An Unusual Weekend
by Jongee


It was a hot day in summer. On Friday afternoon the phone rang, as I had been warned to expect. "John here."

"Please come to building 27 immediately, bringing your weekend bag."

"Straight away," I answered. After picking up my bag I took the short walk to the Psychology Building. When I went in a woman who introduced herself as Alison Robson, one of the organizers, greeted me. She added that I would meet her husband Richard later.

"Please give me your declaration."† She looked at it.

"Fine. Put this nametag around your neck, leave your bag here, and go into the first door on the left. Take a seat next to one of the girls, hold her hand, and please observe complete silence. You must not move the chairs. You are not to greet anyone you know, or speak at all, until told otherwise. You were warned of such things Iím sure."

"Yes, I was. Can I ask why the silence?"

"We feel that we have good reasons for our requests. After all, remember that the whole weekend is an experiment."

Oh well I thought, it all promises to be interesting at worst, and at best a great experience in new things. I went into the room to find it very dimly lit, with pleasant relaxation music playing. There was a circle of chairs very close together, and I took the next vacant one, finding that the girl next to me was in fact almost touching. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see that more than half the chairs were already taken. The girl on my right was a small pretty blond called Judith. Over the next twenty minutes the remaining chairs were filled. I counted twelve people. I knew one of the men slightly, and none of the women, although I had seen some of them around the campus. Next to me on the left was a tall Indian in a beautiful sari, but I couldnít see her name. We sat there in silence holding hands for about half an hour when at last Alison came into the room.

"Good evening. Thank you all for coming. My husband Richard has been delayed at the hospital but should arrive very soon. Since you may not know us, I am an assistant professor in psychology, with a special interest in sex counseling. Richard is a medical doctor, and also does counseling. We will be running this weekend, which we are sure will broaden your knowledge and experience in many ways. At the end you will be asked to write a report on your feelings about the time with us. You have all studied the forms before you signed them. I would remind you that you cannot leave the weekend under any circumstances whatever, or refuse to join in any activities. We hope that your time will be pleasant and fulfilling."

"Would the men please turn to their left and the women to their right, and hold hands while you maintain eye contact? You are to read your partners nametag and say their name quietly once."

She turned the lights up so that we could see better. I turned and saw that the Indianís nametag read Hassal, with Sally underneath. I breathed "Hassal" and heard her say "Jo-hon" which was a good try. In a minute or two I found myself drowning in her beautiful black eyes, and also began to feel a stirring in my crotch. Hassal, who was quite lovely, was wearing what I felt was a very sexy scent. She squeezed my hands tighter and tighter. I realised that she was getting turned on too.

"Timeís up. Turn to your other partner and continue," from Alison.

I did, taking Judithís tiny hands and waiting, looking into her blue eyes. What a difference from Hassalís deep black pools. I heard "John" very softly. My God, I wondered, what have I got into? I was rapidly developing a monumental hardon. I whispered "Judith." It was plain that Judith was feeling the effects as well. I found it hard to believe that anything so simple could be so sexy. Again I sank into twin blue Ďwindows of the soulí.

"Times up. Men stand and move clockwise to two new partners, please."

Brown haired and brown eyed Tania this time. Perhaps a bit plump, but well endowed. Same result. I was nearly bursting and Tania was wriggling in her chair. I thought I could even smell an arousal, but it might not have been her.

"Timeís up. I think you had better calm down a bit before we continue. I find it very interesting how strong your reactions are. Please sit facing forward and shut your eyes."

To take my mind off my groin I thought back to how I came to be here. I was at the University to study computing science, and had been here two weeks when I was summoned to the psychology department for an interview. This was expected as every student got one during his or her first semester. A PhD student, Gwen Jones, who told me she was doing it as part of her higher degree, conducted the interview. There were a lot of questions about my school, background and so on. Then she got out a paper that she asked me to read. It said that the psych department was setting up a new course, designed to help train sex counselors, and wanted volunteers to spend a weekend in an unusual environment, all expenses paid. The hope was that the students would have their horizons expanded, especially with regard to the opposite sex, and themselves. The department would gain a lot of information about human reactions to new and stimulating situations. It further said that while many of the situations might be seen as embarrassing, there was no intention to cause any harm. The members would not be required to have sex, in terms of actual coupling, but could do so by mutual consent. I was not to mention the weekend to anyone at all. If I did and they found out, there would be no chance of participating.

"Are you interested?" she asked. "If so we will send you further details later."

I was always one for trying new things when possible. I told her that I would like to hear more. It is all experimental, she told me, and added that the rewards for me could be great, but I would have to take it on trust from there. I asked if she was doing the weekend. She said that she couldnít, but she wished she could as what was planned sounded like a lot of fun. She was to be an observer.

"Count me in."

"Good. I canít promise you a place, as there wonít be all that many, but I think your chances are good. You must not mention any of this to anyone. I have to ask a few questions."

"Go ahead."

"Are you heterosexual?"


"Have you a girlfriend at here at Uni?"

"No, there hasnít been time."

With a slight blush Gwen asked, "Are you a virgin?"


"You will hear from us soon."

About a week later on a Wednesday I got a letter thanking me for joining in, telling me to pack a minimum bag of casual clothes, and to expect a phone call the next Friday afternoon. I was to sign the declaration on the back and bring it with me.

I declared that I would not discuss the weekend unless told I could, and agreed that I would under no circumstances leave the group, and that I would participate in all the activities willingly even though I was embarrassed or reluctant do as I was asked. I agreed not to bring a mobile phone or camera or any writing materials. I was warned that when asked to keep quiet, I was not to speak to the other members at all. I was brought back by Alison saying, "Open you eyes, and continue with a new partner."

This time I got an asiatic, small, lightly built, almond eyes, black hair, not particularly pretty, but with a most delightful smile as she said "John." I looked and saw "Miko." Japanese, I guessed. The reaction to eye and hand contact was less this time, but still strong. Ten minutes passed.

"Times up. Move round to new partners, please."

I gave Mikoís hands an extra squeeze and stood up. Before I sat down again Alison announced that a bus was here to take us to our accommodation for the weekend, and that we should get on board immediately. Our luggage had been loaded.

"Be sure to sit next to a new partner. We will continue the eye contact on the way, and you are reminded not to speak."

My next partner was solidly built, with very long black hair, and possibly of Italian origin. This was confirmed by her nametag ĎItaliaí. It later became apparent that she was awesomely fit and could swim and run very fast. I said her name and took her hands. She murmured "John" and I found hazel eyes looking at mine. It was fine for a while; I enjoyed the feeling of relaxation and togetherness with a stranger, who was smiling and happy to be doing it. Then I started to feel aroused again. This was still a surprise, that something so simple could be so sexual. Italia was feeling the same, the pupils of her eyes were getting very large and her breathing was changing. I realised that the same was happening to me.

"Time to change partners," from Alison.

I looked for the last partner, and saw a wave from the back of the bus. I went there and sat next to a young woman with reddish hair and freckles, quite pretty in a cute way. Her name turned out to be Sandra, although I bet she got Sandy a lot. I took her hands and whispered "Sandra," drawing the name out slowly. I got a sexy contralto "John" in return. Green eyes and enlarged pupils; and a wriggle on the seat now and then. I felt much the same, with a by now huge erection. What was it about this business that was so arousing? Just when it was getting too much, Alison announced we were there, and asked us not to get up for a few minutes.

