by Jennifer Harrison


Author’s note: sex doesn’t stop at forty, or after kids, and neither should bondage. But, always, beware what you wish for.

How could I have been this stupid! I thought I was dealing with a sadistic blackmailer, who would cave in once he was confronted – I was always taught that if you stand up to bullies, they back down because they’re cowards at heart. But Adrian isn’t a bully, he’s a psychopath!

When we arrived, he seemed his usual calm, pleasant self. He didn’t seem surprised when I told him that I knew what he had been doing to Ella, that Ella knew about me and him, and that it had to stop, right now.

“Go to your room, Ella,” he said in a level tone, “I need to talk to your mother privately.”

Ella meekly went up the stairs, while Adrian led me into the drawing room. As I turned to speak to him, I was doubled up by a punch to the stomach which drove all the air out of me, and I crumpled to the floor. I was still fighting for breath and seeing stars when I felt him grab my arms and tie them behind my back. Seconds later he stuffed a gag into my mouth and strapped it in tight, making it even more difficult for me to breathe.

Now I’m here in his ‘gym’ room, sitting astride this… thing. It’s like an upturned wedge, and I’m sitting on the pointy edge – very pointy! My ankles are tied out to each side, to eyebolts in the floor. My wrists have been pulled out horizontally behind me by a rope which goes up through a ring on the ceiling, and then down, ending in a noose around my neck – if I rock backward or forward, or try to lower my arms, the noose pulls tighter around my throat! All of my body weight is balancing on the few inches of flesh between my pussy and my arse, and it hurts already! My clothes are in tatters on the floor around me, having been cut off me and shredded before my eyes. I let out a cry of pain, and I try to adjust my position, but whatever I do, it hurts like hell!

The door opens, and Adrian re-enters, leading Ella. She’s also naked, but she has a leather collar around her neck and leather cuffs locked to her wrists and ankles. He’s pulling her along by a lead, like a dog, attached to the collar. Her eyes widen when she sees me, sitting atop this knife-edge, and I see a flicker across her face of… what? Amazement? Amusement? I try to call out to her, but the gag covers half my face with a leather panel, reducing my shout to a muffled whimper. Adrian tugs down on the lead, and she sinks to her knees, back bent and head down.

“I didn’t believe you were this stupid, Julia, walking in here, thinking you can dictate to me!” Adrian says, walking towards me. He takes my nipple between his thumb and finger, pinching it, digging in his nails and pulling it towards him, making me rock forward so that my weight is transferred directly on to my vagina, making me scream into the gag.

“But I’m quite pleased with my little slave here, aren’t you impressed? I’ve only been training her for two months, but she went out into the big wide world, and not only didn’t try and escape, but brought you here as well!”

What is he saying? That Ella deliberately led me into this… trap? No!

“I think she’ll do just about anything I tell her to,” Adrian continues, stroking Ella’s bowed head. “Sit up straight, slut! Breasts out, legs apart! Head up, eyes down!”

Ella assumes the position he’s commanded. Adrian goes to a rack he’s had installed on the wall, a rack of whips, canes, crops and floggers and, after some deliberation, takes down a small black flogger with thin-stranded tails, each ending with a shiny bead.

“As a demonstration… Slut! Up!”

Ella jumps to her feet, responding to the degrading epithet without demurring, possibly without even thinking.

“Take this, and whip your mother’s cunt with it.” Ella flicks a momentary glance in my direction, and I have the horrible feeling that there is a hint of a smile!

“Think about what it felt like to have your pussy whipped with this thing. See if you can make it worse for her.”

I don’t know what it was like for her, but it is fucking awful for me! She pushes me back on the saw horse, making the noose tighten and choke me, then brings the short leather strands down hard across my pussy lips, already parted slightly by the wooden edge, exposing my moist inner flesh to this assault.

The pain is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, even childbirth wasn’t this bad! I’m screaming like a banshee as she whips me again and again. Please make it stop! She tries all angles to make sure she catches every inch of my venus mound, lips and hole that she can get at. I look at her face, and now the manic glee is unmistakable! Has she lost her mind? Has she been brainwashed? Or does she hate me so much that she is loving making me suffer?

“Slut, here!”

Ella immediately stops whipping me and falls to her knees in front of Adrian. He has his erect cock sticking out of his trousers, clearly aroused by watching me being beaten, and she takes it in her mouth, her head moving forward and back as she services him. It’s only a matter of moments before he grabs her hair and forces himself deep into her throat, and I see her turn a nasty shade of red as he cuts off her air supply – such a familiar experience. I shut my eyes to block out the memories, and to try and deal with the throbbing pain in my groin, but I can still hear her choking and gagging on his cock.

“Clean!” Adrian commands, and I know he must have finished. I open my eyes to the sight of Ella, her face and hair dripping with his cum, licking the last gobbets of sperm from his semi-erect member, before he puts it back in his pants.

“You should be very proud, Julia, she’s very good, almost as good as you.”

