Snow Job

by Johnny


Dawn called out from her reclining position on the floor, "Let’s take a break, I need to pee and I just bet Wilma’s arm is killing her."
Joe looked up from his sketch with a chagrined look. "Cripes, sorry I forgot the time. Sure, take five everyone."
The three naked women broke the pose they were in, stretched stiff muscles and Dawn hurried off to the bathroom.
Three weeks earlier while paying off a wager on the OSU - Michigan game, the three nudes had been nude in the art room for non-artistic reasons. As a security guard was about to come in, they did the only thing they could to hide their nakedness from him as getting dressed in time wasn’t possible. They struck poses which shielded their faces and hide their nudity by displaying it in a way that wouldn’t arouse comment. (Other things might have gotten aroused though.) It worked.
Not only had it effectively concealed their identities and what had actually been going on, which was a jill-off, it was a very good pose. At least Joe who was majoring in art thought so and asked the women involved to really pose for him so that he could actually paint them. As he was on the level and had already seen everything each of the women might consider private, they agreed as long as the sessions were totally private, no faces used in the painting, and no mention of them posing for it would go beyond him. Joe readily agreed to all terms.
As did Carrie, who also had been there that horrible (at least to the nudes) night. While not majoring in art, she was taking the course and was a gifted artist. She readily agreed to the same terms as Joe so she could finish the sketch she had started.
Dawn suggested the use of her off-campus apartment which was fine with all concerned, especially Don, Dawn’s live-in lover. As he had been involved in the insanity of the wager that previous night, his presence was deemed allowable by the ladies as long as he didn’t make snide or lewd comments or let the word get out about the modeling sessions. None of which he had a problem with complying.
"Don, let’s run and grab some beer. I’ll buy if you drive.", Joe suggested.
"Okay, let me get my shoes.", Don said agreeably.
"Bring back some pop, I don’t drink beer.", Carol reminded her boyfriend Joe.
"I know that!", he protested but truth be known he would have failed to get pop unless reminded.
The guys headed out to get the beer so the amateur models donned robes and sat on the couch to relax.
"Why so modest? I’ve seen it all.", Carrie reminded them quite needlessly. The events of that night were forever etched into each of the "models" minds. And as Carrie had played a very major role in making it even worse than it had to be, Dawn particularly wanted her to pay for that. She just hadn’t figured out how yet.
"Just to piss you off.", Wilma, Carrie’s roommate said with a laugh.
"Not working, hon, and you should be glad it’s not. I seem to recall that you owe me a spanking dare. With you on the receiving end.", Carrie reminded wickedly.
"And with Wilma naked, I assume.", Dawn quipped.
"Oh no, that’s too easy unless it’s outdoors. No, if she ever gets spanks, which is more often than she’d like to admit to, then she’s not naked. If she’s wearing slacks or jeans, those come off then she goes into the corner where she stands with her panties lowered to just below her butt cheeks. Frames her cute little butt so nicely. If her blouse is too long and would provide cover then it’s pinned up out of the way. Same thing with a dress or skirt, pinned up out of the way. In the corner she stays until I collect my thoughts, my "weapons" and decide to let her come and get it."
Shaking her head, Dawn chuckled. "You certainly make a production out of anything you do. Don’s spanked me but it’s usually when where in bed and most likely I’m already naked. Why the corner bit?"
"Anticipation added to the possibility of being seen. Which is why naked isn’t actually as embarrassing as butt showing in this case. Someone comes in with you naked and in the corner, well you were naked and hid in the corner hoping they wouldn’t see you. Only your bare butt is actually exposed to public scrutiny. And a lot of people walk around their houses or apartments naked so it’s not much of an embarrassment.
However, if you’re standing in the same corner fully-dressed but with skirt pinned up and panties lowered like that, you gotta be there cuz you just got or about to get a spanking. Obviously just by looking at the butt will tell you which is the case. No way you can pass it off as just being out of the shower. Nope, your secret is out, your roommate spanks you! Understand?", Carrie explained then pointed out. "Wilma is blushing just from my telling the story yet moments ago she was naked with three women and two men watching her. No blush then."
"You’re incredibly twisted, you know that don’t you?", Dawn asked half-seriously.
"Yea, but I have so much fun!", Carrie freely admitted.
"So are you ever naked?", Carol wondered aloud.
"I take you to mean because of a lost bet or a dare or the like, not for a bath or shower. The answer is mostly no though I’ve been nude a few times. The year that Wilma and I first met, our sophomore year, 2000, we both got naked. And out of doors.", Carrie stated.
"Yea, the snowball fight, that was cold!", Wilma blurted out with a shiver.
"I’m sure it was, naked in the snow would be cold.", Carol agreed.
"Not just that, what she made me do for losing the snowball fight.", Wilma said.
"How do you lose a snowball fight? And what did she make you do?", Dawn asked.
"I had to walk back from the field where we had the snowball fight naked and right through the quad! Then when we got back to our room, I made the mistake of saying my butt was ice-cold. She offered to warm it up and I thought she meant nicely but no, she spanked me! The first time she ever did.", Wilma told them.
