by Johnny


The old beat up Pontiac coasted to a stop just a few yards from the large wrought iron gates.  Turning the car off, the brown-haired woman driving stubbed out her cigarette then told the strawberry blonde in the seat next to her, “This is nuts Peg.  Breaking and entering is a felony!  We could go to jail!”

“Shut up and keep watch.  Remember if it wasn’t for your fuckin’ smoking and your idiot brother we wouldn’t be in this mess!”, Peggy snapped back.

The short blonde in the back seat pleaded.  “Calm down Peggy, Terri is nervous enough as is.  I don’t blame her a bit, I’m about ready to pee my pants.  Let’s just get in there, get the photos and get out.”

Nodding Peggy slipped her gloves on and got out of the car then Sheryl pushed the seat down and followed her out.  Terri stayed behind in the car shivering.  Partially from the cold, it was likely only about fifteen degrees outside and the engine was off.  But mostly from what they were doing and why.  Three ordinary housewives were going to burglarize the home of the owner of the company where their husbands worked!

Lighting another cigarette, Terri thought about what had brought them to this act of desperation.  A rather misguided Valentine’s Day’s present for their husbands.  And a horrible mistake that David, Terri’s brother, had made.  Terri coughed a bit, crushed her cigarette then lit another.  Damn David anyway!!

At the beginning of February, the three friends had been sitting around Terri’s house talking and playing cards.  Among the things they talked about was what to do for Valentine’s Day.  Terri had mentioned that last year she had greeted her husband Gary at the door wearing only three paper hearts held on by spirit gum.

Sheryl and Peggy had a good chuckle about that and it had been Peggy who suggested the idea which started the chain of events which led them to attempt a felony.  She had thought that this year they could present their husbands with nude pictures of themselves!

In response to Sheryl’s and Terri’s questions, Peggy explained what she had in mind.  They would take pictures of each other and Terri could develop them at David’s house.  Terri’s brother was a professional photographer and had a fully-equipped darkroom in his home.  Terri, while no expert, had often helped her younger brother both in taking and developing pictures.  The three of them agreed to Peggy’s idea and set a date for the “modeling” sessions.

That next week-end they got together at Peggy’s house as her husband Ron was going to be gone all day and they’d have the place to themselves.  As Terri had access to David’s top of the line cameras, she agreed to take all the pictures but her own, Peggy would shoot Terri.  Since Terri was providing the camera and the processing, the other two provided enough film so that each woman would have a full two-dozen pictures to give their respective husband’s on Valentine’s Day.

Well the picture taking went fine, the pictures turned out fine, the catastrophe occurred just after Terri finished developing the film.  She had put each lady’s pictures in a envelope with their name on it, then all three were placed in a larger manila envelope.  That’s when it happened.  Terri left the envelope sitting on the table and stepped out on the enclosed back porch to smoke.  While she was out there, David had come home and went into the darkroom.  She ran into him in the hallway.

“Oh hi Sis, here’s your envelope.  Somebody’s kids again?”, he asked as he handed her the manila envelope.  She noticed he had a similar envelope but paid it no mind.

“Something like that.”, she said vaguely.

“Well I’ve got to mail these aerial photos over to old man Harriman’s.  He’s paying me a bundle for them.”, David had informed her.

The siblings went their separate ways and it wasn’t until after Terri had arrived at Peggy’s house that they became aware of the disaster.  Terri had gotten the wrong envelope!  The envelope she had contained nothing but pictures of the area around old man Harriman’s house taken from a plane.  That meant that he had their nudes!

Old man Harriman was a bible thumping prude from way back, if he thought that his office manager, dock foreman, and chief shipping clerk were involved in something “kinky” like nude pictures of their spouses, the three men would be out on their asses pronto.

Terri had to suppress a laugh though she didn’t really think the situation was funny.  It was the irony of it all.  The husbands were kinky though they were totally innocent in the nude photos fiasco.  All three husbands were very devout spankers, as each of the wives knew.  Terri didn’t even want to think about what her ass would feel like if they either got caught in this robbery attempt or if old man Harriman got a hold of the photos.

Sheryl and Peggy had worked their way around to the back of the house where Peggy broke a window and the duo climbed in the darkened room.

