The Boat Ride
by Jo

This is part nine of Jane's story, a sequel to "The Fishbowl", "The Birthday Party", "Quality Time", "At the Club", "Weird and Wonderful","Epilogue", "Transistion", and "The Wedding Day" .

Jane ran her fingers through her dark hair, stared at her reflection in the mirror. It had been quite a day yesterday, but it was a good morning, a normal morning. She slept chained to the bed, cuddled against Geoffrey. Just after dawn she had slipped under the covers to wake him with her mouth as she did every day. It was all so normal ... and yet not.

She had expected a change after the wedding. Cindy had admitted that she'd spent the past three weeks "re-programming" Jane to be a more perfect pet for Geoffrey. The new programming was supposed to kick in when she said, "I do." And she had, in fact, said it. If there had been a change she didn't feel it.

It was raining. Geoffrey said they'd take the boat out anyway. Jane wasn't surprised. He loved rainy days. Loved, she recalled with a sense of warmth and trepidation, spending those long rainy days in the dungeon.

Jane finished with her hair and put on some makeup. She was a mascara and lip gloss girl, but she liked looking pretty for Geoffrey. He had told her to take her black bikini in case the sun came out and they wanted to swim, and so, naked with the garment looped on her finger, she found him on the boat. It had what he called a Bimini top, kind of like an awning, and he was fastening clear, plastic curtains along the sides and back. He held a panel aside so she could climb aboard. He slipped the dock lines and they putted into the morning drizzle.


Jane reached her hand between her legs, found herself a bit dry, licked her fingers, and slid them between her nether lips.

"Turn so I can watch. There's a latch under the seat."

Jane found the latch and turned the pedestal chair to face him. The boat didn't have a dash board per se, but there was a padded shelf there and she propped her left leg up onto it.

She fingered herself.

This was so not Jane. Diddling should be done in the dark, under warm blankets, sometimes during a nice, hot bath. Not in daylight while someone watched her. She had a boyfriend a while back who liked to watch. She did it because she was in love, but she had to fake the orgasms. She found none of that reluctance now. Even found her groove immediately. Usually it took a minute to get the right rhythm in the right spot.

Was this one of those reprogramming things? Masturbating for Geoffrey and coming, having real orgasms? Because she did and she was.

Or perhaps something else. Perhaps the new program was more basic. Perhaps, and Jane felt it was true, she had been changed on a very fundamental level, changed at her core. Before she acted as if she belonged to Geoffrey, now she knew she did, didn't have to do a gut check - she just knew.

And if Geoffrey wanted to watch her masturbate, she would masturbate.

The rain picked up. It pattered on the awning. The boat rocked, cruising through the lumpy sea. There were wipers that worked - sort of.

Jane found herself in her own private world, hand between her legs, her soft gasping grunts drowned out by the pelting rain. The boat rocked gently.

Jane heard a noise, opened her eyes. Geoffrey was fiddling with his fishing gear. Jane closed her eyes.

"All right, pet."

Jane looked up.

"Come here."

He eased himself off the seat, Jane followed. He had her stand just behind him. He tied a rope to her left wrist. There wasn't enough clearance to raise her arms, so he spread them, securing them to the metal tubes that supported the awning.

The tie vibe was on the shelf. That's what she called it because it had a ring in it's base and it could be tied in place. It was one of those high tech things that vibrated, rotated, and wobbled. It even had a little rubber tongue for her clit. As vibrators go it wasn't very big. Geoffrey had a thing about not stretching Jane's pussy. Her ass, on the other hand, was a whole different matter. He had trained her to accommodate things that were, if not fist size, pretty darn big. Witness the blue striped balls sitting next to the vibe, easily two or three times the diameter of the vibrator.

Geoffrey took a bit of rope and tied it around her waist, the end dangling over her ass. He slicked her anus with a bit of spittle and pressed the first ball to it. Like a hungry mouth, her ass slurped the ball inside. The second ball followed.

He pushed the vibrator into her, settled it into place, spread her lips and nestled the tongue against her clit. He pulled the rope between Jane's ass cheeks and through the ring, tugged it up and cinched it to her waist. He made a few adjustments, made sure it was fully settled in place.

He reached a pair of chrome steel fish hooks from the shelf. On one level, Jane's brain registered the logical outcome with horror, but her conscious mind held only confusion.

Geoffrey pinched and pulled on her right nipple. He touched the tip of the hook to the top of her nipple and pushed. Jane gasped, grunted, then shrieked as the point broke through the bottom of her nipple. She grunted some more as he continued to feed the shank through until the eye was nestled on top. He repeated the process on Jane's left nipple. She managed not to shriek, but she wasn't quiet, either. He used a pair of dykes to snip off the barbed tips.

Again he reached to the shelf. This time coming back with a handful of lead weights. He slipped them over the hooks. More grunting, more gasping from Jane as the weights stretched her already painful nipples.

Oh God!

He watched her for a while. The weights swung in a gentle arc as the boat rocked. Every once in a while the boat hit a cross wave and they gyrated wildly. Jane gasped with every tug.

He reached between Jane's legs and started the vibe.

The triangle piercing, the ring embedded below her clit, did not only double the sensation, it increased it by a whole order of magnitude. It felt like someone was giving her an electric shock. Jane arched her back and grunted, a long animal-like growl before gasping for breath.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh fff...

Jane came.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

The spasms rocked her body.

This was a new sensation, a combination of pleasure and pain Jane had never experienced before.

Geoffrey was good about the pleasure/pain thing. He'd inflict just enough pain to keep her from coming until she was past the point of no return and the thing just burst out. And he was pretty good at sending her on the occasional trip to sub space. The pain was always better mid-month when her hormones were raging. Then, the nipple clamps couldn't be tight enough, the orgasms mind blowing, and Jane wasn't sure whether she came in spite of the pain ... or because of it.

But this - this was wholly different. It was pleasure and pain all of a piece - pleasurepain. It was like one of those peppermint patty candies. Chocolate and mint that turned into a whole new flavor when combined.

The pleasure she experienced between her legs was so intense that it was actually painful. The pain in her nipples was intense, but in a different way. It wasn't pleasure necessarily, but the sensation was sublime.

Jane hung by her wrists. Geoffrey tied her knees and ankles. He went below, came back with a beer, cracked it, settled onto the pilot's chair.

The boat rocked, the weights swung, the vibrator buzzed relentlessly, Jane came, came some more, more still. Her cries echoing in the enclosed cockpit.

After a while, after a long while, Jane's knees began to buckle. She was more hanging than standing. Geoffrey untied her knees and ankles, turned off the vibrator. He removed it, pulled the balls from Jane's ass. He eased the weights from the hooks in her nipples. He untied her wrists and helped her into the passenger seat. He handed her a beer. She drank half of it off in a couple of gulps.

"Thank you, Sir," she gasped.

Jane's nipples throbbed. She looked down, still not believing what she saw. Yes, those were her nipples and, yes, there were the shiny metal shafts. But she was having a hard time grasping the idea that she had actually been skewered.

The sun poked out. Geoffrey went around the boat removing the plastic curtains. He turned the wheel, pushed the throttle. The boat leapt onto plane.

They headed down the sound. When they passed under the bridge he told her to put on her bikini. Jane's nipples protested.

He idled along the waterfront, made a decision based on what Jane didn't know, and eased up to a dock. It was a restaurant and after securing the boat they climbed up the stairs to the deck.

Geoffrey's choice became apparent when he approached the waitress. She was seriously into body art.

"Excuse me, but can you recommend an artist"

"Piercing or tats."


"Woody's" She pointed. "About four blocks that way and two over."

After lunch they walked to the tattoo parlor.

"See it all the time. People self-pierce, decide they don't like it because they screwed up, but these look pretty good."

Jane stood with her top pulled open.

"Vertical piercing is unusual, but not all that uncommon. One gal who comes in here has hers done that way and she wears dangles off of them, kinda like earrings. So, what's the plan?"

"We're not into mods. We want something a bit on the heavy side, but still basically jewelry. She has her septum done."

Jane flicked a nail up her nose and the barbell popped out, rested on her lip. Woody nodded.

"And her navel, as you can see. And her triangle."

"Whoa! I hope you didn't do that yourself."

"No. Had a doctor do them all."

"Smart. Well, okay. I'd go one, maybe two gauges bigger. Her nipples are big enough to handle it. I can do one upgrade now and later on you can enlarge them."

"Can you just do it now? We'd rather have it done in one shot."


"Sure. I'll have to redo the piercing, though."

Woody gestured and Jane preceded them into another room.

I so don't want to do this.

Woody slipped on the latex gloves, swabbed her nipples with antiseptic. Jane winced, waiting for it to burn, but it didn't. The piercing didn't hurt that much either. The pain pretty much blended in with the residual ache from her ordeal. In a couple of minutes Jane had shiny new hardware poking through her bikini top. It looked like her nipples were perpetually erect and she wondered whether they'd stay that way.

Back out front Geoffrey let her pick out some jewelry, dangles fixed to an eye on a shaft that had a threaded ball at the end.

"Wait 'til they heal before you wear those. The weight will tug at you and then, too, they might catch on something. So stick with the barbells for a few weeks."

Back aboard and through the bridge, Geoffrey told her to strip. She was more than happy to. The bathing suit, soft was it was, rubbed her nipples.

The boat sliced through the water. It had turned sunny and it felt good. The warmth, the wind in her hair. Jane's breasts bounced as the boat skipped over the waves. She kept glancing down at her nipples. Jane was still in a state of disbelief. There were actually things sticking through them. She hadn't had that reaction to her other piercings. For starters, she had been asleep. This time she'd experienced the whole thing, had a clear memory.

And though she had the others, this was different. He navel didn't matter. The piercing hadn't actually gone through anything except a bit of skin. Her septum was pierced, but she couldn't see it. And her triangle ring was hidden under her clit hood. But now? Her nipples? They were so - so out there.

Still ...

Jane reached over, took Geoffrey's hand and said, "Thank you, Sir."

The End

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