Cat's Tale
by Johnny


Cleveland Ohio

Cat was feeling pretty good with herself. Her team was winning, it was nearly the end of the third quarter, and one of her two opponents was already sweating buckets. Erin was scheduled to work the day of the big game with the understanding that if OSU won, Cat would be taking over for her at 6 P.M. And her hours would still count for Erin’s paycheck, so Cat would be working for free in the event she lost.

At this point that seemed unlikely. Michigan had the lead, the third quarter had just ended. She was glad she had decided to watch the game at Twisted Mister Saloon where Erin worked. Poor girl, every time she looked at Cat she’d spill something or drop something. And Cat wasn’t even smirking, hadn’t made a single remark, had in fact been pretty quiet the entire time. Something unusual for her.

Part of that was due to caution. She could recall a bet or two that she just knew she was going to win and had crowed about it all the way up to the point she found she lost. There’s nothing sweeter than to zap a person like that, and nothing worse than the feeling the zappee has knowing her mouth made the whole thing worse.

Another part was due to her watching Shark play pool and fantasizing about what she’d do to him once he was her helpless slave. God, she could hardly wait for midnight! She figured on leaving once the game was over, getting something to eat (though the bar served food) and changing into her sexiest, most drop dead outfit. Hm, she thought, the bikini undies I’ve got on actually will help me tease Shark. I can whip off the dress I’ll be wearing and parade around him while he’s tied naked to my bed. Glad Erin suggested the change to our bet though I bet she’s not happy about it.

The change Cat was referring to, had to do with the outfit that either Erin or Cat would be wearing from six to nine while being the barmaid. Originally the bet was the loser would were a thong bikini, meaning a swim suit. Erin thought bikini thong underwear would be even more hilarious. Cat didn’t mind, she had originally made the bet where the loser would be naked the entire time. It was the Mutt, the owner of the bar, who had declared the change. Worries about his license, Cat figured. Although he happily allowed the nudity after 9 P.M..

"God damn, finally the Buckeyes score!", someone shouted.

Looking at the TV, Cat shrugged and ordered another gin and tonic. "Yea, they’re playing hard, I’ll give them that. Hope Michigan plays harder."

Bob, one of the regulars, joked, "I bet you do. I can’t decide if I want them to win or Michigan to win. Either way we guys win."

Good point, no matter what OSU did, someone was getting naked in this bar tonight. And she could understand why the guys didn’t mind who. Cat wouldn’t bragging, well not much, if she were to described herself as a knockout. She was. She been a runner-up in the Miss Cleveland contest. She stood five foot five in her bare feet, weighed one hundred and twenty-four pounds, had blonde hair cut short, ending at the top of her neck, green eyes, and a face usually described as impish and she had a rosy complexion. Her vitals were 35C-23-38, and she worked hard at keeping her stomach flat, her thighs toned, and her ass (which she thought of as too big) under control.

Erin was also a knock-out. Darker skinned than Cat, she was shorter by two inches but probably weighed just as much. Long black hair which went down to her waist but her eyes were pale grey, quite a contrast. She had the longest and loveliest eyelashes, Cat had ever seen, and a very pouty mouth. Lovely face, sort of reminded Cat of Jane Seymour that British actress. And her figure was just fantastic. Her breasts had to be 37C’s, she wasn’t anymore than 24 around the waist, and probably a 36 around the hips. She had an ass made for spanking, something Cat planned on doing to that ass before the night was over

Erin was bringing another drink to Cat when someone shouted that Michigna had the ball on the twenty-eight yard line. "Not looking so good, is it?", Cat idly noted as she paid for her drink.

Erin managed to drop the dollar bill and three quarters which Cat had coming on to the floor. She hurriedly bent over to scoop them up. "Sorry. Here’s your change.", Erin said testily.

Cat smiled as she took the change. Both she and Erin were watching the screen as the Michigan quarterback threw the short pass. The ball sailed lazily through the air and landed safely. In the hands of a OSU player!!! It took a moment for the realization of what had just happen to sink in.

Erin reacted first. "I won, I won, I won!!!!", she yelled joyously, jumping up and down, much to the delight of the many bar patrons. Their delight was due to her bare midriff blouse flapping about in a most interesting way. The look on her face was that of a woman just spared a death penalty.

The only thing Cat could think was that she was glad. Glad she hadn’t been doing any crowing while Michigan was in the lead or she’d be eating more crow than she already would have to eat. The look on her face equalled that of a child who just learned there’s no Santa.

"Congratulations.", Cat said graciously when she finally found her voice. She noticed all the male patrons and quite a few of the female patrons eyeing her speculatively.

"I heard you say you were going to go home for a bit after the game. Fine with me, just be here as six sharp. I do have a hairbrush and I’m not afraid to use it.", Erin warned.

Cat couldn’t help but think that apparently Erin had the same thought about Cat’s ass that Cat had had about Erin’s. "I’ll be here.", she swore, getting up and walking on shaking legs to the door.

"If you don’t, I’ll be perturbed.", Erin said with a smirk.

Cat stopped on the way home, grabbed something to eat then went on home. Once there she pulled off her blouse, slipped off her slacks and looked herself over in her full-length mirror. Oh god, this underwear is nearly transparent! Cat thought looking at her reflection. The bra, what there was of it, was smoky grey in color. The cups barely covered the lower half of her breasts and the material over her nipples was no thicker than elsewhere. The straps were thinner than strands of spaghetti it opened in the front.

The panties were even worse. Thong panties the same color as the bra. The small pouch meant to conceal her pubic area barely covered the hair. In fact, a a bit of hair hung over the top. Cat took her razor and trimmed herself in hopes of keeping a few secrets. Then she laughed. Why bother? At nine what little covering these garments offered would be lost anyway, she had to finish the night in the nude!

"Stupid bitch, why didn’t you stick with blowjobs? Sure Erin would pick the ugliest guy in the place, but at least you’d have all your clothes on!", Cat chastised herself.

Cursing herself, her luck, that fucking OSU player (I’ve got to find out who that was so I can kick his ass!), Cat thought as she slipped on an old pair of jeans and a raggedy sweatshirt. Since she was going to have to strip anyway, she didn’t want any of her good clothes ruined. Besides, she wouldn’t put it past that bitch Erin to "lose" Cat’s clothes. She’d be damned if she’d give her rival a chance to lose a Gucci dress for example.

Now for shoes. Oh shit, Shark’s see this pair. I just know he’ll say something if I don’t wear them, Cat thought miserably. She had a pair of shoes which would lace up not just around her ankles, but all the way to her knees. And the heels were nine inch stilettos! Like the undies she had on, they were a present from a previous lover. Fine for bedroom games, not even too bad playing "servant" for him, something he got a kick out of. But six hours on her feet tending bar!! She’d have to walk tippy-toed all night!

"William Jonathan Harper, I hate you!", she screamed curses at the man who had bought her the undies and the heels. Feeling a tad bit better, she started to put the shoes on then realized the problem she’d have with her jeans. To strip at the bar, she’d have to unlace and relace these fucking shoes. Then she’d have to repeat the process when she got dressed. If she got dressed that is, a thought which troubled her greatly.

Stripping off the jeans, she got out an old denim skirt and put that on. Now the hell heels could go on. Skirt was a bit short, maybe two inches below her crotch but what the hell, it’s not like it was going to be staying on long. Then she sat down and waited for the clock to strike 5PM when she’d call for a cab (no way she was walking the fifteen blocks in this rig) to take her to her death. Well, at least her fate.

"You’re late.", Erin pointed out as Cat hobbled her way into the bar.

"Five frigging minutes! Piss up a rope.", Cat shot back, miffed at theses stinking shoes.

Mutt laughed as he handed Cat a tray. "You can stick your clothes in the kitchen.", he told her.

"Thanks.", Cat said half-heartedly. The capacity crowd was waiting expectantly as she started for the kitchen.

"Wait, go ahead and lose the clothes now. These fine people have been waiting to see you in your thong and you’ve kept them waiting enough.", Erin proclaimed loudly.

"Nuts, I’ll undress in the kitchen.", Cat shot back.

"Then you’ll get spanked in here, your choice.", Erin said nastily, showing Cat the hairbrush.

"There was nothing about a spanking in the wager!", Cat protested.

"I warned you about being late, you didn’t complain then, too late now.", Erin pointed out.

When Cat remained silent and wide-eyed, Erin snapped. "Which is it? Stripping in here and gettting five swats in the kitchen, or vice-versa?"

Pulling her blouse over her head, Cat threw it at Erin. Slowly unzipping the back of her skirt, she let that fall to the floor, stepped out of it then froze. She didn’t really want to bend over to get it. Erin smirked, correctly figuring out Cat’s dilema.

Turning so her butt was facing the bar, Cat squatted down, grabbed the skirt then scurried off to the kitchen. Erin laughed loudly as she followed her already blushing opponent.

Casually tossing Cat’s blouse on top of a microwave, Erin instructed. "Bend over, grab your ankles and get ready to say ouch."

"And the horse you rode in on!", Cat shot back though she did as instructed. She could just imagine what sort of picture she made, what with her nearly naked butt save for a thin strip of cloth up the crack, sticking up so invitingly.

Erin grinned at the sight, reached down and pulled the thong so that it snapped back just before landing a good solid whack with the hairbrush. Cat grimaced, clenched her teeth and waited for the ordeal to end.

The smiling victor was in no hurry to rush anything though. Rubbing Cat’s left ass cheek she suddenly swatted the other cheek. Then rubbing that cheek she swatted the left cheek yet again. A fourth swat landed yet again on the exact same spot.

Just when Cat figured all swats were going on the left side of her ass, the hardest swat of all landed on her right cheek. The impact was enough to bring tears to eyes and make her stagger forward.

"Shit that hurt!", Cat grumbled as she stood up and rubbed her stinging ass.

"No rubbing, here’s your tray, get to work.", Erin ordered, waving the hairbrush threateningly.

"You’re enjoying this too damned much.", Cat snapped, taking the tray and walking towards the bar. At the door she paused, briefly considered suicide, homicide, or at least fleeing the scene but instead she took a deep breath and stepped out.

The bar cheered and applauded as the scantily clad woman came out of the kitchen and began the arduous task of taking drink orders and serving them. Thanks to her impossibly high heels poor Cat was hobbling about clumsily.

Shark called her over, ordered a bourbon then looked her up and down with lust in his eyes. "I’m really looking forward to collecting on our bet.", he said warmly.

"So am I.", Cat said with a wink. As she turned to get his drink, she wiggled her butt at Shark. She noticed Erin giving her the evil eye as she did so.

"I’m also looking forward to Shark’s collecting.", Erin said with a savage grin. That’s when it struck Cat, Erin would be there for that also! And not just there, actively helping Shark torture the helplessly bound Cat! God could it get any worse!

Actually it could. While serving drinks, Cat lost her balance and fell over onto a couple. It was like a scene from a bad movie, one second she was bending over slightly the next second she had her face buried in some lady’s groin, and her butt laying conveniently on some guy’s lap.

"I’m so sorry, I slipped.", Cat said plaintively, struggling to get up.

Erin leaned over the back of the seat and pushed Cat back down. "Tsk tsk, clumsy girl. I think these fine people should punish you for your klutziness."

"NOO!", Cat yelped.

"Go ahead hon, I don’t mind.", the woman whose lap Cat’s face was pressed assured her date.

Now I’m reasonably sure that there are some men, who finding an attractive woman draped over their lap, and having been given permission by their significant other to spank said attractive woman, would decline to do so and would instead help the poor unfortunate woman up and allow her to retain some dignity.

Unfortunately for Cat, not one of those three guys was there. The man, having been invited to do so by both Erin and his date, immediately began to spank Cat with great feeling, putting a lot of effort into it.

To increase Cat’s discomfort, like it really needed increasing, the lady took to snapping the back of Cat’s bra. And since her other hand was pressing Cat’s head down, Cat couldn’t see much of anything but she could feel the indecent assault going on.

The bar could see though. Mutt, the owner/bartender laughed as he turned the lights up high over that booth. The crowd laughed as Cat’s legs kicked wildly as she endured her spanking.

Finally the spanking was over and Cat was helped to her feet by a still laughing Erin. Giving the woman a swat on her already sore butt, Erin said. "No more loafing, lots of work to be done."

Cat was nearly to the end of the first part of her shift and was starting to really freak out about the next segment. She was thoroughly mortified by all these people seeing her clad so immodestly, but that would pale to how she’d feel once she was forced to peel off what little cover she had. It just couldn’t get any worse, it just couldn’t.

Wrong! Way wrong. Cat was fortunately behind the bar when she noticed four people come in the door, three men and a woman. People she knew, and not just from the bar. One man was her boss, and the other three were people she worked with! At it was five to nine! Five minutes until she had to strip naked for the rest of the night!

"Shit!", she said as she hurried as quickly as she could into the kitchen. Erin saw and followed Cat inside.

"Want to get an early start on your naked duties? Fine with me.", Erin said with a sly grin.

"Nope, bet’s over, I’ve got to go.", Cat said as she searched for her clothes.

"Why?", Erin wondered though she suspected.

"Those people who just came in, I work with them. I can’t play naked barmaid with them. I have to face them five fucking days a week. And one of them is my boss!", Cat explained with a rush of words. "You’ve got to let me out of the bet."

Erin sat down on a stool and motioned for Cat to sit on the other. "No can do. Now listen, I’m not being a total bitch. Think about it. You made the bet and specifically picked this bar. You didn’t suggest the Wild One, Johnny’s Jamboree, or ENF’s. You picked this one."

"Well sure, this is where I lost that bet and had to blow some guy. And you’ve been smirking at me about it ever since.", Cat replied, a bit confused.

"Well sure, it was fun watching you make a fool of yourself then, even more so now. But what if I had lost?", Erin asked calmly.

"Then that would be you out there with your ass hanging out and in about one minute everything else. But you don’t work with them.", Cat pointed out.

"Course I don’t dummy. I work here. At this bar. With Mutt who owns it. And Michael who tends bar the nights Mutt’s off. And the bouncers, Ogre and Akira. And the other two barmaids, Patty and Tiffany. And not one of them has ever seen me naked, but I know Mutt would love to, I’m sure the other guys also. Do you think any of them would let me live it down? Hell Patty would enjoy rubbing it in for weeks.

And the regulars, including you, would have a field day with it. Can you sit there and honestly say that you wouldn’t mention it next Saturday? I thought not.

If you don’t want to show your face in here after having showed everything else, you can always change bars. But I can’t just up and quit. Car payments, rent, etc. And while you might not think of bartending being a real job, I do. I’d feel obligated to giving Mutt two weeks notice, and you can be sure at least the women would tease me every day of those last two. Let you off? Not a chance in hell."

Cat was silent for a moment or so then meekly asked, "What do I tell them?"

"Try the truth. Time to strip.", Erin said as she got down off the stool.

Cat stood up but didn’t take what little she had off. She just stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. Erin smiled and walked over to the slightly trembling woman.

"You’ll get through it.", Erin assured her as she undid the clasp of Cat’s bra. Cat didn’t resist as her rival slid the straps down her arms.

"You going to take the panties off or do I? If I do, I might just give you another spanking. And trust me, it’ll not be with you hiding in here.", Erin said nastily.

That snapped Cat out of her stupor. With an angry glare at her smirking "boss", she slipped her panties down and off.

Taking the tray, she again walked to the door and stopped. (I hope the time with Shark more than makes up for this.), she thought miserably as she strode out into the bar naked except for a pair of shoes.

Deliberately the mortified woman headed towards the rear of the bar and away from her co-workers who were still ignorant of who the naked waitress was. Though not for long.

The woman she worked with called out, "Hey waitress, we need a drink." Cat cringed at the sound of that voice and it took every bit of self-control she had to fake a smile as she turned around and headed for that table. And very possibly the unemployment line she thought miserably. I just wish my damned nipples would stop sticking out so much, she grumbled to herself as she got to the table.

"Finally, what does it take to get a drink in this place? OHMIGOD!", the woman who had called for a barmaid finally looked up at Cat’s face. Hillary Jones, the company gossip, resident bitch, woman she was in direct competition with for a promotion, and the third to last person she wanted to see at this moment.

Second to last person was sitting next to Hillary. William Jefferson, aging corporate letch, self-styled office stud, and general pain in the ass. He had a habit of hitting on the new interns.

Next to him was Dean Summers, who was probably tenth or lower on her list of people she didn’t want to see right now. Pretty nice guy, maybe five years older than Cat and she’d always been fond of him. She hoped this little scene didn’t wreck their friendship or their working relationship.

Assuming they still had one. That mostly depended on the man sitting on the other side of Hillary who was looking at her very oddly. The very last person she wanted so see right now, Randolph William Kane IV, the executive VP of the company and the man who would decide who would get that promotion; Hillary or Cat. Somehow she suspected which one would get the nod.

"What on earth are you doing here? I’m sure you’re paid better than this.", Will joked as he openly ogled Cat.

Try the truth, Erin had suggested. What did she have to lose? Only her job and what little dignity remained. "I lost a bet with the regular barmaid.", Cat said curtly.

That got a chuckle out of three of the four, especially Hillary. Mr. Kane however didn’t laugh. "What did you wager on?", he asked in a very business-like tone of voice.

"OSU, Michigan game.", was the honest reply.

"Dumbass, I’d never had taken such a risk.", Hillary snorted. Kane eyed her speculatively but remained quiet.

"Looks like you’re enjoying yourself.", Will smirked, an obvious reference to her erect (and hurting) nipples. Cat didn’t bother to dignify that remark with a reply.

Dean, bless his heart, changed the subject by giving his drink order then asking the others what they wanted. "A blowjob.", Will said and added. "And a drink." Both he and Hillary found that hilarious. Mr. Kane ordered a scotch which immediately got the two suck-ups to stop laughing and give their orders also.

Hillary and Will kept her running to and from that table for nearly an hour. Drinks, change, chips, this, that, something, anything to get her there for a couple of snide comments, some leering, and intense shame. Damn that Erin!!!

It was closing in on eleven when Erin pulled Cat into the kitchen. Though she was grateful to get away from the prying eyes and lewd comments, she was nervously wondering why. Erin told her, "I’ve selected the guy you got to blow; Fast Draw Freddy."

Cat gave Erin a strange look. Fred Vickers was called Fast Draw Freddy for obvious reasons, he suffered from a severe case of premature ejaculation. Cat had heard that Cindy, one of the regulars had gone with him and he came while rubbing her tits. Twice. He never did manage to score with her. So why was Erin picking him?

"Why Freddy? I’d figure you’d pick the oldest ugliest fattest guy you could. Fred’s nice looking, got a decent but not monstrous sized schlong and as quick as he is, I’ll probably not even have to work at it.", Cat bluntly asked.

"Cuz I think the booze he’s had will slow him down some. And I’m willing to bet on it.", Erin explained.

Cat was wary but intrigued. A chance to even the score with Erin was something she’d love to do. But not if it cost too much.

"What do you have in mind?", Cat asked.

"I’m willing to gamble you can’t get Freddy off in less than five minutes. If you can, you’re free of any obligation to me immediately. Shark, now that’s another thing, but I’m all done with you. You can get dressed and everything.

If you can’t, then I become an equal partner in Shark’s wager. I can boss you around, pick out the torments, just like I was Shark.", Erin laid out her proposed wager.

