by Jennifer Harrison

Author’s note: I hope you enjoy the retelling of this classic fairytale.

Once upon a time, there lived a proud miller, if you can imagine such a thing – well, he was the supplier of flour ‘by royal appointment’, which actually meant he paid a small annual fee to have the royal coat of arms stamped on his sacks, but he boasted and bragged about it to all his colleagues and rivals at the Merchants Guild.

Every year, the palace held a ball for all its suppliers – it kept them sweet, and allowed the palace to string out payment of its bills almost indefinitely. The miller had always attended the ball alone, since his wife had died – at least, that’s what he told everyone; she’d actually left him, citing ‘insufferable differences’ – but this year, he was accompanied by his daughter, Chlamydia, who had now come of age.

Chlamydia was a stunningly beautiful young woman – nearly six feet tall, a 36DD-25-35 figure, blonde hair down to her peach of a behind, startling blue eyes – but she combined her father’s overweening pride with her own foibles of laziness, cruelty, and a ridiculous sense of entitlement, which led the other girls in the town to say nasty things about her, such as “she was only the miller’s daughter, but she knew how to bump and grind!”

King Horace hated these balls, saying they were ‘a load of balls’ (which caused paroxysms of laughter amongst his sycophantic courtiers), and he spent as little time as possible there. But when he saw the vision of loveliness across the room, his interest, among other things, perked up, and he made a bee-line for the eighteen-year-old stunner.

Anyone with a little less self-importance and a little more political acuity would have noticed that the king was practically drooling as Chlamydia curtsied low, giving him an eyeful of her bulging décolletage, and just let nature take its course. But the miller couldn’t help himself.

“Your Majesty,” he declaimed, puffing his chest out with pride, “may I introduce my daughter, the lovely Chlamydia? Her beauty is only matched by her talents – why, she is so clever with her hands, that she can spin straw into gold!” The girl looked a little startled at her father, but smiled at the king.

The king should have seen this as an empty boast, but he was as greedy as he was horny, and an idea struck him which would provide him with a win-win situation.

“If this is the truth, miller, then I will be rich, you will be a knight of the realm, and your lovely daughter will be my queen! But if it is false, you will be publicly humiliated, and she will become my slave, and will serve me in the bedroom until she is too old and ravaged to be of interest to me. Guards! Take the girl to the Spinning Room!”

- o O o -

Chlamydia wept quietly as she sat in the small, straw-filled room, and cursed her father for his stupidity. She hadn’t even bothered to learn to spin thread – servants’ work, below her – let alone somehow produce gold from straw! She shivered, as the king had insisted she remove her clothes ‘so they don’t get dirty’, before she was locked in the room. All hope seemed to be gone…

“Hi there, Sugartits!”

Chlamydia looked up at the sound of a voice, to see an imp sitting on the spinning wheel in front of her. It was possibly the ugliest creature she had ever seen – only two feet tall, green skin, talon fingernails, long, aquiline nose, wide, evil grin, sharp teeth, long, forked tongue.

“What- Who are you?” she asked fearfully, a shiver running through her body, causing her large breasts to jiggle alluringly, a sight which made the imp lick his lips lasciviously.

“I’m your way out of this, darling,” the imp replied, “so you’d better be nice to me. I can spin this into gold for you, and save your ass – your very delectable ass. But it’ll cost ya.”

“What is it you want of me, oh foul creature?” Chlamydia asked, unable to hide her disgust.

“Hey, less with the pejorative labelling!” the imp protested, “All I want, for turning this whole roomful of straw into gold, is your ring.”

“Huh, okay,” Chlamydia assented, easing the precious trinket from her finger.

“Er, no, not that ring.”

“Oh?” Chlamydia was confused, but when she looked up and saw the evil grin on the imp’s face, understanding dawned. “Oh!”

The imp quickly spun some of the straw into a length of strong, hemp rope, which he used to tie the frightened girl over the spinning wheel. As he stood before her, he dropped his trousers, and she gasped in horror at what she saw.

“Oh my God!” she screamed. “I can’t take that! Not up there! You’ll tear me apart!”

“Don’t worry, honey,” the imp said gleefully, “I’ll use lube.”

From nowhere, a grease gun appeared in his hand, and he strolled around behind her. He pulled the chair up behind her and, hopping up, liberally squirted grease all around and even inside her tight little brown hole.

“Okay, get ready for impact!”

As she heard this, Chlamydia screamed at the sudden, blinding pain from her rear end. It did, indeed, feel as if she was being torn apart, and she made her feelings on the subject very clear to anyone within the building, if they cared to listen. But the evil imp had tied her down very securely and, struggle, scream and cry as she might, there was nothing she could do to stop the appalling violation.

The horrible creature not only had a rod of iron, he seemed to have limitless stamina, as he thrust into the poor girl again and again. At last he reached the peak of his lust and, with a blood-curdling howl of pleasure, he emptied himself into her, filling her with such a volume of his seed that she could almost taste it in the back of her throat!

“See ya tomorrow, honeybuns!”

“Wait!” Chlamydia called out. “Don’t leave! You haven’t…” The imp was gone, but to her astonishment, all of the straw had been replaced by golden thread!

The next morning, the king rushed to the spinning room, eager to find either his new gold or his new fuck-bunny. When he saw the glittering horde, he was astonished, not least by the fact that the girl appeared to have spun the straw whilst bound across the wheel. One of the guards released her, but the king saw a trickle of blood coming from between her cheeks.

“What happened?” he asked suspiciously.

“Oh… er… I sat on something, and got a little prick,” Chlamydia extemporised. But the king didn’t really care.

“Do you realise what this means?” he asked, his eyes alight with excitement.

“You’re going to make me your queen?”

“Patience, little girl. No, it means we’re going to need a bigger room tonight!”

- o O o -

And so it was, that night, the miller’s daughter found herself locked in a much bigger room full of straw, with no clothes, and just the spinning wheel for company.

“I suppose you want my ring again?” she asked the imp, when he suddenly appeared in the room. Before he replied, he spun a little of the straw into rope and used it to bind her tight, as before, but this time he tied her with her back against the wheel, in a kneeling position.

“No, I thought I’d go for the necklace tonight,” he replied, grinning wickedly.

“But I’m not wearing a necklace,” she said in confusion.

“You will be when I’m done with you. Now, open wide!”

Chlamydia opened her mouth to protest, but found it suddenly full of impish erection. She gagged and choked as the infernal creature forced his stiff pole into her throat, cutting her air supply until her face went red and her eyes began to flutter. At last he relented, and she gasped for oxygen, but the respite was only brief, she was soon struggling to cope with his probing shaft once again.

The next ten minutes or so were not so much a sexual coupling for the young woman, more a battle for survival, as the demonic creature seemed intent on suffocating her. At last, the moment of release arrived, but now she faced the prospect of drowning. She desperately swallowed down as much of his salty ejaculate as she could, but even with her best efforts, the torrent flooded out of her mouth and down her chin, onto her body, creating the ‘pearl necklace’ he had promised. When the imp pulled out, he was still gushing like a broken fire hydrant, and she was covered in a layer of thick, gelatinous cum over her face, in her hair, and gluing her eyes closed. It was not a great feeling!

“So, how did this happen?” the king asked the next morning. He had been elated to see the gold, but the girl was once again tied to her spinning wheel, literally, and she seemed to be covered in dried jism.

“Sorry, your majesty,” Chlamydia replied, as she scraped the thick gunk from her face, “I have a heavy cold.” At that moment, she blew her nose, and a great gobbet of cum flew out of her nostril. The king was sceptical, but let it pass.

“This is brilliant, my dear!” the king enthused. “I can’t wait to see what you produce tonight!”

Chlamydia let out a groan, and her shoulders sagged – she wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take…

- o O o -

“I presume you want my flower tonight?” the naked young woman asked of the tiny demon in front of her.

“Well, that tight little virgin cunt of yours seems a fitting climax, as it were, to our very productive relationship.” With a sigh, Chlamydia stood with her back to the wheel as the imp wrapped the rope around her wrists and ankles.

“You are a virgin, aren’t you?” he asked suspiciously.

“Yes, I was saving myself for my husband,” she replied forlornly, “but needs must when the devil drives!”

“Ain’t that the truth, sweet cheeks?” The imp pulled the chair in front of her spread thighs, and hopped up…

“Another little prick?” the king asked when he saw the dried blood on her thigh the next morning.

“No, quite a big prick, actually,” Chlamydia replied enigmatically, but truthfully.

“This is marvellous,” the king said, looking around at the gleaming gold filling the room, “just one more night and we’re done, I promise.”

“Again?!” the girl squealed in horror. “But you can’t! What about the Immutable Law of Three?”

“The what?” It was the king’s turn to be confused.

“Three Bears!” she wailed. “Three Blind Mice! Three Amigos! Three Coins In A Fountain! Three Star Wars [like most sane people, she dismissed the prequels]! Three Nights Of Spinning! All stories like this use the Immutable Law of Three!”

The king slapped her face so hard, she was knocked to the floor.

“I’m changing the deal,” he growled, “pray I don’t change it any further!”

- o O o -

“But, Sugartits,” the imp said sadly, “you don’t have anything left to offer me.”

Chlamydia had been calling for the imp to come back and help her for hours, before he finally appeared, grumbling about being interrupted while defiling a milkmaid three counties away. When she had explained her plight, he had said “Doesn’t this king understand the Immutable Law of Three?”

“Couldn’t you just give me this one for free?” she begged.

“What, and destroy my reputation?!” the imp replied in high dudgeon.

“Isn’t there some ludicrous bargain we could strike?” Chlamydia asked desperately.

“Hmm,” the imp said thoughtfully, “maybe, as I like you. Okay, if you can guess my real name by dawn, I’ll spin this stuff for you one last time. But every time you make a wrong guess, I get to ravage you. Deal or No Deal?” Chlamydia gulped, knowing she had no option.


It was a long night, and she made a lot of wrong guesses. She couldn’t believe that one little demon could produce so much spunk!

Dawn was almost upon them, and the cum-soaked wench was delirious with exhaustion. As that massive column swam into view before her tired eyes, ready to choke her one more time, she had a sudden flash of inspiration.

“Rumpelstiltskin!” she cried.

“What?!” The imp was taken aback. “How did you guess that, you dumb bitch?”

“It was staring me right in the face,” she replied, managing a weak smile.

- o O o -

“You did it!” the king exulted. “Now, I’m richer than Croesus!”

“So… there was talk of wedding bells, your majesty?” Chlamydia asked, eyes on the prize, as always. The king turned to her with a kindly smile.

“Sadly, my ministers would never agree to me wedding such a cum-sucking bondage freak as you have shown yourself to be over the last few days. But don’t worry, you’ll always have a place in my affections, and a role here in the Palace.”

And so it was that Chlamydia was appointed the first Royal Whore, servicing the kinky desires of the king, visiting heads of state, key diplomatic staff, lords of the realm who needed to be kept sweet, members of the government, and the three regiments of palace guards.

And the moral of our story is – never trust men (or imps), they’re only interested in sex and money!

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved.