Pledges' Peril
by Jo

Kas smeared adhesive on the rubber flange. Teri opened her mouth and took the monstrous nipple inside. She bit down on the stem and Kas pressed the flange to her lips, sealing it in place. She drew the ends of the pink ribbon behind Teri's head and tied them.

Kas stepped back, surveying the girls. The four pledges were dressed in identical white baby doll nighties. The nighties weren't sheer, but they were short, short enough to see the diapers. They wore pink mittens and pink booties, likewise secured with pink ribbons. They had matching, pink pacifiers glued to their lips. And they were connected by three sets of pink, fuzzy handcuffs.

"Okay, girls, you know the drill. It's a scavenger hunt of sorts. You have to be photographed in ten places. Does everybody have them memorized?"

The four nodded.

"Good. Well, let's get started."

She led the pledges out of the house and out onto the steps. She raised the camera and took a shot of the four of them on the front porch, then looped the camera strap over Lisa's mitted hand. She held the gate open. The girls filed out.

The sisters at Tau Theta Chi whooped and clapped as the pledges headed down the sidewalk.

The route was a big circle that would take them through town and back to the house. The Post Office proved easy enough and the guy at the liquor store seemed eager to oblige. Next on the list was Taylor Technical Services. The girls waited several minutes, but no one came by and none of the cars stopped even though they waved. Finally, Teri slipped a mitted hand under the bar and pulled. The door was locked. They could hear faint noise, machine noise, so someone had to be there. Then Sandra noticed the "after hours" button, bent and pressed it with her nose. Nothing happened for a long moment, then the door buzzed. Teri tugged it open and the girls filed into the lobby. It was empty.

They walked down a corridor. Through glass panels they saw office after office, dark and empty.

There was another corridor leading off to the right and they could hear the noise more clearly now. They followed it. The place was almost black save for the red EXIT signs. The corridor turned left. Eventually they came to a set of double doors. Through the windows they could see machines, robots, arms waving doing whatever it is robots do. Yellow hash marks were painted on the floor. The sign said Warning Automatic Door. The girls stopped, looked at each other. Teri shook her head. Lisa held up the camera. After a moment Teri nodded. Lisa reached out and pressed the large, metal panel. The doors swung open.

They were met with a wall of noise and large, metal arms flailing away in seeming random fashion. They stayed away from the yellow hash marks, from the arms, and made their way, slowly, down the aisle.

They didn't see the security robot disengage from its station on the wall.

Intruder Alert

It extended its scanner.

Unable to identify nature of intruder

Four girls cuffed together was not in its database, obviously.

The girls edged around a corner, the secbot rolled up behind.

Attempt to restrain

None of this was vocalized, they were merely log entries being beamed to the controller.

The secbot unfolded an arm. A strip of plastic tape burst from a nozzle, whipped itself around Lisa's ankles. She shrieked and nearly fell, but Sandra managed to steady her. The four girls staggered, dragging Lisa with them. Another burst. Teri's ankles this time. By now they were in a group hug, their screams muffled not only by the pacifier gags, but by the machine noises.

Immediately Sandra and Diane's ankles were likewise bound. The secbot moved closer.

Intruders identified
Females four

It examined their cuffed wrists.

Intruders partially restrained

As the secbot examined them the girls shifted apart, taking small, mincing steps, trying to avoid the mechanical beast. It thrust toward Lisa's mitted hand, located the camera.

Possible weapon detected

An arm disengaged itself from the assembly line. At its tip were what looked like two fingers. A small metal disc spun between them.

The secbot flashed a red dot on the camera strap. The fingers descended to the spot and cut the strap.

Initiate search for concealed weapons

It flashed a dot on the hem of Lisa's nightie. The fingers went to the spot. The red dot travelled up to the neckline of the garment. The fingers followed, slicing open the thin, white cloth.

The secbot extended its sensor, then flashed another dot on Lisa's shoulder. The fingers cut off one sleeve, then the other. Another dot at Lisa's left hip, then the right and her diaper joined the shredded nightie on the floor. The secbot continued its investigation. The fingers, now programmed, stripped the other three girls bare, then retracted and returned to its place on the line.

Inspection complete
No weapons found

Another arm came out and deftly retrieved the bits of cloth, dropped them in a trash can. It deposited the camera in a tray on the secbot's back.

A forklift appeared carrying a large, wood-like, brown plastic pallet. It set the pallet down by the girls. Even with bound ankles, the girls were able to take small, shuffling steps and the secbot herded them into a line at the edge of the pallet.

The forklift adjusted and extended the forks. It slipped the forks between the two end girls, raised the forks, lifted the group into the air. The now naked girls screamed, dangling by their wrists, several feet off the floor.

It set the middle girls on the pallet, drew them across, gently laying them down on their backs. It withdrew the forks, probed forward and flipped Teri, face down, belly to belly, tit to tit on top of Sandra. It pivoted and set Diane, likewise, down on top of Lisa. It rolled back a few feet, slid the forks under the pallet, hoisted it into the air. Terrified, the girls clung to each other.

The secbot pivoted and followed the marked aisle down the line. The forklift followed. At the end of the line it turned and pushed the pallet into the last machine. Thin arms emerged. Six wide plastic straps whipped out and encircled the girls, securing them to the pallet. Three straps across their backs, three on their legs. There was the faint smell of burning plastic as the straps were welded secure. The forklift retrieved the pallet. The secbot headed down another aisle, came to a set of double doors which swung open at their approach.

The room was a large warehouse. The forklift followed the secbot down this aisle and that until they came to a chain link cage, empty save for a couple of metal drums. The gate slid open, the forklift rolled forward and set the pallet in the cage. It beeped as it backed up, swung around, and headed deeper into the warehouse.

Intruders secured
Intruders contained
Notifying authorities

John had the mouse pointer poised over the ABORT icon. He clicked it.

Notification aborted

The secbot pivoted and retraced its path out of the warehouse. John zoomed the security camera. This far from the main floor it was quiet and he could hear the muffled squeals. He panned the camera along the girls' bodies. The straps above and below their butts made a nice frame for the jiggling mounds as the girls struggled.

John pulled his key ring from his pocket and plugged in the thumb drive. He downloaded, then deleted the videos.

He would tell his boss that he missed the incident because he was at lunch. And he'd tell him he'd deleted the video out of modesty.

Eventually he would make his rounds. Even with automation he still had to walk the place a couple of times each shift. Eventually he would "discover" the naked girls strapped to the pallet in the far corner of the warehouse. Eventually he'd free them, find some way to remove the handcuffs, find them something to wear.


The End

Copyright© 2012 by Jo. All rights reserved.