by Jennifer Harrison

"Do you trust me, Jules?"

Julia gave him a half-smile, and seriously considered the question. They had been dating for about six months, and it had always been a fun relationship. They had met in a club and it had been mutual lust at first sight - he had made a bee-line for her, and she had flirted right back at him. He was just her type - good-looking, fit but not musclebound, well groomed, witty, intelligent, engaging. They had literally fallen into bed and, while she had thought it would still be worth it even if it was just a one night stand, she was very happy when he called her and continued to woo her.

Their relationship had deepened and moved beyond just sex, although that did still play a hugely significant role. She found him a very considerate lover, making sure that she was always satisfied, which was a huge change from some of her earlier boyfriends. He was also very inventive, managing to keep her guessing as to how things would progress in the bedroom, or indeed in the kitchen, dining room, shower, local park…

They had watched porn together, for a laugh, and had both found it highly arousing, making it a frequent part of their foreplay. It was obvious that he had a predilection for bondage and, to be fair, he never tried to hide it and didn't feel in any way ashamed of it. She had let him tie her up a few times, and she had enjoyed it - well, she'd certainly enjoyed the sex she had experienced whilst tied up, she wasn't entirely sure about the ropes and the gags, but hey, if it got him in the mood, she wasn’t going to complain.

So she had no illusions about his kinkiness, but it was in a fun and exciting way. But did she trust him?

"You’re one of the least trustworthy people I know!" she said playfully. They were in the main bedroom at his house, and she was fairly convinced that this was a prelude to some new sexual adventure - in fact, she was hoping it was.

"Good point," Daniel replied, smiling back at her, "okay, if I said I wanted to take you away for the weekend and make mad passionate love to you, what would you say?" He moved towards her and put his arms around her, his hands at the small of her back, but roaming over her wonderfully round buttocks barely covered by her black ra-ra miniskirt. She reciprocated, pressing her slim body into him, her hands on his shoulder blades, their lips only inches apart.

"That sounds wonderful," she purred, "what's the catch? Why do I need to trust you?"

"Well, the thing is… you’d be spending most of the weekend naked and in bondage."

Julia's eyebrows shot up, both in surprise at this indecent proposal, but also at the way he had managed to keep such a straight face with no blushing. He was not embarrassed or ashamed at what he'd said, and why should he be, she reasoned. He liked bondage, he liked her in bondage and, being truthful with herself, she liked what he did to her when she was in bondage.

"Well, I don't know what my mother would say!"

"Oh, come on, you know she loves me! She would tell you to go with whatever I suggest." It was true, his easy charm and wit worked like a dream on her mother. Surely, if she knew what he did to her in the bedroom (and elsewhere), she would warn her daughter off? But then Julia wasn't that sure, her mother really did adore him.

"I guess I don't have anything better to do this weekend…" she said coyly, looking up at him from behind her blonde fringe. He leaned in and their lips met in a kiss which started off gentle and loving but quickly became passionate, his hand moving to her neck and pressing her against him, their lips crushing together as his tongue explored her mouth. She kissed back equally energetically, while her hands grabbed at his firm buttocks, her passion rising rapidly.

He took a half step back and his hands went to the neck of her blouse, slowly and carefully unfastening the buttons one by one, watching her chest rise and fall rapidly, a sure indication of how aroused she was. When the buttons were undone and the blouse hung open, he lent down and kissed her neck, knowing it to be one of her most sensitive erogenous areas. As he did this, he eased the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms, a move that she didn't resist, and the blouse fluttered to the floor. Continuing to nibble at the nape of her neck, he unclipped her bra with practised ease and slowly removed it, freeing her small but pert breasts, with their large nipples, already erect beneath his gentle touch.

His hands slid down from her breasts, along her sides to her hips, where he pulled down the zip of her skirt and freed the clasp, letting it fall. All that remained now were her sheer white panties, with the ruched lace edging, and he slowly, deliberately, eased them down her thighs, revealing the thin strip of tight, blonde curls over her soft, plump mound. As he pushed the final garment down to her knees, gravity took over and she stepped out of them at the same time as she stepped out of her flat shoes.

He stood back and looked at her, always a favourite pastime of his. She probably wouldn’t be considered a classic beauty, far less a supermodel, but she was stunning as far as he was concerned. She had a pleasant face, with full lips so often smiling openly, sweetly, coquettishly, shyly or naughtily. Her long, blonde hair with that fringe almost into her eyes, her slight frame and small breasts made her seem girlish, except that her hips flared out wonderfully, and her peach of a derriere was her best feature, certainly in his view. From there, her legs were shapely and well-proportioned. All in all, she was, to him, perfect.

As he stood there in silent appreciation, Julia was trying to control her burgeoning arousal. She loved the way he stared at her so hungrily, making her feel like the sexiest woman alive. She also found it incredibly hot to be stark naked while he was fully clothed, even though he was just in jeans and shirt. She really became very excited when he was in suit and tie while she was naked, and she often had wet dreams in which she was in a busy sales office, naked, drawing curious , amused, or disgusted looks from her smartly-dressed colleagues.

Daniel finally broke the spell by going to his chest of drawers and pulling out a skein of rope and a gag, which he tossed on the bed.

"Ready to play?" It was their own little code, the chance for Julia to say no if she didn't like what he was proposing, or to back out if she was having second thoughts. Her last chance. If she didn't speak up now, he was allowed to do whatever it was he had suggested and, in this case, there was a full weekend of sex and bondage in prospect!

"Yes, Sir," she responded breathily, struggling to maintain her composure.

He picked up the rope, unravelling it and then doubling it over. He had her place her arms behind her back, forearms against each other, hands gripping near the elbows. He carefully passed the rope around both arms at each wrist and then in mid-forearm, tying the rope neatly, the knots just so, tight but not so tight as to be uncomfortable over the long term he intended to keep her like that. He took the rope a few inches up her back and then, holding it there, passed it around her body just along the upper swell of her breasts and back to where he held it. Looping the rope back on itself, he then took it around her body again, this time just below her breasts, and tied it off at the back between her shoulder blades.

Now he split the strands of rope and took one across each of her shoulders, then down across her chest to meet between her breasts, where he tied the ropes around the bonds above and below her breasts, pulling the loops together and squeezing the flesh between them, causing her breasts to slightly bulge and stand out from her chest. He again split the strands and took them below each of her breasts, binding the loops together at either side, increasing the pressure squeezing the tender globes until they began to flush a little pink from the restricted blood flow.

He brought the ropes back together again and knotted them, before taking them down across her stomach, another knot, down between her legs, up between her buttocks, another knot, and then he finally tied it off where he had started, against the rope which went up her back, pulling everything tight. He took two short pieces of rope, single strands, and tied one to the left-hand strand of the rope across her stomach, then took it around her left hand side, knotting it to one strand of the rope across the small of her back, pulling hard so that the rope almost met at her side. He repeated this on the other side, and the ropes now marked out a diamond shape over her stomach and across her back. The other effect was to pull all of the ropes tighter, especially between her legs. In fact, he checked there now, ensuring that the two strands of rough hemp opened up her pussy lips and passed either side of her clitoris, squeezing it gently but persistently.