"As for how you lose a snowball fight, let me explain how we played. You know where Edsel Field is don’t you? You do? Good. We bought a couple of cheapy Salvation Army coats and wore them to the field. Once there, we stripped off the coats which left us in boots, gloves, hat, and a scarf only. The coats were hidden in the trees.
Then we went to different sides of the field, created our arsenal and let fly. Of course we missed with some shots, scored with others, but the primary idea was that we were cold and getting colder as the fight progressed. Loser was the one who ran for her coat first.
I doubt if anyone saw the actual snowball fight, Edsel Field is nearly deserted in the winter as it’s flat so sledding is out, no ponds or such for ice-skating, and it’s not readily accessible with deep snow except on foot or in a four-wheel drive vehicle. Even those motorized snow sleds, snowcats? Whatever, they don’t go there since it’s so damned rocky and not all that large of a clearing and the trees are too thick to get through except on foot. But ideal for my idea of a snowball fight; a naked snowball fight! Or Snude ball as I’ve taken to calling it.
Also, neither of us is much for the cold. If Wilma had held out another ten maybe fifteen minutes I’d been the one walking back overexposed rather than her. Probably would have had a major affect on our relationship so I’m glad I won. Though that fifteen minutes I spent in the cold air was almost more than I could stand. Although to be honest, I’ve been tempted to try again.", Carrie explained fully.
"Too chicken?", Dawn asked.
"Nope, my opponents have been. I nearly talked a couple of guys into one last year, but they chickened out. Apparently they didn’t want to chance having to pull that sleigh.", Carrie grinned evilly.
"Sleigh?", Carol wondered aloud.
Wilma replied, "Someone abandoned an old sleigh out by Edsel Field. Carrie wanted to get the guys to pull us in the sleigh down to the quad. For some reason that idea bothered them."
"I guess cuz the ones pulling the sleigh wouldn’t have their coats on.", Dawn wisely figured.
"Or their pants. You’re started to catch onto how I think.", Carrie told Dawn approvingly.
"I hope so, I have this dream of you putting on a show for us.", Dawn said truthfully.
"I know, you want payback for the, shall we say frills I added to a basic Jill-off session. I’m glad, I need someone to keep me on my toes. Wilma here enjoys being submissive but she feels like I push her past her limits.", Carrie said.
"You do! It was bad enough being naked for Joe and Don, but that trip to the statue was horrid! Dozens of people saw me naked.", Wilma cried.
"Yes they did.", Carrie agreed with a grin. "And I loved hearing about every little detail when we got back home that night. But back to my point. Wilma would love to see me hoisted on my own petard at some point herself but her basically submissive nature makes her unable to conceive of a plan and carry it through successfully. Sometime when I’m in the mood to really embarrass her, I’ll make her tell you two about the few times she tried.
I get the impression that Carol is a bit on the submissive side, not as much so as Wilma, but still more laid back, to use one of my daddy’s terms. You, on the other hand, aren’t. I truly suspect that given the opportunity you’d dominate any relationship you’re in, sexual or otherwise.
Now before you protest, domination doesn’t mean wearing leather or cracking whips. I’ve noticed Don generally goes along with whatever you want to do and to a lesser degree so does Carol. Even in class I’ve seen how you can take over a discussion and get others to agree with you. Not everyone, hell no one can get everyone to agree to their point of view, no matter who they are or how much logic and science they might have on their side. Remember there as still people who believe in a flat earth. Still, you do pretty good at talking people into things.
On the sexual side of things, whose idea was it for the loser to masturbate for an audience in the wager between you and Don? Sure, you ended up doing it, but you came up with the idea. Don just substituted it for his when you weren’t able to pay up properly. Which reminds me, would you have invited others to watch Don had you won?"
"Of course, I already had several women in mind, Carol included though at the time neither you nor Wilma would have come to mind.", Dawn replied.
"Well, when and I’m sure you will get him to perform, I want an invite and I’m sure Wilma would love one also.", Carrie told her emphatically.
Dawn shrugged as she answered, "Sure thing, seems only fair in Wilma’s case while I just know you’ll be able to add just the right amount of teasing to the event."
"Oh yes, I’m equally good at tormenting guys.", Carrie sighed as she responded.
Speaking of guys, Don and Joe returned with the beer (pop forgotten). Carol rolled her eyes at Joe and at that moment would have gladly given him to Carrie for torment if she could. He apologized profusely, offered to go out and get some the pop but Carol told him to never mind. Translated from female to male that meant "You’re a selfish bastard and if you think you’re getting any sex tonight you’re nuts."
Given the mood of one model as well as the artist, and how late in the afternoon it was getting, the session was deemed over and the three robe-clad ladies dressed. A little bit later, Joe and Carol left followed shortly by Carrie and Wilma.
Supper was followed by cuddling on the couch to watch TV which was followed by some pretty good sex, more cuddling then Don fell off to sleep. Dawn laid there thinking about how best to put Carrie into some sort of embarrassing situation but nothing came to mind and soon sleep overtook her too.
Two weeks later and the first really good snowfall of the season hit Ann Arbor. Enough of an accumulation that classes were canceled at the university as well as the public schools. That was when Dawn had her brainstorm.
Calling Carol on the phone, she told her friend. "I know how to get Carrie back! We challenge her to a snowball fight! The same kind of snowball fight she described to us a couple of weeks back."
"You mean, you want to go outside almost naked and chance walking back through the quad that way? You’re nuts!", Carol told her in no uncertain terms.
"Look, Carrie said herself that she almost lost out to Wilma. She’d only been out fifteen minutes and another fifteen would have made her cave-in for sure. Now remember, you and I have gone skiing in bikinis. Okay, it’s not the same as naked, but we were out for a couple of hours like that. And the weather outside is actually quite warm, mid to upper thirties, it’s just that there’s been such a cold streak before today that the ground has lost its heat which allowed the snow to accumulate like it has. Just pick your warmest boots, gloves, hat, and scarf, put a long coat over top and meet me outside Edsel Field by that sleigh. We’ll hide out coats there, trek through the trees to the field and get there a bit before Carrie and Wilma."
"Wilma? Why her?", Carol wondered.
"Can’t be avoided. When I called Carrie she said she’d love to have a snowball fight, that she and Wilma would beat the pants off of us.", Dawn told her.
"Oh great, already agreed for me. Anything else you care to mention?", Carol snapped.
"Only that we’ll be riding back in the sleigh with two nearly naked people pulling us.", Dawn chortled gleefully.
"I hope so. See you there.", Carol said miserably.
"Don’t tell Joe what you’re doing, the way I set it up with Carrie is that it would just be the four of us. I wanted her to think I was worried about losing.", Dawn explained.
"You should be, I know I am.", Carol admitted as she hung up the phone.
Two hours later Dawn was trudging through the wet mushy snow to Edsel Field. Off in the distance quite a number of people could be seen frolicking in the snow. Dawn smiled thinking about how many people would see Carrie pulling that sleigh wearing not much more than a blush.
Carol was already at the sleigh and had a very worried look. She was wearing her old gray coat which went down to the tops of her shiny black boots. On her head she wore a black knit cap and earmuffs.
"Why so glum? Don’t you think it’ll be a blast to see Carrie pulling this thing?", Dawn asked.
"Sure if that happens, what if it’s us? Did you see all those people at the quad? It’ll be worse then the swimming party I crashed.", Carol whined.
"The more the merrier.", Dawn declared delightedly. Then with silent prayer that her mad idea would work, she pulled off her tan coat and tossed it into the sleigh. Carol shook her head, undid the buttons on her coat, removed it and laid it on Dawn’s coat.
"Let’s hurry up and get lots of snowballs made.", Dawn suggested, goose-pimples already forming all over her body.
"Or our graves dug.", Carol shot back.
The two women naked except for hats, scarves, gloves, and boots, trudged through the trees to the clearing beyond.
"I don’t recall freezing my whatzis off when we skied in bikinis.", Carol griped while making snowballs.
"I’m sure Joe will gladly warm it up for you.", Dawn retorted. Her chilly whatzis wasn’t bothering her as badly as her nipples were. The cold air not only was freezing them, it had made them so hard they actually hurt.
"If this doesn’t work out right, I just might borrow a page out of Carrie’s book and warm part of you but good!", Carol threatened jokingly. At least Dawn hoped she was joking.
Dawn was bent over collecting more snow when a blob of snow hit her smack dab on her rear-end! Her outraged yelped was accompanied by laughter from behind them.
"Such an inviting target. But where are your clothes?", Carrie asked with a laugh.
Whirling around, Dawn and Carol saw Carrie and Wilma standing about twenty yards away. And neither of them were naked!
"Hey chickenshit, get your clothes off, this is supposed to be a naked snowball fight!", Dawn griped.
"It is? But you never said so! You said you wanted a snowball fight.", Carrie protested with an innocent tone belied by the gleam in her eye.
"Well after that tale you told us, what other kind of snowball fight did you think I meant?", Dawn retorted angrily.
"I told you, I’ve taken to calling those Snude ball. If you had said a Snude Ball fight, I’d have known what you meant.", Carrie replied still feigning innocence.
"Shit! Okay, so get naked now.", Dawn bade, teeth chattering a bit.
"But I’m in too good of clothes to chance losing them! Especially this jacket, it’s expensive and it was a present. Getting it wet from a snowball is fine, it’s waterproof, but leaving it here? No way! You’ll just have to try again and give me more notice.", Carrie rebutted.
"Then I guess we better go get our coats, Carol.", Dawn conceded.
"Later, for now prepare to defend yourself!", Carrie told them as she let fly with another snowball. This one got Carol right in the tit.
"Ouch, that’s cold!", Carol complained as she returned fire. Her snowball struck Wilma in the exact same spot but obviously didn’t have quite the same effect. But the fight was on!
The battle raged for nearly a quarter of an hour. At one point both Carrie and Wilma got snow put down their pants, one of the few attacks they couldn’t duplicate on their pantsless opponents. Though Dawn liked to scream bloody murder when Carrie grabbed her between the legs with a handful of snow.
"Okay fun’s fun, but I’m freezing my ass off. Carol and I are getting our coats.", Dawn said with chattering teeth.
"Oh? Giving up? I’m glad. My feet are awfully cold and I would love the ride back to the quad.", Carrie said with a grin.
"Oh hell no! That was only if we had that fucking Snude ball fight!", Dawn protested.
"Tell you what, just to show you how big-hearted I am, I’ll let you put your coats back on. And even button them up, but I think we deserve the ride back.", Carrie counter-offered.
"NO! N O! What part of that didn’t you understand?", Dawn shouted.
Laughing so hard her sides actually hurt, Carrie noted. "God, I’d love to have a picture of you right now. The look on your face!"
"And the horse you rode in on!", Dawn told her then turned to make her way out of the clearing and to the warmth of her coat. Carol hurried with her while Wilma and Carrie walked behind.
Much to the shivering twosome’s discomfort, the larger field was getting more and more occupied. Thankfully no one was close enough to the trees to truly see them. Though if any looked this way they’d likely be able to tell the women were naked so the pair hide behind the sleigh.
Reaching into the sleigh Dawn got the shock of her life; it was empty! Neither hers nor Carol’s coat was to be found! Both women gasped and quickly search under and around the sleigh. Nada.
"Okay Carrie, joke’s over, where’s our coats?", Dawn yelled.
Shaking her head, Carrie solemnly proclaimed, "Not me, not this time. Think about how you were standing when I scored that hit on your cute butt. We came in the other way not the path which runs by the sleigh."
Dawn thought about it, realized that Carrie was right but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have come by here first and said so.
"Sure, but where would I hide the coats? As you can see the rabbit-furred jacket I’m wearing only goes to my waist. Since you two were apparently naked under your coats, they had to be longer then what I’m wearing. Wilma, open your coat and show the girls you’re not wearing their coats under yours.", Carrie instructed her roomie.
Wilma complied and the shivering twosome had to admit that neither Wilma nor Carrie had the coats on them. But they could have hidden them.
"Where? In the trees? I suppose we could have, but why? Remember, I didn’t expect you two to be naked when I got here. So why take coats out of a sleigh? I’d had done it in a heartbeat if I knew you were naked but since I didn’t I had no reason to go to all that trouble.", Carrie protested.
Dawn fumed, while what Carrie said made sense, she didn’t believe her. Trouble was there was no way to prove she was lying.
"Well Miss I got it all figured out, what the hell are we going to do now?", Carol demanded, hugging herself for warmth.
"It does look like you’re in a bit of a jam. There’s no way for you to get to Carol’s apartment, let alone yours, without a bunch of people seeing you. So preserving your modesty is out, but perhaps there’s a chance you can still preserve your dignity.", Carrie noted.
"And how’s that?", Dawn wondered.
"Let’s say you two just walk home. You can either tell the truth that you tried to zap me and screwed up, or you can say you like to go naked in snow. One makes you look stupid, the other a trifle odd or at least exhibitionistic. Of course you can elect to say nothing and let the gossips make up their own stories. A sex orgy in the woods would be the kindest thing they’d come up with.", Carrie pointed out.
Damning the blonde with the bemused look on her face, mostly for being right, Dawn asked, "So what other choice do we have? We must have one, you’re trying your best to sell it to us."
"No selling needed I hope, just a bit of logic. Your other choice? It’s well known that I make bets with all sorts of people on all sorts of things and get those people to do embarrassing stunts. We’ll simply tell everyone we had a bet and you two lost. Losing a nekkid bet in college isn’t the most dignified thing a body can do but it is a lot better than stupidly putting yourself into this sort of situation. Don’t you think?’, Carrie asked with an air of innocence.
Dawn could have killed Carrie in a heartbeat. For no other reason than the witch was right! Admitting to people who were going to be seeing her naked that they got that chance because Dawn was stupid was worse than just losing a bet. God she hated Carrie!
Carol made the decision that Dawn was reluctant to make. "Okay, I’m in, what do we do?"
"Just pull the sleigh to the quad where I’ve got a ride who’ll be picking me up. He can give you both a ride home. And let off at your doorstep, not a block away or any crap like that. I’ll even insist he loan you something to wear, assuming he has anything.", Carrie outlined her idea.
"Great, we’ll do it.", Carol replied.
Dawn began, "I’m not sure ...", but Carol butted in.
"I’m trying like hell not to take a hairbrush to your skinny ass as is, don’t piss me off further!", the infuriated Carol snapped angrily,
Giving Carol and dirty look, Dawn went over to the sleigh and grabbed one of the two ropes hanging from the front. Carol with an equally dirty look at Dawn grabbed the other while Wilma and Carrie climbed up into the sleigh. Tugging with all their might the two "work horses" managed to get the sleigh moving though it was a struggle.
"What wonderful weather for a sleigh ride together with you.", Carrie began singing, much to her "horses" displeasure. The cheerfulness of the song contrasted sharply with the feelings of anger, mortification, and stupidity the two women pulling the sleigh felt. As well as feeling very very cold.
"It’ll be the perfect ending to a perfect day!", Carrie sang with Wilma joining in.
(Yea, just perfect.), Dawn thought miserably. (I’ll get pneumonia so it’ll be a toss up if I die of that or of embarrassment.)
As the sleigh drew closer to the quad, the sartorial finery worn by the "horses" became apparent to quite a number of on-lookers who of course notified others. By the time the sleigh got to the point which Carried deemed the end of the line, at least thirty or forty people, both men and women were crowding around, laughing and cheering. Dawn prayed that the ground would just open up and swallow her.
Carrie hopped out of the sleigh, bowed to the crowd, then took Dawn by the hand. "She’s a good sport even if she doesn’t bet well. Give her a hand!", she instructed the crowd. And much to Dawn’s chagrin the crowd did just that, applauded wildly, the guys catcalling and the women laughing.
Dawn desperately tried to get her hand back, she truly wanted to use it to cover her way too cold pubic area, her other arm was already across her breasts, but Carrie had the hand in a death grip. She considered smacking the smaller smirking woman, but that would mean moving the one hand which she decided against. Carol was in a similar situation, one hand in hock to Wilma with the other across her breasts.
Carrie whispered to Dawn. "Cutie pie, I called Don on my cell phone. I figured you’d rather have him pick you up than my friends. For one thing, he’s bringing you a coat. My generous act isn’t free though."
"What’ll it cost me?", Dawn whispered back.
"Not much, the four of us are going for walk from the quad to the corner where I told Don to meet us. Joe will be with him with a coat for Carol. We’re going to walk there hand in hand, all four of us. Me holding your hand, you holding Carol’s who’ll be holding Wilma’s. And when we reach the end of the quad we’re going to turn around and bow pretty for our audience.", Carrie explained wickedly.
"My choice being that or wandering around with my hands covering what I’d like covered, but not knowing exactly where Don’s going to meet me.", Dawn guessed, very correctly.
"Yeppers. Oh, there’s another cost too, but you’ll find that out when we get back to your place." Carrie positively glowed with anticipation at that statement so Dawn figured it was pretty bad.
"SHIT!", Dawn said vehemently though she dropped her hand to her side and took Carol’s hand. Her friend was giving her a very evil look which told Dawn that Wilma had informed Carol of the same things that Carrie had Dawn. Which she had except that unlike Dawn, Carol knew what that last penalty was going to be. And she was actually looking forward to it. Well, part of it at least.
Way too slowly for Dawn’s peace of mind, the four of them walk towards the northeast corner of the quad. When they got there, they turned around and bowed for the following crowd.
Then to the horror of the two shivering former "horses", they discovered they had to stroll to the southwest corner to get to the street where Don and Joe would be! "You will have to die.", Dawn told Carrie very calmly despite the intense embarrassment she felt. More people were seeing in naked now then she ever dreamed would do so.
"Moi? Whatever for?", Carrie asked in an oh so innocent tone with a look to match.
And of course as it turned out the southwest corner wasn’t correct either. Carrie apologized ever so sweetly as she and Wilma gaily led their "prisoners" to the northwest corner. Which wasn’t right either, but even Carol had caught on by then.
What occurred next, Dawn would love to have blamed on Carrie but even as scheming as that witch was, there was no way to have set the following scenario up. As they passed the statue in the middle of the quad, an icicle broke off of the statue’s arm. It fell just as Carol was walking under the arm. While it didn’t spear the nude woman it did nick her on the ass on its journey downward. And when your backside is totally bare, a block of ice sliding down it is cold. Damned cold. And Carol let everyone know that.
"OH SHIT!! Who the fuck threw a snowball?", Carol yelled at the top of her lungs.
Some guy laughed which infuriated Carol enough to free her hands, grab a chunk of snow and toss it at him. Alas, her aim was not so good, it struck the girl with him, not him.
When you’re almost naked, starting a snowball fight is a bad idea. Something Carol very quickly found out. The outraged woman who was struck, retaliated as did her boyfriend, and their friends. Carol was getting snowed under. (Sorry.)
As the shots which miss Carol struck Wilma or Dawn, Carrie being conveniently hiding behind Dawn, they too returned fire. Dawn’s aim was particularly good and she scored several good hits on the woman who in her [Dawn’s] mind started the chaos as well as her boyfriend. Unfortunately her course of action wasn’t much brighter than Carol’s.
Several of the woman’s friends grabbed Wilma and in short order, Carrie’s roommate found herself in a chilly situation. No, the women didn’t strip her although Wilma might have preferred that. Instead they packed Wilma’s pants full of snow. And I mean full, the snow was crammed in until it couldn’t be crammed anymore. Her legs looked deformed and her ass seemed three sizes larger. And the women weren’t the least bit shy about ensuring that a plethora of snow found its way into Wilma’s panties, especially between her legs.
Dawn’s "punishment" was even more frosty. While a woman held each of her arms securely, their boyfriends scooped up a big pile of snow and held it against Dawn’s already frozen rear. But the ultimate freeze, the woman reserved the right to give Dawn herself. With a handful of snow and a wicked grin, the woman forced her hand between Dawn’s legs then pressed the snow firmly at the juncture of those shivering legs.
Dawn’s screech of outrage could be heard all over the quad. Hands kept her legs in place so all Dawn could do was squirm around while shrieking shrilly as the freezing cold snow was pushed unmercilessly into her most intimate area.
Carol was spared the frozen twat though her ass was given the snow treatment. Then the three of them (Carrie was spared due to her non-involvement) were carried by a cheering crowd to the remaining corner and unceremoniously dumped into a snowbank. When the crowd moved back some, Carrie helped them out of the bank, Wilma first then Carol and finally Dawn.
"I think we best go now before the mob decides to inflict further indignities on you.", Carrie suggested smugly.
"Duh!", Dawn shot back between chattering teeth. Her endurance to cold had long since reached its limit.
Thankfully Joe was parked on the street and the four women quickly jumped into the car. The warm car. The blissfully warm car.
As the car was too small to allow four in the back, somehow Carrie had managed to situate herself in the front between Joe and Don while Wilma was in the same position in back, between Dawn and Carol. Dawn would have liked to rearrange things a bit, she would have loved to have Don’s warm body next to hers, but campus security had come by to check on the crowd and Joe pulled away. Slowly to be sure, but still they couldn’t pull a Chinese Fire Drill.
"Don’t forget, you still owe me one last "penalty" when we get back to your place.", Carrie reminded Dawn. "Oh, you’re likely cold, want these?", she asked, tossing a pair of coats into the backseat.
Dawn’s eyes grew wide. "Where the hell did our coats?", she demanded.
"Some guy had them when I pulled up. Cost me ten bucks to get them back.", Joe informed them.
"How’d he get them and how’d he know where you’d be?", Dawn wondered though she figured she knew.
"Not a clue hon.", he told her truthfully. Carrie said nothing, just sat between her two "men" (as she called them) and smiled that smug little smile of hers.
The nudies had just gotten into their coats and were almost warm when Joe parked as close to Don and Dawn’s apartment as he could which was about three spaces down from the front door to the building. The six people got out of the car and hurried into the apartment complex.
As soon as they got into the apartment itself, Dawn pulled off her boots, gloves and hat, then immediately ran to the shower. Carol followed needing the john and the shower herself.
Carol was still enjoying the warm water when Dawn came out of the bathroom bundled up in a long terrycloth robe. She chuckled when she saw what was going on.
"But I don’t want to get undressed!", Wilma was wailing as Carrie was pulling the blouse off her roommate.
"You can’t stay in these clothes, they’re soaking wet from the snow. Now don’t give me any lip about it. I’m sure Don won’t mind if you toss your things in his dryer. And it’s not like they’ve not seen it all already. So mind me or they’ll get to see you get spanked!", Carrie threatened.
"I’m sure I can find her a robe or something, Carrie.", Dawn suggested kindly.
"Thanks, but no thanks. Wilma’s whining has cost her any consideration like that.", Carrie ordained.
Carol had come out of the bathroom wearing one of Don’s robes. Unlike Dawn, she knew what the final "payment" was to be so she had hurried so as to not miss any of the fun.
"So is it time?", the chubby blonde asked. Dawn shot a dirty look at Carol, the latter’s way too cheerful tone worried her a bit.
"In a moment.", Carrie stated as she peeled the last piece of wet clothing off of Wilma. "Corner time Wilma, go.", she ordered after spinning her roommate around and giving her a good hard swat. With a yelp of outrage Wilma put her nose in the indicated corner.
"Now for that final payment. Oh, you two can get dressed if you want.", Carrie said amiably. Then she gathered up her roommate’s sodden clothing and left the room. Moments later the sound of the dryer starting up could be heard.
Dawn and Carol slipped off to the bedroom to dress. "Okay, what’s up? You know something.", Dawn asked Carol.
"No can do, I’m supposed to keep my mouth shut else I’ll pay another forfeit.", Carol stated as she put her bra on.
Dawn slipped her panties up her legs and pulled a blouse over her head before asking again. "We’re friends! Come on, don’t let me down!"
"I’m still pissed about that half-baked idea you had! My god, forty or fifty people saw me naked!", Carol reminded, rather needlessly.
"I think it was closer to thirty, forty tops. God that one woman was a bitch!", Dawn rebutted as she slipped into a pair of jeans.
"Yes she was, and my fervent hope is that she ends up on Carrie’s hit list. I don’t know her name, but I’ve seen her in one of Carrie’s classes.", Carol informed her friend as she too pulled on her jeans. She put her shoes and socks while Dawn just donned a pair of slippers.
"Hurry up you two or I’ll add some time to your last penalty.", Carrie called from the other room.
"Least we’re dressed for a change.", Dawn noted sardonically as she left her bedroom. Behind her a widely grinning Carol was doing her best not to laugh.
When Dawn and Carol got into the living room they saw Wilma standing naked with her nose pressed in the corner. Joe and Don were sitting on the couch drinking beers while Carrie was standing next to a straight back chair she had to have brought in from the kitchen. In her right hand she held a hairbrush which she was using to pat her other hand with while on her face was a stern look. Except for her eyes which had a glint of laughter in them.
"Aw shit no! You’re going to spank us?", Dawn griped.
"To be accurate I’m only going to spank one of you. The original plan was for me to spank you while Wilma spanked Carol. As you can see, Wilma’s in a bit of trouble and has lost her opportunity to give a spanking for a change. She won’t even be allowed to watch you two get spanked. She knows better than to move out of the corner even if it’s just her head turning. So I’ll be spanking Carol myself.", Carrie informed the two of them. She stood there looking at Dawn as if waiting for a question.
"So who’s spanking me?", Dawn wondered aloud then guessed. "Joe? I would think you’d figure having Don do it would be too easy on me."
"Very good, you’re getting quite good at figuring me out. Yes, having Don spank you would be far too easy for you. I doubt that he’d spank hard enough and the embarrasment factor would be virtually zilch save for the fact of the audience. So Don is out but I’ve not chosen Joe to fill in. That part you got wrong.", Carrie stated in the tone of a teacher correcting a prize pupil for making a bonehead mistake.
"Not Joe? Then who’s left? You already said Wilma was out and you were going to be spanking Carol. Oh no, you wouldn’t!", Dawn exclaimed, realization dawning. (Sorry couldn’t resist)
No longer able to constrain herself, Carol burst into laughter. "I warned you I’d take a hairbrush to your skinny ass for that dumb stunt."
Dawn’s mouth drop, her best friend was actually looking forward to putting her through this indignity.
"Since Carol is going to be spanking you, you’ll obviously be the first to be spanked. Take your jeans down and let them fall to your ankles. You can keep your panties up for now. If the shirt appears to be too long it’ll come off so I hope you’ve got a bra on underneath. My call as if it’s too long or not. Well shake a leg, stalling gets more corner time added.", Carrie instructed.
More corner time?", Dawn asked while undoing her jeans’s snap. Carol had sat down on the chair and taken the hairbrush from Carrie.
"Yes, and don’t try to talk your way out by claiming corner time and a spanking are two penalties. Corner time always follows a thorough spanking. Always. After your spanking you will stand in the opposite corner from Wilma with your hands on your head, your jeans and panties at your ankles and your nose holding a penny to the wall. If the penny slips you get another spanking and the corner time starts anew. Potty breaks are allowed but the time spent away from the corner doesn’t count as time served so you’ll stay longer. You stay in that corner no matter what which includes if someone comes in the apartment. Any questions?"
"How long is this fucking corner time?", Dawn snapped.
"An hour. And that’s another ten swats for use of profanity.", Carrie pointed out.
"Shit!", Dawn replied without thinking.
"Twenty now. Ready to start, Carol?", Carrie asked.
"Yes ma’am. Dawn, come her and stand in front of me. NOW!", Carol ordered. The effect of her stern words was weakened by the grin on her face.
Grumbling under her breath, Dawn came and stood right in front of her friend. Carol couldn’t help chuckling as she reached out and slowly lowered Dawn’s panties down to her knees. She giggled as she patted her thigh to indicate Dawn should drape herself over her lap.
"Tsk tsk Carol, giggling and chuckling destroy the stern affect you should be striving for, though I can certainly understand why you’re so giggly. Although giggling and chuckling is advised when spanking guys especially when there’s an audience.", Carrie advised.
Dawn was positioned over Carol’s lap so that her hands touched the floor and her butt was raised up high. Carrie instructed, "Now rub both cheeks with the hairbrush to get Dawn anticipating the swat then at your pleasure cut loose."
The feel of the wood on her backside made Dawn’s ass clench tight. She was more than a trifle worried. Though Don was into spankings, he always used just his hand and he never hit hard. Dawn prayed she’d be spared the indignity of crying, especially with Carrie watching.
WHACK The hairbrush descended upon Dawn’s ass with unexpected force. So much so that Dawn jerked and cried out. "Shit!"
"Another ten for profanity and if you take your hands off again the floor the spanking will start over.", Carrie warned then ordered, "Keep going Carol."
"Ouch, ow, wah, kerist, yowl, oh god.", Dawn exclaimed trying desperately to avoid cussing as the swats from the hairbrush landed all about her ass and upper thighs.
After thirty swats, Carol eased up, her anger finally dissipating. Of course by then, Dawn’s butt was a nice rosy color and she had kicked off both slippers by her wild kicking. After fifty, Carol began to feel a bit guilty about how she was treating her friend and she was glad there were only twenty more to go.
Carrie was a trifle disappointed. Despite the obvious burning in Dawn’s backside and her howls and yowls, she didn’t cry any tears. Oh well, she’d just have to be sure to spank Dawn herself the next time to ensure there would be tears.
"Okay, the spanking is over, get up and get into the corner. Leave your pants and panties where they are.", Carrie ordered. Gratefully that it was over, Dawn complied without comment.
Once in the corner, Carrie had Dawn a penny. "Hold this to the wall by your nose. If it drops you’ll get another spanking, from me this time. Corner time is over once I leave the apartment. Until then you remain here hands on head, penny held up no matter what. And that includes people coming in or out of the apartment. Understand?"
"Yes, hands on head, red ass on display, nose to penny. You’re a bitch.", Dawn retorted.
"Yes I am but you love me.", Carrie shot back with a grin. Wisely Dawn refrained from saying anything else.
Walking back to the chair, Carrie said. "Up and give me the brush, it’s time I show you how to really use that thing. Go ahead and drop your jeans to the floor. Tee hee, those are cute panties, I love teddy bears myself. Bet they’re warm which is probably why you chose them. Not to worry, I’ll warm up your backside."
Carol did as she was told and assumed the position over Carrie’s lap. Carrie put her arm around Carol’s waist then laid the brush on the latter’s back. With her now free right hand, Carrie took hold of the top of Carol’s cotton undies and slowly peeled them down until they were hovering about mid-calf.
Carol’s spanking was much shorter and likely much rougher than Dawn’s for Carrie never eased up like Carol had though she wasn’t striking particularly hard either. Still it was more than enough to turn Carol’s previously pale white ass to a nice shade of red. Mostly to infuriate Dawn, Carrie was careful not to make Carol cry, ending the spanking when she thought Carol had had enough.
Also to rub a bit of salt in Dawn’s wounds, Carrie announced. "Carol, for your help in administering Dawn’s spanking, I’m going to exempt you from any corner time. Instead I’m going to allow Joe to come up with an alternate forfeit which he can collect on anytime between now and this time tomorrow."
Carol actually thanked Carrie as she pulled her jeans and panties back in place. Joe got a big shit eating grin which would have made her nervous except she knew what he’d likely come up with for an alternative. Her only wish there was for him to wait until they got home to get blown, he might just want it here.
"Wilma, get your ass out of the corner and sit down next to me. And you know how you’re supposed to sit when you’re naked.", Carrie reminded her roommate.
Wilma actually gasped but did as she was told, she walked over to the couch and sat down next to Carrie and kept her legs spread a foot wide. Don had moved off the couch to allow Carrie and Wilma more room while Joe and Carol had taken over the loveseat.
For the next hour or so the five of them just sat and talked while poor Dawn stood in the corner, her bare butt still red and exposed to full view of anyone in the room. Although the exposure in itself didn’t bother her too badly. After all, everyone here had already seen all of her there was to see. It was the childishness of her position that was embarrassing her.
But when the doorbell rang, Dawn nearly jumped out of her skin! It took all her self-control to not let that fucking penny drop for she didn’t doubt that if it had, Carrie would spank her. And likely in front of whoever was at the door.
Don hesitated briefly before answering the door. On the one hand his lovely girlfriend was in a mildy embarrassing state. On the other hand his lovely girlfriend was in that embarrassing state because she’d been more than a bit foolish. And there was the fact that Carrie turned him on incredibly by her domineering ways. As women have often noted, a man only has enough blood for one head at a time, guess which one won.
Dawn gasped when she heard the door open. Almost immediately there was the sounds of women giggling and a man’s voice saying, "Hey Carrie, you ready?"
"As soon as Wilma gets her boots and hat on. Oh don’t mind Dawn, she was a bad girl. Come on Wilma, stop dragging your feet! If you’re good maybe I’ll let you spank Mikey after I clean his clock at chess.", Carrie said.
Joe suddenly piped up. "Don, Carol and I are going to head home. I er need to get some supper."
For several moments the sounds of people putting jackets on and saying good-byes was heard, then the door opened again and closed. "Are we alone?", Dawn asked.
"Yes, just you and me.", Don informed her.
Calmly stepping out of her jeans and panties, fuck the penny which fell, Dawn pulled her blouse up over her head and dropped it to the floor.
"You best be naked by the time I get to you or I’ll find a fucking hairbrush and you can hold up this goddamned penny.", Dawn snapped at her boyfriend.
He was.
After exhausting themnselve on the couch, the lovebirds moved to the bedroom for another go round. Laying in each other’s arms, Dawn with her head on Don’s chest suddenly remembered.
"Hey, I recall the dryer still going when they left. Does that mean?", she asked her lover.
"Yes, Wilma walked out of here naked except for boots, cap, scarf, and gloves. And she left with ...", Dawn shut Don up by kissing him.
"Don’t tell me who showed up and saw me like that. Not today, wait until tomorrow. I’m going to get her, you know that.", Dawn advised after ending the kiss.
"You might end up even more embarrassed.", Don pointed out dutifully though he was hoping she would try again. Win or lose, he’d enjoy it either way.
"Maybe. And don’t forget buddy, you’re going to be putting on a show for me and some friends some time this year.", Dawn bluntly informed him.
Don was about to make some sort of wise ass remark but after seeing the look on her face wisely chose not too. Fortunately for him, at the moment the blood was all in the big head not the little one for once.