“How’d you find out he didn’t have an alarm system?”, Sheryl asked softly as they crept down the hallway to the old man’s den.  Fortunately just this past Christmas, Harriman had held the company party at his house so the would-be burglars knew which room they would likely find the envelope.

“His maid is one of my customers at the salon, she mentioned it.  But we’ve got to hurry because he’s got arrangements with the cops to check the place out several times a night.”, Peggy whispered back.

Entering the den, the pair quickly went about searching for the envelope with their naked pictures.  Sheryl cursed, “Shit, my flashlight is going dead!”

“Dummy, I told you to get new batteries.”, Peggy snapped.

“No matter, how about if we use the lights?”, a strange male voice said.  The room filled with light from the overhead fixture.

The two women jerked around, scared senseless.  Standing in the doorway was a slender man, about twenty-five or so and he was holding a gun!

“Lindsey was right, she did hear a noise.  I guess I owe her an apology.  I thought she was just trying to postpone our activities.”, the man said pleasantly.  “Uncle Roger will be very upset with you two.”

“Look Mr. Harriman, this isn’t what it looks like.”, Sheryl began a desperate plea.  One cut off by the man.

“It’s Wilson, Bill Wilson, Roger is my mother’s brother.  As for what it looks like, it looks like I’ve caught a couple of lady burglars.  I’ll start with you.”  He motioned for Sheryl to move over by the desk.  “I’m going to frisk you for weapons.  You, the fake blonde.”

“What the fuck, I resent that!”, Peggy retorted indignantly.

“Whatever, both of you take your shoes off and toss them over this way.”, he ordered.  “Socks too.”, he added.

Confused and scared the duo complied and Sheryl put her hands on the desk assuming a stance she’d only seen on television.

“Back to you potty mouth, drop your jeans to your ankles and sit down on the floor on your hands.”, he said sharply.

“The fuck I will!”, Peggy yelled.

The man actually laughed.  “Yes you will, remember who’s got the gun and whose home you’ve illegally entered.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to ravish you, that’s to prevent you from quickly jumping me while I check out your friend.”, he advised.

Peggy seethed with anger.  Some at the man standing with that idiot grin, some at Terri for her foolishness, some at herself.  But mostly at Dave who she blamed for the whole thing.  And she did as she was told, she unbuckled her jeans, dropped them to the floor and awkwardly sat down on her hands.

Bill quickly patted Sheryl down.  While she was none too happy about a strange man touching her, she had to admit that he hadn’t taken advantage of the situation.  He had merely checked her for weapons and stolen goods.

“You’re clean.  Take off your jeans and leave them here then go sit down by your friend.  Once you’re sitting stick your hands through your panties so that they come out of the legs.”, he instructed.  Blushing a deep red Sheryl did so.

Once Sheryl was seated he pointed to Peggy, motioned her over to the desk and frisked her.  Finding nothing incriminating, he sent her back to sit next to Sheryl.  After he had her kick her jeans off which were still around her ankles.

Picking the discarded clothing up, he advised, “I’m going to check to see if anything is missing.  Feel free to leave if you wish, it’s only about twelve degrees outside.”  He chuckled and left the room.

Peggy quickly went to the window, opened it wide and started to go out.  “Are you crazy?”, Sheryl asked her.  “We’ll get frostbite!”, she wailed.

“It’ll take us maybe two minutes to make it to the car.  But if you want to stay warm then you can wait for Troy to pick you up.  I’m sure he’ll warm you good.  At least part of you.”, Peggy pointed out.

Sheryl winced, the thought of her husband finding out was not a comforting thought.  Peggy was right, he’d warm her up all right.  Most likely with a Ping-Pong paddle on her bare ass.  She almost fell out in her hurry to get out the window.

“Shit, where’d she go?”, Peggy cursed, shivering violently.  Terri wasn’t in the car and the doors were all locked.

“I don’t know but I can’t feel my toes!”, Sheryl wailed plaintively.

“Then how about if we all go back inside where it’s warm?”, Bill asked politely.  The women looked at each other and nodded resignedly.  The shivering burglar wash-outs followed Bill back inside where he led them to the same room they had just left.

