Held Prisoner at a Chinese Laundry
by Johnny

As had been planned, Natalie met up with her new friend, Kim Wong, at the Red Bull to discuss the fun each had had the night OSU beat Michigan.

"Youíre a riot, I bet Jimmy is still blushing.", Nat said with a laugh. Jimmy was a friend of Kimís and the two worked at the same Chinese restaurant. Due to his picking Michigan to win, he had ended up mooning a grand total of thirty-seven women.

"Yes he is. Damned glad I won else Iíd had been flashing the whole city. Poor boy, I think he either likes losing or just has bad luck for that was the third time heís challenged me at something and the third time heís lost. Fourth time coming up, heís taking Miami in the OSU - Miami game.", Kim informed her.

"Not really a bad idea, Miami will win. So whatís the wager for that game?", Natalie wondered aloud.

"Loser cleans the winnerís apartment au naturale and thereís no restrictions on inviting guests.", Kim said with a wicked grin.

"Tell him you donít do windows.", Natalie warned.

"I donít but he will. So you actually think OSU is going to lose? Whereís your school spirit?", Kim demanded.

"Left it in my other purse. I wouldnít mind having my place cleaned by a naked maid. And Iím sure Bob will enjoy it also.", Natalie casually mentioned.

"Hon, if you want a naked maid to clean your apartment youíll have to do it yourself, OSU is going to win.", Kim said firmly.

"Care to make a little wager on that?", Natalie asked wearing that mischievous grin of hers.

"Sure do and Iíll happily well not happily but willingly play naked maid for you. But since Jimmy will be doing that job, Iíd prefer another penalty for you when OSU wins.", Kim replied.

"Such as?", Natalie asked warily.

"I call it Held Prisoner in a Chinese Laundry. Hereís how it works.", Kim explained fully.

Natalieís eyes grew wide as she listened to Kim describe the laundry bit. Now that was daring! "Damn, can I change your loss to that?", Natalie bluntly asked.

"Nope, maid service is what you wanted, maid service is what youíll get.", Kim retorted.

"Then I think not only should you do windows but you should serve dinner also.", Nat negotiated.

"Done!", Kim agreed.

"One thing, if Miami forfeits the game, which is the only way OSU can win, and I do this laundry dare of yours, I do get to visit you while Jimmy is cleaning. Right?", Natalie asked.

"Oh sure thing hon, you were the first person I thought of inviting. Hell Iíll even have Jimmy invite you if I should lose, perish the thought! Oh, to be honest, Jimmy wonít be completely naked.", Kim admitted.

"He wonít be?", Natalie asked, a trifle disappointed.

"Nope, Iím going to let him keep his socks on.", Kim noted with a huge grin.

Well as Jimmy, Natalie, and probably a few million other people learned to their sorrow, OSU beat Miami which cost most people money. In Natís, Jimmyís, and likely a few dozen other people (perhaps a few hundred, who knows), the cost was a bit different.

In Natís case, she found herself at Mr. Leeís All Night Laundry at 1 AM in a OSU sweatshirt, jeans, socks, and shoes, with a pocketful of change and two large jugs of bleach. Thankfully the place was totally empty as she peeled her clothes off. Her sweatshirt went into one washer, her jeans another, her socks yet a third while her shoes went back on her feet. A rather large amount of bleach was put into each washer. The still impressive amount of quarters she had left went with her to the pay phone in back.

Dialing her cousin first, Natalie told Holly. "Help, Iím being held prisoner at a Chinese laundry.", then hung up. She then sat down on the chair and waited for fifteen minutes to pass.

At 1:30 AM, she made her second call, this one to her friend Terri. She repeated the message about being a prisoner and again hung up.

A few minutes later, Kim walked in, carrying a bag and grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "Any luck so far?", she asked the naked woman.

"No, do we have to do the next part?", Natalie wailed.

"Yes.", Kim said, simply taking two plastic clothes pins out of the bag and clipping one to each of Natalieís nipples. "Iíll be back.", she warned with a wink.

