Blair's Walk in the Park.

by Johnny


Blair’s Walk In The Park

Blair was jogging along the path in her favorite park.  Located a mere three miles from her home, the park had tennis courts, picnic tables, bike paths, and of course jogging paths.  Lots of trees and carefully maintained shrubbery kept the place looking very nice.  And the presence of mounted police officers patrolling kept the druggies and muggers mostly out.

As was her usual routine, Blair had parked on the south side of the park and jogged around the park to the north side where she rested a bit, talked with anyone who felt like talking then she continued on.

Officer Lemont had just gone by and she waved at Blair as she did.  Blair waved back and watched as the officer rode out of sight.  A small group of high school kids, mostly boys but also a couple of girls, were playing a game of touch football so Blair decided to stay and watch.   She sat on a bench close to the action and cheered on the team with the girls much to their delight and to the boos from the other team.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and a very familiar voice saying, “Well lookee here.  I was hoping we’d meet again.”  Blair’s heart was in her throat, the voice was the leader of the teen girls she had nicknamed the Wannabes.  She gulped and tried to stand up but she was pushed back down.

Four angry looking young women were standing there, the three Wannabes and a fourth she didn’t recognize until she snapped her gum.  Then Blair placed her, the lackadaisical attendant at the tanning salon where she’d gotten back a the Wannabes.

A couple of weeks prior, the Wannabes had stripped her in a mall parking lot.  For revenge, she had worked out a plan with an on-line friend to steal their clothes while the three of them were in tanning booths.  The plan worked well, including the smoke bombs which had the Wannabes running around a mall naked and in a panic.  Unfortunately the attendant had been caught in the crossfire, so to speak.  She’d been on the john when the smoke started spewing and had run out with her pants half down.

As all four had very angry expressions, Blair knew she was in trouble.  She was about to find out how much.

“Please, don’t hurt me.”, Blair begged.

“Hurt you?  We’re not going to hurt you at all.  Not in the least.  Not one little bit.  Leastwise as long as you do just what we say.  Else your ass is kicked.”, the leader advised.  Blair nodded her understanding though she had no idea what horrible ideas the Wannabes had in mind.

“Good.  Now get your clothes off!”, the leader whom Blair though of as Brittany commanded.

“What?  Here?  There’s people around!”, Blair protested wide-eyed.

“And there were a lot of fucking people in that mall.”, “Brittany” reminded.

Blair decided her best bet was to run for it and pray her jogging had paid off.  She made a dash for the woods but didn’t get three feet before she was caught.  Brittany grabbed her by the nose and twisted it.  “Take your fucking pants off now!”, the teen tough repeated as she twisted Blair’s nose.  Blair reached for the waistband of her jogging pants so Brittany released her grip.

“Try running again and we’ll kick your naked ass around the park!”, Brittany warned.

With her eyes tearing from the humiliating nose tweaking, Blair could barely see, she knew she was trapped.  She was going to suffer the humiliation of being stripped naked in front of a bunch of strangers.  Well at least she’d make them strip her, she’d be damned if she’d cooperate and she said so.

“Oh, feeling brave?  Well listen, I don’t want to make the effort to strip you.  I want it easy and I’ll go easy on you if you do what I say.  Else, I can make you hurt in ways that won’t even show.”, the Wannabes’ leader threatened.  To prove it, she had the other three hold Blair while she slipped her hand down the front of Blair’s jogging pants.

Blair’s face twisted in a grimace and it was all she could do not to scream.  The cruel fingers released their intimate grip and the hurting woman was let go.

“Now, start taking your clothes off one piece at a time.  I’ll have the shoes first.”, “Brittany” snapped.

Totally defeated and acutely aware of how the teens had stopped playing to watch the proceedings, Blair knelt down to untie her shoes.  Slipping them off she stood up and handed them to her tormentor.  She also tucked her car keys, which she had slipped out of her pocket, under a flat rock.  For a brief moment she considered using the rock as a weapon but with four to one odds, all a rock would do is get her hurt.

Handing “Brittany” her shoes, Blair awaited further instructions.  The Wannabes used knifes and lighters to totally ruin the $100 pair of jogging shoes.  Then the leader snapped at Blair, “Pants now!”

Fighting back sobs, Blair put her hands in the waistband of her sweatpants and slowly pulled them down legs.  Stepping out of them, she felt goosebumps form on her legs.  The cool air had felt good while she was running while fully-clothed.  Standing half-naked, the air was chilly.  The gentle April breeze cut through her bare legs like a knife and whipped the bottom of her sweatshirt around allowing for glimpses of her panties.

“Grandma panties, you’re wearing grandma panties.”, the Wannabe that Blair had tagged with the nickname, Pink, declared loudly.

It was true that Blair’s choice of underpants that day had been less than spectacular.  A plain pair of white cotton panties with no frilly lace, no see-through panels, just plain white cotton panties.  When the mortified woman had dressed that morning, she hadn’t planned on anyone seeing her underwear, let alone a crowd of gawking teenagers.  She had worn them for comfort and warmth to go jogging, not to impress a lover.

“Brittany” chortled at Pink’s remark and added.  “She’ll likely be a grandma herself before she shows her face her again.  Okay, Miss Uppity, off with the shirt.”

Blair gave her teen tormentor a pleading look, but the young woman simply made pinching motions with her fingers.  The underdressed woman got the message.  With her heart in her throat and a tear in her eye, she grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt, pulled it up and off in a quick motion then handed it to the teen.

Again, the foursome of vengeance minded women used scissors, knives, nail files, and cigarette lighters to totally ruining Blair’s expensive jogging outfit.  By the time they were done, there wasn’t a scrap of cloth big enough for a baby to use as a bib, let alone a grown woman use to cover herself.

The plain white sports bra Blair had on under her sweatshirt got a lot of snickers from the crowd.  Blair idly wondered why being exposed in this set of underwear was bothering her more than when the Wannabes had previously stripped her.  Then she was wearing a matching lavender bra and French cut lacy panty set.  Those undies covered less than the ones she currently had on, were lacy and translucent, yet the ones she had on were causing her more embarrassment.

“Brittany” tossed the last bit of cloth to the wind then spoke to her collaborators.  “Tits or ass next?”, she wondered aloud.  Blair shivered from more than just the cold.

“Tits!”, yelled “Pink.”

“Ass!”, yelled the Wannabe Blair had christened “Christina.”

“Ass!”, yelled the tanning booth attendant.

“Tits.”, said “Brittany” who continued.  “We’ve got a tie.”  She looked at the gawking teenage boys, smiled and asked them.  “Tits next or ass?”

The Brittany Spears wannabe listened to the shouts from the guys and did a quick tally of votes while Blair shivered in the chilly air.  With a wide grin she announced the results.  “Tits are its.”, she rhymed leering at Blair.

Sobbing, Blair pulled first one strap off an arm then the other.  Taking a deep breath she tugged the bra down to her stomach, pulled it around so she could get to the clasps.  Undoing those, she took the bra in her hand, choked back a sob and handed it to “Brittany”.

Taking the bra from her victim, the head tormentor advised, “Keep your hands away from your titties, I want all the boys to see what you got.”

Dropping her arms, Blair bowed her head in shame.  Here she was a professional woman, a CPA for pity’s sake, standing clad only in her panties before a group of leering teenage boys and four cruel tormentors, all much younger than herself.

“Pink” snickered and pointed out how the cold air was making Blair’s nipples stand out as well as raising goose-bumps all over the mortified woman.  “Christina”, commented about sagging problems associated with old women.  {Old?  Blair thought angrily.  I’m only 32!}

“Brittany” finished destroying Blair’s sports bra.  “There’s only one thing left.  Either give them to me or we’ll take them.  And if we take them, you’ll feel it.”, she warned ominously.

The moment Blair had been dreading arrived.  She seriously considered making a second attempt at running for it.  Two things stopped her; the knowledge they had caught her easily before and she was wearing shoes then (and clothes she thought bitterly), the second and more important reason was her keys.  She had them safely hidden but she’d never be able to grab them and make a break for it.  She’d just have to endure the humiliation or else she’d very likely ending up having to walk home stark-naked.

“Come on, we ain’t got all day.  The boys want to see your ass.”, the head Wannabe snapped irritably.

Sighing, Blair pulled her panties down and off, instinctively covered her crotch with one hand and handed the panties to the grinning woman.

“Move the hand, we don’t want these nice boys to think you’re playing with yourself.”, “Brittany” said as she took the panties.  Like all the rest of Blair’s garments, they were shredded and burnt into a useless rag.

