, looking at the chain keeping me here.

She shakes her head. "No kitty, Iím sorry, your officer asked me to look after you, so I need to make sure you stay here to be safe."

I almost panic, I stand up take a step back and my leashĖchain snaps tight.

"There, there, kitty, come back and sit down. We canít have you hurt yourself."

She put her arm around my waist. How the hell can she be so casual about this? But what choice do I have? I let her guide me gently back to the barstool. Over the next few minutes, needless to say, I get hit on a lot. I ask the guys to let me free from my leash, but each time the waitress or bartender tells them to leave things be. I can feel the people staring at me. But, I did finish my drink and get a few more free that guys bought, so not a total loss, I guess.

The waitress would ask a question or two each time she came by. How did we come up with the idea? How does it feel to be like this? But she was so busy she could not talk as much as she wanted. It did get me thinking about all this.

About 15 minutes later she came back and sat down. "Break time," she said. I felt her take my leash. Yes! Finally, I can get loose! Instead, she pulled me by the chain close to her and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I guess it was the feeling of not being alone anymore, but I leaned in and gave her a real kiss back.

"I always wanted to do this, but I think I would like it more to be on your side of things," she said, running her hand along the leash chain.

"Well, its fun, but it has drawbacks too," I said, as I pulled on my leash till it got tight.

"Yeah, kitty is kinda stuck till your master comes for you, I guess."

Master? I had never felt that way before, but it's a sure fit for tonight!

"Hey, let me try something," she says, and she moves my hands behind me and quickly snaps then together again. WHAT THE HELL! She puts a finger to my lips and giggles. "Isnít this fun," she says. "Now, stay still and donít draw more attention. I'm sure lots of people would love to come play with a helpless kitten."

I think about yelling for help, but it's Halloween. Most would think it's just part of the role, and, I admit, the idea of all this, and the drinks, had my head more than a bit spinning. I feel her hand run along my legs and her boot run up and down my calf gently. Then she pulls me close, side to side, and says "If your master doesnít appreciate having a sexy cat to play with, come back after work and we'll take turns with the toys."

With that, she gives me another kiss and says she has to get back to work, but please come back sometime. and then she walks off, leaving my hands stuck behind me again.

After probably ten minutes more both Mark and the waitress return. By now I am furious about being left like this! I want this to stop, but, I am also about half drunk at this point.

Mark asks the waitress, "Was kitty any trouble?"

"Mostly no, but she kept talking to the guys, asking to get loose, so I had to do her hands again to keep her out of more trouble."

Mark says, "Bad kitty! Maybe kitty needs her gag again."

No! No! No! I think. I shake my head, the bell jingles, and softly I say, "No, please no. Kitty is sorry. But kitty also has a problem, kitty has to go to the bathroom."

Now, if you have never been bound, you don't know how it feels to have to ask for permission or worse, help with this. Mark just smiles. "OK, kitten, let me see your hands. They have to be sore by now."

And they were, close to three hours without moving your fingers, they will be sore. The only good thing was being able to sit so long so my feet were ok! Anyway, he takes the mittens off. OMG it felt great. Then he hands me a small bag, tells me to do my business, and says I will know what to do with what's in the bag.

I fumble to the bathroom, holding my leash in one hand, ankle bells singing as I walk. Ladies will understand that getting out of this kind of outfit with your fingers beyond numb is a lot more difficult than you would think. I open the bag, and inside is an egg vibe, and a note to set it to low, and put it where it belongs before returning, and to hurry. Kinky bastard, I thought to myself, but, OK. So far the night has been fun, and nothing really serious has happened, and at least the damn gloves are gone, so why not? As I get dressed again, I understand just how tight a leotard can be down there, and how much further the egg is gonna be pressed in. I have of course played with vibes a LOT, but never 'out and about'. The sensation took some getting used to, and the heels were not helping.

I walk out and he is outside the bathroom door, with a bunch of chains in his hand. A small crowd had gathered around by now. ďTurn around spread your legs, face the wall!Ē he said, just as a cop would.

I turn and he puts his hand around my waist, and gently kisses my neck. Can you say goosebumps? Then my hands are behind me, and I feel leather cuffs being locked on, but it's too heavy for just cuffs, and now I see a chain leads down to a set of ankle cuffs, that are promptly locked on my ankles. People in the bar start to cheer! I start to complain, and the pink gag I had not seen in his hands is promptly shoved in my mouth again. He smiles, and says he told me I would owe him later.

I glare at him, and am warned to calm down. I start to curse from behind my gag and he pulls out a small remote, presses a button, and my egg goes into overdrive! I lean back against the wall, my hands trying to somehow reach around as if I could do something about it with everything I had on! Of course the crowd loves it.

The waitress comes over, smiling. She thanks him for being allowed to help, and the big tip, then walks over, gives me another kiss on the cheek, and smiles. She whispers in my ear that it sure seems like I am having a good time, and to come back with the toys on a slower night.

I can hardly stand. I have been aroused all night, now the egg going full out while trying to stand in chains! I am torn between please god, donít make me cum in front of everyone, and let me cum now! God, what is happening to me? I finally feel the egg turn back down. Now itís just torture, I was so close, now itís just teasing me again. What evil bastard thought up this thing? With that, my master, as I now am regarding him, pulls my leash and leads me to the door, followed by more than a few whistles and cat calls.

