OSU VS Michigan

Columbus Ohio

The two young women were having a heated argument. The younger woman, a cute petite gal with dark brown hair, said firmly. "Penny, if you think OSU will lose to Michigan you must be smoking crack."

The other woman, slightly older with short red hair, retorted. "Natalie, Michigan is going to walk all over those pansies of yours."

Natalie rolled her eyes and snorted derisively. "Oh yeah? Wanna bet?", she shot back.

"Sure, why not? How much money are you willing to lose?", Penny asked with a sneer.

"Not money, let’s be a bit more daring.", Natalie countered.

With a short laugh Penny asked, "What do you have in mind?"

Knowing that Penny was married, Natalie thought she’d take it easy on the "old" woman. "Loser streaks the Red Bull Bar." She figured that would shut Penny up.

Penny thought about it for a few moments then replied. "Nah too easy, can’t you think of something more daring?"

"More daring? Sure, but I wanted to take it easy on an old lady like you.", Natalie smirked.

Bristling at the old lady remark, Penny fired back. "Don’t worry about me, I can take anything you can come up with. Especially since it’ll be you doing the stunt not me."

"Right. If you’re so daring, why don’t you suggest a wager?", Natalie rebutted.

Again Penny was thoughtful for a few moments before replying. "Okay, I’ve got one that’ll separate the women from the girls. My husband is having a party Saturday, bunch of guys will be over to watch football. You invite six of your friends over also and the loser of our wager spends most of the day being a naked waitress for the party. Waitress duty begins as soon as the game is over, so I guess it’ll work out best if you’re watching it over at my house.

Then later that evening, say around eight or nine, the loser will be tied face-down on a table both blindfolded and with stereo headphones on. For an hour anyone at the party can finger, pinch, spank, or fondle any part of the loser’s body. A selection of interesting toys will be available such as vibrators, Ping-Pong paddles, ice-cubes, even carrots for the guests usage. My husband and his brother will assure that things won’t get too far out of hand. How’s that for an "old" lady?"

Natalie looked at Penny shocked. That was a lot more daring than she expected of the woman. Still she found the audacity to come back with, "Three hours tied, tied face-down and one face up."

"You’re on.", Penny declared, holding out her hand. Natalie shook it and immediately began thinking about who she should invite to watch Penny’s performance.

Ann Arbor Michigan

The couple laid in each other’s arms enjoying the warm afterglow of sexual satisfaction. As he idly traced patterns on the young woman’s left breast, the man commented. "So how bad do you think OSU will stomp Michigan this Saturday?"

Tensing a bit, the woman replied. "Hon, OSU is going to be stomped. Michigan is way ahead on wins over the years.

"But OSU is doing great this year, the only question will be how badly they’ll beat Michigan, not if they’ll win or not. The Wolverines are pussies.", the man rebutted.

"Michigan is doing well also and they’re going to win.", the woman repeated sounding miffed.

"Well then how about when Michigan goes down so do you?", he suggested with a wicked grin.

Sitting up, the nude woman turned the light on and eyed her boyfriend suspiciously. "What’s that mean?", she asked though she had a fair idea what he meant.

"For every point difference in the score, you give me a blowjob.", he explained.

Dawn, the young woman, thought that over for a moment. She hated giving blowjobs and her lover Don knew that. The one and only time she tried made her throw up. As that had been her first lover, Don hadn’t gotten one from her ever. Something he was more than a little disappointed about. Still she was very defensive of her alma mater and truly felt they would win Saturday.

"Okay but what if I win?", Dawn asked.

"I go down on you once for each point difference.", Don suggested.

Despite the fact she loved how he ate her pussy, she was damned if she’d let him off that easily. That pussies remark was a bit much she felt. "Oh sure, like that would be a chore. You love it and you know it while you know giving head makes me sick to my stomach. I need something more out of you. Something that would be a sacrifice, that you don’t already do or would really want to do.", she told him. A fantasy of hers was coming to mind. One she’d not told him about because she figured she already knew his answer to asking him to perform it for her.

"Fine, but what?", he shot back.

"You do a striptease then masturbate yourself to orgasm.", she informed him.

"What?", he exclaimed, surprised by her suggestion. She had always seemed so conservative.

"You heard me."

"Is that all?", he came back with, trying to seem nonchalant about her proposed wager.

"Nope. I get to invite one person for each point difference in the score. And I win ties, though if it is a tie then I can only invite one person.", Dawn explained.

Don went from surprised to shocked by this. Still the thought of possibly a half a dozen blowjobs danced in his mind. "If I thought Michigan would win, I’d be a bit nervous but since that won’t happen I suggest you getting Dramamine to help you with your stomach."

"Nice thought but I won’t need it. Say for shits and giggles, how about if the loser also has to run in the Naked Mile next year?", she asked as she laid back down beside him.

"I’ll be nice and let you wear shoes and socks for that.", he assured her.

"Thanks, but I’m a bitch and I won’t be that nice.", she assured him.

As the sexy wagers had both of them going, they decided not to go to sleep. At least not right away.

Cleveland Ohio

Catherine Pendragon, known as Cat by her friends, watched as her friend Pedro skunked the fool who had challenged him to a pool game. Pedro, better known as Shark for his pool playing skills, finished off the rash challenger and put the money to good use. He bought himself and Cat another round.

Cat liked Shark a lot. He was witty, charming, and pretty nice looking. His one fault (from Cat’s competitive point of view) was he was too damned good at games. He beat her at pool, cards, trivia, and knew far too fucking much about sports for her to want to try her luck on pro game wagers. Although she wished she’d taken him up on his offer of a streak of this bar if the Bungles (Bengalis) won a game.

Cat and Shark weren’t lovers. At least not yet, though they’d had had several hot and heavy make-out sessions. And there was that dammed blowjob! Not that Cat hated giving blowjobs, and she was pretty good at doing so, it was the time and place that bothered her. Although she had to admit it was different, the first time she’d ever given head to someone in a bar. Thinking about how that came about brought a blush to her cheeks.

As Cat was a pretty good pool player herself, shortly after and Shark met, they had played a game. This was before she found out why he was called Shark. She had challenged him, had even jokingly suggest the blowjob, and of course he accepted. The son of a bitch had beat her like a rug. Run the table on her ass!

So here in this bar, she got down under the table, whipped it out of his jeans and played a tune on his skin flute. She even very graciously cleaned him up afterwards. As the table had a cloth on it, no one could see what was going on, but everyone knew. Especially that one damned barmaid, Erin something or other. And she didn’t hesitate to remind Cat of that either, whenever it would embarrass Cat the most.

Speaking of Erin, Cat noticed that she and Shark were yakking about something so she wandered over there to find out just what was holding up her drink. She didn’t mind if Shark was hitting on Erin or vice versa, but he could at least bring her her drink first! There are such things as priorities after all!

When Cat made it to the bar she heard Erin say. "Yea, OSU will dominate the game Saturday. I stand to win a few hundred bucks when they do."

Shark nodded and agreed. "Yep, I’m looking to make three hundred myself."

"How, you betting on the Wolverines?", Cat asked seriously. Erin and Shark looked at her like she lost her mind.

"Cat, the only way I’d bet on the Wolverines would be if I the points.", Shark said referring to the point spread.

"She obviously doesn’t understand football.", Erin said with a tad of arrogance.

That remark riled Cat but she’d played more than enough poker to not let that show. "Oh no, I’m just a poor dumb blonde who figures that a team that leads the rivalry, 56-36-6, and has a 27-19-2 edge in games played in Columbus where Saturday’s game will be played, just might have the edge.", she drolly commented.

Erin rolled her eyes and with a smirk rebutted, "Hon, you bet on that kind of thinking and you’ll be giving another blowjob in a bar."

Now Cat was truly fuming but she sounded completely care-free when she responded to that dig. "Hm, a blowjob? How about something truly embarrassing for the loser? Like the loser serves drinks all night. Naked. Then at midnight gives a guy of the winner’s choice a blowjob." That got both Erin’s and Shark’s eyes wide and both jaws agape.

"I thought so, all talk no action.", Cat said as she took her drink and wandered back to her table. Shark immediately joined her.

"If you’re feeling that frisky, how about you and I wager on the game?", he asked which Cat was hoping he would. She would love to finally get one up on her friend.

"Well sure, I’m game if you’re game. You got a wager in mind? Or would you like me to come up with one?", she sweetly said.

"I’ve got several, but let’s hear what you’ve got.", he allowed.

"Winner gets to tie the loser up anyway she wants and do whatever she wants. No holds barred.", Cat said in her sexiest tone of voice.

"Anything goes?", Shark asked disbelievingly.

"Anything at all, sex, torment, shaving, pictures, if you can imagine it you can do it. Or I can.", she said with a grin. She trusted him not to go too far. Probably more so than he could trust her, she had a truly inventive mind. She added, "And the loser is stuck until Sunday night."

Erin had come up to the table and caught most of Cat’s proposed wager. "Damn, you must be one of those submissive types I’ve read about, wanting to strut around a bar naked, then spend the rest of the night tied up."

"Oh, so you’re going to take me up on my wager?", Cat asked, one eyebrow (the right) raised.

"Yep, I’ve already gotten the okay from the owner. He’s hoping I lose, but he figures he’ll win either way. He says no nudes until after nine though, so how about if you start at six in a thong bikini?"

"Fine, from six to nine, the loser, you, will be in a thong bikini, then nothing but shoes after nine. High heels, the highest you’ve got.", Cat told her.

"Your feet will hate you before the night’s over.", Erin said with a shrug. "So what’s the chances of me getting to watch you get tortured by Sharky?", she asked.

Cat gave both Shark and Erin a speculative look. "I’m sure Shark won’t mind no matter who wins, but I do. The only way you can be there if I lose is if you’re willing to share Shark’s fate if he loses."

Erin gave Cat a strange look. "Meaning if OSU wins, I’ve got to let you tie me up? And do whatever?"


Looking at Shark, Erin asked, "Mind if I help you torture the hell out of her?"

Thinking over the possibilities in a short span of time (.00068 seconds), Shark responded with a heartfelt, "Sure thing, Erin."


Four OSU cheerleaders wagered four Michigan cheerleaders a streak on the game. A couple in Cincinnati wagered "slave" time, an hour per point. And quite likely there were many many other non-monetary wagers being made on the oldest rivalry in college football.

OSU VS Michigan

OSU Wins!!!


Columbus Ohio

Natalie arrived at Penny’s house promptly at twelve noon, fifteen minutes before The Game would start. As Penny had suggested when the pair had made their wager on the game, Natalie invited six friends to join her. Natalie was well aware that Penny had suggested the friends as a way of increasing Natalie’s humiliation should she lose. After all, Natalie had never met Penny’s husband let alone any of their friends. However Natalie was expecting to win and she truly wanted her friends to share in her victory. Especially Bob.

As the introductions were being made all around, Natalie kept waiting to see if Penny would remember Bob or not. At first she didn’t. She greeted him the same as the rest of Nat’s friends. However she would glance over at him periodically then her eyes grew wide. Yep, she remembered him, Natalie figured.

Bob attended classes with Natalie, but had worked last summer at the same company where Penny and Natalie work. For the fourth of July, the company held a picnic and everyone got a little goofy. Especially Penny, she had "pantsed" Bob in front of several women. As she was standing behind him, she only got a good look at his backside, but Natalie, and three other women got a very long lingering look at his front.

Besides Bob, Natalie had invited her cousin Holly and her husband, her friend Terri and her husband, and Bob’s sister Belle.

On Penny’s "side", there was her husband Bill, his brother also a Bob, Bob’s wife Karen, Penny’s sister Jewel and her husband Roy, and Jack who worked with Bill.

By the time the intros had gotten made, and drinks served, the game had already started. Everyone was well aware of the wager between Penny and Natalie which heightened the tension the "combatants" felt as they watched the game unfurl.

Shortly after the first quarter, Natalie had gotten up to go to the bathroom when she noticed something that froze her in her tracks. A large table sitting in the dining room right by a sliding glass door. Around the top of each solid oak leg was attached a stout chain which had a cuff at the end. The only other furniture in that room was a single chair at one end of the table and another smaller table in front of it. On the smaller table was a box.

Penny spoke. "I’ll be sitting on that chair the entire time you’re tied. I want to see the look on your face when you feel hands touching you in the most sensitive places." Obviously she had noticed Natalie’s reaction to the table.

"Seems like a comfortable enough chair, I might try that. But won’t you feel bad about showing your most private parts to your neighbors?", Natalie replied with more gaiety then she actually felt.

"Shrubs, bushes, and a wall would block any prying eyes. No, the table is set there so once you’re tied to it, I can open the door and let a cool breeze in.", Penny said acidly.

"You’ll freeze your whatzis off.", Natalie shot back then disappeared into the bathroom.

By the half, Natalie got the impression that not all of Penny’s "supporters" were truly rooting for Michigan. Karen and Jewel had commented several times that Penny might have bitten off more than she could chew. Her husband also seemed to be considering the possibility of Penny losing. As Michigan was leading, Penny simply pointed that out and kept smiling at Natalie.

By the end of the third quarter, Natalie was resigned to being hopelessly humiliated by her so-called friend. She actually shuddered as she recalled that her cousin Holly had warned her that if Penny won, she [Holly] would take great delight in getting Natalie off in front of everyone. Several times. And she just knew Penny would enjoy that.

Natalie felt so forlorn that she didn’t even notice Hall had scored until the crowd went wild with cheering. OSU had taken the lead!!

Penny seemed taken aback a bit, but she gamely noted, "Michigan will come back, plenty of time left."

And indeed, it looked as if Penny was right. OSU was out of time outs, Michigan had the ball on the twenty-yard line and there was fifty-eight seconds left in the game.

"I don’t mind admitting, the Wolverines scared me a little when they let OSU have that touchdown. Almost looked like I was going to lose.", Penny said, obviously very relieved.

Natalie was actually untying her shoelaces when Michigan threw that pass from the 24 yard line. So sure of victory Penny had jumped up from her chair and was shouting until Allen intercepted the pass. It got so quiet in the room, you could actually hear heartbeats.

"Those fucking idiots blew it!", Penny shouted in disgust.

"I won!", Natalie cried in astonishment.

Bill grinned a bit then said. "Penny, I think you should go and make a drink for Natalie." Still dazed Penny did as he instructed.

Handing Natalie a drink, Penny went to sit down when Natalie gently reminded. "You’re a bit overdressed, aren’t you?"

That simple question shook Penny so much she plopped down heavily on her behind. She looked around at all the grinning expectant faces. Then with a shrug she got up from the couch and started walking from the room.

"Where you going?", Natalie asked with a smile. "Not chickening out, are you?"

Glaring daggers at the smug young woman, Penny shot back. "Hell no, I pay my bets. Just figured on hanging my clothes up."

"Right here’s fine. It’s where you planned on having me strip, you said so yourself.", Natalie reminded her friend. "I’m sure Bill will be happy to hang your stuff up."

"Certainly, I’d be glad to. Come on hon, everyone’s waiting for their waitress to get her uniform on.", Bill teased.

"Fuck you.", she said to her husband as she started unbuttoning her blouse. Karen and Jewel began humming the stripper which everyone joined in on performing. (Very badly I might add.)

Penny was in no mood to make her strip last any longer than necessary. Apparently she felt the loss of modesty was less important then the loss of the wager. She quickly peeled to the skin and began her "maid" duties.

For the next few hours, everyone took great delight in running poor Penny ragged. She got drinks, lit cigarettes, fetched snacks, cleared rubbish, and never so much as smiled the entire time. Though everyone else was, especially Bill, Karen, Jewel, and of course Natalie.

Holly noticed something which she pointed out to her cousin. Penny would every so often glance at the clock, obviously dreading seeing eight p.m. roll around. Natalie grinned about that and took to looking at her watch whenever Penny was standing by her. The somewhat older woman would pale a bit but remain silent.

About six o’clock, Bill asked the group. "Anyone hungry?"

"Shit, if I’ve got to cook for this crowd, can I at least put an apron on?", Penny whined.

"Not to worry my dear, I’ll order in. Anyone else in the mood for Chinese?"

"William Peter Johnson, don’t you dare!", his now angry wife commanded.

Karen piped in with, "Chinese sounds good to me." Holly voiced her agreement, as did the rest of the group.

Penny started to storm off while Bill was on the phone but Jewel grabbed her arm. "Big sister, either play right or don’t play at all. You wouldn’t allow Natalie to hide in the bathroom or a bedroom, so you can’t either."

Penny glared at her younger sister but allowed herself to be dragged back into the family room.

It took forty-five minutes for the food to arrive. Penny liked to jump out of her skin when the doorbell rang. Bill suggested, "Natalie, would you like to help Penny with the food. It will likely take two to carry all that food." He handed her a couple of twenties to pay for the order.

"Sure, I can help the old gal out. Let’s go hon,", Natalie said graciously. Penny glowered at her but followed the grinning woman up the short flight of stairs to the front door.

"Enjoy this night but remember, someday, somehow, I will get you back.", Penny hissed in a low tone to Natalie when they got to the front door.

Natalie didn’t bother to dignify that with any response other then to open the door wide. On the porch were two people; a man and a woman both of Asian descent in their early twenties. They smiled when they noticed the naked Penny.

"Don’t mind her, she bet on Michigan.", Natalie said truthfully.

With a hearty chuckle, the young woman handed Natalie several boxes of take-out which Nat in turn handed to Penny. "Lot of those dummies around. I’ve seen three other women and two guys so far today either naked or in some very silly outfits. And my cousin does pizza delivery and he told me about several very interesting situations he’s seen.", the woman briefly noted.

"I very nearly was the dummy, only that interception saved my ass.", Natalie freely admitted.

"And mine. I had three different wagers on the game myself, none for money.", the delivery woman exclaimed.

"Well I’m glad we’re not the goats this time around. But I’m a nosy bitch, can we get together sometime and exchange notes about our wagers? I’ve got a website that features stuff like that. I won’t use your experiences without your permission though.", Natalie invited.

"Sure thing, how about next Saturday? I’m off then. Hey would you like to watch while one of my opponents pay off part of his ill-advised wager?", the woman suggested.

"Where and when?", Natalie wondered.

"Here and now. Jimmy, show her your message.", she instructed the young man with her.

Glaring daggers at the smirking woman, the man dutifully turned around, undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles. On his nether cheeks in bright fluorescent colors were the words, "OSU RULES!", one word per cheek.

Penny and Natalie nearly bust a gut laughing, the first time Penny had smiled since losing her wager.

"My name is Kim Wong and I’ve heard all the jokes about Wong numbers etc. Red Bull next week at nine or so?", Kim said.

"Nine is fine. We’ve got to get the crowd downstairs fed. And I’m sure you’ve got other deliveries to make. So how many women have seen that message so far?", Natalie wondered aloud.

"I’ll tell you next week, it’ll surely change by then.", Kim advised. Jimmy gave her a dirty look as he pulled his pants up and the pair disappeared into the night.

"Makes me feel a little better knowing that I’m not the only idiot suffering disgrace tonight." Penny admitted as the food-ladened pair walked on down the stairs.

Natalie laughed at that and replied. "Oh trust me, you’re likely one of literally hundreds of people paying off some sort of ill-advised bet on that game. I lost big time on it last year."

The group ate slowly, savoring the fine food, the good conversation (mostly about sports and would you believe sex?), and of course their naked waitress was busy waitressing though she was allowed to eat.

Penny was bent over picking up trash when Roy burst out laughing. "Sorry, but I was just reading my fortune when you bent over. It says, ‘A full moon brings warmth and happiness.’ How appropriate!"

Jewel read her fortune aloud. "A loved one will be a source of wisdom. I’ll say, I’ve learned to not make bets. Thanks Sis."

"Mine says you’ll see an old friend in a new light.", Karen read.

"And my Mickey Mouse watch says it’s 8 o’clock. Guess what that means?", Natalie asked wickedly.

"Can I go pee first?", Penny meekly asked.

"Sure, but don’t take too long or we’ll figure you’re playing with yourself.", Natalie joked.

"Now that would be an interesting sight.", Bill commented. His wife gave him the finger and hurried off.

While they waited for Penny they discussed the "rules" of her bondage session. She was to get a rest period between bouts and her safeword had to be honored. However that safeword could only be used if she was developing a muscle cramp, not to avoid any "penalty". She’d simply be let go until the cramp passed and then the fun would resume where it left off. She was trusting her husband and sister to keep things from going to far.

Penny didn’t loiter in the bathroom, obviously fearing she’d be pulled out if she tried. Instead she walked out on her own and got up on the table, took a deep breath then laid face down with her limbs widely spread. Bill, Natalie, Holly, and Jewel each snapped one of the fur-lined cuffs on either a wrist or an ankle. Now poor Penny was helpless.

The first thing the men did was move to the end of the table where they could gaze upon her totally expose womanhood. All the while she’d been acting as a waitress Penny had been careful to keep her legs together as much as possible to prevent just such a view. Now she was wide-open. Holly grinned her diabolical grin and opened the sliding glass door all the way. A cold breeze blew through the bushes and over the bound naked woman.

Natalie, on the other hand, sat down on the chair that Penny had set out. She gently ran her finger under Penny’s chin while she talked to the older woman. "You’re a lot more daring that I figured you’d be. I’ll give you that. And I love your idea about watching the face. Truly evil. My hat’s off to you.", she told the woman earnestly.

"Thank you. I just wish I was sitting there and you here.", Penny responded, squirming a bit as someone was running fingers up and down her thighs. She went to look over her shoulder, but Natalie held her chin tightly. "Naughty naughty. That reminds me, we’re missing something. I seem to recall blindfolds and headphones being mentioned."

"That you did, that you did. Here we go.", Bill exclaimed as he locked a blindfold on his supine wife. Headphones followed and Natalie could barely make out what the music was. It was the song "Erotica" by Madonna.

Surprisingly enough, it was the women who were freely "molesting’ their bound victim. Apparently the men were a bit intimidated by the fact she was married and her husband was present. The women felt no such inhibitions. They tickled, teased, pinched, slapped, nibbled!, and stroked the spread-eagled woman without mercy. Although the men quickly joined in, following the women’s lead as well as Bill’s on how far they could go.

Bob (Natalie’s friend, not Penny’s brother-in-law) decided on smacking Penny’s bottom as appropriate payback for the pantsing. Jewel elected to help him and they played a tune on Penny’s plump hindquarters.

Bill mostly stood back and watched, delighting in his wife’s torment. While he truly loved her, he knew she could be a bitch at times, and he often had fantasies of just such a comeuppance for her.

Time was called and the now thoroughly mortified and sexually charged woman was let up, allowed a pee break and a drink then tied back down, this time face up. This go around, Natalie did more then just sit and stare.

Going to the box of "toys" which Penny herself had selected, Natalie pulled out a pair of clothes pins, and a wicked looking vibrator. "Oh my, you were really going to put it to me, weren’t you?", Natalie cooed at her victim.

Penny pleaded, "Not the pins, my nipples are already aching ... Ouch!" Natalie ignored the pleas and carefully clamped a pin on each nipple.

Natalie looked the shivering woman up and down with a gleam in her eye. As she was normally the victim of lost bets, pranks, dares and the like, she somewhat sympathized with poor Penny. But she was relishing being on top for a change.

Climbing up on the table, Natalie sat on her knees between Penny’s legs. She smiled as she turned the vibrator on. "No blindfold this time, I want you to see what’s coming. Jewel, would you and Karen be so kind as to massage her feet please?"

"Oh yes.", Jewel replied wickedly. She and Karen each grabbed a foot.

"Terri, hold her head up so she can watch.", was Natalie’s next command. Terri readily complied.

"Bob, you and Belle can rub her tummy.", came the next "regal" command. A command instantly obeyed.

While her friends were ministering to their assigned areas, Natalie was gently rubbing Penny’s thighs with the vibrator.

Penny was squirming and moaning from all the sensuous massaging she was receiving. Especially Natalie’s expert use of the vibrator. But she felt so frustrated! The one spot that was being sorely neglected was the spot she most wanted massaged!

Suddenly Natalie just stopped, signaled the others to stop and Penny was left alone for ten minutes with her frustrations. Then all the guys ganged up on her and massaged her thoroughly from head to toe except for one rather vital spot.

The hour ended and Penny was let up for another pee break and rest period. This time she had a chaperone in the bathroom. Jewell didn’t want her sister venting any frustrations.

Terri came up to Natalie. "Mike and I are going home. We can’t take anymore of this, we’re both so hot we’re about to jump each other’s bones here and I don’t really get into public sex."

"I understand. I’m rather hoping Bob feels the same.", Natalie said with a wink at her friend.

The next hour found Penny tied face-down again and blindfolded but the headphones were skipped. The reason for that was that the remaining people had pulled chairs up around the table and were sitting talking as if Penny wasn’t there! And very sexy talk at that. Comments about kinky things done or thought about, daring places where someone had sex, etc.

And to make matters worse, just after Penny was blindfolded, Natalie had taken a dildo from the "toy box" and worked just the head into Penny’s very damp pussy where it stayed the entire hour despite Penny’s many attempts to dislodge it.

Sometime during that hour, Belle and Jack had slipped off together so the group was dwindling. The rest of the group were getting pretty randy also, so it was agreed that the last hour would be waived providing Penny would walk the last of the group to their cars. Naked. Of course she said no.

"Fuck that shit, I’ll take the last hour of torment but I’ll be damned if I’ll walk naked out of my house, out to the curb then back. Especially since you’re telling me I’ve got to stay there and wait for you all to get into your cars and drive off. I won’t do it and there’s no way you can change my mind!", Penny swore.

"Want to bet?", Natalie said in a very wicked voice with a grin like that of the Cheshire Cat.

Penny was wary but asked, "What do you have in mind?"

"Before this hour is up, I can make you change your mind. If I can’t then I’ll leave my clothes here and when I return for them, you can tie me up for three hours. If I can not only will you walk naked outside, you’ll stay there until the last car is out of sight. I can trust Bill to enforce that I’m sure.", Natalie informed her.

Penny thought about it and decided she had nothing to lose and accepted after getting Natalie’s assertion that no pain was involved. Natalie smiled and went to work.

It took about five minutes for Natalie to locate the spot on Penny’s pussy that she needed, but after she did it only took ten minutes of fingering that oh so sensitive spot to get the heavy breathing and frantically squirming woman to announce in a very loud and clear voice that yes she would do as they wanted her to do, just please stop. Just to be on the safe side, Natalie continued the exquisite torment for another five minutes.

Much to Penny’s displeasure but the group’s enjoyment, Bill did in fact have some glow in the dark paint around the house. So when Penny walked the group out, Michigan Sucks was written across her belly and OSU on her back.

Of course, the remaining people took their sweet time about getting into their cars and departing. And each car pulled away at the breakneck speed of five miles per hour. And Penny swore vengeance against each of them but especially Natalie. If she ever was to obtain such vengeance, you can be sure it will be recorded promptly.

Natalie was in the backseat of Holly’s car making out with Bob when her cousin announced. "Okay, I’ve been more than patient. I said nothing back at Penny’s place, and I’ve waited until we were out of sight to remind you of the bet you lost to me."

"Shit, not now, I’m having fun with Bob.", Natalie pouted.

"And I’m not wanting you to stop. I’m even willing to drive you to his car and let him take you home. I only want your clothes. Now!", Holly commanded.

"But I’m not sure if I want to go all the way yet!", Natalie pointed out.

"So stop him at first, second or third base, I don’t care. But you’re going to be naked when you do. Come on girl, peel!", Holly ordered sharply.

Resigning herself to her fate, Natalie pulled her blouse over her head and threw it in the front where it was caught by Holly’s laughing husband. Oh well, it looked to be a great night anyway.

Ann Arbor Michigan

Don sat on the couch, his now limp cock still outside his pants while Dawn knelt in front of the toilet puking her guts out. Looking very shame-faced, his still queasy lover walked back into the living room.

"I’m so sorry Don, but I did warn you. Here, let me clean you up a bit.", Dawn said meekly dabbing at the stains on her lover’s pants. Not cum stains, vomit.

"Forget it hon, I’ll just toss them in the wash.", Don countered, standing and pulling his trousers off. He walked out to throw them in the washer then returned to find her crying.

Taking her in his arms, he comforted her. "Hey it’s all right, you warned me that might happen. I still love you."

"I should have made you pick something else for the wager, I feel so bad about backing out. And I won’t welch! I’ve never welched on a bet in my life and I’m not about to start now. But unless you want to get thrown up on four more times, we’ll have to think of an alternative. Five spankings perhaps?", Dawn suggested.

"We can skip the vomiting. I’m not sure if there’s a webpage dedicated to the sexual fetish of hurling your cookies or not but I’m not into it. And we’ll call this less than successful endeavor one of the five you owe, so yea maybe four spankings might work.", Don noted drolly.

As they cuddled on the couch, she naked, he in his shorts and shirt, he recalled what she had wanted for his penalty if he lost. Not such a bad idea he thought. "You remember what you wanted for me if OSU lost?"

"How can I forget? I’ve had that fantasy for a while now. And I was so looking forward to it too.", Dawn said earnestly then wondered why he asked that. Unless?

"Oh no, you wouldn’t!", she said as she sat straight up.

"Good for the gander, good for the goose.", he teased.

"But I’d feel so stupid doing that with you watching!", she wailed.

"And four others.", he grinningly commented.

"FOUR OTHERS! NO WAY!!!", she wailed.

"Way!", he said wickedly reminding her of the conditions she herself had set, if he had lost. Since she couldn’t pay off what he wanted for his victory, they could substitute her idea.

"Shit, shit, shit.", she said then asked. "Bastard, who did you have in mind for the audience?"

"Hm, good question. Hell, I’m stupid!", he shouted.

"I’ll say, but what makes you say that?", she wondered.

"Joe and Carol made exactly that same bet on the game, loser diddling theirself for the winner and a select few spectators. He’s invited me to watch Carol and was a bit disappointed that you wouldn’t be performing though he understands why I’d go for a blowjob. We’ll just surprise him with your participation.", he suggested.

"I hate it! So who are the other two?", she demanded.

"I’m not sure how many people Joe’s inviting to Carol’s show, so I’ll make you a deal. You perform with Carol and I’ll call it even. It might just be him and her. It might be a dozen others, I honestly don’t know. You game?", he asked bluntly.

"No, but I’ll do it. But watch your back, bub. I’ll be scheming to get you in that position and I can assure you there’ll be standing room only!", Dawn advised.

"I’ll keep that in mind. One other thing. The conditions you set required the loser to get naked. That still stands even Carol doesn’t have to strip completely. Hell she might be in a top and panties for the show, but you’ll be bare assed.", Don reminded her.

"Embarrassed is right. Oh shut up, I know what you meant! Okay, I’ll be naked for it.", Dawn agreed, sounding miserable. She was wondering if maybe she should have tried the Dramamine.

"Where is this show going to occur? Joe’s apartment is awfully small and Carol lives at home.", Dawn pointed out.

"The art room, Joe’s an art major and the teacher entrusted him with a key. And it’s set for seven p.m. so that we can still go out barhopping tonight.", Don explained.

"Shit, we’ve got to be sober for this? Then get drunk? You two are both sons of bitches.", Dawn groused.

"Yep. Come on let’s get a shower and I’ll pick out your clothes for tonight.", Don suggested.

"Yes to the shower, no to the clothes picking.", Dawn shot back. She knew better than to let him pick out her clothes. Not only did he have no fashion sense, he saw no reason for underwear except for stockings, liked her skirts as short as possible and her tops as sheer as possible. Not happening tonight she figured. So she was wrong.

Standing outside of the art room waiting for Joe and Carol to show up and Dawn was trying her damnedest to stay warm. Not easy to do when all you’re wearing is a very short dress and shoes. Oh well, least she was out of that naked run dare in the spring.

"Hey Dawn, what’s up?"

Turning to see who spoke, Dawn was stunned to find two girls from her agri class, Carrie and Wilma.

"Er uh, nothing.", Dawn improvised cleverly.

Laughingly, Carrie asked, "You lose a bet on OSU too? I hope it’s not as embarrassing as Wilma’s loss. Or Carol’s." Dawn remain silent but her blush gave her away.

"You did lose a bet!!!!", Carrie proclaimed happily.

"Yep, pretty much the same bet as Carol lost.", Don confirmed despite the shin kick and glares from Dawn.

"In here?", Carrie wondered.

"If Joe and Carol ever show up, yes.", Don assured her.

"See, Wilma, you’re not the only foolish person on campus. Feeling any better?", she asked her obviously embarrassed friend.

"No! Can’t we do this some place private?", she pleaded.

"I seem to recall you mentioning the entire band watching me. When was that? Oh yes, at half-time when Michigan was ahead. Want I should call them?", Carrie threatened. Wilma shut up but couldn’t look anyone in the eyes.

Ten minutes later, Joe and a very subdued Carol arrived. When Carol saw Dawn and Don, her eyes grew wide. Like Dawn, Carol was wearing a very short dress and sensible shoes. Joe unlocked the door and ushered the six of them in.

"This is all, I hope? Nobody else is going to be joining us?", Carol asked Joe trying but failing to sound nonchalant.

"I’ve not invited anyone else. Carrie, Don, you got anyone else coming?", Joe asked.

"Not I, Dawn would likely have a shit fit if I did. Which admittedly would be a good reason to invite them but I didn’t.", Don said with a grin at his girlfriend.

"Why would she care? Oh tell me you got the bet changed!", Joe said happily.

"Yep, she couldn’t manage to pay up the other way, so we’ve settled for this. Which is what she wanted me to do if I had lost.", Don confessed.

"Strange, so did Carol. It was her idea for the bet, I just went along with it.", Joe admitted. "Glad I won though. Wonder why the ladies chose that."

"Cuz you guys look so goofy when you’re jacking off. And you make some of the funniest faces.", Carrie announced.

"Oh, you’ve seen a guy do it?", Joe asked her.

"Sure, lots of times. I’ve used that as a bet myself or talked a guy into with a promise of a blowjob after he’s done. You guys will do almost anything for a little lip action.", Carrie said smugly.

"Well then get them to spare us this ordeal.", Wilma suggested hopefully.

"Nah, I never hit on friends’ boyfriends, and besides I want to see the three of you diddle yourselves. Women also make the funniest faces.", Carrie pointed out with a smirk.

"Well let’s get started. Dawn has to be naked for the show, how about Wilma and Carol.", Don asked.

"Ditto on the bare ass.", Carrie confirmed.

‘Carol only has to take off her dress. She made that quite clear, only her dress would come off.", Joe said then with a sly grin added. "But I got to pick out her clothes for tonight. Another of her ideas, which I’m sure she’s regretting."

Dawn knew how Carol felt and what Joe meant. Not only had Don picked out her clothes, but it was apparent that Carol was braless. Unlike Dawn, Carol was very very well-developed and her large breasts were straining against the sheer fabric of her dress. Although she was shorter and a bit chunkier around the waist the taller and more slender Dawn. Both of them were green-eyed brunettes though Carol dyed her hair so that it was a pale blonde. Something Dawn knew as she and Carol had grown up together.. Obviously Joe knew, now Don, Carrie, and Wilma would find that out. Unless she shaved.

Wilma had coal black hair, pale skin, also green eyes, and was very skinny. Tall, perhaps 5’8", she couldn’t have weighed more than 110 pounds, maybe 120. Unlike the other two soon to be strippers, she was wearing a button up blouse and jeans. Her friend Carrie, was a knockout. Five two, blonde, blue-eyed, with a perfect figure. Of the four women she was by far the most attractive, and Don for one wished she had lost the bet not Wilma.

"Let’s get it started already. I’m itching to have some fun.", Carrie announced as she began unbuttoning Wilma’s blouse.

Joe took the cue and unzipped the back of Carol’s dress. Dawn smacked Don’s hand away, electing to disrobe herself. A task that took no time at all since the dress and shoes were all she was wearing.

And apparently all that Carol had on, she was standing there covering herself with one arm across her breasts and the other hand on her groin. Dark brown hair peeked out around her fingers, so her secret was out. Something Carrie delighted in mentioning once she noticed.

Wilma, on the other hand, didn’t help at all with her undressing. At first Dawn thought that was due to extreme reluctance but would later find out it was Carrie’s decision to have Wilma stand like a mannequin and be undressed. A task which Carrie delighted in carrying out at an extremely slow pace.

Button by button on the blouse, including the wrists, were undone before Carrie slowly peeled the blouse of her red-faced roommate. Then the grinning coed took the blouse over to the locker where the models stored their clothes, carefully folded it, and set it on the locker’s shelf. All the while Wilma stood there with her white lacy bra in plain view, her arms hanging at her sides.

Carol and Dawn’s arms weren’t at their sides, both women were standing by the model’s platform, facing the men with one arm crossing their breasts and the other hand covering their pubes each wishing that Carrie would hurry up and strip Wilma so they could get this degrading episode over with and go get drunk enough to be able to at least pretend to themselves it hadn’t happened. Alas, Carrie was in no mood to help them with that.

Slowly walking back to Wilma, Carrie lifted her [Wilma’s] right leg, took the tennis shoe off that foot while Wilma precariously balanced on one leg. Then instead of getting the other shoe, she walked back to the desk to place the shoe with the blouse. Pretending to just notice that Carol’s and Dawn’s dresses and shoes were just sitting on chairs, Carrie went over and collected those items, one at a time, neatly hung both dresses on hangers and placed all four items in the locker.

"Will you get a move on? It’s chilly!", Dawn shouted at Carrie.

"Patience, I’m collecting my own wager. You’re welcome to get started if you want.", Carrie said with a gleam in her eye.

"Carol can’t, I told her that she would go at the same time as Wilma.", Joe pointed out.

"Seems like a sensible way to do it, so you’ve got to wait too, Dawn.", Don agreed.

"I think that all rules for one should apply to all. Starting and stopping times, any penalties for non-compliance, state of undress, how long the session lasts, etc.", Carrie suggested, pointedly not removing Wilma’s other shoe.

"Makes sense to me, I’m all for that.", Joe said.

"Me too.", Don stated.

"I don’t!", Dawn shouted.

"We’ll put it to a vote.", Carrie suggested. Obviously both guys agreed with Carrie, Carol went along with Dawn, but Wilma sided with Carrie probably figuring misery loves company.

"So it’s decided, all three showgirls follow all the same rules all night.", Joe declared.

"Any rules they should know about?", Don asked, meaning Carol and Dawn.

"Well one big one for now. Notice that Wilma’s not trying to cover-up.", Carrie noted.

"Ah shit, she’s got her clothes on still, we don’t!", Dawn objected.

"She knows she’s not allowed to cover-up at all, even when she gets naked. And since you two will be too busy with your hands to protect your modesty later, might as well lose it now.", Carrie suggested with a sly grin. Of course both guys agreed.

Carol dropped her arms despite her obvious reluctance and deeper blush. Dawn wasn’t surprised, she knew Carol was very submissive with Joe. She wasn’t the same with Don, almost the opposite being a rather bossy bitchy type at times. And while she had no trouble running around naked in front of Don, revealing all her charms to the other women and Joe was not to her liking one little bit. Two reasons made her comply with her lover’s wishes. First she felt a little bad about not being able to do something as simple as give him head. Especially when he was good at eating her and enjoyed it. Second and more importantly, by playing along with him now would help ensure he’d play fair when she got him into a similar position. And she would, somehow, somewhere, someday.

Once Carol and Dawn had lost their modesty, Carrie went back to disrobing Wilma. Still too fucking slowly for the nude women’s peace of mind. This go round, Carrie lifted Wilma’s leg, got that shoe and slowly walked over to put it in the locker.

Returning yet again to the mostly dressed but deeply blushing coed, Carrie unsnapped the top of her jeans, slowly lowered the zipper then carefully worked the jeans down Wilma’s legs. As with the shoes, Carrie lifted first the right leg then the left leg to get the jeans. Which were slowly carried over, carefully folded and placed in the locker.

"Tops or bottoms, fellas?", Carrie asked coyly, one hand plucking at Wilma’s bra strap, the other snapping her waist band.

Don replied, "Your choice, Carrie.", while Joe opted for bottoms. Dawn figured that, she knew Joe was a ass man, not only had Carol told him so, she could tell by how he ogled women. Particularly Dawn when she was in tight pants.

"Bottoms it is!", Carrie said gleefully then pulled the panties down even more slowly than she had done the jeans. To the guy’s delight, Wilma was totally devoid of any pubic hair whatsoever. This time when Carrie lifted a leg, she moved it a bit higher than previously and held it just a bit longer than before. Twirling the panties around her finger, she sauntered over to the locker and stored them away.

"Guess we’re ready.", Carrie said after strolling slowly to stand by the guys. Wilma had gone to stand with the two naked women by the model’s platform.

"What??? Shit, I thought the rules applied to all, your own fucking words, and she gets to keep her bra on?", Dawn shouted angrily. It wasn’t that she particularly wanted to see Wilma topless or cause the poor girl further embarrassment, it just struck her as so unfair.

"Oh my, do you two want to keep your bras on?", Carrie asked coquettishly.

Apparently the unfairness struck the guys also, they sided with Dawn on this one. (Like they wouldn’t. So Carrie conceded the point. (Dawn was sure it was all an act just to further torment the women and drag the session out.)

"Sorry Wilma, I didn’t want to, but the women insisted.", Carrie told her roommate consolingly as she undid the clasps. Then sliding the straps down each arm, she took the bra off and actually walked at a normal pace to store it in the locker.

While standing at the locker, Carrie asked the guys. "Can you go ahead and open the windows? I had nearly forgotten that I planned that for Wilma. Cool air makes her nipples stick out so much it’s really funny. I wouldn’t have remembered had the bra issue not come up." The guys chuckled as they followed Carrie’s suggestion.

Dawn was outraged! Nearly forgot my ass, she thought. She just knew that Carrie was doing that out of spite but felt stuck. She doubted that the guys would buy Dawn’s outlook on things and any argument about it would just delay things further. But she did make a vow to get back at Carrie for this bull crap.

However, there was one further delay. Carrie instructed Wilma to put her hands over her head and slowly turn around several times so that Joe and Don could take in all her nakedness. On the second pivot, Carrie noted that the other two should do likewise. Gee what a shock, the guys agreed.

Dawn had hoped to keep at least part of her anatomy unseen by the others. She had carefully moved so that her backside was never in anyone’s view save for Carol at one point, Joe particularly had been denied a look see. She knew he’d be seeing her pussy, that was unavoidable given the nature of the wager, but breasts and butt she had tried to keep covered or out of sight. Well that damned Carrie’s idea to drop the arms followed by this revolving shit took care of completely destroying her modesty. All that was left unseen now was her butt hole and somehow Dawn suspected before the night was over that part of her body would get it’s turn on "stage"

As if Carrie had been reading Dawn’s mind, the cute blonde coed announced. "Butt check, Wilma." Looking aghast, the skinny raven-haired woman turned her back to Carrie and the men, bent over at the waist, put her hands on her ass and spread her cheeks wide.

"Shit!", Dawn said vehemently. And as much as she hated the idea, she had to admit that Carrie must have arranged that well in advance for Wilma to react like she did. It wasn’t something she just tossed in like the windows bit. Feeling incredibly foolish, Dawn adopted the self-same pose as Wilma though she couldn’t help but wonder how did a simple Jill-off turn into this?

Carol’s mouth dropped and her blushed deepened by three shades, but she followed Dawn’s lead and put herself into the same position as the other two nudies. For several long tiring minutes the three thoroughly abashed women shamelessly displayed what had been their last private part.

When they were told they could stand up and sit down on the platform, the three did gratefully. With a truly wicked grin, Carrie said in a sugary sweet tone of voice. "That was awfully nice of you two."

"What was?". Dawn asked warily.

"Well, that cheek spreading was another bet Wilma and I had. It didn’t apply to you but to keep her from feeling picked on, you and Carol voluntarily joined in. I’m impressed.", Carrie said in that same sweet tone and that same damned smirky grin.

Carol stared at Joe. "You say one word, buster, laugh, giggle, or even snicker one little bit and you’ll wake up tomorrow able to sing soprano."

"Don won’t wake up if he’s not careful.", Dawn added but thought to herself, (Bullshit, if we hadn’t had spread’em, Carrie would have insisted on it. Since we did it unbidden she just said that shit to make us feel stupid. She might not live until the morning. In fact, the next hour might be stretching it.

Obviously fighting to contain his amusement, Joe told the totally bare trio, "Fun’s over, time to get to work. Now the way Carol and I have this set up, I, or Don or Carrie, can move around the diddlers all we want and get as close as we want. Although no touching is allowed. If it helps to fondle your breasts, by all means, do so. You do have to keep your legs apart, we want to be able to see what you’re doing. You’re to keep doing yourself until you’ve got no lubrication left. And no faking orgasm!!! One of the reasons I was glad that Carrie would be here is that I figure a woman could more easily spot another woman trying to fake it. Carol’s been told that a fake will be punished by a spanking, so I guess that applies to Wilma and Dawn also."

"So what’s to keep Carrie from just claiming we’re faking to get us spanked?", Dawn asked. Although she’d gotten several spankings from various lovers, it wasn’t something she was particularly fond of, though she might be will to make an exception in Carrie’s case. Giving the bitch one, not getting one from her.

"The accused faker can defend herself and if me and Don are convinced she’s sincere she’ll avoid the spanking. Fair enough?", Joe suggested.

"How about if you two decide that the accused faker wasn’t faking, then Carrie gets the spanking instead? And just to keep you guys from voting against her since she’s the only woman dressed, you two have to go in the hallway and wait while she’s spanked by the one she accused? That should keep all of us honest.", Dawn counter suggested.

Strangely enough, Carrie thought it was a wonderful idea and said so as long as she got to give the spanking to the faker. And she’d accept hers on the bare bottom if it came to that.

"So let’s get this over with!", Don declared. "I want to see this!"

Each of the three naked women adjusted the various pillows (props for the art class models) to suit themselves while the two men and the only dressed woman pulled up chairs directly in front of the still red-faced trio.

Carol was the first to start, tracing the outer lips of her already damp pussy with the fingers of her left hand while her right hand rubbed her stomach. Wilma put both hands on her pussy, spreading the lips with one hand while the other explored the moist interior.

Dawn vaguely wondered what Carol and Wilma were thinking about to aid them in their diddling. As for Dawn, the late starter of the three, she had her eyes closed tightly and at first was picturing Don standing in front of her, stroking his long hard cock for the amusement of herself and a few selected friends. Then her mind wandered to Carrie putting on the same sort of show that Dawn had, with the pivoting and the spreading. That somewhat confused her as she didn’t think she was the least bit bi and she knew she preferred men. Idly she wondered about Carrie’s preferences. She decided to ask.

"Carrie, a question, if you don’t mind?", she asked softly. And as her eyes were still closed, it surprised her to hear Carrie’s voice replying and feeling her breath on her leg. Carrie had to be sitting nearly between Dawn’s legs!

"Anything at all. I might tell you the answer is none of your business, but I won’t be upset at any question you ask.", Carrie assured her.

"Are you gay?", Dawn spoke the question foremost on her mind.

Laughing heartily, Carrie stroked Dawn’s thigh and asked a question of her own. "Would it bother you if I was?"

"No, just curious.", Dawn said, shivering slightly at Carrie’s touch.

"I call myself an 80/20 bi. As I’m sure that makes no sense to you, I guess I should explain it.", Carrie said, paused then went on. "I’m sure you won’t believe this, but I’m a virgin. I was raised a very strict Catholic, by very strict parents, and I’ve found it hard to let go of the idea of not holding onto my cherry until marriage. On the other hand, I’m a very wild woman who thinks sex is wonderful. So I’ve often made-out with guys I’ve liked, and as noted I’ve given a number of blowjobs. You’d be surprised at the number of guys who’ll forgo a piece of ass for a pair of lips. And there’s even a few who don’t mind reciprocating. A damned few, but they do exist.

I’m also a very bossy bitchy kind of woman, and to be honest having someone but especially another woman at my beck and call is hot. And I enjoy looking at other woman’s bodies. I’m likely as bad as a guy there, since shape, age, whatnot doesn’t matter, I just think woman’s bodies are sexy and funny both. But I also like naked guys, again sexy and funny. Hell, I wouldn’t object to being the only person in this room dressed, that would be a hell of a kick. Shame I couldn’t arrange to get the guys naked too. Hey Joe, Don, want to be on who comes first?"

"Nope, I’ve pushed my luck enough this week.", Joe freely admitted.

Don seriously considered it, but as he couldn’t decide who to pick, he demurred also.

"See, I’ve also got this thing about nakedness. I’ve been seen by a few people. I’ve had my nipples sucked by both men and women, god I love that, and my pussy eaten, also by either sex, and that’s heaven. But anyone who’s gotten to see me au naturale, or any of my private parts, have had all of theirs displayed first. Usually many times before they get that lucky. Confused yet?"

"Yes.", Dawn admitted.

"Figured as much. Guess I’m what they call a dominant type and I get off on the power trip. Wilma’s very submissive, but she prefers being topped by a guy although being topped by a girl works for her to a point. Though she hates having to undress for anyone. Hey Wilma, remember that striptease you had to do at that one party?"

"Yes, I hated it!! The women kept laughing and the guys all stared so, so openly!", Wilma declared though her breathing got quicker.

Carrie said to Dawn. "You’re planning on how to get back at me for the little frills I added to what was already a totally embarrassing situation for you."

"OH, er yes I am, how did you know?", Dawn wondered. For some reason her body was reacting to the chit-chat though it was far from explicit.

"Hell I was doing my damnedest to get you thinking like that.", Carrie admitted.

"Why? OHHHHH", Dawn suddenly cried as she edged closer to cumming.

"Wilma would love to pay me back for some of the stunts I’ve put her through, but being submissive, she’s not really trying, just hoping she can someday do so. Carol strikes me as being somewhat submissive. Not like Wilma who gets off on it, but more the kind of woman who lets herself be led by a lover she trusts. You strike me as being like me, bossy, bitchy, and those are the women I must like to have under my thumb. So I’m hoping you try something later on which backfires and I can come up with some truly wicked penalties for you."

It took several seconds for Dawn to comprehend what she just heard, given that she just had one of the most incredible orgasms of her young life. And her fingers were still busily working away. "What if it doesn’t backfire?", she asked picturing Carrie doing what Dawn was doing.

"Then I guess I’ll find out if I like being on the bottom. I have lost a few times but damned few. I’ve very careful about picking my battles.", Carrie informed her.

"I’m sure you are. Oh my. Gulp. What have you lost?", she wondered.

"Oh no, I won’t tell you. Well, I’ll tell you a couple or three. I’ve gotten one bare-bottomed spanking from a guy, had to dance for a couple in my undies, and once rode bottomless from here to Toledo. Trust me when I say that the winner that go around, was either a bigger loser from a previous battle or the very next one.". Carrie stated proudly.

"OHMIGOD!", Wilma began screaming, thrashing about, and her toes were curling.

Carol’s body went rigid and she too began moaning loudly.

The two women laid back, totally spent, their nakedness forgotten, their embarrassment forgotten, still lost in whatever fantasies had fueled their excitement.

Dawn however kept quivering just on the edge. She very much wanted to either fondle her breasts or run a hand up and down the crack of her ass but she didn’t want to give aware any more of her personal quirks away. She envied her two cohorts in crime, they were able to close their eyes, something Dawn tried but they kept popping open unbidden.

Don, bless his heart, had taken to staring at her face mostly. Course, he was the only one familiar with her body. Well, at least he used to be. Joe had constantly stared at the soft mound where Dawn’s fingers were so feverishly at work. At least until Carol came so noisily. Now he was holding her close.

Carrie helped Wilma up into a sitting position right next to the still busy Dawn. Putting an arm around her roommate’s shoulders, she pointed at Dawn. "You looked even goofier than she does." Wilma giggled.

(Oh great ..), thought Dawn, (Now they get to watch me make a fool of myself. Why can’t I come?)

"Oh this must be really hard on you, hon. Having us all watch you while you play with yourself. Especially since you can’t finish. Want some help?", Carrie teased.

"NO!!!", Dawn loudly protested.

"You lips say no but your eyes say yes. Guess you like playing with your sweet pussy while we all stare. Running your fingers around the lips, plunging them deep inside yourself, feeling the sweat of your exertions drip from your body, feel your breasts heaving, your nipples becoming more and more engorged with blood.

And I know what you’re thinking about. You’re thinking about Don and his big dick. How you want that inside you. Feeling his mouth on your nipples, the tongue flicking them about, him gently sucking as he plunges deep inside you with each thrust of his hips."

Carrie had spoken in a soft sexy tone the entire time, enthralling everyone in the room but especially Dawn. This was evidenced by Dawn throwing her head back, arching her back and thrusting her hips upwards as she loudly screamed "Oh god Don!" and her entire body shook. She fell back onto the platform and stared up at the anxious faces.

"I hate you all!", she loudly (but a bit hoarsely) proclaimed.

After the three "Jills" had caught their breath, they demanded their clothes. Carrie walked over to the locker, shouted shit, and turned around looking chagrinned.

"I forgot what else Wilma had to do for her part of the bet.", she said without the least trace of shame.

"What did you forget?", Dawn demanded. She and Carol hurried over to the locker with their arms again hiding their upper charms. The lower ones were on their own.

"I er locked the locker with a combination lock.", Carrie said.

"Well unlock the locker!", Dawn demanded.

"I can’t, I don’t have the combination.", Carrie admitted.

"Who does? Wilma? Joe? Don? Someone?", Carol begged.

"Actually no one. What I did was buy a new lock and I’ve not looked at the little card with the combination on it.", Carrie explained.

"So where’s this little card? Back at your room I guess?", Dawn asked.

"Nope. It’s being cut into three different parts and each part hidden somewhere on campus.

"Then go get it. If you want to drag Wilma along, feel free, but Carol and I aren’t going anywhere until we are dressed.", Dawn declared loudly.

"Who’s in there?", a man’s voice from the hall demanded.

"Shit, it’s security. Quick, out the other door.", Joe suggested in a low voice.

Carol objected, "That leads outside!"

"You want the guard to see you like this?", Joe reminded. Good point, the six of them made a rapid departure out the door and quickly disappeared into the shadows. The guard came out, look around cursorially then went back in doors.

"Why did we run? You’re a fucking art major with a key given to you by the instructor! We could have been setting up for a late night art session. It’s the one place on campus besides the women’s lockerroom that a naked woman doesn’t attract any attention. Unlike out in the fucking cold!", Dawn screeched angrily.

"I didn’t think about that, I panicked. Cops, even rent-a-cops scare me.", Joe admitted.

"Well we’ll have to sneak in and get their clothes now. Naked women in the art room is one thing, walking into it quite another. And I just bet he’ll be watching the main door for now.", Carrie noted.

"So you three go and get the combination while we wait here.", Carol suggested.

"Not a good idea. You’d be safer with someone than hiding naked in the bushes. We’ll split up so that we retrieve the combination more quickly.

Joe, take Wilma and get the part that’s hidden by the statue. Wilma can figure out where. It’s the furthest and most open and she’s got the rest of her bet to pay up. Don, you and Carol get the part in the women’s shower by the pool. You can keep look-out while Carol retrieves it. I’ll take Dawn to fetch the last part, it’s just around the front of this building. Go, I’m sure they’re freezing their asses off.", Carrie ordered.

First looking around to make sure the coast was clear, Joe and Wilma headed to the statue while Don and Carol went towards the pool. Dawn remained in the bushes with Carrie.

"Well what are you waiting for?", Carrie mischeviously asked her naked friend.

"You to get the combination then for the others to return so I can get dressed. I’m not leaving from these bushes until I’ve got clothes.", Dawn vowed.

"Nah, you’re coming with me.", Carrie informed her.

"Nope, and nothing you say can make me change my mind.", Dawn said forcibly.

"Okay, but then you’re taking a chance on trusting me. I could just go home and wait for Wilma to make her naked trek back there. Enjoy your walk back to your off-campus apartment.", Carrie said as she moved out of the bushes.

"Shit, how do I get myself into these situations?", Dawn cursed. Before Carrie could get around the corner of the building, Dawn ran out of the bushes and caught up with the sauntered blonde coed.

"I see you changed your mind. Why so modest? I’ve seen it all already.", Carrie joked. She was referering to the way Dawn had one arm protectively across her breasts and her other hand with a death grip on her pussy.

"Yea but we may run into someone who hasn’t. As strange as it may seem, there are people who’ve not seen it all.", Dawn shot back, in a surprisingly jocular tone of voice.

"If I’ve got anything to say or do about it, that’ll change.", Carrie declared with an impish grin.

"And if I have my way, you’ll find yourself wandering around naked in the fucking cold air. Except it’ll be during the day.", Dawn assured her "friend". Though she spoke easily and evenly not harshly.

"Okay, here we are. I’ll keep a look out, you go get the card. It’s tucked under the mat.", Carol pointed to the mat right by the doors to the art building!

"Nuts, you go and get it, I’ll huddle here; cold, naked, and miserable.", Dawn retorted.

Carrie leaned against the building and smiled. "I’m a bit chilly as I left my jacket inside. I can just imagine you’re freezing. I think I can outlast you."

"Shit! If anyone sees me I’ll kill you!", Dawn swore then made her mad dash for the mat.

She made it there unobserved, got a piece of cardboard out from under the mat and was halfway back before she heard. "Nice ass." Cursing loudly she ran faster. Fortunately the strange male who had spoken didn’t follow her.

Apparently Carrie had heard the guy call out for she was holding both hands over her mouth to suppress her giggles. "You’ve got an admirer. We should go back around and wait for the others."

"I hope they’re having it easier.", Dawn said softly.

Wilma and Joe had made their way as close to the statue as possible without anyone seeing them. But the last fifty yards would be out in the open and there were lights on in the area. Not bright enough to illuminate the entire area but enough to make sure anyone who happened by would have no trouble seeing another person plainly. Especially a naked person.

"You stay here, I’ll go and get it. Where is it hidden?", Joe said magnamiously.

"I’m guessing stuck into the crack at the base. Or maybe scratched on the to plate. I really should go, I did make the bet with her and if I’d won, I’d damned sure want her strolling out there.", Wilma said with a frown.

"Who’ll know? Besides you and me.", Joe wondered.

"Well I would for one. And I wouldn’t put it past her to have someone slinking about in the shadows to make sure it’s me that retrieves the fucking card. As you might imagine, there’s a penalty for wimping out and I’d rather not stroll naked through the Wild Wolf Inn.", Wilma pointed out.

"Gotcha. So we make a made dash for it? On the count of three. One, two, ", Joe began.

Wilma finished, "Three.", and starting running for the statue.

The naked woman and the fully-dressed made it to the statue just as a large crowd starting coming from the north end. There was nothing to be done but look for the card and then run for it.

As soon as the crowd of men and women noticed the pair they began laughing. Someone loudly proclaimed. "See, someone else is paying of a bet. You’re not the only stupid buckeye lovers in town."

Curious as what they meant, Joe and Wilma, the latter having found the card, hung loose for a moment. When the crowd got to the statue, it spread out revealing two women in their midst, both blonde, both looking miserable, and both as naked as jaybirds.

Despite her own nakedness barely covered by her arms, Wilma had to watch and laugh as the two blondes climbed up on the statue, one on either side and began singing the Wolverine fight song at the top of their voices.

As much as Joe and even Wilma would have liked to stick around, they figured the singing would likely attract more attention and spectators and thought it best to leave now. The crowd didn’t bother them in the least though Wilma got a number of catcalls. They made it to the relative shelter between the buildings and made their way back to the art building.

Carol and Don made it to the pool without incident, and Don stayed outside while Carol went in the women’s lockerroom. From there she went to the door which led to the pool, opened it, started out then nearly leapt back in. There was about fifty people having a pool party! Despite the low temperatures!

Near panic, she wondered what she could do when the obvious answer struck her. She wandering around the lockerroom, found an open locker and grabbed the towel. Wrapping it around herself, she went out and calmly searched around.

Finding the card stuck into the back of the lifeguard’s chair, she glanced at it, breathed a sigh of relief then headed back to the lockerroom. That’s when disaster struck.

A brunette of truly Amazonian proportions, grabbed her by the hair and shouted. "Hey, what the fuck are you doing with my towel?"

"Nothing, I just needed to borrow it.", Carol stammered out.

"You shoulda asked, now give it here!", the woman roared, tugging at the towel.

"I can’t, I’m naked!", Carol protested, adding, "I’ll put it back in your locker, I swear!"

"Bullshit, you’ll give it to me now!", the Amazon swore as she pulled the towel off the now sobbing Carol.

"Oh that made you cry, I’ll give you something to cry about.", the woman threatened, grabbing Carol by the arm before the much smaller blonde could escape.

Grabbing a handful of Carol’s pubic hair, she dragged the protesting and sobbing woman all away around the pool twice then to the lower of the two diving boards. Sitting down on the edge, she woman-handled Carol over her legs.

"SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO THIEVES!", the woman yelled. She started smacking Carol’s bottom as soon as she had the crowd’s attention.

Someone laughingly declared, "Serena’s drunk again. Who’s that she’s got?"

Carol didn’t hear the answer to the question as she was too busy trying to endure the spanking she was getting. The damned Amazon’s palm felt like a paddle as it landed all about Carol’s ass and thighs. She was kicking and squealing and pleading but nothing helped make the spanking any less painful or humiliating.

Suddenly Carol found herself flying through the air and landing on the water, butt first. Thankfully she was a fair swimmer, and she quickly swam to the side furthest from the damned domineering bitch, and hurried out of the nearest door, which true to her luck that night led into the MEN’S shower room.

Easily a half-dozen guys were standing around in various stages of undress, as well as several more in the shower. While Carol would have loved to have taken the time to admire the view, she didn’t dare. Especially when the door flew open and Serena came charging in like an angry bull.

"Come back bitch, I wasn’t done yet!", she yelled. The guys who hadn’t reacted to Carol’s presence save to stare appreciatively hurried to get out of the way of the angry Amazon.

Out the other door and down the hall, Carol grabhbed Don and shouted. "Run for your life!" Don wondered why until the still shouting brunette came hurtling out of the men’s locker. Don wasted no time in making his exit.

It took the two of them several minutes and a few sneaky manuevers to lose the Amazon but they did. Then as they made their way back to the art building, Carol filled Don in on what had happened and made him swear not to tell a soul. Especially Carrie, Joe, and Dawn, in that order.

Once the six gamblers were finally reunited, they made their way into the art building where Joe once again unlocked the art room door. By this time, Dawn, Wilma, and Carol had given each other the number they had found as well as the direction for turning the little knob.

They had almost gotten the locker open when they heard footsteps coming. Quickly the they did they only thing they could do to avoid trouble.

When the guard opened the door, he found two guys and a girl sitting behind easels while three naked women posed on the platform. A skinny black-haired woman stood there with one arm across her eyes as she stared up to the ceiling as if lamenting her fate to the gods. A short chunky blonde was standing somewhat bent over, her head in her hands like she was crying. The third woman laid on her side, back to the door.

"What’s going on?", the man asked.

"We’re having a late night session trying to catch up on homework.", Carrie said without turning around.

"Been in here long?", he demanded.

"We were here earlier, left for a bit then came back. Would you please shut the door? I’m sure our models would prefer not to get a chill.", Carrie asked then added, "And it’s not considered polite to stare at the models unless you’re drawing them."

The man shrugged his shoulders and left, shutting the door tightly behind him. He thought to himself that some guys have all the luck. Three naked broads, one dressed broad, and two guys. He should have gone to college himself.

Once they heard the footsteps going away from the room, the naked women broke their poses and hurried to get dressed. Mostly for the warmth for at this point, modesty was a lost cause.

"I hate to suggest this, but that was a pretty good picture I’ve got started. Looks like you two are mourning over Dawn. I’d like to finish it sometime. I promise, very private, just me and you three. Well Don, if he wants to watch.", Joe asked softly.

"Ask me again in a week or so. I’ll think about it.", Dawn promised. She liked Joe and knew he was on the level. Had Carrie suggested it, her answer would have been short and very vulgar.

"Why not? You’ve seen every part of me already, but no classmates. Just the people who are in tonight, no one else.", Wilma promptly replied.

"I pose for you already, so I don’t mind. I guess I can put up with Don.", Carol answered.

Don smiled and suggested. "How about if Joe draws the three of you at our apartment? It’s roomy enough and you’ll likely feel better. And I promise no visitors. Dawn will see to that."

Finally the three nudies were fully dressed. (Wilma took the longest obviously) As they walked out of the building, Carrie who had been uncharacteristicly quiet commented. "I hope I’m invited to the art session. I’m not majoring in art but I am taking the class. Joe will vouch for that."

"Yea, she is. Pretty good too.", Joe admitted.

"Well see.", was all Dawn said.