Puppet on a Rope
by Jennifer Harrison

Part 5

Part 5 - Miss Maria

I left the restaurant that night, where I had just been told that I now had a Master and Mistress, with my wrists still cuffed behind my back. They were rather inadequately hidden by my master’s arm with a coat draped over it, though nobody remarked on it – the place was called Discretion, after all.

I felt rather light-headed, as if in a dream, as I was ushered into a taxi which took us to the Grand Hotel, another place I’d never entered, on economic grounds. There wasn’t even an attempt to hide my bondage here, but the receptionist hardly raised an eyebrow, presumably having assessed and dismissed the possibility of me being either a kidnap victim or a prostitute. I suppose money gets you that kind of disinterest in your personal affairs.

What followed was a full night of intense and unremitting sexual activity, with me as the common element in a sequence of perm-two-out-of-three combinations, Mistress taking over whenever Master needed time to recuperate and regain his peak of sexual readiness. I was impressed by his stamina for ‘an older man’, but their ‘tag team’ approach meant there wasn’t a moment’s rest for me.

I began by sucking off Master. He had me kneel in front of him after we’d been only moments in the room, still cuffed, still in the latex dress, and then, with no preamble, he simply thrust his erection deep into my open mouth, immediately making me gag. I was not experienced in the art of fellatio back then – not that I thought it ‘disgusting’ or something, it was just that I hadn’t had that much sexual experience, and certainly not that sort. So it came as a shock to find out that I was not just supposed to kiss or lick it, but to take it down my throat!

I think Master quickly recognised my inexperience, and took it upon himself to ‘educate’ me in this important skill. He taught me what to do with my lips and my tongue, even my teeth, then gradually worked on getting me to control my gag reflex.

“Very good, puppet,” he said a little breathlessly as I fought to swallow every last drop of his ejaculate – ‘always swallow, never spit’, he had warned – “that's something for you to work on, but you did very well for a first effort.”

As he slumped into a chair, temporarily spent, Bethany took over, now freeing me from the handcuffs and liberating me from my dress as well. I fell back on the bed and watched as she stripped out of her evening dress and sexy underwear, including stockings and suspenders - I'd never seen any of those clothes before, and I wondered if he had bought them for her, as he had bought my dress. My mind was soon back on the here and now as she fell upon me, her lips pressed against mine, her hands groping and fondling my body, driving me into a sexual frenzy.

We quickly configured ourselves into a classic 69 position, initially with her on top, but she flipped around so that she was lying on the bed and I was on all fours above her, my tongue working overtime in the sweet-scented folds of her sex, just as she worked on me. It felt sensational, and I was soon fighting to hold back whilst I tried to get her to the same pitch of excitement as I had already reached.

I was startled to feel a rope being passed around my right thigh and then my right ankle, drawing them together and binding them tight. I managed to glance behind me and saw that Master was there, seemingly recovered, and perhaps entertaining himself until the two of us had finished. My left leg was bound in the same way, putting me into a frog tie - a term I only learned later. Master grabbed my arms and roughly pulled them into the middle of my back, roping them so that my right wrist was tied just below my left elbow and the same on my other arm - what is called a box tie, I now understand.

Despite my restraints, I continued to lick away at Bethany's pussy with as much energy as I could muster. Because my legs were now tied, and because she was gripping my buttocks tightly, I couldn't pull away from her exquisite touch, and resisting the urge to climax was becoming more and more difficult. I was becoming desperate in my attempts to bring her to orgasm, but I managed to synchronise it so that we both came at almost the same moment, resulting in a lot of squealing and, at least on Bethany’s part, a sudden torrent of juices.

I was still coming down from that incredible high when I felt Master’s body behind me, his thighs pressing against mine. He grabbed me around the hips and I realised that Mistress, still below me, was prising my buttocks apart, and I certainly knew what was coming. I felt his fingers, cold and wet with lubricant, pressing against my anus, forcing their way inside, two and then three, opening me up and making me ready.

"Have you ever had anal sex before, puppet?" Master asked.

"N-no, Master, never!" I stammered nervously, fearful of what was happening.

"This is a real night of firsts for you then, isn't it?" he remarked in an unconcerned tone. I didn't have a chance to make any other comment before I felt him pressing his erection into my virgin hole. I cried out as I was stretched wide, and then felt him sliding into me, deep, deeper, until his balls were pressed against my thighs.

The sensations in my body were entirely new as he slowly pumped in and out of me. Painful, and yet somehow enjoyable, stimulating - mind you, that could have been because Bethany had resumed licking my clitoris as she lay below me!

Gradually, his thrusts became more urgent, and the feel of the ropes on my legs biting into the flesh as I was pushed forward was added, stimulating me even more. I was grunting like a pig on each penetration, not very ladylike, but then I don't think anything about that situation could be described as ladylike!

His thighs were slapping against mine, and his fingernails were digging into my hips where he was pulling me back onto him, when suddenly I felt a strange, warm feeling inside my rectum, a feeling that was accompanied by an animalistic cry from my Master, and I realised that he had cum, filling me with his hot seed. It felt incredible that another taboo had been broken, or rather smashed. As I remained bound in my kneeling position, gasping for breath, I wondered at just how much of a wanton slut I had become!

By the time I had recovered and refocused on the room, Master had moved away and Mistress had extricated herself from beneath me. I saw her now standing beside the bed, looking down at me, with what I recognised, with some concern, to be a riding crop in her hands. Holy crap, I thought, what now?!

"I want to conduct a little experiment," Bethany said, flexing the supple crop in front of me. My level of concern immediately skyrocketed, given what had occurred during her last ‘little experiment’.

"Okay, Kelly, I want you to rate the level of pain you feel on a scale between one and ten." I saw her pull back the crop and I cringed, ready for the searing pain I anticipated. But it turned out that she had only given me a fairly light tap on the arse. I recalibrated my expectations and assessed my reaction.

"I think I would rate that as a one," I responded, pleasantly surprised. However, a moment later I wasn't quite so sanguine as the crop flashed down again, this time making me jump, straining against my bondage.

"Ow! Fuck! That was at least a four!" I squealed, wondering what had happened to two and three. But as I looked around nervously, I saw the angry look on Bethany's face, and I watched in mounting horror as she wound up for a real swing at me. And then the penny dropped!

"Mistress! Mistress! I'm sorry! I forgot, that was a one followed by a four, Mistress!" I watched in relief as the thunderclouds passed from her face and she smiled, relaxing her arm.

"Here, let me have a go," Master said as he grabbed the crop from Bethany's hand. A moment later I screamed as the thin, flexible rod slashed down across my buttocks.

"Ten, Master!" I cried, "that was definitely a ten!"

"Are you sure?" Bethany asked, the concern apparent in her voice, "are you sure it wasn't an eleven? More than you can take?"

"No, Mistress," I managed to say without a sob, screwing my eyes tight shut to stop me crying, "I can take it if… if Master wants to punish me like that." What the fuck? Where did that come from?!

I felt Bethany's lips pressing against the line of fire cutting across my cheeks. It didn't stop it hurting but, somehow, it made it better.

"Well, you certainly have a souvenir of this session to look back on," she said, before kissing all along the mark. I tried to stop myself from sobbing or letting tears run down my face, and I think I managed it, though only just.

I was surprised, even a little shocked, when I felt Bethany's tongue, which had been working its way along the line, dip between my spread buttocks and begin to push at my recently violated little brown hole - that's what I'd always called it, ever since I was a kid. I let out a gasp as it forced its way in, presumably the tightness of the sphincter having been affected by the earlier stretching. My eyes were wide in astonishment that she would do such a seemingly ‘filthy’ thing!

It only lasted a few seconds before her tongue withdrew and headed south, towards a much more common, and welcome, destination. Once again, she brought me to a stunning climax, finally bringing tears to my eyes, tears of ecstasy rather than agony.

The night progressed with different positions, different bondage, and different toys, delivering both pleasure and pain. At some point, I don't know what time it was but it was certainly the not-so-early hours, I found myself lying on the bed with Bethany next to me, idly putting the handcuffs on my wrists, making sure that, before she locked them together, my arms were through the bars of the headboard. With me secured, she played her fingers over my stretched body, tantalising and tormenting me in the most delicious way. Master lay down on the bed on the other side of me and joined in, making me feel like I was in heaven. I slowly started to drift off to sleep.

"What do you think you are doing, Miss Thompson?" I heard Master say, a tone of amusement in his voice.

"I thought I might get myself some of the action that Kelly has been enjoying," Bethany replied, "I'm feeling quite jealous!"

"Keep that up, my dear, and I will soon have no choice but to satisfy your craving." I couldn't see what was going on, it was too dark, but I felt Bethany lean across me and then heard the unmistakable sounds of a cock being sucked. This went on for several minutes, accompanied by gasps and moans of appreciation from Master.

"I can't take any more!" Master exclaimed, "prepare to be boarded!" Suddenly, Bethany was above me, on all fours, her lips crushing against mine as she raised her behind invitingly.

I could feel Master now behind her, and her body began to move against me as he energetically thrust into her. Her breasts squashed down against my chest, while she gripped the sides of my head for purchase - if I'd had any hair, she would have been hanging onto it, but as it was, her fingers clawed at my bald head and she panted and cried out in response to the pounding she was receiving.

As the movements became faster and the cries became louder, it was obvious that they were both moving towards orgasm. There was one last frenzy of thrusting, and then Bethany arched her back and squealed as the climax overwhelmed her. Moments later, it was obvious that Master had also reached that point, but then I was surprised to feel hot cum spurting out across my stomach.

"I'm sorry, Bethany," Master gasped, having rolled onto the bed beside me, "I forgot to ask if you have contraception and, as I hadn’t taken precautions myself, I thought it best not to take the chance."

"No problem," Bethany purred, "I have one of those long-term patches, but it's okay, Kelly and I can clear up this mess."

By now, she was on the bed next to me again, and I felt her fingers trailing through the gunk on my belly. She then put them to my lips, inviting me to lick them clean, which I did enthusiastically, having quickly developed a liking for the stuff! It turned out that Master had a surprising amount of sperm still left in him after all that had happened during the night, and it took several scoops for Bethany to get it all into my mouth - to transfer it from on my belly to in my belly!

When I was all cleaned up, I realised that Master had finally fallen asleep beside me, and my friend and new Mistress was not far behind him, dozing off with one arm across my chest and one leg across my thighs. With my wrists still locked above me, I couldn't resist a satisfied smile to myself in the dark. This had been, literally, the best night in my life - so far, at least! I soon drifted off into sleep myself, feeling like a very happy bunny.

When I woke up the next morning, Master was already getting dressed and Bethany was coming out of the shower.

"Come on, sleepyhead!" Master smiled, "we're going down to breakfast in a few minutes." I realised that the handcuffs had been removed, and I jumped up and went into the bathroom, diving under the shower, enjoying washing off the stale sweat and dried cum while remembering how it had got there!

When I returned to the bedroom, I saw that they had both dressed in different clothes from the previous night, but there was only the black latex dress and high heels for me to put on. When we went down in the lift to the restaurant, I felt myself blushing, embarrassed that I was so inappropriately dressed, wondering what the other guests were thinking of me.

I was very relieved to find out that I was to be allowed to sit at the table and eat my breakfast, rather than being forced to kneel on the floor and be fed scraps, as had happened the previous evening. We also had a very normal, even mundane, conversation, with Master quizzing Bethany and me on our schedule for the rest of the term, the approaching exams, and our plans for the summer. It was only later that I realised that, once again, I had learned nothing about the man who now controlled so much of my life.

"Well, I must love you and leave you, ladies," Master said as he got up from the table, "the room is all paid for, and you don't have to leave before noon. I'll be away on business for a while, but I'll try and contact you both on Skype when I can. Kelly, I'm leaving you in Bethany's care, be sure to obey her as you would me."

"Yes, Master," I murmured, then took my courage in my hands. "May I ask you a question, Master?"

"You can always ask, puppet," he replied with a smile.