Cat thought about it. "No dice, I’m free of you at midnight except for your helping Shark. I want more from you if you expect to be an equal partner with Shark."

"Okay, then if I lose the bet, I’ll finish off the last hour or so of naked barmaiding then Shark has both of us at his beck and call. And whatever happens to you, happens to me. You get fucked, I get fucked. You get tickled for an hour, I get tickled for an hour. But what happens to me doesn’t happen to you. If I get tickled for an hour, Shark doesn’t have to do it to you. You follow? Good. How’s that sound?", Erin suggested.

Cat grinned at the thought of Erin getting naked in the bar then getting tormented also. Especially the part where Erin could have torments that Cat didn’t have to endure but not the other way around. Yea, she could deal with Erin as a co-tormentor given what Erin was likely to lose.

"I’m game. I’m sure to finish Fred off in under five minutes. Hell, he’s never kept an erection for more than five minutes in his entire life.", Cat mused.

"I know, but I think tonight will be his lucky night. And mine. One thing, about the bet with Sharky. I think that once his time starts, his control shouldn’t be limited to when you’re tied. Once we leave here, you should become his "slave" and do whatever he says, whether tied or not. You’re the one who said no holds barred, I’m only adding that includes tied or not. After all, it would be very uncomfortable to be tied for what could be twenty hours. You did say the winner had the loser until Sunday night.", Erin noted.

"Yea I did. Shark’s slave? And your slave also if I can’t get Fred off.", Cat pointed out.

"Yea, mine too. But if I lose then I’ll also be Shark’s slave. Same deal though. If he tells you to do jumping jacks, we both do jumping jacks. If he tells me to do jumping jacks, you can sit there and laugh your ass off.", Erin replied.

"You’re on. Can we get started early? I’d just as soon get dressed.", Cat asked hopefully.

"Nope, I’m going to keep you here until midnight, then have you blow Fred. We’ll see what happens after that.", Erin exclaimed.

Suddenly grabbing Cat by the shoulders, Erin spun her around, slapped her on the ass and ordered, "So until midnight get out there and blush some more."

"You’ll pay for this!", Cat screeched as she hobbled her way back to the bar.

As Cat continued her serving duties, she tried to find Freddy. The last thing she wanted was for him to get plastered as that might make it possible for him to last the five minutes. When she couldn’t find him right off, she asked Mutt what Freddy was drinking.

"Freddy? Oh yea, he is here. He ordered a beer. Why?", Mutt asked as he openly ogled Cat’s boobies.

"No reason. Mutt, for a french kiss, what color are my eyes?", Cat suddenly asked.

"Uh, er blue?", Mutt replied. He had quickly moved his head up but Cat had closed her eyes before she asked him the question.

Opening her green eyes with the wicked glint in them, Cat answered. "Sorry hon, maybe the next time you’re with a naked lady, you’ll remember to check out her face once in a while." Then she hobbled off to serve drinks.

Watching her ass sashsay as she walked, Mutt muttered, "Not a chance."

Will cornered Cat by the pool table and grabbed her around the waist. "Hey hon, about you and me fucking?" As he spoke he rubbed his hard dick into her ass. He let go when she stomped on his instep. That was the only time she was glad she was wearing those god awful high heels.

Giving him the coldest hardest stare she could, she told him. "I wouldn’t fuck you if my life depended on it. I’d sooner fuck a rabid dog."

Angrily, Will went to strike her, but Shark decked him, knocking him down. "You can look all you want my man, but touch her again and I’ll cut your fucking heart out.", he said angrily.

Getting off the floor, Will started towards the much smaller Shark. "I’ll break your fucking neck.", he declared. Suddenly a hand gripped his arm in a grasp of steel.

Mutt’s main bouncer was known as Ogre because a) He was ugly as sin B) Big as a house C) Strong as a bull D) All of the above). Hell of a nice guy, he’d give you the shirt off his back. He often drove regulars home who had too much to drink. However, he wouldn’t let anyone hurt one of the barmaids. And Cat was working as a barmaid that night.

Ogre calmly suggested to Will that the drunken man call it a night and go home. Rather stupidly Will swung at Ogre. The much bigger bouncer didn’t even bother to duck. The fist landed right where Will intended it, Ogre’s jaw. Good move in the movies, in real life less than successful. Will ended up with a hurting hand while Ogre simply punched Will in the solar plexus enough to keep him calm while Ogre dragged him out.

"Thanks Shark. Thanks Ogre. I owe you both a kiss and a dance. But I’m going to wait to pay either of you when I’ve got clothes on.", Cat promised.

"Shit, some guys get all the luck.", Ogre joked then looked surprised when Cat suddenly put her arms around his neck, pulled his head down to where she could reach it and planted a long lingering kiss on his lips.

"You deserved that. You’ll get your reward later, Shark.", Cat promised.

"I know.", Shark said with a grin. Cat went back to her duties.

Surprisingly enough the remaining hour went by quickly. Midnight came and Cat when to find Erin, strangely enough she wasn’t around.

A couple of minutes later Erin did show up, with Fred in tow. She saw Cat and announced, "Let’s do it. Freddy has agreed to being our guinea pig and I think right here on the dance floor would be the best spot."

"You would. I’ll get you for this.", Cat vowed in a jocular tone. She was looking forward to Erin having to strip herself naked in front of the still large crowd.

The crowd seemed to be giving Freddy second thoughts, especially given the number of women who were crowding around the dance floor now that Erin, Freddy, and the naked Cat were on it. The music had been stopped, the lights raised and Cat felt even more naked. Apparently so did Freddy.

"Awfully public.", he muttered to Erin.

"Is okay, think about what lasting five minutes with Cat will do for your reputation. You might manage to score tonight. Though not with Cat, Shark and I have other plans for her.", Erin noted with a look of deviltry at Cat.

That pep talk apparently calmed whatever apprehensions Freddy might have about having his dick pulled out of his pants in the middle of a crowded bar. And yes, he had apparently been drinking, but not all that much Cat judged. He didn’t seem to be drunk, he was steady on his feet, and he wasn’t slurring his speech.

A number of women who had been chuckling at Cat all night, managed to elbow their way to a front row seat. While they might have enjoyed Cat’s predicament for various reasons, they seemed glad to have a cock to stare at.

Getting on her knees she waited for Erin to shout go. Shark was keeping time and knew she could trust him. Hell if he was going to cheat someone, it would be Erin. That way he’d have two "slaves" for the night and most of the next day.

"Go!", Erin shouted then held her breath. Would her plan work she wondered? She was gambling a hell of a lot on it.

Cat took Fred’s cock, already stiffening, into her mouth and began running her tongue around the head. Bobbing her head up and down, she allowed her tongue to taste every inch (a good nine inches too, shame he’s so fast she thought as she worked on him.)

Her initial tonguing was to make sure Erin hadn’t rubbed him down with some sort of desensitizing cream but she tasted nothing except cock. As she bobbed and sucked, she couldn’t help but wonder why he hadn’t come already. This was Fast Draw Freddy after all!

The crowd, particularly the women, were laughing at the goofy faces Freddy was making. Cat could imagine, she’d seen enough guys get blown to know that look. But she was getting worried, despite his full erection he still hadn’t come!

(Okay, Cat my dear. What would you do if you had a guy like this, quick on the draw and all, and wanted to use him to sucker some poor bitch into a bet?), Cat thought to herself as she worked her lips, tongue, and teeth frantically to get him off. Then the most likely thing Erin could have done struck her.

(Oh my god, she must have already blown him. Maybe two or three times, Freddy is noted for quick recovery as well as coming too quickly. That bitch suckered me but good!), she figured, feeling forlorn.

In a desperate attempt to win her wager, Cat concentratred on flicking the tip of her tongue just under the head of Freddy’s cock. She could tell by his moans and his legs quivering, she was having an affect, but would it be soon enough?

Freddy didn’t come, he exploded, shooting his load deep down Cat’s throat. As she had the previous time with Shark, she swallowed every drop then stood up. This time, he was on his own as far as cleaning up. She had to find out how long it took.

Erin knew what Cat wanted to know, smiled and asked Shark to read the time. Bastard had brought a stopwatch, and he read the minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second.

"Five minutes, forty-two and four tenths seconds. Sorry Cat.", Shark told her.

Cat looked at Erin. "So how many blowjobs did it cost you to win?"

"You figured it out huh? Two.", Erin readily admitted.

"Four actually. Two to prep me, and I would get two more if I lasted enough for her to win.", Freddy corrected.

"Freddy, how could you?", Cat asked him, a trifle hurt he had so willingly helped Erin. She had figured that he had been ignorant of the bet until the last moment. Apparently she was wrong.

"Sorry hon, but I couldn’t pass it up.", Freddy said honestly.

"I should have bit down.", Cat snapped.

"Enough. I had to take it easy on you during your waitress duty as the bet only allowed for the loser to be naked, no added torments. Now I can add the torments.", Erin said with a way too evil grin and sounding way too happy.

"Shit, it figures. So what’s on your twisted mind?", Cat wondered aloud.

"A spanking, a slow dance, and a special surprise. And that just for starters.", Erin said wickedly.

"Okay, your hand or your hairbrush?", Cat asked dejectedly as she looked at all the eager faces staring at her. Her night was about to get a lot worse.

"Neither. I’m not spanking you.", Erin chortled.

"Who is?", Cat demanded to know then got the shock of her life. Hillary was carrying a chair out to the middle of the dance floor.

"Oh god no, not her, you couldn’t!", she pleaded.

"Yes her, yes I could.", Erin rebutted.

Hillary sat down on the chair then instructed Cat. "Stand right in front of me while I talk then ask me in your humblest tone to please spank you."

"Shit!!!", Cat said fervently, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole like she had Freddy’s load.

"Now Catherine Pendragon, I’ve not got all night!", Hillary snapped.

"Okay, keep your shirt on.", Cat snapped back as she went over to Hillary.

"That’s yes ma’am, not okay. And unlike you, I’ve got my shirt on.", her grinning co-worker reminded Cat, quite unneccesarily.

"Yes ma’am.", Cat choked on the word but managed to spit it out.

"Better, I’ll teach you manners and ettiquette yet.’, Hillary said sternly. She then went on to lecture the hapless woman for a few minutes before patting her thigh. Cat got the hint and lowered herself over her hated co-worker’s lap. She prayed Hillary would be quick about it. Fat chance of that happening. Hillary adjusted her victim so that Cat’s ass was jutting upwards and she crossed one leg of hers around one of Cat’s so that Cat was forced to spread herself open a bit. Hillary’s right hand pressed down hard on the small of Cat’s back. Then she laughed a bit and Cat waited for the first whack, her ass cheeks tightly clenched.

However, all Hillary did was rub the back of her own hairbrush over Cat’s upturned rump and upper thighs which had a surprising affect. Cat loosened her butt cheeks and squirmed around from the cool caresses of the wooden brush. Damn it actually felt good!

WHACK The hairbrush landed with devastating force on Cat’s unprepared left ass cheek. She gasped out from the shock. Not only the pain, but the sheer unexpectedness of it. Which of course Hillary planned on.

Too late, Cat recalled hearing that Hillary used to be married to a guy who was heavily into spankings. She must have gotten quite an education from him, she was really tearing up Cat’s ass with that hairbrush. And so methodically too! The brush would start at the top of one cheek, work it’s way down to the upper thigh (and the spot where thigh merged into ass cheek was particularly sensitive to such a punishment) then back up the other side.

About the time, Cat figured she couldn’t take anymore, Hillary stopped and went back to the goddamned rubbing!! Now Cat was thrusting her groin in and out while the wood acted upon her burning flesh like the touch of a lover. This was nuts, she was getting turned on from the fucking brush!

WHAP!! Pain again. Enough to bring tears to Cat’s eyes. Again, a goal she figured Hillary was aiming at accomplsihing. Well she was, Cat found no reason to fight it, she let the tears come.

If she was hoping for a reprieve by crying, she was sadly mistaken. If anything it seemed to spur Hillary on. Now the spanks came completely random. Poor Cat had no idea what part of her ass or thighs would feel the sting next. She knew she was kicking her free leg wildly which was showing the crowd parts of herself she had managed to keep hidden until now, but she didn’t care. She happily stand on the bar, legs spread wide and let everyone have a look if it would stop the spanking. Thankfully she had the sense not to say that.

The spanking stopped again, and she felt Hillary’s arm go around her waist, holding her firmly in place. Also, Erin had grabbed her wrists and was giving her the most devilish grin. Before Cat could wonder why, she felt that fucking brush rubbing her burning ass again. But this time it was working on her thighs. And not just where she’d been spanked! The brush was going up and down her inner thighs, making her squirm even more.

Then she felt the handle of the brush work it’s way between her thighs. Surely Hillary didn’t? She couldn’t? The bitch could and did! The handle made it’s way into Cat’s already sopping wet pussy and slowly pulled in and out. She was being fucked by a hairbrush in the middle of the fucking bar! And it was getting her off!

"Oh god no, don’t, please don’t!", Cat cried. Begging and pleading with her tormentors did no good. And she was being held too securely in this awkward position to stop the debasement. She was bringing brought off by a brush whether she liked it or not.

She tried pushing the brush out with her Kegl muscles but all that did was excite her further. She kept pleading and crying, and getting more and more turned on. Hillary kept up a non-stop diatribe about Cat’s slutty ways and how degrading this must be, having everyone watch her get turned on by a brush. She was squirming, kicking, her toes were curling, and all she could see was Erin’s smiling face and all she could hear was Holly’s contempous comments.

"God, Hillary, please stop. Not here!!!!!", Cat wailed which turned into a scream of pure ecxtasy as she quivered violently then went limp. The damned bitch had done it, brought Cat to climax in front of the entire cheering crowd.

Still laughing hysterically, Erin helped the wobbly and still shaking Cat up off Hillary’s lap. Cat’s smirking co-worker did a cute curtsey for the crowd then wandered off while Cat caught her breath.

"Now for your dance.", Erin said as she pushed Cat into someone’s arms. Cat prayed it was Shark. "You’ve got to let him kiss and fondle you to his heart’s delight no matter what.", Erin advised the still shaky Cat.

It wasn’t though she didn’t find that out until she was pulled close to a man’s chest with one arm behind her back and the other hand firmly clutching her still sore backside.

"Take it easy, Shark.", Cat chided.

To her horror, Will replied, "Not a chance."

"Goddammit not you!!! I thought you got tossed out!", Cat loudly bitched as she looked him in the eye.

"Erin got me back in.", Will said then lowered his lips towards hers.

Cat turned away, got a uh uh from Erin and very reluctantly allowed Will to inflict his lips on hers. He immediately thrust his tongue into her mouth and began twirling it around.

(My, isn’t he the complete seducer. He’s checking my teeth for cavities, grinding his needle dick into my groin like it’s going to help him, he’s got one hand holding onto my ass like he’s afraid it’ll fall off, and oh boy, he’s found a nipple with the other hand. Technique like this and I wonder if he’s still a virgin.), Cat thought as she put up with the indignity of it all.

Much to Cat’s disgust, the dance lasted through three different slow songs and when it finally ended Will didn’t want to let her go.

"Erin says I can fuck you.", he told her with a leer.

"Erin can go to hell. I don’t care what I bet, I’d sooner fuck a pit bull. A pit bull with rabies and AIDS!.", Cat announced very loudly.

Erin immediately shouted. "Hey mother fucker, I never said you could fuck her, just fuck with her. I think it’s time for you to go."

"Make me.", Will snapped. His confidence restored by Ogre’s apparent absence.

Akira, Mutt’s number two bouncer, tapped Will on the shoulder and very politely said, "Sir, I think it would be best if you left."

Will turned and looked down at the five foot four inch Asian-American standing before him. With a snarl, he told Akira, "Fuck off."

"AIYEE!", Akira yelled, going into a karate stance.

Will laughed and put up his fists.

"You’ve got me, I don’t really know karate.", Akira said with a shrug.

"Thought so you little yellow prick. ARRGGH!" Will’s insulting (and oh so clever) comeback was interuptted by the toe of Akira’s shoe making contact with a very tender part of the male anatomy. It didn’t help that Akira wore steel-toed shoes. A few of the regulars dragged the puking Will the hell out of the bar and tossed him into the street.

Cat looked at Erin. "Thanks.", surprisingly she meant it.

"Not a problem, I don’t mind making you look silly, making you feel stupid, I don’t even mind if you get laid. Just won’t let someone do the last against your will. Well, except for Hillary and her brush.", Erin laughed.

"Thanks for reminding me why I’m going to kill you and her.", Cat groused.

"Time for your art lesson.", Erin announced. Several people in the crowd laughed and cheered, apparently Erin had spread the word as to what was next.

Without warning, Erin poured a pot of chili over Cat’s head, the cold gooey mess running down all over her face, neck, and of course in her hair. "Hold still.", Erin warned as she worked the tip of a bottle of salad dressing into Cat’s anal opening. Cat screeched and jumped when the cold yucky goop filled her poop chute.

"Plug that hole with your finger, sister.", Erin ordered as she took Cat by the arm. Leading the naked and messy woman over to a table, Erin had her lay on it, face-up with her arms at her sides, legs up and wide open, bent at the knees with her feet flat on the table.

Patty and Tiffany, the other two barmaids, brought out the leftover baked beans, salsa dip, squirt bottles of ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce. These were set around Cat.

"Anyone who wants to can.", was all Erin said.

Mutt dipped his fingers in the salsa then rubbed them clean in Cat’s public hair. Patty squirted the ketchup all over Cat’s left tit while Tiffany covered the right in mustard. Then they backed off to let the regulars have some fun.

Cat lost track of the number of people of both sexes who decided to try their hand at "painting" by smearing the various food items on various parts of Cat’s body. As it was well after midnight, the crowd had thinned considerably from earlier, but the ones left were the more serious drinkers and party types. Meaning they were drunk and silly.

The one who really pissed Cat off, was the one who first crammed a handful of baked beans up her twat. After that, it was open season on her poor abused pussy. It felt like there was five pounds of baked beans filling her most private (ha!) part. And she had to lay there and like it.

After what seemed like eternity to poor woman, Mutt called out, "Last call. It’s motel hotel shack-up time. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here."

Cat felt hands going up her legs and it took a second to realize someone was pulling a pair of panties up them. "Here, pull these the rest of the way up. We can’t have you leaking in Shark’s car.", Erin advised.

Cat worked her thong panties up her messy legs and under the baleful eye of Erin, got them into place without losing any of those fucking beans from their intimate location.

"A bra?", Cat asked without hope.

"Nah, we’ll have you sit on a towel.", Erin said happily.

Shark came over to Cat. "You’ve been a good sport.", kissed her passionately then clamped a pair of fur-lined cuffs on her. Great, the woman thought, cuff my hands behind my back. It’s not like I might want to cover my titties or anything.

Then Erin put a collar, complete with leash around Cat’s neck. "You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!", Cat snarled.

"Nope, led on. You know what Shark’s car looks like. He’s parked down the street. Just a measly three or four blocks. Under a street light, I might add.", Erin noted malicously.

"It figures.", Cat groused.

The remaining customers, Mutt, the bouncers and the barmaids got to watch as Erin took Cat out of the bar on a leash with Shark on her [Erin’s] arm.

