Newport Nudes

by Johnny


Marilyn and Desiree crouched down low in the back seat of the jeep 4x4 they were riding in. They crouched down because the two ladies were completely  naked. Very much unlike the two women in the front seat; Carol and Elsie.

The four of them all worked for the same large insurance company in Cincinnati Ohio, and all four were rabid sports fans. The latter being the reason the four women were driving down I75 and two of the four were naked.

The Vikings-Rams game found the four of them equally split on who would win. Elsie and Carol taking the Rams while Marilyn and Desiree favored the Vikings. Marilyn had initially tried to make the wager for a little tit flashing/mooning of one of the night spots, but Carol keep turning her down. Finally Marilyn had called Carol a chickenshit and dared her to either accept that wager or come up with a better one. The chickenshit remark stung the comely brunette. She talked it over with Elsie and came back with a streak down Monmouth Street in Newport KY at midnight. Two city blocks worth of a streak. The losers would be left off at sixth and would get picked up at eighth. In or out, Carol demanded to know. Marilyn immediately said yes, Desiree after a bit of persuasion.

Well it was easy to tell who won, certainly not the two blushing naked ladies in the backseat dreading every truck they went by. And while midnight might seem like a good time for a streak, there were two problems with it.

It was god awful cold, something like 22 or 23 degrees, and to the bare-naked ladies dismay, footwear was considered clothing and strictly verboten. The second problem was worse. Newport had a lot of night clubs, strip bars, and the like, the majority on Monmouth. With closing times varying, people bar-hopping, it was an almost certainty they'd be seen. Not a pleasing prospect to either woman.

Two other things added to their discomfort. Elsie's husband had somehow found out about the bet, so the possibility existed he'd decide to wander by. Though Elsie swore she'd made him promise to stay home. The other piece of disheartening news was knowing that Randall, one of the few guys in their department had overheard them making the bet. There was no doubt he'd be there, but as the streets set for the run had changed to fifth to seventh, maybe he'd miss them. They could only hope.

Carol got off of I75, and within moments pulled over to a stop. Just a car length from Monmouth on 5th street. "This is where the fun begins girls. We'll be in this same spot on 7th St.", Carol announced.

Marilyn grumbled a bit, but she knew that Carol had never screwed someone over on any other bets. Carol would be parked where she said she would, of that Marilyn had no doubt. Drawing a deep breath, she opened the door and stepped out onto the curb.

"Shit it's cold!", Desiree yelped, having had the misfortune to be on the street side. She quickly joined Marilyn on the sidewalk while Carol and Elsie drove off. Drove off with their clothes in bags in the front of the jeep.

Marilyn cast a quick glance over at Desiree who was standing with her arms wrapped tightly around her bosom. Tall for a woman, Desiree was 5'8", 135 lb., long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a flawless complexion. Big busted, 38dd's at least Marilyn figured, a trim waist probably 24, and 36 hips. A frigging centerfold, the irate woman thought.

Marilyn had reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, stood 5'4" tall, but weighed 140, and she measured 35b-26-37. And she was ten years older than Desiree's 27. {I'm getting too old for this shit}, Marilyn thought as she scurried towards the main street of Newport. Desiree followed.

Looking carefully up and down the street, Marilyn decided that it was far too light, but what choice did they have? At least no cars were moving. And the only signs of people was a group going into a bar to their right. As they had to run to the left, Marilyn opted to give it a go. No way could that group even tell what sex they were if spotted. They would only be able to tell they were naked. Course with Desiree's long blonde hair, they'd guess women, but by the time they could catch up, the streakers would be warming up in Carol's jeep.

Marilyn took another deep breath, let it go, and simply began running with Desiree at her right. They made it about a half a block when they heard shouts which served to make them go even faster. The first block was done in no time and they crossed the street and began the last leg of their streak.

Then came something they didn't expect. They passed one bar and was by it when they realized, the entire front was glass! Everyone could see them easily as they ran under a street lamp just outside it! They heard a door open and that galvanized them to even greater speeds. Laughter came from behind them, but not the sound of pursuit, so they relaxed when they got to the corner. The ordeal was over. Just around the corner and they were safe.

Marilyn turned the corner, her eyes grew wide, and she nearly yelled. She quickly ducked into a doorway for some store, and pulled Desiree in with her. Fortunately the cops didn't spot them. For they were far too interested in Carol's jeep! Getting down on her knees, Marilyn peeked around the edge of the doorway and saw that Carol and Elsie were in the cruiser.

"What are we going to do, Marilyn?", Desiree asked with a sob in her voice.

"I don't know, Desiree, I don't know.", came Marilyn's disheartening reply.

Marilyn and Desiree watched helplessly as their ride home was being hooked to a tow truck. What was far worse their clothes were in the very soon to be towed jeep.

"Okay Desi, they're too busy with the jeep, we should be able to slip back around the corner, cut across the street then head ...", Marilyn began. Desiree's sobbing question cut her short.

"Head where? We're naked, twenty miles from home, I'm freezing my ass off and there's nothing we can do.", Desi sobbed.

"Sure there is, we'll sneak into the back of the Funky Monkey where they have a pay phone. I'll get a hold of a friend and have her come get us. It'll be fine.", Marilyn promised. "Just get ready to run when I do.", she added.

Desiree sobbed a bit more but assured her fellow streaker she would be ready. Marilyn looked out again, saw the coast was as clear as it was ever going to get, and darted out after tapping Desiree and saying now. The pair streaked (sorry) hurriedly for the Funky's Monkey's back entrance.

On the way they passed a couple necking on the street corner. Obviously very inebriated, as they glanced up then went back to their kissing without making any comments whatsoever.

"I think I'm offended, the guy didn't even whistle.", Desiree said as they made it inside the back of the Funky Monkey.

"Oh quiet Desi, let me make the call.", Marilyn said as she went to the pay phone. Marilyn picked the phone up, listened for a dial tone then cursed when she finally noticed the out of order sign above the phone.

"Fuck, it's out of order. Now what?", she mused aloud.

"Hey what the hell are you two doing?", a man's voice demanded sharply.

Shocked silly, the two girls whirled towards the voice. Marilyn covered her breasts with one arm and put a hand over her groin while Desiree used her arms for her breasts, but crossed her legs for what concealment she could find.

In the doorway leading out stood a man wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Likely 6'2" and from how he was built he apparently worked out daily. Talk about muscles! Marilyn gave him her sexiest smile then tried to explain their predictament. She told him about the silly bet and their ride home getting towed. Surely there was a phone she could borrow?

"Nope, this is the only one and it's out of order.", he said.

"Do you have something we can wear?", Desiree asked hopefully.

"Afraid not, tell you what though, I'll check with Lilli, she owns the bar, and see if she can help you.", he replied with a shrug and walked off.

Desiree looked at Marilyn, "He's gay or blind, two naked women and his tight jeans didn't get any tighter."

"Just my luck. Hope this Lilli can help us.", Marilyn said hopelessly.

Two women came into the backroom and laughed when they saw the naked and blushing women. "Barney was right, there are two naked ladies back here. Care to tell me what you're doing here?", the older of the two women, a matronly 50 or so asked. Marilyn repeated their tale of woe.

"I've heard the bar talk, several people have mentioned seeing streakers on Monmouth, but I didn't believe them. Oh well, I'm wrong again. Though I was right to take the Rams. I won a steak dinner. I'm Lilli, I own this bar.", the matronly woman said with a chuckle.

"Is there another phone?", Marilyn asked and Desiree interjected with, "And something for us to wear?"

"No to both questions I'm afraid. Well, actually I've got a couple of spare aprons you can borrow. Though they won't do you a whole lot of good.", Lilli said.

"We'll take them! Please!", Marilyn pleaded.

"I'll get them Lilli.", the other woman, about Desiree's age but red-headed, offered.

"Okay Gayle.", Lilli replied.

Within moments Gayle had returned with two scraps of cloth. Marilyn thought they were bar rags until she unfolded it. A small black square of shiny cloth with two strings attached. Oh, it went around Marilyn's waist, but it barely covered her groin. And it flapped if she moved. Desi's wasn't any bigger.

"You're right not much help.", Marilyn said miserably.

"I've got an idea though, Lilli.", Gayle commented.

"What's that Gayle?", Lilli inquired

"I could run them home after we close, if they help us out in the bar.", Gayle suggested, trying to stifle a giggle.

"What!!!!", Desi said mortified at the thought.

"Well, it would make my night end a whole lot easier, we could get the place cleaned up and closed down quicker, and I'd not be so tired I couldn't make a long drive to take you two home. I do only live a couple of miles away.", Gayle pointed out, unable to stifle the giggle.

Marilyn thought over her options. A long walk in public to find another phone and chance the cops or a little over an hour of near-naked service in a bar then a ride home. She decided to go with the lesser of two evils.

"I'm game.", Marilyn said though she could feel the blush go to her toes.

"I guess I've got to then, okay.", Desiree agreed.

"Fine, I'll show you what to do. Follow me.", Gayle ordered and headed towards the bar area. Marilyn and Desiree followed, but very reluctantly.

Gayle went into the bar area while the two nearly nude women paused in horror. The place was packed!

Desi paused at the entranceway nearly in tears. "I can't, all those people!", she wailed.

Marilyn thought about their choices and decided there were none. "Come on, it's either this or a long cold walk home. Or possibly a short warm ride. To a police station! You want to have to call your parents to throw your bail?" That got Desiree moving.

Using some sort of PA system, Gayle announced. "Now for a special treat tonight gentlemen, we have two, count them, two waitresses. And as most of you have seen by now, they're not wearing very much. Look all you want, but if you touch, Billy boy will break your arm. And though I doubt if any of you have a camera, no pictures! Unless you enjoy trying to sit with a camera shoved where the sun don't shine. And be patient, they're new, they're inexperienced, but lovely as all get out."

Gayle's announcement did calm Desiree down and the pair of nearly nude waitress not wannabes got to work.

It was almost closing time, and Marilyn thought the worst was over when she felt a slap on her ass and heard Randall's voice, "Waitress, bring me a beer!"

{Oh shit} Marilyn thought hopeless, afraid to turn around. Randall's shrill voice repeated his demand for a beer, and Marilyn had no choice.

"Well Marilyn, so nice to see you. And you appear to be happy to see me.", he said snidely pointedly looking at her hard and extending nipples. He didn't seem to be the least bit surprised by her being there or her lack of clothing.

"What kind of beer do you want, Randall?", Marilyn asked ignoring his snide comments and leers.

"A Coors and make it snappy!", he ordered.

"I'll snappy your neck, frog face.", Marilyn snarled as she went to get the beer. When she returned with it, he handed her a five and told her to keep the change. "Buy some clothes. Or maybe tags for Carol.", he told her.

{A toe tag for Carol is the only thing I'll get her.}, Marilyn thought angrily as she left the leering Randall alone with his beer.

"Last Call!!! Drink'em up. You don't gotta go home, but you can't stay here.", Gayle called out.

The bar hadn't thinned any since the two technically not nude but might as well have been waitresses started. They took a headcount as they got the last drink orders from the crowd. Thirty-two guys, three girls, and a Randall in the place. Each one eager to have a last look at the bare barmaids.

They finally got the bar cleared, and with Gayle's, Lilli's, and Billy’s help, the pair of exhausted and embarassed ladies finished up the cleaning and prepared to leave.

"I've started the car, got it warming up.", Gayle told them. Lili fixed both of them a drink, saying, "You gals have a lot of guts. More than I ever did. Anytime you want to drink free, just come on by."

"I'm not sure I'd want to, no offense, but I couldn't handle seeing any of those guys again. Except you Billy.', Desi said honestly.

"Don't let that stop you, the odds of any of them actually seeing your face is about zero. As long as you're dressed, they won't know you.", Gayle said.

"And she should know, she lost a similar bet last year. Worked her entire shift stark-naked. She got smart, wore a wig, didn't speak and no one knew it was her. Except for a couple of the lady regulars who didn't spill the beans.", Billy said with a laugh.

"Gee thanks Brontosaurus Brains, I'll get you for that! ", Gayle threatened good-naturedly. "Well let's go gals, I'm sure you want to get home as quickly as possible.", she added.

"Yes we do.", the two nudes said in unison.

Everyone especially the nudes laughed as they left the bar and got into the now warm car.

"Can I drop you both at the same place?", Gayle asked as they headed north up I75.

"Sure, drop us at my house, it's closer, and I know I can find something for Desi to wear home.", Marilyn said agreeably.

"Well the only problem Mar is that you've got no garage, we'd have to run from the car to the house. And I hope you've got a spare key stuck somewhere. Mine's in my purse which is in Carol's car.", Desi reminded.

"As is mine dammit! Wait, I keep one under the mat. We'll be fine.", Marilyn said, relief apparent in her voice.

"I'll stick around until you get in. I'd offer to let you stay at my house, but it's full of teen-age boys and my husband who's not much more mature.", Gayle reminded.

"Thanks, Gayle, we appreciate it. If the key is gone, we might have to chance the teen terrors.", Marilyn decided.

Gayle parked directly in front of Marilyn's house. The ladies watched and waited till a couple of cars passed by then sprang from the car and ran to the door. Thankfully the key was under the mat, and within moments they were safe inside. Gayle honked and drove off.

The first thing Marilyn did when she got inside was to call Carol to raise hell. The phone rang several times before it was answered by a very wide-awake Carol.

"Marilyn! Thank god, are you okay?", she asked concerned.

"I'm frostbite, humiliated, exhausted, and angry. What the hell happened?", she snapped.

"Some fucking asshole stole my license plates! The cops thought the car was stolen. My husband had to come bail us out of jail, and the car is still impounded. Can't pick it up until Monday.", Carol informed her angrily.

"Who the hell would do something like that?", Marilyn asked then remembered Randall's remark about buying tags for Carol.

"Did you see Randall tonight?", she asked.

"Funny you should ask, he did come by to beg us to let him go along. We blew him off.", Carol replied.

"That sonofabitch!", Marilyn spat out then relayed the tags remark to Carol.

"That little shit! The cops strip-searched Elsie and me, and my husband is furious about the car. Thinks I did something with the tags as a joke on you!", Carol screeched.

"Well you know what they say about paybacks.", Marilyn remarked. Carol snarled a yes and the women hung up.

Marilyn filled Desiree in, then the totally exhausted women called it a night. Visions of vengeance dancing in their heads.