Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
by Jennifer Harrison

Author’s note: I hope you enjoy the retelling of this classic fairytale.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the hottest of them all?”

As the queen was dressed to kill – literally, she was just about to head to the throne room and sentence to death a con-man calling himself ‘The Pied Piper’ – she was confident the magic mirror would answer as it always had before, confirming that she was, indeed, the hottest woman in the kingdom.

She admired her toned frame, sensationally shaped by the black satin corset around her waist, which pushed her already spectacular breasts into a gravity-defying décolletage, while at the same time defining the firm roundness of her beautiful behind. Unusually for a queen in middle-Europe in the sixteenth century, she had teemed this with sheer, skin-tight pantaloons tucked into knee-high leather boots with six-inch stiletto heels. She looked good, and she knew it. But she just needed the mirror to confirm it…

The mirror gave a nervous cough. It was, indeed, nervous. It didn’t want to be broken. But, the thing is, as a magic mirror, it got to talk, to see things, to be sentient. Unfortunately, it also had to tell the truth. With a lurking sense of impending doom, it tried to find a way of passing on the unpalatable truth and still survive in one piece.

“Honey, you’re the queen of style,
And you’ve been tops for quite a while.
Now I fear it’s time for another,
You know her name – you’re her stepmother.”

“What?!” the queen cried in outrage. “What are you talking about?!”

“Snow White is your hot stepchild,
Her body’s smoking – drives me wild!
Her breasts are gorgeous, round and pert,
Her booty makes my old frame hurt!”

“I think you’ve said quite enough, you moronic mirror…”

“…legs that just go all the way,
‘Just come hither’ those eyes say,
Lips so luscious, it’s not luck,
Now there’s a girl I’d love to–”

“Enough!” the queen screamed. The mirror fell silent, trying desperately to sink into the wall.

“So, Snow White is my competition, eh? Well, we’ll just see about that!”

Having formulated a plan to get herself back on top in the Hot 100, she sent for her huntsman.

“I want you to take my stepdaughter out into the woods and… make sure she doesn’t come back,” the queen ordered, with a wicked smile.

The huntsman, who was not the sharpest arrow in the quiver, was a little confused.

“Er, won’t she just follow me back here, your Majesty?” he asked dimly.

“Well, you’d better make sure she can’t follow you then, hadn’t you?” she replied, keeping her calm with difficulty.

“What, like a game of ‘Hide and Seek’, your Majesty?”

The queen fumed quietly to herself. “No, you dolt, like a game of ‘Stab the Pretty Young Girl Until She’s Dead’!” the queen screamed.

“Ooh, that sounds like fun! How do you play it?”

“Guards! Get rid of this buffoon and get me another huntsman!”

Eric, the young apprentice huntsman, was somewhat brighter, and got the message right away. He went to the young princess’ chambers, where Snow White was taking an afternoon nap. He looked down on her slumbering form, and felt a swelling in his heart, except that his heart seemed to have relocated to somewhere in his trousers. He had never in his life seen such beauty, such a perfect young body clad only in her undergarments, her dress having been carefully hung up to prevent creases. Her long, black hair flowed down her back, over her alabaster white skin. Her features were so fine, that little button nose, her full, red lips slightly parted, her perfect chin… his eyes drifted down her long slender neck, across her smooth, blemish-free chest, to those twin globes, gently rising and falling as she breathed, pressing against the material of her camisole, seemingly ready to burst the delicate lacing…

The idea that he, a humble artisan in the king’s service, should gaze on such an exotic creature was incredible. That he should be in her bedchamber, with her in only her scanties, would normally be punishable by death. It almost seemed like he had been presented with a mission: impossible? He certainly knew that, if the guards caught him here, the queen would disavow him and his mission, and his life would self-destruct in fifteen seconds…

Very carefully, he rolled the pretty young royal onto her front, easing her bare arms together behind her back. Her skin was so smooth, he just felt like stroking the downy hairs on her forearms. Instead, he stealthily passed the soft rope he held around her wrists, gradually drawing them together and cinching them tight. As he pulled the ropes tight and knotted them, Snow White started to awaken, wondering who could be impertinent enough to disturb her afternoon nap. Almost immediately the alarm bells in her head sounded, as she felt her arms trapped behind her and saw the dark shape looming over her. She opened her mouth to scream, but suddenly found herself biting down on a huge wad of cloth.