He takes my nipple between thumb and forefinger, but rather than squeeze it, he rubs and rolls it until it is firm and erect. Just as I start to feel my heart rate starting to climb, aroused despite the pain still torturing me, I feel a sharp pain from the nipple, and look down to see a metal clamp pinching down hard on it, the jaws closing even tighter as he turns the screw on the clamp until the nipple is squashed and distended.

He repeats this on the other nipple, and now my pain has another centre – it feels as if the only parts of my body that exist are my pussy and my breasts, and the only sensation is an aching, pulsing pain.

The clamps are joined by a chain, and I watch with mounting disquiet as he ties a length of string to the chain, then passes this through an eyebolt on the ceiling.

“Slut! Bring me the weights.”

Ella scurries across the room, and comes back with a box, which she holds in front of Adrian, eyes downcast. He takes a metal sphere, about an inch in diameter, with a hook at the top, and ties it to the end of the string. When he lets go, I feel the nipple clamps lift up, pulling slightly. He takes another weight from the box and hooks it around the string, the first weight stopping it sliding off. My nipples are now pulled upwards, not too painfully so far, but Adrian keeps adding more and more of the weights, and now the whole weight of my heavy breasts is being taken by my nipples! As the clamps pull more, they seem to bite deeper into my soft flesh – it feels like my buds will be ripped off!

I lean forward, trying to reduce the pressure, but this just increases the pressure on my tortured pussy, and now I can’t move back without pulling on my nipples! I’m stuck, and I can see Adrian still adding more weights!

“Let’s give your mother a little time and space to fully appreciate her stupidity, and the hopelessness of her situation. Come, Slut!”

Ella dutifully walks to the door behind Adrian, but just as she reaches the door, I see her look back at me. I see the smile on her face, but what scares me is the look of hate in her eyes. What the hell has he done to her, to turn her into this hateful, cowed creature?

The lights go out and the door slams shut, leaving me alone in the dark with my pain. I know already that I would do anything to stop this agony shooting through my body, emanating from my most sensitive parts. Maybe I’m beginning to understand what has turned Ella into what she has become – I’ve been suffering this for an hour; she’s had two months of it!

How could I not have seen this was happening to her? I realise that I didn’t want to see – I knew what Adrian was like, I knew someone must be suffering. I was just glad it wasn’t me. And now look where my wilful blindness had got me!

- o O o –

I don’t know quite how I survived that night. My pain went from an intense, burning sensation to a dull, nagging ache, and then to the point where I felt almost numb. But then, as the hours went by, it came back with a vengeance, growing to the point where it seemed totally unbearable. But, of course, I had to bear it. I couldn’t find any position in which I could obtain any relief. It wasn’t just the obvious places which hurt – my nipples clamped and dragged towards the ceiling, my pussy forced down on the sharp wooden point between my legs, supporting my entire body weight – but also my hamstrings screamed at being stretched out; my shoulders protesting at the unnatural rotation of my arms behind me; and the rope tight around my neck, choking me, chafing as it kept me upright on the torture device.

Remarkably, I managed fleeting snatches of sleep, as my tortured body found its balance point for a while, and my mind shut down. When I was awake, there was only one thought in my mind – how could I escape this madman? The only person who had any idea I was here was Mark, and I had no idea if he would even think there was anything suspicious about me dropping off his radar – our relationship was still fairly casual, and I feared he would just think I had ended it. I had very little hope that he would come riding to my rescue. My best hope was that Adrian was just going to torment me for the weekend, as he had done before – although never anything this violent – but somehow I knew this was different. He had revealed his control of Ella, he no longer held that threat of exposure over me, but the implication was that he felt he didn’t need it. That thought filled me with fear.

“I hope you had a good night, Cunt?”

I jerked my head up at the sound of his voice – I must have been dozing. He was standing in front of me, that hateful smile on his face, with Ella already kneeling on the floor. I felt pathetically grateful when they untied me from the saw horse, and I slid off it and on to the floor. But then I started screaming into the gag, as the blood flowed back into my nipples and pussy, reminding me how numb they had actually become, and how bruised and damaged they actually were.

“You look tired, Cunt,” Adrian said as he turned me onto my back with his boot and looked into my eyes.

“I think you deserve a reward for riding my little pony for so long. Slut, help me get Cunt onto the fucking machine.”

I was so exhausted, it was like they were moving a rag doll around. I felt myself lifted onto another piece of equipment, lying on my back, with my legs, head and arms hanging down from the sides of this bench. It was uncomfortable, but I could have fallen asleep if I was left alone. But of course, I wasn’t left alone. I felt straps applied around my wrists and ankles, holding my arms below me and my legs above me, splayed wide apart. The gag was finally removed from my mouth, and I exercised my aching jaw. But I was quickly re-gagged, this time with a ring gag, but this seemed to be attached to the bench on which I lay, so that I could no longer raise my head, even if I’d had the strength to do so.

I felt something nudging between my pussy lips, opening me up. It was the head of a dildo and, by the feel of it, quite a big one. I let out a cry as it pressed against my sore flesh, but further expressions of discomfort were prevented, as my mouth was filled by a similar device poking through the ring gag. My cry of alarm, as a third shaft invaded my anus, was stifled to the point almost of silence. Slowly, all three were driven into me and withdrawn, then the motion repeated as the pistons and gears driving them turned.

The overwhelming feelings I had were of being choked, being violated anally, and being tortured afresh in my oh-so-tender pussy. There was no pleasure at this stage, only pain.

“I’ll leave you to enjoy that for a while, Cunt, I have things to do,” I heard Adrian say somewhere above me. “Slut, you may give her a wax treatment.”

“Thank you, Master!” I could hear the excitement in Ella’s voice.

‘Master?’ I thought, ‘She’s either been completely brainwashed, is terrified, or she’s really into this master-slave thing!’

The constant in-out motion of the dildos was starting to have an effect on me. I managed to get my breathing into a rhythm with the one in my mouth, and I tried to ignore the discomfort of having one rammed repeatedly into my rectum – I had become quite desensitised to the awfulness of anal penetration over the last few months, something I generally found depressing, but it was a boon in these circumstances. Meanwhile, the ache in my pussy had begun to be replaced by a familiar arousal, my wetness seeming to soothe the pain of my night’s torment.

Suddenly, I felt a searing pain on my stomach and screamed in shock, quickly silenced by the oral intruder. The pain quickly faded, but there was another stabbing feeling close by. I tried to wriggle out of the way, but of course, could hardly move. As I felt the sting bite into me for a third time, this one close to my belly button, I realised what it was – my ‘wax treatment’; Ella was dripping burning hot wax onto my bare skin!

It is unnerving to keep being stabbed, as it felt like, with no warning of when or where the next attack would be delivered, and unable to express the resulting pain with a healthy scream. I felt the drips all across my stomach, then dribbling over my chest, even onto my neck, where a little puddle of wax formed and congealed in the hollow just above my sternum. Although I had no way to vent my distress, I was sure Ella knew how much she was hurting me – she’d probably experienced the exact same thing.

“I hope you’re enjoying this, Cunt,” I heard her hiss at me, “because it’s only going to get worse. How does it feel if I do it here?”

As she said this, I felt the wax drip onto the soft flesh of my right breast, then a trail of drips, culminating in one after another landing on my right nipple, until it must have been completely encased in wax. The same treatment was meted out on my left breast, driving me insane with the constantly increasing sensation of burning liquid eating into my skin. I emitted a long, staccato scream, interrupted several times as my throat was blocked by the dildo driving into me. It was unbelievably, excruciatingly painful. How could it be any worse?

“Or here?”

Oh, it could be so much worse! I felt her fingers on me, pulling my bare pussy lips apart, exposing my wet, aroused, engorged, incredibly sensitive clitoris!

No!!! You’re my daughter! Surely, you can’t do this to your own flesh and blood?!

But she was only ensuring that I suffered the same torture that she had endured at the hands of her sadistic husband. That understanding didn’t help me cope with what I felt when she dripped the wax onto my already tortured clit. The pain was, literally, indescribable – unless you have experienced it, there is no point me trying to explain, the English language doesn’t support it. Just think of the worst pain you’ve ever suffered and multiply it by a factor of at least a hundred.

This seemed to be her piece de resistance, she left me alone after that, left me to suffer from the aftershocks of her treatment. Any thoughts of arousal had long since been driven from my body, as well as my mind. I heard the door open, and assumed Adrian was back.

“You have done well, Slut,” he said as I felt his fingers on my body, picking at the solidified wax, “we’ll make a torturer of you yet.”

“Thank you, Master!” Ella simpered.

“Observe this easy way to remove all this wax once it’s finished with.”

Moments later, I felt the fronds of a flogger beating down on my tortured body, lashing me in all the places where the wax had burned me, including across my pussy. My pain threshold had been passed long ago, and I don’t know if I passed out, but the next thing I really remember, I was no longer on the fucking machine, or even in the gym / torture room, I was outside on the grass. Maybe Adrian had carried me out there – or, more likely, dragged me out there. The only bondage I was wearing was a pair of handcuffs holding my wrists behind my back, and a rope tied around my neck.

Adrian pulled me to my feet using the rope, and led me to an area of his extensive property I hadn’t seen before, with Ella following dutifully behind.

“Unfortunately, I have to go away on business this week,” Adrian said as we walked through the long grass, “but don’t worry, Slut will look after you.”

“But Adrian… Sir… Master…” I said, trying to find some term of address which would get him to listen to me – funny how quickly I sank to calling him Master – “I have to be at work tomorrow…”

“Don’t worry about that, Cunt,” he replied breezily, “I’ve already submitted your letter of resignation – you won’t be going back there.”

I was stunned – he’d ‘resigned’ me?! How could that even be possible? But when I thought about it, I realised they would just accept that I had left them in the lurch – they already thought I’d been acting weird for months, and the headmaster would probably be quite relieved to see the back of me, with my ‘bad attitude’ and my slutty clothes. People had commented on me going and sitting in some expensive car at lunchtime, then coming back looking ruffled and flustered. I had some people I called friends there, and they would probably be really hurt at my having just left without telling them, but none of were likely to go round to my house to see if I was okay. I saw myself just disappearing off the face of the Earth, and nobody caring – how sad is that?!

We came to an old barn, and my fear level rose as I imagined the tortures he could subject me to in there. But we went around the building, into a corner of the courtyard which lay behind. There was a big metal plate on the concrete, about two feet by three feet, and it was hinged along one of the short sides, with a huge padlock at the other side. Adrian unlocked the padlock, lifted the metal cover, and I saw that beneath it was a hole.

“This is my holding pen for untrained slaves like you,” he said. “You can spend the time, while I’m away, thinking about all the bad decisions you’ve made in your worthless little life.”

He led me to the edge of the hole, and I could see it was lined with metal, and there was a steel ladder on one side. Adrian unlocked my cuffs, and pushed me towards the hole. I contemplated running for my life at that stage, but he still had hold of the rope around my neck.

“Are you going to get in, Cunt, or do you want me to drop you in?” he threatened. Faced with that choice, I put my feet on the rungs of the ladder and descended into the darkness.

I was actually climbing down into an underground metal tank – maybe an old storage or septic tank – about five feet wide, seven feet long, and ten feet deep. The air was cold, damp and smelly, despite it being hot and sunny outside. In the dim light, I could see a bucket in one corner, and a dirty, old mattress in another, and that was all.

“Please! Don’t leave me here! I beg you!” I called plaintively up to the two figures at the square of light above me. I’m sure I heard them both laugh, then the metal plate clanged shut, engulfing me in total blackness. I heard the padlock being put back in place, then silence. Absolute silence.

- o O o –

I explored my cold, dark prison by touch. It didn’t take long. I sat on the mattress, hugged my knees, and cried. I cried for myself – for my ruined life, my lack of real friends, my missed opportunities, my terrible decisions, my hopeless situation – and for my daughter – whatever she had become, whatever she did to me, she was still my daughter, I still loved her, and I hated to see her suffer.

I was shivering in the cold air, and I hated the pitch black – I literally couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I knew now that, even if someone came looking for me, even if the police raided this place, the chances of them finding me were nil. I was beyond any kind of hope now, nothing and no-one could save me from Adrian.

I wondered what my poor Ella had been through for the last two months. She had been so happy on her wedding day, and had gone off with such optimism, it must have crushed her spirit when she found out that it was all a sham, the man she thought she had married didn’t exist, but in his place was this controlling, sick, sadistic pervert.

I slept badly on the stinking mattress, and had no idea how long I had been there when I woke up. I needed to pee, and I felt my way to the bucket to relieve myself. As I sat there for hour after hour, I realised how hungry I was, and wondered if they would feed me, or just leave me there to starve. Adrian had spoken as if he would see me again, and that Ella would ‘look after’ me, but I was sure that, if it would amuse or arouse him, my son-in-law would be quite prepared to let me die in here.

At last I heard a noise above, and the square of light reappeared, hurting my eyes as I looked up to see who was there.

“Here’s your food, Cunt.” It was Ella’s voice, and something fell down to the metal floor. When I went over, I found a baton of French bread, probably bought a day or two previously, as it was stale and hard.

“Catch!” I looked up and saw something falling towards me, but I couldn’t catch it, and it hit the ground at me feet. It was a plastic water bottle, which burst on impact, splashing me with cold water.

“Oh dear, better luck tomorrow, Cunt!”

“Ella! Wait! Please don’t do this!” But the light faded and the metal hatch clanged shut like a tomb closing. I felt around for the broken bottle, carefully picking it up to preserve the little water left in it, and retreated back to the mattress with my meagre rations.

- o O o –

I spent the time between sleeping just sitting on the bed, hugging myself, trying to keep warm. When I had to go to the toilet, my bowels were horribly loose, and the whole tank was filled with the stink of my diarrhoea. I gnawed at the bread, but I was still very hungry and terribly thirsty and dehydrated. My head was hurting and I couldn’t stop crying.

I kept thinking about Mark, and what I thought was a promising relationship with a fun guy, the only good thing to come out of knowing Adrian, and how that was now just a thing of the past – he would wonder why I hadn’t called, probably be angry at me for treating him this way, shrug his shoulders, and move on. It wasn’t as though he couldn’t get another woman pretty easily, one nearer his own age, not an old slapper like me. I was rapidly becoming totally depressed.

When the hatch re-opened, I got across to be underneath it quickly, and made sure I caught the bottle this time – I needed to drink. Before I even had time to try and talk to my daughter, she was gone, and I was shut in the dark again, my human contact over for the day.

- o O o –

When the hatch opened for the third time, it was raining out there in the world, and as I stood waiting for my food and water, the rain fell on my upturned face, making me shiver even more.

“Having fun down there, Cunt?”

“Please, Ella!” I called up to her, “Please help me! I’m freezing, I’m tired, and I’m starving! I’m going to die down here! You have to let me out!”

“Master said for you to stay in there, so you stay in there! He should be back in three or four days, he’ll probably want to play with you then,”

“Please, Ella, why are you doing this to me?” There was a long silence from above.

“I had to spend two weeks in there when I came back from my honeymoon, and do you know what I spent my time thinking about? I was thinking about the DVD my husband had made me watch of my own mother fucking him! The one thing I had of my own, and you couldn’t leave him alone could you? You couldn’t stand to see me with someone, so you had to have him, didn’t you? Well, I hope you’re happy now!”

The metal hatch slammed down, and I wept all over again.

- o O o –

As time dragged on, I knew I was becoming weaker. It felt like I had dysentery, and I was permanently shivering. I dragged the mattress under the hatch, as I couldn’t catch anything, and needed to break the fall of the water bottles, otherwise I didn’t get enough to drink.

I had given up begging with Ella, and she didn’t bother to talk to me, so the time when the tank was open and the fetid air could escape was only a matter of maybe thirty seconds. My headache was permanent now, and all my joints ached. I spent more and more time just lying, curled up in a ball, on the mattress. I hardly thought about anything anymore, I just waited. I’m not sure if I was waiting for release, or for death – either was preferable to this.

- o O o –

“Hello, Cunt. Time to get out of your stinking hole now.”

I hear Adrian’s voice, as if from a long, long way away, but I don’t respond, I don’t move. I can’t move. I have been in here for God knows how long, and my body just won’t work anymore.

“If you don’t get up, Cunt, you’re going to die in there. Do you want to die in there?”

Yes! Please, just let me die in peace! But some instinct for survival I didn’t know I had kicks in and, with a supreme effort, I manage to drag myself to my feet, and grab the rungs of the ladder. I put my foot on the bottom rung and push with all my energy. I lift myself up onto the rung, but when I try to take another step, my grip fails and I fall backwards, back onto the mattress covered in my excrement.

“Please, master!” I croak, my voice breaking as I use my dry throat for the first time in days, “Please help me! I don’t want to die in here!”

I feel something land on me from above, leather straps on the end of a rope.

“Put those around your wrists, and we’ll pull you up.”

I fumble with the straps and buckle them as tight as I can, then I feel my arms being pulled upwards, eventually lifting my whole body up into the air. I screw my eyes shut against the incredible brightness of the sunlight, as I emerge from the darkness into the day, sprawling in the dirt and revelling in the heat of the sun on my skin.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Cunt? What have you learned from your time in the dark?”

“That I will do anything you want, Master, as long as I don’t have to go in there again! I’m a worthless cunt, and you can do whatever you wish to me!”

It sounds insincere, but I mean every word – I am completely broken. I am as much his slave as Ella.

“Good! Slut! Bring her back to the house, clean her up and feed her! Then set her to work, she’s done enough lying around!”

- o O o –

As the days went by, the pattern of my new life began to emerge. When Adrian was around, the time was filled with pain and terror. All restraints on his sadistic tendencies seemed to have been removed by the latest turn of events, and I feared for my life most of the time. The beatings became harsher, the sexual assaults more violent, the asphyxiation games leaving me unconscious more often. Through this, Ella was an eager spectator, sometimes a willing assistant, occasionally a full participant in my torture. Once again, it seemed, my suffering took the place of my daughter’s, and she was quite happy about that.

When Adrian was away on business, I was left in the ‘care’ of Ella, who had clearly been learning from her husband, and treated me with venal cruelty. I had tried to fight back at first, but she was younger, fitter, and stronger than me and, while we were both kept naked except for leather collar and cuffs, mine were chained together, restricting my movement and manoeuvrability in a fight. She took a riding crop to me, and beat me as she forced me to do all the household chores.

As a result, my skin was badly marked from the crop, cane and whip, and my body ached from the constant mistreatment. I was also tired all the time, as I had to sleep on the bare floor, chained to the nearest immovable object, and I was usually left in some form of uncomfortable bondage.

My life had become a living hell, and I could see no way out. It seemed like I had received a life sentence of imprisonment, hard labour, corporal punishment, and sexual abuse. I didn’t dare make any attempt to escape, as I was certain that failure would be punished by death. But I seemed to be facing no other prospect than a slow and painful decline, probably followed by a swift and terrifying death. I had finally abandoned all hope.

- o O o –

I’m hanging by my wrists from the whipping frame. My legs are chained to the sides, wide apart, my feet well off the ground. Every muscle in my body aches from being suspended in this unnatural position, but my breasts, thighs, buttocks, and back are throbbing with the pain of the beating I received earlier. It was one of the worst so far, made all the more unbearable by the fact that it was delivered by both of them, simultaneously. There can be no more soul-destroying sight than that of your daughter standing in front of you, mercilessly, and gleefully, flogging your pussy.