The boys were chuckling and pointing, the Wannabes were laughing uproariously and Blair wished she were dead.  She could feel the blood rushing to her face making it beet red.  She just hoped the four bitches would tire of the game and let her go.  Shouldn’t be long, what else could they do?  Blair would soon have an answer to that question.

“You know, guys are at a bit of a disadvantage when naked.”, “Brittany” idly noted.

“How so?”, “Pink” asked.

“Well not only does their cock give away their thoughts, pretty much everything is showing when they’re standing naked.  But us girls still have some secrets left even when standing completely naked.  And I don’t think Miss Snoot should have any secrets from us.  Or these fine boys.”, “Brittany” explained with a most wicked grin on her face.

“Airmail?”, “Pink” asked with her own equally evil grin.

“Airmail.”, the leader of the foursome agreed.

Before Blair even realized what they were talking about, the four of them grabbed her, one on each arm and one on each leg.  She was hoisted up on their shoulders over her cries of protest.  “Brittany” and “Pink” who had a hold of her legs pulled them apart so widely as to be actually painful.

Thusly spread, the wildly struggling woman was carried right up to the crowd of teen boys who were invited to see what a pussy looked like up close.  The boys were all grins as they elbowed and pushed their way in for a better look.

Blair begged and pleaded with the Wannabes to put her down, this was just too humiliating!  Only her gynecologist had seen her like this and those exams had been hard for her to endure.  To have a group of gawking teens examine her this closely had her crying like a baby.

“Pink” chuckled evilly and used a hand to spread Blair’s butt cheeks so that even that bit of dignity was lost to the thoroughly humiliated woman.  Then suddenly the group just dropped her on the ground.  She laid there dazed with her legs still spread while “Pink” and “Brittany” took the one item of clothing she had left; her socks.  Then the foursome simply walked away laughing and hi-fiving each other.

Gathering her wits, Blair covered herself with her hands, waited until the Wannabes had walked a bit farther, then got up and staggered over to where she’d hidden her car keys.  The ground was cold on her feet and the laughter of the teens was still continuing though become a bit subdued.

She got her keys out from under the rock and she started running for her car.  Her car which was parked two miles away.

The first thing Blair did was make for the woods where she would at least be somewhat out of sight.  It didn’t take her long to decide that a trip through the woods naked was a bitch.  Her feet hurt from stepping on pebbles and sticks, she was scratched all over from branches, one even swatted her on the ass.  She had pulled it back to go by it and carelessly let go once she was by.  She was cursing up a storm and very close to tears.

She reached the edge of this portion of the woods and kneeling down by a tree she looked around to see if the coast was clear.  It wasn’t.  She had come across the bike path which ran throughout the park and several riders were going by.  She stayed down and hopefully out of sight as they past by her hiding place.

She saw her chance and took it, running across the open area for the next group of woods at full speed.  She was nearly there when the next group of bikers came pedaling into sight.  Fortunately she was in the woods before they got up to where she had been.

“Shit, did you see that?”, a male voice asked incredulously.

“Just some chick jogging.”, another male voice said disinterestedly.

“Jogging?  Shit she was streaking!”, the first male biker exclaimed.

“You’ve been smoking that funny shit again, haven’t you?”, the second man chided.

A female voice stated firmly.  “No, he’s not shitting you, she really was naked.  Probably some co-ed from the college paying off a bet or a dare or something equally stupid.”

“You went to college here, you ever streak this park?”, the first male asked.

“For me to know and for you to never find out.”, was all she would say.

Hiding in the trees, laying down on the ground, Blair watched the bikers drink some water, and discuss the crazy naked runner.  After a few minutes they went on which brought a sigh of relief to the mortified women.  She’d been scared they’d try to find her.

Standing up, she turned and nearly knocked down the person who had apparently been standing behind her for several moments.  Freaking, she screamed and went into the famous September Morn pose, one arm across both her breasts, the other hand covering her groin.  Just her frigging luck, she managed to run into a boy scout!  Thankfully, he was alone.

The boy, for he couldn’t have been much more than fourteen, was looking at her with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.  Skinny, gangly, pimply faced, with red hair, freckles, and glasses.  He was wearing a boy scout uniform, long sleeves, long pants, scarf, the whole works.  Idly she wondered if she could talk him out of his scarf.

“Are you okay miss?”, he asked when he finally found his voice.  Apparently she had misjudged his age, he was likely even younger, his voice was still cracking.

“No, I’ve been stripped, humiliated, and ...”, Blair’s entire tale of woe came rushing out of her as she stood there naked before him.  He listened intently though with the way he kept staring at her, she doubted he actually heard any of what she said.  Didn’t matter really, she had to tell someone and he was handy.

“I know how you feel.  Last summer a couple of guys in my pack swiped my trunks while I was swimming.  I tried running for the camp and ran into a bunch of girl scouts who were heading to the lake.  I didn’t even know there were any girl scout packs at the campgrounds, let alone any near our site.  I still get ribbed about it.  Can I help you some way?”, he asked with feeling.

“Well, I don’t suppose you’ve got any clothes I could borrow.  However, you could help me look out for people while I sneak to my car.”, she suggested hopefully.

“Where’s your car parked?”, he asked.  She told him and he replied, “Ouch, that’s where we parked.  Some company is having a picnic at the shelter area by that lot.  Easily two, maybe three dozen people there and it’s got to be three hundred yards from where the woods end to where the lot begins.”

Wincing at the news, Blair thought over her options.  Finally she came up with what she saw as her only real choice.  “Get me as close as possible to the lot then go find one of the mounted cops who patrol the park.  Preferably a lady cop.  Any chance you could go and find me something to wear?  A blanket, a towel, anything!”

“Well we aren’t camping here or anything, so we’ve just got our uniforms.  And if I may say so, I doubt if you’d fit into my shirt, let alone my pants.”, he said with a hint of laughter.

Blushing even more, Blair silently agreed with him, the poor kid was skinnier than a mop.  “Well then, let’s head off to the lot.  Just try to avoid people, please.  And when you talk about this, and you will, be kind.”, she pleaded.

“I guess you’d rather I went first.”, he said with a trace or two of regret.  Blair nodded and the boy headed on through the woods with the naked woman right behind him.

More pebbles sticking her feet, more branches scratching her arms and legs, that was Blair’s fate as she followed the boy through the woods.  Talkative, very talkative, he kept up a running monologue about what sort of trees they were passing by, what sort of flowers and other plants they were trampling over.  (Well she was trampling, he was being careful where he stepped.)  Like she cared, all she wanted was to get to her car, get home, take a hot bath and forget that today ever happened.  However so to not upset the one person being nice to her, she would make some sort of comment now and then to let him know she was listening.

After what seemed like hours though likely less than one, the odd pair of hikers made it to the edge of the woods closest to where Blair had parked her car.  As he had warned, it was probably three hundred yards to the lot and a group of people were having a picnic in between them and the lot.

“I’ll wait here while you find a cop.  Thank you.”, Blair said fervently.

“You’re welcome, Miss.”, he mumbled, blushing nearly as bad as Blair was doing.  Then he left the woods and Blair soon lost sight of him.

As she waited she kept a close eye on the group picnicking.  The scout’s guess was likely right, it probably was some company picnic.  Both men and women but no children.  The kids were either playing elsewhere or it was an adults only picnic.  All the women were wearing shorts or slacks, and blouses of various styles.  Blair fervently wished she could be as fully covered as those women.

The scout’s return was so silent and unexpectedly soon, that Blair gasped a bit when he spoke.  She had been squatting down on her knees, backside to a tree and her hands covering her front so he’d not seen anything he hadn’t already.  He was grinning, not a smirky grin, more of a I did good sort of grin.  Blair visibly sighed.

“I couldn’t find a cop but I did find some friends of yours.  They’ll help you out.”, he happily informed her.

“Friends of mine?”, Blair wondered aloud.  Then she nearly fainted.  The Wannabes stepped into view.

The fear of the picnickers seeing her paled to the fear of what else the four bitches might do.  Blair started to run out of the woods but “Christina” and the gum chewing salon clerk grabbed her.  “Pink” grabbed the boy scout.

“Let him go, your grudge is with me.”, Blair said vehemently.

“Brittany” smirked, walked over to the naked woman and with just two fingers and a bit of pressure in an intimate spot, brought tears to Blair’s eyes.

“Christina” twisted Blair’s arm behind her back while the gum chewing bitch went over with Pink.  Blair saw Pink reach her hands down the back of the scout’s pants.  The naked woman winced sympathetically when his eyes got wide and he gasped from the killer wedgie he’d been given.  Then the two women lifted him up and hung him from a branch by his belt.

“A bit old for you isn’t he?”, “Brittany” smirkly commented.  The other women laughed while Blair just looked down at the ground.  The boy scout was hollering until “Brittany” threatened to pants him.  He stopped yelling and simply stared at Blair who was now standing with her charms exposed to his gaze.

“We were about to leave when we noticed your car was parked in the lot.  Then we saw Goofy here asking people if they’d seen a cop and followed him.  You weren’t planning on snitching, now were you?”, “Brittany” asked Blair.  As she spoke the younger woman idly ran her fingers about Blair’s throat, breasts, and belly.

“No, I was just hoping to get something to wear.”, Blair truthfully replied.

“Why?  You like showing off your body, don’t you?  I can tell by looking.”, “Brittany: teasingly refereed to Blair’s very erect nipples.  Blair remained silent until “Brittany” took Blair’s left nipple between two fingers and began twisting it.  The pain quickly brought tears to Blair’s eyes.

“Please stop that.”, Blair begged.

“Not until you tell us you like it.  The flaunting of your ugly naked body, my caresses, the boy’s leering gazes.   Tell us how much you enjoy it.”, “Brittany” ordered as she twisted the captive nipple even more.

Before Blair could reply, a man’s voice called out.  “What the hell is going on?”

The Wannabes and Blair looked around and discovered that several of the picnickers had come into the woods.  A half dozen men, three women, and two teen girls who looked vaguely familiar.

“These are the ones I told you about, Dad, they attacked this woman who was just sitting and watching us play football.  Stripped her naked and destroyed her clothes.”, one of the teens said.  That placed them, they were the two girls playing touch football earlier.

“Fuck off, this is none of your fucking business.”, “Brittany” snapped, irritated by the interruption.

“It is when you fuck with my son, bitch!”, one of the women said angrily.  She shoved past the Wannabes and helped the boy scout down out of the tree.

“Thanks Mom, they were going to pants me.”, he told his mother.

“The pervert is lying, take your shit-head son and go.”, “Brittany” yelled.

More people crowded around the five women which prompted “Christina” to release her grip on Blair.  The naked but no longer scared woman quickly moved away from her tormentors, going over to stand with the scout.

“You okay?”, she asked, again hugging herself modestly.

“Yea, you?”, he replied.

“Yes, thank you.”, she said warmly.

The Wannabes were continuing to trash talk the angry mother of the boy scout which proved to be a very bad mistake.  The woman exploded and smacked “Brittany” hard enough across the face to knock the much younger woman to the ground.

“You like stripping people naked huh?  Well let’s see how you like it.”, she grimly said.  Stooping down she began ripping the clothes off the struggling young woman.

The other Wannabes tried to get away, but they were grabbed by a large number of women and found themselves also getting their clothes ripped off their bodies.

The struggling Wannabes were carried out to the picnic area where the rest of the picnickers joined in on the unveiling.  “Brittany” was naked and the angry mother who held her was twisting the Wannabe’s left tit and pulling hard on the what pubic hair the former had.  Which was coal black, unlike the hair on her head which was blonde, Blair noted with satisfaction.

“The next time you lay your sluttish hands on my son, I’ll kick your ass so hard you’ll never walk or sit comfortably again.”, she warned the bawling woman.

Someone tapped Blair on the shoulder.   Looking around she saw the teen girl who had recognized the Wannabes standing there holding something that to Blair was the greatest thing in the world; a coat!  Quickly thanking the girl, Blair took it and donned it.  It was a bit short, ending just below her hips, but it felt so wonderful not being naked.

“Oh bless you!”, Blair told her gratefully.

The four naked and battered Wannabes were about to be sent on their way when the boy scout intervened.  “Mom, we can’t send them away naked, I’ve got some leaves they can wear.  That’ll at least cover their nakedness.”  He handed each of the four a bunch of branches with wide leaves which the four took and pressed against their breasts and pubic areas.  Their butts were fully exposed as they ran off to the park entrance.

“Awful nice of you.”, Blair noted.

“Not really, those are poison sumac leaves.”, he explained with a smile.

That brought gales of laughter to everyone, especially Blair.

After introducing herself and saying her thanks for the much appreciated help, and finding out where she could return the coat, Blair headed to her car and from there to her house.  On the way out of the park, she was very pleased to see four leave-clad women being put into a couple of police cruisers.

Arriving home, she drew a nice hot bubble bath and soaked in it while thinking about the interesting story she’d have to share with her on-line group.  She just hoped they’d believe her.