Julia knew this rope work, they had seen it together many times in Japanese porn films, and she was impressed that he had managed to duplicate the technique so well. As the ropes became tighter and tighter, squeezing her breasts and pressing firmly against her sex, her state of arousal had grown more and more. Every deep breath she took to try and calm herself merely accentuated the tightness of the ropes holding her, digging into her skin at the slightest movement.

She had never been into bondage, never really even thought about it unless to think ‘how kinky’, before she met Daniel. Now, as she stood there tightly bound, she still wasn't sure what it was that made her so excited. She didn't think it was the feel of the ropes themselves, but maybe like her fantasy of being naked in a fully clothed world, it was the sense of loss of control, being exposed and unable to cover herself. More likely, it was that, when he pleasured her in bondage, she could let go of her inhibitions, she could just enjoy it without thinking that she should be doing something to stop it, that it was wrong to be getting so much pleasure from something so ‘filthy’, as her father would have put it. Her upbringing had been loving but strict, and sex was a taboo subject, its use for anything other than procreation somehow animalistic and ‘wrong’. As Philip Larkin said ‘They fuck you up, your mum and dad / They may not mean to, but they do’.

She recognised the gag that Daniel approached her with too, it was that other favourite of Japanese porn movies, the whiffle ball gag, a white hollow plastic ball drilled with holes. It was large enough to make speech difficult, but the holes meant that it was easy to breathe. They also meant that saliva building up in the mouth would pass through and become drool down the chin, not a good look as far as she was concerned. But she opened her mouth wide and allowed him to push the ball in until it popped behind her teeth, feeling him pull the leather strap underneath her hair and buckle it behind her neck. She listened to her breath whistling in and out of her mouth through the plastic holes, and felt beads of perspiration forming along her hairline, just adding to her feelings of sensual excitement. She looked up into Daniel's face, seeing his calm, confident smile and forcing herself to smile back, pretending to feel more relaxed than she was.

There was just one more piece of rope on the bed, and Daniel picked it up, returning to where Julia stood, unmoving. He placed it around her neck and knotted it so that it stayed loose, hanging down to her knees. She looked down at it, confused, this was not what she was used to, what was he going to do with it? When he picked up the dangling end and pulled her slowly but firmly towards him, she knew -it was a lead, like a dog or a slave might have. When her naked body was pressed against his fully clothed one, he placed his hand behind her head and, taking a firm grip of her hair, tipped her face up to him and placed his lips against hers, despite the plastic ball jammed between them. It was almost a mockery of a kiss, their tongues unable to meet because of the gag, but at the same time it was incredibly erotic for both of them, and it continued until his saliva began to run through the ball and into her mouth.

Eventually, he broke the kiss and stepped back, then moved away, still holding the rope around her neck. Julia knew what she was meant to do, and followed him across the room, to the bedroom door. As he led her downstairs, she wondered where he would want to make love - they'd done it in every room downstairs apart from the toilet, and she was sure that was too small. Wherever it was, she hoped he would be soon, and rough - she had a hankering right now for rough sex.

When they got to the hall, she was surprised when Daniel let go of the rope, leaving in dangling against her body, and inexplicably began putting on his jacket, as if he was going to go out! What was going on, she wondered, what kinky little game did he want to play now? He took up the rope again and, to her horror, opened the front door. It was after midnight by now, and his house was in a quiet corner of a secluded development, with no through traffic, but what did he think he was doing?

After checking in both directions to see if anyone was around, and looking at the windows of the houses close by to see if anyone was still awake, Daniel stepped out of the house and pulled on the rope. He looked back to see his girlfriend, his naked, bound girlfriend, frantically shaking her head, digging her heels in, and making urgent, hissing noises through the gag. He thought it was possibly the most erotic thing he had seen in his life, and he pulled the rope a little harder.

"Augh! Naauugh! Uh-Uuuh!!” Julia tried to talk through the gag, but only succeeding in making incoherent noises and releasing a stream of saliva out of her mouth, before drooling down her chin. She fought to hold a position still inside the door, but after a sudden, forceful yank on the rope, she stumbled out into the warm night air. With a quick movement, Daniel pulled her further down the path while stretching behind her and pulling the door shut. She was trapped! Out here, in the street! Naked, exposed, in full view of at least three houses and nine windows! What the fuck?!

His smile even broader, Daniel walked down the path towards the street, pulling his reluctant prisoner along behind him. He felt incredible! He was in total control of this amazing creature, this beautiful girl scared out of her wits but, possibly, at some level, appreciating the fact that she was actually living her own, kinky dream. Okay, she probably wouldn't think that now, but maybe later…

Meanwhile, Julia was looking around like a frightened rabbit, checking every window, every doorway, every inch of the sidewalk, frantically searching for that nosy busybody peeking through the curtains at her nakedness. She felt Daniel tugging on the rope and, knowing that she was locked out of the house, followed him closely, hoping that they would soon find some kind of cover, somewhere to hide. All of a sudden, they were out of his garden and onto the sidewalk - this was real, genuine ‘out in public’ now! She could be arrested for public nudity! Despite the warmth of the summer night, she could feel that her nipples were as hard as rock and, much to her shock, she was damp between her thighs! Despite her fear of being exposed, her body was totally turned on by… being exposed!

Daniel led her to the back of his ATV and flipped open the rear hatch, letting down the tailgate. He turned to Julia and indicated that she should crawl in. She looked at him in shock, looked at the small dark space at the back of the vehicle, and looked back at him, shaking her head. There was no way…

"Oh, hi, Mr Johnson!" Daniel said loudly, turning to look at the house behind Julia and raising his hand in acknowledgement. The naked girl needed no further encouragement, and despite having her arms bound tightly behind her she scrambled up onto the tailgate, shuffling forward until she was within the trunk space. Daniel turned back to her, again smiling broadly, and locked the tailgate back in place, trapping her if she should try to make her escape. Carefully, he supported her as he made her lie down on the floor, turning her onto her stomach so that she was face-down. She turned her face towards him, her eyes pleading, the meaningless, inarticulate noises coming again from her drooling mouth, and Daniel felt his cock pressing against his jeans, totally erect.

He had more rope and, bending her legs up behind her with her knees spread, he crossed her ankles and bound them tightly, forming a cross. Taking the long tail of rope, he threaded it through the D-ring on the back of her gag and slowly pulled, making her head lift off the carpet, her back arching and her feet moving closer to her butt. He was careful to make sure that she was not under too much strain before he tied off the rope, leaving her in the challenging but manageable hogtie. Taking one last long lingering look at the gorgeously restrained woman, he finally closed the tailgate, shutting her in the darkness. He quickly moved round to the driver’s door, got in, and drove away. All in all, that had gone better than he could have hoped!

Julia lay in the Stygian darkness of the trunk, wondering what the hell just happened. Okay, so her boyfriend was into bondage, heavily into bondage, and now they were going… Where? They had played in the local park a couple of times… But after several minutes, she realised that they had gone beyond that. After a little longer, she guessed they must be outside the city by now, and the engine noise and tire rumble led her to conclude that they were on the freeway. This was freaky, both scary and exciting – it seemed way beyond the games they had played before, yet she was aroused by the whole play-kidnap idea. But as the journey continued, she began to notice the discomforts more than the pleasures. The scratchy synthetic carpet irritated her nipples, the space became hot and stuffy, cut off as it was from the car’s air conditioning, making her sweat profusely. Her neck ached with having to hold her head back, and any time she tried to relax, the gag strap dug painfully into the corners of her mouth. She was soon wishing the journey was over.

Daniel was getting pretty tired too. After about an hour, he pulled over in a truck stop and went inside, ordering a black coffee for the caffeine and a donut for the sugar boost. He also got a beaker of iced water, which he took back to the car and opened up the back. Julia still looked amazing, naked and bound, and he loved the way her fringe had become plastered to her forehead by the sweat, her cheeks bright red from the heat and the effort of her struggling.

"E ee oe!" she urged, her words meaningless but the meaning crystal clear. Daniel smiled down at her, then placed the straw of the cup through the holes in the whiffle ball, encouraging her to take a drink. Of course, it was impossible for her to suck on the straw with the ball preventing her lips closing and forming a seal. Realising this, Daniel placed his hand around the straw and clamped it over her mouth, creating an adequate seal, although Julia was clearly not impressed. However, realising how thirsty she was, she swallowed her indignation and did her best to suck, until gradually the water moved up the straw and into her mouth. Swallowing was still tricky, and she was reduced to hacking coughs a couple of times, but she managed to empty the cup.

"Better?" he asked.

"Oe! U’ie ee! Ay I ucki ag ow!” There was a little bit more difficult to follow, but he got the gist.

"I know, honey," he said soothingly, stroking her damp hair, "but we'll be there in a couple of hours and we can get you out of this stuff then."

"Huh?! Oe! Ees Da, e ee oe ow!” Ignoring her desperate mumbles and pleading eyes, he gave her a playful slap on the buttock and closed the back, shutting off her cries and sobs. Once again, his cock was rock hard, and he had to resist the urge to jerk off there and then - he would have to wait.

Finally, he turned off the highway and began the ascent into the hills on the narrow winding road, eventually running out of tarmac and bumping along the dirt track until they reached their destination.

He pulled the car into the old shed which served as the garage, went to the back, and gazed once more on his beautiful girlfriend. She looked tired, in fact she looked as though she had been dozing, and was struggling to open her eyes to look around at him now. Quickly, he untied her legs, unstrapped the gag, and helped her until she was sitting on the tailgate.

"You okay, Jules?" he asked, putting his arm around her shoulders and cuddling her.

"Fuck you!" she groaned, "that was awful! What the fuck do you think you're playing at?"

"Well," he replied, trying to contain his excitement, "you're going to be my slave girl."

"Oh, God, no," she moaned, "do I have to?"

"You agreed," he said in a mock scolding tone, "come on, let's get up to the cabin." He stood up and pulled her along with him as they walked up the slope from the shed to the large wooden cabin.

"Oh, can't we start in the morning?" she whined, "I'm too tired, and my arms are sore!" They had reached the cabin and they walked up onto the front deck.

"Sorry, slave girl is a 24/7 role," Daniel replied, "but I will take those ropes off you." He led her away from the door into the cabin towards a table, almost hidden in the dark shadows of the night. She turned her back on him so that he could untie her.

"Hey, what's going on?" she asked as, rather than the ropes being removed, she felt something being placed around her ankle.

"Hang on, hang on, I'll untie you in a minute," Daniel said as he buckled the leather cuff around her ankle, slipping the small padlock through the locking ring. A moment later, he had the other ankle cuffed, her legs now connected by the short length of chain between them. He moved on to her wrists, cuffing each in turn before finally unfastening the rope around her arms and body.

"What the fuck is this?!" Julia cried, realising that she was still not free, the chain between the wrist cuffs only a couple of feet long and passing behind her back, keeping her arms still restricted.

"Slave girls aren't allowed to be free. Ever." Daniel picked up the leather collar and placed it around her neck, despite her attempts to pull away. The padlock clicked shut, and he felt his heart surge at the knowledge that she was now completely at his mercy.

"Are we done here?" Julia asked in a pissed-off tone, trying to look at the cuffs and locks, "can we go to bed now? I really need to sleep, so if you want to fuck me, just ignore my snoring, okay?"

"Sorry, slave girls don't get the luxury of a nice comfortable bed. You are a slave, after all, the clue’s in the name. "

"What?!" she shouted, "this is ridiculous! I don't intend to spend the whole weekend not sleeping in bed!"

"Yeah… about that…" Daniel said, suddenly sounding a little coy, "you can't really get the full slave girl experience over a couple of days… so I spoke to your work…"

"What the fuck?!" Julia really started to lose it now, "how dare you talk to my work about me taking time off?! I can't believe you think I'm going to spend my vacation time acting out your little fantasy!"

"Not vacation time," he replied, his voice calm and confident once more, "I told them I was taking you away on a surprise, round-the-world backpacking trip. It's an unpaid sabbatical. Indefinite."

"This is not happening!" his girlfriend screamed in his face, "get me out of these chains, get me my clothes, and take me back home, right now! I don't mind going along with your little sex games, but this is taking it too far! What the fuck did you think I w-"

He hadn't wanted to do this, but it was clearly going to take a little time for Julia to come to terms with her changed situation, so he picked up the gag and, taking a firm grip of her hair at the nape of her neck, brought it up to her face. There was a rubber dildo on the inside, but because she was still shouting, not really aware of what was going on, it slid right in and the gag panel covered the entire lower half of her face. With her arms chained behind her back, she could do little to resist as he buckled the straps tight behind her head and under her chin, rendering her protests muffled and incoherent. He grabbed the bulb hanging from the front of the gag and pumped it several times until her cheeks were bulging out around the edges of the gag, her eyes like saucers as she fought to understand. By the time he had finished, barely a sound escaped her throat.

"I'm sorry I had to do that," he said, continuing to hold her hair behind her head as he led her to the far end of the deck, "slave girls should be well-behaved enough that they don't need to be gagged, but you'll learn. Now, you're going to be spending the night out here, where a slave girl belongs."

He pushed her down onto her knees and then forced her head down further. He picked up the chain already locked around the wooden supporting post for the deck and locked the other end to the D ring on the front of her collar, straightened up and looked down at the woman, formerly his girlfriend, now his slave. He felt incredible, empowered and almost painfully turned on, but knew he was too tired to be the girl’s Master right now and, after one last, lingering look at the naked, chained figure below him, he walked away and went into the cabin.

Julia knelt there in stunned horror as she watched him walk away and leave her. What the hell had she got herself into?! This was insane! He was insane! He couldn't be serious, this could not be happening! Frantically, she pulled at the chains on her wrists, on her ankles, and the one holding her face so close to the ground. But they were chains, locked in place, she had no chance to get free. As this realisation gradually hit her, that she was a prisoner, she broke down into desperate sobs and collapsed on the wooden decking. Eventually, despite her terror, exhaustion took over and she fell into a troubled sleep.

* * *

Julia was stiff and aching when she finally woke up. She was being rocked from side to side, none too gently, by the sole of a boot against her buttock. She felt confused, disoriented, until memories of the previous night came flooding back. She was still naked, chained, gagged, and out in the open, and all because her boyfriend…

“Wake up, come on, get up, you’ve slept long enough.” She recognised Daniel’s voice, but when she looked up, he was… different. He was dressed differently, that was for sure – black leather riding boots, tight, tan-coloured breeches, a wide, high-waisted black belt, white shirt and… was that a cravat? From the belt hung a riding crop, a short whip, and some kind of stick she didn’t recognise.

His attitude had changed too. The previous night, he’d been all excited, as if saying ‘look what I did! Look what I got!’ Now, there was a sneer on his face, a look of contempt as he gazed at her dishevelled appearance, as if to say ‘look at this pathetic thing.’

He looked, she thought… ridiculous - a caricature of a villain, a cartoon baddie. Maybe it was deliberate - he was dressed so completely over the top, he had to know how ludicrous he appeared, he only needed a pencil moustache to be in a silent movie, menacing the poor, innocent girl. Okay, it would have been an R-rated movie, but still, this had to be part of the game, didn't it? One a lot rougher than she could possibly enjoy, that was for sure, but still some sick little sex game of his - ‘Master-slave’ he would call it, or something stupid like that.

Okay, she thought, she would play along, for now – she didn’t actually have a lot of choice at the moment, to be honest – but when it was over, she would tell him straight that he had gone way, way too far!

Daniel leaned down and released her from the chain around her neck, then helped her up to her feet.

“Breakfast?” He indicated the table nearby, which was laden with fresh fruit, cereals, bread, juice, water and coffee. She let out a muffled groan, indicating her hunger, and nodded her head vigorously.

“Okay, I’m going to take off the gag,” he said, “but first, a few rules. You’re my slave now, and you must only speak when spoken to, understand?” She nodded yes - I’ll play your stupid game, she thought, just get on with it.

“And you will address me as ‘Master’, okay?” There was a moment’s hesitation, as she considered how childish this all was, then she nodded.

“These are serious rules,” he said sternly as he deflated the gag and released the straps, “you will be punished if you disobey.” He pulled the gag away and Julia exercised her aching jaw, letting out little whimpers and groans as she did so. She couldn't believe that Daniel, her formerly caring and considerate lover, was treating her so harshly, yet here she was - it was certainly an eye-opener, something they would need to discuss seriously when this little game was over. She followed as he led her towards the table.

"Kneel." Not too surprised that she would not be sitting at the table, she got down on her knees and watched as he took his seat, calmly poured himself some coffee, and began eating a piece of toast.

"Drink?" he asked, and she nodded her response. "It's a direct question, slave, answer properly."

"Yes… Master," Julia replied, blushing slightly in embarrassment at this demeaning response.

"You're my slave," he said coldly, "your opinion isn't important. The correct response is ‘If it pleases you, Master’. Try again." She shot him a hateful look, before swallowing her pride.

"If it pleases you, Master," she said in as sarcastic a tone as she could muster. Choosing to ignore the disrespectful inflection, Daniel picked up the water jug and held it above her head.

"Open." The naked and chained woman turned her face to look up and opened her mouth, and he began to pour, the water quickly filling her mouth. As she tried to swallow, the water ran over her chin and down onto her breasts. As she gasped for breath, he moved the jug, pouring the water over her face until she was soaked. Once again, Julia felt humiliated, but said nothing.

With just the crust of toast left, Daniel held it out, inviting his slave to eat. After a moment's hesitation, she took it between her teeth and into her mouth, chewing silently. He fed her a strawberry next, followed by a piece of watermelon, the juice running down her face and onto her body. He found the display of his kneeling, chained slave taking what he offered her highly erotic, and smiled, pleased with her submission.

To her surprise, Julia also found herself becoming aroused by the situation. He was sitting, fully clothed, and in a position of power, while she was naked and having to submit - it felt like her dream come to life. Maybe this weekend wasn't going to be as bad as she’d thought…

Daniel poured out a bowl of cereal, poured milk over it, and then placed it on the deck in front of Julia. She looked down at the bowl, and then gave him a look of confusion.

"Thank you… Master… but how am I-OWWWW! What the f-AAAHHHH!!” As soon as she had begun speaking, Daniel had taken the stick from his belt and placed the tip of it against her side. When he pressed the button on the side of the stick, blue electrical sparks arced between the tip and her side, causing her to scream in pain, her body twisting to try and escape its source. As she continued to protest, he applied the shock stick against her thigh, sending another high-voltage burst into her body and reducing her to tears. As she tried to come to terms with the burning sensation, he leaned over and put his hand behind her head.

"I told you not to speak out of turn, slave, and now you know the consequences. Now, I'm sure you were going to ask me how you are supposed to eat that with your hands behind your back."

As he was saying this, he pressed down firmly on her neck, overcoming her resistance and forcing her head down until her nose, mouth and chin were in the milk.

"Now eat what your Master so kindly gives you!" He watched with satisfaction as she gobbled at the food and lapped up the milk, desperate to please him. He poured himself another coffee and enjoyed the sight of her trying to lick the bowl clean.

Having finished his breakfast, he had his slave clear the table and wash the dishes. It was the first time that Julia had been inside the cabin, and she was surprised by how well appointed and luxurious it seemed. As she stood at the sink cleaning the breakfast dishes, she watched Daniel nervously as he took something outside, wondering what he intended to do next. She was suddenly fearful, not recognising the cold, haughty man now treating her so cruelly, but starting to understand that maybe this was not just a game, certainly not a game she wanted to play. His readiness to cause her severe pain had driven any idea of enjoyment out of her head, now it was a matter of getting through this in the least traumatic way she could manage.

"Come, slave," Daniel called from outside, and Julia hurried to comply, not wanting to give him any excuse to become annoyed with her.

"Lie back on the table and open your legs," he commanded and, hoping that he intended to fuck her, Julia complied. Once she was lying down, he pushed her legs a little further apart, and then attached a chain to her collar, wrapping the other end around the table leg to hold her in place. She managed to raise her head and watched him mixing something, realising that he had a bowl of shaving cream and a brush in his hands. A moment later, he was applying the cream liberally to her well-maintained tuft of pubic hair, and she knew what was to come. She had never wanted to be completely bare down there, she thought it rather cheap and tacky, something that porn stars and wannabe teenage girls did, but she knew she had no choice now, and resigned herself to it.

"I suggest you keep still," Daniel said and, to her consternation, she saw that he was holding a cutthroat razor! She did, indeed, keep very still, even holding her breath as she felt the blade scrape over her skin. She also closed her eyes, not wanting to watch the process, just dreading the nick of the razor cutting her soft, sensitive flesh. It seemed to go on forever, as she felt the cold metal being manoeuvred into every little fold and crevice, ensuring that she was entirely smooth. At last, a cloth wiped over her mound, and looked down to confirm that she was, indeed, entirely bald. She swallowed and tried to relax, no longer concerned about the aesthetics, just glad it was over and she wasn't bleeding.

Daniel released the chain holding her down and then used it to pull her up off the table and back onto her feet. Moments later, he had her sitting in a straight-backed chair, and he used a leather belt to strap her in place, tightening it across her lower chest below her breasts, pinning her arms against her body. Julia, confused and frightened by her rapidly changing situation, looked up at him to see what new humiliation he intended to heap upon her.

"Another thing, slave girls don't have long hair - it's difficult to keep clean and it gets in the way."

Julia gasped in shock - she had had long hair her whole life, first her mother and then she had spent hours brushing it, keeping it perfect. Her long, straight blonde hair hanging down her back was her pride and joy, an integral part of who she was in her own perception, and the thought of having it hacked off filled her with dread.

"Please, Daniel – Master - I'm begging you, please don't-AAAAAAHHHHH!!” The shock jolted her, making her jerk and spasm against the chair, centred on her breast this time, the pain seeming so much worse.

"That was on setting 2," Daniel said calmly, coldly, "this thing goes up to 5, and there are a lot more sensitive places I could apply it. I suggest you learn quickly, slave."

Julia wept silently as she heard the scissors close to her ear, her precious hair about to be ruined. Gathering it up as if to form a ponytail, he cut it off with a single, hacking cut in a straight line, level with her jaw, removing the bulk of it and letting it fall to the deck below. From there, he shaped it a little, exposing her ears and cutting away the fringe which covered her forehead. By the time he had finished, it resembled a rather bad pixie cut, no more than three or four inches long at any point. He felt rather proud of the job he had done, not because it looked good, but because he knew how demeaned it made her feel. Finally unable to restrain himself, he unbuckled the strap holding her and pulled her to her feet, forcing her across the table once again, this time face down.

He quickly unfastened his trousers and pulled out the erection he had been trying to ignore since the previous night. He heard the woman underneath him let out a muffled cry as he thrust it into her hot, surprisingly wet cunt, burying it up to the hilt until his thighs slapped against her buttocks. He pulled back and thrust in again, bringing a grunt from her.

Using all of his willpower, he now pulled out, pushing his fingers inside her instead and coating them in her abundant juices, before withdrawing them and using them to coat the area around her anus. As he forced his finger inside her tight sphincter, she let out a small cry of alarm, raising her head and trying to look around at him. Ignoring her obvious disquiet, he positioned his cock against her virgin bud and pressed hard. Ever since she had told him that she had never had (and never wanted) anything up there, the idea of violating her in this way had been consuming him. She gave a full throated scream as the head of his cock sank into her, stretching her beyond the point of discomfort to real pain, but he carried on, relishing her distress, gradually forcing his entire length into her rectum. When she tried to raise herself up, possibly hoping to make him release her, he slammed his open palm down hard between her shoulder blades, driving her back down and knocking the wind from her lungs.

It felt incredible to have his cock in such a tight hole, the entire shaft being squeezed as her body tried and failed to cope with the intrusion. Her screams became louder, even more desperate, as he banged her against the edge of the table. He grabbed what was left of her hair, pulling her head back as he drove deep into her again and again. The physical sensation was wonderful, but the psychological effect is what really turned him on. He knew that the woman below him was hating every moment of this, but she could do nothing, he was completely in charge, and the feeling of power and control was just incredible.

The rape seemed interminable to her, but in reality it was only a handful of thrusts before, with a guttural roar, he came inside her, pumping his hot seed deep in her bowels. He collapsed across her back, exhausted, feeling the shuddering of her body as she sobbed with shame at the knowledge of what he had done to her.

A couple of minutes later, he straightened up and pulled out of her, before slumping down on the chair.

"Slave!" he growled, "come here. Clean me." Julia looked around, her face blotched red and wet with her tears, staring at this evil creature that she no longer recognised, feeling the horror and disgust rising as she realised what he was demanding of her. She reluctantly peeled herself off the table top and went down on her knees in front of him, trying to stop herself thinking about what she knew she had to do, trying not to breathe as she bent forward between his thighs and opened her mouth, taking in the soiled, stinking length of his flaccid penis. It became a fight to stop herself retching and vomiting as she tasted her own filth, along with the jelly-like gobs of cum still oozing from the tip of his manhood.

Slowly, it began to stiffen in her mouth, growing thicker and longer as she used her tongue. She felt him moving in the chair, becoming more aroused by the moment. She wanted to stop, but didn't know how he would react if she did and, too fearful of the likely consequences, she continued to suck and lick until he was fully erect once more. Suddenly, she felt him grip the hair at the back of her head and pull her onto him, forcing his erect member deep into her mouth, triggering her gag reflex and making her retch once more. He kept pulling her forward whilst lifting his buttocks and thrusting his hips forward, until he had forced his way into her throat and she was unable to breathe. He kept her that way for long seconds, watching as her face became even more red and her eyes began to roll up into her head, presaging imminent unconsciousness.

Finally he relented, pulling back until she could gasp and suck down a desperate lungful of air. But the reprieve was only fleeting, moments later he was back, choking her once more. Time after time he repeated this torment until, at last, he could hold back no longer and felt the seed rising within him again. He pulled her head back so that he could now spray his semen across her face, another deeply degrading act from which he got intense satisfaction.

"You're such a cum-sucking whore!" he sneered as he pushed her away, sending her sprawling across the deck, her body once more racked by sobs as she absorbed this latest humiliation. He smiled to himself as he looked down on what he had reduced her to so quickly. She had been a fun girlfriend, and he'd enjoyed her, he really had, but this was so much better!

Unlocking the chain on one of her wrist cuffs, he reattached it with her wrists in front, and then locked another chain to her collar, one which attached to the balustrade of the porch, but was long enough to allow her to reach all points on the deck and a little beyond.

"I have work to do," he told her, "you will sweep and scrub the deck - you'll find the equipment at the side of the house. Be sure and do a thorough job, I'll be inspecting later." With that, he went inside and closed the door, leaving his distraught former girlfriend with head bowed, weeping forlornly.

Hardly able to believe what was happening to her, Julia went to the end of the deck and saw, leaning against the wall of the cabin, a yard brush and a bucket of water, in which was a scrubbing brush. Wiping the tears from her face, she picked up the yard brush and returned to the porch, resigning herself to this menial work. As she swept away the remnants of what had been her crowning glory, she wondered what was going to happen. She still clung to the belief that this was just one of Daniel's sex games, albeit far more extreme than previously, and that it would all be over by the end of the weekend. She imagined him saying ‘oh, sorry darling, I thought you were enjoying our little game’. But the anal rape, the use of the electric shock stick, and the fact that he had cut her hair, something which everyone would notice and she would have to explain, had begun to make her doubt.

But, she thought, what was the alternative? That he was going to keep her here, like this? Forever? Surely, that was ridiculous. That would change things from something he could explain away if she went to the police - it was just a sex game gone wrong - into serious crimes of kidnapping and false imprisonment.

Whatever happened next, she couldn't believe how badly she had misjudged him. She thought bitterly about the irony of him asking her to trust him. That was a sick joke, one which was definitely not raising a laugh…

When Daniel came down a couple of hours later, he was pleased to see that his slave was still scrubbing away, down on my hands and knees, her peach of an ass sliding backwards and forwards as she worked, just inviting him to mark it with the whip or the crop. But that would have to wait, he had other plans for the afternoon.

He made himself a salad for lunch and took it out onto the deck, sitting at the table and watching his slave finish her work. When she had finally reached the end of the deck, Julia put the bucket back where she got up from and came back to him, standing in front of him and waiting, too afraid to speak. He put down his fork and locked her wrists behind her back again, before indicating with a hand gesture that she should kneel on the still-damp decking.

He picked up a small cherry tomato on his fork and let out for her to eat but, as she leaned forward and opened her mouth, he tipped the utensil and the tomato felt the floor. Before she could react, Daniel’s boot came down on it, squashing it.

"Oh dear, what a mess," he said with a smile, "you'd better clean it up." He raised his boot, and Julia saw that the skin clung to the sole, while most of the seeds and juice was on the deck. Reluctantly, she bent low and licked the sole of his boot clean, then repeated the humiliating job to get every speck of food off the wood she had just scrubbed.

Daniel rather enjoy this game and flicked bits of food in various directions, making his slave crawl around and lick it up, occasionally repeating the trick of standing in it and making her lick the underside of his boot, or dropping something on top and watching her kiss the shiny surface clean.

When lunch was finished, he had her clear up and then, clipping a dog leash to her collar, led her over to the toolshed. He took out a long handled spade and handed it to her before setting off into the woods, leading her along behind him, the spade grasped behind her back.

They walked deep into the woods, maybe half a mile from the cabin, before he found what he considered to be a suitable spot. He moved her hands in front of her body and handed her back the spade, while keeping the stun stick at the ready - he was pretty sure that she was already too cowed to attack him, but he didn't plan on taking any chances now that she was holding what could potentially be a weapon.

"Okay, slave, start digging," he ordered, "I want a hole about 3 feet deep. Get to it!"

With no clue why she was doing it, Julia began to dig. It was hard work and she soon found herself bathed in sweat and plagued by flies. She had to pull up the turf that she cut, and soon her hands were filthy, which meant that her face was soon dirty as well, as she tried to wipe the sweat from her eyes. After nearly an hour, Daniel pulled a water bottle from the rucksack he had brought and took a long drink. He looked over at his slave and, seeing how much she was suffering from the heat, decided - magnanimously, in his opinion - to allow her a drink. He called her over and squirted the water into her open mouth, then sprayed it over her face and head to cool her down.

"Thank you, Master," she mumbled before stepping back down into the hole and continuing with the digging.

It took a couple of hours to complete the job to Daniel's satisfaction, by which time Julia was exhausted and, when he told her she could stop, she stuck the spade into the pile of soil and collapsed onto her hands and knees, sweat dripping from her. But there was to be no rest. Daniel ordered her to her feet and then, once he had transferred her arms from locked in front to locked behind her back, he pulled a skein of rope from the rucksack.

Julia let out a number of moans, grunts and stifled cries as her arms were twisted up behind her back until the palms of her hands were touching between her shoulder blades, held in place by rope around her wrists, arms and body, confining her in the extreme reverse prayer position. Her breasts were crushed against her chest by the repeated wrapping of the rope around her, and there was also rope tied tight around her waist and pulled between her legs, cutting into her crotch.

Daniel ordered her back into the hole, making her sit so that only her head protruded above the surface. He made her cross her legs and tied her ankles together, before looping the rope through the bonds around her waist and pulling it tight until her feet were as close to her body as they could be, her knees splayed flat on either side. Her fear began to rise as she realised what was happening, and when she saw him take a ring gag from the rucksack, she knew this was her last chance.

"Please, Master, Daniel, for God's sake, don't do this!" she begged, her voice shaking as the tears ran down her face. They were the last coherent words she managed to say before he forced the gag into her mouth, reducing her to incoherent wails and cries, which he simply ignored. Taking up the spade, he began to throw the dirt in around her.

Gradually, he filled the hole, burying her legs, then her stomach, eventually covering her breasts, until only her head and shoulders still showed above the soil. Throughout this, Julia continued to cry and scream, shaking her head and inarticulately begging for mercy, but all to no avail. Daniel even threw several spadefuls in her face to shut her up, leaving her coughing and trying to spit out the dirt which had gone into her open mouth. With her body entirely below the surface, he put the spade down and went to his rucksack once more.

"You need a slave girl name," Daniel said as he idly wiped the tears from her bright red cheeks, "I think I’ll call you Eve, as you're the first woman I’ve ever enslaved. But, if you're to be reborn as a slave girl Eve, your old self has to die."

He watched as her eyes widened in horror, and then pulled the clear polythene bag down over her head. He could still hear her desperate screams, but they were quickly muffled as he wound duct tape tightly around her neck and the neck of the bag, forming an airtight seal. He watched in fascination as the bag was sucked in against her face, before inflating as she breathed out, frantically seeking the oxygen which she was being denied. The bag soon steamed up with the moisture of her breath, and he felt himself becoming even more aroused each time her face appeared, coated in the wet plastic, her mouth gaping and her bulging eyes gradually losing focus as the stale air failed to deliver the life-giving oxygen she needed.

He judged that she was on the point of passing out when he jabbed his fingers against the plastic stretched over the hole within the ring gag. It took him a couple of goes, and several seconds, before he broke through and created a small hole in the bag, and he watched as she desperately sucked in air, the bag still expanding and contracting as she did so. After a couple of minutes of watching her struggle, he finally enlarged the hole until it was the same size as the ring gag, enabling her to get as much air as she needed, and she gradually started to calm down a little, although he could see her eyes behind the polythene looking up at him beseechingly, still terrified by her situation.

He took a stiff plastic pipe out of the rucksack and pushed it through the ring gag into her mouth, before sealing it in place with more duct tape. Now he was able to take up the spade once more and continue shovelling the dirt onto her, gradually burying her shoulders, neck and, finally, her plastic-covered head. In the end, there was nothing more than a pile of dirt with a plastic tube sticking out of it, and strange, muffled noises emitting from the end.

Daniel smiled down at the anonymous patch of earth where his former girlfriend now lay, buried but alive. He had seen this done in a porn film once, but he found the reality so much more stimulating than watching somebody else do it to an actress. After standing and listening to her plaintive wails for a couple of minutes, he turned and walked away, amazed that, after only a few steps, he could no longer hear her at all.

He wondered how long he should leave her - a few hours? Overnight? A couple of days? It was something he could contemplate later over a nice glass of wine…

* * *

Slave girl Eve pulled the blankets around her a little tighter and tried to ignore the cold draughts coming through the wood plank walls of the shed in which she was huddled. She hated it when Master was away, she was always locked in here, sometimes for days on end, her collar chained to the large concrete block in the corner, ensuring that she could never escape.

Not that escape ever crossed her mind anymore, not since that time early on when he had buried her. She had thought she was going to lose her mind, and maybe she did. She had no real idea how long she had been there, it certainly felt like many hours, and when the soil had finally been scraped from in front of her eyes, the daylight had temporarily blinded her, making her believe that she had been there at least all day and all night, maybe even two days.

"What is your name, slave?" he had asked her once he had removed the polythene bag from her head and taken out the gag. Her immediate, instinctive reaction was not ‘what is the answer?’ but ‘what does he want to hear?’

"Eve, Master," she responded without any hesitation or indication that she didn't fully believe it - she would be whatever and whoever he wanted her to be, just so long as she could get out of this with her life.

"Very good, my slave," he remarked with satisfaction and, without even bothering to dig her out of the hole, laid down in front of her exposed head and shoulders and put his erect cock into her mouth. Again, there was no hesitation in her response, no reservations in her desperate attempts to satisfy him. She was broken, and they both knew it. Things would never be the same.

She took her hand out from under the blanket and scratched her head, feeling the buzz cut he had subjected her to shortly after her capitulation. As he said, if short hair was easier to maintain than long hair, then what better than cropping it until it was only a quarter of an inch long across her whole scalp? She agreed, having lost all pride and joy in her hair, she didn't care anymore.

He had quickly developed an interest in piercings and, having taught himself and bought the tools, he started by experimenting with her ears, first attaching large gold rings to her lobes, and then much smaller, finer rings all the way around the ear. Now her whole face seemed to be covered in jewellery, studs along her eyebrows, one through her tongue and another between her lower lip and her chin, one through each of her nostrils. Rings had been inserted through both her upper and lower lips, four in each so that, if he wanted to, he could padlock them together and force her mouth shut tight. And, of course, there was the ring through the septum of her nose, like some common farm animal.

The rest of her body had also been adorned. Large, heavy gold rings pierced her nipples, with additional jewellery at her belly button. The most painful and intrusive piercings had been along the edges of her pussy which, like the lips around her mouth, had been ringed four times and could be locked, preventing access to her sex, or could be splayed apart, exposing her tender inner surfaces.

Nothing he did to her after that first burial seemed quite as terrifying, but there was a lot of pain, as he liked to torture and torment her. He would often hang her by her wrists from the branch of a tree and practice his skills with the bullwhip, relishing her screams as he lashed her back, breasts or cunt, unconcerned whether the skin reddened, bruised or even burst, leaving her with bleeding cuts.

Torturing her with needles was also a favourite, piercing her afresh, through her breasts particularly. Caning or use of the crop was a daily event, just something he did as foreplay, to get himself hard so that he could fuck her. Being fucked by him was something of a relief - degrading, humiliating, usually uncomfortable, sometimes painful, but it was a whole lot better than being hit. There was never any compassion or tenderness, no thought that they were ‘making love’ - he fucked her purely for his own pleasure. They were never face-to-face, he either took her from behind, whichever hole he chose, or it was face-to-groin.

She was grateful that he wasn't into ‘watersports’ or other revolting practices, although he certainly wasn’t too fussy about her personal hygiene. He took her down to the lake every few days and allowed her to wash herself there, occasionally providing soap and even shampoo. But she had not used toilet paper, or indeed a toilet, since she arrived - she had to ‘make like a bear, and shit in the woods’, as he repeatedly told her, seeming to find it amusing every time.

But apart from these terrifying acts of sadomasochistic torture and the constant call on alert to satisfy his rampant sexual appetites, her life was filled with tasks of banal drudgery, such as cleaning, cooking, scrubbing and sweeping. As high summer had turned to autumn, he had come out into the woods with a chainsaw and cut logs to keep the fires burning through the winter. She had had to get them back to the cabin, taking armfuls at a time, or pulling a barrow through the forest laden to the brim. It was backbreaking work, and he used the opportunity to whip her mercilessly, managing to combine the boredom of manual labour with the terror and pain of extreme punishment.

She was brought out of her dark thoughts by the sound of a car engine approaching and then dying - Master was back! Quickly, she pulled the blankets off her body and got onto her knees with her head lowered and her arms behind her back, in the submissive position he liked her to adopt. There was a sense of fear at his return, as she knew that she would be subjected to further torments, but there was also a sense of relief that he had actually returned, rather than leave her to die in this bleak shed.

"Hello, slave," he said as he stood over her, "I'm sure you're happy to see me?"

"Yes, Master," Eve murmured in response, noticing that he was smartly dressed in a dark suit and black tie.

"Good! I've had a very productive few days. Here, I brought you some things I thought you might be interested in." He handed the naked woman a piece of paper, torn from some newspaper, and she read it with curiosity and then mounting alarm.

Service of Remembrance held for Local Woman

A service of remembrance was held yesterday for local woman Julia Hanson, tragically killed in the Central African Republic (CAR) last month in a  skirmish between government troops and rebel forces. Ms Hanson was providing aid to local villagers when fighting broke out. While no body was recovered, several reliable eyewitnesses confirmed that they had seen her fall under machine-gun fire. Local authorities confirmed her death days after the incident.

In a written statement, her parents paid tribute to her kindness as a person and her devotion as a daughter. "We received an e-mail from her not long before her death, in which she expressed her love and gratitude for her upbringing. We will miss her terribly."

Her former boyfriend, Daniel Williams, spoke to the Recorder after the small ceremony. "I blame myself for not persuading her to return home with me, but she was so devoted to helping others that she insisted on staying to do whatever she could. This is a terrible tragedy, and the government-"

The rest of the article had been torn away, but she had read enough. He took the paper from her unresisting fingers and she watched with blank eyes as he set fire to it with his cigarette lighter, slowly letting it burn away to ash which fell on the floor in front of her. She felt numb, her mind unable to process the information she had just received.

"No need to worry about Julia anymore," Daniel said consolingly, stroking her head, "there's just you and me now, Eve."

His slave got to her feet as he led her back to the cabin, following her Master, obeying his every wish...

* * *

Daniel leaned on the porch rail and looked out contentedly on the scene in front of him. His slave, Eve, was working diligently on the tilled earth where she grew vegetables. It was twelve months since he had brought her here, eight months since the Memorial service for her, and he was pleased that she had completely accepted her role as his slave, never offering any resistance to his will, no matter how depraved or disgusting his whims. She hardly ever spoke, but then he didn't require her to speak, he didn't need conversation, he just wanted her complete subjugation.

It had been ten years since, as a fourteen-year-old boy, he had his first inkling about what turned him on. He had been shocked to find out how interested he was in bondage, discipline and mistreating women, but had eventually come to terms with the fact that that was just the way he was.

He had had a number of vanilla relationships in his teens, but found them unsatisfying. When he tried to suggest BDSM to his girlfriends, he generally encountered hostility or mockery. On a couple of occasions, they were prepared to ‘play’ at it, but this was almost as frustrating as straight vanilla and, when he went too far, they soon walked out on him, calling him a freak and a pervert.

In his early twenties, he had frequented BDSM clubs, which enabled him to better understand and refine his predilections, and also to satisfy at least some of his fetish with willing partners. But eventually, he realised that one of the crucial elements in his fantasies was being able to force the woman against her will to do things which she would never agree to. It wasn't the acts themselves which he was particularly interested in, it was the power and control he was able to exert. He was starting to despair of ever fulfilling these dreams. And then he met Julia.

He had taken it very carefully with her, not wanting to scare her off, but he gradually formulated a plan to take her. He knew that, if she suddenly disappeared, he would be the prime suspect, so he spent time getting to know her family and friends, making sure that they liked him and would never suspect him of mistreating Julia in any way. The cover story of them travelling the world had been laborious and time-consuming to set up and execute, and the arrangements for her ‘death’ had been expensive, but he had got away with it, and that had given him such an exhilarating high, over and above just owning his own slave.

Ten years, and now he owned this woman completely. He wandered back into the cabin and over to the naked woman standing by the sink, doing the dishes. It had taken only eight months for the novelty to wear off, and so here was his second slave. He had taken an entirely different approach this time, not wanting to risk abducting another woman to whom he had any connection whatsoever. So he had taken to cruising the streets of distant cities, keeping an eye out for some random woman that he could take. In the end, he had settled on a young prostitute he'd seen working the streets, which was why he called his second slave ‘whore’.

The abduction had been simplicity itself. The night was dark, the streets were wet and deserted, she was desperate. As he found out later, she was barely eighteen and heavily addicted, but her looks had not been destroyed by the drugs and, in her short leather skirt, crop top, stockings and high heels, she looked very presentable. She had got into his car and, having asked her the price of a blow job, he offered her four times as much if he could handcuff her while she did it. She looked uncertain, she knew it was a bad idea, but she needed the money for the drugs and her pimp, and so she had agreed. Once she had serviced him, it only took a few minutes to have her trussed up and loaded into the trunk of the car, and he was away. No one had seen him, he hadn't stopped in the city for anything, there was nothing to link him to the abduction. And the police were hardly going to bust a gut over a missing hooker.

She had quickly accepted her position as his slave, after all, it wasn't as though she had such a great life before. He had made her go cold turkey, which was awful, but as she gradually recovered, she had no trouble adapting to a life which merely involved satisfying the needs of one man, rather than an endless stream of anonymous ‘clients’, using and abusing her in whatever gross way they could afford, with her pimp always around to take her money, feed her drugs, and slap her around to keep her in line. Life in the cabin and the woods was almost a relief.

Daniel put his hand on her round cheeks and watched as she reflexively bent forward, pushing herself onto his hand, offering herself. When he clicked his fingers, she turned and knelt, quickly undoing his pants and taking his hard member into her warm mouth. One advantage of having a whore as his slave, he thought, was that she was an expert at so many things. He quickly blew his load into her throat and then walked away, leaving her to resume her work.

Maybe it had been too easy, both abducting and training her, but it was only four months later that he moved on. He walked out of the cabin and over to the shed, where he examined his latest acquisition.

This one was very different from his first two slaves. Extensively researched through social media and then in person, this one was picked for her beauty, intelligence, and wealth. It wasn't that he wanted or expected to get any of her, or more accurately her father's,  money, it was that she would be much more proud, arrogant and confident, so her subsequent humiliation would be so much more satisfying. She was in college, part of the cheerleading team, heavily into yoga, and very popular. Not only would she be a great catch, there was also the fact that abducting her successfully would be a real challenge, and thus give him a great rush.

The whole thing had gone perfectly, and now here she was, chained to his wall, heavily gagged, her clothes hanging from her in tatters. She looked frightened and tired but still defiant, despite this being her third day against the wall without being able to kneel or lie down. He opened the valve in the front of the gag which covered half her face and attached the tube of the water bottle, allowing her to suck in much-needed fluids. Once she had drunk as much as he would allow her, he attached the bottle which contained a healthy, nourishment-giving dosage of his sperm and waited to see if she was hungry enough to suck down his seed. Not quite yet, it appeared, maybe tomorrow. He closed the valve and tied the blindfold across her eyes again before leaving and noisily locking the door. He was going to enjoy breaking this one.

As he walked back up to the cabin, he wondered how long he should leave it for the furore over this latest disappearance to die down before he struck again. He wasn't sure if he should make his next strike another random attack, maybe taking a young mother, or perhaps a TV starlet. But he liked the idea of becoming a serial attacker, someone who became notorious in the press, maybe even get a nickname like ‘the college kidnapper’ or something. The idea that he could spread fear across college campuses without even being there was certainly an attractive one. Yes, the thought of becoming famous was an attractive one…

* * *

Julia walked out of the cabin door and felt the warm sun on her skin. She looked along the deck and saw the naked girl on her hands and knees, scrubbing. She watched her for a short while, smiling to herself.

"You don't need to do that any more," she said calmly.

"What do you mean? Where’s Master -oh holy fuck!" Julia looked down at the girl she knew only as ‘whore’, noting the shocked look of horror on her face as she turned.

"He's inside," she replied, smiling, "but you don't need to call him Master anymore."

The former prostitute got to her feet and walked past her fellow slave, staring at her, unable to take her eyes off her, that is until she looked into the room. There she saw the man she had come to call Master lying on the floor, the hilt of a knife protruding from his chest, which was as splattered in blood as Julia’s hands, face and body. It was clear that the knife had been repeatedly thrust into him, and just as clear that he was dead.

"W-What h-happened?" she stammered, unable to drag her eyes away from the bloody scene. Julia walked back into the room and stood behind her, her unfocused eyes eventually coming to rest on the body sprawled in the rapidly spreading pool of blood. Her smile widened a little, making her look even more manic.

"I guess he trusted me," she said dreamily, placing a blood-soaked hand on the other woman's shoulder.

"Let's go and find where he’s buried that poor college kid, and see if she's still alive."

The End

Copyright© 2014 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved.