The Guild Master
by Jimbob the Brit

As I led Red across the Guild car park by her leash I saw the back of the girl. She looked taller than she was by virtue of that slimness and her high heels. Her long legs were in close fitting knee high black boots were shapely and slim without being too thin. Clad so conservatively in black mini skirt and brown skinny rib jumper I might have ignored her, thinking she was just another casual visitor to the Guild's proceedings, as it was the hint of bare thigh between stocking top and that pussy pelmet made me pause to consider further.

When she turned the full lipped but pixyish face it was obvious she was no older than Red and her close cut hair was like a shiny cap around her young face. It was the sight of the huge tits hanging so heavy and full, out of all proportion to her slim body that made me stop suddenly. Had it not been for them I might have missed the almost hidden slave collar in the Mandarin neckline of her jumper.

As sudden as my stop had been Red had been watching my movements and she too, ever the well-trained slut, halted instantly. The man accompanying the girl was young and gauche looking but there was also a hint of steel too. He was young indeed to have his first slave and had it not been for that hint I might have thought they were another couple playing games. I decided to investigate further.

"Good afternoon Sir. Is this hot little piece legitimate?" He knew what I meant, in this wonderful country of ours only people who are psychologically suited can be enslaved. Even then they have to agree to it, but once enslaved there is no going back unless a board certifies they have either been incorrectly certified or their personality profile has changed irredeemably. I have never known the first to occur and the latter has only happened when the master or mistress concerned has been remarkably stupid.

"Oh y-yes! A full class A." He was a young pretty boy and blushed almost like a girl but there was nothing feminine about him. Time would convert his prettiness to mature good looks and if he had garnered his first slave that hint of steel was genuine.

"Forgive me for being forward but you both look too young, she for her indenture or you for membership of the Guild."

"Indeed Sir, but Pet here has been my indentured slave for four months and my membership as a journeyman the same."

"May I examine this hot slut of yours?" I saw the uncertainty in the boy's eyes even as he looked past me at Red. "Forgive me I have not introduced myself. I am Master Jevon Prior, Senior of the Guild." His eyes widened at my name and title.

"Of course Sir, I would welcome your opinion." The girl stood wide eyed at the interchange uncertain at what was happening. Had it not been for her collar and his verbal confirmation of her condition I would have thought her a straight playing games. She wore no leash, her eyes looked directly into mine, and she had walked side by side with her master. I took my crop from its sheath and began to lift her short skirt with its tip.

"Is she tit ringed?" The words were scarce out of my mouth when she gasped in anger and stepped quickly back her skirt falling down. I caught a brief glimpse of a neat triangle of auburn hair between close pressed thighs but that was all.

"Yes-s-s," He answered not withstanding her scandalous behaviour but his face was flame red at her flagrant denial of her status, that and the reflection on him. He continued. "Her nipples were done shortly after she was indentured." She was not prepared for my next action for as quick as a rattlesnake my hand gripped, twisted and pulled at the ring on her collar. The twin chains that connected loosely, decoratively, to her nipple rings (I am sure decoratively was how she had come to view the chains but she was rapidly disabused) shortened viciously and her big breasts were lifted by her ringed teats until they threatened to spill out of her bra. Conventional bra on a slave! I ask you whatever next?

"Eeeek!" Her hands frantically tried to grasp the now taught nipple chains but through the wool of her jumper it was impossible and anyway the ratchet in her collar made the loosening of the chains impossible. To get sufficient pressure on the release she would have to turn the collar through half a circle and the chains to her now upward pointing teats made this impossible. Suddenly she remembered her condition and her training but even this couldn't stop her from lifting her big breasts even higher to take the weight of her huge dugs from her nipples. "I'm sorry master," her voice was husky and tearful. I glanced at Red and saw a glint of enjoyment at the humbling of a fellow slave. "I forgot myself master; please forgive this useless slut." I was somewhat mollified by this but of course I recognised the falsity in her tone. It was rote learning she was quoting she had yet to learn true humility. I led her to a convenient slave pole and hooked the collar ring over a latch, raising it still higher so she was forced onto tiptoes to minimize the pull on her nipple rings. She was doing a marching on the spot motion against the pole and in this stretched up position the lower cheeks of her buttocks were exposed and displayed the marks of a switch or cane, somewhat faded of course but at least showing the boy was not a complete novice. I lifted her skirt this time of course she made no demure and it became clear that she was enjoying the presence of a large dildo plug buried deep in her jiggling butt.

I pushed my finger against the flared end that ensured it didn't slip inside her and she groaned. It was already hard home. "Removal of all traces of pubic hair deepens the feeling of defencelessness and speeds the training." He nodded slowly as the girl continued her slow rhythmic, almost dance like walking on the spot, her knees rising either side of the slave post and the end of her plug rolling between her shapely cheeks, as she tried to ease the pull on her nipples. "Now girl, lift your jumper up and expose those lovely titties of yours." She moaned, almost a whimper, in protest. It wasn't a significant protest, more of a subconscious one, and if she had been better trained I might have ignored it but the early stages of training are crucial. I brought my crop down hard across her slim but fleshy buttocks. Her walking against the pole increased in tempo and she scrabbled to lift the jumper up. "There you are young man the answer to part of her disobedience. The nipple rings are too fine a gauge. You must be cruel to be kind in the early days. The rings should be at least three millimetres thick for breasts this large and nipples this big."

The girl had obviously decided that the pain in her over-stretched nipples could be better endured than my crop and had managed to get the jumper high enough by now so that her face and hands were smothered by it. It left her collar and arms exposed and her big breasts displayed, dangling by their big teats at the end of the nipple chains above her now empty bra cups. Still she walked on the spot, moaning gently. "Have you had her clit ringed?" I asked. He shook his head. "You really should, it has so many advantages of control and excitement for the slave. Now Red here has a full set. Display your rings Red."

I must say I was quite proud of Red she really is an exemplary slut. First she rotated on her six-inch heels until she stood with her ankles crossed and she bent from the thigh. Her full firm arse, atop shapely stocking clad legs, was revealed as the short rubber skirt of her green outfit rode up. Her butt rings glinted in the sunlight as she reached back and spread her buttocks by them to display her pursed but well ringed inner and outer labia. What obviously excited my young student though was the sight of her magnificent thimble sized clit, pushing out between those tight-pursed lips and held erect by its gold collar. Indeed permanently so by virtue of that collar, secured by concealed crossed rivets with their flush fitting heads. It had taken some time to get Red's clit to a size to take such a cross piercing but then Red is worth it.

"You will note that her anal ring is slightly proud and pouting, though neat and well puckered." I smiled fondly at the boy. "Despite, may I say, being able to take and enjoy a fisting or a double fucking! Minor surgical adaptations have ensured she will never become loose or slack and are always moist and, as her pussy is naturally, ready for use at any time." I snapped my fingers to indicate to Red that she should continue her display, then smoothly as though on castors, she revolved round to return to the upright position. Then she eased her own high thrust large white breasts, dusted with blue veins, from their tight rubber confines. It wasn't easy for her because of the chain connecting her elbows behind her and a second connecting her wrists before her. There was only just enough slack to make this action possible. The fingerless rubber gloves she wore didn't help either! Her struggles beautifully highlighted the tight corseting she was forced to endure as the norm. I had so far got her waist down to nineteen inches and felt there was still some way to go before her limit was reached. She of course gloried in the tight and ever increasing stricture. Her well-developed teats now displayed beautifully her horizontally and vertically piercing. "Her nipples of course have also been enhanced and toughened, without losing sensitivity of course. Tongue Red." I ordered then continued my lecture. "You will note that Red's tongue has been pierced as well as made longer. It does tend to make her lisp when she is allowed to speak but it is to me just another indication of her submission." I lifted her thick long flowing hair up off her elbow-pinioned arms. "The vivid scarlet hair from which she takes her name has been made permanently so by means of a small genetic adjustment effecting her hair follicles. Her choice may I say, and I must admit goes well with her green eyes. I sometimes reward my slaves with these small freedoms of choice."

Even as I had presented Red in all her ringed and voluptuous glory I had been considering the post-tethered girl. What had he called the girl? Ah yes, Pet! Not an inappropriate name but one that might tend to cause the slut to take liberties. I would change that I decided. The thought of a refusal by this boy didn't even cross my mind. I looked again at the girl, she was still doing the slow march on the spot, it had become automatic but I didn't think it had done much to actually relieve the pain in her tits.

"I thought has occurred to me young man," My tone left a question hanging in the air.

"Justin Sir, Justin Brawn."

"Well Justin my thought is that you have made a good start as a guild journeyman. You do however need to widen your range and experience if you should ever wish to become a master. It's obvious that this girl, as attractive as she is, still retains many of the attitudes and hang-ups of a freewoman." He looked somewhat shame-faced as the truth of my words hit home. "I think that because of the relationship you have built up with her to date, you will agree, she still dominates you to some degree. Never a good thing in a sub, it leads to problems, she walks beside you instead of behind, she talks unasked, and she acts like a free woman. The end result, lack of respect, failing control etc. etc." A moan of protest came from the jumper wrapped head of the girl. The pain in her stretched nipples obviously wasn't sufficient to stop her listening. I indicated the bare breasted girl. "My point proven I think. I have taken a fancy to the slut; half-trained or not. I suggest you sell her to me and start anew. I think I can whip her in to shape."

Justin Brawn looked even more shame faced now. "I had sort of promised that she would remain my slave forever when she first agreed to take the test and take out an indenture." My scandalised expression showed clearly on my face. "We have known each other since childhood and I hadn't yet realised all the responsibilities of being a master."

"Well dear boy promises work both ways. Has `Pet,' and is `Pet` submissive in all her thoughts and deeds?" I looked at Red standing quiet and submissive awaiting my orders and continued as I indicated her. "I have told this slut that ultimately I intend to breed from her. But she knows that bad behaviour at any time could negate that promise." Red blushed though the dear slut had no cause to do so.

"Well," the word was drawn out, "Not really, she does argue and take liberties sometimes." He considered his words and saw how they reflected on him. "But of course I'm still training her."

"Take it from me Justin, if she's still showing signs of independence after four months she won't change with you." A look of chagrin crossed his face but before annoyance could make him stubborn I came in with my killer suggestion. "Two thousand five hundred credits for the girl. I promise not to sell her on for at least eighteen months and if at any time after six months have passed you want her back, and she wants to come back, I'll sell her back to you for that amount plus any expenses incurred." Such a sum would enable him to buy a trained slave of the middle quality or an untrained slave from the penal authorities and still have cash for development. It would be a giant step along the path to become a Master! A look of avarice and ambition flittered across his handsome boyish features. However he was inexperienced and not stupid.

"What sort of expenses might she incur?"

"Oh, ringing, the modification to her anal ring etcetera, as with Red, oh and of course the anti-aging treatment. With full heavy tits the size of hers that hang and swing so beautifully, if she doesn't have the treatment to retain the elasticity of youth those dugs will stretch down to her knees in a few years." I suppose we all exaggerate and get somewhat crude when talking of the livestock and she squealed in protest at my comment but then went quiet. I could guess what she was thinking: what woman or man wouldn't want to look youthful until she or he died of old age? What man wouldn't want his wife or slave to look ever youthful? I wondered if he realised just how much such treatment cost though and what it would cost to redeem her. There was a long silence as he considered both what he could do with the money from the girl's sale, through to how she would be modified and developed by the time he bought he back. That is if after six months or so I had lost my touch and a slave could consider leaving me.

"Ok it's a deal!" There was a squeal of protest from the tit-tethered trollop but she had obviously learnt that protest begot punishment and she was a fast learner. I raised a transaction on my credit card and passed it to him to input on his. We then swapped ownership details on the girl's collar validating them with password and thumbprint. She was now mine. I lowered her tit suspension so that all tension was taken from them. She made no move to fight or release herself as the shock of betrayal and sale had immobilised her. Automatically she parted her legs as I sorted her snatch. At least he had trained her well enough for that. I found her wet and wanting. The tit suspension, painful as it had been, had aroused her. She was indeed a class "A"!

"I'd better be going now. I have a lot of work to do." He avoided looking at the girl and mumbled something about seeing her in six months or so! `In a pig's ear,' I thought. Still he was intelligent, he would learn and I'm sure one day I would see him on the Guild Council.

The Guild car park is an interesting place, it not only provides parking facilities for motor bikes and the few cars you see now days; it is also the area where slaves may be tethered and displayed for either punishment or reward; both being almost interchangeable in the higher class of slave. Our society is such that it is possible to display a slave anywhere. However, it is not considered good manners to do so in other than areas traditionally allocated. This zoning as it where also has the advantage that the "Straight" voyeurs or the timid that come to ogle and marvel know where to go for their kicks. Audience and participants are so conveniently joined without involving the unwilling. Of course real punishment doesn't take place in these venues for fear of unduly influencing the natural development of the young. But punishment doesn't always mean pain. Or rather punishment doesn't always start with pain. Apart from the various tether posts similar to the one I had used were a random scattering of other holding devices set in the centre of circular `parking' slots marked on the smooth tarmac: stands, stocks, post and frames. In one area to where I led the two girls were rows of `parking meters'. Red knew what was to come but I don't think the other sub slut did.

The `meters' were of my design. It was my journeyman piece with which I gained full membership of the Guild. Obviously the idea is not new, but then what is? No, rather it was the enhancement and mass production of these units that won me my place - a dildo post with facilities for single or double impalement, self-cleaning, monitoring and programmable. And lastly, as a result of a charity appeal from the local civic council, interactive. I positioned Red on a post first, I knew the capability of her eager cunny to a millimetre and I soon had her mounted so that it stretched her deliciously yet allowed her to adjust her impalement as her arousal dictated. Pet, I would have to find another name for the slut, was harder. I released her from the tether post and carried her to the adjacent post and lowered her onto the dildo. I had ensured it was not too large a unit, after all she was still butt plugged, too many slave are potentially ruined by rushing their training. Her big breasts were delicious against me and as she clung around my neck resisting my efforts to mount her they squashed and rolled deliciously. It was futile of course and inevitably she had to squirm her butt to allow her pussy to acquire the rounded tip or damage herself. Eventually I had her standing on her own two feet; I had backed it off several inches from her protest point so that she too could work the shaft but not enough so that she could get off it without help. Had someone done so an alarm would have been set off, the users thumb print ensured that only he or she could demount a slave, and both the slave and the helper would have been punished severely. Pet stood panting with tears filling her big eyes and cupped both hands over her crotch, hers really was a short skirt and it wouldn't take much movement for it to ride up and expose her stretched and pouting pussy. She had yet to learn the confidence of her condition. Red was already gently easing herself up and down on her impalement. How delicious she looked in her tight green rubber and corset and how proud she made me.

"Now listen carefully." Both girls did. Red because to do anything else when I spoke was impossible and Pet because she was fearful of what was to come. "I had no intention of buying another slave today so I brought Red into the Guild on my motorcycle." I had also ensured her arms were hobbled as I have described so she didn't distract me from my driving. To arouse me and give me pleasure would, to Red, have been worth the punishment for disobedience. "So I am going to leave you whist I return home for more suitable transport for you both." The journey normally took forty-five minutes so I would be gone at minimum of an hour and a half. "Whilst I'm gone I expect you to work those dildos. It's a little competition." I smiled warmly at both squirming girls. "Oh yes! I almost forgot," as if, "To help you along the dildo can be set to vibrate by the insertion of a credit card, a tenth gets you a one-minute buzz. So the girl who attracts the most paying audience and achieves the most orgasm wins." I smiled again. "The money goes to charity of course so try hard girls. The winner gets to spend the night in my bed, the loser gets a whipping and spends the night tied to the bed post so that she can hear what is going on but cannot participate or relieve herself in any way." I saw Red start to increase her dildo pumping even as I spoke the little minx. "Now Pet here has the disadvantage of being relatively inexperienced, but her hands are free and she has the addition of a butt plug, so I think you're even. Enjoy yourself ladies."

I rode the bike past them as I left the car park, Red was already pumping hard and Pet had begun to squirm, both had already started to attract an audience. I mobiled the Guild porter to ensure he videoed the whole thing, I was confident it would be an occasion worthy of my archives.

It was nearer two hours by the time I got back and parked up out of sight of the girls. I watched out of their line of sight. Both girls were still pumping the dildos; I could see a pool of their juices around the base of both shafts. The audience was quiet large and became quiet canny. Only so many credits were fed into the shaft's control mechanism at any one time. As I watched Red's dildo stopped buzzing and immediately she started to beg in that lisping voice of hers. "Pleats mathters and mithtresses pleath start the buzz," she was squirming her hips and shaking her big breasts, her ringed teats had come free of the tight rubber again she had shaken them so hard. "It is for charity." She focused on one man who already had his credit card out. "Imagine mathter it was your big prick fucking me; imagine how I would lick you free of my juthies athter." He started to move forwards but before he could act Pet's dildo too stopped. Her languid pumping and clenching continued. She loosed her skirt and it slid down then hung up at her wide spread knees, threatening to drop in the pool of juices at her feet.

"Master me first, my cunny aches for relief!" She pulled up her skinny rib jumper and was fondling her full lush hanging breasts. Even as I watched she lifted one by her nipple ring and shook it making the flesh move with a heavy liquidity. I saw that her nipple was red and swollen and must have been painful in the extreme, but she had reached that state where pain became pleasure. "If my master would allow I would love to have you fuck my breasts!"

"Mathter think of what my tongue could do for you." The man was obviously a tit man for it was Pet who got his three minutes of credits but a woman stepped forward to feed Red's mechanism.

"Tell me girl what your tongue would do for me and I'll keep feeding your meter." I noted the thick plait of black hair hanging down to a ripe mature arse and the jutting breasts and hard corseted waist of the woman. Latent Dom or sub? Even a Straight can be an enjoyable fuck and who knows where she might end up. Spotting the untested latent is what kept me at the top of the Guild's hierarchy.

I watched for another ten minutes before calling a halt. I took them both into the Guild to complete the business I had originally come into the city for. Red's nipples had healed from the modifications to ensure she wouldn't leak and all that was required was the injection from the medic to start the lactation. Whilst I was there I of course had Pet permanently depilitated and thicker teat rings fitted. I also had her tongue pierced and her clit injected to start the development. The other modifications I planned for her would have to wait for when the surgeon was available. It was as expected, Red had achieved more orgasms than the girl had, but then I had known that, Red after all is exceptional, but once her clit enhancement was completed who knows how well `big dugs' might perform. Anyway had she beaten Red I would not have told her, she was destined for a whipping and a night of frustration, training can never start early enough.