"Please, Master… may I…" I started hesitantly, "please tell me your name, Master!" I looked at him beseechingly, but felt frightened when I saw the look of annoyance on his face.

"You know my name, Kelly," he said sternly, "it's Master, that is all you need to know. You are my puppet, my plaything, you don't need to know who owns you. Understand?"

"Yes, Master," I responded sullenly, head down.

"And don't ask your Mistress for information about me. She won't tell you, and you will only anger her and, quite rightly, be punished." Damn! That had been my next line of attack. I looked over at Bethany, intimidated by her stern expression.

"I'll talk to you soon, Bethany," Master went on, turning away from me, "don't take any nonsense from this one, she will try to manipulate you if she can. You'll need to be strict with her, certainly in the beginning."

"I'm looking forward to it," Bethany smiled, looking at me almost hungrily. I did not feel reassured.

When Bethany and I went back up to the room, I assumed that we were just going to get our things and go back to the university, but I was very wrong. A few minutes later, I was naked and stretched out, spreadeagled on the bed, my wrists and ankles tightly bound to the corner posts, leaving me virtually no slack at all.

"I have a present for you, puppet," Bethany said, smiling down at me as she held up what I recognised to be an egg vibrator, with a wire leading to a small control box. Reaching down, she pushed it deeper inside me, leaving the wires trailing between my legs. I felt it begin to buzz, starting to send very familiar sensations through my body, but I quickly realised that it was on too low a setting to make me climax, it was just intended to slowly drive me crazy. I watched as Bethany dragged a chair and a small table over by the bed, then sit down and begin reading the paper, completely ignoring me!

I had been lying there for about half an hour, wriggling as best I could and making small whimpering noises, when I heard a knock at the door. I looked up sharply at Bethany, and watched in horror as she slowly put down her newspaper, got up and walked over to the door.

"Please, Bethany!" I hissed desperately, "don't open it! Please, Mistress! Don't!" But she just ignored me, opening the door wide.

"Room service, Miss," I heard a man's voice, and then saw him enter the room, a waiter dressed in the hotel uniform, pushing a trolley. I saw him look directly at me, then saw his eyes sweep over me, taking in my nakedness, the rope, the wires.

“Where would you like me to put it, Miss?” he asked in a remarkably calm voice, “the coffee, I mean.” I heard Bethany snigger at the double entendre, and saw the smirk playing at the corners of his mouth. I thought I was going to die of shame! I just wanted the bed to open up and swallow me, or there to be a fire, an earthquake, anything to get me out of this awful situation!

"On the table, please," Bethany said, leading the young man towards me. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he placed a cup and saucer on the table less than a metre away from me, then a cafetierre , a jug of cream and a bowl of sugar, all the while staring at me, occasionally at my face but mainly at my body.

I shouldn't have taken my eyes off Bethany though, because she had approached the bed and suddenly the egg inside me was vibrating madly. She must have turned it up to its highest setting and I couldn't stop myself from letting out a long, loud moan, bucking my hips against the mattress uncontrollably.

"Is there something wrong?" the waiter said, "is there anything I can… help with, Miss?" I saw Beth's eyebrows shoot up, as if to say ‘well, is there anything he can help with?’ I couldn't believe what was happening - she was considering it! In the meantime, the vibrator was driving me very rapidly towards a very unwelcome orgasm.

"Oh God, no!" I wailed, half at them and half at myself as I fought to control my body, "I can't! Oh fuck, please stop it!" I was writhing as best I could within the tight bondage, trying desperately to get free, even though I knew it was impossible.

"I'm afraid she's rather noisy," I heard Bethany say, "perhaps you could just quieten her down for me with that napkin?" I opened my eyes to see the waiter standing over me, and then he was forcing the cloth napkin into my mouth, stuffing it in until my cheeks bulged and the desperate noises I was making had been stifled.

"Thank you," Bethany said, pressing a tip into the young man's hand," I think I can take it from here." The man gave me a rather wistful and longing look, then turned and left the room. As the door shut behind him, I came to the most incredible climax. When I finally quietened down and lay back on the bed, exhausted, I looked up to see that Bethany was sitting down again, reading her paper and sipping her coffee, as calm as you like, as if nothing had happened. I began to wonder how I had never seen this control freakery in my friend before!


Things changed for me at the university from that day. I had been one of the quiet girls in my classes, a bit shy, kept myself to myself, and was largely anonymous, left alone, ignored by my fellow students – not in a nasty way, just as someone who didn’t attract attention.

Now I was ‘the crazy bitch with the shaved head who wears a dog collar, no bra and, if the rumours are true, no knickers either!’ Everyone noticed me, and I saw the looks on their faces, of disapproval, dismay, disgust, scorn and lust – sometimes all on the same face at the same time. I also heard them, whispering, sniggering. It was awful! I spent as little time as possible with other people, rushing back to my room after lectures and tutorials.

Things had changed there too. Bethany went through my clothes and removed anything I was no longer to wear. She started by taking away all my knickers, bras and tights – ‘just to remove the temptation’ – but then added to the banned list all my jeans, trousers, dresses, long skirts, baggy T-shirts and sweaters. I was left with a very sparse wardrobe, consisting only of tops which left my midriff bare, skin-tight leggings, and skirts so short that I would only ever wear them with leggings or thick tights – but that was now banned as well. I knew that I would look like a slut every time I went out, which was going to make my classes even more difficult.

Beth also told me that I was no longer to wear clothes – any clothes – at any time in my room. I was shocked by the idea – what would happen if someone visited me? - but I knew that I had to obey, because I could, and would, be monitored via the ‘bugging’ of my computer.

Despite all that was going on in my private life, I managed to pass my first year exams, but only just, which did not impress my tutor. He called me into his office after the results had been posted.

"I'm really disappointed, Kelly," Mr Deakins said, pushing his rather gorgeous dirty blonde hair out of his face, "you seemed so enthusiastic and so conscientious at the start of the year but, over the last couple of months, you seem somehow… distracted." If only you knew what was distracting me, I thought!

I didn't reply, I just hung my head and flushed with embarrassment. It would have been bad enough if my only problem was that I was sitting in front of him in only a cut-off Hooters T-shirt and a ra-ra skirt which barely hid my bare buttocks. But my other problem was that I fancied him like mad, I’d had a crush on him since the start of the year, and I always found myself tongue-tied whenever we met.

"Well," he continued eventually when he realised I wasn't going to say anything, "you got through. I hope you're going to use the summer break to recharge your batteries and come back with a much improved attitude next year. I wouldn't want to have to instigate disciplinary action." His veiled threat would have had much more impact if I hadn't immediately imagined myself bent across his knee being spanked on my bare bottom! I stumbled out of there, glad that I wouldn't have to face him again before next term.

I had just made it back to my room when Beth came over. I was about to remove my clothes and kneel before her, as was the routine, when she stopped me.

"I need your help today, Kelly," she said, "it's our end of year exhibition tonight, and I need you to help me set up my exhibit." Bethany was doing Art and Design which required a lot of project work for the course, some of which was displayed in the Art Department building.

"No problem, Mistress," I said dutifully, actually thinking it might be quite interesting to see what goes on at these things. What an idiot!

"Great! Let's go!" We picked up several large bags from her room and then set off for the Art Tower.

"This is the major exhibition for the department," she said conversationally as we walked over, "lots of the University lecturers and department heads attend, and our head of Department, Fraulein Wen, expects it to be perfect, she's a real ball-breaker too - all German efficiency. She makes us call her ‘Miss Maria’! So, basically, this is very important, I have a lot riding on this."

"I'll do everything I can to help you, Mistress," I said reassuringly.

"I know you will, honey," she replied, smiling. We went into the Art building and up to the second floor, entering a large open area, which was already full of other students setting up their artworks.

"There's a back room over here where we can get ready," Bethany said, leading me across the room to a door. This was clearly a store room for art supplies, but there was enough space for us. We put down the bags and Bethany opened one of them, before turning to me.

"Okay," she said, "take off those clothes."

"What?!" I exclaimed, wondering what was going on. "I don't understand, I thought we were setting up your exhibit?"

"You ARE my exhibit, Kelly!" she responded in a let-me-explain tone of voice. "Most of the others are doing paintings or sculptures, but I'm doing a living sculpture, with you as my centrepiece!"

"Oh, please, Bethany! Mistress! I can't go out there in front of all those people! I'll be so embarrassed!"

"Don't worry, honey," Bethany replied, smiling reassuringly, "no one will know it's you when I’ve finished, I promise." I just stood there, frozen with fear, unable to move. "Come on, Kelly, you said you would do everything you could to help me." I found myself slowly shaking my head and backing away from her, totally intimidated.

"Do I have to remind you about the consequences of disobeying me?" she said angrily, coming towards me threateningly.

"No, Mistress," I responded, my fear now centring on her threats rather than my performance anxiety.

"Good girl," she growled, "now get those fucking clothes off and put these on!" She was holding out a pair of black stockings to me, but when I took them from her, I realised that they were latex.

I stripped out of my clothes and started to pull on the stockings, but it seemed that they were too tight for me. Bethany handed me a bottle of moisturiser and told me to use it on my legs, which certainly made it possible for me to get them on, although it wasn't easy, and once they were pulled all the way up to just above mid-thigh, they felt like they were squeezing my legs incredibly tightly. Bethany came over with a pair of black leather boots.

"What are these?" I asked incredulously, looking at the ridiculously high heel and impossibly pointed toe.

"They're called ballet boots," she replied, "now, sit down on the box and I'll help you put them on." The boots came up to just below my knee, and forced my feet into a very uncomfortable position where I would, effectively, be walking on my toes like, as the name suggested, a ballet dancer. Bethany laced them tightly until my calves felt crushed inside them.

"I can't walk in these! I doubt if I can even stand up in them!"

"Don't be such a worry wart!" my ‘friend’ chided, "I'll help you walk, and you'll be kneeling down all the time anyway." I didn't like the sound of any of this, but I said nothing - what could I say?

The next item of my outfit was a black waist cincher, made of thick rubber, but with some kind of stays within it. It stretched from my hips to just underneath my breasts and, as Bethany pulled it tight, I felt my stomach being squeezed until I had a true hourglass figure, although breathing and bending over both became rather difficult. As I started to come to terms with this, Mistress approached me with what looked like a black leather bag.

"What the fuck is this?!" I wailed, really starting to lose it.

"It's an arm binder," Beth explained, "put your hands together behind your back." I felt her slip the bag over my hands and then pull it up until it was nearly up to my shoulders, and my hands were now in the bottom of the bag. Two straps went across my chest, one from each shoulder, to buckle onto the bottom of the bag beneath the opposite armpit, making it impossible for me to shrug it off. Bethany then began to buckle straps along the length of the arm binder, quickly forcing my forearms together and my shoulders back. I gasped at the extreme restriction.

"Ow!" I squealed, "that hurts! Please, Mistress, that's too tight!"

"Stop whining," she replied dismissively, "you’ll get used to it."

"What kind of exhibition is this?" I asked, rather bewildered, "some kind of fetish thing?"

"It's called ‘The Subjugation of Women’," Bethany said, "I told you Miss Maria is a bit of a Teutonic martinet? Well, we think she might be a closet lesbian dominatrix as well. She'll love you! Now, that's enough talking, let's get you finished."

A minute later, I couldn't talk even if I wanted to, as Bethany fitted a ring gag into my mouth, stretching my jaws wide as she strapped it tightly in place. She pulled a tight black latex hood over my head, which completely covered it, leaving only holes for my eyes, nostrils and mouth.

"There! Even I can't tell it's you under there!" she beamed, "I'll even remove your collar, in case anybody recognises it." Although she did remove the dog collar, she replaced it with something much more bizarre, a collar so stiff and wide that the bottom of it lay against my collarbones and I had to lift my chin for the top to fit under it. By the time she had it buckled tight, I found that I couldn't look down at my feet without bending over, and I couldn't turn my head to either side. This was getting really frightening!

"Nearly done, puppet," Bethany said, making me wonder what more she could possibly do to me.

She took a spray can from the bag and began shaking it, while she also picked up a piece of paper. When she turned it towards me, I saw that it was actually a stencil, with the word ‘ANGEL’ cut into it. She placed it against my chest and sprayed the paint through it, and I realised that the word was now painted across my body. She put the paper down and picked up another one, this one saying ‘MOTHER’, and placed it over the waist cincher, before spraying through it. A third stencil with the word ‘WHORE’ on it was placed just above my groin, and I felt the paint tickling me as it coated my skin.

"Oh, you look wonderful! Come on, hun, we're ready to go!" Bethany took me by the shoulders and helped me to stand up, as I wobbled on the ballet boots. I had to take tiny steps as Mistress led me towards the door, and I let out an inarticulate wail as I realised I was about to go out in public like this!

As we made our way slowly and painfully across the room, the conversation around us died, and every head turned to gawp at me. I'm not sure whether I was more mortified by my nakedness or by the fetish gear I was wearing. Either way, I know I would rather have been dead at that moment!

Gradually, a hubbub of noise grew around the room, mainly consisting of expletives, as the other students came to terms with the sight of a girl displaying her breasts and pussy while trussed up in latex and the leather. It was certainly not a concept I was getting any more comfortable with although, surprisingly, I was finding it slightly easier to walk in the ridiculous boots, which I noticed forced me into a very sexy sashay. But then I saw the place I was to be displayed, and all those concerns paled into insignificance.

In front of me was a round, silver-coloured platform, with a sign announcing the piece of work behind it:

Women : A Male Perspective


Bethany Thompson

Beneath the sign was a row of hooks, from which were hanging a crop, a cane, a flogger and a whip. On the dais was a small metal box, from which protruded two metal rods, and on the end of each rod was a rather large, rubber dildo! What the fuck?! I started to whine in fear, terror, disbelief, horror, take your pick.

Ignoring my very obvious distress, Bethany made me clamber onto the platform and kneel down, facing the enraptured audience my appearance had drawn. She forced my knees apart and slid the metal box underneath me, positioning it until I could feel the tip of one dildo nudging between my pussy lips and the other pressing against my puckered anus.

"Excellent!" Bethany exclaimed, "everything’s ready! Now, I want you to arch your back - yes, a little more, that's it - that presents my message, and your breasts, perfectly! Now stop moaning, I don't want any noise from you when the guests come round. Oh, look, we're just in time, they’re opening the doors!"

I saw the doors open at the other end of the room, and a large group of people walked in. As they made their way slowly towards me, I suddenly recognised, at the front of the crowd, the Vice Chancellor of the University! Holy Fuck! This could not be happening to me!

Walking alongside him, deep in discussion, was a tall, willowy woman with short, red hair. She was wearing a white blouse with a black corset on top of it, a black pencil skirt, stockings and high heels. She had quite an angular face with high cheekbones, and her full lips were shining with blood red lipstick.

"That's Miss Maria," Bethany whispered to me, "she's looking particularly fierce tonight!" To my horror, the whole crowd seemed to be heading directly for us.

As they stopped just a couple of feet in front of me, I saw the Vice Chancellor turn red in the face, obviously embarrassed at what he saw - mind you, if he wanted to experience real embarrassment, he should try swapping places with me! I would say that, in his embarrassment, he didn't know where to look, but it seemed to me that his gaze was firmly fixed on my bald pussy which, to my utter humiliation, I realised was wet.

At that moment, I let out an involuntary squeal as I felt the dildos below me move. Bethany must have activated some kind of remote control, because the front dildo slowly moved up inside me until I was completely filled, then it slid back out again. But as it did so, the rear dildo forced its way up through my sphincter in my rectum. The cycle repeated, in and out, and I realised I was being fucked by this machine! I couldn't stop a moan of helpless desperation escaping my open mouth.

"This is a very interesting piece, Bethany," Miss Maria said with a smile playing at the corner of her mouth, "it is a very powerful illustration of the theme for our exhibition. Wouldn't you agree, Vice Chancellor?"

"I… er… very good!" he blustered, mopping his brow with his handkerchief. "Very… challenging."

"As all good art should be," Miss Maria purred, staring intently into my eyes. "Tell me, Bethany, is this a professional model?" Bethany was stood next to me, but I couldn't turn to look at her because of the posture collar.

"No, Miss Maria," she replied, her voice sounding surprisingly subservient, "she is just a… friend." The German beauty continued to stare at me, until I started to think she could see through the hood and tell who I was!

"Really, a friend," she mused, "probably a student here at the University, then. The possibility of discovery must heighten her humiliation at being presented in this way to all these people, some of whom she probably knows and who probably know her. I think it adds another dimensional to your piece, Bethany. But I would make one alteration."

"Yes, Miss Maria? What is that?" The tall woman reached behind me and, when she leaned back, I saw that she had the flogger in her hand.

"You have the tools of her subjugation displayed here," she explained, "how much more powerful if you had shown their effect on the subject." As soon as she had said this, she raised her arm and lashed the leather fronds down across my breasts, making me scream in shock and agony. With practised ease, she hit me with a backhand stroke and then a second forehand, leaving me crying, sobbing and gasping for breath.

"There, you see the lines? "she said, turning to the Vice Chancellor, "now she looks as abused as the piece implies." As tears streamed from my eyes, she walked off, leading the stunned Vice Chancellor onwards to the rest of the exhibition. I closed my eyes and wondered how I had ever got myself into this insane mess.

"Are you okay?" I opened my eyes as I heard the male voice, and looked directly into the concerned face of Mr Deakins, my tutor and, next to him, our department head, Mr Wallace! Holy fuck!! How did this just keep getting worse?!

"Don't worry, sir," I heard Bethany say beside me, "it's all an act really, all part of the performance."

"Damn realistic, if you ask me," the department head commented before, thankfully, they moved on.

"Well done, puppet," Bethany whispered, "you did brilliantly. Don't worry, the exhibition only goes on for a couple of hours, you’re already nearly a quarter of the way through." Oh wonderful, I thought, just another fucking ninety minutes of being dressed like a whore, displayed like a piece of meat, and fucked by this fucking fucking machine! What a shitty way to spend a Tuesday evening!

Unsurprisingly, I was the centre of attention, with guests and other art students repeatedly coming back and standing in front of me, staring at me, even discussing me as a work of art. I have never felt so objectified in my life!

At last, the guests left and the students began to break down the exhibition. Bethany helped me down off the dais, and off the fucking machine which had been slowly drilling me the whole time, not fast enough to ever make me cum, but long enough to make me extremely sore. With bowed legs, I hobbled back to the store room to be finally released from my bondage.

"I can't tell you how grateful I am for what you’ve done for me tonight, Kelly," Bethany said, stroking my latex-covered cheek, "now, let's get you out of this stuff and back to my room, where I can show you my appreciation properly!"

She was just about to start releasing the straps on the arm binder when I heard clapping from the doorway. I turned around to see Miss Maria slowly walking towards us.

"Bravo! Bravo! Excellent work, both of you," she said, "quite the best thing I have seen at one of these shows."

"Thank you, Miss Maria," Bethany said obsequiously, "I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you'll excuse us, I have to get my friend out of this and back home."

"Don't be in too much of a hurry, Bethany," the German said, laying a long finger on Bethany's arm, "I would like to examine your… exhibit in more detail."

"I'm sorry, Miss Maria, I don't really understand," Bethany responded, sounding flustered, "I really need…" The woman turned her laser-like gaze onto her student.

"I would like to assess this work to see if I might improve your grade," she said with an icy smile," now, why don't you run along and come back to pick up ‘your friend’ at, say, midnight?"

"Miss Maria, I really don't think…" But, to my horror, the tall dominatrix was pushing Bethany towards the door.

"Don't worry, young lady, just come back around midnight, maybe one." I saw Bethany looking back desperately over her shoulder, but then the door was shut, and I heard the key turn in the lock.

"Well, my dear," she said as she sashayed over to me, "it seems we have some time to… get to know each other." As she said this, she took the cane off the rack and placed the tip of it between my legs, pressing it up against my throbbing pussy…

End of part 4

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