I’m exhausted. My head would be lolling on my chest now, if it wasn’t for the stiff, high leather posture collar encasing my neck, not only keeping my head up but preventing me from turning to either side. I’m facing the mirrored glass wall which, with the curtains open and the garden in darkness, reflects my image back to me, so I can see, as well as feel, the large weights clamped to my nipples and pulling my breasts down towards the floor. This is complemented by the matching weights suspended from my labia, dragging them out of shape as the lead balls dangle below me. I can also see the red lines across my body where the cane and the whip have struck. They seem to mark every inch of my flesh, and I continue to feel their sting. I close my eyes for a moment against the pain.

“Well, you seem very curious about Julia, so here she is.” Adrian’s voice drifts into my ears, but I don’t respond, preferring to shut out this cruel world behind my eyelids.

“Oh my God! What a mess!” The familiarity of the voice strikes me, and I wearily open my eyes.

Adrian is standing before me, with his trademark grin and cold eyes. But next to him is – Mark! Oh my God, it’s the one person who might possibly rescue me from this nightmare! I’m not gagged – Adrian and Ella enjoy hearing me scream and beg for mercy too much – but when I try to speak, my throat is too dry and cracked from my desperate cries and howls of anguish earlier in the evening. I try to signal with my eyes – please save me!

“Here, this’ll make you laugh,” Adrian says, and I know this is not going to be good.

He drains the bottle of beer he is carrying, then steps up to me, and I feel him fingering my pussy. I’m completely dry, but that doesn’t stop him forcing the neck of the bottle into me, eliciting a pained grunt from my ripped throat. He twists and turns the bottle until the whole of the neck is inside me, then continues to work it. I know he will succeed in his nasty little trick – he’s forced his balled fist into me before – but I let out a full, inarticulate cry of protest as he thrusts the shoulders of the bottle and half its body inside me.

“Okay, your turn.”

I look imploringly at Mark, and see a momentary flicker of doubt, before a broad grin spreads across his face, and he walks behind me. I feel the bottle pressing against my anus, and then, without the benefit of lubricant, the neck is forced into me, stretching and filling my rectum – it is not the longest or the fattest thing I’ve had up there, but it is very painful nonetheless.

“It looks like she’s taken a few pretty severe beatings,” I hear Mark say as he runs his fingers along some of the welts, old and new. I try to identify a tone of sympathy, or maybe accusation, but it sounds more like fascination.

“Yes, I like to see her suffer,” Adrian says nonchalantly, “Why don’t you have a go?”

Mark has walked back in front of me, and I see that flicker of uncertainty again.

“She looks pretty cut up already,” he says, with more than a hint of doubt.

“So what?” Adrian remarks disdainfully, “What’s she going to do about it, complain?” He laughs, briefly and coldly.

“You have to get over this namby-pamby concern if you’re going to be a proper slave owner,” he adds, and I see Mark nod in agreement, acknowledging his momentary weakness.

“You’re right,” he replies, “I have to stop thinking of her as a person – she’s just a fuck-toy for us.”

“I find it helps to use her new name. Isn’t that right, Cunt?”

I make no reply. I feel a tear roll down my cheek, and know it is for the death of hope, so recently kindled – Mark is just another sadistic freak, how could I have thought differently? What an idiot I am!

“Here, give her a taste of this.”

I open my eyes and see Adrian hand Mark the bullwhip. Oh fuck! This is a serious weapon, one I’ve suffered only rarely, but memories of those occasions fill me with terror. Mark has gone out of my sight behind me, while Adrian stands in front of me, staring into my frightened eyes, smiling.

My back explodes in pain, and I scream a horrible, broken scream, torn from me. Another blow, lower this time, another scream. A third, and a fourth – the whole of my back is on fire, and the tears I didn’t know I still had stream from my eyes, as Adrian and I continue to lock our gaze, him seeing my pain and terror, me seeing his lust and excitement.

“Harder, Mark!” he shouts, not taking his eyes off me. “Really give it to her!”

As the whip strikes again, I feel the skin rip open, and the hot blood trickling down my back. A second lash hits me across the buttocks, and they are sliced as if with a knife. At that point the pain overwhelms me and I lose consciousness, my brain shutting down to try to protect me.

“…done a fine job there, Mark, I really enjoyed watching her suffer.”

The room swims back into view, and the excruciating pain returns. My two tormentors are standing in front of me, fresh beers in their hands, admiring their handiwork.

“Do you know what I’d enjoy watching?” Mark says, with what looks like a nervous grin. “The look on her face as I fuck her… and choke her to death!”

Oh Christ, not you, Mark, not you! I’ve come to terms with the prospect of being killed by Adrian, but not you! I thought that, in time, I could love you! We had such fun! And all the time, you were imagining yourself strangling me at the point of orgasm?! Now I have no further to fall, I’m at rock bottom.

“Well, well, well!” Adrian says admiringly, putting an arm on Mark’s shoulder, “I didn’t think you had it in you! Let’s do her together, right here, right now!”