If Cat was expecting Erin to take the short way to Shark’s car, she was sadly mistaken. Erin had Cat go around the block Mutt’s bar was located on, twice. Then and only then did the laughing pair allow Cat to head towards the car.

A number of late-night partygoers were treated to the sight of a very messy woman, hands cuffed behind her back, hobbling down the street wearing only high heels, thong panties and a collar with a leash. Gooey stuff dripped from her every step and two laughing people walked behind her, both hold the leash as well as each other.

Two or three centuries later, they finally arrived at Shark’s car which was actually parked only two blocks from Mutt’s bar but the way they took Cat to it required a twenty minute walk. The poor woman was shivering from the chilly night air well before arrival. She was very grateful to get into the shelter of the car, more so for the weather than the few remaining spectators.

Thankfully, Shark fired the car up right away and the trio departed for parts unknown. Unknown to Cat, though she was sure Shark and Erin knew where. Hell, she was sure they had already planned out the rest of the night. And Shark had to be in on the fool’s bet she’d made with Erin, why else would he have the back seat of his car covered with a large beach towel? Securely pinned to the upholstery as Cat found out when she tried to use it for cover.

"Where to, Shark’s Lair or your den of evil?", Cat asked Erin. Her chuckling rival was seated in the front seat and sitting way to close to Shark for Cat’s comfort.

"Neither actually. A good friend of mine asked me to keep an eye on her house while she’s out of town. She lives in a pretty secluded spot by Lake Erie and I thought it might be a fun place to torture you.", Erin said without taking her head off Shark’s shoulder.

"Who’s your friend, the Marquissa de Sade?", Cat quipped. Now that the public humiliation was past, she figured she could enjoy the rest of the night. Sure, Erin will probably find ways to make Cat’s night a living hell, but at least she [Cat] would be getting laid by Shark. That should make the torment worth it, she hoped.

Erin didn’t bother to answer Cat verbally, she simply tugged on the leash until Cat had to bring her head over the front seat of the car. Then she gave the tip of Cat’s cute little nose the tiniest of twists. "Nope, I’m the Marquissa and you’re going to be Justine for the next oh say sixteen to eighteen hours.", Erin advised softly. She then allowed Cat to sit back.

The rest of the short drive was in total silence except for Erin periodically chuckling. By the time they had arrived at the house, Cat was very nervous about what was going to happen. Very very nervous.

Erin was right, the house was a bit secluded, sitting back quite a ways from both the road and the lake. Parking in the built-in garage, the pair in the front seat got out then Shark helped Cat out of the back. Erin found the light switch and the entire garage became as bright as day.

Cat screeched at the sight of herself, still covered in various foodstuffs, hair a complete mess, food and sweat stained, and going every which way. Why on earth would anyone have a full-length mirror in their garage, Cat wondered to herself. And why the hell were her nipples sticking out so much?

While hopefully her nipples didn’t extend themselves so that Erin could grab one to use as a way to led Cat into the house, they served just that purpose. Cat had to fight back tears as she was dragged so intimately into the house then taken to a bathroom.

"Potty time, you can wipe yourself but don’t try cleaning up too much of the food.", Erin instructed. Grumbling about the awkwardness of peeing in cuffs, Cat managed then endured being wiped clean by a smirking Erin. Grabbing the other nipple this time, Erin led the horny woman to a bedroom. Finally! Some real sex to enjoy, she thought hopefully.

"Okay, our little bondage toy, here’s where you’re spending the night.", Erin said wickedly. The room was painted black, had a variety of arcane looking pictures all about, and heavy drapes covered the windows. A large four poster bed was in the middle of the room, and Cat could see that chains with manacles were already attached to each post. Nice arrangement she thought. Wonder why the rubber sheet? Probably to avoid food stains on the sheets.

Shark undid her "traveling" cuffs, as he called them then instructed her, "Lay down on the bed so I can chain you to it." Erin had left the room, apparently going to the kitchen as Cat heard what sounded like a electric can opener going.

"Sure thing, Sharky.", Cat said with a mischievous grin at her friend. "Can I shower first?", she asked him.

"Nope, you can do that in the morning.", Shark said as he guided her to the bed. Cat laid down and stretched her limbs out so he could easily attach the manacles to her ankles and wrists.

"Oh my goodness, I’m helpless! What will you do to poor little me?", Cat teased the man standing before her and ogling her so sweetly. By way of an answer, Shark smiled, sat down and took the shoes off her feet, gently rubbing each foot after he freed it from its hellish prison. Those shoes were going to the trash, Cat swore.

When he produced a knife, that worried Cat just a bit, but all he used it for was to cut the soaked, food-stained (well other stains also) panties off her body. Oh well, they were history anyway.

Erin came in the room carrying of all things, cans of tuna fish! Whipped cream, she could figure, ice cream, sure, but tuna fish? Cat would soon learn why tuna fish.

Erin sat on to Cat’s right, Shark to her left, each taking some of the cans. Then dipping their fingers into the tuna, they spread it over various parts of Cat’s body, very slowly and very sensuously. Her ears, under her chin, her armpits, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, the back of her knees, and especially her already sopping pussy. Cat was breathing very fast by the time they had finished. Especially during the double fingering they had done. So far so good, this was grand!

"Cat, this room has been fitted with two of those baby monitors. You know what I mean, those one way intercoms so new parents can listen to the baby. Well, we have two of them, one so we can hear you in here, while the other is for you to be able to hear us in the master bedroom.", Erin explained.

"You’re not going to be in here?’, Cat asked, disappointment obvious in her voice.

"Nope but don’t worry, you won’t be alone.", Erin said mysteriously as she and Shark left the room. Before closing the door, Erin turned off the light plunging the room into total darkness. Just a short time later, the door was opened again for a few minutes then shut tightly.

Cat was beside herself with anger. How dare they leave her alone to go have fun with each other!! Especially since she could hear them undressing, talking low and sexy to each other, and other acts of foreplay. She was going to have to lay here and listen to that? And not be able join in, or even go it solo? How horrible!

Noises from the floor got her attention, especially when she felt something moving on the foot of the bed. When something licked the sole of her foot, she let out a scream that could be heard for miles. Immediately laughter came from the intercom as well as Erin’s voice saying, "I guess the cats found their dinner."

"CATS!!!", Cat screeched. More furry little bodies were moving about her naked form, licking at the tuna fish and oil spread all about. Her cries for rescue were oddly enough in sync with Erin’s cries of pleasure as Shark and her [Erin] fucked like rabbits in the other room.

"OMIGOD!!", Cat yelped. One of the cats had discovered a treasure trove of tuna fish very conveniently located in a warm damp spot between Cat’s legs.

"OH MY GOD!!!", Erin called out, her voice sounding tinny over the intercom. "That feels so good! Oh Shark.", she cooed.

(Great, she’s got Sharky licking her pussy, I’ve got a cat licking mine. She’s got him to play with her titties, I’ve got four or five cats wandering about mine. Hope they don’t bite hard and he [Shark] does.), Cat complained to herself as she endured the intimate torment and the tickling. A cat’s tongue under your arm, or in your ear, and especially on the bottom of your feet, tickles. No wonder the two of them had spent so much time and tuna on those spots.

"I’m cumming!", Erin screamed.

"I’m not!!!", Cat screamed back. Although that fucking cat between her legs was exciting her unbelievably well. Just her luck, a damned cat could eat pussy better than the last three dates she’d had. How many of those furry fuckers were there, she wondered.

Fourteen, as she would learn much later. For the moment, she couldn’t see any of the forms moving so freely and totally indifferently about her naked and aroused body. Neither could she see the intercom, though she kept hearing the sounds of lovemaking coming from it. By her count, the pair in the next room were on their third go-a-around. Damn them, she figured Shark could handle two women, so why wasn’t he?

Exhaustion finally took its toll on the exquisitely hurting woman. She drifted off into a fitful sleep filled with strange erotic dreams.

Sometime later she was awaken by the feel of someone gently washing her body. As the hands were obviously male, she reveled in Shark’s touch as he wiped away the remaining food on her poor tormented body. With a huge grin, she opened her eyes and saw a man she’d never seen before in her life sitting on the bed wiping her bound and naked body.

"Who the hell are you???", she screamed.

"Drake Catronis, I’m a good friend of Erin’s.", he told her, not slowing his ministrations down in the least.

"I don’t care, take your hands off of me!", Cat screeched.

"No can do, Erin said clean you up.", Drake rebuked.

"I’ll do it in the shower.", Cat snapped.

"Okay, but I’m supposed to stay with you the entire time. Erin figures you’re very horny from last night and the last thing she wants is for you to do something about that. Unless she gets to watch that is.", Drake told her with a sly grin.

"As if.", Cat muttered, afraid that Erin might just have an idea like that.

Drake undid the manacles and finally released from her hours long bondage, Cat stood up and stretched while trying to kept some modesty from this stranger’s prying eyes.

"Drake Catronis? What an odd name.", she stated after coyly covering her charms from his view.

Leading her to the bathroom, Drake sat on the john while Cat rinsed off the accumulated grunge from the night before. After she showered and was drying off when he finally deigned to answer her.

"Greek name. Drake is derived from Dracolich or something like that which means dragon like. I think Catronis translate to something like cat shit, but I’m not sure.", he told her happily.

"Interesting name. Mind moving so I can use that thing?", she asked.

"Sure, but I’m still not leaving the room. Erin wants you to stay horny for a while yet.", Drake informed her.

"She’s totally evil, totally perverse, and so high on my shit list I can’t even begin to tell you all the pains I plan on inflicting.", Cat assured him.

"I know she’s evil and perverse, which is why I like her so much. As for the pains you wish to inflict, my fervent hope is that if you get to inflict that pain I’ll get to watch. Or help. I like her, but I would love to see her on the other end for a change.", Drake assured Cat.

"I keep that in mind.", Cat said simply as she wiped then flushed. "So where is the Queen of Hell?", she wondered.

"Having brunch, we’re supposed to join them.", Drake said with a strange twinkle in his eye.

"Oh she’s here?", Cat asked bewildered, the house was utterly silent save for the two of them.

"Nope, she and Shark are at Not Your Momma’s, a quaint little restaurant about two miles away.", was his answer.

"And how am I going to a public restaurant? My clothes are god knows where. Unless you have them?", Cat demanded.

"Well no, but I do have something for you to wear.", he motioned for her to follow him.

She followed him into the living room where he showed her the outfit that she was supposed to wear in public. "You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!!", was her immediate responded.

"Not in the least. Erin picked it out specially for you.", Drake told her with a wide grin.

The outfit which was causing Cat so much distress was a simple pair of flannel longjohns. Bright red and with the infamous trap door. A pair of fuzzy slippers were sitting on the longjohns, the latter laying on a coffee table.

"I think I’d almost rather be nude.", Cat said softly as she picked up the longjohns. As she suspected, scratchy itchy wool.

"Nope, put it on and we can go join the lovebirds.", Drake suggested.

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.", Cat shot back though she began unbuttoning the outfit so she could put it on and get some food. She was starved!!

"Alas, Erin made it quite clear to me that was not an option. Remember? She wants you to stay horny.", he reminded.

Wiggling her body into the undies was difficult, they were tight and rubbed her in places she didn’t wish to be rubbed by the wool. "Yea, I remember. I’m surprised she’s not got a chastity belt for me.", she wisecracked.

"That would stop some of her other fun ideas though she considered it.", he replied seriously.

"Shit.", Cat said with feeling as she slipped her feet into the slippers and glared at Drake. "You laugh and you’re dead.", she warned.

"I wouldn’t dream of laughing at you. At least until you’re bound again.", he noted.

Cursing loudly and badly to make a sailor blush, Cat followed Drake out of the house to his car. Except he didn’t have a car. He had a motorcycle.

After cutting loose with a select group of very profane curses, Cat said not asked, "This had to be your idea, wasn’t it."

"Guilty as charged.", he freely admitted.

"Erin, Hillary, and Will are still at the top of my shit list but you’re rapidly gaining.", she advised him. He wisely chose not to reply to that.

"Good thing I’m in the back else the wind would be murder. It’s chilly enough as it.", Cat grumbled as they took their places and Drake started the cycle up. Again Drake chose to not respond to her.

The entire trip Cat kept up a running commentary on how fucking bad the wool was itching, especially if he hit a bump. Rather dumb thing for her to do, Drake deliberately drove so that she was shaken around even more.

Very shortly they were in traffic, light due to it being Sunday but still far more people were honking at them than Cat would have liked. She noticed many people pointed and seemed to be laughing which got her curious. After all, a pair of longjohns may be silly looking but not that silly.

Questioning Drake, Cat got an answer she didn’t want to hear. "You should have looked on the back more rather than curse me while you put it on. Stitched in rhinestones are the words, ‘Bet On Michigan’" That wasn’t so bad but the rest of his statement was. "And I would imagine that by now the trapdoor has dropped. The threads of the two buttons holding it up at top were weakened by Erin."

"What? Shit!", Cat exclaimed. Her first impulse was to check to see if he was telling the truth but she didn’t. She’d never ridden a motorcycle before, not even as a passenger and quite frankly she was scared to let go of him. She could only hold on tight and pray he was bluffing.

As she discovered when he pulled into the restaurant parking lot, he wasn’t. Quickly she tried to fasten them back but the buttons were in fact gone! She had to settle for holding it up with one hand while Drake took her by the other hand for the walk in.

Her concerns about the trapdoor kept her from appreciating the number of cars parked in the lot. Finally that sunk in. "Oh shit, the place must be packed!", she moaned.

"Very likely. I’ll be kind and take you in the back way.", Drake promised with a smile.

Cat’s response to Drake’s generous proposal was short and quit obscene.

It was worse then she feared, the place seemed to be crammed with people. Harried waitresses ran about taking or filling orders while others hurriedly cleared an empty table which immediately was occupied.

As they made their way through the crowd, Cat’s outfit got smiles, comments, some rude, some not, and chuckles. Especially the Bet on Michigan message on her back.

Finding Erin and Shark who were seated at a small booth. Erin directed Drake to sit next to Shark while Cat was stuck sitting next to a very grinning Erin.

"I want you to know you’ve got Shark to thank for the longjohns. And I do mean thank. My idea was to put you in a diaper.", Erin informed Cat loudly just as the waitress came to take their order. She giggled at Erin’s remark.

"I was dressed in a diaper once after betting on a football game. You’d have thought that the Bengals would actually win one?", the waitress admitted with a hint of a blush.

"Hopefully not in public.", Shark asked suavely.

"Oh hell yes, in a frigging McDonald’s.", she told him with a smile, adding, "And trust me I fought like hell to wait until we left to use the potty. I wasn’t about to give my ex-boyfriend the excuse to "change" me there."

"Is that why he’s your ex?", Cat wondered.

"Nah, caught him screwing my best friend’s brother. If you’re going to make bets like that, you got to be willing to pay up if you lose, because you know you’ll expect the other party to pay up if you win.", she said sincerely.

"How very true. If you get off in time, feel free to join us for the rest of Cat’s payments.", Erin invited.

"Well I started at four, so I get off in just a bit. Can I bring my boyfriend?", she asked hopefully.

"The more the merrier.", Erin said, tousling Cat’s hair. "Cat doesn’t mind, do you?"

"Hell yes I do, no offense, Alice.", Cat told the waitress, getting the name from the plastic tag on her uniform.

"None taken, I’d not want folks around when I’m the goat. So no offense to you when I do show up. Nicky would never forgive me if I passed this up.", Alice informed her.

Getting Erin’s address, Alice took the orders and left. Erin chit-chatted with Drake and Shark while purposely ignoring Cat other then to instruct her to always keep her hands above the table, no matter what.

Cat was silently fuming about even more people seeing her probably naked and teased. Cat was sure that by the time the waitress and her beau made it to the house, Cat would be naked. So she sat and plotted her vengeance.

Suddenly a hand on her belly interrupted her thoughts of Erin’s disembowelment. Before she could react, Erin had twisted a button off the only thing Cat was wearing! Then the hand was gone. Erin smiled and winked at the disconcerted woman to her left.

As the meal progressed, Erin would reach over and yank off another button. By the time the group had finished eating, only one buttoned remained on the front of the long johns, the one mid-way between Cat’s breasts and bush.

Erin announced it was time to go and everyone but Erin stood up. No sooner had Cat arose then Erin reached over and yanked on the trapdoor which came completely off! With a gasp, Cat put one hand behind her while the other kept the upper portion of the front from parting too much. She had to hope the bottom didn’t sag open too much. Considering how tight the garment was, she was probably safe there.

"Oh Cat?", Erin asked pleasantly as the four of them made their way through the crowded restaurant towards the front door.

"Yes Erin?", Cat replied warily, something was up.

Handing the flannel-clad Cat the check and a twenty, Erin said loudly. "Please be so good as to pay for the meal. We’ll meet you outside."

There’s a saying that if looks could kill and if they could, Erin would have died right then and there in a manner far too horrible to contemplate. Being lowered an inch at a time into a pool full of piranha would have been preferable to the evils which Cat projected into that look she gave the grinning Erin. Stupid twit was quite dense, she just laughed and left with the two men after Cat released her death grip on the front of her longjohns and took the proffered money and check.

Making her way solo to the counter took years. A million jeering eyes stared holes in her flannel outfit, a billion tongues wagged about the indecency of THAT woman! Cat actually felt more naked than she had at the bar the last night. And far more humiliated.

Especially when the man at the counter told her in a contemptuous tone. "Miss, we have a dress code, and you’re hardly decently dressed for a family restaurant." That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

"Dress code? Decent? Family restaurant? Hell, I recognize two or three people from Mutt’s place last night. And I didn’t want to come here like this, I lost a fucking stupid bet and ended up in a situation where I either came here like this or stark-fucking-naked! If you think I made the wrong choice, here!", Cat screeched, tossing the money down on the counter and taking a deep breath.

Then with all the dignity she could muster, she pulled the longjohns off her shoulders and within moments had them completely off. She did keep the fuzzy slippers though, she liked them. Tossing the longjohns on the counter with the money, she quipped, "Consider this your tip!", and with head held high (and by a degree of willpower she didn’t know she had, hands at her side), she walked out of the restaurant via the front door.

Some people gasped, some cheered, some laughed, and as surely at least one was calling the cops, Cat hurried (but not ran) to find Drake. He was parked in the same spot and his eyes bugged out when he saw the naked woman striding quickly to him.

"Get a move on, we’ll probably see cops in minutes.", Cat ordered.

"Yes ma’am!", he said with a mock salute. Getting on the cycle, he started it up while Cat climbed on behind him. Holding him closer than she had previously she urged him to get back to Erin’s quickly. Ten minutes ago would be good.

"Why the naked show?", Drake asked as they roared down the roadway at breakneck speeds. With the possibility of police escort, Drake had chosen to take the longer and more circuitous route back to Erin’s friend’s house.

Explaining her actions the best she could took most of the trip back as Cat wasn’t even completely sure why she did what she did. But she did.

Despite the fact that the route Drake took was relatively secluded it seemed to Cat as a third of the people of Cleveland were out in their yards and watching as she sped by naked on a motorcycle. They even passed a police car that had pulled someone over!

"Officer, did you see that? That woman had no clothes on!", the motorist yelled.

"Yea right, you expect me to believe that?", the officer asked without looking up from the ticket he was writing.

Arriving back at Erin’s Den of Iniquity, Drake stopped the cycle and had to run to keep up with Cat who had already hopped off and was racing for the door. A door which Erin opened for the duo.

"You’re naked? Whatever happened to the longjohns.", Erin wondered as a shivering Cat ran past her.

"Drake can explain it, I’ve got to pee.", Cat yelled from across the room.

"Go with her Shark, I don’t want her to vent all those pent up frustrations.", Erin ordered.

(Too late, that naked ride on throbbing motorcycle helped some.), Cat thought as she gladly allowed Shark to watch as she took care of voiding her bladder.

"You okay, Cat?", Shark asked her tenderly.

"No, I’ve got all sorts of little hurts you can kiss and make better.", Cat cooed.

"Seriously, Erin’s being a trifle hard on you.", Shark pointed out. Very unnecessarily.

"To be completely honest hon, she’s not pulled a whole lot on me that I wouldn’t have done to her. Well, the restaurant bit I hadn’t thought of, and letting Hillary and Will have a go at me was a bit much. Still, had I won, I probably would have let Mutt dance with her and Cindy torment her and they work with Erin. Then when Will said he was allowed to fuck me, Erin defended me so she’s not a complete bitch, just 90%. I did say no holds barred. Besides I trust you to keep her from going too far.", Cat told him sincerely.

Finishing up her toilet, Cat stood and wrapped her arms around Shark, giving him a deep passionate kiss. "But since you do feel a little guilty, you can relieve that guilt by spending next Friday night at my place. You strip naked once you get there and you won’t be getting dressed until I’m done with you. Probably real late Saturday. By the time I’m through with you, you’ll be a mere husk of a man. Even your tongue will be worn out. Sound good?"

"It’s a date!", Shark assured her.

Erin angrily shouted from the living room. "Shark, if you want a piece of ass, you’ll have to wait, remember our agreement, her ass is mine!"

"Agreement?", Cat asked mystified.

"I er agreed to let her take over if you were foolish enough to allow her to become an equal partner with me instead of just a spectator. Sorry, I didn’t think you’d be dumb enough to fall for any of her tricks.", he explained, shame-faced.

"It’s okay. I’m sure I’ll be over it by next Friday, so we still have a date.", Cat firmly told him. What she didn’t tell him was that she might just maybe perhaps work in a little payback at that time. Now there was a thought to help her get through the rest of the day.

Back in the living room they saw Erin and Drake attached restraints to the good-sized coffee table which stood between two couches and two easy chairs at each end.

"So what’s next?", Cat asked trying but not completely succeeding in sounding nonchalant.

"Lay face down on the table with your arms and legs outstretched.", Erin ordered.

Cat did so, a cushion was provided for her head and large pillow was set under her lower belly to jut her ass up. Her arms and legs were bound to the edges tightly enough that she had little freedom of motion, just enough to keep her muscles from cramping up.

"My this is comfortable. So what now? A spanking? You’re going to tickle my feet? Or is that horrid Shark going to take me doggy-style in front of you all?", Cat quipped.

"You’ll see.", was Erin’s only response.

The ringing of the doorbell brought an involuntary gasp from Cat. Exposed as she was, the last thing she wanted was more company. Though she recalled that waitress had been invited so she figured that’s who it was.

(Great, one hell of a way to meet new people.), Cat thought miserably.

Erin returned to the living room with four other people! She introduced them around.

"Shark, Drake, you remember Alice, our very efficient waitress, I’m sure. This is her new boyfriend Nick. The other charming couple are Alice’s sister Belle and her husband Berry."

"I hope you don’t mind, but when I told Belle about the restaurant and being invited to watch the rest of the fun, she insisted on coming with me. She’s really into this sort of thing.", Alice explained.

"No problem at all, the more the merrier!", Shark said happily. And with good cause (from his viewpoint), the two new ladies were quite attractive, a blonde (Alice) and a brunette (Belle).

From her overexposed position on the table, Cat wailed, "Don’t I get a say in this?"

"Nope!", Erin asserted then she invited the two couples to have a seat on either couch. Alice and Nick sat on the one to Cat’s right while Belle and Berry were to her left. Drake sat on the chair which directly faced Cat’s jutting up rear (she couldn’t see him, but she could hear him talk), while Erin moved the single chair that was by her head and with Shark’s help replaced it with a recliner which she shared with Shark.

Then the seven people just sat around and talked!! They sat cokes or coffee down on the parts of the table where Cat’s body wasn’t. Ashtrays were placed on Cat’s back for the convenience of the smokers (Alice, Berry and Erin). And they just talked!

Erin began by explaining the bets which Cat had lost and what had gone on the night before. Belle, Nick, and Berry were particularly interested in asking questions and making comments about some portion of the events which struck their fancy. Erin gladly answered any and all questions or Shark did. At no time did any of them directly speak to Cat and the one time Cat tried to speak, Erin shushed her. Not wanting to give Erin an excuse to gag her (probably would use a pair of her [Erin’s] used panties) Cat figured it was smarter to keep quiet.

Cat figured out that Alice was basically a submissive type who enjoyed losing the bets she made. Belle, on the other hand, was more like Cat. She might be willing to pay up if she lost, but she played to win, so to speak, and hated losing. Much to Berry’s obvious (judging by his attempts to hush her) discomfort, Belle related a few of his loses. Berry returned the favor by regaling the group with some of Belle’s wilder antics.

At some point Drake got up and went out to the kitchen then returned. Erin spoke, "Ah, it’s time, isn’t it?"

Time for what, Cat wondered more than a trifle worried. Especially when she looked back over her shoulder and saw Drake set something down between her legs.

"Yes it is. Shall I or do you want the honors?", he asked Erin.

"You know best, though perhaps you might wish to show Belle, assuming she’d like to help. I wouldn’t want to embarrass poor Cat too badly by allowing one of the guys.", Erin said with mock sincerity.

Drake chuckled, Belle agreed whole-heartedly even before Drake explained it to her. Which he did only after taking her into another room where Cat couldn’t hear. So she was totally unprepared for what came next.

Without warning she felt a feminine hand presumably Belle’s spread her ass cheeks even more than they were and something soft and warmed was slowly forced into her anal opening. "What the fuck??", Cat gasped, startled and alarmed. No one answered.

Whatever it was that was sticking into her ass, was warm, soft but solid and quite long. A good six inches or more. Then she heard Belle ask, "With or without the peel?"

"Without.", was Drake’s curt response.

A moment later something very cold and gooey feeling was unceremoniously shoved up her twat. The conflicting sensations, cold in front, warm in back, were making her very "itchy" especially as she hadn’t a clue what it was that had invaded two of her most personal orifices.

"Sweetheart, whatever you do, do not let either item become dislodged from their pretty perches or you’ll be soundly paddled and the items reinserted.", Erin warned.

"So what the hell have you put in my ass and pussy?", Cat demanded to know.

"You’ll find out later, for now, back to being a "table" meaning no talking. Or else.", Erin advised. Cat was in no mood to find out what the or else might be so she stayed shut.

The group returned to speaking about sex, bets, etc., but every so often, someone would move one or the other pseudo-dildo just to increase Cat’s torment. Otherwise they totally ignored her.

Alice related a time when she had been naked for a group of fifteen people, men and women for over two hours then as a climax (appropriate choice of words) had to bring herself to orgasm in front of them all without using her hands. How she accomplished this was quite exciting, Cat wouldn’t mind trying that privately or for say Shark.

Periodically as the one cooled and the other warmed up, the organic dildoes were replaced by fresh ones. By now Cat figured out the one was a banana, the other she wasn’t sure but was betting on a carrot. Betting only with herself, at the moment she wouldn’t have bet on the sun rising the next day with anyone but especially Erin.

Some time later, Erin announced, "It’s time for Cat’s final "punishment". Cat, don’t let the items fall out or get smushed as we untie you."

Cat’s mouth replied a simple yes but her mind told Erin to go fuck a goat. Though she was thankful to be finally released from her uncomfortable position.

Whatever evil Erin had planned was to be mostly private, as Belle, Alice, Berry, and Nick said their good-byes and left while Shark took Cat to the master bedroom.

There he tied her to a very unusual chair. It had no seat! It had a frame but no cushion in the frame so that Cat’s butt hung down a bit. The sides of her butt were on the frame as was her legs and even part of the back end of her ass, but nothing supported her ass itself! Her legs were tied to the front legs of the chair while her arms were tied behind her back. A post in back had a vise like contraption at top which fitted around Cat’s head and prevented it from turning away from her view of the very large bed in the master bedroom.

Then her dreamboat began to strip his clothes off and before her eyes his lovely nude form appeared. Moments later he was joined by an equally naked Drake and shortly after that a naked Erin. The three got onto the bed, each blew Cat a kiss, then the began to caress each other.

(I’ll be goddamned, the bitch is going to have a threesome and force me to watch!), Cat thought both angrily and horrified. Horrified as she knew how this would make her and she couldn’t do a damned thing about it! This was far worse then the night before when she had to endure just listening to Shark do to Erin what Cat would have loved to have him do to her!

She watched as Erin’s breasts were sucked by two men. She saw Erin fondle two dicks at once. Saw her go down on Drake while Shark took her then the men switched places. The three fucked like a trio of bunnies and poor Cat could do nothing! Nothing but squish the hell out of the banana which had been impaled in her pussy.

The climax of their three way sex show came when Shark took Erin up the ass at the same time Drake took her from the front! By that point, Cat was rocking back and forth on the chair, hoping to get some sort of action, even it was a fucking carrot! Alas, nothing helped.

As men are wont to do when totally fucked out, Shark and Drake fell asleep. Erin got up, went out of the room, most likely to clean up, Cat figured. A guess confirmed by the sound of a shower running. Shortly thereafter, she returned, fully-dressed and released Cat.

"It’s about over. You’ve been a good sport so I won’t take you home naked, but as your clothes were left at Mutt’s bar, you’ll have to wear this robe.", Erin said pleasantly, handing Cat a terrycloth robe. Yea, it was a bit short, but not see-thru and Cat graciously accepted it.

"You’re dead meat, hon. Somehow, some way, I’m going to get you into the same position you had me.", Cat said in a surprisingly jocular tone of voice.

"Good, you’re not mad, well not that kind of mad anyway. Just the payback wanting kind of mad. I might get my ass spanked, but not kicked sort of mad.", Erin said cheerfully.

"Yea, not kicked. Spanked is good. Shit, it was a carrot!", Cat finally was able to dislodge the objects from their respective orifices. And in the case of the banana, take took a bit of "digging".

"Don’t hold that against me, strictly Drake’s idea. Though I approved.", Erin said with a grin.

Feet covered by the fuzzy slippers and her body decently covered for a change, Cat walked with Erin out to the latter’s car for the ride home. "No dropping me off at the corner!", Cat warned.

"No corner, I’ll pull right up in front of your place.", Erin agreed. Way too easily.

"Good, my purse.", Cat noticed once safely in the car.

"Yep, housekeys are there, wallet and money ditto. Damn, I don’t think I’ve ever been this sated. Hey, sorry about that asshole Will.", Erin said fervently.

"You’re forgiven. You did help defend me when he went too far.", Cat reminded.

"Remember that if you do get the better of me.", Erin suggested.

"Yea, I will.", Cat said agreeably.

"So who would you pick for the hairbrush and the dance?", Erin wondered as the pair drove.

"Cindy and Mutt in that order. Except I’d let Cindy get you off three or four times.", Cat shot back.

"I was anxious to get here or I would have.", Erin freely admitted.

"Your friend is obviously into bondage, male or female?", Cat asked.

"Female and she’s gay. No, I’ve not been with her. I’m straight as far as sex is concerned though I do love watching women do stupid things. This has been a blast.", Erin told her.

"Hope you think so when you’re the one acting as a table.", Cat reminded.

"Again, Drake’s idea. He’s really twisted but in a fun way.", Erin said.

"Okay, here we are. Oh, if you have any sudden notions to honk your horn, don’t. I’ve got carrots also.", Cat warned as she grabbed her purse.

"Fucking mind reader. Happy dreams and I hope your hand hurts for a month.", Erin said pleasantly as Cat got out of the car and ran to her apartment building. Once she saw Cat was safely inside, Erin drove away. After sounding the horn very loudly.

"Bitch.", Cat said pleasantly aloud as she opened her apartment door. Thankfully no one saw her come in.

The first thing she did was pour herself a drink, down it then make herself a triple. As she sipped that one, she filled the tub with scalding hot water then put lit perfumed candles all around the wide edges. While waiting for the water to cool enough to get in, she finished her drink and laid out her bedclothes.

Just as she was undoing the belt to her robe the doorbell rang. Cursing loudly, she re-did the knot on the belt and went out to see who the fuck it was, though she thought she knew. Throwing the door open, she yelled, "What the fuck do you want now, Erin?" However it wasn’t Erin but her boss, William Kane!

"Have I come at a bad time?", he politely asked.

"Sorry sir, thought you were someone else. What can I do for you?", she asked a bit brusquely.

"If it’s convenient, I’d like to come in and discuss your promotion.", he told her.

Shrugging her shoulders, she waved him in and shut the door.

"Would you like me to remain outside while you get dressed?", he offered.

"Well, considering the last time you saw me, I was stark-naked, I guess this is more than adequate.", Cat said, again brusquely. "Sorry, don’t mean to take it out on you. Forgive me, it’s been a long and frustrating week-end (in more ways than one she thought)."

"I can imagine. Erin would be the barmaid whom you bet with?", Mr. Kane asked.

"Yea, that’s her. Care for a drink?", Cat offered.

"Yes, rum and coke if you have it.", he replied.

Making the drink, she handed it to him then directed him to a chair. She poured herself another triple strength gin and tonic then sat down in a chair directly across from him being careful to not flash him as she did. (Why? He’s seen it all already.), Cat chided herself.

"I know I’ve lost the promotion, do I still have a job?", Cat bluntly asked him, adding, "Or did you come here to tell me not to bother to show up tomorrow?"

"Yes, you have a job. Department head for Marketing Surveying and Analysis.", he informed her.

"Excuse me? That’s the job that I was hoping for. How did I get that after what happened Saturday night?", Cat asked confused.

"Besides technical knowledge which you’ve demonstrated time and again you’re more than adequate in, the job requires someone willing to take chances. And more importantly willing to face the consequences if you’re wrong.

I did some research into your wager with this Erin. You gambled on a sports event with a team that had the better record. You lost and paid for it by the terms you had agreed on though a gambling wager of that nature is enforceable in any state in the union.

Hillary freely admitted she’d never make such a gamble or pay up if she did. She was quite talkative about how stupid such risk taking was. Play it safe is her motto, per her own words. The job doesn’t need someone who’ll play it safe, it needs a risk taker who’ll stay the course even if the ride gets bumpy. My, quite a few mixed metaphors in that, weren’t there?", he asked with a self-deprecating chuckle.

"Yes there were. Are you serious? And if you are, what if the higher-ups learn of my er performance and disagree?", Cat inquired.

"I have carte blanche in this decision and the only one who can override that knows I’d resign in a heartbeat if he does. If I’m not allowed a free hand in personnel decisions I would prefer not to make them at all. Besides, our esteemed CEO has a few peccadilloes in his past also, I doubt if he’d be the least bit shocked.", Mr. Kane assured her.

Cat couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she got the promotion she wanted when she expected to be canned! Looking for the catch she bluntly asked, "So do I have to sleep with you to cinch the deal?"

"My dear, I may be a widower, and a number of years older than yourself, but I’m not so desperate for companionship that I would force an unwilling woman into my bed. I want my bedmates to be willing and eager. The only thing you have to do to "cinch" the deal is to simply say you’ll take the promotion. Tomorrow I’ll inform Human Resources of my decision and your new job will begin Tuesday.", he said haughtily.

"Tuesday? Why not tomorrow?", Cat wondered.

"A courtesy to you. I figure you’re likely exhausted from your full week-end and could use a day off with pay. However I will call Robert tonight to tell him of my decision.", Mr. Kane replied.

"Yes, to be honest I am very spent from the week-end. When you rang the bell I was getting ready to hop into a hot bath then off to bed.", Cat admitted.

"Then I shall allow you to retire. If I may say, you certainly do have valor and a most lovely body. I feel privileged to have seen it. That’s the last you’ll hear from me about your possibly ill-advised wager.", he assured her as he stood up and took his glass to Cat’s bar.

Noticing how easily he moved for a man in his fifties, she was recalling how he was an avid golfer and tennis player. Pretty good shape from what she could see, given his penchant for three-piece suits.

"Thank you sir, I take that as a compliment.", Cat told him as she rose to walk him to the door.

He looked deep into her eyes as he told her. "You are quite lovely. I’m almost tempted to forget my principals but I’m an man of honor."

She was just about to open the door when she had the wildest thought. "Bill, you said you liked your bed-mates willing and eager. Got a problem with sleeping with a co-worker?"

"I told you, you’ve got the job you don’t need to sleep with me to get it.", he chided softly.

"I’m not asking for that reason. You’re sexy despite your age, or maybe because of it. And I was rather taken with your politeness, suaveness, is that a word? And they way you complimented me. And to be honest, I’m more than a bit horny for a variety of reasons I’d rather not go into. I’d rather not be alone tonight."

"Nor would I. Just remember though, I won’t allow any romantic entanglements to affect my business decisions. You mess up at work and I’ll reprimand you just as surely as anyone else.", he said sternly.

"Bill, I’d be hurt if you didn’t. That would tell me that I only got the job to become your toy. And while I don’t mind being a toy at the right time, I’m damned good at my job and I’m strictly business when I am working. Though if you want to come over that night and add a spanking to go along with the chewing out, fine with me.", Cat said with a twinkle in her eye.

Taking her into his arms, he kissed her passionately. "Spank you? Hm, perhaps I should for that disgraceful show you put on last night.", he teased after they came up for air.

"Is okay with me. But later, much later. Please.", she asked then they returned to the lip lock.

Later as they laid in each other’s arms on her bed, Cat asked. "Do I get to appoint my assistant?"

"Sure, a department head has that right. Why do you ask?", he wondered, idly tracing the outline of her right boob.

"I want Hillary. She is very good, very intelligent, and it would be one way to keep her from spreading gossip.", Cat pointed out.

"Yes she is and under the right person she’d be an asset. I don’t think she can lead though, another point in your favor.", Bill told her then added. "As for Will, don’t worry about him. We played golf earlier and I comment about needing a good man in our Fairbanks Alaska office. Thought it might be just the place for him. I think he got the hint."

"Aw gee, he’s not going to Alaska?", Cat groused.

"He is. I’ve not forgiven him for making a pass at my wife, God rest her soul. He thinks I don’t know.", Bill told her with a twinge of sadness.

"Good. Just remember, no Alaska for me. If I make you mad, spank me.", she reminded him.

"Rest assured that any transfer you get will be at your request not mine. Though I’d be scared to transfer you to any of our southern facilities. God knows how you’d dress there. Probably not at all.", he said in a somber tone of voice though Cat could see a twinkle in his eye.

"And what’s wrong with that?", she demanded to know.

"Call me old-fashioned, but I rather enjoy seeing a woman take her clothes off.", he informed her.

"We’ll have to travel south and see if you change your mind after seeing me in a thong. Topless in a thong.", she teased.

"Remind me to see a doctor to have my heart checked first.", he laughed.

Giggling and cuddling the pair fell asleep.