The rest of the abduction was pretty straightforward. Eric tied a cloth around the lovely maiden’s face holding the gag in place and silencing her desperate screams, then he roped her shapely legs together at ankle and knees. He then merely had to force her struggling form into his huntsman’s bag, hoist her onto his shoulder, and stroll nonchalantly from the castle.

“Halt! Who goes there? Friend or foe?”

“Barry, it’s me,” the huntsman said levelly, “you know me.”

“Friend or foe?” the guard reiterated, with emphasis.

“Well, I’d say ‘Colleague’, we don’t know each other that well… but ‘Friend’, I suppose.”

“What’s in the bag?” Barry asked suspiciously, changing tactic.

“It’s… er… it’s a fox. Yes, I can truthfully say, I’ve got a real fox in here”

“A fox?” the guard said incredulously. “What’s a fox doing here, in the palace?”

“Hey, I don’t know!” Eric protested. “The queen says ‘Come and get this fox’ and I do what I’m told!”

Snow White kicked and screamed in the bag, trying to make her presence felt and heard.

“It doesn’t look like a fox,” Barry said doubtfully, “and it doesn’t sound like a fox …”

“It’s one of them exotic animals… an urban fox,” Eric replied, “now, the Queen said I should get it out of here as quick as possible, but I’ll let it out again and show you if you want. Let’s hope it doesn't escape, and she doesn’t happen to come by and wonder why her orders are being questioned by a palace guard…”

“On your way,” Barry said briskly, deciding that ignorance was better than a quick execution. Eric strolled as calmly as he could out of the door, threw the sack onto the back of his cart, eliciting a squeal from the ‘fox’, and meandered his way out of the gate and into the woods, whistling as he went. He was a happy man – he had the most beautiful girl in the kingdom at his mercy, and he had a few ideas of what he might do with her, before having to obey his royal command and end her short life.

An hour later, they were in a quiet and very secluded clearing far from any prying eyes. Eric the huntsman unloaded and unwrapped his prize, looking down into her confused and somewhat frightened eyes. He removed the cloth from her mouth, and waited to see what the reaction would be.

“What is the meaning of this?” the young princess asked, not unreasonably. Her abductor smiled a cruel smile at her.

“I'm afraid I have instructions from Her Majesty the Queen to kill you, your Highness,” he replied.

“But why would my dear step mother wish to have me killed?” she wondered out loud.

“Perhaps because of your stunning beauty, your Highness, she sees it as a threat to her position with the King.” Snow White seized on this reference to her father.

“If you release me, I'll ensure you receive a rich reward from the King,” she offered.

“I would be foolish indeed,” Eric protested, “if I went against the Queen’s command on the promise of future riches - I would be dead before you could say ‘arise, Sir Eric’!”

The Princess was becoming desperate now, and she struggled vainly against the ropes holding her captive.

“There must be something I can offer you, huntsman?” The young man smiled wickedly, withdrawing his hunting knife from its scabbard. He took a long chain down from the cart, wrapping it around Snow White’s neck and padlocking it in place, then attaching the other end in similar fashion around the nearest tree. He then cut the ropes holding the princess’ arms and legs, allowing her movement but not freedom.

“Oh, I'm sure there's quite a lot you can do for me, beautiful! Perhaps you could start off by taking off those undergarments of yours.”

“How dare you!” the young woman exclaimed indignantly. “I am a princess, not some common village wench!”

“Nevertheless, your Highness, if you wish to keep your heart in your chest, you will get naked for me right now!”