Inside was Terri and a woman they didn’t know.  A short redhead, a little plump but cute.  She was holding the gun that Bill had earlier.  Like Sheryl and Peggy, Terri was bare-footed but unlike them she was clad only in her bra and panties, not the heavy woolen dress she had worn.

“The driver of the getaway car give you any trouble Linds?”, Bill asked.

“Nope, though she wasn’t happy about having to remove her dress and slip both.”, the redhead answered cheerfully.

“That was a bit much.  I had these two take off their jeans to keep them in here.  I didn’t think they would go out in this bitter cold without them.  You were here to watch this one, the partial strip was uncalled for.”, he said reprovingly.

“Sorry hon, just figured you’d want the three of them to be dressed alike.”, the redhead chuckled.

“They’ll be getting dressed in just a moment, the police will prefer to take them in that way.”, he noted.

“Please Mr. Wilson, don’t call the cops.  We weren’t trying to steal anything, we just wanted our own property back.”, Sheryl pleaded.

“And what property is that?”, he asked.  No one spoke at first.

“Come now, if you want to talk me out of something, you’ve got to speak.  Unless you would prefer to talk to the police?”, he said with a touch of irritation in his voice.

“Well sir it’s like this.”, Sheryl explained, telling him the whole story from the gift idea to the photo mix-up to the half-assed (and now half-dressed) attempt to steal them back.  When she finished he laughed.

“That’s such an outlandish story I’m tempted to believe it.  Hey Lindsey, didn’t a manila envelope come for Uncle Roger today?”, he asked the redhead.

“Yes, I put it on the dresser in his bedroom.  Should I get it?”

“Yes please, but give me the gun first.”, Bill instructed.  Lindsey handed over the gun and scurried off.

The man took the gun, ejected a shell from the chamber, took out the magazine, and stuck it in the desk.  “I don’t think we’ll need this.  Do we?”, he asked.

“No sir.  Er can we get dressed or at least shut the window?”, Sheryl asked.

“Not until I’ve checked out your story.  As for the window, you and the fake blonde seem to like it open.”, he quipped.

“I’m not a fake blonde!!!  I just highlight my hair, I’m a hairdresser after all dammit!”, Peggy yelled.

“She’s right she’s a real blonde hon.”, Lindsey said from the doorway.  She had the envelope and was chuckling as she was leafing through the pictures.

“That’s it!  Can we have them and go!”, Terri asked, speaking for the first time.

“In a moment, I want to be sure these are actually your pictures.”, Bill said.  Taking the envelope from a widely grinning Lindsey, he looked through the pictures and at each woman.

“My apologies, you are a natural blonde.”, he said sincerely which brought a blush to Peggy.  The other two women had been blushing furiously since he started to look at the pictures.

“So can we have them, get dressed and go home?  We’ll pay for the window.”, Peggy said in a small voice.  Apparently she was totally abashed which shocked her friends, they had never know their wild friend to ever be so meek.

“I guess so.”, Bill began but Lindsey interjected.  “What?  Wait a minute, they broke into the house, scared the shit out of me, ruined what was the beginning of a very nice romantic evening, and you’re going to just let them go?”, she said angrily.

“Don’t cuss, you know I don’t like you to cuss.  And they have been punished.  After all they’re standing there half-dressed and a strange man has seen naked pictures of them.  Seems like punishment enough.”, he pointed out.

“Rubbish!  They could have called, explained the mix-up and gotten the envelopes switched during the day.  Your uncle wouldn’t open mail that didn’t belong to him, if he was told about it ahead of time.  He’d would have given them the pictures without a second thought.  As for the half-dressed and strange man, that came about from the half-assed way they tried to get the pictures.  They’ve still not been punished for the breaking and entering itself, the scaring us, etc.”, Lindsey pointed out bluntly.

“True enough but they were afraid to try that approach.  Are you saying we should call the cops?”, he rebutted.

“Please no, anything but that!”, Terri said plaintively.

“Bill hon, if I was stupid enough to pull this stunt and you caught me at it, what would you do to me?”, the redhead asked softly.

“That’s easy, I’d turn you over my knee and wear your bare butt out.”, Bill said with a shrug.

“Well there you have it.”, Lindsey said with a look of angelic innocence.

“Whoa, wait a damned minute!  I’m not going to let anybody turn me over their knee and spank this ass!”, Peggy protested loudly.

“You know Lindsey, you’ve got a point there.  Well ladies, spankings or the law?”, he asked the three of them.

“Over my dead body!”, Peggy said firmly.

“It will be after Ron bails you out of jail.”, Sheryl reminded.

“How are you going to spank us?”, Terri asked in a small timid voice.

“Fair question.  Lindsey, I believe this calls for a double pack.  Get my paddle and your hairbrush.”, Bill ordered.  The giggling redhead scurried off.

“To answer it, you’ll be getting forty swats with the hairbrush and forty swats with the paddle.  And to speed this up, I’ll be doing the paddling while Lindsey will be doing the er brushing up.”, Bill informed them with a grin.

“It’s not fucking funny!”, Peggy wailed.

“Actually it is, especially since you’ve got fifty per now for your potty mouth.”, Bill said with a chuckle.

“Aw shit!  You’re kidding.”, Peggy griped.

“Sixty and no I’m not.”, Bill said very sternly.

Lindsey returned with the items and was overjoyed to find out she was going to be assisting Bill.

Setting two chairs out in the middle of the room, Bill informed them how this would go.  “I’ll start with Peggy, Lindsey will start with Sheryl.  Terri, you stand facing that window your friends opened.  When you hear Peggy call out sixty, you come over to me.  You’ll ask me to give you your spanking then you’ll get over my lap.  Meanwhile Peggy will do the same in front of Lindsey.  Sheryl, you’ll then go and stand by the window.  Anyone standing at the window will stand with their hands on their head and at no time will any of you attempt to put your hands below your waist.  Failure to follow any of these instructions will result in all three of you getting another spanking.  Do you understand?”

Getting three nods he snapped, “I expect you to speak when spoken to!  Do you understand?”  This time he got three yeses.

“Hon, you didn’t say if it was going to be bare or not, I think it should be bare.”, Lindsey said sweetly.  The three women glared daggers at her.

“Yes, I agree it should be bare, but don’t gloat too much Lindsey, it’s not becoming.”, Bill told her sternly.

“Yes sir, sorry.  Bare it is.  Do we lower their panties when they get over our lap or should they do it now?”, Lindsey asked in a neutral tone of voice.

“Neither, to speed things up a bit we’ll just have them lose the panties now.  Off with them ladies.  Any protests, comments, or profanity will result in another spanking.”, he instructed.

Peggy bit her lip, glared at the grinning redhead, glared at Terri, then removed her black bikini panties.  Sheryl reluctantly surrendered her white cottons, and Terri even more reluctantly gave up her thong.

At Bill’s command of “Places everyone!”, Peggy went to over to him and asked in a very small voice, “My I please have my spanking?.”  Then at his reply she got over his lap.

Bill pressed one hand firmly down on the small of Peggy’s back and rubbed both of her cheeks with the paddle.  Taking his right leg, he crossed it over Peggy’s legs to help hold her in place.  Peggy gulped and tensed.  She had seen the paddle before she was put over his lap.  It was the size of a Ping-Pong paddle but a bit thicker and it had holes drilled in it.  She just knew it was going to hurt like hell.

CRACK!  She was right!  The first one landed and hurt so badly she forgot to count, in fact he had finished four then reminded her to count and to start from one!  Dammit, he was every bit as bad as her husband Ron!

“One oooooowwwwwwww  Two Three.”, she counted aloud as the paddle landed on first her left ass cheek then her right ass cheek then across both at once.  Every so often he’d spank the part of her ass where the butt and thigh joined.  That stung even worse.  But the ones he landed on the top of her thighs were the worst of all!  Despite her resolve not to, Peggy couldn’t help it, she was crying, sobbing, and would have pleaded had she not had to keep count.  She didn’t dare lose count, she couldn’t take too much more!  Although she was grateful he had her legs pinned, the way he was spanking her, she would have been kicking her legs every which way which would have removed her last trace of dignity.

Lindsey made Sheryl repeat her request a bit louder before she let the blushing blonde over her lap.  Instructing Sheryl to grab a hold of the chair legs and not to let go, Lindsey placed her left hand also on the small of the back, but in her case, she gently rubbed that area at the same time she was rubbing Sheryl’s butt with the wooden hairbrush.

{Damn her, this is getting me horny, Troy does this when we’re having fun spankings.  Why won’t she get this over with?}, Sheryl thought as she tried not to squirm.

Lindsey chortled, she could tell she was having the affect she wanted.  She wasn’t surprised, the rubbing always did that to her also.  And she figured that it would bother Sheryl to be getting turned on with so many people watching.  Still she had better get started or she might find herself over Bill’s lap getting her bare ass spanked.  And she didn’t want that to happen with company present.

Whack!  The hairbrush landed firmly where Sheryl’s nether cheeks were the plumpest.  Moaning a bit, Sheryl had the presence of mind to call out “One!”  {Dammit, I was hoping she’d forget.}, Lindsey groused to herself and she enthusiastically went about reddening the plump pair of nether cheeks poised on her lap.  As she spanked, she kept up the rubbing with her left hand, allowing a finger or two to tease the top of Sheryl’s butt crack.  Then every so often she’d paused the spanking to rub with the hairbrush.

Terri stood at the window, hands on her head shivering a bit.  The cold air was blowing in on her nearly naked skin.  Her breasts, covered only by a thin silk bra, were goose-bumped and the nipples were painfully erect.  Behind her she could hear her friends counting the spanks, could hear the sound of wood hitting flesh, Peggy’s sobs, Sheryl’s moans and cries, Lindsey’s giggles, and Bill’s stern reminders to Peggy.

Out the window she could see the street and the few cars which did go by made her cringe and she had to fight the impulse to cover herself or move from the window.  After all, with the light on in the room and the drapes pulled back like they were with the blinds fully raised, Terri was perfectly framed in the window and could be easily seen.  She didn’t move for she feared what additional punishment would be involved if she did.  Gary, her husband, often gave her corner time and she knew what he’d do if she moved or rubbed a burning bottom.  So despite her embarrassment she stayed right where she was.  Thankfully the road was quite a ways off, old man Harriman had a very good-sized estate.

Despite Peggy’s longer spanking, Bill finished first as Lindsey had taken to rubbing Sheryl between the legs with the hairbrush.  The sore bottomed blonde was on the verge of an orgasm when she was unceremoniously pushed off Lindsey’s lap and told to go to the window.

Terri walked over to Bill, her hands still on her head and asked him.  “Please may I have my spanking?”.  She was very aware of her state of arousal and her near nudity.

“Yes you may.”, Bill replied gallantly and positioned her over his lap.  He held her close to his waist and unlike Peggy he didn’t pin her legs down.  He raised the paddle and ....

WHACK!!  Terri jumped and jerked from the impact on her chilled bottom.  She called out one as she thought.  {One?  God help me, I’ll never make it to forty.}

Lindsey looked up at the tall blonde crying asking, “May I please have my spanking?”  Lindsey took great delight in say, “No, you may not.  Not unless you say pretty please with cream and sugar.”

Gritting her teeth, Peggy fought the urge to grab the smartass redhead and use the hairbrush on her.  With obvious difficulty, she asked again.  “Pretty please with cream and sugar, may I have my spanking?”  Lindsey started to say no but at Bill’s mere use of her name, she responded with yes.

Like Sheryl, Peggy was told to hold on to the chair legs and Lindsey did cock her right leg over Peggy’s left, but allowed the right one to kick freely.  Which it did, Peggy was kicking, squirming, and counting as Lindsey laid the hairbrush onto her already sore bottom time and time again.  However Peggy was busy mentally cursing the three people she blamed most for the situation she found herself in; namely Terri, her brother David, and this damned grinning redhead.  She vowed to herself to see to it that somehow, some way, David and this damned bitch got the same thing she was getting!  Terri at least was getting what Peggy figured she deserved.

Sheryl was very grateful she had on such a warm sweater, at least her top half was comfortable.  Her bottom half felt like ice except her poor aching ass.  It felt like it was on fire.  She truly wished she could turn around.  Maybe the chilly air would take some of the burn out of her blistered butt.  Like Peggy she was also picturing David and Lindsey being similarly punished, but unlike Peggy she didn’t consider Terri to be at fault.

However, Terri did blame herself.  She was truly sorry her friends were suffering through the indignities they were.  When she saw her brother again she planned on giving him a piece or two of her mind!

Bill took his time with Terri, of the three women she was the loveliest in his opinion.  And she seemed the most innocent of the three.  Part of him regretted his decision to use the paddle, as he’d love to have been able to feel the delightful bottoms which had unexpectedly come into his life.  However, he knew they were married and he was engaged, so he satisfied himself with looking and not touching.  Well except for the slap he gave Terri to let her know he was finished.

Lindsey was slightly miffed, she could tell by the look on Bill’s face he was truly enjoying spanking the brunette.  {What’s she got that I haven’t got?  Or her friends, he didn’t act that way with the busty blonde?} Lindsey thought as she idly tormented her “victim”.

Since Bill was dilly-dallying so much, Lindsey had finished first despite having a longer spanking to dole out.  So to while away the time she had taken to rubbing Peggy between her legs with the handle of the hairbrush and tease the crack of her behind with her fingers.  Peggy had protested but Lindsey’s question, “Do you want another twenty instead?”, had silenced that protest.

Terri got up from Bill’s lap and staggered over to Lindsey.  The grinning redhead gladly allowed her to get over her lap, but she instructed her to lay in the opposite direction then she had had either Peggy or Sheryl do so.  And the reason was for pure deviltry.  The wicked redhead slipped a hand under Terri’s leg so she could tease the already turned on brunette without Bill noticing.  So poor Terri got her clit tormented while her ass was being thoroughly swatted.

Peggy took Sheryl’s place at the window and like her friend she was very nervous whenever a car went by.  And cold!  The wind seemed to kick up in strength.  Damned David anyway!  She cursed as she shivered and fought the urge to rub her bottom.

Sheryl was across Bill’s lap and he went about her spanking as methodically as he had Peggy’s.  Halfway through it she began to wonder if maybe he’d consider using only his hand if she offered to take off the rest of her clothes.  By the time he got to thirty she would have volunteered to come by weekly to perform stripteases if he’d just stop.  Fortunately for her the ordeal was over before she actually did yell out something besides the count.

“Okay, that’s it, the three of you can get dressed.”, Bill announced as he helped Sheryl to her feet.

“Oh pooh, no corner time for them?”, Lindsey said with a pout.  She still had Terri over her lap and had the quivering brunette just on the verge of orgasm.

“NO!  Let her up, they can get dressed and go home with their photos!”, Bill said sternly.  Very reluctantly Lindsey stopped and allowed an ever more reluctant Terri up.

“Can I please put this fuc cough cough cough window down?”, Peggy asked, hopefully catching her near miss in time.

With a laugh, Bill replied.  “Of course, a bit chilly in here isn’t it?”  None of the women thought that was the least bit funny.

As they dressed Bill and Lindsey both told them not to worry, no one would hear a thing about tonight from either of them.  And Bill invited them to drop by anytime at all, with or without their husbands, no problem, they [Bill and Lindsey] would enjoy seeing them again.  The women replied non-commitally and continued their dressing.

Once they were fully dressed, and with their envelopes clutched in their hands, the well-spanked trio made their way out to the car.

“That bitch Lindsey is on my list!!!!  Right behind you and Dave!”, Peggy swore.

Terri light up a cigarette then tried to start the car while saying, “Dave is dead, I agree there.  Lindsey well she needs taken down a peg.  I think Bill was almost gentlemanly about the whole thing.”

“Probably far more so then Troy will be, get a move on, Terri!”, Sheryl groused.  She was horny and she knew she didn’t dare let Troy see her ass for at least a day or two.

“Shit, the battery’s dead!”, Terri wailed.

“Aw fuck no!!!!”, Peggy swore.

“Only one thing to do.”, Terri pointed out miserably.

The contrite trio walked back up to the house they had tried to burglarize and rang the bell.  With a surprised look on his face, Bill let them in.

Once he heard what the problem was, he graciously allowed them to wait inside while a mechanic came and jumped started their car.  He even paid for it!  Lindsey seemed glad to see them also, fixing coffee all around.  Still the trio had silently agreed, she was going to get hers!

Forty-five minutes later the threesome was finally on their way, each wondering what the hell to say to their husbands and how to get David and Lindsey back.