by Johhny

The elevator doors opened and the tall slender blonde slowly walked out.  Looking at the number of the apartment nearest the elevator, she paused for a moment then went to the left.  Going down a short hallway she came to the apartment where she didn't want to be.  She hesitated, debated on leaving but gamely pushed the buzzer.  Immediately the door was opened by a man with a wide grin.

"Well Linda, I see you've made it.  Come in.", he said as he held the door open for her.  Scowling, the young woman went and stood by the couch.

"Okay, let's get this over with, I feel stupid enough as is.", Linda said sourly.

"Oh no, a moment like this is to be savored slowly like a fine wine.  Which reminds me, care for a drink?", he said chuckling heartily.

"Yes, I'll have a double rum & coke, hold the coke.", Linda told him seething.  She wanted this humiliation over with as soon as possible.

Laughing loudly the man poured her the drink which she gulped down.

"Okay, I'm liquored, can we start?", Linda asked vehemently.

"That anxious to get your clothes off huh?", he said with a guffaw.  "We can start just as soon as ..."  The doorbell rang.  "Ah, that's probably the others now.", he announced and went to answer the door while Linda seethed.

"Others?  This is supposed to be just you and me, Josh!", she stated angrily.

"Not so, the terms of the bet were that the loser, in this case you, had to do a striptease for the winner.  Winner could decide where, when, and how much of an audience could be present.  And since I am your supervisor at work, I wanted at least one person to be here in case.  You know, sexual harassment issues.  You'll be happy to hear I only invited a woman though.",  Josh reminded her with a very wide grin.

(A woman, I wonder who?), Linda thought.  The answer wasn't long in coming.  Josh opened the door to admit a laughing and smiling Angie.

"Aw shit, why her?  She hates me!", Linda said angrily.

"Oh I don't hate you. Ha ha But I am happy to see you lose. Tee hee.  Course I'd love to see old Josh here have to drop his drawers, but I'll beat the pants off of him myself.", Angie proclaimed.

"Careful Angie, you might find yourself doing a strip, I'm very lucky.", Josh retorted.

(Lucky is right.)  Linda thought angrily.  Lucky and nitpicky on rules.  She had wagered him that her team would win no matter what.  He gambled her team wouldn't win.  He was most insistent on stating it that way, that her team wouldn't win.  Not that his team would win, but that her team wouldn't win.  And her team hadn't won, they hadn't played!  The game was scheduled for the week-end that the NFL had canceled due to the tragedy in NYC.  And though she had argued and argued the point that they would have to wait until the two teams met, he was adamant about his victory.  Per the conditions of the bet.  Conditions that she had mostly set up.  And while he had suggested the strip, she had to grudgingly admit she had set up the conditions including allowing an audience.

She wondered vaguely why he only invited one person.  Granted he surprised her by inviting anyone, she expected him to try to come on to her after he got her naked.  Especially as the winner could set the terms of how the loser could regain their clothes.  So apparently he didn't plan on coming on, but why did he have to invite that bitch Angie?  By Monday the story would be all over work!

While Linda had run over the whys of her predicament, Angie had gotten a drink and Josh had cued a CD.  A song started playing, one with a sexy beat but not one she recognized.  Taking that as her cue to start she unzipped the back of her dress while glaring daggers at the two of them grinning.

(I'm not sure if I wouldn't rather have a crowd of guys than that damned bitch!)  Linda thought as she pulled her arms out of her sleeves.  Letting the top of the dress fall, she debated on what to take off next.  Her hips were wide enough that her dress stayed up while she pondered what to remove next.

"I'll be damned, she's blushing, I didn't think that was possible!", Angie pointed out gleefully.

Blushing even redder, Linda went ahead and pulled off her bra, covering her breasts as she did so.  Despite her embarrassment, she wanted this over with as soon as possible.  The bra dropped to the floor.

"Take it off, take it all off!", Josh yelled, clapping and whistling.

(Laugh it up now, you'll get yours.) Linda vowed as she turned her back on the pair to wiggle her dress down her hips.  Angie catcalled and Josh whistled as she shimmied the dress to the floor.

Despite her boldness in removing her bra, Linda was horrified to find herself half-naked with her boss and a fellow co-worker watching.  She stopped dead in her tracks and fought back tears.

(Dammit!!!  You will not cry, you will not let Angie or Josh have that satisfaction!  Come on, get your act together, you've only got to take off your panties.  You  can do it.) Linda told herself firmly.

But for several long moments Linda couldn't, she had her hands in the top of her panties but she just couldn't bring herself to pull them down.  Not with four eyes eager to see her bare bottom displayed.  Not knowing she'd have to turn around and show everything!

"Linda, you didn't pass out from the drink, did you?", Josh asked in a sickly sweet tone of voice.

"No I didn't pass out, I'm simply trying to think of a way to do this and manage to keep some dignity.", Linda retorted angrily.

"Too late, way too late!", Angie chortled.

(Damn her she's right.  Let's get this over with.)  Linda pulled her panties down, lifted one leg then the other and was now standing naked save for her thigh high stockings.

"Secretarial spread, very common problem with our career choice, Linda.  I suggest a few exercises to tighten those muscles.", Angie told her between guffaws of laughter.

"Don't listen to her, I think your ass is magnificent.  However, I'd like to see the rest, but first, Angie, want to bet if she's a true blonde or not?", Josh suggested.

"Only if I get the blonde, I saw the peek of hair when she pulled her bloomers off.  You're sneaky, I'll give you that.", Angie rebutted.

The knowledge that she had given at least Angie if not both of them a peek at her pubic area made Linda blush even more.  She was actually trembling slightly when she turned around to face them.

"Should I lower the air conditioning?", Angie asked in a very sickly sweet tone of voice.  Linda knew what Angie was hinting at, her erect nipples.

"She's blushing down to her breasts!", Josh announced.  He also noted the erectness of Linda's nipples.

"Can I get dressed now?", Linda asked between clenched teeth.

"Oh no, first there's the two minute spread, then we have to figure out how you can win your clothes back.  Remember?", Josh reminded.

(Of course I remember you moron!  I just hoped you didn't.  Guess that makes me pretty stupid also.)  Linda thought.

"Do I have to do the spread?", Linda asked pleadingly.

"Well, tell you what, I'll ask Angie here if I should spare you that humiliation.", Josh told her.

"Oh no, I was looking forward to the spread!", Angie proclaimed loudly.  "Go on, Linda, spread'em!!!", she ordered.

Feeling totally humiliated, Linda turned back around, bent down, reached behind herself and spread her ass cheeks widely.  Josh set a stopwatch.  "When the watch buzzes, you can stand back up.  Now that's a wonderful sight.", he assured her, lust apparent in his voice.

Fighting back tears, Linda could just imagine how she must look, her butt hole, her pussy, all open for their inspection.  And comments, mostly made by Angie.

"Did you have a kid we don't know about?  And I think you might want to wipe better.", were two of the kinder remarks Angie made during that infinitely long two minutes.

"Oh I think she looks good enough to eat.", Josh said to Angie.

"Not as good as I am, though I'm not going to be letting you see me like that.", Angie shot back.

Linda gritted her teeth and made a vow to put Angie in this exact same position, someday, somehow.  And that damned Josh would know how she felt!  She'd make sure of that.

The watch finally buzzed, Linda suspected it was set for longer than two minutes but said nothing.  Simply stood up and stretched her aching arms.

"Okay, fun's over.  Can I get dressed now?", Linda demanded.

"Sure, once you meet the conditions for getting your clothes back.", Josh said graciously.

"And that condition, condition singular, not conditions plural, is?", Linda stressed.

"Suck my dick.", he told her.

"Fuck off.", Linda shot back.  Then she simply walked out of the apartment leaving behind a flabbergasted Josh and a hysterically laughing Angie.

(It's going to be a long walk home.)  Linda thought to herself.