“No!” Mark says, with what sounds like alarm, “I mean, I’ve never done this before… I think I’d want to do it alone, at least the first time.”

“I understand,” Adrian says proudly, like some jovial uncle, “how would you do it?”

“I’m not sure,” Mark replies, “got any advice?”

“I’ll tell you what,” Adrian says enthusiastically, “I’ll not only let you ‘off’ this stupid Cunt, I’ll lend you some of my snuff movies, just for ideas.”

“You’ve done this before?” Oh fuck, I can hear the awe and respect in his voice!

“Of course,” Adrian smirks, “when you’ve done the mother, we can do the daughter together.”

“Wow! That sounds awesome!”

“Let’s get the bitch ready for transportation!”

- o O o –

I’m suspended by the D ring at the top of the head harness I’m wearing, a position which is incredibly uncomfortable, my whole weight being borne by the leather strap under my chin and the ball filling my mouth. I try to relieve the pressure, to help me breathe, by grasping the rope above me to support my body, but it is very difficult, and I can only manage it for a few moments. We’ve been joined by Ella, carrying a large number of rolls of black tape.

“This is bondage tape,” Adrian explains, as he wraps it around my ankles, binding them together, “it sticks to itself but not to skin or hair, so it makes this job a hell of a lot easier.”

He wraps my feet until they are completely covered, as if I’m wearing a black boot into which both feet fit. Once this is done, he lowers me until I can stand on the floor, which is a great relief to me, but I realise it has only been done to make their job easier.

They start to work on me together, Mark wrapping the tape around my legs, while Adrian binds my arms tight by my sides, fingers straight down against my thighs. I watch in the mirror wall as my body disappears under the black tape, pulled tight so that it squeezes me all over, making movement increasingly difficult, and as my chest is encased, making my breathing more laboured.

As Mark reaches the top of my thighs, I can feel Adrian prising my pussy lips apart and pressing something against my clitoris, but I can’t see what he is doing. Mark continues taping, covering my pussy and joining up with the taping done by Adrian.

When Adrian reaches my breasts, he wraps the tape over, under, and between them, leaving them bare, but squeezing them tight so they bulge out. The mummification continues across my chest and over my shoulders, then covering the posture collar I am still wearing, and on up to my face. There is a pause only while Adrian forces some short tubes painfully far up my nostrils, then he continues until my whole head is covered, other than my eyes and ears, with the ends of the tubes poking out from the unrecognisable surface that is my face.

“Come and say goodbye to your mother, Slut,” Adrian says to Ella, “she’s going to be my good friend Mark’s slave, and you won’t be seeing her again.”

Ella steps in front of me, and I can see the curl of her lip, half smiling, half snarling.

“Goodbye, Cunt,” she growls, “I hope you do a better job for him than you ever did here.”

She doesn’t know! I try to warn her, that they’re going to kill her, but my muffled cries make barely a sound. As a final insult, she hawks up a gob of phlegm and spits it in the only visible part of my face, my eyes.

“It’s been good knowing you, Julia,” Adrian says as he replaces Ella in my line of vision, “but all good things must come to an end.” He pushes wax plugs into my ears, then adds the final tape, leaving me entirely encased, except for my breasts. I am cast adrift in a silent, sightless world.

I feel myself lain down on the floor. Suddenly, a jolting pain erupts in my clitoris, and I realise that the thing they placed there must be under remote control, and is delivering a terrible shock of electricity into my most sensitive part! I writhe on the floor, screaming into the gag and the tape, knowing I probably look and sound comical to these bastards, as they watch my mummified form judder ineffectually before them.

After a few minutes, the shocking stops, but someone tries to pick me up by the simple expedient of grabbing my nipples and pulling. They start to thrash my prone figure with a variety of weapons, and it is immediately obvious that the tape does not prevent the transmission of the force of a blow through to my skin, and I am squirming in agony once more.

I’m left for a moment, before I feel a rope tied around my ankles, and I’m dragged across the floor, feet first. I feel the resistance of the carpet, then sliding (tiles in the hall?), then bumping down steps, making me think I’m outside. I feel the gravel, before I’m lifted up in the air and put down again.

I feel the vibrations of an engine – I’m being driven away. Driven to my death.

- o O o –

After only a few minutes, I felt the engine stop, and I wondered what was going on – surely Mark wasn’t going to kill me so close to Adrian’s house? The tape was removed from my eyes, and I saw Mark looking down at me and, I felt sure, looking scared and upset. I could see his lips moving, but couldn’t hear anything. I realised I must be in the boot of his car, and he had just stopped on the side of the road. I was frightened, but above all, confused.

He unwrapped my head as quickly as he could, removing the ball gag once he was able. At that point, I could shout ‘Earplugs!’ at him, and he pulled them out.

“Oh my God, Julia, are you alright?” he asked urgently, not pausing in the task of releasing me.

“W-what?” I stammered in my befuddled state, “Are you going to kill me now?”

