A Request By Master Darios
by Jennifer Harrison

As you will read below, I was instructed to recall an extremely embarrassing (yet arousing) adventure in self-bondage for a good friend of my Master who resides in the U.S. With His permission I will include His request so as to set the stage for my recount.

slave jenny xxx

(Please note: Master Darios writes under the pen name mrhungry, please check out his stories)


My dear slave jenny,

I have not read any erotic material written by your delicate hand in some time. With your Master’s permission of course, I would like you to recount the story you once were instructed to tell a gathering that was held a year ago at your Master’s house. You remember the story I refer to of course, the time you were allowed to bind yourself at your flat after not having been graced by your Master’s presence for several weeks.

I so enjoyed hearing that story and know that even the thought of retelling it will bring a blush to your fair cheeks and a warmth to your worthless fuck hole. Because I fully understand the slut that you are, to further your embarrassment, and thus your arousal, I would like you to submit the story to your Master so that it may be posted on-line for all to see.

Master Darios


Master Darios,

Thank you for Your command, this slave lives to satisfy Your desires, she hopes You are entertained by her efforts. She begs Your forgiveness for using the first person, as if she were a free person, but it makes it more personal.

On the day You have described, I had not seen my Master for three weeks and longed to enjoy the feel of His touch, the sting of His whip, and the taste of His cock in my mouth. When He phoned to say He would not see me (He did not say if there was a problem, He does not explain Himself to me), I was desolate. I knew I was just His worthless slave, but now I was His unwanted worthless slave. He said I could pleasure myself with self-bondage and was allowed to cum, but without Him present I knew it would not be the same.

As always on these occasions, I was extra hard on myself. That day, I fear, my dark mood caused thoughts of pleasure to be displaced by thoughts of punishment, punishment that I knew I must somehow deserve. I hate pain, but on that day I longed to feel my suffering, so I deliberately strapped my tender breasts up extra tight until they were swollen and red. The clover clamps I applied to my nipples made me cry and I nearly removed them, but thoughts of the punishment I surely deserved stopped me from releasing their cruel grip upon my tender buds. Of all my gags, I used the penis gag because it would remind me of what I was missing, but also because it would quickly make my jaw ache and punish me even more. Selecting my largest vibrator, I forced it into my cunt with no lubricant, although by then, being the slut I am, I had already become quite wet. The crotch rope holding it in place bit into my waist as it forced the monster inside me up to the hilt. I made sure the rope trapped my clitoris, running it either side so that each time I moved it would rub painfully against it. I encircled my slender neck with my dog collar, pulling it extra tight until it was almost choking me – I was a worthless bitch and I wanted to feel like it.

What do you do with a kitten you no longer want? You put it in a sack, throw it in the river, and let it drown. My ‘sack’ would be my latex hood, strapped down tight, the ear padding muffling any sounds, the eye slits zipped up tight, blinding me to the fate I knew was so rightly deserved. My ‘river’ would be the bathtub, half-filled with freezing cold water. I stood naked in front of the tub, already shivering, as I locked my beautiful cuffs around my wrists and ankles. Stepping into the icy water, I lowered myself into the cold porcelain tub and lay on my stomach. The two sets of cuffs were joined by chain and padlock, the key to which was suspended above me by an ice release.

The sensation of the icy water upon my flesh and the harshness of my bondage torturing the tenderest areas of my body suddenly caused me to reconsider the suffering I had been driven to cause against myself. Surely I was a good slave and did not deserve to be punished in such a cruel manner! But where was my Master, and why did He not wish to use His slave? Three weeks! Had I so disappointed Him that He did not yearn to use me in all of this time?

I lay in the freezing ‘river’, knowing that the punishment I had inflicted upon myself was not only appropriate, but somehow more lenient than I deserved. I thought of the butt plug I so hated, and the little black spring clips that Master sometimes used upon my cunt when He wished me to feel His wrath. If I had not already been helpless to lift myself from the tub, I know I would have run to secure those items to my worthless whore body.

My Master insists that when I perform self-bondage I must always have a non-mechanical fool proof release. In this case it was to be my best friend Sally, who I had asked to come over for a drink at 9pm, giving me three hours to free myself. Sally and I have been friends since university, and have talked before about my ‘bondage thing’, though she knows nothing of my total submission to my Master. I would die of embarrassment if she ever found out, but I was confident that my secret would be safe since I had more than enough time to free myself.

But now, the vibrator was taking all of my attention. No longer was I thinking about the pain I was feeling in my tightly bound breasts, or the isolation I had forced upon myself by the use of the hood, or the aching of my shoulders and legs caused by the strict hog-tie. Not even the freezing water that I knew would cause me such great discomfort later registered in my mind as the pent-up frustration of weeks without sexual release overcame me, swiftly forcing a mind-blowing orgasm upon me. I thrashed around in my bondage, pulling viciously on the cuffs so I could feel them chafing my skin and bruising my wrists, water was splashing everywhere, over the sides of the bath, over my head, leaving me coughing and fighting for breath as the water streamed out of my nose.

When the violent fits of orgasm finally passed I simply lay there, a spent force. I was so exhausted I lost grip of my bladder and began to pee into the water. I reveled in my degradation, knowing I was little better than an animal lying in its own mess – no wonder Master had rejected me. I was suddenly overwrought with emotion at that thought and I sobbed uncontrollably within my mask – I so wanted to please my Master, but would I ever again be given the chance?

After some time, my key released and I freed myself from the hog-tie but not from the remaining bondage. I now had to struggle my way up onto the edge of the bath and, taking my courage in both hands, made myself fall onto the tiles below. I landed on my shoulder and the side of my head, which hurt but was barely noticed, as the effort to push myself up and out of the tub required me to clamp down on the vibrator inside me.

The vibrations were pushing me over the edge again, and I juddered and squirmed on the cold wet floor as if having a fit. I began to scream, but heard barely a sound with the cock gag and hood muffling the sound I made and the padding over my ears reducing the sound I heard even further. It seemed to just reinforce my feeling of isolation and desolation – I was no longer human, just a dumb animal fit only for fucking, and no-one wanted to fuck me anyway, so what use was I?

I began my long slow crawl to recover my handcuff keys to release myself. The carpet outside the bathroom was harsh against my skin, rubbing painfully against my breasts and stomach and thighs as I shuffled my body along. The chain between the clamps on my nipples pulled tight as it caught beneath me, making the clamps bite harder into my soft flesh. The sensation was intense and I was forced to stop as another massive orgasm overwhelmed me, making me wriggle and writhe like some bizarre snake.

At last, exhausted, I flipped over onto my back to rest. As I lay there, I began to wonder where in the flat I had reached. The carpet was much softer now and I knew I must have made it into the main sitting room. I lay there trying to recover, the monster vibrator having gone from a source of pleasure to one of pain – my cunt (Master likes me to use the word ‘cunt’, as it is more degrading for me) had had enough!

The cat! I hate cats – they take and never give; cold-hearted users of people. This one has adopted me – I call him Darios, (please don’t be upset Sir) because he is his own master and he has enslaved me as a source of food. Now I felt him walking on my naked body, using me as a source of warmth and a source of refreshment, licking the moisture off of my stomach.

Suddenly the vibrator took over my body and I started to writhe and squirm uncontrollably again. The cat saw this as a game where he had to ride the bucking bronco, and I screamed as his needle-sharp claws came out and hooked into my unprotected flesh, holding on with desperation. He seemed fascinated by the ginger ball of fuzzy hair bobbing in front of him – this was before I shaved for my Master – and I felt his paw batting it, his vicious little claws scratching at my venus mound. When the orgasm crashed over me, I thrust my bottom off the floor and my hips in the air, making Darios think there was an earthquake and he instinctively clung on for dear life. Now I was screaming in excruciating pain as well as intense pleasure as the razor-like claws sliced into me, causing me to cum as hard as I ever have. God, I hate cats!

