You Bet Your Ass!!

by Johnny


Mindy Collins sat nervously as she waited for the owner of the casino to come to his office.  She looked around the room, escape was out of the question.  A very large burly and armed security man was standing by the door while two women were by the desk, one of them on the phone.

“Yes sir, Mr. Argone.  Leila caught her.  No, she wasn’t any trouble at all.  John’s here and all the woman’s been doing is sitting on your couch and sweating buckets.  Yes sir, I’ll pull a list of known cheats but I’m sure she’s not on it.  Yes sir I know that.”, the woman on the phone said then hung the instrument up.

“Mr. Argone will be here in a few minutes.  This woman is not to leave this room for any reason.  There’s a connecting bathroom, let her use it.  I’ve got to go and run a new cheat sheet.  I’ll be back likely before Mr. Argone.”, the woman ordered.

“Yes ma’am, and if she does use the bathroom, I’ll have Leila keep an eye on her in there.”, John, the security guard stated firmly.

“Whatever, I’ve got to have that sheet back for Mr. Argone or my ass will be in a sling.”, the tall willowy redhead said fearfully as she scurried out.

Mindy watched her go, debated trying to run and decided not.  {Of all the stupid stunts to pull.}, she thought miserably.  {Why didn’t I check the casino out before I tried cheating here?  After all, I know the ins and outs of this business.  Ten minutes on a phone and I’d known that this was a mob joint.  But I got careless and I just may end up dead.}

The redhead was coming into the room with a folder.  Just behind her was a man; presumably Mr. Argone as he was very expensively dressed.  Mindy studied him, admiring his elegant taste and rugged good looks.  Tall and slender, dark hair, brown eyes, he made her hot just looking at him.  Maybe she could work something out with him.  Cut a deal.

“So this is the cheat huh?  I hate cheats.  I’ve always run my games clean and I’ll stomp whoever doesn’t.  Bitsy, you say Leila caught her?”, the man asked the well-dressed redhead.

Looking through the folder, Mindy’s driver license in hand, Bitsy said nervously, “Yes sir, Leila caught the dice change and alerted John silently.  Ruth took over for Leila while she and John brought Ms Collins in here.”

“Good job Leila, take the next two days off with pay, you deserve it.  Same thing, John.”, Mr. Argone told them then asked Bitsy.  “What’s the matter?  You’re as jumpy as Collins over there.  And how much did she take us for anyway?”

“Thirty thousand, four hundred and seventy dollars.”, Bitsy promptly answered the second question asked.

“Quite a bit of change, what is that Bitsy?  Six months of your salary?”, Mr. Argone asked.

“Yes sir, give or take a couple of thousand.”, the obviously jumpy redhead replied.  “Sir, I was wrong, she’s been on the hot list since last week, I missed it.”, she volunteered.

“Damn, I’ve told you, check the fucking hot sheet out daily, post pictures or descriptions and make sure all guards and dealers see it!  We’ll discuss this later Bitsy.”, Mr. Argone snapped.

“Yes sir.”, the cringing redhead said, near tears.

Ignoring his assistant, Mr. Argone turned to study Mindy.  “Stand up, turn around and then face me.”, he ordered.

Mindy stood up, did as she was told then looked him in the eye as she said, “Look, it was stupid to try and put it to a mob joint, I know that.  I don’t want to either die or have my thumbs broken.”

He actually laughed at Mindy.  “This is the nineties, we play it a bit smarter than that.  Sides it was only thirty grand, I wouldn’t kill you for that.  And I won’t have your fingers broken either.  I’ve got a better idea.  For starters take your clothes off, all of them.”

Mindy started to protest but he gave her a stern look and she decided modesty was the least of her worries.  She started stripping, kicking her shoes off then pulling her red dress over her head.  That left her in a strapless bra, panties, garter belt and stockings.  She was peeling her left stocking down her leg when Mr. Argone spoke.

“Nice legs, and it’s not many women nowadays who go for stockings and garters.  Shame to meet you this way.”, he said wistfully as he studied the nearly nude blonde.

Mindy continued her undressing, trying to ignore the fact that every eye in the room was on her every move.  Bitsy was collecting the items Mindy removed and stowing them away in a cupboard.  One that locked much to Mindy’s dismay.

When she was naked, Mr. Argone instructed her to stand, arms at her side while he talked.  It bothered Mindy that her nipples were erect, she wasn’t enjoying this in the least.

“Okay miss natural blonde, you tried to stick it to me for thirty grand.  I’m going to give you a chance to keep it.  You game?”, he asked her bluntly.

Shrugging her shoulders, Mindy headed for the couch figuring a quick lay was better than a beating, even if they were going to have an audience.  The casino boss grabbed her arm.

“Hey, not so quick.  I’m not so hard up for cuties I’ve got to pay thirty gees for a roll in the hay.  Not what I had in mind.  Bitsy, get me Betsy.”, he ordered as he sat a chair in the middle of the room.

Mindy watched dumfounded as the redhead hurriedly got a paddle out of the cupboard and carried it over to her boss.  Mr. Argone showed the paddle to Mindy who gulped.

The paddle was a foot long, eight inches wide and at least a half an inch thick with series of holes drilled into it.  On the handle was gold lettering;

You Bet Your Ass!

“This is how it works.  I’m going to put you over my lap and paddle your ass with this.  The paddling continues until you either cry or scream for me to stop, or I reach one hundred swats.

When you cry, the spanking stops immediately.  John and Leila will take you to your hotel room so you can collect your belongings and then they’ll see you to the airport and put you on a plane home.

If you decide to go for the money, you have to make it to a hundred without screaming, crying, or asking me to stop.  Groaning and kicking are allowed.  I’ll give you a few moments to think about it and then we start.”, he informed her.

“What if I don’t feel like betting?”, Mindy bluntly asked.

“No problem, just cry on the first swat.  But you are going over my lap and getting paddled, that’s a given.  What’s undecided is how many whacks you’ll be getting.  Unless you prefer the thumbs?”, he asked snidely.

“No thanks, I’m just trying to figure out all the angles of this.  There’s something I’m missing or you’re not telling, cause I can easily halt the spanking after one swat.”, Mindy stated.

“You can, depends on how daring you are.”, he said with a devilish grin.

“Daring?  Now I know I’m lost.  What’s so daring about backing out at the earliest possible moment?”, Mindy wondered aloud.

“Easy, what did I’d say would happen if you stop me before one hundred?”, he asked.

“You’d stop, I’d get to leave with John and Leila, and get sent home on a plane.  What’s the big deal?”, Mindy asked.

“Nothing I guess except maybe one minor detail you’re missing.”, Mr. Argone said with a chuckle.

“The trip to the hotel to collect my belongings?”, Mindy suggested.

“Well that won’t be that much fun for you.”, he said still chuckling.

“Okay, I give up, what am I missing?  I don’t see any disadvantage to giving up after one swat.”, Mindy said flatly.

“I didn’t say one word about getting dressed, now did I?”, the casino boss pointed out.

“WHAT???”, Mindy yelped flabbergasted.

“You leave here with John and Leila, out the office, through the main part of the casino, no back way nonsense, then out to Leila’s car.  Then at your hotel you walk through the lobby, get the key from the clerk and go to your room.  Leila and John will pack for you, and all your cases go into baggage, you won’t be able to take any onboard with you.

Now, at the hotel you will be able to dress.  But in something that John will pick out for you.  Skirt/blouse, dress, nightie, depends on his mood.  It will be picked out with the idea in mind of making you look as silly and as exposed as possible.  Oh, you won’t be wearing underwear, so you think about what you’ve got for John to choose from.  And Leila will help him in his choices.”, Argone said wickedly.

Mindy shuddered, she could already picture what John would likely pick out.  Mindy had a short black dress that was very sheer.  Quite sexy with a full slip, bra and panties underneath.  Without those garments, it would be almost as bad as being naked.  And the walk through the casino, out on the sidewalk, then through her hotel lobby, she couldn’t do it.  It had taken all her courage to be able to handle being naked in front of four people, four hundred or more was far too much for her.

“Okay, I’ve got no desire to make a public spectacle of myself, and I want to arrive home with some dignity and some money, I’ll have to last out the hundred.”, Mindy said despairingly.

“If you do, you’ll be the first.”, Argone said with a shrug as he took Mindy by the arm, led her to the chair and sat down.  She quickly found herself over his lap, her head dangling over his left leg and her butt sticking up.

Bitsy handed him the paddle and stood slightly behind Mr. Argone while Leila came up and stood slightly in front of him.  The former by Mindy’s legs while the latter was closer to her head.

“Just so you know, I’d be going through this if you had gotten away with ripping us off.”, Leila informed her.

“Sorry, I had no idea.”, Mindy said and winced as Argone rubbed the paddle gently about her bottom.

“No hard feelings on my part.”, Leila said nonchalantly.

“Mine either, you were just doing your job.”, Mindy said then gasped.  The first swat had landed and it hurt like hell!

“That was a dirty trick, Argone, trying to get your girl to distract me so I’d scream when you hit me unexpectedly.”, Mindy said angrily through clenched teeth.  The smiling casino boss had swatted her twice more.  Bitsy had been keeping count out loud and gasped when Mindy chastised her boss.

Argone laughed and swatted Mindy again, harder.

{Geez, I’ve got another ninety six to go?  I’ll be bawling like a baby long before then.}, Mindy thought hopelessly.  In desperation she clenched her butt muscles tight and tried going through poems she read or had written over the years.  The poetry seemed to help distract her but the muscle clenching acted to make the sting worse.

Relaxing her ass was difficult but Mindy managed.  She grabbed a hold of the chair legs and squeezed them whenever she felt like screaming.  She heard Bitsy call out.


{Damn, eighty three more!  And my ass already feels like a four alarm fire.  Damn this man, he’s a prick.  A hunk but a prick.  A pricky hunk.  A hunky prick.  A prunky hick?}, Mindy tried diverting her attention from her ass.  She was determined not to cry.  She was not going to walk naked out of this room!

{I wonder how many women he’s done this to over the years?  Dozens?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Nah, dozens.  But I bet he spanks the women on his staff.  No wonder Bitsy’s so nervous, she knows she’s got this coming.  Would he send her out naked?  No, not his personal assistant/secretary, that would reflect on him.  But he makes her get naked for the spanking I bet.

I wonder if she’s anything else to him?  Again no, she’s hardly his type.  He’d want a better looking lover.  Not that she’s not bad, just not grand.  Argone would be the type to go for a flashy blonde.  Someone like me.}, Mindy thought as the paddle continued to bruise her bottom.

“Thirty two.”, Bitsy called out.

“Maybe she’ll make it all the way.”, John suggested.

“In your dreams.  I’ll bet you a spanking she doesn’t make it.”, Leila said smugly.  John chuckled and said you’re on.

Mindy glanced over her shoulder and managed a wan smile at the big security man.  She noticed his attention was fixed on her bottom and as she was kicking wildly, (She couldn’t say when she started kicking, she was trying to pretend the bottom half of her body didn’t exist), John was as familiar with her pussy as her gynecologist.

{This is so demeaning.  These two strange men have seen me totally naked.  Naked and being spanked like a child!  Plus old Bitsy there is getting quite an eyeful.  I think she swings both ways.  I wonder how they’d like being on the other end.}, Mindy said to herself angrily.

“Forty nine.”, Bitsy said.

{Leila’s been pretty decent, I’d let her off with a simple bare-bottom spanking.  Out in the casino proper, by the craps table she ran.  And I’d use a hairbrush and only smack with the bristled end a few times.

Bitsy would get it bottomless and I’d make sure that not only would her legs be kicking wildly, but also a lesbian would be standing right next to her feet where she’d get a good look up Bitsy’s legs.  A good look at that fiery patch of hair she’s got between her legs.  And she’d be the fattest, ugliest lesbian in the place.

John wouldn’t get spanked, I’d just send him on foot to fetch my luggage.  Wearing only his hats, shoes, and gunbelt.  Now that would be quite a picture.  That big hunk of a guy naked except for shoes, gunbelt, and hat.  I should consider working for Playgirl as a photographer.}, Mindy groaned softly, the swats were getting worse.

“Sixty four.”, Bitsy announced, obviously impressed.  Apparently no one had ever lasted this long before.

{Now hunky prick, prickly huck, whatever his first name might be, would have it rough.  I’d set a chair on top one of the tables so everyone could see plainly and he’d be dressed just like I am, in nothing.  And I wouldn’t stop his hundred, no matter how much he cried, begged, pleaded, whined, or whatever.  He’d get all one hundred, just like I will be, cause I’m not stopping this spanking until the end.}

“Eighty-five, fifteen to go.”, Bitsy said fascinated.  Leila actually looked over at John nervously.

{Hm, spanking pricky hunk sounds good, but I can think of lots of other kinky fun we could have together.  I could have four women, one on each arm and leg, hold him down while I fuck his brains out.  Right there in the casino.  But I’d be fully dressed except for my panties which I’d stuff in his  mouth.  And I’d ride him until I was totally satisfied, who cares if he gets his rocks off?}

“Ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred!  She made it!!!  I don’t freaking believe it!”, Bitsy yelled.

Leila sheepishly looked over at John.  “Can you collect tomorrow on our day off?”, she asked meekly.

“Sure, will give your behind time to cool off before you have to work again.”, he said agreeably.

“Speaking of cooling bottoms, Bitsy, get Mindy some lintament for her butt.”, Argone ordered.  Bitsy liked to trip over herself to comply with his orders.  She got the lintamint in no time.

As Mindy lay trying to control herself, Argone gently applied the cooling lintament to the area he had so cruelly bruised and battered.  Mindy felt her pussy grow wetter and a tightness form at his gentle touch.  And though she tried to avoid it, she had to cry out when she came.  Came hard enough to make her head swim.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you.”, Argone said, with genuine sympathy.  Mindy looked at him as she got off his lap and stood up.  Damn his touch was exciting.

Boldly walking to the bar in his office, Mindy made herself a drink, drained it, then made herself another.  Turning she faced Argone who had stood up and put the chair back in its regular place.

“Bitsy, get her her clothes and make out a check for the money she won.”, Argone instructed.

“I’ve got a better idea if you’d care to hear it.”, Mindy said, unmindful of her nudity.  After all the four people in the room had seen all of her already.

“What’s that?”, Argone asked interested.

“I’m in between jobs, hire me as a dealer.  I’ve got good hands, good eyes and I know all the tricks hustlers use.  I’m at least as sharp as Leila but I look lots dumber.  Probably due to my blonde hair, men take blondes to be stupid.”, Mindy told him.

“I don’t know, a cheat who knows I’m connected isn’t someone I care to trust.”, Argone said honestly.

“I didn’t know you were connected until your hunky goon grabbed me and Leila said to take me to Mr. Argone’s office.  I’ve heard the name before.  If I’d been just the tiniest bit smart I could have checked before I tried my tricks here.  Uncle Guido doesn’t mind me hustling outsiders but he takes a dim view of me hustling insiders.”, Mindy said casually.

“So how does a two bit hustler come to know Guido?”, Argone asked suspiciously.  He knew of only one Guido; Guido Serace, his boss, though he seldom saw the man.  Guido lived in LA, Argone in Vegas.

“I met him through my mother, years and years ago.  I’ve been on the receiving end of Guido’s belt on more than one occassion.  He helped Mother raise me, Father took ill when I was young.  Took ill and died.”, Mindy commented shrugging.

“Tough.  You can’t be a member, so how does an employee rate calling Mr. Serace Uncle Guido?”, Argone asked curiously.

“I’m not an employee, unless you hire me.  And the proper term for your mother’s brother is uncle, so that’s why I call him Uncle Guido.”, Mindy stated.

“Not likely, his sister’s name is DiFranco.  And her husband didn’t take ill and die, he got shot.”, Argone argued.

“In the back with a 22 caliber long rifle slug from a silenced automatic.  While running an errand for Uncle Guido.  I don’t know what the errand was, but Father was in Chicago when he died.

As for the name, Collins was the name of the bass player whom I ran off with at age eighteen and married.  Foolish, very foolish.  He ran off with a hooker a year later and two months after that, Guido found me.  I thought Guido was going to burn my tail the way he used his belt.  Anyhows, I kept the Collins name.”, Mindy said as she rubbed her aching bottom.

“Think you can get me in trouble with Mr. Serace?”, Argone flatly asked her.

Mindy laughed and told him.  “If I tell Guido about this, the only one in trouble will be me.  And I couldn’t possible handle his belt after your paddle.  You spank nearly as hard as he does.  Speaking of spankings, when you spank Bitsy, can I watch?”

Bitsy blushed, Leila grinned, and the corners of John’s mouth twitched just a bit.  Argone burst out laughing.

“Sure thing hon, how’d you know?”, he asked.

“You spank too damn well not to be into it.  And Leila made that comment about getting spanked if she hadn’t caught me.”, Mindy pointed out then asked, “Does she do the men?”

“No, men don’t get that option.”, Argone informed her.

“They will after I get through my probationary period.  I’ll get me a paddle to match yours.”, Mindy announced.

“We’ll see.”, was Argone’s only comment.

“And what is your first name?”, she wanted to know.

“Stefos.  Employees call me Mr. Argone, friends call me Steve.  You can call me Mr. Argone, you’re hired.”, he told her warmly.

Mindy thought to herself.  {I’ll be calling you Stefos inside of six months as we’ll be lovers by then.  Maybe married, I could do far worse than this hunk.  I’m sure I can cure the prickiness.  He’s attracted to me, and not just because I’m naked and beautiful.  He could have a dozen other naked blondes in here in an hour who make me look like an old hag.  No, it’s the fact I made it the distance.  And I’m more outgoing then the women he’s used to.  Sassy if you will, he likes that.  Gives him a reason to spank me.  Which is fine with me, as long as he doesn’t use that damn paddle.}

John and Leila returned to their duties, and Mindy had the pleasure of watching Bitsy get her bottom treated to twenty from ole Betsy.  As she suspected, Argone required her to be totally naked for the spanking and Mindy’s presence embarassed the hell out of her.

Watching the redhead sobbing and kicking after only twenty, Mindy told herself she was right.  None of the women Argone knew could last, that is what would work in her favor.  Actually already had, if she hadn’t lasted she’d be on a plane to LA after having walked naked through a casino and a hotel.  Instead she had a new job and a potential lover.

{I never thought I’d be grateful to all the beltings from Uncle Guido, but I guess they did pay off.}, Mindy thought.

Argone finished correcting Bitsy then had her stand in the corner while Mindy dressed.  He wanted to show his new employee around the casino.  They walked out while the redhead stood sobbing in the corner; stark-naked.

{Hm, wonder if I can manage to get him over my lap?  I’ll work on that.}, Mindy thought and grinned.