A tall dark man got on the bus and introduced himself as Richard Robson. He asked us to remain silent and to get off the bus. He added that the second door on the left in the building we entered was a lounge, with TV, magazines and a well-stocked fridge. Dinner in an hour he said, and asked us all to use the lounge, and have a drink if we wanted. He also said for us to take our shoes off. Our bags would be unloaded. It was a bit odd to sit drinking a beer with eleven people around, in total silence except for the TV. Every five minutes or so Alison or Richard appeared and summoned one of us. My turn came soon and I went with Alison, who said there were a few questions for me and took me to a nearby room.

When I went in, Gwen who had given me my original interview greeted me. There was a man with her, who she introduced as Jack, another observer.

"How is it going?"

"Iím doing fine, but why is such a simple thing so arousing?"

"Thatís one of the interesting things thatís happening," she said. "We havenít quite worked that out yet."

She went on, "How many of the group have you met before?"

I replied, "Only one of the men, and I barely know him. We chatted briefly after swimming about twice."

"Thatís great. We tried to get as many strangers as possible. We know it isnít easy to keep silent all the time, but it might not be for much longer. Dinner will be soon, and you are to remain silent for that."

I told her that the silence meant that the women remained strangers in a sense, and that this added to the experience for me.

Gwen said, "Eye contact is an intimate thing, and everyone has had fantasies about doing intimate things with strangers."

I asked her if the variety of looks in the women was deliberate, and she told me that it was, and that they had tried for it with the men as well. She thanked me for my remarks, and told me to go back to the lounge. I went back and had another beer. Before long we were called to dinner.

"Please find your names on the tables."

I found mine at a table for four, with Steven, Judith and Tania. The table was bare except for a basin of water, some Soft Wash and a towel.

"One man and the woman on his left please stand, with your left hands behind your backs. You are now to wash your right hands."

It was a weird experience to wash like this, but after a bit of fumbling, Judith and I managed it. Drying each otherís hands was harder than I expected.

"Change to the other couple, please."

Steven and Tania managed a bit better, having seen us first.

"First man and second woman, please, and do your left hands."

This was quite awkward, since we were both right handed, but we managed.

After Judith and Steven finished, we were invited to help ourselves to a very lavish smorgasbord, which we did. Back to the table, and Richard announced that since fingers were made before forks, first man and first woman were now to feed each other, but with drinks from the other partner. A waitress came round with drinks, and we got our choice of wines or soft drinks, all in silence. Being fed in this way was fun, but slow. This didnít matter much as all the food was cold. Several giggles later we finished, with our hands a bit messy. The plates were removed and the bowls brought back. One handed wash again, and sweets were available. Fruit salad and ice cream! What a mess, but what fun as well!

We finished licking each otherís fingers, hands and a fair bit of arm. Wow! Tania managed to decorate most of my face with ice cream, probably on purpose, from the look in her eye, so I dropped a piece of peach on her considerable cleavage. The towel came in handy to clean up each other. More giggles from all over the room as others had similar problems. To their credit, I noticed that Alison, Richard, Gwen and Jack were eating in the same way we were, and having just as much fun.

"We didnít expect the fruit and ice cream, but we hadnít ordered anything special.† Would you all please return to the lounge?" from Richard.

Alison announced, "You may have realised that you will not do much alone while you are here. I will give you all a list of the partners in order. With each new activity you will take the next on your list. If we have got the lists correct, they should match."

My list read ĎHassal, Judith, Tania, Miko, Italia, Sandraí, the order in which I had done the eye contact at the start of all this. As I left I was given a small card, which read, "Please go to room five and wait outside."

I did, and was joined at the door by Hassal, Jason and Sandra. We exchanged looks and smiles. Soon we heard, "Please come in," in Alisonís voice

We went in and found Alison and Richard sitting on a couch. Both were naked. Gasps from Hassal and Jason, and a giggle from Sandra. I cannot remember my reaction, other than surprise.

Richard asked Sandra why she had giggled when she saw them naked. She told him that her parents were nearly founding members of the camp we were at, that she had been coming here for years, and that she had wondered when the normally obligatory nudity at the camp would be observed.

"You didnít react much to seeing us like this, John." I replied that I often spent time at a nude beach near home.

"How was dinner for you?" asked Alison. We all agreed that it had been messy, but fun.

"How about the no speaking rule?" from Richard. "Our first idea was to have it last only for the eye contact exercise, but now we think it should continue for the whole weekend."

I said that I was no psychologist, but that for me it increased the effect of the exercises enormously, because we were in effect, dealing with strangers all the time. The others agreed that it added a lot of interest. Alison told us, "Thank you. You are not to speak until Sunday night. You were warned that you might be asked to do embarrassing things. We chose to appear like this in support of your next move, which is to return to the lounge, where Hassal and John will undress each other, and Sandra and Jason will too. The others will be doing this soon. Remember, no talking."

The reactions were interesting. It was no problem for Sandra and me. Jason looked worried, and Hassal said, "Are you serious," in a shaky voice.

"Oh yes, we are serious. You must do it. You canít avoid it. Remember your declaration," firmly from Alison.

Hassal turned very red, and started to cry, sobbing out, "I never thought it would mean doing things like this."

On impulse, I went to her and held her in my arms, whispering that it would be ok, and reminding her that everyone would be the same. Sandra came over too, and added, "Naked is natural and nice, not naughty."

More sobs. "It might be for you, but I wasnít brought up to it like you."

Alison said loudly, "Hassal, look at me. Look at Richard. Tell me what you see."

"Two naked people. Iíve never seen a man before."

"Do we look uncomfortable?"

"Well, no, but I expect itís something you do all the time."

"It took us days to decide if we should do this. Iíd never been naked in public until last week when we came to organise final details with the camp. We spent the day here with Gwen and Jack and it was fun as soon as we got used to the idea. Ever since I have wondered about students seeing me like this, but Richard and Gwen talked me into it, and I have to admit that Iím getting a buzz from it. In addition, I would point out that you are a very beautiful woman, and Iím sure that you have nothing to be ashamed of in appearing naked."

Richard added to this, "I find nudity interesting rather than particularly sexy. I used to come here before we were married, and always enjoyed the freedom of walking on the beach and swimming naked."

Alison suggested to Richard that they could change the next step so that Sandra and I did the public undressing in the lounge, since it would not bother us as much as Hassal, and possibly Jason. Jason spoke for the first time, saying that it would be hard to do, but he would do it with Sandra, though he would be very embarrassed. Hassal, bless her, came in with, "All right, Iím outnumbered. Come on Jo-hon, letís do it before I lose my nerve."

"I want to make an announcement first. This will come through in the lounge" from Richard. He picked up a microphone, turned it on and spoke, "This is Richard speaking. You are not to speak to each other, no matter what happens, and how surprised you might be. We want to study your reactions, and there are video cameras in the lounge."

To us, "Right ho, go and do your stuff. We will come in as soon as you are finished. Remember, everything off!"

Hellís bells, I thought, what will we have to share next? I took Hassalís hand and whispered, "I know itís going to be tough, but it will be fun too. You can do me first." She only blushed.

Into the lounge we went, to one end of the room. Several people looked up as we entered. Since the weather was hot, I only had a shirt, shorts and briefs. Hassal started to unbutton my shirt, and slipped it off my shoulders. Everyone was watching by now, and when she unzipped my shorts there was a collective gasp. I stepped out of the shorts and Hassal pulled my briefs off, with a problem from a considerable erection, which she avoided touching. Pity really, I thought. By now Sandra was naked, with a bright red Jason looking at her. I had no clear idea of how to take a sari off, but with a few fumbles I unwound it, finding that it was a much longer piece of material than I expected.† Hassal had smallish breasts but with very large dark nipples, with signs of arousal evident, and needed no bra. What I later found to be normal Indian underwear, loose fitting and held with a tape round the waist, was next, and revealed a considerable bush of jet black hair. She was quite beautiful, although blushing and trying to hide her body with her hands. I looked at Sandra and saw that her freckles extended down to her breasts, and that her hair colour was natural, although her pussy was nearly bare. Jason was red and hiding his genitals with his hands, without much success. The rest of the group were all sitting watching with amazed expressions.

Alison and Richard came in to more surprised looks. Richard addressed the group, saying "As some of you probably know, the camp we are at is run by a naturist society, and the camp rule is that clothes are not an option. You will all now find a partner and undress each other, as the four who just came in have done. You must do this, the declaration you all signed leaves you with no choice. You will remain naked for the rest of your stay here, as well as not talking. If you have any questions we will answer them in private after you have finished."

It was quite a sight as eight young people undressed each other, most looking very embarrassed, but managing nevertheless. Hassal and I found it entertaining to watch, and I managed to lose my erection. When they had finished, I looked at the women one by one. Small blond, stocky black haired, chubby brown haired, slight Asiatic, and reddish haired. What a sight, all different and all well worth a look! The men covered a wide range too, and Hassal was having a good look at them all.

Richard announced, "You have an hour or so before going to bed. We are going to have some dancing. Each time we play a new tune, you change to your next partner. To answer a question one of you asked before, we are not trying to encourage promiscuity, but to give you all as wide an exposure to the opposite sex as possible.† The silence rule ensures that your partners remain at least partly strangers, which means that there is some mystery in your relationships."

There was a small area of the lounge open enough for dancing and a cd player started up. I found Judith, who was having trouble with nudity and covering what she could with her hands. I took her hands in mine, and moved with the music. After a few moments she joined me in the dance, giving me an embarrassed smile. We did not dance close, although I would have been happy to. She was a reasonable dancer, but more disco than I am. Move on to Tania, brown hair, bit plump, blushing prettily. I took her in the conventional ballroom hold, without too much closeness. Before the tune ended, to my surprise, we were close, with her erect nipples pressed to my chest, and her head on my shoulder. You never know, I thought. Tiny Miko next. No real idea of our style of dance, but a smile, and a good try. Italia had large breasts and a very solid appearance, and was quite hairy in lots of places. Another Tania, we got close and I got turned on to an embarrassing degree. I wondered if I could make a quick trip to the toilet, but when I looked at the other men I saw that I was no orphan. On to Sandra and a surprise. She was a great dancer, with lots of good moves. Aerobics classes, I decided, and just enjoyed having her as partner. I could see that she was turned on by it all, as she had very little pubic hair, and her labia were a bit swollen and open. End of the music and she gave me a very close hug and a quick kiss. By now there were no people hiding themselves with their hands, even the men with erections.

Alison addressed us, "We are delighted to see that the dancing has made you more comfortable with nudity. It is time for bed. Your dormitories are on the right down the passage, and there are showers and toilets next door. Three men and three women to each room, with your first partners, please. Showers are mixed, but toilets are separate. The weather is due to break sometime tomorrow morning, so you are expected on the beach at 6:30 before it gets too hot. Breakfast at eight. When you go to the beach, be sure to go with your next partner, walk along the beach to the left, have a swim if you want, and dry each other afterwards. No talking, and no hiding behind towels."

Hassal and I went to the room. As we walked along, to my surprise, she slipped her hand into mine and squeezed a bit. I gave her my best smile, and got one in return. In the room were eight beds. The room was very warm, and there were no covers on the beds. Alison and Richard made up the number. We all went to the showers, and watched as everyone washed and dried, and then to bed. After lights out, I lay there for a while thinking about the evening, and how a connection with another could be made without speaking. On impulse I reached out my hand to the next bed, where Hassal was lying. She again took my hand. I raised her hand to my lips and kissed it. Hassal murmured "Mmmm," and I dropped off to sleep.

Saturday Morning.

I woke and got up to go to the toilet early next day, realising that I needed relief from an aching hard-on, no doubt caused partly by the sight of four naked women still asleep, and the thought of what might happen later! Back to bed for an hour or so, when I woke again, to find everyone awake. It was 6:30, and still hot. After a toilet trip and a drink of water we all set off to the beach. Judith was with me this time, though I wished it were Hassal.

Several other people, not of our party, were there already, but we walked along the beach as instructed. It was a great feeling of freedom, and soon some of the party were playing catch and similar games with balls and frisbees we had picked up when leaving the camp. We went in the water, and found that nude swimming certainly beats wearing costumes. We swam and splashed each other a bit. It was strange to do that without talking. We came out and dried off, and all set off back along the beach.

When we neared the other campers we heard a call from a woman in the sea. "Help, help," and she was obviously in trouble. I looked on surprised as Italia ran across to the water as fast as I have ever seen anyone move, went straight in and swam to the woman very quickly. Italia brought her to shore in a lifesaversí hold, and Richard immediately did the standard first aid things. The woman revived, told us that she had had a violent stomach cramp, and couldnít move for a while. To hell with not talking, we all gave Italia a cheer. She blushed a bit and said, "Thank you." It was clear that everyone had forgotten that they were naked while all this happened.

A wind started to blow, with large raindrops. The expected break in the weather had come. We trooped back to camp and quick showers. Into breakfast very hungry, to find places marked at the tables. I got Miko, Italia and Phillip this time. We got our food and were told to feed each other as we had at dinner. At least we had cutlery this time, as there were hot dishes and cereals, but getting a drink was still tricky. There were a lot of smiles and giggles in the room. After eating for a while, Richard addressed us, "Iím glad to see that you are all accepting nudity so well. Would you please go to the lounge, and sit down?"

We did, and found the chairs pushed back against the walls, leaving a clear area. The four organisers came in. Alison told us to stand in a circle holding hands. She then told us to shut our eyes, keep still, and think of the names of the people we had partnered. I pictured Hassal, a lovely milk chocolate colour, remembered drowning in her black eyes. Judith, blue eyes, short blonde hair, small neat figure. Buxom Tania, tiny Miko, strong black haired Italia, and cute freckled Sandra passed one by one through my mind. I added Alison and Gwen for good measure. I realised that in some curious way I loved them all. What was going on here? I even felt myself getting quite emotional. We stood there for a while and then Alison said, "We are going to do some free movement to music for the next half hour. If you have never done this before, Iím sure they wonít mind if I tell you to watch Italia or Sandra, both have done aerobics and move well. Do whatever comes to you, if you want to crawl, jump, spin or whatever, do it, but on your own."

A CD of lively music came on; we let go of the hands and started. I felt a bit diffident about doing this, but seeing all the others doing their thing, some well, some timidly, I realised that it was ok to let go. I started to enjoy it quite soon. The music changed to a slow piece, and I watched as peopleís movements slowed. Two women were lying on the floor with slow waves passing through their bodies. Most people had dreamy looks, and some were caressing themselves. Alison and Gwen were in the act too, I noticed, while Richard and Jack were scribbling notes on what they saw. The room energy was very sexual, and everyone was feeling it. The music stopped, and Richard said, "Please sit down, eyes closed, and think about what you were feeling in the last half hour."

The organisers all left the room. Soon after, Tania and I were summoned to the interview room. Alison addressed me, "What were your thoughts when you were holding hands and thinking about your partners? I could see that you were getting emotional."

"I realised that on some level which I donít understand, that I loved all of them. Itís mad, I havenít said a word to any of them, I donít know anything about them except what I can see, and Iíve only touched their hands in most cases. They are all quite attractive in their own ways, but that isnít enough to explain it."

"How about you?" to Tania.

"I feel something of the same as John, but not as strongly as he does."

"Are you both enjoying your weekend so far?" asked Richard.

We agreed that we were, but felt that we needed answers to a lot of questions.

"We hope to find answers. Remember that the whole thing is an experiment. We are surprised that so many of you are getting so aroused."

I told them that it was getting difficult to handle without relief, and Tania backed me up in this.

"We have some rethinking to do, but at the moment itís nearly lunch time. Youíll have to go with our plans for now. Do you think that we have achieved a safe and even nurturing environment for you?"

Tania said that she felt this was the case, and I agreed. I suggested that they ask Miko and Hassal the same question. I told them that I felt that not talking meant that we could not be negative about the others because we didnít know them. Everyone was being nice to each other. I added that anyone who had a dislike of the opposite sex for any reason would find it hard to maintain that attitude.

The next question was a shock. Alison asked us if we would, right now, care to masturbate either individually or each other. We agreed that we had gone off the boil during the questions, but that it could happen. Blushing, Tania added that she could imagine doing it with any of the men if she was horny enough. I said that I had never done it in public, and that the thought was a bit scary, but I would if told. We were thanked for our honest answers.

Back to the lounge while others were summoned for questions. Not long after, the organisers came in and lunch was served. We went to the dinning room. This time my tablemates were Hassal and to my surprise, Richard and Gwen. We fed each other, as was becoming a habit, with a few deliberate spills and a lot of giggles. I made a point of accidentally on purpose decorating Gwen with some mayonnaise, just so I could wipe it off her breast. Her nipples rose to the occasion and I managed to keep a straight face. She gave me a look that I didnít understand at first. I soon worked out that she was as horny as any of us. I remembered that she had wanted to come on the weekend, but not as an observer. Hassal and I fed each other coffee and smiles. I found her touch electrifying. Another erection to deal with!

Saturday Afternoon.

Back to the lounge after washing each otherís hands. This time Richard showed a cartoon video, quite funny, of how conception occurs. When it finished in twenty minutes, Alison stood up and demanded, "Hands up everyone who had not seen a naked member of the opposite sex before last night."

Three girls and four boys hands went up.

"Ok, how about your own sex?"

No takers for this.

Alison continued, "We are pleased to see that it seems that you are becoming used to being naked. Would the men please stand in a circle, facing outwards, with their hands behind their backs and their feet shoulder width apart? The women can go around and look as closely as they wish, but no touching!"

Oh Lord, another erection. I was no orphan. All the men responded as their bits and pieces were examined by six women, who, without speaking, were clearly making comparisons.

"Good. Now itís the womenís turn."

I decided to look at breasts and nipples first. Most of the rest was hidden by hair, for all the women except for Judith, who was blond and not well covered, and Sandra, who had even less hair. Sandra got more than her share of attention because of this, and became embarrassed by it. Even so, her outer labia hid everything to start with, but by the time I got to her she was getting horny enough for a bit more to be seen.

Richard spoke again, "We are going to repeat the eye contact exercise, but with an addition. The organisers are going to join in to gain first hand experience of how you are feeling. Would the women form a circle in the order you were in when you got here last night? The men please find your next partner and stand holding hands. Say the names again."

A momentís thought and I found Judith. I saw that Richard and Alison had paired with Gwen and Jack, but Alison joined the circle between Tania and Miko, while Gwen was between Sandra and Hassal. I found Judithís blue eyes as fascinating as before. After about two minutes Richard said, "Let the hands go, find your partnerís nipples, and gently play with them. If you feel tempted to pinch, remember that they can retaliate very easily."

Gasps of surprise all round the room, but more or less slowly everyone did as asked, with plenty of blushing from both sexes. I have large and possibly very sensitive nipples for a man. I felt Judithís neat little brown buds growing in my fingers, and guessed the same was happening to me. It was very pleasant, and less sexy than I would have thought at first, although not long after some heavy breathing was heard. I held on, pinching gently, but harder and harder as time passed. I must have reached Judithís limit, because she got suddenly squeezed quite hard, and I backed off.

We were told to move round the circle, with perhaps five minutes for each partner.

I came to Alison, and wondered how she would be. After all, it isnít every day one gets to tweak a professorís nipples. Then I remembered that she knew what would happen before she joined the group. I said "Alison" and got "John" in return. She was as turned on as anyone else, and gave me a smile. She had large, responsive nipples which were hard when we started, softened and then became quite likely painfully erect when I moved on. Seven women, five minutes each. After about forty minutes of nipple play everyone was just about bursting. My nipples were burning, and the largest I have ever seen them. I got to Gwen. When I looked at her eyes, they were nearly all pupil. She seemed to be breathing heavily. I touched her hands and realised that she was covered in perspiration, and was shaking a little. I whispered, "Are you all right?"

She answered, "Go easy, Iím feeling it a lot."† Nevertheless, she held my by now sore nipples, and I found hers. A few minutes and I felt her tighten her hold on me to the point of pain. She gasped and cried out, "Oh, oh!"

I realised that she was having a nipple-induced orgasm. She shook and let go of my nipples so that she could hang on to me, to avoid falling in a heap. Her knees seemed to give way and she sank to the floor. I kneeled down and hugged her whispering, "Itís ok Gwen; Iím here for you."

Richard came over to us and asked what the trouble was. I told him quietly, "It got a bit much for her, and Gwen had an orgasm."

She was becoming more settled, and clearly all right, Everyone had stopped the exercise and was watching. A quick look round showed me that there were others who werenít far behind Gwen in arousal, including Richard himself. Richard spoke up, "It seems that we underestimated the power of the exercises. I propose that we have an hour break. Drink plenty of water, have a shower if you want. There are tea and coffee here when you want them."

There was a general exodus to the toilets and showers. As I walked along the passage, Sandra caught up and took my hand. She put her finger to her lips, and slowed us down so that we were last. When the others had disappeared she pulled me further along and around a corner. I saw a row of doors with numbers. We went in one door to find a motel style room. I remembered that she knew the place well. As soon as we were inside, she turned and grabbed my nipples. Ok, I thought, the exercise is still going, and I started to tweak her nipples quite hard. It turned out to be Gwen all over again, as Sandra had a considerable orgasm. She whispered, "Thank you, I was very horny."

We went into the ensuite shower. As soon as we were there, her hand went to my penis, and rubbed gently. It didnít take long and I spurted all over her belly. She laughed, and we turned the water on for a shower, complete with fondling and gropes. I was pleased to give her another come when I pinched her clit, not so gently! We dried each other, and went back to the lounge, were most of the party were already assembled. Time for a fair bit to drink, as we were both thirsty.†††

Alison announced, "Richard has arranged a lecture on what one could call intimate anatomy."

Richard turned back a cover on an easel to reveal a large diagram of the male anatomy below the waist. He described the various bits and their functions in graphic terms. Another diagram and female parts were dealt with. He told us to find our next partner.

He then told the men to show their partners the various bits, mentioning the scrotum, testicles, foreskin, perineum and so on. Quite a few erections, including mine despite Sandra, as Hassal peered closely at the parts, with her breathing showing that she was very interested indeed. Richard told the women to go around and look at the other men, to give them a chance to compare details. This was too much for two men, who couldnít hold back from ejaculating, since they had to manipulate their foreskins to show five more naked, horny women. Gwen gave them some tissues.

Alison spoke again, "A perfectly natural reaction, embarrassing for the men, but educational for the women. How many of the girls have closely examined their vaginas in a mirror, including inside?"

Three had.

"How many have examined another girl?"

None this time.

"How many men have had the chance to do this?"

Only one taker. Gwen went around and gave each man a hand mirror. "Hold the mirrors for your partners, please. Women, spread your legs and have a good look at what you see."

Of course, the men got just as good a look as the women!

"Now hold the lips of your vaginas open, and identify the inner labia, the clitoral hood and the clitoris."

Now it was the menís turn to get interested. Every one had a throbbing erection at the sights.† I could see the start of lubrication, and Hassal was clearly very turned on. The men were told to circulate, and examine the other women. I went around finding several very blushing women, and none who werenít obviously very horny. I looked at Alison and Gwen and saw that they werenít immune, even though they werenít on display. There were bigger variations in inner labia and clitoris than I expected.

Richard this time, "Since you are all very excited again by now, I think its time to cool off. We are not too surprised that you are all getting aroused so often, and realise that frequent arousal without relief can become uncomfortable or worse. Our original idea was to ask for volunteers to demonstrate masturbation to the group or to have you all masturbate together if you wanted to. We have discussed this with some of you and have decided that after you change partners in future, you can have your sexual tension relieved by your partner by manual means. It may be necessary for some of you to demonstrate masturbation, to show your partner what feels good to you. If you do need to do this, make sure that they get to do most of whatís needed as a learning experience for them. If your partner doesnít want relief, make sure you get it if you feel the need. Women, please remember that most men cannot have an orgasm without ejaculating, and need quite a while to recharge afterwards."

What a great idea, I thought, and obviously not alone. Judith was my next partner, so I found her. She put her hand on my genitals. Gee, it sure felt good, even though Sandra had been there only a short time before. I looked a question at her, and got a nod in response. I immediately went to her pussy and discovered that my mind was needed in two places at once. If I thought of what she was doing to me too much, I was neglecting her a bit, and vice versa. I decided that I didnít really need to come again so soon after Sandra, so moved her hand to my nipples. I really got into pleasuring her, and was rewarded before long with panting and cries of satisfaction. There were many others in the room much the same! Quite a lot of tissues were needed to clean up.

Jack this time, "We are going to have a change of pace, and do some body painting."

I saw Gwen come into the room with a trolley laden with paints and brushes, and even a few spray cans. Jack went around the room and gave each of us a numbered card. He said, "Your partner has the same number. The paints are all quite safe on skin for quite a long time. Be as original as possible. If your partner wishes to paint your genitals, enjoy it if you can!"

I looked for a woman with the number three to match my card. It was Tania. When I looked closely, I saw that she was still a bit horny, with erect nipples. This gave me an idea. I covered both my hands with a brownish coloured paint, and quickly put my hands on her large breasts from behind, leaving handprints. I rinsed my hands, and used a brush to paint her nipples a dark pink. Tania looked at me as much as to say; "Your turn will come." I went further by carefully parting her pubic hair and painting her labia blood red, causing her to squirm and gasp a bit. I held my hand on her belly touching her hair, and sprayed around it. The result was quite striking, I thought.

My turn now. Tania found some green paint, and started to paint leaves on my belly and thighs. She gestured for me to turn around and bend over a little. More leaves on my bum. I turned back to face her and the blighter held my penis, pushed my foreskin back, and painted the whole thing banana yellow. I got hard, of course, and got pretty well turned on when she painted the brown bit at the end of a banana on the very end. I felt that she need not have spent quite so long with a brush going around the eye! I saw that it really looked quite like a banana.

Richard said, "Ok everyone, time for an art exhibition. Men first."

Various sights greeted our eyes. One man looked as if he had six nipples, one looked like a chess board, one had apparently got a snake between his legs, and one had a clownís face, and a purple and white stripped penis.

When I looked at the women, I saw that Hassal had a creeper growing from her crotch, with flowers on her breasts, very artistically done, while Judith seemed to be wearing a green bikini. Miko had stripes as if from a caning, and a bright red behind. Sandra had Ďpinchí written on one breast, Ďtweakí on the other, and an arrow down her belly with Ďgropeí at the end. She was rather embarrassed by it. Italia had targets over each breast and another at her crotch.

Alison congratulated us on our skill as painters. She said she hoped we had had some fun with it all, and added that the storm had passed, and that some time on the beach was in order, and we could wash the paint off in the sea.

We all trooped off to the beach. Straight into the sea for a swim and splash session. Again, it was good fun, and a bit odd to do it without speaking. More beach play with balls and frisbees, until Richard asked us to go back as it was getting near dinnertime.

Back for showers and drinks in the lounge until we were called for dinner.

Saturday Evening.

This time at dinner I had Miko, Alison and Ben for companions. One handed washing and feed each other with fingers again, and we enjoyed a great salad and cold meat meal. Alison joined in feeding me and I fed her, with giggles and smiles thrown in. I thought how good it was that the organisers were joining in as much as they were. The sweets were, of all things, Pavlova or cheesecake, and cream. What a mess Miko managed to make of my face, not entirely by accident I could see. I dropped cream on her, and missed her breasts, but got it on her belly and thighs. She gave me a dirty look, but clearly didnít mind when I wiped it off. I licked her fingers for good measure, and she did mine. It is quite an erotic thing to do, we found. More one handed washing, and we were finished dinner. Richard announced that we were to go back to the lounge. We found that the furniture was pushed back against the walls.

Allison this time, "We are going to have more dancing. Same rules as last night. Please find your partners, from before the body painting, which was outside the normal order."

Back to Judith. The music started, slow sexy tunes for the most part. The lights were dimmed until the room was nearly dark. We moved together for a short while, and then I found her getting close. Slow dancing naked is a powerful thing, we found, and both got quite aroused. Time to change, and before we parted Judith reached up and kissed me convincingly. I did the same for her, and after a hand squeeze and a hug I found Tania. Again, close dancing without much movement, but very sexy. A very firm hug and another kiss before I moved on to Miko. She started with a space between us, but not for long. I realised that she was very aroused, and about half way though the tune she put my hand between her legs. I obliged her with a good feel, and when I pinched her clit she sighed and shook.

"Thank you," she whispered, and we kissed and parted.

I noticed several couples doing the same, and thought back to when I had realised that on some level, I felt very close all these women. I was also very grateful for the chance to come on the weekend, and found it hard to remember that it was only yesterday evening that the whole adventure started. On to Italia, who could dance well. Not so close this time, but a lot of fun, and kiss and hug again. I was hard as I have ever been by now, and was tempted to seek relief, but there was Sandra in my arms, sweating and obviously very aroused. I remembered that we would be sent to bed soon, and held off again, hoping that the effort would be worth it. Apparently Sandra felt the same, and we made it to the end of the dance, with a hug and kiss. My last partner was Hassel, who must have had relief, as she was fairly calm. Nevertheless we danced close and I felt her nipples harden against my chest. Another hug.

Richard announced, "Time for showers and bed. If there are any partners you didnít hug, please do so now. It might pay you to look in the top drawer of your bedside tables."

I thought back and realised that all the women and I had shared a hug and kiss, except Miko. I went to her and hugged as expected, getting another kiss for good luck. Feeling a bit cheeky I walked over to Gwen and spread my arms.

"Thank you," she whispered, and we hugged and kissed.

Other men followed me. Seeing that Richard was occupied elsewhere in the room hugging Italia, I gave Alison the same invitation, with the same result. She whispered, "Good luck tonight."

I wondered, not for the first time that day, how much we had all been manipulated, and how much Alison, who is a clever psychologist, had worked out would happen before the weekend started. I decided to ask her afterwards if I got a chance.

As we went to the showers, Hassal held my hand as if she was afraid I might vanish. I must say I didnít mind at all, and held hers quite tight too. Into the showers, where we helped each other wash and dry. It was all I could do not to come, but I managed it. Toilet trip and into the dormitory where I looked in the top drawer as suggested, to find a packet of condoms, and a note that said, "We thought you might need these." Before Hassal saw what I had, the lights went out and I lay down. Almost immediately a small hand crept into mine. She pulled gently, and I moved to her bed.

Blow the rules, I thought, and whispered, "Howís it going?"

She whispered back, "Much better than I expected. Itís all turning out to be fun. I feel terribly horny."

I felt her take my hand and put it on her crotch. I used the other hand on one nipple, which was very hard. I put both hands to work, soon finding her enlarged clit and rubbing gently up and down her well-lubricated pussy. As I hoped, she took my throbbing erection and started to rub. We werenít the first couple to achieve a mutual come, by the sounds in the room, but we were quite quick.

Hassal whispered again, "Thanks. Letís hug for a while."

We did, but with kisses thrown in. I was still pretty horny, though now limp, and I started to kiss Hassalís nipples. She sighed loudly. I moved down her belly slowly, and finally reached her pussy, still wet and wide open.

I hadnít gone down on a girl before, but it was a day for new things. I was surprised at the taste, a bit salty and pungent, but not bad. Round and round, up and down, and finally I held her clit hood back and gave the little nub a good work out. More sighs and gasps, and she came again. Next thing I knew she was returning the compliment, and I was getting hard again. When she pushed my foreskin back and licked the end, it was all I could do not to spurt straight away. I pulled away and asked her if she was on the pill. No, she told me. I managed to put a condom on, and put her hand on it.

She whispered, "Oh, dear, Iím a virgin. I would rather not."

I said that it was all right, took the condom off again, and pushed her head gently back to my crotch. She finished the job very competently. I moved to a 69 with her, although I didnít come again. Both feeling satisfied, we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up some time later and realised that I had better go to the toilet. I slipped quietly off the bed and went down the passage. As I passed the womenís loo, on the way back, I heard a cistern and Gwen appeared. She was flushed and I noticed that her nipples were erect. She came up to me and whispered, "How are you doing? Iím as horny as hell again. Jack isnít feeling very well, and we couldnít do anything much."

I told her that I might not be a big help, as I had come three times in a few hours, but that I would do anything I could for her. What was the weekend doing to us, I wondered. She was a graduate, several years older than I was, and we had really only said a few words to each other. She reached for my nipples and said, "Are yours sore after last time? Mine are, but it feels good. I always enjoyed nipple play."

I pinched hers gently, then not so gently, and then hard. She started to breathe heavily, and did the same to me. Right, I thought, this was your idea, and pinched very hard for a count of four, and let up for a count of four. She got the message, and did the same to me. After a few times like this, I pinched and rolled her nipples as well, keeping the timing. I realised that I was sweating, and that it was hurting a fair bit, but I was determined not to stop until Gwen did. I saw that her eyes were closed, and that she was beginning to shake as well as sweating so that her breasts were getting slippery. Just like in the lounge, she slid to the floor with an orgasm. I knelt beside her and kept holding her breasts, without pinching, until she calmed down. She smiled at me and said, "Thank you. I owe you one for that."

I realised that we were still in the passage, and pulled her to her feet.

"Letís go to the beach. Itís a nice warm night." I whispered.

After we got there Gwen said that we could talk if we wanted. I told her that I would rather keep the mystery of remaining silent unless absolutely necessary. We lay down on the still warm sand, and she took my dick in her hand. I was already hard again. She just held me without moving. I went to her pussy, and rubbed gently, then not so gently, and finally found her clit for a few pinches, to be rewarded with yet another orgasm. I was beginning to think that she was insatiable. She pushed me down on my back and climbed up astride.

Up and down, up and down. Another new thing for me, but a great sensation. I lasted a long time, and Gwen had two more orgasms before I spurted. Not much came out, but it felt as good as ever. She climbed off and lay beside me while we hugged and kissed.

†I had heard of the g-spot, but had never had a good chance to investigate. Now seemed an ideal opportunity, and I pushed gently into her pussy and felt around a bit. Further in and finally found the spongy patch I had heard of. I started to stroke it.

"Gently does it," Gwen said, "It can be quite painful to start with."

She grabbed my dick again, and I found that having a limp penis stimulated was good too. I was beginning to think I was not doing it right when Gwen suddenly went rigid, and produced a gush of liquid.

"Oh my god," she said, "Thatís never happened to me before. Although I knew some women could ejaculate, I didnít think that I was one of them. It felt amazing."

I told her that it was my pleasure as well as hers, added that I was quite surprised when it came so suddenly, and that there was so much fluid. I gave her a breast massage for a while, while she manipulated my penis, pushing the skin right back and tickling the end. It felt great, but I couldnít raise another erection, which was perhaps just as well.

Gwen started to get aroused yet again, so I kissed her nipples, and even nibbled on them a bit. She finally stopped me, and said thanks, but Iím really sore there now. We decided that it was time for bed again, went back inside and after a quick shower and a hug and kiss went into our different dormitories. I found my bed and lay down. Hassal was breathing steadily. What a day, I thought. How many times can a man ejaculate in a day, and for heavenís sake, how many orgasms can a woman have? I was sore, my nipples were burning, but I was very happy and drifted off to sleep easily.

Sunday Morning.

I woke to see Hassal already awake. I moved to her bed and we hugged and kissed for a few moments. I realised that I was getting a very real attachment to her, and suspected that she was feeling the same for me. We got up and went to the loo and showers. Itís great fun showering with a friend, but like everything else this weekend, a turn on. We fondled a bit and left it at that. Into breakfast, as no one had been up early. Today my tablemates were Italia, Gwen and Richard. Utensils again for cereal and bacon and eggs, but fun as always.

Alison asked us to go to the lounge, where she pointed out that it was a pleasant, overcast morning, and ideal for the beach. When we got there, and after a swim, Sandra led some fairly strenuous aerobics, and Italia led us in some yoga stretching. Then most of us just lay around on the sand. Since we couldnít talk, after a short while several couples formed, and went back in the sea for a series of impromptu piggyback fights. It is odd to feel a womanís pubic hair rubbing your neck, I found. It was a lot of fun, and, with some ball and frisbee throwing occupied us for quite a long time. The overcast got thicker and large rain spots started to fall. It was still warm enough that we didnít need to hurry inside. Another new thing for me, to be out in the rain naked.

Richard announced that it was nearly lunchtime, so in we went. A shower for the salt, and into the dining room where my companions were Sandra, Hassal and Tom. Same rules as before, with spills every now and then. Sandra managed to dump mayonnaise on my crotch, but Hassal beat her to it to wipe it off. I got Sandra back with a blob of ice cream on one breast, duly removed by Tom licking it off. He didnít hurry doing it I noticed. Back to the lounge when we had finished.

Sunday Afternoon.

Alison addressed us, "Hands up those of you who had a sexual session of any sort with a partner after you went to bed last night." Everyoneís hand was raised. What a horny lot we had become!

"We expected that this would happen. We argued for quite a while as to wether we should expect you to do the next exercise, and in the end decided to seek your agreement beforehand. You are all aware that women are usually capable of having several orgasms, whereas men can rarely have more than one or two before they need time to recharge. From our observations here, it seems that all the women are multi-orgasmic. It is possible for men to learn to separate ejaculation and orgasm, and to learn to maintain an erection for long periods, having lesser but enjoyable orgasms several times. This requires time and effort, and a cooperative partner to achieve. Those who have managed to do it say that it was well worth the effort, and their partners agree that sex is greatly improved if there is no hurry. Since we do not have enough time on this weekend, we have an alternative. We would very much like you to try it, as it could be a great thing to suggest to couples who are having problems with sex."

"If men are drained of semen, but stimulation is continued, we believe that men can become multi-orgasmic. Men frequently feel that enough is enough after they have ejaculated, and do not want more activity for varying periods of time. We realise that what we suggest might, because of this, be hard on the men, and it will possibly call for great patience from the women, but with very worthwhile results. It is common for partners to reach orgasm together fairly often. We hope that this will occur, perhaps many times. We have friends who have done this successfully, and tell us that it is not something they want to do all the time, but very good sometimes."

"We discussed this sort of thing briefly with some of you yesterday, and you were not against the idea. We want you to join your partners in order, to masturbate each other to orgasm for the woman and ejaculation and orgasm for the man. After a short rest, you are to repeat this with your next partner. After two or three partners the men will no longer be able to ejaculate, but might still be capable of an erection. If so, this will be good. If not, donít worry, as Iím told that having a limp penis played with can be very good fun, leading to further orgasms for both. You will continue for all six partners. If a majority of you is willing, we will proceed, and remind the others of the declaration they signed last week. Hands up if you willing to do this."

Most hands went up immediately, and after a short pause the rest joined them.

"Thank you all very much. Please find your next partner, who should be the second one on your lists. Take as long as you want. If you finish before the rest, a few kisses and hugs, or some nipple play should fill in the time. Iím sure that you will be more comfortable in the dormitory, so you should all go to the first one."

Fair enough, I thought. Hassal and I had fun last night, so it was Judith this time. I went to her and smiled. She gave me a watery smile back, and I remembered that she was late agreeing to this. I hugged her and whispered, "Iíll only do what you want even if its nothing much."

She whispered back, "Thank you, but I think we should go for it, although I wonít find it easy."

Good for you, I thought and put my arm firmly round her above the waist, so that I could just reach her breast. With my other hand I put her hand on my penis, and we walked to the dormitory and a bed. I saw other couples doing much the same, including a giggling Tania who was pulling her partner along by a firm grip on his penis. We lay down and I fondled Judithís breasts for a while and then went for her crotch. It wasnít long and she was gasping and wriggling with an orgasm, which took her mind off what she was doing to me, which was a pity as it felt great.

It seemed to me that she was not having any trouble at all, and I just lay there for a bit while she got on with it. When I felt close, I started on her again, and we came together. A handful of tissues and I was cleaned up a bit and so was her belly, which I had decorated for her! We rested for a while, listening to the others, since some were slower than we had been. I got Judith to lie with her back to me, put one hand on her crotch and one on her breast, and we lay quiet for a while. We lay there listening to the various noises people make when having an orgasm. It was enough to make us both horny all over again.

I moved on to Tania, finding her sweating, wide-eyed and obviously ready to go again. She smiled, and after a kiss pushed me gently into a 69. Her pussy was very wet. I was so horny that I didnít care what she tasted like but went straight in and licked round and round. I found her clit was very engorged and when I licked it she started to buck and wriggle. I backed off a bit so that I could enjoy what I realised was an expert blowjob. It took a while for me to come again, and Iím certain Tania had two orgasms before mine arrived.

It was time for a drink, and a break, I felt. I turned and we spent perhaps ten minutes playing the nipple game, with a long kiss during most of the time. We parted and I went out to the toilet for a pee and a wash.

I remembered that Miko was next on my list. As I walked back to the bedroom, I realised that I had gone off the boil, and was getting sore. Too bad, I thought, you only live once and I might never have another opportunity like this.

Miko went straight for my penis, held it with one hand and pushed the skin back hard with the other. She held on tight and started to pinch the end. This caused another erection, but not much of one. I went for a breast with one hand and her pussy with the other. Since she was being rough on me, I pinched round her labia quite hard a few times, and repeated this on her inner labia. I heard her gasp, so I found her clit and really tweaked it. She came all right, but no signs of one for me. She rubbed up and down, eventually getting a reaction. I felt her clit start to retract into its hood and meanly pushed the hood back so this couldnít happen. I hung on and she got very vocal, almost screaming. At the same time she was being tough with me and I found I was reaching a new plateau of arousal where pain and pleasure were much the same, and although I had very little semen left, what there was came out and I went limp.

We were both exhausted, but still had three partners to go. I looked at Mikoís pussy, to see that the lips were spread further than I thought possible without assistance. Her nipples were enlarged, but her face had the look of a well-satisfied woman. My penis was red and sore, but somewhat to my surprise, I was again horny. We kissed and parted. I found Italia sprawled on the bed, legs apart, pussy wide open and wet, and playing with her nipples. I bent down and kissed them for her, and nibbled gently. "Ah, ah," she said and grabbed my penis. We played for a while, and I found that as Alison had said, I had repeated quite intense orgasms, coinciding with hers, without any come. The bed was getting wet, and the whole room smelt of sex. Who cares, I thought, Iím so glad to be here. I tried for her g-spot, but while she liked it being rubbed, no ejaculation. She whispered, "Youíre too late. It already happened to me. I doubt Iíve got another in me."

I took this as a challenge, and continued. Quite suddenly, success! Heavens above, talk about multi-orgasmic.

On to Sandra. After yesterday, I worked on her nipples. They donít bruise easily, which is just as well, as she went for mine, and gave them a mean workout. To my surprise, we both managed an orgasm of sorts. I went to her pussy and she grabbed my penis. Heck, it was sore. I looked at her labia and it seemed that they would be just as sore. Her clit was huge and red looking, but we both had several minor orgasms in the next fifteen minutes or so. We were both sweating and hot, so I pulled her into the showers.

"Good idea," she whispered, "I not sure I can take any more."

"Only one to go now." I reminded her, and we washed each other, which felt great.

We went back to the dorm and fell asleep on the bed, in a hug. I was woken after a short nap by Hassal shaking me gently.

"My turn," she whispered.

She must have showered too, as she smelled sweet and clean. I chose a 69 again. She didnít do it well, but I wasnít critical by now. Several orgasms later, and a lot of pussy juice on my face, we stopped, exhausted.

"Dinner in an hour," announced Alison. "If any of you have any energy left, itís nice on the beach, and there are drinks in the lounge."

Hassal and I took a short walk on the beach, and then a few drinks went well. She was quite cuddly and wanted close contact, which was fine by my, as I felt the same. I realised that although her oral sex was not as good as Taniaís, since we had developed a real connection, sex with Hassal had something the others lacked.

Sunday Evening.

We were called for dinner and went to the dining room. This time Alison told us to sit were we liked, Hassal and I found places with Tania and Bill, who she had led to the dorm by his penis. We had cutlery provided, so the meal was more conventional. Since the main course was spaghetti and mince, fingers would not have worked too well. Hassal giggled and started to feed me, so I did the same for her.

Quite a few other couples were doing the same, I saw. Sweets were fresh fruit. Tania rubbed a peeled banana on her pussy and offered it to Bill. Queen of oral sex, I thought. Bill accepted the offer. Oh well, I thought, you only live once, and ate several segments of orange after I put them in Hassal. She squirmed a bit when I did this, so I gave her a couple of segments to eat. She looked a bit reluctant to taste her own juices, but did so. She was wet again and tasted fine to me.

Alison asked us to return to the lounge, and shortly after we got there, introduced a lady who joined us as Margaret Harvey. Margaret was going grey, with a nice figure for a woman of, I guessed, about fifty. Her pussy was shaved. She told us that she was the manager of the camp and hoped we had enjoyed our stay. She added that the camp was not a place for sex as we had experienced it, and warned us that naturists were pretty much like other people, but enjoyed the freedom of nudity

She went on to say that we would always be welcome, and that late bookings for the weekend on Fridays or even Saturday mornings would attract a fifty percent student discount, if there were vacancies. It was better to have someone than no one. In response to a question from Alison, she added that she had not worn clothes for almost two years, and even going on holidays could be managed in a camper van. She also told us that vacation jobs were often available at the camp at busy times, as cleaners, bar staff and waiting on table, but must be performed naked to follow camp rules. Richard thanked Margaret and addressed us

"The bus is here to take you back to campus. We hope that you have enjoyed this weekend, and learned a few things about yourselves and the opposite sex. Please do not talk on the bus. Gwen will give you a list of names and phone numbers so you can get in touch with each other later on if you wish. I remind you that we expect a report on your time here by next Wednesday, with emphasis on what you have learned here."

"The organisers thank you for your cooperation and realise that we pushed you hard at times. We feel that our experiment was a great success. We have learned a lot. Your luggage will be brought in soon, but please wait to dress until you are on the bus. Since we realise that you have been introduced to sexual practices that you might miss in the future, there will be a reunion next Wednesday in the Psych building at seven oclock. Please bring your reports then. We feel that if you meet by chance in the future, you should behave as ordinary acquaintances would. Please do not discuss the weekend with anyone not present. Thank you all again."

The bus was outside and we all got on with our bags. I started to dress in shirt and shorts again, and realised that after only two days of nudity I felt clothes to be uncomfortable. Was it really only two days? So much had happened. I wished the weekend could have gone on much longer, although I was tired after the afternoonís events. Hassal and I sat together, and cuddled most of the way back. On the way Alison thanked us again, and asked us to go into the room where we had first met when we reached the psychology building.

We did this, and Alison suggested hugs all around as a fitting end to the weekend. Some hugs were quite extended, and there was a lot of kissing as well. The organisers joined in, and I found Gwen to be a great kisser. Hassal was still the best. Was I in love with this woman, without having talked to her except for a few whispers? Possibly, I thought, but time will tell. Gwen gave us the promised list of names and numbers, and we slowly separated and went to our rooms.

I knew that I would be busy on Monday, so I fired up my computer and started on the report while the events were still fresh in my mind.

What I have Learned, a Report on an Unusual Weekend.

It seems convenient to list items as they occurred during the weekend, so here goes. I have included my feelings at the things we did, for your information

The main lesson that I learned was the difference between loving and being in love. I realise now that I love all the beautiful and exciting women involved in the weekend, but am probably in love with only one. I would like to discuss this with Alison sometime. A secondary lesson was how much simpler life is if you donít wear clothes. No laundry to speak of, no decisions on what to wear, and a great time saver.

  1. Eye contact and handholding was more of a turn-on than I expected. Doing it with strangers adds to the effect.
  2. One handed washing and feeding a girl is great fun, as is being fed by them.
  3. Being undressed by a virtual stranger in mixed company was hard to take, but quite exciting. Undressing my beautiful partner was delightful, although she was very embarrassed.
  4. Having to do what I was told, without any escape, was clearly necessary to the program. I found a touch of submissiveness in me that I was unaware of, and got turned on at obeying what were certainly unusual instructions.
  5. Apart from the sexual arousal, which initially embarrassed me, nude dancing with strangers was wonderful.
  6. Sleeping in the raw without covers was a new experience, but ok.
  7. Naked beach play and swimming was not new to me, but I loved it with so many others in the party.
  8. The organisers willingly joining in some of the activities impressed me.
  9. Thinking of my partners in the circle gave me a surprise. I knew almost nothing about them but what I could see, but in some way I felt very close to them all.
  10. The free movement was new to me, but interesting.
  11. The continuous arousal without relief got hard to handle after a while, as Alison realised when she suggested masturbation to Tania and me.
  12. Gwen wonít mind if I suggest that she should be invited to attend a weekend as a participant.
  13. Being on display to naked female strangers was tough.
  14. Seeing the women displaying was fun, even though obviously embarrassing to them. I felt for them, but that didnít stop me enjoying the sights. In any case, I had just gone through it myself.
  15. The nipple play was amazing, especially when Gwen had an orgasm. I will certainly repeat the exercise when I get the chance. It was interesting to find the line between pleasure and pain, and find that close to this line was best. I found it to be a form of meditation. It splits oneís mind into two, as you have to give some thought to your partner, but experience the feelings on your own body at the same time, leaving no room for any other thoughts. I was a bit surprised that the organisers joined in, but pleased as well. Perhaps they should attend a gathering incognito, and experience the whole weekend.
  16. I had an unofficial but delightful interlude with Sandra. She can tell you if she wishes.
  17. I nearly lost it when I had to display for the women, but the mirrors were a good idea. I was surprised at the differences in the appearance of the vaginas, with large variations in inner labia and clit hoods, and the size of clits, but it was a fine experience, and not generally available!
  18. Isnít it fun to masturbate a woman who you hardly know, and enjoy what she does for you at the same time?
  19. Body painting is a thing I will try to do again, and I would be a willing model for some more. I must find a group when I have time.
  20. The second go at nude dancing was great, with lots of hugs and kisses, and some good gropes thrown in.
  21. I found that cunnilingus is not as dirty or nasty as I had always supposed, particularly with a close friend. The taste may not be great, but the effects can be spectacular. I donít suppose I taste all that great anyway! Since Hassal is a virgin, that was as far as we went, at her request. Maybe sometime in the future.
  22. I have realised that giving a sex partner one or more orgasms is one of the great pleasures of life for me.
  23. I was lucky enough to have fun with Gwen during the night. She might tell you if asked.
  24. I had heard of female ejaculation, but never seen one. I was stunned.
  25. I was surprised at the number of comes I was capable of in a day. I knew that many women were much better at this than men are, and this was proved several times.
  26. Sunday morning was a welcome interlude and fun as well.
  27. I was a little surprised at everyoneís acceptance of the afternoon exercise, even though we really had little choice. Judith was hesitant at first, but then got into it and had a lot of fun. Some of the others amazed me, with their capacity for orgasm, and enthusiasm to continue.
  28. I lasted for two and a bit ejaculations. I really didnít want to keep going after the second, but Miko was quite rough, and this was probably what I needed. I had several times thought that it was a time for new experiences, and I would be in it to the end. See 22 above.
  29. I was surprised to find that I was horny again after Miko, since I had found it hard to accept the idea of more sex when I went to her.
  30. I enjoyed many lesser orgasms, but got quite sore, as did the women. I learned that sore can be sexy!
  31. I was exhausted at the end, but very happy, like everyone else appeared to be.
  32. I will certainly investigate learning to control ejaculation while maintaining an erection. I would enjoy the results, and particularly enjoy giving a partner multiple orgasms.
  33. I feel sure that people who have had bad experiences of the opposite sex would find their opinions changing during an event like the weekend. Everyone was friendly and cooperative throughout, more so because we remained strangers in a way, though became very close in other ways. I would be unable to dislike a woman with whom I have shared great sex.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the weekend. I learned a lot, enjoyed most of it, and will certainly return to the camp when I can, as a waiter or whatever, or just as a visitor. Long-term nakedness is for me, if possible. I hope that Hassal in particular and I will spend time together in the future, and I look forward to meeting all those involved again on Wednesday.

I printed a copy, signed it, saved the file and switched off my computer. It was time for bed. To me surprise, I found that I felt lonely, which seemed a bit silly. After all, there had been only two nights in the dormitory.

The phone rang. It was Hassal, saying that she would like to talk. I told her that I was feeling the same, and that I would visit her if possible. She had a shared room and said she had better come to me. I told her where I lived and rang off, cheering! It was a great night, and we did go to sleep eventually.