Once in the parking lot I try and stop and I pull against the leash. 'OK,' I think, 'enough is enough! We went to the bar, he had his fun showing off his pet, but I want out of this!' I fight against my cuffs, pulling back on the leash again, trying to jerk it out of his hands. He tugs, and I fight it again, and without him saying a word the buzzing in my pussy shoots back up. I pull as hard as I can on the damn leash. He sighs, walks over, and gives me a very hard smack on my ass. I yelp into the ball in my mouth. He pulls the leash till I am looking up at him. I stand there teetering on my heels, almost shivering from the buzzing under my skirt.

Very slowly and firmly he says, "You are mine, you will be a good kitty, or you will be punished. Do you understand?"

I nod and manage a weak ďummhmmphĒ and follow along again, almost falling over from the exhaustion of fighting my own bodyís urges to cum right there.

We reach the truck, and I canít take it anymore, I am so close, and suddenly, the egg turns down again. Nnoommlhhhh!!!!, I glare at him, I pull on my cuffs. I was soooooo close!

"Aw, poor kitty, when master says you may cum, you may. Not before. I want my kitty ready when we get home, and this is so much fun. Donít you agree, Kitten?Ē

He reaches his hand under my skirt. God Iím soaking. He rubs me over the tight dance top, I try to grind my mound into his hand, I so want to cum.

ďI see you are enjoying it, Kitten.Ē

ďYummhh meeesteerrrr,Ē I actually find myself trying to say. God, I must have turned four shades of red right there. He rubs harder and I feel the egg moving and buzzing, I moan, it feels so good, 'Please!' I think, 'Just get us home and fuck my brains out!"

He stops and laughs as I try to follow his hand with my hips as he pulls it away. The drive home seems like hours, but finally we pull in. I am a barrel of sexual frustration; I have to do something to encourage him to get us to the bedroom. When he releases the seat belt, I shake it off my chest and put my head in his lap. He is rock hard, and I'm glad to see he is enjoying this as much as me! I press the ball gag against him, pushing down, getting a moan from him. Back and forth I rub the ball gag against him. Come on, take this off, Iíll suck you off and you can fuck me right here!

He leans back for a few seconds, then takes my long hair in his hand and pulls me away. ďSuch an eager kitten! Soon, but not yet." With that he sits me up, and a blindfold goes over my eyes.

Iím led by my leash to our bedroom. As I stand there the egg is still going, (damn long-life batteries). He moves behind me, and slowly unzips the back of my top. I feel him un-hook my right wrist cuff, and he slides that half of my top off before moving my arm behind my head. He then does the same to my left hand. I feel my top slide down, the cool air feels so good and my nipples are more than rock hard. Then my legs. The chain between is released and I step out of my top, then the wrist cuffs are connected tighter, leaving me standing exposed in just my tights and heels. I pull at my arms, but of course nothing gives.

He runs his hands over my shoulders, then his hands reach around and cup my breasts, pinching them some. ďSo kitten, you had some bondage fun tonight. Now, for this weekend, I hope you like feeling owned. These are mine,Ē he says, pinching my nipples and I yelp. "So is this," feeling my soaking wetness between my legs. I sigh, leaning back into him. "So is this, Ē he says as a hard smack lands on my ass, and another.

I squeal into my gag. He has never spanked me before, and I am shocked. Again his hand lands on my ass, then a gentle rub before another smack. ďThis is fun, I can get used to this!Ē

A few more smacks and he is done. I am shocked, but actually in a happy way. He goes back to the feeling and groping. Moving his hands over my body. Seeing how I react.

Finally, he moves me to the bed . Gently laying me down on my back he connects my wrists to a chain at the headboard. Then I hear and feel him unlocking my heels. He gently rubs my feet, then slides my tights off, and finally securing each ankle to the bottom bedposts.

"Iím going to change, you relax," he says as the egg shoots up to a medium setting.

I hear him in the bathroom. I roll around trying to get loose, trying to roll over to get enough pressure for the vibe to get me off. I am sure I looked desperate, or worse, trying to find a way to grind my hips into the mattress, but after hours of frustration I need to cum so bad! I am so distracted it takes me a while to hear him giggle. The egg clicks off, and I feel his hand move down. "There, kitten, I donít think we need this anymore." He gently slides it out and them moves over top of me.

Iím blindfolded, but I know what is coming. He unbuckles my gag, and with a plop takes it from my mouth. I stretch and lick my lips. He stops, and asks how I'm doing. I reply ďMaster, Kitten is just fineĒ. I lean forward/up as much as the chain on my wrists let me till my arms are stretched tight, feeling his tip against my lips. I take my time. I canít do much like this, but I sure can tease as payback for everything tonight before helping him get off.

He grabs me by my leash, forcing me to look up. "You donít cum till I do, Kitten."

Where did this side of him come from? I get back to work, much more eagerly this time. In the end, we made love like never before. It was amazing. Finally, he released my wrists and ankles. We lay there for a while, not saying much, then we showered and went to bed. 'What an amazing night!' I thought, as I wondered about tomorrow, forgetting the collar and chain still at my neckÖ..

The End

Copyright© 2015 by Journey. All rights reserved.