Wearily, I inched my tortured body towards the front door where I felt around for the keys. I remember thinking, ‘They must be here, I left them right here, they MUST BE HERE!!’ My fingers searched furiously beneath my back, the pressure of my body upon my hands making the task harder than I had anticipated.

The chain between my nipple clamps went tight again, but this time it seemed to be pulling upwards. I scrambled to my knees to reduce the tension, and then struggled to my feet, all the while the clamps biting more deeply into me. What was going on? I didn’t understand!

I felt hands removing the hood – my Master had come for me after all! I was overjoyed as the hood was pulled away and …

Sally!! How? Why? OH MY GOD!!! How long had she been there? What had she seen? Oh, please God, not me cumming! Please spare me that!

“Hello, Jenny” she said, and actually smiled, “Or should I say, Hello you worthless piece of filth fuck whore?” She pulled on the chain and I went on tiptoe to try and stop the pain.

“Your Master told me I might find you here like this. You look like shit by the way.”

I realised what I must look like to her – my face would be red and blotchy, as well as covered in sweat from the latex hood; my hair plastered to my head; my tits some alarming shade of purple; blood on my stomach and cunt from the clawing; rope cutting me in half both ways; cunt juices all over my thighs. I wished I could’ve just died right there and then from the shame and embarrassment.

“You invited me here for a drink, so let’s get one.” She walked towards the kitchen, still holding the chain and I had to shuffle and jump after her or lose my nipples! She poured herself a glass of wine and led me back to the bathroom.

“Do you want a drink?” she asked, offering me the wine. God, I could kill for a drink, and nod my head.

“I can’t hear you,” she said as she unbuckled the gag strap. A torrent of saliva drooled down my front, onto my breasts.

“Do you want a drink?” she asked again.

“Oh, yes please, I am so thirsty!” I replied, the need so evident in my voice. She pulled viciously on the chain and I squealed in surprise as well as pain.

“Address me properly, slave!” she screamed in my face.

“Yes Mistress!” I quickly replied, not wanting more pain. I couldn’t believe what was happening – I was being tortured by the woman I thought was my best friend!

“On your knees, slut!” she ordered, and I struggled to obey. She pulled her panties down to her ankles, then lifted her skirt.

“Open wide!” she said with a smile.

Not really believing this was happening, I opened my mouth. Her stream of hot piss hit me on the forehead and I closed my eyes. Gradually she redirected the stream down my face, across my nose, until it squirted directly into my open mouth! To my utter horror, my mouth quickly filled with her urine.

“Swallow it, you useless cunt!” she ordered, and I gulped the foul-tasting liquid, then opened my mouth for more. I had to swallow another mouthful before her flow slackened and the rest dribbled down over my body.

“Now, do you want me to release you?” she asked, dangling the handcuff keys before me.

“Yes please, Mistress,” I replied, just wanting this nightmare to end.

“Very well, I’ll let you go once you’ve made me cum.”

I looked at my friend in disbelief as she perched on the edge of the toilet and opened her legs. Resigned to having to do this, I shuffled forward and put my head down between her thighs. She leaned over me and grabbed the back of the crotch rope, pulling it hard and dragging me closer into her. As I licked her slit and sucked on her engorged clitoris, I realised the vibrator was still going and, without wanting or needing to, I had yet another orgasm as I brought my friend to her own climax. Her juices squirted in my face and I greedily lapped them up as her thighs clamped around my head, holding me firmly in place.

Finally Sally freed me and we had a very erotic shower together, before enjoying our glass of wine.

It is fair to say our relationship has irrevocably changed since that night!

slave Jenny xxx

The End

Copyright© 2011 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved. I welcome your comments. Email me at bongopop63{at}btopenworld{dot}com