The Things We Do For Love

by Johnny


Dawn stared at Don horrified beyond belief.  Surely he was joking!  “God dammit, how in the world did you manage to lose a bet to Carrie!  Why would you bet that bitch anyway!”, she screamed.

“Hon, I had Oakland and fifteen and a half points,  it seemed like a sure thing.  And I knew how much you wanted her paid back for the stuff she put you through and I thought ...”, Don’s voice faded off to silence as he saw the look on his lover’s face.

“Dammit!!!”, she repeated over and over again.  Don was right about one thing, Dawn truly wanted Carrie to pay for the things she had pulled on her, but her lover had simply put himself into Carrie’s tender mercies.  Oh well, she had wanted to see him jack-off for herself and some of her friends.  Guess she’d get to, courtesy of Carrie.

“Donald Alan Hopkins, get your clothes off and get to bed now!  I’ll be in in just a moment and we’ll make love.  Then you’re fixing dinner!  And doing the dishes!”, she proclaimed.  Wisely he chose not to argue even when she added, “In the nude!”

That night as she laid in post-coital bliss, she had to admit one thing.  As remorseful as he was, he was very eager to please her which was fine with her.  A little guilt applied judiciously and she could play this out for weeks.  If only he had lost the bet to Carol, or Wilma, or Edith, or Glory, or anyone but Carrie.

A few days later, after Calculus class, Carrie stopped her in the hallway and asked her to talk.  The two of them went back into the now empty Calculus room.

“I’ll get right to the point, by now I’m sure you know about Don’s bet with me.  I’m equally sure you’re not happy about it at all.  I’ve got a suggestion which I’m absolutely sure you’ll hate, but you might want to consider.”, she bluntly said.

“Perhaps.  You’re right, I’m not happy with Don making the bet.”, Dawn admitted.

“Of course not.  Though he did it to try to help you, I know you, while seeing me humiliated would be fun for you, you’d much rather be the cause of my humiliation, not just a spectator.  You can’t expect Don to understand that, he’s just a man.”, Carrie pointed out.

Dawn had to grin, Carrie, god damn her, was right about how Dawn felt.  “Yes and he generally thinks with the smaller head.  So what’s your suggestion?”, Dawn asked.

“Take Don’s place for the bet which will be modified a bit to allow for the difference in the sex of the performer.”, Carrie boldly suggested.

Dawn’s immediate thought was to tell Carrie not only no but hell no.  However, she hesitated, figuring the angles.

“I’m sure you’ll want to know about the modified wager before deciding, but I want to point out one thing.”, Carrie began but Dawn cut her off.

“The one thing being if I do stand in for Don, he’ll owe me big time.  Very likely I can get him to put on that masturbation show I bet him on the OSU - Michigan game last year since he’ll not only figure he owes me but that I’ll be kinder than you.”, the thoughtful woman noted.

“Precisely!  I told you before, you think like me.  Listen carefully, here’s the bet which Don lost and here’s the modified bet I propose for you.”, Carrie detailed.

Dawn’s eyes grew wide listening to Carrie explain first what Don would have to do if he paid up and then what she would have to do.  Hers was worse.

“Wow!  I’ve got to think this over.”, Dawn said when Carrie finished.

“Sure.  The show is set for next Saturday afternoon, a week from tomorrow.  I’ll need to know by Wednesday at the latest who’ll be performing.  Though there are a few things either of you need to do or rather not do starting tomorrow.  And you might want to remember these especially if you get Don to put on that show for you.  Remember, I want an invite!”, Carrie declared.

“Don’t worry, if he does end up owing me, which he will if I do stand in for him, I’d want you there just to piss him off.”, Dawn assured her.  “So what’s this no no list you’re hinting at?”

“No hinting, I’m about to explain it fully.  No sex for either of you until after the show.  This includes masturbation,  However, you don’t have to stop touching each other.  Good morning kisses are fine.  Good-by hugs and kisses are not only allowed but encouraged.  And neither of you have to dress like nuns, run around in your lingerie there in the apartment if you wish.  Don’t bother wrapping a towel around you when you leave the shower.  Sleep in the nude if you want.  Just no sex of any kind which would lead to an orgasm for either of you.  Want to know why?”, Carrie asked, an expectant look on her face.

Dawn thought about it for a moment then got a very wide grin.  “Nope, I know why.  You want the performer horny as hell.  So horny that they won’t last very long while they perform.  That’s cruel!  I love it!”

“I thought you might.  Especially since it’ll be harder on Don than you.  After a week of no sex but lots of teasing, he’ll be ready to shoot off in no time at all.  Is okay, I’ve got plenty of penalties available for him should that happen.”, Carrie noted.

“I’m sure you do.  Okay, no nooky for him or me for a week.  I’ll give you a call Wednesday to let you know who your victim will be though it’ll probably be me.”, Dawn promised.

“I hope so, but I’ll have fun either way.”, Carrie vowed.  Chuckling, she walked off to go to lunch while Dawn hurried to her next class.

She saw Carrie the next day as she and Joe were still working on their art masterpieces which involved Dawn, Carol, and Wilma posing nude for the two of them.  As usual they were at Dawn’s apartment and again as usual Don was present.

“I heard you got Lainey Richardson in your clutches.”, Carol said to Carrie during a break from the posing.

“Who?”, Dawn wondered.

“Lainey Richardson, she’s in French class with Carrie.  She’s also the woman who held the snow to your honeypot back when you got that stupid idea.”, Carol reminded.

“Oh yea, that bitch.  So what did she lose, Carrie?”, Dawn demanded to know.

“I generally don’t discuss others losses but with Lainey I can make an exception.  She’ll be putting on quite a show next Saturday.”, Carrie said vaguely.

Dawn wanted to question Carrie more, but decided against it.  She hated the thought of giving her any more ammunition to use against her.  For Dawn had half-decided to take Don’s place, partially to spare him the humiliating things Carrie had in store for him, but mostly to be able to put him through some humiliation herself.

“I’d give my left nut to see that.”, Joe remarked.

“Careful hon, Carrie might just take you up on that and I like them as a matched set.”, Carol joked.

“Nah, I’d not take it but I might end up showing it to a zillion or two people.”, Carrie joked.

“Sounds fun, Joe rather enjoyed hearing about my mis-adventure at the swimming pool.  Maybe he can deal with that fucking Amazon.”, Carol said with a laugh.

“I’d have her eating out of my hand.”, Joe stated confidently.

“More likely chewing it off, she was a real bitch.”, Carol countered.

“Guys are easy to get out of their clothes.  Promise of a blowjob works wonders, hell even a hand job can entice them.  And even if neither is promised and the guy ends up naked unwillingly such as after a game of strip poker, he’s usually not as embarrassed by it as a girl would be.  Unless he’s got a real small dinky.  And I mean real small, lots of guys think a three or four incher is a monster so it’s got to be almost invisible before the guy’s reluctant to show it off.  So embarrassing guys can be difficult but it can be done.”, Carrie lectured.

“How?”, Dawn asked.  The comely coed had two reasons for asking.  One, pure curiosity, the other to press a few more of Don’s panic buttons.

“Oh my lots of ways.  If I’ve got a guy in hock to me from a bet or whatever, I’ll make him get naked of course but I might require him to keep his socks on.  And if he’s available for public viewing, I always have at least one, likely more women who don’t like him or who he doesn’t like to be there.  Nothing worse than standing there bare-ass naked while someone you hate is laughing his or her ass off.”, Carrie pointed out.

“Oh I see, like if you had Don in your clutches, you’d make it a point to have Sarah Golightly present to increase his humiliation.  They’ve hated each other since elementary school.”, Dawn asked innocently.  Or so she tried to make it appear.

“Precisely!  It helps if it’s someone he would see regularly also.  I once had a guy clean my apartment while I and one of his co-workers sat and chatted.  Which is another way to add to a guy’s anguish, make him do “woman’s” work.

Another way to kick it up a notch or two or three is to have guys as well as girls see him.  Obviously he’s not going to be expecting the guys to be turned-on by the show, they’ll just laugh.

Then there’s putting little feminine touches on him.  Bows in his hair, stockings on his legs.  Frilly, lacy but crotchless panties can really shatter an ego.  Especially with a co-ed group.

And of course there’s always the gay thing.  Guys are scared to death of being thought gay.  Which is why the feminine attire adds zing to the humiliation level.  And getting touched by a guy or touching another guy, no matter where, will get them totally paranoid.  I had a guy once who decided he’d rather walk across campus in high heels and a thong panty, crotchless of course, than slow dance with another guy.  Funny, guys expect it of us girls, kissing, hugging, fondling, eating each other for their amusement but return the favor?  Hell no!”, Carrie said, a bit vehemently.  Apparently this was a sore point with her.

Dawn smiled slightly, bemused by the look of horror on Don’s face.  Yes, he’d likely do anything Dawn wanted to avoid being in Carrie’s cruel clutches.  What he didn’t know was that Dawn could be quite cruel herself.   For starters, she had already decided that if she stood in for him then Sarah would be watching him jack-off.  At the very least.

“Well Wilma and I have to run.  She’s got an attitude adjustment due and I promised her this one would be private.”, Carrie announced as she gathered her art supplies.  Then the others found out why Wilma had been wearing a skirt that was slit up each side from hem to waistband.  Carrie pinned the back up and even with her coat on, Wilma’s bare butt was sticking out.  She left with her roommate that way.

“So hon, why don’t you take walks with me with your butt sticking out?”, Joe teased as he gathered his supplies.

“Just because I let you spank it once in a while doesn’t mean I’m your doormat.”, Carol shot back.

“I don’t want a doormat, just a bare-bottomed lass to walk with me.”, Joe told her with a wink.

“Sure thing hon, I’ll walk bare-bottomed, bare-breasted, bare all-over whenever you want.  If the Bengals win the Superbowl.”, Carol retorted.

“Shit, might as well say when Hell freezes over.”, Joe shot back.

“I told someone I’d walk naked around Fountain Square at high noon if that happens.  I figure I’m safe, by the time it happens if it happens I’ll be old and no one will want me to make that trek.”, Dawn noted.

“I would, and I’ll hold you to it even if your ninety-nine which you’ll probably be when that happens.”, Joe promised.  Carol elbowed him in the ribs on the way out of the apartment.

Once they were alone, Don took Dawn into his arms and kissed her warmly.  Since all Dawn had on was a terrycloth robe, he was easily able to fondle flesh which he very readily did.  Watching her pose was a major turn-on for him and they had always made love after the others left.

Today however was different.  After a bit of foreplay, Dawn told him.  “Sorry hon, I can’t get into the mood.  Thinking about you and Carrie and all.”

Don got that ah baby don’t be that way look on his face, but Dawn pushed him away.  “I’m serious!  Though I’ve found a way to get you out of it, if I take it.”

“What?  That’s great!  What do you mean if you take it?”, he asked relieved but confused.

Very patiently she explained what Carrie had proposed as a way of getting Don off the hook.  Patiently but not thoroughly.  She pointedly avoided any references to the no-sex suggestion Carrie made and she was a bit vague on what all she might have to do.  Not that she needed to explain fully, for Don was just so grateful to be off the hook, he really didn’t care what Dawn might have to do.

“You realize that if I do this, you’ll owe me big time.”, she bluntly said.

“Sure hon, whatever you like.”, he vowed.

“Oh you know what I like, you know what I expect from you in return.”, she said with a grin.

“You mean?”, he asked, totally aghast.

“Yeppers, you’re going to be doing a striptease and a jack-off for me and a few close friends.  All female, I won’t be as cruel as Carrie.  I won’t even make you wear my panties or leave your socks on.  Just buck-naked you, me, some friends, you rubbing your dick, and one of us, I’ve not decided who, telling you a sexy story to beat off to.”, she told him.

“Who all will be there?”, he wondered.

“For me to know and you to find out that day.  Like I said, all women, no guys.  Carol for one though, probably Carrie and Wilma.  Maybe Edith and Glory, we’ll see.”, she promised deliberately forgetting to mention Sarah.  Or Darlene, she knew he couldn’t stand her friend Darlene either.

Despite Don’s pleading and attempts at seduction, the two of them did not make love at all, not even when the day was over and they elected to go to bed.  That night Dawn had a very intense very erotic dream involving herself, Don, and Carrie.  Carrie was naked, hands cuffed behind her back and was on her knees sucking Don off.  Dawn was watching, a stout paddle in hand which she would use on either Don or Carrie, depending on her whim.  Then the two of them took turns servicing her orally while someone, Carol maybe, she wasn’t sure, paddled their asses.  Much to her surprise she found upon waking that she had orgasmed in her sleep evidenced by the stains she had put onto the sheet.  Thankfully Don didn’t notice and she got them into the wash.

The next few days she considered the dream and her feelings.  She conceded Carrie was right, Dawn had a dominant type of personality.  Which just made having to give in to Carrie that much worse.  If she was more like Wilma, or even Carol, she’d likely enjoy it.  However she knew she was going to do it, just so she could put Don into the position of owing her big time.

Wednesday rolled around and Carrie approached Dawn right after French class for her decision.  “I’ll do it.  I should have my head examined but I’ll do it.”, she promised.

“I don’t know about your head, but various other parts of your anatomy are going to be examined quite closely by an indefinite number of people, both men and women.  This Saturday after you pose, dress in your skimpiest bra, garter belt, stockings, high heels, oh a blouse and skirt too I guess.  I’ll spare you that humiliation.  This time anyway.  No panties, and I’ll be checking to see if you comply fully.”, Carrie assured her.

“I’m sure you will.  I do have a garter belt, I think.  If not I’ll pick one up.”, Dawn replied.

“Good.  Since you seem bitchier than usual, I’m assuming you’re following my no sex guidelines, continue to do so.  We’ll leave from your apartment after the modeling session and go to your doom.  Which by the way will occur in Mr. Phillip’s economics classroom.”, Carrie informed her.

“How in the world did you manage that and why there?”, Dawn asked amazed.

“If I told you how, I’d have to kill you.  As for why, I needed the room.”, was all Carrie would reply.

(Oh great, if memory serves, that room seats one hundred and twenty people.  How many fucking people are going to be watching this?), Dawn wondered to herself.  She wasn’t about to give Carrie the satisfaction of asking and letting her know how worried she was.

However, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night, she dreamed about her “performance” as Carrie called it, and each night the crowd grew larger and each night she woke up in a sweat coupled with an orgasm.  Damn that woman for confusing the hell out of her!

Saturday got there, none too soon but all too soon for Dawn’s peace of mind.  She was so nervous that the session was cut short since she couldn’t lay still long enough.  Joe and Carol, neither of whom were aware of Dawn’s arrangement with Carrie, left to go to the movies.  Dawn wished she could go too.

Instead, she had to get dressed with Carrie watching (and Wilma and Don), all of whom were aware of the situation.  Much to Don’s dismay, he wasn’t allowed to attend.  By way of a “consolation” prize, Wilma would stay with him  Per Carrie’s instructions, she was to remain naked and serve Don in any way but sexual.  She could cook for him, clean for him, serve him drinks, but she could not blow him, jack him off, and especially not fuck him.  Nor was she allowed to come, either by her hand, his hand, or some other device.

As they rode to Dawn’s doom (as Carrie called it), Dawn bluntly asked.  “Think she’s safe with him?”

“You mean do I think he’s safe with her.”, Carrie corrected.  “I’m not sure, not one hundred percent.  Don’s a good looking guy, Wilma’s bi-sexual, so they just might end up fucking.  Despite my specifically telling her not to do so.  I’ll just ask her when we get back.  Don’t say it, of course they’ll lie if they do end up fucking.  It’s just that Wilma can’t manage a convincing lie, especially not to me.  I’m not sure what sort of trouble Don would be in, but Wilma knows what sort she would be.”

“Assuming I just didn’t kick his ass out, I’d come up with something truly wicked and insist on him doing it or getting out.  What I’d come up with, I’m not sure.  Maybe give him to you for a week-end.”, Dawn said with a shrug.

“Ooh I like.  And I could give you Wilma.  So are you ready for your ordeal today?”, Carrie asked with a grin.

“No, but I’m sure that wouldn’t even slow you down.”, Dawn retorted.

“Not a bit.  Well we’re here, so your fate is rapidly approaching.”, Carrie noted with glee as she parked the car.

Shivering slightly, though it wasn’t a particularly cold day, Dawn followed Carrie into the building where Mr. Phillip’s economics class met.  They passed a few people on the first floor, but the third floor where the classroom was located was empty.  Just outside of the classroom itself, Carrie stopped.

“Get on your knees, please.”, she instructed.  An instruction Dawn followed warily.

“Bend your head a little.  That’s right.  Okay, don’t move.”, Carrie said as she slipped an odd looking mask onto the top of Dawn’s head.

The mask obviously had started out being a pair of welding goggles that were painted black.  They fit tightly around Dawn’s head and she heard some sort of click in back so apparently they locked on.  A strap went under her chin, up by her ears then across her head effectively keeping the goggles in place.  For all intents and purposes she was blind.

And nearly deaf, Carrie had married the glasses to a pair of stereo headphones which covered her ears completely and muffled the sound of Carrie’s chattering.  Still she could hear well enough to know when she was told to stand back up and take Carrie’s hand.

The reason for the goggles was obvious, Carrie didn’t want her to know who all was inside the room.  The place could be empty save for Carrie and herself, or standing room only.  Which meant that the next time a guy whistled at her or complimented her on her looks, she’d wonder if he was just being a typical guy or if he had seen her in all her glory.  God, how truly wicked!

Carrie led the blinded woman into the room and positioned her somewhere up front.  Recalling what she knew of the room, Dawn remembered there were six or seven rows of seats with each row a step higher then the previous one.  Maybe eight, it seemed to her that the class could hold over one hundred people.  Let’s see, the rows go from one wall to the other, maybe fifteen seats per row, eight rows would be one hundred and twenty which is what she thought was the max. capacity.  God please be empty.

It wasn’t.  Though she had her ears muffled and had to be standing down by the desk, she could hear tittering, giggling, and people speaking though she couldn’t make out the words.  Oh god, she couldn’t go through with this!

“Good afternoon, class.  I’m Professor Carrie, welcome to my class on Female Anatomy and Sexual Habits.  Today’s lecture is about the erogenous zones and self-gratification.  We’ll start with the erogenous zones.  Can I get a couple of volunteers?  Males please, you ladies should know where your erogenous zones are located.”  Laughter erupted.

The laughter was very muffled, but Carrie’s voice came through crystal clear.  Almost too loud.  Dawn figured she had to be talking through a microphone which was broadcasting to the headphones.  A couple of male volunteers?  What for, she wondered helplessly.

“Sit down please, ladies.  Gentlemen, help your dates to their seats and remember, you’re gentlemen, no searching for erogenous zones now.  That’ll come shortly.”, Carrie said.

(Ladies?  I’m not the only stooge stupid enough to be up here?  Who?  Wait!  I bet it’s that Lainey Richardson, Carol said she heard Carrie got her claws into her and Carrie said something about her putting on a show.  Damned shame I can’t see it.), Dawn thought while she allowed some unknown man to help her sit down on a chair.  There must have been another chair next to hers, for he was seated also, judging by the sound of his breathing and how he was holding her hand.  She could only assume that Lainey or whomever was getting the same treatment.

“Very good.  Now you four are on a date at the movies.  Back row, lights down low, great place to make out.  But it’s your first date!  Any guy who goes immediately for a feel of snatch or boob will be ejected from my class!  You’ve got to work your way there slowly.  Where do you go first?  You can show us, no need to answer verbally.”, Carrie explained.

“No no no, an arm around the shoulders is fine, but work with me here!  You’ve got to do something to get our interest going.  Play with a curl of hair, rub the shoulder gently don’t squeeze it like a grapefruit, something!  Since our er test dummies can’t hear very well, we’ll assume you’re whispering sweet nothings into their ears.  While doing that whispering, savor the smell we’ve spent good money to obtain.  I said savor it, don’t sniff it like a dog at a crotch!

Feel our hair which we spend hours making sure it’s just right.  Besides being a safe place to begin, it has another advantage.  If a gal’s the type to get pissed if you muss her hair a bit, she ain’t going to fuck you.  A good fucking had better ruin her hairdo or she’s wasted her time, so if the hairdo is more important to her, give it up and go home to beat your meat.  Even if you score, you’ll not truly enjoy it nor will her.  Might as well find this out early on.

Now go for a kiss, gently turn her head towards you.  Ladies, you’re supposed to cooperate.  That’s better.  Ah yes, that first tentative kiss.  Will she part her lips invitingly or will she keep them closed tightly?  If the latter, her legs will probably stay just as tightly closed later on which will result in you guys having a bad case of blue balls.

NO!  NO!  NO!  Too soon to go up the skirt!  Tease us with a bit more kissing, playing with our hair, and put a hand on a hip.  Yes, that’s better.  No it’s not.  Okay, take five.  I said take five, don’t make me yell for Guido!”, Carrie sternly said.

The guys reluctantly stopped their groping and got up, Dawn could hear her “date” walking away mumbling something.  Worried, she wondered what was next on Carrie’s agenda.  So far none of what had been occurring had Carrie told Dawn about when she talked to her earlier in the week.

“Guess we’ll start with you, Dawn.”, Carrie’s voice sounded pleasant but tinny ringing as it was in the headphones Dawn wore.  “Start pointing out the spots on your body that make you tick and what a guy should do to make it tick.  Don’t be shy, you don’t have to undress.  Yet.  Just point them out, and preferably in the order you would expect a date to find them.”

“Well for starters, my neck is very sensitive.  I love having it rubbed or kissed, especially under my chin.”, Dawn told god knows who all.

“Just a moment, Dawn.  Guys, I know a neck isn’t usually a body part you’re interested in.  However, if you expect to actually score with women, you might want to take notes.  We girls talk sex amongst ourselves just as much as you guys.  Trust me, if you think a couple of quick squeezes on our tits and a finger poked up our twat for twenty seconds of twirling is going to get you anywhere, you’re sadly mistaken.  Sure, if we’re drunk enough and horny enough, maybe you’ll get lucky once.  Doubtful but it could happen.  But within a week most of the college will know you’re a pathetic lover.

Works the other way too.  Learn our weak spots, learn how to flick our triggers, learn how to please us, and you’ll have more pussy than you’ll know what to do with.  Right now the most successful hound dog on campus is a skinny nerdy sort, just because he loves working at pleasing us.  He’s had me, which is more than any of the campus jocks can truthfully say.  Go on, Dawn.”

Dawn idly wondered who the guy was to whom Carrie was referring.  She went on with a verbal description of the best way for a man to seduce her.  Just the thing she loved having public knowledge.

“See?  I told you guys there was more to a woman’s body than just boobs, butt, and pussy.  Ears, neck, shoulders, calves, knees especially the back part, inside of our elbows, lots of places to explore.  Okay, Dawn, have a seat while Lainey takes her turn in the tell portion of Show N Tell.”

Grateful to have someone else making a fool of herself, Dawn sat back down.  Sat down carefully as to not give her unseen audience a view up her skirt.  Then she nearly chuckled at her modesty.  Undoubtedly, Carrie was going to have her standing naked and masturbating for the group and she was worried about a peek up her skirt!

Due to the headphones, Dawn couldn’t really hear what Lainey was saying, but she did Carrie’s barbs, jokes, and interjections.  Lainey was being stubborn which was irritating Carrie.

“Lainey, Lainey, Lainey, I’m disappointed in you.  You’re an English Lit major and you can’t describe how a guy can seduce you any better?  I was going to have Dawn go first, but I think you’ve volunteered for the next stage of Show N Tell.”, Carrie advised.

What that next stage was, Dawn didn’t know for Carrie gave the instructions other than via the microphone.  Dawn wondered how she managed that but she’d learn soon enough.

Muffled sounds and loud exclamations from Lainey told Dawn that her co-performer wasn’t enjoying the next stage one little bit.  And since Dawn had no idea what that was, each minute she sat blindfolded made her that much more nervous.

She heard several loud slapping sounds and even louder exclamations from Lainey then Carrie’s voice sounded in her ears.  “Okay Dawn, your turn.  I do hope you’ll be more reasonable than Lainey.  I don’t want to have to paddle you too.”

(Great, Lainey got paddled and I didn’t even get to see it.), Dawn thought but she said, “I’ll try, what do I do?”

“Stand up and don’t move no matter what happens.  If you move, I’ll warn you once, move again and it’ll be your butt getting the paddle.”

Standing as she was told, Dawn waited for what was to come next.  Which was four hands touching her body, two on her hips and two on her shoulders.  As near as she could tell the hands on her shoulder belonged to a man standing in front of her while the hands on her hips belonged to a woman standing behind her.  The unexpectedness of it all made her draw her breath sharply, but she didn’t move.

“Good girl.  My assistants will be undressing you and then doing a bit of marking.  Nothing permanent but it might tickle a bit and the no moving rule still applies.”, Carrie warned.

“I’m not ticklish.”, Dawn said in a neutral tone.

“Really?  I’ll have to test that someday.”, Carrie countered.  Dawn remained silent.

Ticklish she wasn’t but she did squirm a bit.  What Carrie hadn’t told her was the pair undressing her were first caressing the very spots Dawn had identified as being “hot” spots on her body.  And doing too damned good of a job at it, both of them.  Whoever the guy was he wasn’t the clumsy groper from earlier.  His hands were a bit larger and a whole lot sexier feeling on her still clothed body.

She had to stifle a moan as she felt the buttons on her blouse being undone, one button at a time and a kiss get planted on the newly uncovered skin.  And the woman behind her wasn’t idle either, she had unzipped and unsnapped Dawn’s skirt and was slowly pulling it down her legs.  Like the man in front, she was kissing freshly uncovered flesh.

She didn’t have to be told to step out of her skirt, she did it automatically which left in her her bra, garter belt (newly purchased!), stockings, and high heels.  Though the bra didn’t last long.  It unsnapped in front, so the man undid the snap, kissed each of her breasts while the woman slid the brassiere down her back as she kissed and nibbled Dawn’s neck.

Suddenly the kissing and caressing just stopped.  Nothing happened for probably a minute or so then she felt something being run across her skin at various points.  Whatever it was, it felt a tad cold, a bit almost wet but not quite, and it made her tingle a bit.  The two unseen owners of the hands which had caressed her so expertly and who were now doing something, spent several minutes running the unknown item from Dawn’s neck down to her calves.  It was when they got to her calves that she realized her stockings must have been pulled down.  More accurately it was when they finished doing whatever to her calves and each one had pulled one stocking back up and re-hooked it to her garter belt.  Then both sets of hands simply moved away from her, leaving her standing alone.

(No sex for a week, X-rated dreams almost every night, and now all this touching?  I’m probably gushing like a fountain.), Dawn said to herself, embarrassed by the thought.

“Now class, as you can see both our test dummies have had the spots they pointed out as erogenous zones highlighted with magic marker.  Yellow indicates you should caress that spot, pink indicates kissing, blue means you lick that spot, and you’ll notice that not one of the four titties you see have been marked in anyway, nor has either snatch.  When I call your name, come down to the test subject of your choice, pick a spot and follow the color code.  Guys, feel free to grab for a boob or other unmarked body part if you wish.  I’m looking for test subjects for my class in Male Anatomy and Sexual Habits, that would be one way of volunteering.  And if that’s not sufficient to keep your hands and lips where they belong, I’ll just remind that Guido’s looking for a date.  Did I mention he’s bi-xexual?  And did I point out that he’s got a ten inch cock?  So if you want that monster coming in your back door, poke a finger up Lainey’s snatch.  Grab Dawn’s tits and go honk.”, Carrie announced.

Dawn had to stifle a laugh.  She had no idea who this Guido was, but apparently he was here as a bodyguard for the test subjects, as Carrie referred to Lainey and herself.  Makes sense, get a few guys together with naked women and things could get out of hand.

A sudden kiss on the back of her neck made her jump.  “Dawn, the no moving rule is still in effect.  This is your only reminder.”, Carrie said warmly.

“Sorry, wasn’t expecting that.  Oh my!”, Dawn’s apology was cut short by lips on her stomach.  She thought possibly the kisser was a woman, but she wasn’t sure.

The nearly-naked and quivering co-ed lost track of the time as she was periodically kissed, fondled, patted, and probed.  By the time that “stage” was over, Dawn was right on the edge of a monstrous orgasm and she figured Lainey had to be in nearly the same state.

“Oh for crying out loud, an English Lit major, and that’s the best you can come up with?  Lainey, you’ve either got no imagination or no guts.”, Carrie proclaimed irritably after a period of several minutes where nothing happened at all.  Dawn had no idea what she was talking about or what Lainey’s response, if any, was.

“Dawn, let’s hear your fantasy.  I mean your most secret sexual fantasy, the one you think about when diddling yourself while Don’s asleep or out.  It doesn’t have to be something which you can do in real life, hell it can be something which is impossible in real life, like sex in outer space, we don’t care.  Name names though even if the names are of fictional people, famous people, or people who may be in this room.”, Carrie instructed.

“I’m a beautiful princess who’s been cursed to be a panther.  I prowl through the jungle looking for the one who can break that curse.  I come upon another panther drinking at the stream and I pounce.  He moves quickly and the two of us begin fighting, claws tearing at flesh, our sharp fangs going for each other’s throat.  I’m faster but he’s stronger and eventually he takes me sexually.  My roars turn into moans of pleasure as my body begins changing back to that of a human.  The curse is broken but I’m still being fucked by this panther.  He explodes inside me then pulls his hairy dick out and pushes me over on my back.  His front paws hold my hips securely as he runs his long cat tongue between my legs and deep into my pussy.  My screams of pleasure get more and more intense as that unimaginably skilled tongue darts in and out.

Finally he finishes eating me and falls asleep.  I lay with him, feeling the warmth of his furry body next to mine.  I slide down until my head is at his groin and I take his now limp but still magnificent dick into my mouth.  Clumsily I try to return the oral favor, my tongue flicking about the mammoth head of his large furry dick.  He awakes and begins growling, the growls getting louder as his dick gets harder and my sucking gets faster.  Suddenly he explodes again, his warm cum filling my mouth.  Then he begins changing, becoming a man.  A incredibly handsome man with a muscular body and a truly beautiful and mammoth dick.”

“Oh my, that’s imagination.  And the guy standing in front of you in the skin tight pants loved it, as we can easily see.  Shame you aren’t the English Lit major, I would love to hear that one again, with sunlight dappling, birds chirping, I may need to take a short recess.  Nah, I’ll tough it out.  Back to more of the Tell portion of our class.  Dawn, what famous man would you love to fuck?”, Carrie asked, a hint of lust apparent in her voice.

“Ben Affleck.”, was the prompt reply.

“Famous woman?”, was the next question.

“I’ve never thought about fucking women, but if I had to pick a woman, I’d guess Madonna.  I admire her guts and I figure she’d know how to break a virgin in.”, Dawn explained.

“Guy you know from college, student not faculty.”, Carrie asked after a moment.

“Mark Alderson.  God, I hope he’s not here.”, Dawn replied.

“Not saying either way.  Woman you know from college?”, Carrie asked with a hint of a chuckle in her voice.

“Again, I’ve not thought about fucking women, but I do have some sexual fantasies I would like to try out on a woman I know.  Fantasies involving that woman being publicly humiliated and dominated by me.”, was the (un)surprising answer.

“What do I get if I guess who that woman might be?”, Carrie asked with a grin.  Dawn couldn’t see the grin, but she knew it was there.  She just knew it.

“Your chance to make that fantasy come true.”, Dawn quickly shot back.

“I thought as much.  Oh don’t feel picked on, Lainey will be spilling her guts too.  I didn’t want to tip you off about the fantasy so I told that to her without the mike.  Well, time for what all the guys and most of the girls have been waiting to see.  My assistant is going to lead you to a table where you’ll lay face-up, legs spread as far apart as they can get, and you’re going to fuck yourself.  No toys, just use your fingers.  We do want to hear all the cute little sound effects, moans, oohs, ahs, oh gods, you know the sort of thing I mean.”, Carrie informed her.

Shivering at that calm reading of her doom (to borrow Carrie’s phrase), Dawn tried to remain calm when her hand was grabbed and she was led over to where the table was standing.  The guy with her, put his hands around her waist and set her down on the table.  Then he kept a hold of her shoulders while she moved about (at Carrie’s direction), positioning her sitting body just so.  Once her legs were spread wide enough to suit Carrie, the man helped Dawn lay back.

“Whoa, who’s there?”, Dawn suddenly shouted.  A finger had touched her very damp pussy.

“Hush, I’m identifying the various parts of your vagina for my class.  Most guys seem to think there’s only a hole there.  Obviously we know better, I’m simply trying to educate the male half of the college.”, Carrie said cheerfully.

“I hope to god all of that half isn’t in the room.”, Dawn shot back.

“Nah, just sixty of them.”, Carrie said jokingly.  At least Dawn was praying her tormentor was joking.

Carrie spent a good ten minutes pointing out each part of a woman’s vagina or at least that’s what she had told Dawn she was doing.  All Dawn knew was that a woman was touching her pussy, spreading the lips, softly caressing various parts, all the while Dawn was doing her damnedest not to react visibly.  Well not react by moving, squirming, or making any sounds.  She couldn’t do a damned thing about the juices she was freely producing due to the intimate caressing.

As before, the touching just stopped without warning and she laid there for about the same amount of time while Carrie did god knows what though Dawn suspected she was fingering Lainey for the crowd’s amusement.  For the hundredth or so time, Dawn idly wondered just how big that crowd was and who all was watching her make a damned fool of herself.  (Don, my love, you owe me big!), Dawn thought while she waited her next “instructions”.

Something bumped her table and she felt someone take her left hand and move it to the left.  “Grab this hand.”, Carrie ordered when Dawn’s hand grazed someone else’s hand.  She complied without question though she wondered who and why.

“Don’t either of you let go of the hand you’re holding or Mama spank.”, Carrie advised in a pseudo-stern tone then she switched to a tone more like a newscaster.  “Okay ladies, on your marks, get set, go!  Duh, that means begin fingering yourselves silly.  Go or I’ll have you do each other rather than yourselves.”, she warned.

(Oh yea, like I’m just yearning to finger fuck Lainey Richardson.  Or let her try to get me off.  No thanks.), Dawn said to herself as she began to caress her pussy.

To help her get off, Dawn closed her eyes (she couldn’t see anything anyway) and pictured Don beating his meat for herself and a select few friends.  Then the thought of Carrie doing the same came to mind and her fingers moved even faster.  She pictured Carrie eating her out with her hands tied behind her back and her breathing got faster.  She fantasized about walking through the quad, fully-dressed (for a change) while Carrie, Wilma, and Don walked in front of her naked save for collars and leashes and her hips began squirming.  She could see Don, Joe, Carol, and herself romping together in a bed and Carrie forced to watch while on her hands and knees and get paddled by Wilma and she began to loudly moan.

Lainey must have been enjoying herself also for she was gripping Dawn’s hand tighter and tighter which made Dawn realize she was doing the same to her Jill-off partner.  She was right on the edge of an incredible orgasm when Carrie did the cruelest thing ever.  She grabbed Dawn’s hand and stopped her!

“NO!!  Not now!!”, the frustrated woman loudly cried.

“Sorry but I just had the most incredible idea.  How about if you and Lainey get each other off?  Orally or digitally, up to you two.”, Carrie wickedly suggested.

A week of no sex and now this close to cumming coupled with the totally surreal nature of what was occurring had Dawn’s mind totally confused.  However not so confused that she was going to give into Carrie without at least questioning her first.

“What if I say no?”, was her first question.

“Well you’ll be very frustrated, not to mention having  a cold walk home.”, Carrie said with an evil chuckle.

“Why cold?  Come on, surely you can figure that out.”, Carrie said impatiently.

Dawn figured Lainey must have asked that stupid question for the answer was obvious.  If they didn’t play Carrie’s game, before the blindfolds came off their clothes would be hidden away or just thrown away.

As much as she hated the idea of putting on any more of a performance then she already had, the thought of walking home naked was worse.  But she’d play it her way as much as possible, not Carrie’s way.

She knew from being forced to hold hands that Lainey was right next to her, and that the tables had to be pushed side by side.  She sat up, felt to her left and quickly scooted over on top of the woman next to her.  Lainey must have been still debating on her options for she remained motionless while Dawn positioned herself so that her pussy was directly over Lainey’s mouth.

As for herself, Carrie had given her an out and Dawn was taking it.  Instead of mouthing the pussy she had found with her hands, she fingered it.  Very expertly while using one hand to spread the lips.

(Dammit, if I can’t go down on Don, I’ll be damned if I’ll find out I can some stupid bitch.  And I just know Carrie would have some sort of “penalty” applied if I started upchucking.), Dawn thought as she moved her fingers about another woman’s pussy.

Until college, Dawn had been fairly conventional when it came to sex.  Losing her cherry at age seventeen to a guy she’d dated all the way through high school, for example.  But there were a few things she considered wild.  Strip poker games for one, some very risqué Truth or Dare games for another, starting at age eleven.  Hell she was fourteen when she found out giving head made her sick.  But this was a first, fingering another woman.

Prior to this, her only experiences with other girls consisted mostly of seeing them naked.  Like the time her and three friends decided to see who had the biggest tits.  Or the time her best friend had streaked around the house.  The same best friend who she had caught making out with Dawn’s boyfriend and as a result got a royal ass kicking.  In public and with the ex-best friend in the nude.

Lainey’s scream of pleasure when she came was loud enough for Dawn to actually hear, though barely.  That surprised Dawn quite a bit, but not nearly as much as when Lainey grabbed her hips and stuck her tongue deep into Dawn’s pussy.  Oh god, part of her was hoping Lainey would, the other part wished she hadn’t.  She didn’t want Carrie to see her get excited.

Dawn’s moans of pleasure weren’t as loud but no less genuine than Lainey’s had been.  The orgasm shook her so much she literally fell on top of her new friend.  Hell, after what they’d been through, they had better be friends.

“Very good!  Class, a round of applause for our test dummies.  They did good.”, Carrie squealed with delight.

Apparently the mike she had been speaking through was turned to the audience for Dawn heard the clapping quite distinctively.  (God, please let that be a tape or something.  Sounds like the room’s full of people.), Dawn prayed as she laid there breathing fast.

“Class dismissed.  Remember your assignments are due in a week.  I suggest finding a study partner to er cram for the final.”, Carrie jokingly bade.

Some time later, Dawn had no idea how long for sure, ten minutes or so probably, Carrie removed the blindfold for her head.  The room was totally empty except for Dawn, Carrie, and the still blindfolded Lainey.

“Good job!”, Carrie said, patting Dawn on the back.

“Can I get dressed now?”, Dawn asked tiredly.  Though tired, she desperately wanted to get back to Don.  He was in for it.  In more ways than one.

“Sure, go ahead, you earned it.”, Carrie stated magnanimously.

Dawn hopped down off the table then turned to look at the woman who had given her such pleasure.  It was the woman who had shoved the snow up her twat at the quad.  She was still wearing the blindfold/headphone set-up but was otherwise totally naked.  And totally exposed, her legs were still spread wide.

“God damn, was I that exposed?”, Dawn exclaimed.

Very happily Carrie replied, “Oh yes, we all got quite an eyeful.  By the way, Lainey is in a bit of trouble with me.  She incurred a couple of penalties. Didn’t you, dear?”  That last part was spoken into wireless microphone as Dawn had suspected.

“Please, give me a break!”, Lainey pleaded, adding, “I’ve not crossed my legs as you ordered, that counts for something doesn’t it?”

“It keeps your butt from being tanned at least.”, Carrie noted then turned off the mike.  “She thinks Guido’s still here else she’d be a lot more bitchy than that.  I’ve decided that Lainey isn’t going to get all of her clothing back.  What do you think I should keep?”

Dawn was dressing in her own clothes which Carrie had setting on the desk for her while she thought Carrie’s question over.  “How long is her jacket?”, she asked after she finished covering her nakedness.

“Waist length, just like yours.  Thinking about her losing her skirt?”, Carrie asked in a questioning tone.

“Nope, her blouse and bra.  You said a couple of penalties, how’s this for the second?”, Dawn asked then she told Carrie what she had in mind.

“That’s great!”, Carrie exclaimed happily then shocked Dawn by grabbing her and kissing her warmly.  A passionate kiss but at least she kept her tongue to herself, Dawn thought thankfully.

Fifteen minutes later, Lainey was dressed (somewhat) and sent on her way home.  She was wearing her jacket with nothing on under it, her stockings and boots, and half her skirt.  The front half so that Lainey’s rather large butt was sticking out for the world to see.  And written on her ass cheeks was “Spank Here” and “Warm these buns!”

“Good idea, if she decides to cover her butt with her jacket, she’ll have to flash her boobies.  You should see the look on your face!  The only thing that would make you happier is if that was me walking, well running through the campus like that.”, Carrie told Dawn firmly.

“Nah, I’d not let you have any clothes especially not shoes.  You’d not be able to run fast in this weather without them.

“Wrong, wrong, wrong!!  Have shoes on your goat but have the shoe laces tied together then wet the laces.  They’ll never get the knot out and they’ll only be able to shuffle along.  I’d done that to Lainey, but I was letting you correct her.  Don’t take me wrong, I think you did a fine job with her.  So when’s Don’s show going to be?”

“Truthfully I’m not sure yet, but you’ve invited when he performs.  And I’m going to be using a few of your ideas.”, Dawn assured her.

“So we still friends?”, Carrie wondered.

“Nope, friendly enemies.  You’ll get yours.”, Dawn vowed.

“I’m looking forward to you trying.”, Carrie promised.