Ponygirl Jenny
by Jennifer Harrison

There once was a girl from the west
And bondage was what she liked best
She liked to be chained
Or likewise restrained
And made to cum while she’s undressed

Young Jenny was just so submissive
But hubby was rather dismissive
His wife should behave
Not act like his slave
Of her kinks he could not be permissive

But, surfing one day through the porn
He found his attention was drawn
To harness and strap
And ponygirl trap
And right there a new plan was born

The girl found herself tied up tight
And taken by car through the night
Her fantasy met
At last hubby’s pet
She woke up in subbie delight

Stripped naked and harnessed in leather
With bit gag and tail, led by tether
She trots through the mud
Then is taken to stud
And romps with the stallions together!

For weeks she is trained to the whip
A trial throughout her long trip
She suffers the crop
And the thick leather strop
Till the skin on her back starts to strip.

At each crack of whip Jenny screams
But also her pussy soon creams
Her hamstrings are humming
But soon she is cumming
To orgasms wilder than dreams

Jen soon finds love where she may
And young female grooms find a way
With harness still tight
She cums through the night
And smiles to herself all next day

Each Master and Mistress is mean
Each ponygirl race very keen
The winner is feted
Praise anticipated
The loser is classed a has-been

For months she is kept in the stable
To chatter she is never able
But ponies don’t talk
They run, trot or walk
And never watch movies or cable

At last to go home is her quest
To show her sweet hubby her best
But Jenny’s heart quails
She’s put up for sale
And shipped at her owner’s behest

Hubby comes looking for wife
Not knowing her trouble and strife
A clerical error
Has led to her terror
And made her a pony for life

New home on an old Texan ranch
Jen’s hopes of escape have no chance
He wanted her back
Her route could not track
He’ll never see run, trot or prance

Her life here is no longer fun
She drags heavy loads all day long
Her pain and distress
Caused by her Mistress
Who whips her on breasts, thighs and bum

Poor Jenny just dreams of her bed
Or something but oats to be fed
She’ll always be chained
Haltered and reined
No return to the life that she led

The moral of this tale is clear
If freedom is what you hold dear
Do not play the slave
For you won’t be saved
Your bluff may be called, girl, I fear

Ponygirl Jenny