Despite being of royal birth, Snow White was a very practical girl, and realised that her best way of surviving was to play along with this country bumpkin for a while. So, as he sat on the grass, just beyond the reach of the chain around her neck, the lissom young maiden began to gyrate her hips in a way designed to attract the young man's attention. As she pulled at the lace ribbons of her camisole, she could see that it was having the desired effect, as the bulge in the front of his pants illustrated. She shook her shoulders from side to side, jiggling her fine young breasts and causing the thin cotton material hanging over them to part and provide a fleeting glimpse of a pert nipple. She turned her back and slid the garment from her shoulders, before twirling it around her head, and tossing it in Eric's direction. The young huntsman was now completely entranced by her virtuoso performance, watching intently as she turned to face him, her nipples only covered by the fronds of her long, black hair.

Now, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her knickerbockers, pulling them down from her waist to her hips, before turning her back once more and, thrusting out her derriere, she slowly pulled the material down to reveal the twin globes of her perfect buttocks. Now the pantaloons slid easily to the ground and as she turned back, she flicked them with her bare toes, causing them to land on Eric's head. By the time he had moved them from in front of his eyes, her hands covered the intimate triangle between her legs.

“Okay, honey, let’s see the goods,” he panted excitedly.

“I don't think so,” she said primly, “a princess doesn't just flash her –” before she could finish the sentence, he had jumped up, grabbed her wrists, and tied them securely behind her back again. He had also tied her hair back in a rough ponytail, so that it wouldn't obscure his view. Then, he sat down again and admired her in all her glory.

“See anything you like, peasant?” Snow White asked archly.

“Most assuredly, your Highness!” the young man replied, with a broad smile on his face. “Now, we were talking about what you can do for me…”

“Surely, this is enough?” the Princess asked hopefully, but with a suspicion that the young man would want more. He stood up and came towards her.

“Kneel before me, your Highness,” he commanded, and even though she was quite innocent, she could see by the look in his eye that he was not to be refused. Slowly, and with a little difficulty, she sank to her knees on the grass before him. She watched in some alarm has he unfastened the belt at his waist and let down his pantaloons, followed by his longjohns, leaving his groin naked and exposed. She had never seen a full grown man naked before, although she knew all about the birds and the bees from, not surprisingly, the birds and the bees, as well as the horses, cows, pigs, sheep and a variety of childhood pets.

What faced her now reminded her of the young stallion she’d once seen in the paddock, when her questions had only resulted in a smack on the wrist and being sent to bed with no tea.

“Er… what do you expect me to do with that?” she asked, genuinely not knowing the answer.

“Well, you could start by kissing it better,” the young Huntsman said.

“It looks to be in pretty good health to me, but… okay.”

The princess leaned forward a few inches, and placed her plump, red lips against the shiny, purple head of his impressive erection. Eric let out a gasp of pent-up excitement, before losing his battle to ‘stay cool’ and grabbing her hair, forcing his shaft between her lips and deep into her mouth. Her saw her cheeks bulge, then her eyes bulge, but suddenly she pulled away and fell backwards onto the grass, gasping for air.

“What's wrong?” Eric asked, alarmed partly that she might be choking, but mainly that she wasn’t choking on his cock.

“This chain,” she gasped, “I can't breathe with it around my neck! And, much as I'd like to, I can't carry on… kissing you better unless you remove it!”

In an instant, the young man had the chain off her neck and had helped her back up onto her knees. Having seen to her needs, he ensured that she continued to see to his by guiding his briefly deprived erection back between her luscious lips.

That was when things start to go rather wrong for Eric. Having ensured that she was no longer chained to the tree, Snow White now put her escape plan into effect. With his stiff cock deep in her mouth, she enacted every man's worst nightmare - she bit down hard.

The forest suddenly rang to the sound of howling coming from the hideously injured creature that was Eric the Huntsman. Flocks of birds shot into the sky in alarm at the sound, and groups of woodland creatures bounded away, fearful that there must be a pack of wolves in the area.

Meanwhile, Eric staggered backwards, clutching his groin in response to the terrible pain emanating from his sorely afflicted penis. Snow White took her chance, struggling to her feet and running into the forest as fast as she could.

“You fucking bitch!” Eric wailed, “I'm going to kill you when I catch you!”

The truth was, however, he was not going to be in a fit state to chase anyone for quite a while. But Snow White didn't know that, and she fled through the woods at top speed, ignoring the painful jiggling of her pert breasts, the slashing of branches against her fair skin as she brushed passed them, or the stones and twigs cutting into her bare feet as she raced along. She didn't know where she was running to, all she knew was that she was running to get as far away from the huntsman as she could.

At last, her lungs bursting, the princess slowed to a walk, and started to look around her. She found herself in a clearing, and there in front of her, stood the cutest little thatched cottage she had ever seen. She went to the door to see if she could get help, possibly some clothes, at least get her arms untied, but there was no answer when she knocked and shouted. Desperate to find somewhere to hide, in case her erstwhile attacker approached, she tried the door handle and, finding it unlocked, opened the door and went in.

The place seemed rather messy and uncared-for, but the main thing that she noticed was that all the furniture seemed to be child-sized. Having explored the kitchen, dining room and sitting room, she went up the wooden stairs to explore the upper floor. She found one large bedroom with seven beds, which seemed to be just the right size for small children.

Suddenly overcome by tiredness, Snow White lay down on one of the small cots and, despite having her wrists tied behind her, she was asleep within moments.

Meanwhile, approaching the cottage was the sound of not-so-jolly singing:

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,
It's home from work we go,
With a shovel and a pick,
And an aching prick,
Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

Coming over the hill were a line of dwarfs, seven little men striding along with their mining tools over their shoulders. They marched down to the cottage and went inside, storing their tools by the door. None of them looked very happy, but there was one that looked particularly upset with life.

“When are we going to order ourselves another girl, Dick?” he grumbled. “It’s been nearly a month, and I need some relief!”

“Quit your whining, Horny,” the other dwarf replied, “we all agreed that we’d hire ourselves one of the real expensive ladies at the end of next week.”

“Next week!” Horny exclaimed. “I can't wait till the end next week! My balls are gonna explode if they don't get some relief pretty damn quick!”

The rest of the dwarfs nodded and murmured in agreement, but Dick told them to just get a grip of themselves and calm down.

“I'm going upstairs,” Horny replied, “and I'll get a grip of myself, but I don't promise to calm down!”

As their overexcited colleague stomped up the stairs, the remaining dwarfs started to get some food ready for their evening meal. Suddenly, they heard a cry from upstairs.

“Jesus H Christ!” Horny shouted at the top of his voice, bringing the others charging up to find out what the big deal was.

“Oh Lord!” Dick croaked. “Thank You for Your bountiful gift!” All seven of the little men stood, mouths gaping, staring at the vision of naked, bound loveliness in front of them. Several of them started to drool.

Disturbed by the commotion, Snow White awoke to find seven pairs of eyes glued to her… well, they certainly weren’t looking at her face!

“Oh!” she exclaimed, more than a little unnerved by the close examination she was receiving. “Who are you, gentlemen?” She spoke politely because she was a well brought-up young Princess, and anyway, she realised that these were probably the owners of the house in which she was currently trespassing. Dick stepped forward and, nervously clutching his cap in his hand, spoke for the group.

“We're simple mining folk, Miss,” he said shyly, “my name is Dick, and these are my colleagues Horny, Sleazy, Humpy, Ballsy, Cocky and Sinful.” Each took a bow as he was introduced, smiling eagerly at the naked girl in front of him, while she, unused to being introduced to members of the public with her hands tied behind her, nodded and smiled in acknowledgement, as was expected from a member of the Royal family.

“And might we ask who you are, Miss?” he asked. Snow White clambered off the bed and drew herself up to her full height in as regal a manner as she could manage.

“I am Snow White, Princess of this realm,” she replied but, on seeing their surprised and, frankly sceptical, looks, she went on “however, I have been cruelly abducted from the Castle and, as you can see, stripped of my normal attire and restrained. I fear that I am being pursued and, if caught, would be murdered! I seek sanctuary, and would reward you handsomely if you could hide me here.”

The dwarfs looked at each other, and the smile on each face slowly widened.

“The thing is, your Royalness, we are but simple and poor miners, and the cost of an extra mouth to feed would be more than we could manage, plus there's the danger - if we are caught harbouring a known fugitive, they'll string us up as soon as look at us!”

“Please, good citizens,” Snow White pleaded, “perhaps I could provide some service for you in return, to pay my way – cooking, or cleaning, or…” She couldn't help noticing as each of them discreetly adjusted the impressive bulge in his pants.

“Well,” Dick mused, “I am sure there must be some service you can provide…”

Five minutes later, the Princess found herself in a unique position, certainly not one to which many royal personages were accustomed. On the positive side, she had been untied. On the negative side, she was now providing a very personal service to all seven dwarfs at the same time!

While she was not entirely innocent, having had a brief dalliance with more than one boy in a palace, she was certainly not prepared for this. She was lying on top of one of the dwarfs, Ballsy, who had inserted his cock into her virgin ass, causing her considerable discomfort. Another, Humpy she thought he was called, was lying on top of her and, appropriately enough, humping her. A third, the aptly named Horny, was sitting astride her stomach and had his impressive tool between her ample breasts, which he was squeezing around his erection as he thrust it forwards and backwards. Dwarfs four and five, Dick and Sleazy, were taking it in turns to use her mouth, turning her head this way and that so that she could use her full lips and agile tongue to bring them satisfaction. Cocky and Sinful had got the rough end of the deal as they were merely being given hand jobs by the young Princess.

Despite her sheltered royal upbringing, Snow White was finding that, not only was she rather good at this, she was also enjoying herself. After only a few minutes, the strange tableau of fucking and sucking became a moaning, groaning, cumming, shooting, guzzling, shouting, writhing mass of flesh. Afterwards, the Princess lay on her back, staring at the ceiling in wonder, her lovely young body splattered with white fluid, while all around her, the dwarfs lay on the floor, spent.

“Well,” Snow White said a little breathlessly, “that certainly beats a royal garden party! Perhaps you gentlemen would like to… I don't know… have another go at that but change places?” She was suddenly surrounded by seven eager faces.

The rest of the evening passed in similar fashion, with a break for dinner. Eventually, all eight of them fell asleep on the floor, having moved the little mattresses off the beds to provide a comfortable area for both sleep and sex.

The next morning, the dwarfs were up bright and early, ready to set off for the mine with a happy smile and a cheery song. A rather bleary-eyed Snow White gave each of them a kiss as they went out of the door, waving them on their way.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,
It's off to work we go,
With a shovel and a pick,
And a real limp dick,
Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

The young Princess had no clothes and her body was aching, dirty and covered in cum, but she couldn't have been happier. She went down to the nearby stream and washed herself, then came back to the cottage and started cleaning it from top to bottom, singing all the while. Later in the day, she cooked a wonderful meal, ready for the return of ‘her little men’.

We hope, with luck,
Snow White we’re going to fuck,
In her pussy and her ass,
She’s a real fine lass,
Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

As they sat down to dinner, after the first couple of rounds of group sex, Snow White raised an issue which had been troubling her.

“I have a little confession to make,” she started a little nervously, “I really enjoy our little bedroom games, but I have to tell you that I am not completely satisfied.” The dwarfs looked at each other in consternation, wondering how they had failed the Princess.

“This thing is,” she went on, “I found myself far more… sexually aroused when… I was tied up and… you were all staring at my helpless, bound, naked body…” There was a general coughing and adjusting of trousers as they contemplated this image.

“Well, I’m sure we can accommodate your desires in that respect, Princess,” Dick replied, to general enthusiastic nodding all around. Dinner was completed in double-quick time, and they were all soon back upstairs.

The dwarfs, being practical folk, proved to be very adept with a piece of rope, and Snow White soon found herself tied up just as tightly as she could ever wish. Ropes covered her in a diamond pattern, with her arms crossed and tied behind her back, her legs frog-tied, ankle to thigh. She was suspended from the ceiling at a convenient height, allowing the dwarfs to take it in turns to satisfy their own needs at either end of her fine young body. As the night wore on, the Princess found herself being re-tied in many different positions, the only common factor being that she should be available to be fucked whilst bound. So everyone was happy!

Meanwhile, as this little ménage a huit continued on its merry way, the Queen was not a happy ruler. When she had queried her magic mirror again, she had discovered that Snow White was still alive and usurping her position as the hottest chick in the kingdom.

“Queenie, sorry, Snow White’s still rocking,
Her recent behaviour’s totally shocking.
She's shacked up with seven small guys,
And let me tell you, they're enjoying their prize!”

Realising that she would have to do her own dirty work, she set out for the dwarfs’ cottage disguised as an old lady.

“Hello there, my young lovely,” she croaked when Snow White opened the door to her, “can an old gypsy interest you in her wares?”

“What are you selling, old crone?” the naked girl asked.

“Hey, less of the ‘old crone’!” the Queen retorted, “I see you like to stay as nature intended. Naturism is a little bit kinky, and I wondered whether you might be interested in some toys I have, which could liven up your sex life. Is there anything in particular you're interested in?”

“Well,” the naive princess responded shyly, “I do like a bit of bondage…”

“Maybe you'd like to try something a little stronger? Ropes can sometimes break, or you might wriggle free. But steel is inescapable! Just imagine, being chained up while your young man - or men - are taking you to heaven!” Snow White did imagine, and she liked what she saw. But there was a problem.

“I don't have any money to pay you,” she said.

“I have a special offer on at the moment,” the Queen replied, “today, everything is free!”

This seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately, Snow White didn't know the old saying that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ten minutes later, she was starting to regret her enthusiasm for the old woman's proposition.

“Are you comfortable there, my dear?” the Queen asked.

“Not really, no,” the young Princess replied unhappily. Her wrists were shackled behind her back, and her elbows were also trapped together by a steel band. Her legs were chained at the ankles, knees and thighs. More alarmingly, her sex was encased in a heavy steel chastity belt and the prospect of having her now-customary bout of sex was looking in jeopardy.

With an evil cackle, the Queen ripped off her old lady rags, wiped away her concealing make-up and revealed herself to her startled victim.

“Now I have you!” she cried. “Just a few more additions and you will be finished!”

She wrapped a heavy chain around Snow White, tying her into a ball, her knees tight up against her chest and her heels by her bottom. A scold’s bridle completed the Princess’s bondage - a steel plate which covered half of her face, locked in place, with a special mouthpiece which trapped her tongue to the floor of her mouth. Now completely helpless, Snow White looked on in despair as her stepmother wheeled in a small cage and rolled her into it, locking the door behind her.

“So, my pretty stepdaughter,” the Queen crowed, “now no-one will ever see or enjoy your beauty. The keys to unlock your bondage are held safe within the castle and you will never be free! You will live out your sad, sexless life in that little cage, while the whole kingdom adores me as the most alluring woman in their world! Ahahahahahaha!!”

As she finally recovered from her victory cackle, the wicked queen turned to leave, only to see that, blocking her exit, stood the seven dwarfs, and they didn't look happy (or sleepy, bashful, dopey, etc). But they did look grumpy.

“Well, look what we've got here, boys,” Dick said in a threatening tone, “seems to me like we just found our new sex slave!” The Queen looked at them, and at the picks and shovels in their hands, and felt frightened.

“How dare you talk to me like that?” she blustered. “I am your Queen!”

“I ain't never seen no Queen what dresses like that!” Horny opined. “Let's get her, boys!”

In the twinkling of an eye, the Queen found herself stripped naked and tied across the dining table.

“You'll never get away with this!” she cried. “And you'll never free your precious Snow White either!”

“Well,” Dick mused, “I'm guessing you didn't tell anyone where you were going when you came here to attack your stepdaughter. And as for freeing our lovely little princess, we’re miners - picking locks is second nature to us!” Proving his point, the dwarfs had Snow White free in a matter of minutes.

And so, they all lived happily ever after. The dwarfs have their sexy young bondage enthusiast and a still good-looking fuck toy that did all the cleaning. Snow White had all the sex and bondage she could ever wish for. And even the Queen found that getting a regular seeing-to by a bunch of horny guys was way better than tea parties, receptions and sleeping with the old King!

The End

Copyright© 2013 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved.