A Crazy Game.
by Jongee

Thursday Evening - Cards.

For some years now, my cousin Emily has played cards more or less regularly with her husband Ted, and a group of six others on Thursday evenings. Sometimes I have been asked to fill in when someone is away or sick. This happened recently, on a very hot summer day, but to my surprise, when I arrived at Emilyís house, I found that there were to be only six players. Two of the regular couples had gone away together for a long weekend, and an interstate visitor friend of Catherine and Paul was also a fill-in. The friend, named Wendy, was remarkably well formed, with lovely long chestnut hair, and a great body, a good deal of which was on show as she wore a short sleeveless sundress, and rather obviously no bra! I should add that Emily is also rather easy on the eye, and Paul and Cath both good looking.

With six players there was some discussion about what we might play, since our usual bridge was not possible, and we settled on a game called Phase Ten, which with some chat and a few drinks, kept us amused for a couple of hours. By this time it was apparent that Wendy had a strong streak of naughtiness, as she had told several dirty jokes and was very good at introducing sexual innuendoes into the conversation. Since the night was still young, the subject of another game was raised, and it was clear that we wanted a change. Cath, who can also tell a good story, mentioned that Wendy might suggest a game, but that we would have to agree with some rules before we played, as a winner would have control of a loser for some time. After some talk, it became apparent that everyone might be willing, helped by all having had quite a lot to drink, but that we wanted to see the rules.

Wendy dove into her large handbag, and handed out a sheet of paper to each of us, with a remarkably sexy giggle as she said

"Cath thought you might agree."

Rules..............to be signed by all participants, as a token of their agreement to play.

  • No deliberate pain, however caused.
  • No public humiliation, at least where either party is at all likely to be recognised by non-players.
  • Only safe sex except by agreement.
  • No enforced consumption of drugs in any form, including alcohol, or anything likely to cause harm.
  • No unsafe or oral sex except by agreement.
  • No punishment for non-completion of impossible tasks.
  • If you are a winner, be careful how you treat your loser-it may be your turn next.
  • If you sign this agreement, you must cheerfully obey a winner when you are a loser.
  • After some hesitation on Emily's part, overcome by the other two women telling her not to be chicken, and that it would be a lot of fun, with no harm to anyone, everyone signed their sheet. Some hands of cards later several of us were down to underwear, having lost a few hands and obeyed winner's instructions to undress. As chance had it, the next loser was Emily, with Wendy the winner. By this time we were all beginning to be drunk enough to have lost our inhibitions, so that when Wendy told Emily to strip, and then invited everyone to feel her naked body, there was the impressive sight of Emily having a considerable orgasm with five pairs of hands busily stimulating her for several minutes. As you might imagine, from then on the requests by the winners got more and more daring, culminating with Wendy suggesting a different game. This involved a simple draw of the cards, with girls drawing from the red suits, and the boys from the black. We agreed on three rounds as it was getting late. Whoever drew the highest card had control of the person with the lowest card of different colour for a time to be decided with another draw, with ace counting one hour up to queen or king twelve hours!

    With some trepidation we all drew. As a result of the first draw I lost to Cath who grinned as she invited me to seal my fate. A four! Ah well, it could be a lot worse. Just the same, I was a bit worried by the look on her face as she told me to be at her house at half past eight Saturday morning, with the rider

    "Don't you dare be late."

    Another draw, with Cath losing to Paul, keeping it in the family, as we told them. The third and last draw, and this time I hit the jackpot with a win over Wendy, who drew a ten to give me practically a day of her time. She blushed prettily and asked if Monday would be ok, as she was due to go home on Tuesday afternoon, and would be busy on Sunday. I agreed, as Monday was a holiday, and said nine sharp. Thinking quickly I

    "And bring a nice evening dress."

    After this the party broke up and we all went home.

    I spent a restless hour wondering what Saturday might bring, since we all suspected that Cath and Paul sometimes played bondage games, but then relaxed as I remembered the rules we had all signed. I hoped to spend some of Saturday in preparing for Monday, which promised to be a really fun day, if I wasn't too worn out after Saturday morning!

    Friday I was busy at work all day, but kept thinking about the game at any spare moment, and got pretty horny as a result.

    Saturday -† John.

    Another hot day. I was up in good time to shower and breakfast before driving rather timidly to Cath and Paul's place. I made sure I wasn't late, and knocked at half eight on the dot. Cath answered the door and said,

    "I hope you are feeling well-you may need your strength. Paul is playing in a golf tournament all day."

    These remarks did nothing to cheer me up. Without letting me inside she then told me to strip and gave me a very thin cotton barely knee length beach gown to wear. I was then told to go with her to their car, as we were going to visit her sister, who I had never met. I wondered what the heck I was in for, as it sounded rather ominous. In the car she put her hand between my legs and said,

    "All this is turning you on isn't it" with which I had to agree as I had quite an erection developing.

    †"Your turn will come," she added.

    †After a ten minute drive in near silence we reached her sister's place and I was introduced to Jenny, who was at least as pretty as Cath, but was not married. Jenny was not at all surprised to see me, so obviously Cath had worded her up before. How much I was to find out. Cath said, "The rules didn't stop me lending you to Jenny, so you'd better obey her as you would me. Have fun, if you can, and Jenny will bring you back just after ten oíclock."

    Then to make things even worse for me she said to Jenny, "Don't let him get too worn out, remember what comes next."

    With that she turned, went back to her car, and drove off, leaving me mystified and apprehensive.

    Jenny looked me over, and told me to drop the robe. I did as she said, feeling more than a bit embarrassed at showing all to a stranger.

    "H'm, not bad at all. You'll do," she said, and grabbed my penis.

    I reacted as you might expect with shock at the sudden invasion, but also with some arousal.

    "Do for what"? I asked.

    Jenny was surprised that Cath had not told me that she ran a Saturday class on sex education for some of the senior pupils from the girls' school where she taught Biology, and that she had wanted to be able to demonstrate male anatomy for some time. We were going to the class in a few minutes. I was stunned to think of what this might imply for me to endure, but turned on at the same time.

    I regained the robe, and we went to Jenny's car. She opened the door and took out a folder.

    "Sorry mate, but we'll walk there. Itís not far," and shut the car door.

    There I was, bare foot and wearing a short beach robe made of cotton so thin as to be at least partly transparent, walking along in public with a hard-on and a pretty girl.

    The reactions of passers-by were interesting. Some were a bit shocked and looked away. Some were obviously interested and gave me a grin. Finally we met a friend of Jenny's and I was introduced as the model for today. The friend smiled at me and said, "See you later at Cath's place," and went on her way.

    I wondered how many people knew what was to happen later. Pity that I didn't know, so I asked Jenny.

    "If Cath didn't tell you, I'm not going to," she said.

    We arrived at the school and went into a foyer.

    "Wait here," Jenny said and went into one of the rooms.

    I heard some talk and then a burst of what sounded like cheering from several young female voices. A girl I had never seen before came out, said, †"You had best go to the loo over there. Don't be long. I'll wait."

    I thought it wise to go and pee, which could save a problem later. When I came back she opened the door and in we went. There was Jenny, standing by a massage table, and there were seven more young women sitting at desks, wearing embarrassed grins in some cases. I went over to Jenny and started to get on the table, which was clearly there for the model.

    "Robe first, and hands behind your head," said Jenny and watched as I displayed all to the assembly.

    It was too much for me, and I blushed nearly all over as I got an enormous erection. There were gasps from several girls, who maybe had never seen a naked man before, and I heard one say to her neighbor, "I'm not sure that would fit in me."

    "You'd have to stretch a fair bit," the friend said.

    There was a knock on the door, and in walked yet another woman, this time a little older.

    "I'm glad to see you, Doc," said Jenny.

    "This is John, our model for today. Can you do something about his erection? I rather wanted them to examine a limp penis first, before we get to the erect state. Also I had instructions not to wear him out much." The new arrival offered to reduce my hard-on with a drug or with acupuncture.

    "It'll have to be the needles then, we can't use a drug by the rules of the crazy game that got him here."

    It was not long before I watched the engorgement disappear, fortunately without pain!† I heard the Doc say that it should last until the needles were removed, and limit the chance of ejaculation as well.

    Jenny then asked the class to gather round, and taking my penis none too gently in one hand, used the other to push the foreskin back. She pointed out the features of a penis, and lifting it out of the way a bit, fondled my balls and made it clear that there were two quite separate testes in there. The effect of this on me is hard to describe, as I could not get an erection and had no hope of release of the tremendous arousal I felt. She then told me to get on the table, lie on my back and bend my knees, after which she said spread wide. This, of course, revealed all to the girls, who were showing signs of arousal themselves, with nipples showing through bras and blouses, and some increased breathing rates. Jenny pointed out that a man had a much longer perineum than a woman, with the usual anus at the back. Then as I expected, but dreaded because my own level of arousal was becoming hard to handle, she invited the class to make their own investigations. Some were a little hesitant to touch at first, but it was not long before they all got in the act. But for the needles, I would have had blown my stack several times in the next twenty minutes, as all my private bits got worked over by eight now horny girls. As it was, I soon became a sweating mess, doing a fair lot of panting and gasping. My nipples got their share of attention as well, and everything was getting a bit sore when Jenny called the girls off, and spent a while on a lecture on male internal anatomy. This gave me a welcome break until the Doctor, whose name was Bronwyn, removed the needles. I got an immediate and enormous hard-on, rapidly grabbed by all the girls in turn for a few strokes each. They seemed to get into a competition to see who could push the skin back the farthest and squeeze the hardest. I wondered briefly if this infringed rule one of the game, but decided that it wasn't all that bad. Remarks about how it felt to them were lost on me as I was soon having the largest ejaculation imaginable. They all cheered as I sprayed all over myself and some of them as well. Paper towels, wielded by the girls of course, soon cleaned me up a bit, but gave me another erection. The girls wanted another go, but Jenny stopped them, and Bronwyn replaced the needles, for which I was thankful, as if I was sore before, it was nothing to what I now felt.

    "Nearly time to go," announced Jenny.

    One of the girls who I had noticed seemed the most turned on, then said, "Come on kids, we have all seen him. I think we should give him a show."

    Most of the girls agreed and there was a procession of skirts up and pants down for my benefit. One girl said she wouldn't do it, but to no avail. Her friends grabbed her, and despite her struggles and loud complaints, stripped her completely, and held her up so that her pussy was inches from my face, while two girls held her labia open and two others worked quite hard on her nipples, causing the victim to scream and swear. A few tweaks of her clitoris caused her to have a considerable orgasm, complete with secretions that were wiped on my mouth! Not a great taste, but not bad either!

    "Timeís up," said Jenny loudly.

    The rather sheepish looking girls tidied their clothes and departed, saying what a great class this had been. I went back to the toilet and washed a fair bit, and resumed the robe. As we walked back to her house Jenny asked how that had been for me, and I said she had been there and must have a good idea.

    "Are you sore?" she asked.

    "Yes, a bit," was my reply.

    I added that she would be too if her genitals had been worked over by eight horny kids for most of an hour. She agreed, but added, "Well, itís a start I suppose." That did nothing to cheer me up.

    We passed a clock and I realised that it was just after ten, and that I still had over two hours left before Cath would let me go. We reached Jenny's house to find the woman we met earlier waiting for a ride to Cath's place. This time she was introduced as Susanne, an old school friend. She sat next to me in the back seat, and was quite amused and interested when Jenny told me to open the robe wide and suggested that Susanne could play a little if she wanted. I thought this a poor idea as I was sore, but realised that I would just have to enjoy it if I could! To my surprise I found that the thought of intimate fondling by a stranger turned me on yet again, and I was soon sweating. The needles were still working, but it left me panting.†

    At Cath's house she welcomed us and gave us some morning tea, saying that there was still someone to arrive. Jenny said she had to go for an appointment with her hairdresser, and drove off. After the tea Cath led me to another room and, to my dismay took the robe from me, blindfolded me and told me to lie on the floor on a narrow piece of foam plastic. She then warned me not to try and move, started a cd in a player and left. I didn't have long to wait when I heard her say, "Now don't forget, no talking girls," as I heard several people enter the room.

    †There was the rustle of clothes being removed, and a few giggles, especially when some of the more intimate garments were dropped on my face. My God, what now I thought. There was the noise of a small piece of furniture being put down close to my head, and then I felt another lot of female hands playing with my private parts and pinching my nipples. The next thing I heard was a whisper from Cath, "I hope you are good at pussy licking, and keep your hands by your sides." I felt my nose being tickled by what I quickly realised was pubic hair. Another whisper, "Bring her off as soon as you can, there are others waiting you know!"

    This was a first for me, as I had never really approved of oral sex, although I knew it was common enough. I found that the customer, if I can call her that, was already quite aroused, with open pussy lips and some moisture evident. Pushing my tongue in I soon found her clitoris and worked on it for a while. I heard sighs and groans and then a gasp as thighs closed on my head and more secretions appeared. A few more licks and the pussy was removed, only to be replaced by another. The odour and taste was quite different from the first, but I was getting very aroused by what I was doing; and even starting to enjoy it. Again the sounds of orgasm, and another pussy presented to me. After four in a row my tongue was tired and getting sore, but yet another needed my attentions. Fortunately it was the last and I heard sounds of feet leaving the room.

    "How was that?" from Cath as she removed the blindfold. "I think you must have a real talent for cunnilingus. You got them all off quite quickly. Well done. Sit up and have a drink, and go to the loo if you want."

    I gratefully accepted both offers, and was told to return to the mat as before. Again the blindfold, and instructions to keep my hands down.

    This time I soon realised that someone, probably Bronwyn, was removing the needles and putting something on my penis, and pushing it down to the base. I guessed it was a cock ring. Not long, and the ring got very tight. Despite the ring, I had a huge erection. Next came a condom, and immediately the feel of a tight pussy being lowered onto me. Slowly up and down, with accompanying gasps and soon loud grunts and yells. I would have come easily, but the ring prevented this, and I just got hornier, and a bit more sore! Again, another pussy, and again. By now I was sweating heavily, more aroused than I had ever been, and feeling that I would do anything to come. Yet another mounted me, and lasted quite a long time before the inevitable orgasm for them, but not for me.

    I heard Cath ask, "Anyone for seconds?" But to my relief no one seemed interested.

    With some difficulty the ring was removed from my cock, and I had the most satisfying ejaculation imaginable, again ably helped by female hands. I heard a mutter of, "Let's try again," and needed only a little more fondling to raise another come, which was ok, but to my surprise, a bit painful!

    Amid giggles and sighs I then heard the ladies leave the room, and Cath took away the blindfold. I discovered what a mess I seemed to have made, and also that I was quite exhausted from it all. I managed to get up and went to the bathroom for a shower, with Cath helping, especially when I was in the shower. Normally this would have been a real turn-on, but I was past it. By this time, it was very nearly half past twelve. Cath asked how it all went for me and I said, "A unique experience for sure, but I would rather not repeat it for a while! I'm not sure that I'm cut out to be a sex slave."

    She said that was a pity, since she felt I had done very well indeed in producing ten female orgasms in only about two hours. I replied that seemed a lot longer, and that I could still taste the last one. She laughed. The four hours were over. Cath gave me my clothes, let me get dressed, and invited me to lunch.† We went to the patio, and I found Bronwyn and Jenny putting out a most welcome meal, with a nice bottle of champagne to help. The conversation was good too, with hardly a mention of the morning. It left me wondering who had been there other than Cath, Jenny and Bronwyn. I decided to ask, but was told it was history now and it didnít really matter. Perhaps I would find out later I thought. After lunch Cath offered us all a swim in their pool, pointing out that costumes were not needed as the pool was not overlooked by neighbours. We all accepted readily as it was a very hot day. Apart from a bit of quiet groping and fondling in the water, not much happened of note, and after an hour or so I dressed and drove home. I treated my sore genitals to a good dose of soothing cream, and went to bed for a well earned nap.

    Feeling quite tired, but nevertheless happy to have survived what could have been a much harder morning, I did little for the rest of the day, except to plan for Monday.

    Sunday I spent at a tennis tournament, with memories of Saturday recurring every now and then. I decided that I would do it again if the chance offered, though I had never before felt that I would like to be controlled by women, and had no intention of doing much of the submissive bit.

    Monday Morning - Wendy.

    Another hot day, clear and sunny.

    I was up early, showered and breakfast done, when at a few minutes to nine I heard a car in the drive. Great, I thought, here she comes.

    Answering the door I found Wendy, looking a bit sheepish, and Cath with a grin and a cheery word for us both.

    "Have fun, and bring her back tonight if you can."

    "Sure," I said and Cath left.

    Wendy was a real picture in a shirt tied under her breasts, as much bare midriff as was† nearly decent, a tiny mini-skirt, and sandals.

    "Cath said I should wear this outfit," she said, blushing a little.

    She was right, I said, you look marvelous, but I wouldnít recommend that you wear it to church, I added.

    "Lift your excuse for a skirt, please." She blushed again and did what I asked. She wore a most decorative pair of bikini pants.

    "Take them off and give them to me," I said, "you wonít be needing them for a while."

    "Oh my," Wendy said. "You donít muck about, do you," and did as I asked.

    "Come in, and I hope you enjoy today as much as I hope to!" I said and added after we were sitting in the lounge.

    "I have a few questions for you."


    "How often do you masturbate?"††

    "About once or twice a day."

    "This morning?"


    "How many orgasms?"

    "Only one today, often two."

    "I know you arenít a virgin, but anal sex?"

    "Yes, but not a favorite of mine."

    "Mine either," I said. "How about oral?"

    "Ok, both ways, but I need to be well aroused first."

    "Do you use a dildo, or whatever?"

    "Yes, sometimes."

    "Are you bi?"

    "Probably, under the right conditions."

    "I suppose you are into exhibitionism, at least sometimes?"

    "Yes, I quite enjoy flashing, though Iíve never really been naked before strangers."

    "Would you like to be?"

    "If you want, I suppose I could."

    "So you would be happy if we went to a nude beach, if I wanted to today."

    "Yes, it could be fun. There isnít one near my home."

    "Ever had a gang bang?"

    "No, and I donít want to."

    "Whatís the most times youíve had an orgasm in a day?"

    "About five, I think"

    "How would you feel if I said that all I wanted you to do today was clean and cook for me?"

    Wendy blushed prettily and said, "What a waste that would be!"

    "Are you on the pill?"


    "Has thinking about today made you horny?"

    "Oh, yes."

    "On a scale of one to ten, what is your present level of arousal?"

    "About seven."

    "Were you there on Saturday morning?"

    "Yes, of course, but I had to leave to have lunch with a girlfriend."

    "How did you feel about what happened?"

    "I was quite impressed by the way you accepted it all, even though the rules of the game didnít really give you much choice."

    "Did you invent the rules?"

    "I helped to."

    "Did you enjoy it?"

    "Yes, everybody did. Can I ask if you were sore afterwards?"

    "Yes" I said, "and so would you be if eight horny teenagers and five adults played with your body for most of four hours. Still, I found it at least an interesting experience, especially the oral bit, which was new to me, with the different feel and taste each time. Iíd rather not do a repeat for a while, though. Iím not really cut out for being a sex slave."

    "During the day," I said, "Iíll respect your feelings as far as possible."

    "Thank you for being a gentleman. I was a bit worried at what you might ask of me."

    "I want you to enjoy yourself as well you know. It will be all the better for me if you do!"

    "Would you like a cold drink?"

    "Yes please," was the answer, "itís hot again isnít it."

    I gave her a drink, and a sheet I had done on Saturday evening, which read........

  • Anything I ask of you that you disagree with, you must tell me, and I will take heed of what you say, but I donít promise to avoid the activity.
  • You must always sit with your knees well apart today, here and elsewhere, without doing anything to limit the view.
  • You will masturbate to orgasm at 10 am, 12 noon, 2, 4, and 6 oíclock tonight regardless of what else we have done, or where we are, unless told otherwise by me. I may stop you, or take over when you do.
  • You will now strip, tweak your nipples a bit, and stand with your hands behind your neck, shoulders back and head up, and turn round very slowly.
  • Wendy did as I asked.

    "My God youíre even more lovely than I thought," I said, as I fought to control a raging hard-on.

    "Thank you, sir," she said.

    "Come out to my studio," I said, and led the way out of the back door, across the garden to a building I use for massage and body-work, which is a large part of my living.

    "Are we overlooked?" asked Wendy.

    "Yes," I replied "but anyone who sees us will envy me!"

    "Since I really donít know you very well, I thought some steady eye contact might help. Sit cross legged on the massage table, please."

    I joined her, after I had taken off my shirt, sitting as close as I could. "Look at my eyes, please, and try not to break the contact."

    We continued for some time, quite a powerful experience in togetherness! I reached out and took her nipples in my fingers, without breaking the eye contact, and told her to do the same to me.

    "If I squeeze too hard, you can retaliate? I said. She started to pinch me, giving a bit of a grin as she did.

    "I warned you, I said and got much harder.

    "Ow," was the response and we both let up, spending the next quarter of an hour enjoying the very pleasant sensations. I had heard that some women could get to orgasm just from nipple play, but had always had my doubts. I was wrong, as Wendy started to gasp and wriggle. I pinched a little harder and Bingo, she had a respectable come session, wet pussy and all! By now I was as hard as I ever get, but managed to back off a little.

    "On the table, face down please, for a good look at you."

    Wendy got up on the table, and I spread her legs, getting a great view. A few well placed tickles caused her to giggle, and then gasp when I pushed into her ass. I moved down a little to the perineum, where further gasps were readily obtained.

    "Turn over, please."

    A few gentle tweaks of her now quite hard nipples caused some more wriggles and gasps, and a brief investigation of her pussy produced a minor orgasm.

    "You are hot stuff, arenít you?" I remarked. "Get up and go outside, please, and lie down in the middle of the lawn." I was well aware that the church clock would strike ten very soon.

    "But your neighbours will see," she complained.

    "You said you did a bit of flashing at times, didnít you? Do as I ask."† I knew that the only really near neighbours were away for the weekend. Wendy blushed down to her breasts, but lay down just as the clock struck 10.

    "You got me there," she said and put her hand between her legs. I helped a bit with some more nipple play, and was soon rewarded with a first class moaning orgasm, complete with pussy juice running down onto the lawn.

    "Well done. That makes three already. I really envy a womanís capability for multiple orgasms."

    At this point I was quite unable to contain my feelings any longer, having a raging hard-on, and I asked if I needed a condom.

    "I donít think so, and I canít wait any longer," was the reply.

    Enough said. I immediately entered Wendyís lovely wet pussy, and enjoyed some of the best sex I ever had, giving her yet another orgasm along the way. After this, we were both hot and sweaty, and went back to my studio for showers, and a break, including a cold drink. I didnít bother to dress, as Wendy had seen it all in detail on Saturday, anyway.

    Wendy asked if I was a masseur.

    "Sure," I replied, "itís a lot of my living. I do some remedial body-work as well, mostly for sports injuries."

    She asked me to give her a massage, if I wanted to, saying that her last few days had been great, but rather tiring, and she was a bit stiff from playing tennis and swimming a lot on Sunday. I put on some music, got her to get on the table, and spent the next hour on body- work, without sex. As expected, her legs and shoulders needed attention. When I finished she giggled a bit.

    "That was marvelous, you sure know your job. I guess I owe you an extra hour of my time."

    "Just as you like," I said, "but you donít have to."

    "Iím having a lovely day, much better than I expected," was her reply, which I must admit, made me feel very happy. Time having passed we agreed that lunch was a good idea, and with cold meat and salad and a fair bit of wine we enjoyed a chat. About half way though lunch the church clock struck twelve.

    "Here we go again," Wendy said, and lay on the floor, spread wide and started to masturbate.

    I decided to be a bit mean this time, and stopped her just short of orgasm.

    "I have other plans for after lunch," I told her. "We had better finish eating."† †

    She got up looking flushed and very horny, and sat at the table again, spread legs as instructed. I could see how aroused she was, and a wet patch appeared on the chair almost immediately. We went on eating, but I could see that food was not first in her mind. I wanted to wait till she cooled off and gradually managed to distract her enough that she looked about normal again.

    I told her, "I was looking for massage tips on the Internet the other day, and came across a Yoni massage, which I havenít had a chance to try. The idea is to give a pleasant experience in gentle touching, and orgasm is ok but not essential. Since you are here, and available, you get it now! Please get on the table again, on your back, with your bum near the end of the table, and your legs bent at the knees and spread wide."

    "Before I do, Iíve had this before and itís great, but Iíve also done the Lingham massage for men. Iíll do you first if you like," suggested Wendy.

    "OK by me," I said, and I got on the table instead.

    (If you want to know about these massages, search the internet-itís all there!)

    Having just ejaculated a short time ago, I didnít come again, but the feelings I had in the next twenty minutes were quite delightful, and it couldnít have lasted much longer without my getting sore, so I asked Wendy to stop.

    "Your turn now," and she got on the table.

    "Golly, here we go again," said Wendy. "I wonder if my pussy will be worn out by tonight."

    "Might be," I said with a grin, "but I think youíre good for a lot yet."

    It took a while, and a succession of gasps rewarded my efforts. With hard and soft touches on her clit, I got her "riding the wave" for about ten minutes. I then found her g-spot, and was rewarded with a small flood, and a scream.

    "My God, Iíve heard of female ejaculation, but never had one before," panted Wendy. "You should be pleased."

    "Oh, I am. I have never seen one either," I said, "but I think we both need a wash and a rest, and maybe some cold drinks before we go out."

    Monday Afternoon and Later.

    "Where are we going?" asked Wendy.

    "To a shop, and then a beach for a swim," I replied. "You had better put your clothes on," and started to dress myself.

    ĎCan I have my bikini back, please?"

    "Itís very pretty, but no, I donít think Iíll give it to you yet."

    "Meanie," said Wendy, "Iíll have to be very careful in this miniskirt."

    "Thatís the idea. Itíll make you very conscious of your sexuality, if you arenít already."

    "If I was any hornier Iíd burst!" was the response.

    I picked up a couple of towels, and we went out to the car. After a short drive we reached the local sex shop, and parked nearby.

    "I thought of getting a few decorations, since we have to be careful of toys, because of rule 1. If there is anything that catches your eye, let me know," I said.

    A young man, who I knew as the shop owner, and a friend from tennis, approached and asked if we had anything particular in mind.

    "Some decorative jewelry," I replied, "Weíre not into the heavy stuff."

    He called out "Megan" and a nifty-looking blonde wearing a very short light-weight beach robe appeared from the back of the shop.

    "Megan is our new demonstrator," he said, "sheíll model for you if you donít want to try things on."

    Megan told us that they had some new nipple ornaments and chains, and showed us a few. One I liked had a light clip for each nipple, joined by a quite a long chain.

    "Why so long a chain?" Wendy asked.

    "Because you can add a necklace or a clit ornament on some more chain," was the answer," but you can have a short one if you like." Megan added, "Iíll show you if you want."

    "Yes, please," came in unison from Wendy and myself, and Megan opened her robe to show a very shapely bosom, already sporting a slightly heavier version of the clips we had just seen, attached to her prominent, and erect, nipples. A chain connected to another clip attached to her labia on one side.

    "I wear these quite a lot in the shop," she said. "I find that they turn-on the customers, and I sell more. They donít hurt much once you get used to the idea."

    Finding that the clips and chains were outside my price range I asked, "Have you any stick-ons for the navel?"

    "Yes, Iíll get a few," said Megan.

    She came back with several small boxes, and opened one.

    "I like these as well as any," she said. There were three pretty flower shapes in the box.

    "Itís a bit like neat body painting. Perhaps your young lady would like to try them. There is one for each nipple as well as the navel. The nipple ones pinch, but very little, and the navel one is adhesive."

    Wendy looked round the shop, and seeing no one close, untied her top and slipped the flowers onto her nipples. The flowers had no centre, so that the nipple formed part of the flower. They looked great, and both Megan and I said so. I bought them, since they cost only $20. "The gold chains look lovely," I told Megan, "but too dear for me, Iím afraid." We left the shop, and Wendy asked what I had in mind for the flowers.

    "You can wear them to the beach. Everyone will look at you, even if they wouldnít anyway."

    "I suppose I donít have any choice, do I?"

    "No, you donít," I told her.

    We got in the car and I drove off. After a few minutes I told Wendy to look at the clock. 2 pm.

    "Oh heavens, here I go again," as she raised her skirt and started to stroke her pussy. It wasnít long before she was panting and moaning as she had yet another orgasm.

    I stopped the car.

    "Do it again while I watch," I told her, "and fondle me with your other hand at the same time." A few minutes later we both came more or less together.

    "Well done," I said, "Iíll be worn out after today, I can see."

    Wendy giggled, but made no reply.

    After a twenty minute drive we reached the local clothes optional beach, parked and started the half kilometre walk to the nude part, where we put our towels down and stripped. Since it was a public beach and a public holiday there were plenty of other people around, mostly naked, either getting too much suntan or swimming. We chose a short walk along the beach, with Wendy attracting plenty of eyes, and even a few comments on the flower decorations that she still wore. She told me that she found the comments a bit cheeky, but was happy to hear them. One rather pretty girl asked where they came from, saying that her boyfriend would love the look, and that they were both artists and body painters. She told us that there was a regular meeting at a hall near where I live, and invited us to join them as models for the next meeting. Wendy pointed out that she would not be around after the next day, as she was visiting, but I agreed to go, thinking that it would be fun, and that I would meet some interesting people. We walked back and went in the water for a while, enjoying the cool on a rather hot day. Four oíclock passed, and I let Wendy off her masturbation, since it was really a bit too public. Realising that the sun was getting a bit much for our skins, we came out of the water, dried and dressed, and walked back to the car, stopping on the way for a very welcome icecream.

    We drove home, where I found a phone message from† Emily and Ted inviting us for a drink.

    "Shall we go?" I asked Wendy.

    "Up to you," was her reply. "Youíre the boss."

    "OK, but not for too long, I have other things in mind," I said. We had showers to remove the salt, with a bit of intimate play, and after a quick phone call and a short drive we arrived at Emilyís. On the way Wendy offered to extend the ten hours by the time we spent there, which I told her was very generous, but added that we would see. We were settled with drinks and dips, and spent a little while reminiscing about the card game.

    About halfway through our second drink Ted, bless him, said he wanted to watch television for ten minutes to find out how his cricket club had got on that day. The announcer came on, "Here is the six oíclock sports report..." Wendy looked pleadingly at me.

    I told her to tell Emily and Ted what my rules had said, and then to get on with it. Emily asked what was going on, and I reminded her that Wendy and I were still playing the game. Wendy blushed as red as I ever seen anyone, said, "I have to masturbate because itís six oíclock." And then she proceeded to do just that.†

    Emily and Ted were fascinated, and watched closely while Wendy achieved yet another orgasm, complete with gasps and very heavy breathing. I was not really surprised to see Ted get an all too apparent hard-on, and Emily started to wriggle a bit. Ted asked me, "How can you watch, and not get turned on?"

    "I am," was my reply, "but Iíve seen a few now. I told her to do it every two hours."

    Next thing I saw was Emily stroking Tedís crotch, and Tedís hand go up Emilyís skirt, and before long they were half-naked and screwing vigorously on the couch. After it was over Emily blushed bright red and said, "My God, Iíd forgotten you were here!"

    "Never mind, it was a good show," came almost together from Wendy and me.

    "How does it make you feel, doing yourself every two hours?" Emily asked Wendy.

    "As horny as hell," was the answer.

    Ted looked Emily in the eye and said, "Youíd better try it, at least at week-ends."

    "I might," said Emily, "but you too, except that you have to stop just in time to avoid coming, or youíll be too worn out for anything else. That should get you pretty horny by evening!"

    Wendy suggested that they should do each other, and they agreed it was a good idea. We finished our neglected drinks, and after hugs all round, Wendy and I left them to go back to my place.

    When we got back, I opened the door without going in, and told Wendy to strip again. A mean thought crossed me mind, and I told her that I would meet her at the back of the house, and I went inside with her clothes, shutting the door before she could enter. Through the door I heard, "You can be a bit tough, sometimes."

    It was still daylight, and I knew that my neighbours were back and almost certainly in their garden enjoying a swim. I heard a splash and guessed that they were using their quite high diving board, and could certainly see into my garden if they looked.

    I went inside, and taking my time went to the back door and unlocked it. Wendy was standing there, as lovely as ever, but looking more than a bit cross.

    "I may be a bit exhibitionist at times," she said, "but I like to pick the times."

    "No great harm done. They are pretty broad minded next door, and if you didnít like it why are your nipples about twice their normal size?"

    "I forgive you, and it is a turn on," Wendy admitted, "not that I needed to be any more horny."

    "Come inside, I have a job for you," I said, and led the way into my bedroom, and my queen-size bed. I undressed, lay on the bed on my back, and told Wendy to get me going a bit, although I was already quite hard. She did, and I said, "On Saturday you did me at your speed, so now you do it at mine. Up you get and put your pussy slowly on my cock."

    She lowered herself slowly as asked, and the sensation was exquisite.

    "Very slowly up. Very slowly down. Up and right off. Down as far as possible, but donít come till I tell you."

    I was determined to make this last, and blessed the classes on tantric sex I had attended, where I had learned to delay my ejaculation for long periods. I continued my instructions, watching Wendy get more and more aroused until she was sweating heavily and panting.

    "You can come if you want," I told her.

    She did, but I insisted that she went on riding me slowly, without a break, and reached up to tweak her nipples. After a few minutes I was rewarded by Wendy going into an almost continuous orgasm, which lasted for many minutes. I was by then ready to come myself, and getting a bit sore, so I told her to stop. I waited until we had both cooled down a bit, and then said, "Back to work, please, and speed it up." A couple of minutes and we both just about hit the roof as we came together with a vengeance.†

    "Good God!" from Wendy. "I never thought it could be like that. Iím finally done for I think."

    "It was incredible," I agreed, "and far better than I imagined it would be. I think itís the end of the game for today, but I hope you will join me for dinner at a favourite restaurant, after we have a shower. I hope you brought a pretty dress, as I asked."

    Wendy got up, gave me an great hug and a kiss and said, "John, I have really enjoyed myself today, even though Iím exhausted. It all worked out so much better than I expected. I would love to have dinner with you."

    As you can imagine, this pleased me very much, and I told her so.

    We went and showered, and I left her to her toilet, which took longer than mine.

    I was sitting and enjoying a beer when Wendy appeared, naked! Her hair was washed and blow dried, she was glowing, and wearing heavy gold chains round her neck, round her waist, on one ankle, and joining her nipples, with rings like the ones we had seen in the sex shop.

    "Wow!" I exclaimed. "You look absolutely gorgeous, but I canít take you out like that!"

    "Iíve gotten used to nudity today," she said, "and there is always a take-away. In any case itís nearly eight oíclock, and I have to masturbate, because we extended the game by almost two hours, with the massage and our visit to Ted and Emily."

    "Iíll let you off that one," I told her, "you must have had enough orgasms for quite a while."

    "I could probably stand one more today if I had too."

    "Itís up to you," I said, "as far as Iím concerned the game is over."

    It suddenly crossed my mind to ask where the gold chains had come from, since they were quite heavy and must have cost probably a thousand dollars, going by the price of the ones in the shop that afternoon. I realised that I knew very little about Wendy except for her beauty and extreme sexiness. The thought came that all her clothes, although quite revealing, were very well-made and expensive.

    "I brought the chains with me. I thought they might come in handy sometime."

    We ordered some dinner to be delivered, and sat down to a drink, very welcome after a hot day.

    "Are you too sore for more sex?" asked Wendy. "Youíve got me so horny I wonder if IĎll ever recover."

    "It might be all right a bit later," I replied, "but Iím not sure if I could come again today."

    "I bet you can, even if I have to work at it for a long time. You are a very sexy bloke."

    I thought that I might never get the chance to try unless I agreed; thinking that a bit of limit pushing could be interesting.

    Wendy excused herself, went to the loo, and as I was to find out, made a phone call.

    A ring at the door was our dinner arriving. I thought of getting Wendy to answer the door, but decided I had better go. A nice bottle of bubbly and a good meal had us both quite mellow, but just as we finished eating the doorbell rang again. I wondered out loud who it might be, and then Wendy said she would go. I heard female voices, and in walked Bronwyn, the doctor I had met on Saturday.

    After a greeting, Wendy thanked Bronwyn for coming round, told her that she was extremely horny, but that I doubted wether I was good for another session.

    "I can probably fix that, but I need Johnís consent this time."

    I thought for a moment, but realised that it could be more fun to agree.

    "Iím a bit sore by now, but ok I suppose."

    "Sore can keep you aroused for hours, especially for a woman," Bronwyn said, "and more sex might the soreness worse, but it also makes the sex last longer."

    She told me to undress, and after I had, suggested I lie down on the couch while she got out her acupuncture needles. She told Wendy to get me hard, which didnít take long, although I wasnít all that erect, and then put a few needles here and there. My erection quickly got enormous, and a bit painful. Wendy took off her nipple chain, lay on the floor with her legs open and said, "Get to it, please!"

    I did, and it wasnít long before Wendy was panting and squirming as yet another climax took her. I would have gone on, but Wendy said to stop as she really was done for the day. This left me with a huge erection, and panting a bit myself.

    "Maybe Bronwyn will help. She seems to be wriggling a bit"

    "That was quite a display," Bronwyn remarked. "Iím really turned on, and after Saturday I was hoping for another chance with John. I might try doggie style."

    What a compliment, I thought, and I agreed as I needed release, even though I realised it could take a long time.

    Bronwyn immediately stripped and got on her hands and knees, playing with herself as she spread for me. I let her continue until she was panting, then pulled her hand out of her crotch and went straight in. She screamed at the suddenness of it, but then we had a long and pleasurable session ending with coming more or less together. I was now really sore, and despite the needles, went limp.

    After we recovered somewhat, Bronwyn offered to take Wendy back to Cathís place, and I agreed as it saved me a trip. Before she left, having regained her clothes, Wendy managed to find a time when Bronwyn wasnít in the room to say, "Iíve had a marvellous day. Thank you. Iíve got to go home and then abroad for about a month to see relatives, but here is my phone number and address. The phone works pretty much all over the world, so be sure and call me. I really want to see you again when I get back."

    I agreed to ring of course, and added that I thought very highly indeed of her.

    We kissed very hard until Bronwyn reappeared and they left.

    What a few days I had had. I realised that I wouldnít have missed it for anything.


    Wendy and I have been happily married for three months now. As I suspected, Wendy is blessed with a considerable income from family property, so we are comfortably off, and yes, we still play The Game sometimes.