“Shit! No! I’m sorry, I had to say that stuff, I had to get you out of there!” I continued to look baffled and frightened at the same time.

“I’ll explain everything,” he said as he unwrapped me, “first, let’s get you free, then I’m taking you to the hospital, then we’re going to the police!”

I just lay there as he unwrapped me, a much quicker process than the mummification had been. Everything hurt, including my brain, and I couldn’t take in what was happening. All I knew was that I wasn’t about to die, and Mark seemed to be showing compassion.

He also seemed to realise I wasn’t up to long explanations, and he just said calming things like ‘it’s okay, you’re safe now’ while he released me. When I was free from my bondage, he wrapped me in a car blanket and hugged me. Mmm, that felt good! He picked me up and gently put me down on the back seat of the car, where I lay down, almost immediately falling asleep.

At the hospital, they treated my wounds and decided to keep me in overnight, due to my obviously exhausted condition. They also decided to call the police, and it looked bad for Mark for a while, as they assumed he had done this to me (well, he had, but we didn’t tell them that). Eventually, he managed to persuade them to view the DVDs Adrian had given to him, and at that point, they started to believe his story, and headed off to raid his house.

They sedated me and I slept like a baby, but when I woke up, Mark was by my bedside and, after some breakfast, I was eager to hear his story.

“I was a bit surprised and annoyed when you blew me off, and then didn’t return my calls,” he began, “but then I called your school and they said you’d resigned, which didn’t sound like you at all. I went round to your house, and saw there was a ‘For Sale’ sign up!” I was shocked at this –I hadn’t known Adrian intended to sell my house!

“I found out from the estate agent that it was being sold by Ella,” he continued, “and that, combined with your message, made me think that Adrian and Ella might know where you were. But something stopped me from approaching them directly. What he’d done to you on that stag weekend, and the wedding day, made me wonder. It took me a couple of weeks before I could get Adrian to invite me round without raising his suspicions. When I finally got in there, I couldn’t believe what they had been doing to you!”

The distress in his voice started me off, and we hugged for some time while I had a little weep.

“I knew that, if I gave the game away, he could just make you disappear for good, and going to the police with no evidence was worse than useless. So, I had to pretend to be as sick as he is. Having to whip you last night was the worst thing I have ever had to do!”

“God, Mark, I think I love you!” I gushed through my renewed tears.

“That’s just the drugs talking,” he smiled, “I’ll have a word with the nurse and see if I can get some more!”

- o O o –

I was discharged later that day, and moved into Mark’s place while things settled down. It took a month to unwind the deal on my house, and to get my job back. The school were nervous at first, but I managed to convince them that my ‘unusual’ behaviour and sudden resignation had been caused by the events they were bound to hear about in the upcoming court case, but that they would not be repeated.

It took six months for Adrian to finally appear in court, and it was a terrible ordeal for both me and for Ella, as we were the key prosecution witnesses. The defence did their best to destroy both of us in the witness box, making out we were willing participants in everything that had happened. Fortunately, the jury believed us, and he was eventually convicted on charges of false imprisonment, rape, Grievous and Actual Bodily Harm – unfortunately they couldn’t prove the snuff DVDs were genuine, so he got off the murder charges.

It took rather longer, and a lot of individual and joint therapy, for Ella and me to come to any kind of reconciliation. Just dealing with the guilt both of us felt for getting embroiled with Adrian, and how we had each betrayed the other, was a Herculean task, and one we are still working at. We also both had to deal with the fact that, at some level and to some degree, we had gone along with what Adrian had done to us, even enjoyed it at some points – obviously not the more extreme, violent and frightening aspects, but, at least in my case, some of the sex and bondage had been intensely arousing.

Now, twelve months later, Mark and I are still together, living at his place. Ella is at our old house, and is divorced. We don’t exactly see eye to eye on many things, but we have managed to put that time behind us.

Throughout this, Mark was a tower of strength, and we became ever closer. He has always been very careful to avoid bringing back any unwelcome memories of my imprisonment and torture by Adrian. But, eventually, I came to recognise that, despite all that had gone before, I wanted him to be more forceful, more commanding with me. He took quite a lot of persuading.

“Mark,” I explained nervously one evening as we lay together on the bed, flushed from a rather energetic bout of love-making, “I trust you completely, I seriously think I might love you. That’s why I want you to tie me up and make me do dirty things to you! I want it so badly! Please believe me, it’s really what I need to be fulfilled, sexually.”

“Well, what can I say?” he replied with a look of mock exasperation, “if you insist on me forcing you into degrading acts of sexual submission, who am I to argue?”

Literally from that moment on, our sex life moved up several gears. It was as if, as the ropes (and chains and gags) went onto my body, the shackles fell away from both my mind and my libido. It was, and is, sensational! We now regularly play little master-slave games, with me in chains, ‘serving’ him. He even occasionally gives me a light spanking, just to show who’s in charge!

I don’t know where my life will go from here. I’m just grateful I still have a life to live, and, touch wood, someone to live it with!

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved.