Rose Riley sauntered into the party uninvited but definitely not unappreciated. At least by the male party-goers. The girls on the other hand either gave her cold stares or tried to ignore her. Truth be told, most of the girls hated her for exactly the same reason the boys were tripping over themselves to get Rose a drink. Her looks. Rose was a natural beauty. The kind of beauty that most big name Hollywood starlets would kill to have.

Only 5’3" tall, Rose was magnificently proportioned. All the curves in the right places, flat stomach, ample but not overblown breasts, and what boys called a "dynamite" ass. Couple that with flawless skin complexion, long blonde hair (rumored by the girls to be dyed) and you have a truly beautiful woman. And her face, with the high cheekbones, pert little nose and the lips which begged to be kissed repeatedly made her very likely the most beautiful woman in all of the small town of Haddenfield Illinois. Possibly the only off note was her dark brown eyes which seemed out of place with her white-blonde hair. And even that acted to give her a bit of exoticness.

The high school which she was only days away from graduating, was fairly small. The graduating class numbered only eighty-seven. And to anyone first entering the home of Druscilla Becker would likely think that most of them were at the party. However, a more reliable headcount would show that only thirty-three people; fourteen boys, eighteen girls and one passed out parent (Mrs. Becker) who was supposed to be chaperoning the party.

As Rose wandered about, chatting with this boy, or dancing with that one, or flirting with another, the other girls fumes. Besides jealousy of her looks, the girls had several far more valid reasons to dislike the beauty who had crashed the party.

To begin with, Rose was a compulsive gossip. She had given out so many secrets over the course of four years of high school that she had the nickname Tokyo Rose. (And yes, quite a few high schoolers had to have that explained to them. The nickname had been originally bestowed by Gale Cox who was a history buff. Hence, the alternate nickname for Rose was Leaky Rose.)

Another factor in Rose’s unpopularity with the girls, her tendency to flirt with any boy, anytime, anyplace. Even if that boy "belonged" to another girl, ownership demonstrated by who was wearing his ring, or his jacket, or by general consensus of the other girls. Rose managed to overlook those quaint ideas and as a result had left many a girl sitting home dateless on Friday or Saturday night while "her" beau was out having a good time with Rose.

Just how much of a good time he was having, was subject of many a discussion. Guys usually claimed far more went on than actually did occur, which did nothing to help endear Rose to the other girls. Tramp was likely the kindest thing said about her, though if a unicorn was to magically appear at the graduation ceremony, a goodly number of the girls most wont to call Rose by such terms of endearment would be unable to handle the creature. Oddly enough, Rose would have no trouble at all. For in the words of an older generation, Rose was a prickteaser.

Oh she enjoyed cuddling, she loved kissing, she reveled in being fondled, though only through her clothes. Getting undressed and especially having sex, she drew the line well before either. Most guys had to settle for a hand job, a blow job was too personal she would tell them. That and sex she was saving for someone special. Of course, each guy would try to be that special someone, but so far, stories to the contrary, none had succeeded.

So although every guy looked upon her with lust, and several were acting foolish around her, even a lot of the guys weren’t happy with Rose. After all, no guy wants to go out with a "sure thing" and end up with a case of blue balls or have to settle for a hand job. And since Rose didn’t like to get undressed, the guys began to resent the fact that she’d seen them naked but they hadn’t seen her. (Again despite tales to the contrary. The most any guy got to see was Rose in her bra and panties. And that boy, Randy Meeker who worked at the video store, was one of the few who never added to the tales.)

Tonight Rose was dressed simply but very enticingly to the male eye. Thigh high white boots, a simple blue pullover blouse, and a very short black skirt made up the bulk of her outfit. Beneath she wore a pale blue bra and matching panties. Her outfit was selected with the idea of teasing the boys of course, but also for it’s relative ease in removal. For Rose had decided the time had come to go from tease to please, to experience what she’d been denying herself for years. And she had the perfect person in mind to help her.

William Cody Campell, better known as Billy to his friends, was in Rose’s view, a hunk. An opinion shared by most of the girls at Haddenfield High. He had wavy brown hair, deep soulful black eyes, a rugged face, pleasing without being too pretty. And his build wasn’t that of the overly muscled football type but the more aesthetic build of a swimmer. Billy was the captain of the swim team, and also ran track for Haddenfield.

Girls who had been out with young Billy shared tales of his passionate kisses, his uncanny ability to unhook a bra with two fingers, his gentle but firm way of undressing a far from reluctant lady, his male package, larger than most the tales went. Rose thought he was magnificent. She’d been on a couple of dates with him, but they hadn’t gotten past hand holding and a few tentative and strangely timid kisses.

What Rose failed to realize, women were just as wont to exaggerate what occurred on a date for their peers as men were known to do. Billy would have made an excellent unicorn handler if that mythical creature would accept male virgins as well as female.

Billy’s problem wasn’t that he wasn’t attracted to women, he was. It wasn’t that he hadn’t had more than his share of opportunities, he had. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, he very much wanted to experience sex. What was holding Billy back was unrequited love. He was totally enthralled by a cute brunette with the unlikely name of Sidney.

Sidney too was well-qualified to handle unicorns, something she had also decided to do something about and as luck would have it, that decision had been reached earlier that day and like Rose, she attended the gala event with the idea of giving herself to Billy. And by sheer luck, she arrived at the party before Rose. Long enough before that when Rose was wandering around trying to find Billy, Sidney and he were already in one of the guest bedrooms uncovering each other.

Rose wandered about getting more and more frustrated. Billy was nowhere to be found! People whom she asked assured her he was here, but no one would say exactly who he might be with or where. Finally, in desperation, Rose snuck upstairs to search the bedroom.

Dru’s bedroom was occupied as Rose discovered when she threw open the door and turned the light on. However, the occupants were not Billy and Sidney, rather it was Randy and Karen, Dru’s younger sister. Rose had to stifle a giggle at the sight before her. Karen, clad on in a bra, had the totally naked Randy over her lap and was very enthusiastically spanking his behind. Without the slightest apology for the rude interruption, Rose simply shut the door behind her and moved on.

Assuming Karen had chosen her sister’s bedroom due to her own room being occupied, Rose went there next. Again she threw the door open, turned on the lights, and again she beheld a couple engaged in a sexual act. This time it was Biff, the captain of the football team. And very much to her surprise, he was with Randall, captain of the basketball team! The two were lying in the classic 69 position and both jumped like frogs when the lights came on.

"Don’t mind me, I’m looking for Billy. Cute tattoo, Biff.", Rose teased, again leaving without apology for her untimely entrance. Though she did thoughtfully turn the light out this time around.

Dru’s little brother’s room (Andrew, the brother was at a friend’s) was occupied by the nerdy kid from the chess club and TWO of the cheerleaders. After shutting that door, Rose couldn’t help but wonder what sort of blackmail the kid was using to achieve that very unlikely grouping.

Children’s bedrooms all checked, that left only the parent’s room. With faint heart, Rose opened yet a fourth door, flipped on a fourth light, and for the fourth time was treated to the sight of people involved in sexual congress. (That’s like lovemaking but sounds more polite than screwing.) Pay dirt! She had finally found the man of her dreams. Alas, he was not alone. For he was on top of Sidney and very enthusiastically thrusting his hips up and down while Sidney moaned with pleasure and bucked her own hips up and down in time with his movements.

Anger boiled quickly inside the fair maiden as she beheld the sight of the man whom she planned on giving her most priceless treasure to, engaged in a treasure hunt of his own. So enthralled with their desire, neither participant noticed the light or Rose at first. Sidney did so before Billy, mainly due to her being on her back and facing the doorway. When she saw the fuming Rose standing there, she screamed.

That scream was understandably misunderstood by Billy. "I didn’t hurt you, did I, my love?", he asked concerned.

(My love?), Rose thought. (That’s what he called me last week when he got further than any boy has had gotten. And now he’s in bed with Sidney calling her that!!) That turned out to be the final straw, Rose snapped.

While Sidney tried to disengage from her amorous coupling, all the while explaining to the still clueless Billy about Rose’s unexpected appearance, the outraged (and very sexually frustrated) Rose looked for an appropriate way to vent her anger. Unfortunately for all concerned, she quickly found just such a way.

Dru’s father had several well-known hobbies, one of which was collecting movie memorabilia. Alas, one of his favorite movies was the Indian Jones series which had starred Harrison Ford as a whip-wielding archeologist. Two of Mr. Becker’s prouder possessions were exact replicas of the hat and coat Ford wore for that famous role.

While neither of those artifacts were very troublesome, the replica of Jones’ bullwhip was. Rose grabbed the whip that fate and Mr. Becker had hanging near the light switch, and immediately cracked it in the direction of the bed. Fortunately for the occupants of that bed, Rose had never wielded a whip in her entire life, and her aim was less than satisfactory. The tip missed flesh by more than a foot, tearing the sheet not skin.

However, the crack of the whip was more than enough to make both Billy and Sidney jump out of the bed and seek more substantial cover than silk sheets. (The latter items were ruined by one or both of the bed’s recent occupants voiding their bladders when the whip cracked.) Rose moved in for a better shot, choosing to go for Sidney first though she wasn’t planning on depriving Billy of any of her angry attention.

The song Billy Don’t Be A Hero, might have run through the young boy’s mind, for when Rose went for Sidney, he quickly darted for the door. Rose spun on her heels and aimed at lash at his rapidly retreating backside. Her aim wasn’t any better, but her luck was, the tip grazed a buttock before he managed to make it to the hallway.

Sidney saw her chance to escape while Rose was fuming about missing Billy (or so it seemed to the young lady, she’d find out differently later) although she suffered a more direct hit before she made it through the door. Thankfully the tip only grazed her upper thigh not even drawing blood.

Curious about the noise, occupants in two of the three other bedrooms opened their door and peeked their heads out just in time to watch as Billy and Sidney, both as naked as the day they were born, running like demons were chasing them. Then when a whip-wielding Rose appeared in the hallway, they saw why. Opened doors were very quickly shut tightly and held that way less the wild woman barge in a second time.

One very unfortunate side-effect to the other bedrooms being securely held fast against entry of a whip cracking apparent lunatic was that it also prevented her two victims from finding sanctuary. (Karen and Randy, the only upstairs couple who hadn’t bothered to look out to see what the commotion was, had locked their door lest someone else come barging in unannounced. So that door was more secure than the other two which were merely being held.)

The long and short of it all was that a very long whip was approaching the pair who were running short on options. Especially as the distance between the whip and their naked skin was getting frighteningly shorter which each step Rose took. That left the terrified pair but one option. Down the stairs. Where nearly a third their graduating class was partying. Naked. Not the partygoers, the soon to be descending interrupted lovers.

Billy went first, male modesty being far less of a concern than thought of physical assault. Sidney was a lot more reluctant, she took three steps down, heard clearly the noise of the party going strong and hesitated. But he (or she) who hesitates is lost. Or it this case whipped. The tip of the lash grazed the cringing woman on the buttock opposite the thigh so kissed by the whip just a bit earlier. This lash landed a bit harder than the previous one. While it still hadn’t struck hard enough to draw blood, it did a magnificent job of removing any reservations Sidney might have about showing herself naked to her classmates. Indeed all thought of her unclad state vanished in a flash and she sped down the stairs as if the house was on fire.

When Billy came streaking down the stairs and into the crowd, his only thought was to get the hell out of the house. The crowd though thought Billy had decided to streak the party as a joke. So to go along with the gag, several of the football team grabbed him and hoisted him up high while various girls giggled or tittered while either shielding their eyes (very few) or boldly staring (the majority).

And as Sidney was to find out when she made her mad dash down, the crowd had grown. Though not all in the huge living room, indeed the party spread throughout all the bottom floor and both yards, the number had grown from thirty-four to sixty-five, not counting the lovers upstairs, the two naked people, or the whip-wielding Rose.

As Billy’s "streak" had drawn the attention of everyone in the living room, and the news was rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the party, people began coming from the adjoining rooms to see. Most arriving just in time for Sidney’s grand entrance.

Sidney would later be horrible embarrassed by the crowd gawking at her nakedness as she ran full speed. Like Billy she decided that outside was the safest place to be despite her total lack of attire. Alas, much like young Billy she was not fated to make it to the front door either.

In Sidney’s case it was a loose rug which caused her to lose her footing. She went spinning out of control, banged her head against a table as she fell and ended up draped across the back of a couch, too stunned to move. Her head lay on the cushions while her rump stuck up in a most inviting pose. Indeed, even her good friend Dru, who happened to be standing next to where Sidney landed, couldn’t resist giving that cute ass a pinch.

Dru, being straight, did the pinching for the laughter which ensued then abruptly ceased. Halted due to the presence of a visibly agitated Rose armed with a bullwhip. Even the music stopped while the crowd watched in wonder. Wonder at what was going to happen next.

What occurred next was strictly accidental. Rose brought her arm back, lashed out with the whip at the upturned target so fetchingly poised on the top of the couch. True to form, her less than perfect aim again missed her intended target by quite a number of inches.

No professional stuntman could have possibly hoped to duplicate what luck allowed to occur on Rose’s latest wild swing. Instead of hitting Sidney’s bared bottom, the tip of the whip went into Dru’s overexposed cleavage, almost precisely halfway between the two lovely breasts so proudly displayed by their owner. Without touching any skin whatsoever, the whip soared downward ripping not skin but the fabric of Dru’s strapless gown.

With a loud ripping sound, the overstressed fabric of Dru’s very tight dress ripped from where the lash had torn it down to nearly her navel. With a soft rustling sound, the dress fell to the floor making a silken puddle at Dru’s feet.

As it this had occurred in mere seconds, Dru was still in shock from seeing a whip lash out at her and had frozen. So she stood there, mouth agape, eyes wide, while the crowd gawked at the suddenly exposed breasts of their hostess. With the dress at her feet, all Dru had left on was a pair of way too sheer panties, stockings, garter belt, and a belly ring.

The spirit of Mack Sennet must have been floating around that house that night, for it got sillier. Two guys grabbed Rose and disarmed her, but in the process a lamp was knocked over. Dru dove for the lamp just as Sidney got over her stupor and stood up. The pair collided, Dru with her feet tangled in the remnants of her dress, went falling backwards, Sidney went back over the couch, this time flipping over it completely and rolling towards the sliding glass door the couch faced.

As luck would have it, crowd outside that door had opened it just as Sid was making her heels over ass plunge towards it. She ended up half in and half out of the sliding door, face up and legs spread wide. She laid there too dazed to move.

Before landing she knocked a guy down who fell backwards onto a table with an attached umbrella cover. He knocked the table over and the canopy whacked two girls standing next to the pool. In they went.

Inside, Dru’s spectacular catch of the lamp resulted in her landing face down on the floor, lamp held just centimeters above the floor. She had saved the lamp but at perhaps a worst cost.

Matt, who had been helping carrying the naked and struggling Billy around, tripped over Dru’s prone body, fell into Stella Anderson, and poor Billy ended up being dropped in the huge aquarium Mr. Becker owned. Water splashed everywhere as Billy fought to get out.

Meanwhile, Stella landed on her ass on the end table, which broke under her weight (estimated at a good 200+ pounds) and in a lever-like reaction, the lamp on that table went flying across the room.

Stella, falling forwards now, and not anxious to hit the floor grabbed for anything she could to support herself. What she found was the waistband of Matt’s trousers which had never be designed to take that much strain. They ripped completely off as Stella hit the floor. And Matt surely regretted the fact he was wearing women’s panties underneath them.

As for the lamp, it was heading straight for Cathy O’Meara who yelped and dove out of it’s way. Unfortunately for her, her heel twisted from under her and she ended up falling between the couch she had been sitting on and the wall. There she laid, skirt up around her face, muffling her cries for help, one leg over the arm of the couch, the other stretched flat out, and her body firmly stuck between wall and couch. I’m sure she regretted being one of those girls who feel panties AND pantyhose are redundant. She laid there, unable to extract herself clad only in sheer nylon from waist to toe. Very sheer nylon, as she was told repeatedly afterwards.

Rob dove for the flying lamp and caught it, his football experience proving vital that night. Alas, the lamp managed to tangle itself up somehow in Cindy Puckett’s skirt. With a loud rip it too become a clothing casualty of the night.

Dru stood up, dazed and sore, looking around at the chaos that had ensued in such an incredibly short period of time. Thankfully her mother was still in the recliner snoring away. Two naked people, one topless, three pairs of panties on display (one on a guy!) and one wrecked table.

By now, Rose’s anger had cooled enough to realize that perhaps she might be best advised to make a strategic retreat. The ones so rudely exposed to public view might be inclined to blame her for their exposure. Discretion being the better part of valor, Rose slipped off out of the house the quickest way she knew. Through the kitchen and into the garage.

Sidney was helped to her feet by two guys who managed to touch every private part she had in the process. Stella was hoisted to her feet by two of the football team who later had to miss the last practice due to back problems. Matt had gotten his jacket off and wrapped around the bright red panties he was wearing though the stockings were still on display.

Dru shrieked when she realized what she had on show, grabbed a caftan off the couch and wrapped it around herself. Sidney did the same once her arms were freed from her overly solicitous helpers. Cindy made her boyfriend give up his jacket to use in lieu of her skirt. That only left Cathy showing and no one was in a hurry to help her. Not because they disliked her, or wished to embarrass her more, but her kicking leg kept smacking her would be rescuers. Finally the couch was pulled from the wall by several guys. Once freed, Cathy wasted no time in putting her skirt where it belonged and dared anyone to comment. Oh yea, Billy was finally helped out of the aquarium and given Dru’s ruined dress as cover.

Dru looked straight at Sidney and demanded to know what the hell had happened. It took hardly anytime for them to realize that Rose’s fumbling ways with a whip had been responsible for the disaster.

To quote Sidney, "Rose must die!"

Well, they weren’t quite that mean, though Rose might differ when the account of her comeuppance is told.

Scream II
Rose hid in the kitchen but continued to listen to the laughter going on. Laughter at the expense of several people who’s choice of undergarments (or the lack thereof) had become publicly displayed. And we must not forget the two nudies, poor Billy and Sidney were still getting teased about that though they now had gotten some sort of covering and would very shortly getting dressed. The only reason they hadn’t retreated to the sanctuary of the upstairs and returned to the room where their clothes had been left was the crowd was too busy demanding answers to the chaos which had erupted only moments ago.

Rose was about to leave, she could tell from the outraged sounds coming from those so embarrassingly deprived of their modesty that she Rose was being blamed for the entire fiasco. How untrue, it was that slut Sidney’s fault. If she had just left Billy alone, then none of this would have happened. And if Billy would have just kept it in his pants, it wouldn’t be hanging out for all to see. Rose thought defiantly then a truly wicked thought occurred to her. A deliciously evil thing to do to those two-timers.

Scurrying up the back staircase, she made her way to the master bedroom. Once inside she quickly went to the bed, pulled the pillows out of their cases, then stuffed the cases full of Billy’s and Sidney’s clothes! Sure, Dru could find the naked pair something to wear home, but knowing how Dru’s mind worked, Rose was sure it wouldn’t be a complete outfit. But where to hide the cases of clothes?

Exiting the bedroom, Rose turned left which Sidney and Billy would have been well advised to have done earlier instead of turning right, and she made her way back down to the kitchen.

The garage connected with the kitchen, and Rose went out into the garage, flicked on the light then put the pillowcases full of clothes into a trash barrel after taking out a couple of bags of trash. These she returned to the barrel to cover the pillowcases. Now to make her escape.

Running over to the garage door she tried to find the button to raise it but it wasn’t on the wall on either side of the door! And it was far to heavy for her to lift it.

"I think she went into the kitchen.", came a woman’s voice from inside the house. That panicked Rose, as she didn’t want to be caught until after the partygoers had time to cool down. Say a year or two. So in desperation she tried to crawl through the doggie door built in the middle of the garage door.

She got one arm through then her head and after a bit of a struggle her bosom followed. Thank god she wasn’t built like that overdeveloped Dru else she’d never had made it. Her shirt caught on something and she wasted precious moments freeing it. Now all she had to do was pull her legs through and she was home free!

Then suddenly much to Rose’s horror, the garage door rose up at an alarming rate! The unexpected movement made her slide backwards, pinning her arms and breasts against the sides and bottom of the doggie door respectively. She had visions of her head slamming into the top and being crushed like an eggshell. With a loud shriek, she went totally limp and saw her entire life pass before her eyes. Then it just stopped, her head scant inches from the top, her legs dangling free at least five feet off the ground.

"The control for the door is over here, Rose dear.", Dru said very calmly from the doorway leading into the kitchen. Rose couldn’t see her but she heard footsteps approaching. More than one pair of footsteps.

Word obviously got around about Rose’s embarrassing predicament, as the party crowd started gathering in the driveway. Quite a few people stood under the door where Rose hung. All too aware of the view the crowd had, what with her short skirt and all, Rose was very careful to keep her legs together as much as possible while she tried in vain to get out of this spot.

Fathers and daughters often are very close when the latter are young. So it was with Dru and her father. She had spent many a happy moment sitting on his lap watching movies with her father on those rare times he was at home. She was every bit the Indiana Jones fan her father was, especially when she got old enough to appreciate Harrison Ford’s looks and charms.

The reason for this little bit of insight into Dru was to explain that while Rose was a bumbling amateur with a whip, Dru was anything but. From age five she had practiced with various whip-like toys, ranging from wrapped towels to junior versions of the bullwhip her father owned. Then she mastered the real thing. The whip which had been taken from Rose now was in her hands. And she put it to good use.

CRACK The tip of the whip landed exactly where Dru aimed it, near enough to Rose’s bare leg for the hanging woman to feel the air rush by, but not touching any flesh whatsoever. Still the whip had the affect which Dru intended, Rose jerked that leg as if the whip had landed solidly.

For several moments Dru kept up this barrage of deliberate near-misses, impressing all with her accuracy except for Rose herself. The latter had foregone all thoughts of modesty and was swinging her legs every which way to avoid the lash of the whip. The skimpy pair of panties she had worn in hopes of impressing Billy became instead sources of amusement for the very large coed crowd watching.

Stopping the "whipping", Dru walked out of the garage and stood looking up at Rose. Rose could see the anger on Dru’s face and tried to explain how it was all an accident, how she was upset with Sidney, how she never meant to embarrass poor Dru like she had. For all the good it did, Rose might have well been talking to the dog in whose door she found herself stuck.

"An accident? You didn’t mean it? Well trust me, what I’m about to do is no accident and I fully mean it!", Dru proclaimed loudly. The outraged woman adjusted the thin housecoat she had put on before coming out to the garage to find the person responsible for her unexpected stripping, and went back inside.

Dru grabbed the zipper on the back of Rose’s skirt. "OH GOD NO!! DON’T!!!!’, Rose wailed, kicking her legs more. However, Cindy Puckett whose bottom half was rather inelegantly covered by her boy friend’s jacket, and Stella Anderson each grabbed a leg and kept them still.

Once she didn’t have to worry about being kicked, Dru opted to take her time. Unhooking the latch, Dru took the zipper again in just two fingers. "Just think, Rose. Very soon, all these people are going to see you with your skirt off. How sheer are your panties? Are they thongs? Did you wet them when you were jerked off the ground? Or when I cracked that whip? Soon everyone here will know the answers to those questions."

As she verbally teased the tearfully pleading Rose, Dru had worked the zipper down the full length. Then with a mad cackle worthy of the maddest of mad scientists, Dru took hold of the top of the skirt.

The crowd was silent as the skirt slowly made it’s way down. To increase the suspense, Dru stopped with the skirt still covering Rose’s pubic mound. Then she let go and let gravity take over, the skirt not stopping until it reached the hands holding Rose’s legs still.

Cindy and Stella let go and stepped back and the skirt fluttered to the ground. Now the only thing keeping Rose’s bottom half covered was a pair of pale blue panties. Not a thong though very sheer and very skimpy. High cut on the sides, the garment barely covered Rose’s pubic mound in front and in the back, the upper third of her ass could be seen. Rose was blushing beet red and she knew that Dru wasn’t done yet.

Very astute of Rose, indeed Dru had barely begun paying her rival back. For starters she pulled the back of her panties down below her butt cheeks and out from her body while being very careful not to let them slip down in front. She intended to prolong Rose’s agony as long as possible.

"Very good Rose, no skid marks, I’m proud of you. And you’re very good at personal hygiene.", Dru commented drolly.

Rose burned with shame, she knew her entire backside was bared for Dru’s eyes and the eyes of anyone else in the garage such as Cindy and Stella. Who all was back there she wasn’t sure, but she could hear a couple of guys talking low behind her which made her feel just that much more shame.

As she dangled bare-bottomed, she could hear Dru talking to someone but couldn’t make out the words. She heard footsteps going away from her, the door to the kitchen opening and closing then nothing except comments from Dru about how cute her ass looked. Then the door opened and closed again and the footsteps returned.

Fearing that Dru had sent someone for a camera, Rose was unprepared for Dru actually pulling her panties back up! Surely Dru wasn’t going to stop so soon?

She wasn’t. Setting two large and full ice-buckets on the ground where Rose could see them, Dru announced. "Gals, a buck a cube, front or back. Guys, two bucks a cube down the front of Miss Tease’s blue panties, a buck for the back."

"Ohmygod!!", Rose cried, Cindy had put several cubes down the back of her panties, ordering her boyfriend to toss the money in the wooden box Dru had set out to hold the currency.

Matt whose unorthodox taste in underwear had become public knowledge stuck a ten in the boss and gleefully put five cubes down the front of Rose’s panties. Cindy’s boyfriend wanted to put ten, but after getting the baneful glare from Cindy, he elected to stick only one down the back.

Squirming and squealing from the cold, Rose pleaded with the crowd to let her go, to have mercy but her pleas fell on deaf ears. The final indignity was Sidney and Billy, both clad in very flowery and rather sheer robes belonging to Dru got to (free of charge!) stick the final ice-cubes in place. These went neither down the front nor the back, instead each of the robed ones got to pull down the portion of Rose’s panty which was between her legs so that the cubes could be inserted there. The cold cubes on her most intimate spots at least tripled Rose’s humiliation as well as making the poor girl squirm and squeal even more.

"Okay bitch, what did you do with our clothes?", Sidney demanded after she had finishing playing hide the ice cube.

"I did nothing with them, last I saw them they were scattered around Dru’s parent’s bedroom while you and Billy screwed. You look silly when you’re getting laid.", Rose told her rival defiantly.

"Bullshit, no one else went upstairs!", Sidney retorted.

"Shit, I was too busy trying to sneak out and avoid this shit here. It might have been Randall and Biff, they were getting it on in Dru’s sister’s bedroom, maybe they took your clothes.", Rose lied.

Biff and Randall immediately protested the vile slander but to no avail, by the end of the week the entire school would learn that they were gay and in love.

"Tell me where our clothes are or I swear I’ll pull your hair out one by one, and I don’t mean just the hair on your head!", Sidney threatened.

"If I knew where your fucking clothes were, I’d trade that information for my release, but I don’t know!", Rose shouted. By now she had figured out that nothing she could say or do would save her from Dru’s wrath. At the very least she was going to be walking home sans her skirt, and far more likely completely nude. At least she’d have the satisfaction of knowing her rival and the man who had spurned her would be walking home in something that was both revealing and silly looking.

Dru had to have picked out the robes for the formerly naked lovers for as Rose had earlier guessed they would be not of the long flannel variety. Sidney’s robe was short, barely covering her hips, ending maybe a half an inch below her crotch! Sheer white and in the bright light of the garage, nearly transparent. One could make out the color of Sid’s pubic patch, that’s how sheer it was.

Billy’s was a bit more translucent not much longer but far more frilly and a shocking neon pink color. Rose couldn’t help but grin at the duo, despite her own precarious and immodest situation.

Dru softly informed everyone. "I think she’s telling the truth on that one. I told you I think Randy and Karen filched them before they left. Randy will have a heart attack when he finds out not only did he miss his dream girl’s nudity [Randy had a crush on Sid since 1st grade] but also Rose’s show. How’s the ice feel, hon?"

"Just fine.", Rose said between gritted teeth. Truth be known the ice was nearly hurting it was so cold. Thankfully it was a very warm late May night else she’d be in real trouble.

Dru smiled, though Rose couldn’t see her. For she knew what would occur next. Rose’s panties had been so stuffed with ice that the fabric itself had been stretched. Especially the waistband. As the ice melted, the panties would slip more and more until they eventually would end up hanging around the tops of Rose’s thighs. Then Dru had a few more things in store for Rose at that point.

So as to not allow the crowd to get bored while the panties "dripped" off and to keep Rose squirming even more, Dru ran the nails of her left hand ever so gently down the back of Rose’s left thigh. The affect on Rose was electrifying. Her leg twitched, jerked (Cindy still had that ankle in hand and the jerk was enough to rock her), and laughed

"Are you sure you don’t know where our lovebirds’ clothing is?", Dru purred softly. Before Rose could reply, Dru ran her right hand down the back of Rose’s right thigh. That leg was in hock to Stella and there was no way the slightly built Rose was going to budge Stella.

"I swear!", Rose swore better guffaws of laughter. She prayed that Dru wouldn’t attack any other part of her body with those long nails.

But of course Dru did. The outer side of each thigh, the inner sides, and behind both knees. However she didn’t repeat her question about the whereabouts of the wayward clothing. Instead she returned to chastising poor miserable feeling Rose about the chaos she had been instrumental in creating earlier. She did this not because she felt Rose was innocent in the matter of the missing clothing but the exact opposite. She believed that Rose had done something with the clothing and the last thing Dru wanted was for the lovebirds to find their clothing. She very much wanted to see the two of them make their way home in those skimpy robes.

As Rose laughed helplessly she couldn’t help but be aware of how the ice was melting away and her panties were slipping! And they didn’t need to slip very much to expose way too much for Rose’s liking. Indeed, already way too much was exposed as is.

And the crowd noticed the sagging soggy panties sliding downwards. Already the very top of Rose’s pubic patch was peeking into view. Enough that the debate raging about Rose’s natural hair color was finally settled. Which resulted in a number of women wishing they had kept their mouth shut about the matter.

Women such as Luanne Wilma Westerling. She had loudly proclaimed on many an occasion that if Rose was a natural blonde, she’d kiss her [Rose’s] ass on Main Street and give her an hour to draw a crowd. Her best friend Wilma Louise Easterlee reminded her friend of her promise and noted that quite a crowd was already gathered. Hence, Luanne should honor her word. Her reluctance to comply was dealt with easily enough. She had also been heard to say that "If that tramp’s a true blonde, I’ll walk naked down Main Street whistling Dixie." Wilma noted that while it was very difficult to make someone kiss someone else, making someone naked was quite easy for forty to fifty people. Luanne got the hint.

Approaching Dru, Wilma informed Dru about Luanne’s rash promise. Dru laughed and exclaimed, "By all means, Luanne should make good on her word. Cathy, would you be so kind as to relieve Stella?" Cathy O’Meara, she of the pantyhose without panties school of dress very eagerly took over ankle holding duty from the mammoth Stella.

Stella was having her ear whispered into by the wickedly grinning Dru. With an equally evil grin, Stella did as Dru asked. She sauntered over to Rose, grabbed each side of the wet drooping undergarments barely concealing Rose’s hinder regions and jerked them upwards with all her might.

Every woman in the crowd gasped in sympathy pains. Over four years of high school, two of junior high and six of elementary school, and nearly every girl in Haddenfield had been given a wedgie by Stella, queen of the wedgies. Even the guys weren’t safe from Stella’s idiosyncrasy, although they were not the favored target.

Rose winced in pain as the thoroughly soaked cloth dug deep into her vagina and her buttocks. The panties had been pulled up so much that Rose’s pubic hair spilled out on each side of the cloth in front and in the back they all but disappeared. Worse the remaining cubes were forced into a very intimate spot.

Having suitably bared Rose’s bottom cheeks, Luanne was invited to fulfill her obligation which she did by planting a wet slobbery kiss on the right cheek already soaked from the melted ice while the crowd cheered.

Dru inquired of the crowd if anyone else had made rash promises involving Rose’s heretofore unconfirmed hair color. While the ones who had spoken rashly remained silent, friends who had heard the promise spoken were more than happy to remind everyone of the unadvised vow. Several girls and a few of the boys were pushed forward and the girls were invited to follow Luanne’s example in lieu of whatever less than smart promise they had made. The guys were let off, Dru didn’t want Rose to enjoy any of the events which were occurring or would occur. Besides none of the boys were wearing lipstick.

Once the parade of puckering was over, everyone was given a chance to see the lipstick smeared proof of the promise makers public apology for getting Rose’s hair color wrong. As for how Rose had managed to keep her secret for so long? A bout of pneumonia in her early teens, before she obtained her golden curls, left her with chronic bronchitis and a permanent excuse from attending gym. Which gave a number of the girls another reason to hate her. When Jimmy Farland pulled the fire alarm, Rose was the only senior girl who didn’t end up on in the parking lot clad only in a towel. And it was very windy that day.

Dru figured she had stalled long enough, time to remove the drenched stretched out pair of panties wedged painfully in Rose’s cracks. However she wanted to watch Rose’s face while the panties made their slow descent so she elected to allow Cindy Puckett, the girl whose skirt had been ripped off, to have that honor. Luanne was given the task of holding that leg still.

Rose’s eyes grew wide when she felt Cindy’s hands on her hips. Immediately pleas fell from Rose’s lips not to inflict this indignity upon her, hadn’t she suffered enough?

Apparently not as the ruined underpants were slowly and methodically taken down her legs until they got to her boots. There the two girls holding her ankles let got, grabbed the garment and took it the rest of the way off. Now poor Rose hung, naked from boot top to blouse hem.

As her legs were free, Rose immediately pressed them together hoping to retain some dignity, some modesty, some secrets. Surprisingly enough, Dru waved off the two girls when they went to regain their hold on Rose’s ankles. Rose wondered why.

Dru whispered conspiratorially with Sidney, Billy, Cathy, Matt and Cindy, the ones most exposed by Rose’s impulsive and clumsy whip wielding. The six of them disappeared from Rose’s view while Stella was given the job of keeping the crowd in line. (Not only was Stella as big as most of the football players, she had two brothers even bigger who also played football. With her standing guard, Rose’s physical safety was assured.)

Although her modesty was rapidly disappearing. While they awaited Dru and her "crew’s" return, a steady line of boys and girls made a trek into the garage and behind Rose. And while her tightly clenched legs allowed her a couple of secrets, her butt was bare for all to see. And all did see, for the last of the group had made the trip around her when Dru returned.

"Are you going to play nice and open your legs so we can see?", Dru teasingly asked from behind Rose. A very emphatic no rang from Rose’s lips and her legs clenched tighter.

"As you wish. Ready, aim, fire one!", Dru ordered. Fire what Rose wondered.

A rush of cold carbonated water struck Rose squarely at the spot where her two legs merged into her two buttocks. Despite her overwhelming need to preserve some shred of modesty, she couldn’t help herself as she squirmed and jerked about from the unexpected watery assault.

"Fire two!", Dru yelled out. A second barrage of cold carbonated water rushed between her now somewhat parted legs. Instinctively she parted them even more.

"Fire three!", came the next hateful order. This one Rose got to watch as Sidney came around in front to target the curls which had caused Luanne among others such consternation.

With a whoosh yet another cold stream of carbonated water struck Rose in a very sensitive area. What was worse, Dru had struck at the same time so that the the poor hanging woman was brought to tears from the cold and the pressure.

The crowd howled with laughter as all modesty forgotten, Rose’s legs waved about madly from the carbonated cascade of water which was hitting her from both sides. Cathy joined Sidney in front and took over when the latter’s seltzer bottle went dry and obviously so did someone in the rear.

No sooner had the water brigade had ceased then that damned whip cracked by Rose’s right thigh and she instinctively jerked. The next lash came between her somewhat parted legs and she spread them further apart. Then further with the next lash, none of which touched flesh.

Dru was beside herself with enjoyment. Obviously she could have simply had a couple of people hold Rose’s legs spread wide and allowed everyone a long lingering look at Rose’s pussy and butthole. But that was too easy! Much more fun to get Rose to do the spreading herself. Which she was, Rose was waving her legs so much that everyone got a good look at the goods which many a boy had tried to obtain but failed miserably.

To keep her arm from tiring, Dru had instructed Billy to go in and fetch her portable tape recorder, the one she could hold in her hand for use as a personal diary and memo taker. She recorded a few some of the cracks created by the whip then simply would replay that. Given Rose’s current state of mind, the difference in tonal quality was non-existant.

As Rose "danced" so provocatively for the amused crowd, Dru considered what should come next. Someone, Billy she thought though she couldn’t remember for sure, had suggested a spanking. Dru was also considering giving Rose a taste of her own medicine, meaning since she normally ended a make-out session with the boy naked and getting a hand job, maybe she should pick a guy to finger Rose to climax. Possible, but guys were so inept at such foreplay, maybe a lady might volunteer for the job?

One thing Dru was dead set on not doing, exposing Rose’s top half to the crowd. Not out of any sort of respect for Rose’s feeling, but her own. While Rose had never before had her bottom half viewed by anyone, male or female, her upper half had been seen by some of the girls, Dru included on a couple of ocassions. And Dru knew that despite the fact she was bigger, Rose had the more lovely breasts. Bigger breasts sag more, as Rose had so cruelly shown everyone earlier by ripping off Dru’s dress. (Silicone breasts might not sag, but Dru’s beauties were real.) She definitely didn’t want people to be making comparisions between her and Rose. Not when Rose would likely come out on top. (No pun intended.)

At the moment, Dru’s unveiled titties were being talked about with awe, wonder, envy, and lust. But if she stripped Rose’s top off, then the platitudes Dru had received might turn to snickers and she’d be humiliated again. No way!!

And one pussy pretty much looks like another, so Rose’s loveliness on display wouldn’t show up Dru’s still virtually unknown counterpart. Besides, she had certainly upped the ante in the stripping war. Women have a ranking system when it comes to exposing body parts. Showing off the upper slopes of one’s breasts was easy, showing off the bottom slopes a bit harder, the nipples even more so.

Butt cheeks ranked right after the upper slopes of breasts as long as the crack was covered such as in a thong bathing suit. Next came uncovered butt cheeks and finally the two small openings that men would die to be able to put their male members into. Personally, Dru would rather show off her pussy than allow a close-up and personal view of her butt hole, though neither prospect was pleasing to the young woman and she suspected Rose felt the same way.

Dru had decided to hold a raffle to see who might be given the task of fingering Rose to public climax. That would be fun to see and poetic, given her history of hand jobs when the fun was ruined.

"Dru? What’s going on? Where is everyone?", Mrs. Becker yelled.

"Aw shit, Billy, Sid, you two better scoot. Hm, guess so should we all. When Mom sees that mess, I’m dead.", Dru quickly instructed the crowd. She hurried to lower the garage door so that Rose could get loose.

"DRUSCILLA MAY BECKER!!!", came her mother’s next yell. Yes, Dru was dead, she knew that tone of voice and the use of all three names. She wanted everyone the hell out of there before her mother did something unspeakably horrible. Like spanked the pretty teen.

Once the garage door met the ground, Rose pulled herself out of the doggie door and joined the crowd in their mass exodus. Given her state of partial undress, she very quickly chose to take a different route home.

Headlights caused her to leap into some bushes but the car parked by the curb in front of the bushes. Randy’s voice called out. "So you want to walk home bottomless or would you rather ride?"

Running lest he change his mind, Rose jumped into the back seat and was stunned to see Karen in front with Randy.

"Hi. I’m glad to see you like this, sort of reminds me of how I was dressed when you barged into my room.", Karen reminded.

"Well you had your lap covered by this gorgeous hunk of male driving, if memory serves.", Rose pointed out, figuring some buttering up of the driver wouldn’t hurt any.

"Yes I did, and he is cute, isn’t he? Oh look what I found!", Karen gushed, holding up a very short skirt which looked very familiar.

"My skirt!! How?", Rose exclaimed.

"Easy, a bit of suggestive talk to the guy who picked it up and voila! I’ll give it to you but it’ll cost you.", Karen said in a suggestive tone and wagging her finger at the somewhat older girl in the back seat.

"What?", Rose demanded.

"Remember what I was doing to Randy?", Karen asked.

"Oh god, you’re kidding?", Rose wailed.

"Nope, and Randy seems to think that he should be given a turn, what with his modesty being violated and all.", Karen pointed out.

"Where and when?", Rose asked dejected.

"Randy’s house, his parents are out of town. Don’t hurry though, it’ll hurt like the dickens but the afterwards makes it all worth while.", Karen teased.

"I’ll bet.", Rose grumbled.

As Rose was to learn, Karen was very correct that the afterwards was worth while. After all, how many girls can truthfully claim they lost their virginity and had a threesome the same night?