Puppet on a Rope
by Jennifer Harrison

Part 3

Part 3 - Bethany

I woke with the sound of banging in my head. As I turned my bleary eyes to the clock, I saw that it was 2 PM, and I also realised that the banging was actually somebody knocking rather too persistently on my door. Still half asleep, I dragged myself to my feet and staggered to the door, opening it wide without really thinking too much about it.

"Wow! Somebody had a good night last night!"

When I finally managed to focus my eyes, I saw that an extremely perky Bethany was standing in front of me, a grin a mile wide on her face. I looked down at myself and remembered that I had fallen asleep naked. I dived behind the door, poking my head around it to respond to my friend.

"I don't know what you mean?" I bluffed.

"Ooh, let me see, what subtle clues first led me to that conclusion," she said sarcastically, "maybe it's the extreme bed hair at two in the afternoon, maybe it's the fact that you’re still naked when most people have been up for hours. Maybe it's the not very subtle perfume of stale sex you're wearing today."

"I guess you nailed me," I confessed, blushing a little.

"No, I think someone else nailed you," she laughed, then stared rather intently at my arm, which was draped around the door. "Call me crazy, but are those rope burns on your wrist?"

I quickly pulled my arm back in, blushing a lot now, and a much brighter shade of red.

"Not judging! Whatever floats your boat," she said, holding her hands up in a non-threatening gesture, "it is your boat that’s being floated, isn't it, not just something you let him do to you?"

"Can we not discuss this, right here, right now?" I pleaded.

"No problem," Beth replied, "I just popped by to ask you if you fancied doing something tonight? A meal, a movie, a few drinks?"

I was just about to reply when I had a sudden thought - what about him? He had said he might call later, was he expecting me to stay in and wait? Well, I reasoned, he hadn't actually told me to not make plans…

"Sounds great," I said enthusiastically, "what time?"

"I don't know," she said with a serious look, "do you think you would be able to get clean and dressed by six?" Her face broke into a smile.

"Hilarious," I responded sarcastically, "I'll see you then."

I closed the door and headed for the shower, luxuriating under the warm spray as I soaped and rinsed away the aches, pains and stench of the previous night. As I did so, I thought about everything that had happened, everything that I had been through and, a little bit to my consternation, realised I was still horny as hell about it. I had to fight the urge to touch myself – again? What was I turning into, some kind of sex-crazed nymphomaniac? – and I got on with the task in hand, making sure a certain part of my body wasn’t in hand.

As I picked up my shaver to do my legs, I had to face the fact that I had been ordered to shave… down there. I examined the offending area and decided it would be a good idea to trim my bush as close to the ‘ground’ as I could, before bringing in the blades. I picked up the scissors and trimmed away as much of my pubic hair as I could, until I was left with only long stubble to go at. I then, very nervously, scraped my Ladyshave over my bumps and hollows until I felt as smooth as a ten-year-old girl.

I’ve never understood the fascination of a bald pussy – I think a pussy is quite ugly and is much better off hidden. The same goes for guys – your scrotum is the most unattractive part of your body! Why wouldn’t you leave it disguised behind a fuzz of hair? Well, whatever. Having finished, and sighing with relief at not having nicked myself, I rinsed and got out of the shower.

After drying my hair, I considered the problem of what to wear. With no underwear allowed, I decided that a skirt or dress was too dangerous, and instead pulled on my favourite pair of skinny jeans. After I fastened them, I couldn’t resist running my hands over my crotch, between my thighs and smoothing down the denim covering my pert bum. The sensation of the rough material directly against my skin was amazing, especially on my newly shaved, super-sensitive pussy. I had to force myself to stop lest I create a wet patch between my thighs!

Okay, what to wear on top? I decided that my biggest shapeless, chunky-knit sweater would best hide my free-swinging breasts. It occurred to me that I could wear a camisole underneath this, which was not strictly underwear… No, I decided, that was breaking the spirit, if not the letter of the law. Oh my God, I thought, I’ve gone native, I’ve got Stockholm Syndrome – I’m interpreting his rules in his favour, not mine! I was shocked by myself. But I didn’t wear the camisole…

I was just thinking of leaving when I heard an incoming Skype call. "Good evening, Kelly," he said, "where are you off to tonight?"

"I'm just going out with my friend, Bethany, Sir," I replied, "something to eat, a few drinks, maybe a movie."

"Ah, Bethany, she's a very attractive girl," he responded, and I felt sick inside.

"How do you…" I started to say, but then realised he had access to my Facebook account, and had probably being browsing photos of us together, perving over them. Sick bastard!

"I think I have a mission for you, puppet, should you decide to accept it," he went on, as if thinking aloud, "when you have finished your evening, I want you to bring Bethany back here. And you will make out with her while I watch. That will be entertaining… and as an extra challenge, I expect you both to get naked as well."

"What?! No, Sir! You can't ask me to do that!" I protested in horror that I should be expected to drag my best friend into his bizarre world. "I can't do it, it's impossible!"

"That's why it's called Mission Impossible, puppet, not Mission Quite-Tricky or Mission Oh-No-I-Don't-Really-Fancy-That."

"What happens if I refuse, Sir?" I asked forlornly, really knowing what the answer was already.

"Well, we have discussed that before. Let me put it this way. Your life will self-destruct in 15 seconds." The connection closed and I slumped down into the chair.

What the fuck was I going to do? I was sure he was serious in his threats, but… she was my best friend! How could I do this to her?! Gradually, and very reluctantly, I came to the conclusion that I really had no choice, I had to do it. So now the question became - what the fuck am I going to do? How can I do this to her? As I started to try to come up with a plan, I heard a knock on the door.

"Ready for some fun, hun?" Bethany said with a big, open smile. She was in her glad-rags – low cut top which showed off her décolletage very alluringly, skin-tight leggings which showed off her sensational long legs and firm bum to perfection, and sparkly silver, strappy heels. I smiled back wanly, feeling like a complete shit, and closed my door. She was in such a good mood, it just to make me feel worse.

We ate Chinese at the food court and then made our way into the cinema. Beth wanted to watch some lame rom-com, which I knew I would hate, but I didn't feel like arguing. I didn't actually see much of the film, I was still trying to come up with a plan which would somehow result in the two of us naked and kissing in my room.

By the time we went to a bar for a few drinks, I had the rudiments of a plan. I told her to go and sit down while I got the drinks, then asked the barman for a double vodka and Coke, and a straight Coke in the same sized glass. Obviously, I handed the alcohol to Beth and took the Coke for myself.

“So,” Bethany began once we’d spent some time picking plot holes in the movie we’d just watched, “are you going to tell me about this mystery guy who tied you up and fucked you senseless?”

“I… well…” I struggled, not knowing what to say.

“Let me help you out there, honey,” she said with a wry smile, “why don’t you start easy by just telling me his name, and how you met.”

“It’s… er… complicated,” I replied lamely. I couldn’t tell her how we met! And I didn’t even know his name!

“Listen, Kelly,” she said, leaning forward and taking my hand, “I think it’s wonderful that you’ve found someone, I really do, it’s great that this guy has finally dragged you off the internet and out of your room.”

I looked at her in alarm, wondering what she knew, but I realised that it was just a rhetorical flourish.

“I’m just concerned, that’s all,” she went on, “I don’t want to see you get hurt. If this guy makes you happy, that’s fine, I’ll shut up and let you get on with it.” She gave me a sympathetic, encouraging smile.

“Well,” I responded, picking my words carefully, “it’s early days – last night was the first time we…” I blushed, thinking she would think I was talking about the first time we had sex, whereas I was thinking that it was the first time we met… and had sex… and he kidnapped me… and he whipped me…

“So far, it’s been…” I searched for the right word, and came up with “incredible!”

“I’m so glad,” she smiled, “let’s get some more drinks!”

I used some excuse about having been sent some money by my parents to ensure that I bought all the drinks and, pretty soon, she was feeling very drunk and I was feeling very guilty.

Eventually, when I felt she couldn't take anymore without falling on the floor, I took her back to our block. We weaved our way along arm in arm, me pretending to be drunk, she very much not pretending. When we got back to my room, I opened the door, but she pulled away from me.

"I fink… I may juuuust need a lickle lie down…" she slurred, staggering back a couple of steps.

"Don't be a shpoilshport, Beth," I admonished her, "I've got a bokkle of vvvodka in my room and it’sh got our namez on it!" She didn't take much persuading, and we fell into the room, giggling like… well, like drunken girls, I suppose. I sat down heavily in a chair, while she staggered over to my bed and fell onto it, lying on her back and giggling uncontrollably at the ceiling.

"Let's play a game!" I said enthusiastically, while taking out a pack of cards, "come over here, Beth, and I'll teach you the rules." She managed to drag herself off the bed and staggered over to the table, flopping down in the chair opposite me.

I got my bottle of vodka and two shot glasses, putting them on the table and filling them to the brim.

"Okay," I said, "this is called tipsy stripsy poker. The ante is a shot. We play out a hand of poker and the loser has to down the shot and take off a piece of clothing. First one that's naked loses and has to pay a forfeit." Bethany pointed a finger at me – well, it swayed quite a lot, but some of the time it was pointing at me - and pulled a serious face.

"You're a very… very… very… naughty girl," she said, "I think you're trying to get me drunk!"

"What?! The thought never crossed my mind! You're my best friend!"

"I'll drink to that!" She picked up one of the glasses and downed the liquor in one. I refilled it and dealt out the cards. We both kicked off our shoes - they don't count in a game of strip poker!

"Why have you dealt me seven cards, Kelly?" she asked, holding up her hand and looking confused.

"You've only got five, honey," I replied. My pair of Jacks beat her ten-high, and she picked up the glass again.

When she had drained it, she took hold of the hem of her blouse and pulled it up over her head, before throwing it onto the floor across the room. Her ash-blonde bobbed hair was rather mussed up, her fringe tumbling into her eyes, and stray hairs sticking to her blood red lipstick. Her breasts, considerably larger than mine, were thrust up into a deep cleavage by her white, lacy bra. He must be loving this, I thought, glancing at the webcam.

She lost the second hand as well, my full house beating her nine-high - she really was far too drunk to even see the cards, never mind understand the rules and strategies. She stood up and pulled down her leggings, revealing a pristine white thong which displayed the smooth, round globes of her ass perfectly. God, she looked gorgeous!

By some trick of the cards, I lost the next hand and, having pulled my sweater up over my head, realised that I was only wearing one more item of clothing - I would need to be careful!

I needn’t have worried. After the next hand, Bethany unclipped her bra and released her pert breasts, revealing her surprisingly large areolae and erect nipples. A minute later, she was downing another shot and sliding her thong down her legs, giving me and the webcam a perfect view of her delectable bottom. As she turned to face me, I saw that she was completely hairless on her pussy, which seemed to glint and glisten in the light. She swayed slightly from side to side as she stood in front of me.

"Sho what'sh my forfeit, you bad girl?" she asked, a smile playing on her full lips. I was rather unnerved by her nakedness - not jealous exactly, although she was far better looking than me, dressed or undressed, more in awe of her beauty, which seemed to radiate out of her. I was also nervous about what I was about to do.

"Well…" I said, finding it hard to catch my breath, "you and I… I mean… we have to… kiss me?"

"You want me to kiss you?" Bethany asked, seeming less shocked than I'd expected. Of course, it could just have been the drink talking. I stood up and moved towards her.

"Yes… please…" I replied quietly, a blush coming to my face. Her smile seemed to broaden.

"Okay, but if we’re going to do this, we should both be naked." I looked up at her in alarm - was this just the drink talking? Was she just screwing with me? Or was there something more…?

I knew I couldn't really refuse, so I unfastened my jeans and stepped out of them.

"Wow, you finally made it into the 21st century!" she laughed, and I saw that she was staring at my newly-shaved crotch. I blushed again and looked down at the floor in embarrassment. How come she was so comfortable with this situation? Admittedly, she didn't know there was some pervert watching her through the webcam, but still, she didn’t seem to have any problem with the current situation.

She moved up close to me, close enough for her stiff nipples to graze my chest, and I looked up into her face. She was still smiling, and didn’t seem as drunk as before.

“Come on then, ‘girlfriend’” – verbal air quotes – “let’s do it!” Bethany pulled me forward until our bodies were squashed together, her hands firmly grasping my buttocks. Tentatively, I leaned in and placed my lips against hers, relieved that my ‘mission’ was now accomplished and we could end this excruciatingly embarrassing situation, hopefully to never talk of it again.

I was totally shocked when I felt her lips press more insistently against mine and then her tongue was in my mouth! One hand had moved off my buttock and behind my head, preventing me from pulling away. This was a genuine kiss now as her tongue wrestled with mine, even as I tried to force it out. Her other hand pulled me in even closer, our hips grinding together. I really didn't know what to do, I couldn't really push her away.

"I hope you got your money's worth," she smiled when she finally let me go. "I'm feeling a little dizzy now though, I definitely need that lie down." She staggered over to my bed and, to my surprise, climbed in, curled up, and pretty quickly fell asleep. I stood there looking at her, not knowing what to do. I noticed there was still one shot of vodka on the table and, feeling a little shaky, drank it to settle my nerves. Right on cue, Skype started ringing at me.

"Well done, puppet," the puppet master said, "you did everything I asked, and it was quite a show! You must be tired, why don't you go to bed?"

"Erm, I'm not sure I should, Sir," I replied doubtfully, "did you see what she did to me?"

"Yes I did," he said with a smile, "and it was very arousing. It seems there are hidden depths to young Bethany. Get in alongside her, and we'll see if anything develops. Goodnight, little puppet."

I really wanted to shut down the computer at that moment, to give us both some privacy, but I knew that was not allowed. So, I did as I was told, and crawled into the single bed, trying as hard as I could not to touch my sleeping friend. I lay there for ages, wondering what on earth I had got myself into this time. Eventually, I fell asleep.


When I woke up the next morning, I was confused and alarmed for a moment to find an arm across my stomach and a warm body pressing against my back, but it all came flooding back. Oh yes, I was in bed with my best friend, spooning, having engaged in my first ever Sapphic kiss.

Jesus, I thought, what am I going to do? Maybe Beth was so drunk last night that she would have no memory of those events. If I could just sneak out from under her arm and get out of the bed, put my clothes on, pretend I’d slept on the floor, I could…

“Hey there, sexy.” Damn! Her arm tightened around my middle and I felt her hot breath on my ear.

“How could I have missed that you were Bi?”

What? She thought I was bi-sexual?! Crap! Mind you, I realised, that was far more palatable than the truth. Maybe if I played along with that line, I could get out of this…

“And there’s me, watching from the sidelines like a gawky teenager with no idea at all how you felt.”

What was she saying, I wondered with growing alarm. Did she… what?! This was just getting way out of hand! I had to stop it.

“I-I’m sorry, Beth,” I stammered, “I don’t know what got into me. Maybe it was the booze – I was pretty wasted. Could we just… forget this ever happened?” Please please please! Bethany turned me onto my back, moving her body closer, hitching herself up onto her elbow, her silky soft thigh coming over mine.

“Alcohol doesn’t change your personality, honey,“ she purred, toying with my right nipple, “it just loosens inhibitions. I’m so glad you decided to explore your gay tendencies with me.”

Gay tendencies?! Oh crap! What was she saying? Is she gay? Oh God, I had no idea! I knew she’d had boys since we’d been in college – maybe she was secretly Bi? How was I going to get out of this?!

“Beth, I think I’ve misled-“ My weasel words were silenced when she lowered her head and kissed me. this time, not only did her tongue worm it’s way in my mouth, but I could feel her massaging my breast at the same time. I found it so disturbing but, I had to finally admit to myself, it felt good! I lay there, frozen by embarrassment and fear, not kissing her back, not moving my hands, feeling like a rabbit caught in some highly erotic headlights.

Rather than being put off by my lack of response, Beth seemed encouraged by my limp acquiescence. She threw back the covers and, with a wicked smile, got up onto her knees, allowing her to kneed and grope my breasts with both hands. I swallowed and closed my eyes, trying to ignore the feelings her touch was generating in me.

“You really are a treat, honey,” she said softly as she manipulated my inert body, placing my arms above my head and pulling my legs apart.

“Beth… we shouldn’t…” I moaned, somehow unable to resist her. She placed a long finger against my lips.

“Shhh, pet,” she murmured, “no-one needs to know what we’re up to – it’ll be our little secret.”

Oh, if only you knew, I thought, glancing at the computer. My eyes widened and I stared at her in dumb shock when I felt her fingers playing with my pussy, opening me like a flower, seeking out my swollen clit.

“Please, Beth…” I begged, “I don’t want to…”

“You do talk a lot, Kelly,” she admonished as her fingers started to make me squirm. I finally got some control of myself and lowered my arm to try to pull away her hand from my crotch, but she grabbed my wrist.

“I can see why your mystery man tied your wrists now,” she grumbled, forcibly returning my hand to its former position, “now keep still, keep quiet, and let me prove to you why a woman is better than a man at certain things.”

I watched with a degree of horror but also with my heart pounding in my chest as she bent over and her head went down between my thighs. I let out a high-pitched yelp as I felt her lips, and then her tongue, begin to toy with me, starting with my clitoris, before moving further down, licking and kissing at my entrance.

“Mmm, you taste so sweet!” she murmured indistinctly. “Sweet like honey, honey.”

I let out a long sigh/moan and my hips began to buck as she went to work. Oh God, she was good! I had never experienced anything like it, certainly none of my boyfriends had ever come close with their perfunctory, amateurish efforts as a prelude to sex. But this wasn’t foreplay, it was the main event, and she quickly brought me to the brink of orgasm. And kept me there. I was squirming and writhing under her exquisite touch, no longer thinking about how mortified I was by this, but lost in the indescribable pleasure of the moment.

“Oh, God, Beth, that’s wonderful!” I gasped as the climax seemed to be on the verge of happening for minute after minute. I looked down at her and saw her eyes smiling up at me briefly through her tousled blonde hair, before she turned her full attention back to driving me insane with lust.

She put her hands under my thighs and lifted them up off the bed, making me arch my back and spread my thighs even wider as I clung on to the headboard, panting for breath, letting moans and whines escape me with no concern who heard anymore. She transferred her hands to behind my knees and I found my feet were up around my ears, touching the wall behind the bed.

Her tongue was like a magic wand. She swirled it around my clit, massaging it with its soft, sensual strokes. Then she stiffened it, thrusting it into me until her mouth covered my pussy, and I squealed as it wormed around inside me, seeking and finding my most sensitive places, stimulating them until I thought I would explode!

So close! So fucking close! But she knew it, and at that critical moment, she backed off, instead sinking her teeth into the soft flesh of my buttock.

“Please, Beth, make me cum!” I whined, utterly lost in my need.

“Oh, you soon changed your tune,” she sniggered, “beg me!”

“Please, bestest friend in the whole wide world,” I wheedled, “I beg you, finish me off!”

“If you insist, honey,” she smirked, returning with a vengeance. She sucked my clit strongly, almost painfully, into her mouth, her tongue flicking it firmly, and I cried out in glorious orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure swept through me as she kept stimulating me, each swipe of her beautiful tongue sending another shudder through me, dragging another guttural moan from my throat. It became almost unbearable, but I didn’t want it to stop, ever…

At last, Bethany pulled back and let me legs fall back, soft as jelly, onto the bed. I spent the next few minutes trying to get my breathing and heartrate under control. As I finally became aware of the world around me, I saw that Beth was putting her clothes on, wiping her lips and pushing her hair out of her face. I wanted to say something, to thank her profusely for an amazing experience, but I couldn’t form the thoughts or get the breath to speak. When she was dressed, she leaned over my prone body and kissed me full on the lips.

“You owe me,” she said sternly, but with a smile, “and I will collect.” I managed a smile as she blew me a kiss and left.

What a weekend! My life had completely changed in less than 48 hours. Now all I had to do was work out whether it was for better or worse…

End of part 3

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