Natalie sat down thankful that the chairs were at back. Nature called and while she was answering the call she heard someone walking around the laundry mat! (Oh god, I hope itís Holly or Terri!), she prayed. Alas it was neither.

When Natalie hurried out of the bathroom hoping to see one of her friends there to rescue her she found a friend all right, but not there to rescue her. Penny, her co-worker who she had won the OSU - Michigan bet against, was standing in front of a washer wearing only a pair of shoes! Both women shrieked when they saw each other.

"You too?", Penny asked bewildered.

"Afraid so, whoíd you bet with?", Natalie asked.

"That delivery girl, the one who brought the food the night I lost to you. Bill and I ordered from there a week or so ago and she happened to deliver it. We got to talking about bets and we ended up making a wager on the game. As you can see I lost.", Penny admitted.

"Me too, same person, same wager, same outcome. Can you say stupid?", Natalie noted drolly.

"Yes we are.", Penny agreed as she went to make her call. Natalie heard her saying the same thing she had been, "Help Iím being held prisoner in a Chinese laundry."

"Whoíd you call?", Natalie asked.

"Karen, my brother-in-lawís wife.", Penny replied.

"I take it youíre not allowed to call Bill. I know Iím not allowed to call Bob.", Natalie noted and Penny agreed that was indeed the case.

Natalie made her third call, this time to her friend Rachael. No answer.

Loud voices could be heard from outside so the pair of naked women ducked out of sight but kept an watchful eye on the front door. Each was bent over at the waist with their head barely sticking by the end washer in the double row of washers running from the front of the laundry mat to about halfway back. As they were standing bent over sideways to the washer, their butts were only about a foot apart.

When Natalie felt fingers goose her, she screamed, fell forwards, and quickly looked up to see who had committed the outrage. Penny had screamed, jumped at foot and went into the classic September Morn pose at nearly the same time. Luckily for them the gooser turned out to be Kim.

"Hi! Any luck yet?", she asked cheerfully. "Oh thereís a back door.", she needlessly told them.

"No. Damn you you scared me out of a yearís growth.", Natalie groused.

"Oh heck you donít need it. More than a mouthful is wasted.", Kim, whose breast size nearly matched Natalieís quipped. "How about you Penelope?", she asked the slightly older woman.

"Not yet. Wish I had been allowed to bring my phone book.", Penny griped.

"So solly.", Kim said in a horribly fake Chinese accent. "And remember, no covering up! Iíll let this one slide but I catch you again Iíll invoke that penalty clause.", she warned.

With obvious reluctance, Penny dropped her hands to her sides. "Itís time for me to make a phone call.", she noted as she did just that.

"Fine Iíll take care of Nat then you.", Kim said cheerfully. "Might as well stay down for a moment Nat hon but turn over and spreadíem!", she told Nat who was still laying on the floor.

Grimacing, for she knew what was coming, Natalie rolled on her back and spread her legs wide. With an evil chuckle, Kim squatted down and clipped two more plastic clothes pins on Natalie, this time on her pussy lips.

"By the way, laying face down on the floor is covering up also, not allowed. Since I scared you and you fell, thatís not a warning just a reminder.", Kim said as she helped Natalie to her feet.

Penny returned from making her phone call and gritted her teeth while Kim clipped the pins on her nipples. "Iíll be back!", Kim said in an even worse Austrian accent.

"You know what Iím thinking?", Natalie asked Penny.

"How much fun it would be to have Kim tied to my table?", Penny promptly replied.

"Yep.", Natalie freely admitted.

At two oíclock, Natalie had her fourth call, Penny her third. By this time the washers had stopped but instead of removing the wet clothes and putting them in a dryer, the two women poured in some more bleach and started the washers over again.

Sitting was allowed, so the two of them sat on the chairs in back and discussed other stupid stunts they had pulled. As Natalie had expected, Penny usually was the tormentor not the tormentee in such things, but she admitted that Natalie wasnít the first person to beat her. Natalie conceded that she was usually the goat but had been known to win a time or two.

Very much to the horror of the two nudes, a bunch of guys walked into the laundry mat. Thankfully they didnít come in back, instead they got snacks and pops out of the vending machines up front then left without so much as looking in the back. Much to the relief of the two who didnít even breathe while the guys were there.

Kim came in moments later to check on the pair. "Everything okay?", she asked.

"Fine except for minor things like heart attacks.", Natalie quipped, not completely joking.

"Youíve got a heart?", Kim joked as she stood before Penny.

"You know whatís next.", she said, showing the blushing woman two clothes pins.

Nodding her understanding, Penny spread her legs so the pins could be placed in the same way Kim had done to Natalie. Then she went over to Natalie and clipped on a pair of earrings in their proper place. From Natalieís cute little earlobes dangled a pair of silver bells.

"Just a reminder, at my next check-in I wonít be alone. Any covering up at that time will invoke the penalty clause for doing so. Any luck on a rescue yet?", Kim asked.

Both women sadly admitted they had no luck getting a ride home which was what the calls were all about.

Natalie was concerned about something so she asked. "I know you wonít be alone, but Jimmy wonít be with you, will he?"

"Oh my no. It will be a guy but not Jimmy. Iíve only invited women to his show who I know he hasnít seen naked except for one who he won a bet with last year. I know sheís dying to have a chance to tease him for a change. Though if I win another bet against either or both of you sometime, very likely Jimmy will have his chance to gloat.", Kim advised.

"Consider yourself warned, you bet me and lose, Jimmy will know what you look like with your clothes off.", Natalie cheerfully warned her friend.

"If you manage that, Iím sure Jimmy would do anything you want as repayment. We grew up together and heís been trying without success to see me naked ever since I grew what little boobs I do have. Best he managed was seeing me in my bra and panties when we played a game of strip poker. That was the first but definitely not the last time I saw him naked. He lost.", Kim explained with a grin.

"Duh, I figured that.", Natalie said going to make yet another call. This time around she tried Bobís sister Belle. An answering machine picked up so Nat left the same message sheíd given twice before. "Help Iím being held prisoner in a Chinese laundry!"

Kim left laughing. After hearing the washers stop again, the two women restarted them and re-filled them with bleach then Penny went to make her call.

Penny was on the phone and Natalie was reading a magazine when they got some company. Not guys this time, a bunch of women one of whom Nat recognized as being a barmaid at the Red Bull. Unlike the probably drunk group of guys, the women immediately spotted the two naked women and were curious enough to find out why.

Red-faced, Natalie explained about the silly bet she (and Penny) had made to the four somewhat older women. Natalie was in her early twenties, Penny her late twenties, but the four strangers were all in their thirties, mostly the high side. Their looks ranged from plain to good as all of them were barmaids who having just gotten off work had decided to do laundry together here, something quite common for them.

Having worked as barmaids for years, oddball bets such as these didnít even phase them. Indeed, it got a discussion going about other strange bets the foursome had seen over the years. Nudity in such bets was far from uncommon it seemed, Bridgit the oldest of the four not only regaled the others with tales of sights she had seen but admitted to having lost a couple of nudie bets in her college days.

Sharon, the youngest of the four, thought the funniest thing sheíd ever seen was a woman getting spanked, bare-bottomed in a bar! Natalie owned up to having her own bare-bottomed spanked on occasion with more than just the spanker present, something Penny was unaccustomed to having had done. The only time sheíd been spanked other than by parents had been when she lost that bet to Natalie a few weeks earlier.

That switched the topic to spankings, which much to Natís surprise were far more common than she figured. All the women wearing clothes confessed to having been spanked by a lover or boyfriend or husband at some point in their life. And as it turned out, Sharon got it on a regular basis from her husband.

Maybe ten minutes later Kim returned, and as she had warned, she wasnít alone. Who she was with made all six womenís eyes bug out. Two men of Asian descent but the biggest men any of them could recall seeing. Each man stood nearly seven foot tall (6í8" to be precise, Penny asked.) and had muscles in places most men didnít even have places. Standing on either side of Kim who was all of five foot even and one hundred pounds tops, they looked like giants of old.

"My god, who are your bodyguards and can I have their bodies when youíre done with them?", Penny asked lustfully.

"For shame, you a married lady and all. And I donít do them like that.", Kim said jovially.

"Why waste good meat like that?", Sharon asked mystified.

"Incest is frowned on by Catholicism. Theyíre my brothers, Chang and Ching. Yes, thatís their real names, and yes even Oriental parents can be cruel.", Kim explained with a grin.

"Your brothers? Youíre obviously the runt of the litter.", Natalie noted sardonically.

"We Chinese come in only two sizes, extra small and extra large, I thought everyone knew that!", Kim teased.

Everyone got a chuckle out of that then Kim got a bit more serious (or silly depending on your point of view. The dressed women thought it was funny and silly, the undressed ones didnít.)

"So are any of these women here to "rescue" you?", Kim asked.

"Rescue? Oh yea, the prisoner bit. Nope, weíre just here to wash clothes. Go ahead and continue with your game. Weíll just sit here and laugh.", Bridgit assured the "Dragon Lady" (as Nat took to thinking of her.)

"Thanks, Iím sure thatíll make my "prisoners" feel so much better. Okay, listen up you two. Iím going to teach you one of the few Chinese words I do know. Itís in the Mandarin dialect if youíre curious. It means help. Here goes.", Kim said pronouncing the word very carefully several times.

After she was sure that Penny and Nat had it down pat, she went on. "Okay, weíre getting to the tying part. Now I like you both especially you Natalie, I consider you a friend even if weíve not known each other long. So I donít want anything bad happening to you unless Iím doing it.

So if some drunk wanders in off the street and ogles you two, youíve got no choice but to show him your goodies. If he goes to grab those goodies, either of you just yell that word at the top of your lungs and my brothers and I will come a running. Even if thereís more than one. These guys played football, lift weights, box, it takes a lot of guys to outnumber them. Kapish?", Kim asked earnestly.

"Gotcha, thanks. That certainly makes me feel better.", Penny said fervently.

"And me, though I wouldnít mind them fondling my goodies.", Nat admitted.

"Maybe. For now White Girl From Town, prepare to meet your fate! Oh god, please tell me youíve seen the movie Thinner.", Kim joked as she got out her bag of tricks.

"Stephen King flick, yea I did.", Natalie told her. "I havenít.", Penny said.

"Then Nat can explain that White Girl From Town bit later. Okay, letís see, you first Penelope. Oh the Perils of Penelope.", Kim sang.

Natalie watched as Kim took a stout piece of wood, likely a mop or broom cut down and tie one end to the inside of Pennyís left elbow tut you still have to start the wash cycle again. Remember your bleach and especially remember the penalty if you donít manage to do the wash. By the way, asking for help is allowed only if you pay your helper with something other than coin. What you pay is up to you." Then she and her gigantic siblings were gone.

"Wow this is intense! Iíve played bondage games with my husband, but nothing like this. Are you two sure youíre okay with it?", Leah, one of the barmaids in doing laundry asked sincerely.

"Yes I am. My husband and I play them all the time, usually but not always me tied down. And I was tied to a table while Natalie here and a whole group of others teased the life right out of me. Iíd love to put Kim through that though I doubt if Bill would like my wanting to have one or both of her brothers tied to my bed.", Penny said with a chuckle.

"Well Iím single but my cousin has been known to er rope me into things.", Natalie confessed.

"Okay, then youíre on your own although I think Iíll hang around a bit longer.", Leah said, apparently amused by the antics.

Again the six women sat and talked for a while until one of the barmaidsí (Sharonís) washer stopped. That reminded the bound duo of their obligation which they hurried to try to accomplish. But try as they might, neither Penny nor Natalie could figure a way to restart them or even put in the bleach.

Finally they had to concede defeat and ask for help. Leah reminded them that Kim had said such help would cost and the pair couldnít pay money. So how were they going to pay for their help?

"Now hereís where having guys around would make it simple. A blowjob would get the job done.", Natalie pointed out.

"Very likely, but weíre not guys, so what else?", Sharon joined into the verbal torment.

Remembering Sharonís comments about spankings, Penny tried, "How about if you spank us?"

"Maybe though Iíve got a better idea. Girls!", Bridgit motioned for her friends to gather close around her. She whispered something which got a lot of laughter and complete agreement from the other three. Natalie and Penny shuddered to think what it might be.

Taking the last of the money, the four women restarted each of the six washers after thoughtfully emptying the bottle of bleach into the wash first. Then they collected on the agreed upon price for the help. Agreed on by the dressed women, the two nudes had no idea what was about to happen to them.

When Kim and her brothers returned, a small crowd of mostly guys, maybe a dozen, had joined the barmaids in the enjoyment of the spectacle Penny and Natalie were putting on. The three of them burst into laughter which did little to ease the bouncing nudesí minds. Bouncing as the barmaids had set each of the bound women on top of a washer which was currently going through one of itís spin cycles.

Kim continued to chortle as she tried sounding sinister. "My god I havenít seen a look that goofy on someoneís face since I treated Jimmy to a blowjob. And I mean that in I sprung for someone to do it while I watched.", she commented between guffaws of laughter.

"Well maybe, but this damned stick under my ass isnít helping things at all!", Penny groused.

Natalie didnít bother replying, she was too busy enjoying the fact she was nearly about to orgasm. She idly wondered if she could get Chang or Ching to join her for another ride on this fun cycle. Alas, that was not to be.

"Iím impressed. So much so that Iím going to forgo what I had in mind and instead spring for another go-around.", Kim announced. Then wickedly choosing the longest wash cycle the washer had, she put in the coins and started it up after cutting the current cycle short. Although she did make one minor change before doing so.

This time when the washer started, each of the women riding it were slightly better equipped to enjoy the ride. For with the help of her brothers, she put a butt plug into each of them and a good-sized dildo up each twat. As the coup deígrace, a penis gag was stuck into two open mouths and tied securely in place. Then the machines were turned on.

As the bound pair could no longer call for help, Kim and her brothers simply stayed for the show. To further torment the pair, Kim informed them. "If youíre wondering why the gags taste salty itís because I used them on myself just before bringing them here. And I donít mean as a gag, youíre not the only ones who got turned on tonight. Tee hee, god Penelope, those big tits of yours are just jumping all over the place. Oh shit, I forgot your bell earrings. Ching, help me up." Penny tried speaking but only gargling sounds came out.

So there the two of the sat for the remaining time being held prisoner in a Chinese laundry mat. Whenever the machine would stop, some kind soul would find the coins to get them started again. And again the washers would shake the pair into a blissful combination of pain (from the sticks and pins) and ecstasy.

It was closing on six AM when the pair was finally rescued. As had been pre-arranged, if no one else came to claim the two now sleep-drunk and goofy gals, their husband (Pennyís) and boyfriend (Natalieís) would arrive to save them. So Kim allowed the guys to untie, unclip, and ungag the twosome. Actually Pennyís husband wanted to take her as was, but Kim insisted.

After all, it had also been pre-arranged that if such a rescue had to be made then public transportation other than a cab had to be utilized. Which meant walking and buses. And Kim hadnít spent all night making the pair over bleach those clothes for nothing. So the pair got dressed in clothes that were now very very pale white, very very fragile and very very holey. Just the proper attire to walk the fourteen blocks to the designated bus stop and then ride as close as the bus might take them to their home and finish the trip again on foot.

And it was such a nice bright sunny day by the time the four people left the laundry mat too.

Bob told Natalie sternly. "Belle says Iím supposed to spank your ass but good for waking her up."

"She got my message and didnít come help me? Hell her caller id would tell her where I was, thatís why I called her.", Natalie said with a pout. "But you can spank my ass all you want once we get to my place. Just as long as you fuck me till I canít come any more."

"Like youíre going to be able to stay awake much longer. Hell youíll probably fall asleep on the bus.", he retorted.

"Will too.", Natalie said though her yawn belied her words.

"Iím warning you, you fall asleep and youíll end up topless.", he warned.

"Yea right.", Natalie said with a sneer.

So does anyone want to wager that Natalie didnít walk the mile and a half from the bus stop to Bobís apartment topless? I didnít think so.